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Massachusetts Man Arrested In Terror Plot

September 30, 2011 by  

Massachusetts Man Arrested In Terror Plot

The FBI arrested a Massachusetts man on Wednesday who allegedly planned to build small remote controlled airplanes armed with explosives and fly them into the Pentagon and other government buildings.

Rezwan Ferdaus, a 26-year-old physics graduate of Northeastern University in Boston who lived in the basement of his parents’ home in Ashland, Mass., began planning to commit violent jihad against the United States in early 2010 after viewing radical Web sites and videos, according to The Washington Post.

The U.S.-born citizen of South Asian background traveled to Washington last May to conduct surveillance for his plan to launch three small GPS-guided aircraft from East Potomac Park: two against the Pentagon and one against the Capitol, according to a detailed plan he gave to the FBI. He planned to follow up the drone-like attacks with two teams of three machine gun-wielding attackers that were intended to cause chaos in the streets.

Ferdaus relayed his plan to FBI agents who he believed were al-Qaida operatives working within U.S. borders. The agents provided him with money to purchase remote-controlled planes and also helped him acquire what he believed to be C-4 plastic explosives. He had already purchased one remote-controlled aircraft (a small-scale model of the F-86 Sabre, a Cold War-era U.S. fighter jet), according to reports. Agents said that the man was presented with multiple opportunities to back out of his plan in conversations with his would-be collaborators.

Ferdaus also supplied the undercover agents with seven mobile phones that he modified to act as electrical switches for improvised explosive devices in Iraq. When they falsely told him that his creations had been used to kill U.S. troops, the man “appeared gratified,” according to reports.



Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Morduin00

    See… this is what is wrong with American education these days. Here is a guy smart enough to think of something like this but yet not smart enough to keep his mouth shut. Go figure.

    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      Liberals will say, “See, we need to control the internet. And we must not blame Islam!!!!!”

    • Robert Hauser

      Yeah, right and the cow jumped over the moon in ballet slippers too….so now what? Are they going to finger print and take biometric data off of all of us who fly model planes? It would figure knowing how sh-t-for-brains this country has become.

  • Lost in Paradise

    There is something really wrong with this article. It reads more like “press gone mad”. In the first place, it would take a nuke to destroy the Pentagon. To be able to fly a r/c plane accuratly through the air and then hit a target is beyond the ability of the average person. Flying an r/c plane is very difficult, and not possible for some. Secondly you would need to a very large r/c plane to carry enough explosives to do much damage. A person would then need the ability to build and set up such a plane.

    This guy is obviously not very intelligent for thinking this would be possible. Then again what can you expect of someone stupid enough to believe in Islam and the Koran.

    • independant thinker

      Beyond the fact that there is a learning curve for flying the remote control p[lanes the article also stated he planned to hire gunmen to shoot up the areas. Presumably they would be shooting those fleeing the buildings because of the explosians so he would achieve great damage personnell wise.

    • Bear

      I agree with you to a degree. I’m still in “the government wants to keep us scared” mode yet I am anything but scared. I know a bit about these aircraft and they are not remote controlled. They are radio controlled. Wish the news media would get things straight on that. Remote controlled requires a control link such as a cable or wires connecting the controller with the aircraft whereas radio controlled does not. This aircraft is “radio” controlled. As for loading them up with explosives and flying them into buildings, these smaller planes could not carry much explosives as the internal radio gear and servos that control the aircraft take up a lot of room plus the power plant, even if it is a true miniature jet engine, has a limited thrust output and thus the aircraft would have a limited payload. Some of these electric ducted fan jets can reach a very high speed but that’s because they are light. Some of the larger ones with real miniature jet engines can reach speeds over 200 mph but not with any kind of extra payload. I don’t think the Sabre model that he chose could have done much physical damage to either building with the amount of C-4 it could have gotten off the ground with. So………..what’s the government’s next move gonna be? Outlawing model airplanes?

      • Old Henry

        So Bear, do you think Little Barry is Remote Controlled, or Radio Controlled?

        I keep looking for those very thin wires that may be fastened to his arms, legs, hands, etc., but have not seen them…

    • hitthedeck

      You experts don’t seem to get it. He could care less if he only killed a dozen people. Just like the Ft. Hood incident it’s the act that they want to go out on the nationwide media. Any death of a non believer is a victory for them.

    • joe B

      Did you see the press conferance about the killing of Al Awaki reports asked what right does the President have to kill an American citizan and why was he not tried in a court of law.Well let me ask this reporter a man personally claims allegance to a terrest group who as proclaimed killing Americans and swears to commit more acts of treason (HE GAVE UP HIS RIGHT TO BE AN AMERICAN AND A RIGHT TO DO PROCESS)He is not an American and anyone who claimes he is is a dreamer.Anyone who kills Americans as he does deserves tyo be killed and put out of there misary.

  • Keith Clark

    The FBI seems to be really good at busting it’s own plans. Nothing would be here except another pissed off Jahadi if they didn’t approach him with all the necessary hardware. For once I would like to see a report about taking down the armed training camps that are all over the place up and down the east coast.

    • http://F.B. john

      Can’t do that Keith.That would really make the muslims mad.

    • http://facebook ADRoberts

      East Coast heh. Wonder why they don’t come to a CCW state like Texas. Lock and load. And be a boy scout.

  • jay Lindberg

    Nobody sees the irony that this quote “Terrorist” was planning on doing exactly what we are doing in several parts of the world. Attacking us with remote control drones. HELLO!

    I wonder where they got that idea from. HELLO

    He might have been trying to send us a message, go figure.

    • Alex

      You are correct, jay Lindberg.

  • 1minuteman

    i am suprised they didn’t blame the tea party again. we are supposed to the terrorists according to biden, obama and the progressives.

