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Massachusetts Principal Maligns Christopher Columbus

October 19, 2011 by  

Massachusetts Principal Maligns Christopher Columbus

The principal of a Massachusetts elementary school has warned teachers about the dangers of celebrating fall holidays in class.

Anne Foley, principal of Kennedy Elementary school in Somerville, Mass., sent a faculty email implicating Christopher Columbus for “atrocities” and also advising teachers that they needed to be careful in their handling of Thanksgiving lessons, according to The Boston Herald.

“When we were young we might have been able to claim ignorance of the atrocities that Christopher Columbus committed against the indigenous peoples,” said the email. “We can no longer do so. For many of us and our students celebrating this particular person is an insult and a slight to the people he annihilated. On the same lines, we need to be careful around the Thanksgiving Day time as well.”

Foley said that she simply wanted to open dialogue among teachers about how they could better address the very European perspectives offered to children in history classes. According to the article, when asked about specific atrocities committed by Columbus, the principal failed to cite any, saying instead that “she wasn’t going to dwell on that.”

Massachusetts Representative Michael Capuano (D-Somerville) disagreed with the school principal’s political correctness assault on fall holidays: “Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims may have had shortcomings, but they also represent the adventurous, inquisitive side of our heritage and we should recognize that they played key roles in the foundation of our great nation.”

Foley also reportedly opted to ban Halloween celebrations at the school because of possible associations with witchcraft and the presence of students that come from cultures that do not celebrate the holiday.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Bradford

    Sorry, Mass. Rep. Michael Capuano, but school principal Anne Foley is correct. Most of what we only *THINK* we know about Columbus is in fact either mistaken, or myth. Columbus did *NOT* “discover America” at all…He discovered some islands in the Caribbean, and died not knowing that the land mass we now know as America, even existed. And, his treatment of the indigenous peoples was truly horrific. It is *YOU* who needs to do some more thorough research.

    • Wapitiman

      Non-cited accusations such as ‘horiffic’ are pure speculation. Pardon me if I choose to ignore your statements.

      • Wapitiman

        Oops, Horrific got scrambled.

    • Patriot1776

      Your babble leaves me confused, you say that Columbus “died not knowing that the land mass we now know as America, even existed.” But then you talk about “his treatment of the indigenous peoples was truly horrific.” If he was never here, then how did he mistreat the indigenous people?

      Why is it that every celebration of everything good in this country can now be dismissed because it might offend someone? Once the president started appologizing to foreign countries for the greatness and success of this Great Nation, every liberal lunatic thinks they have the right to malign it and tear down the celebrations.

      • TeaParty Patriot (TPP)

        Boy do you have that right

      • independant thinker

        While I agree with the majority of your statement there were natives on the islands Columbus visited.

      • Randy131

        This is a planned assault by the liberal socialists and communists, that have infiltrated our educational system, as a goal they set for themselves, and are now running it and control the minds of our children through their indoctrination, as true education of our children suffers, as proven by the results of their tests and the fact that foreign students out-perform them in job seeking and daily endeavors requiring a modicum of intelligence. Destroy one’s pride in their country, and you destroy their patriotism, something that use to be stronger in the USA than any other place in the world, and is a communist manifesto objective to more easily conquer. The problem with most of these socialists and communists idiot educators is they don’t realize the harm they are doing, but are just following a destructive manifesto.

        • BLUEEYESOL

          ‘Useful Idiots’ would be the proper term for these brain dead, blind followers of tyranny loving governments, not realizing that a government big enough to give you anything you want is big enough to take everything it wants, and especially not realizing that once a system like this is in place the ‘useful idiots’ will be the first ones lined up against the wall, along with the minority’s and GLBT’s and other blinded nut jobs, to be shot and executed once their usefulness to degrade this country is no longer needed.

          Isn’t it amazing they are interested in killing the only government system that even allows them the right to speak their mind. Once gone they will be shot as fast as they can disent, by the tyranical government they chose! Now if that ain’t idiotic, I don’t know what is!

        • Karen

          So you don’t think that stealing someones land,children,language,and culture is wrong?

          • independant thinker

            This is neither an approval or condemnation of the practice but that is the way it has been since man progressed to the point of having more than one culture. The stronger one took the land repressed or destroyed the culture of and otherwise repressed the defeated peoples. In fact it is very recently in the history of mankind that idea has been considered wrong.

          • Vieteravet

            Hell no! They lost the fight. To the winner go the spoils!

  • CP

    Bradford, who besides Columbus had the initiative to sail across the Atlantic at all? As far as his treatment of the indigenous peoples, I wonder how he was met when he came ashore? If it was anything like Captain Cook’s greeting in the Sandwich Islands, he was lucky to leave there alive. We don’t hear all of any story, even when we look at all the available materials. The bad part is, most often we only get two snapshots, one by the person in question, and one by his enemies.

    • Jim

      You are sitting on your back porch enjoying the sunrise with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, listening to the birds, and the gentle breeze blowing the leaves around …

      Then a truckload of illegal aliens comes driving up righ into your backyard, and starts unloading tents, chairs, tables, etc.
      Your dog barks at them, and one of them shoots it…

      What do you do?
      Do you accept them with wide open arms and say “welcome”
      Do you try to run them off?

      p.s. this is meant to be an analogy to Bradford, Columbus, Cook, or whoever you deem fit to insert into the story.

    • TML

      “As far as his treatment of the indigenous peoples, I wonder how he was met when he came ashore?”

      Actually, he was met with a lot of generosity, and in Columbus’ writings, he praised them for it, along with how fit they were. It wasn’t long after that, that Columbus writes of his plans to subjugate them into servants. Most of the atrocities he committed come from his on hand writing, it’s just a matter of fact that they didn’t view such things as badly as we do now.

  • deathtononbelievers

    hi bradford, if it wasn’t for Christopher Columbus, you would not be living here in the USA today, makeing a ridiculous post. in fact, the USA woulsd not exist. anne foley should be fired for following her uviversity indoctrination of liberal/socialist political correct speech. do some reasearch, and realize how brave and courageous Christopher Colubus was.

  • Scott

    True and IF he had found nothing, maybe the “native americans” would have had a few more decades to “advance” and could have repealed any future comers and perhaps AMERICA would have been a better nation! CC did not do either the white man or the red man any flavors, 600 yrs. have proven that…….!!!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth

      So true!

    • Rob

      So you honestly believe if the Natives had been left alone, this continent would be a better place. Look at the parts of Africa with the least amount of European influence. If not for the Europeans the natives would still be in rags, starving to death or dying of some unknown disease. Even if Columbus hadn’t found the New World, it wouldn’t have been long until some other White Man or Asian Man would have discovered the land and conquered the Natives. Natives will always be conquered by a more advanced society, that’s natural law, that’s the way it always will be.

      • CJM

        First of all, Rob, you need to rethink what you are saying about the “natives.” When the Natives in the Americas were conquered by outsiders, much of what the Natives had developed was destroyed. In the Aztec world, for example, there was plumbing very much like what we have today; Incans practiced brain surgery (and apparently had a high survival rate); many other tribes had a repository of useful medication to treat illness and injury as well as having a means of writing their history. No, the writing did not resemble your cursive method, but it was still a universal means of communcation between the various tribes. Furthermore, where do you think sign language came from? It was learned by European man, who in turn, made changes that suited the European man’s needs. And you think they were ‘primitive’ and could not have ‘advanced’? Well, let me put it to you bluntly, what Native American Tribe would have ever thought of setting the Chicago River on fire? Not a one–but European man certainly did! How embarrassing!! The Native Americans welcomed the foreigners and they were betrayed.

  • James

    What little I have read about Columbus, is that he was searching for a quicker and less ‘toll-free’ route to India. When he bumped into North America, he thought it was India, which is why the natives here were referred to as ‘Indians.’ I have never heard or read, of him mistreating them. Later when the Spaniards came here, in the early 16th century, they did mistreat the Aztecs in what is now Mexico. They raped the women and took all their gold.

    • eddie47d

      11 million people living in the Mesoamerican empire died because of the Spanish conquests(discoveries). Some through war,some from slavery but most through disease brought from Europe.Columbus certainly deserves to be credited for being a great navigator but he is no hero to those who suffered from the onslaught that followed. History needs to tell both sides.

      • Grant

        History is written by the WINNERS. That’s why you don’t usually hear both sides.

      • CJM

        History does tell both sides–only some people like Ms Foley ignore the entire historical event and tell only what they want others to hear.

    • malsumis

      Yes, Columbus was searching for an easier route to the orient- not sure if he thought he was in India. That wouldn’t have made sense that he called the natives “Indians” because he thought he was in India, cause at that time, India was known as Hindustan. Columbus called them Indians from “une gente in dios.” A people in god. In dios was eventually shortened to indios, indians, etc. His journals did show that he thought quite highly of the carribean people, and then proceeded to do some of the most disgusting, twisted, barbaric actions one could imagine. If we could travel through time to meet the old worlders, I’m sure our skin would crawl because we would be surrounded by psychopaths. Look up American Holocaust by Stannard- he delves quite deeply into these things. Another good one is 1491- the author escapes me, sorry. Yes, colombus was a rotten, no good mass murderer, and I hope the syphilis that killed him still burns. Most of our nations foundation was built on a mountain of skulls. At least half of my ancestors are a part of that mountain. There is nothing unpatriotic about knowing our full history, good and bad. We are all here now, and the only thing left is to try and be good to one another.

      • libertytrain

        good post..

  • iam

    Foley’s domineering attitude is based on stupidity. Examine her stance on Halloween: possible associations with witchcraft. Nobody but a complete fool would believe that. Halloween is a children’s celebration, and there has never been any child practicing witchcraft as part of Halloween. As for “the presence of students that come from cultures that do not celebrate the holiday,” she is saying that we are required to give up every aspect of our own culture so that people who come here from other cultures can force their cultures onto us. To hell with her and her ignorance.

    • Jim


      • libertytrain

        I’m beginning to think these politically correct principals, teachers, et al are themselves “possessed” by a new “extremistic” lunacy — the likes of which we have never seen before…

    • independant thinker

      ” Examine her stance on Halloween: possible associations with witchcraft. Nobody but a complete fool would believe that.”

      You are the fool if you believe there is no connection between witchcraft and halloween. There is also a connection to the Indians of Mexico, the Druids, the Celts, The Scots, and probably others I have forgotten. Halloween as we know it came out of the Celts celebration of the day all spirits were free to roam the earth. They made jack-o-lanterns from turnips to scare away the evil spirits and left food offerings for the good spirits.

      • independant thinker

        Oops, I left off the remainder of my comment. Just because halloween can be connected to witchcraft is no reason to stop celebrating it. We celebrate easter in the spring when fertility festivles are traditionaly held, there was a Roman feast in December at the time we celebrate Christmas, and so on. She apparently has no problem celebrating those holidays even though they can be connected to pagan celebrations so why should she have a problem with halloween.

        As far as Colombus is concerned, he is neither guiltless as some would have him protraid nor was he the monster others would portray him as. Up to the 6th or 8th grade there is no reason to try and show his failings. After the 8th grade his failings can be gradually introduced to show a more accurate picture of how things were.

      • Naomi

        There is quite a difference between ” spirits” and witchcraft. Halloween as celebrated by the celts was celebrated by all. They were not “witches”. Christopher Columbus may not have.discovered America but he made an important contribution to our history. Many things done by early European explorers seem horrific to us, but, must be put in context. Denying children true history because it may offend someone is wrong.

        • independant thinker

          I never said the Celts were witches. I said witches, Celts, and others had a connection to halloween then I told where our concept of halloween came from.

  • ajax

    If you read history you will find the principal was right. On his first voyage he ordered his men to seize several natives who were removed to Spain as specimens.When he was later the governor in the Caribbean he was removed by the Spanish government because of excessive cruelty to the slaves.The story goes on but that is for those who treasure real history over hear say.

    • Michelle

      And you know your version because you were there???? There are always questions and more than one side of a story. And you can find a negative version of anthing if you look hard enough. However, unless you lived during that time and were personnally involved all you know is what you read from one source or another and to start this crap is rediculous. That principal is wrong, deal with it. Tired of being told that I have to change or this country has to change because one or two people don’t like something. Don’t like it go home, go back to your own country, do whatever you like but stop the crap!!!!!!!

      • eddie47d

        There are still folks who defend slavery in our south (at least historically). There will always be those who defend barbaric conquests of other nations because we(they) ended up being so “richly rewarded”. The Spanish wanted the gold in Mexico so they stole it through war and slavery. Hitler thought their heritage was better than the Polish so he set out to make them into good Germans.Then he aimed for the rest of the world along with Tojo. I don’t believe Columbus originally had evil intentions but he eventually fell under the spell of slavery and taking what he could exploit. He is not a hero to some and is considered a murderer. To others they won’t go beyond his explorations and sugarcoat his misdeeds. We can’t change the past but it should be tempered with the truth.

        • independant thinker

          “Hitler thought their heritage was better than the Polish so he set out to make them into good Germans.”

          Wrong. Hitler did not try or want to make the Poles into good Germans he wanted to eliminate most and turn the rest into the slaves of Germany. The only ones it could be said he wanted to “turn into good Germans” were those of German descent who he considered to be German anyway and who he used as his excuse to invade Poland.

          • olde reb

            It is inspiring to find a school that has an interest in historical accuracy. How the article was muddled to contend Columbus landed on the future U.S., or how he was some how involved with Thanksgiving, or how a current reflection to rewrite history that is 500 years old is important may be interesting subjects.

            I suggest a more worthy review of history would include how the textbooks rewrite the actions the U.S. government that has lied to the citizenry to get us into every war and military aggression of the past 120 years, including Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanstan, Libya, and soon to include Iran and Pak. But anyone who does not accept the government lie would probably be called “unpatriotic.”

          • eddie47d

            My reply didn’t get posted yesterday but I did dispute you IT. Hopefully this site can correct all the problems that occur.

          • independant thinker

            Well eddie why don’t you repost it and try to prove me wrong.

          • Vieteravet

            Every so called expert wants to re-write history, until you interview someone who is 500 years old, SHUT UP!

      • Winnie

        Michelle, if every person went back home to where their ancestors’ lands, there would be only Native Americans here. Those who stay stay because would stay to follow the law of the land. Such is my dream.

        • malsumis

          amen sister!

    • Bob McCormick

      It’s not hear say, it’s “American” History as taught in our schools. Whether you live in Iran, Russia, or the good old USA reality is what your government controlled media tells you it is. What makes us different, here we are free to search for the truth. In Russia and Iran the government uses censorship to control what the people know, here, our governtment knows that most of the sheeple won’t bother to look for the truth.

  • James

    Come on people think about what is being attacked here. Columbus brought Christianity to this continent with the approval of Queen Isabella of Spain. Thanksgiving the thanks given to GOD by the pilgrims for having survived the harshness of the times in which they were in. Same old socialist crap spewed out by people who are supposed to be educated. Anything and everything to tear down and destroy the values and principles that you were taught your whole life. Administrators like this one allowed to get away with it, because citizens will not make a stand against the evil. Let Obozo get another term and the evil will be totally unleashed upon us.

    • Polski

      Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand also sponsored the Inquisition in Spain.

      • Dale on the left coast

        The voyage of Columbus was delayed a day . . . because the ports in Spain were jammed . . . because Spain was Evicting All the J*ws . . . read about the Spanish Diaspora!!
        Did the Vikings not visit North America in the 9th century? Evidence has been found in Newfoundland, Labrador and other areas. Besides of course Greenland where they lived from the 9th to the 12th Centuries. Long before Collumbus.

        • independant thinker

          There are some who say the Irish also visited the US/Canada area before Columbus.

        • Vieteravet

          It’s pretty well accepted that the Vikings were here first, they never staked a claim.

  • http://na Jim

    Jesus, why do we always have to over state the facts. As a kid which is what Holloween is all about it is just for fun. Like a campfire scary story, period. Collumbus as for childrens history discovered America, period. It was the pilgrims and Thanknsgiving that sent the message to kids of adventure, hardship and fellowship with the Indians, period. Giving Thanks and sharing each others bounties on one day of the year with no politics. What the hell is wrong with that??? As you get older like in college you can get these other so called facts and have a more intelligent capability of dealling with it. Keep this stuff out of our poor childrens life. It has been working fine for a couple of hundred years. Hell I bet if you dug deep enough you would find some kind of dirt on George Washington.

    • James

      George did throw homosexuals out of his Army, said it destroyed moral and morale in the Army. Imagine that happening today.

      • eddie47d

        What! They had homosexuals back then too? Unbelievable!!!

  • John D. Beach

    The really great thing about all this political correctness is that, after they have completely sanitized the curriculum to which kids are subjected, there won’t be enough of value left to even justify having public schools.
    Then, we can go back to parochial schools which get it right in the first place, teaching the principles of “brotherly love,” friendly competition and academic scholarship and excellence and, in the final analysis, the only things that truly matter in life anyway. Take a good long look at the cemetery because, with the state, that is ALL that is left at the end of life. Avoid them like the plague!

  • Rhonda Knapp

    James & Jim, you are both so right! Let children be children before they enter the craziness of our modern world. As a member of families who came to America before 1800, I prefer to be thankful for our freedoms and the accomplishments of those who came here and worked so hard so make the USA great! You can dwell on the negatives or the positives and I wish those who are trying to tear our country down would leave and go where their negative attitudes wouldn’t affect our young people!

  • Daylo

    Nitpicking in this country should be at an all time high right about now. Too much of it is going on, and soon we won’t have any nits to pick. What then? Start on each other?

    Honestly, doesn’t this principal have anyting more constructive to do? How about researching how to better our children’s education and leave Columbus alone. He’s been dead for many, many centuries by now. Who, in our past historical figures on THE list of historical figures has probably NOT committed some sort of uncitable attrocity?

    Good grief. What a maroon!

  • Mustang Patti, AZ

    Just another example of indoctrinating our young people and catering
    to “there may be some who are may be offended”. Just who will be
    offended? The illegals? A few who are in the class that are not
    born Americans? I ask you, WHY DO WE ALWAYS HAVE TO BE AFRAID OF OFFENDING SOMEONE by dong what we have done for decades. Americans are the MAJORITY. We have lived here all our lives not only this generation but prior generations have
    lived here. Those that “could” be offended, if they are legal, are
    supposed to embrace our ways, customs, etc. Otherwise, if they do not
    like things the way they are done in the USA, I say let them go back to where they came from. That would certainly suit ME and THEY would
    be much happier.

  • eddie47d

    I agree that children in primary school should be taught the basics in our heritage and take pride in the original intentions of Columbus and the original meaning of Thanksgiving. Once they arrive in middle school or older then the real facts are more important. The same with Halloween in grade school. Leave learning and the fun surrounding holidays at their level. Beyond that the truth will catch up with them very quickly.

  • eddie47d

    Sam Rolley; Why are All my comments awaiting moderation?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear eddie47d,

      Our site seems be undergoing a massive spam attack and it is clogging up the filters and creating a delay. Our tech team is on it.

      Best wishes,

      • independant thinker

        Thanks Bob I noticed the same thing with my posts.

      • Song

        I hate to burst your bubble eddie, but it happened to everyone’s comments…lol

        • eddie47d

          Always the rude one right, SONG

  • Joyceann

    Everyone is forgetting one point. All holidays and rituals of Religion have “backgrounds” not in keep with reasons of today. The majority of people of the USA have changed the Halloween to be a moment in the year when children have fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else is a by product, up to the person celebrating.
    Don’t believe for one minute that Thanksgiving won’t be next. It is a holiday, the end of harvest, where we gather family and friends and thank God for all he has given for the year. They start with Halloween because it doesn’t involve God and nobody will mind as much, but Thanksgiving is next, then Christmas. People Wake Up. Political Correct is a way to change society’s perception to fit a socialistic society. God and Country are being bitten off in little bites and we are just watching it. Where are the crowds outside this school telling that woman her beliefs have nothing to do with running our schools. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME TO CHANGE SOCIETY BELIEFS TO YOURS. Political Correct is a way for Socialists to change society and it has not been for the best so far.

    • stephanie

      As a Christian and a public school teacher, I am VERY thankful and mindful of separation of church and state. It is what protects ALL beliefs, including yours and mine. I have no problem teaching the various versions of Columbus’ explorations. I also teach my students the difference between primary and secondary sources and how we use our own knowledge, culture, and beliefs to make up our own minds about historical events that are still under some level of disagreement. I am, by no means, less of a Christian for teaching my students to be careful consumers of information. It is one thing to teach the historical relevance of a holiday. It is quite another to purport that holiday as more important than others or its observance as a test of patriotism or Christianity. When did it become public teachers’ roles to uphold a Christian curriculum? Again, I am a Christian and I treat my students with love and respect that is rooted in my Christian beliefs. However, I would never take away from parents the most sacred of gifts as a parent–that of leading your children in the religion that you choose. Shame on us for expecting teachers to teach students academic curriculum and religion. For those of you who are Christians and lament the days when we weren’t so “politically correct,” how would you feel about a teacher of a different religion than your own teaching your child that religion? Yes, I will teach history, with as many versions from reliable sources as are made available over time. I will prepare your children to be appreciative of our great history, both its great successes and its downfalls. How wonderful to have the opportunity to teach that we are not perfect but we can always strive to be better than we were yesterday. However, I will always defer the religious upbringing of students to those who it rightfully belongs–their own families.

  • hitthedeck

    This only proves that educated people can be stupid!

  • Joyceann

    As with any story, there is the good side and the bad side. Nothing is pure or evil. This woman is teaching the negatives of history as proof that a normal American Holiday will be stopped, and socialism will be taught in its place. Socialism in our schools is there to change everything we have taught in the past. Who gave her this right. She is talking about doing away with Thanksgiving, and Christmas will be next. Her agenda is to wipe religion off the face of America. This must stop. Tea Party, where are you? Why is this school not boycotted with Americans?

  • Winnie

    Born and raised in Alaska, then a territory of United States, we were taught to pledge our alligence to the flag and celebrate Columbus Day and all the other holidays that our Elders had not celebrated before. Our Special days of celebrations like the potlatch was deemed pagan therefore evil. What Columbus did may not seem to matter too much these days but it does matter to the Native Americans of both North and South America. There are many European people who take the time and admit what the early Europeans did and try, in their own way, to make amends. To those people, I thank and welcome you into my home.

  • http://personalliberty larry

    I’m not afraid of offending anyone. If they don’t like it kiss my ass
    and get the hell out of my country THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
    I love all holidays and by the way would anyone like a porkchop?

    • Vieteravet

      Yes, and how about a pork roast!

  • Ted Kontos

    If Columbus as the principal says, commited atroscities, what did
    we do as a Nation to the American Indians. Why do these supposedly
    educated people enjoy destroying things we treasure. I wonder if
    she is LILLY PURE. I’ll bet she will attempt to start a protest
    march against Columbus and maybe even George Washingon for kicking
    the heck out of the British – George should have “negotiated” a settlement and treated them with kindness. Glad my children do not attend that school.

  • JimH

    Leif Erikson was the first European to visit North America, so problem solved.

  • Ayo Ogunmolasuyi

    Everyone is absolutely entitled to his or her own opinion but as a student of history, I am sure as many would agree with me that the maritine explorer, Christopher Colombus contributed greatly to the historical development of the mordern western world.

    • coal miner

      Ayo Ogunmolasuyi 2
      Christopher Columbus was a cold blooded murderer and slave trader.

      The Reconsider Columbus Day Project recently released a viral video consisting people of color uncovering the “ugly truth that’s been ignored for way too long” …

      • Rob

        What’s wrong is you can’t judge people from 600 years ago against today’s standards.

        • coal miner

          Rob says:
          October 19, 2011 at 2:36 pm
          “What’s wrong is you can’t judge people from 600 years ago against today’s standards”.


          How do you judge Hitler and Stalin? Hiler,66 years ago?Stalin,58 years ago?Against todays standards?All three men had one thing in common,they were all monsters.Indians are still paying for Columbus’ crimes.

          • independant thinker

            There is a big difference in comparing people of 600 years ago and comparing people of 58 and 66 years ago.

      • Vieteravet

        Shut up left winged loon! Go some place to create your own history.

  • Lisa

    Please, leave children to be children. A child’s mind is not ready for the full story. As they grow up and mature both physically and mentally, then…the rest of the story…can be shared with them. Hopefully, this sharing will be in the context of the century of occurrance, and not rabidly tarred-feathered by 21st century politically correct viewpoint.

    YES. Slavery is morally unethical, and a serious violation of person. No dispute. However, back in those times it was considered as “every day politics.” Whites were only a part of the number of slave owners, because slave owners of all colors and religions have always existed. This part of the reality, is so often over-looked, or swept under the proverbial carpet.

    Most historical figures (also the now unremembered unknowns) had their feet of clay, and a “few” peccadillos that probably should be left buried as well. This is a reality. To think otherwise, would be a bit of an (head-in-the-sand) over-reach, and would do our founding fathers (Columbus included) a serious dis-service. Fortunately, in spite of their personal behavior(s), they were all looking at what could be accomplished for the future. Our future.

    Speaking of over-reach, the Principal is definitely the result of our long ‘romance’ with socialism that is being taught in our public schools. She…needs to be fired. She’s not providing the level of education that those children need, and pandering to those who just might be offended by our well-established national ethnicity.

    Senator McCarthy was in my view, more than a tad paranoid, but maybe we need to be looking around to see who is following the Marxist doctrine…and claiming to be a liberal or Democrat. So far, I am not seeing much difference between these two, and communists.

    Speaking of Mr. Marx, and his doctrine, most do not know that he was a proponent of no baths (ugh!), and was also a pedophile…who owned an child-age sex slave (UGH!)with whom he fathered at least one child. He was also legally married, and fathered several children with his wife, but he also added his child-sex-slave to provide for “his needs” while he went about pushing his take everything from the rich and give it to the masses doctrine.

    Besides the fact that enlarging the government, and putting the population on the government dole which does not encourage anything but lethargy, do you really think that anyone with an active brain would follow his doctrine?? So far, I am constantly amazed, at just how many have fallen under this pedophile’s spell. VERY SHOCKING!

    • Dale on the left coast

      “Senator McCarthy was in my view, more than a tad paranoid”
      So . . . it was just by Accident . . . that the Russian Airforce looked much like the US planes, they acquired a Nuclear Device quite rapidly. How did this happen . . . espionage!!! McCarthy was correct.
      Today the Chinese are picking our bones . . . nobody seems to get it – except for Trump!!!

  • Song

    Ah, yes, Halloween, Harry Potter and Colombus…sheer evil! bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (good grief)

  • BrotherPatriot

    Christopher Columbus was NOT a good man.

    The above is but one small bit of evidence that points proof of the type of man that Chrisopher Columbus was.

    I’ll be providing more links since this topic has been broached by Mr. Livingston & crew. As this topic is an excellent example of the evidence of a malign entity that exists in the very social fabric of our Society.

    They taught us that C. Columbus was a daring, just & brave explorer but his swashbuckler appeal is tarnished by what the truth of History says about him. He committed genocide and many other acts of unforgivable barbarity. He was a criminal.

    To celebrate this man is an offense to humanity as a whole. Read the above link (not long) to know what it is I speak of.

    Wake up my brothers & sisters to the truth that History speaks to us of. Call it all out into the Light and let God’s truth burn away the impure. We must question that which we have been taught all our lives now that we know so much of it is propoganda.

    Who pushed this indoctrination & why? Many of us now know the answer and many of you know of that which I speak of but don’t want to believe the simple truth of it all…time to face reality, my brothers & sisters of this earth.

    God Bless!

    • coal miner


      You spoke the truth.He was a monster.

  • brian

    I am from australia and have studied american politics and the cultures with american. Christopher Columbus did not discover america the vikings landed on what is now canada and god knows how many cultures walked the ice from continent to continent previously. Trouble with america is the same as we have here, the left wing loonies are destroying our way of life with their political correctness. You guys just do not get it, you have gone down the drain and becoming a second world country. Shame, it once was a great country. Next the blacks will be claiming they discovered the americas and the white, chinese etc will have to leave their country.

  • CJM

    With her stunted mentality, one has to wonder how on earth she even made it through college! Tell the politically correct beast she is no longer employed and can never enter another school house. What an axx—and she brays like one as well.

  • CJM

    Halloween is NOT associated with witchcraft—it is a celebration of the harvest and a means of thanking God for a good growing season. The only association with witchcraft comes from illiterates like Ms Foley–who couldn’t even give one citation of Columus’ “evil doings.” And if she wants to do away with Halloween, she may as well do away with all the other Christian holidays because these were taken from the so-called Pagans. Obviously, that person doesn’t know or understand history.

    • Vieteravet

      It’s a pagan celebration of harvest, the catholic church kept it as a cleansing of spirits before all saints day, Nov 1st.

  • s c

    Based on what I saw above, there were no comments from teachers or former teachers. That useful idiot principal is a typical stooge for historical revisionists. America, you’ve had a long time to learn that you can’t fight stupidity on its terms.
    The solution is to take kids OUT of public schools. For over 54 years, Americans have endured a system that tends to produce inferior products (students). To make matters worse, Americans PAID for the ‘privilege.’ Stop paying for a non-existent privilege. Take kids OUT of public schools.
    For those of you who worship selective memory and pc Nazi techniques, your heroes practice a sadistic form of mind control. You are responsible for unleashing 54 years of incompetents on America.
    Critical thinking skills have been replaced with situational ethics and half-truths. Is it any wonder that so many airheads confuse politics with reality?
    What you’re seeing now on mind control boxes (TVs) is the result of a planned strategy to dumb-down an entire nation. Take kids OUT of public schools.
    To quote Einstein, ‘to keep doing the same thing(s) and expect different results is insanity.’ Take kids OUT of public schools.
    Just in case you’re still confused and are under the the influence of a utopian non-mind, take kids OUT of public schools.
    Take kids OUT of those damned public schools!

    • Vieteravet

      I’m a teacher and retired Master Sergeant!

  • r.p.

    It was Spain (Isabelle & Ferdinand) who committed the atrocities not Columbus. Read your history. Columbus died in poverty because he protested the abuses perpetrated by the Spaniards.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Now that’s funny…


      God Bless.

  • Aishah Bowron

    Christopher Columbus is not a real explorer !. He is a brutal who brougenocidal murderer and a slave trafficker who should not be celebrated !. He is a guy who brought death, torture, violence and pain to the Americas !. He Gould have hanged for his crimes !. In my opinion, Anne Foley has a point about Christopher Columbus.

  • Aishah Bowron

    Christopher Columbus is not a real explorer !. He is a brutal who genocidal murderer and a slave trafficker who should not be celebrated !. He is a guy who brought death, torture, violence and pain to the Americas !. He Gould have hanged for his crimes !. In my opinion, Anne Foley has a point about Christopher Columbus.

  • Aishah Bowron

    Christopher Columbus is not a real explorer !. He is a brutal genocidal murderer and a slave trafficker who should not be celebrated !. He is a guy who brought death, torture, violence and pain to the Americas !. He Gould have hanged for his crimes !. In my opinion, Anne Foley has a point about Christopher Columbus.

  • Aishah Bowron

    Sorry about a spelling mistake there. It is should, not Gould !.


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