    • eddie47d

      Lindberg’s reply was spot on but 1minuteman was only trolling for attention and had little value. How about giving this government agency a little credit(not much but at least a little). Our military also killed al Awlaki another American born terrorist yesterday. He has been fermenting trouble in Yemen,Somalia and in the USA. Good Riddance! There is little in our Middle East interventions that I approve of but hooray for nailing that guy.

      • Bear

        Wow, eddie, for once I agree with you. But hey, wait a minute…….the article says that this guy had FBI operatives watching his every move and that they provided money for him to buy the airplanes, guns and even furnished what looked like C-4. Why does this sound a bit like the BATF’s operation “Fast and Furious? Didn’t they provide money for the sale of the over 2,000 guns to individuals who were known felons to deliver to the Sinaloa cartel? And can they tell you or me where those guns are today? Yet they contend tht the operation was designed to track guns getting into the hands of drug cartel members from the U.S.A.. RIGHT! That operation was to back up Clinton, Reid,and Holder telling all of us that American gun dealers were selling guns into Mexico for the drug dealers. How can you make accuisations without something to back it up? And, in true Washington fashion, they created the gun smuggling operation to back up their claims to get more gun control. Like I said, they want to keep us scared and misinformed.

        • Old Henry

          To keep us scared.

          Right on the money Bear!

          I wonder if they realize IT IS NOT WORKING…

          The American people have wised up – at least most of us.

      • Old Henry

        eddie, the American they killed (murdered) had not been given due process. Sh*t man, Little Barry wants to give foreign terrorist killers due process in OUT COURTS WITH ATTORNEYS PAID FOR BY US!

        How do we know the American they murdered was guilty of anything? Just because THEY SAY SO?

    • Old Henry


      That will come out in the trial.

      The little fag on PMSNBC with the tinkle down his leg will loudly report:

  • 2WarAbnVet

    It ignorance of the media is no display with every story. On television, last night, the fearless reporter stated breathlessly that Ferdaus had “six AK-47 machine guns”. At least they didn’t use the ubiquitous “assault weapon” charge, but the AK isn’t a machine gun. There’s a 99.99% chance they weren’t even fully automatic, but were simply semi-automatic rifles.

    • Alex

      They ARE assault weapons.

      • independant thinker

        Only if they are capable of both semi-auto and full auto fire. Otherwise they are semi-automatic rifles that look like an assualt rifle.

    • Antonio

      I have 10 ak-47′s but don’t tell anybody cuz they might think i am terorrist…

    • Old Henry

      But, but, but, 2War…. They were….. GGGGG guns!

      Guns are bad! It’s good they caught the guns before they had a chance to go kill someone!

  • Jim C.

    I suppose now kids and adults will no longer be able to build and fly model airplanes. The terrorists are winning. We are losing all our freedoms. It’s time the idiots in our government realize we can’t impose our will on the rest of the world, and bring the troops home to guard OUR shores! The terrorists don’t hate us because we’re successful. They hate us because we stick our nose in everyone else’s business. Let them kill themselves. Get our troops home!

    • Sharif

      I agree with your views.This is 0ne of the many discoveries created by CIA and Neocon agents to terrify the American Public and let them continue with their agenda!

      • Old Henry


        However, being the idiots they are, they will not realize IT IS NOT WORKING. The American people, for the most part, have wised up to their subfersive activities.

        END IT NOW!

        Ron Paul 2012

  • Robert Walker

    If only we had a President who understood what a non interventionist foreign policy is…
    If only we had a President who would abolish the IRS…
    If only we had a President who would abolish the Federal Reserve Bank…
    If only we had a President who would abolish the Department of Education…
    If only we had a President who would get rid of the EPA…
    If only we had a President…
    Thank you,
    Robert Walker

    • Surviving_Life

      You forgot the FDA …. real reason why health care is skyrocketing.

    • Bear

      There is a way to deal with all Government departments and programs. DEFUND EVERYTHING! If all Americans would simply send back their income tax forms stating that “I no longer volunteer to provide my tax money for a government that does not provide for its citizenry’s best interests and safety.” If they don’t have any money, what are they going to do? I do realize that this will create one hell of a problem for everyone on Medicare and on SSI, but it will darn sure get their attention. Defunding government intrusion programs IS the answer to our financial problem as well as attaching job training programs to unemployment and the welfare programs. We’ve got to start getting something for our money and more drug dependent entitlist is not the answer.

      • Old Henry

        Well Bear, the purse strings are controlled by the House. The House is over whelmingly controlled by the Republicans.

        Have you seen ANY ONE int eh House attempt to defund ANYTHING??

        Neither have I and I have emailed my new Congressman, Boehner and my Senators (I know) and never get an answer of substance.

    • Jacques Cuse

      “If we only had a president who ….”

      Then Ron Paul may very well be our only choice. The rest of the candidates are in bed with the Fed, the FDA, FEMA, EPA, and who not.

    • Old Henry


      Ron Paul 2012

  • azwayne

    You don’t notice any problems with media?? did you learn any REAL FACTS, The propganda is pathetic, and it’s one purpose keep you thinking you’re being taken care of. Trust them, regardless how incompetent. Funny thes “thoughts wer fashioned after 9/11 so you can still believe their story. Blind sheeple.

    • metalflyer11

      Yep!! Still a lot of sheep believing this crap. George Orwells 1984 is well in place and it is working well for the Sheep Masters. What will be next? A person having an explosive up his(her) ass and we all will have to submit for a rectal check at airports, mall, traffic stops, etc… Wake Up People..

  • Kris

    They keep telling us he is an American, however, they do put a great store in saying US citizen. I want to know if he was born here or if he came here and was made a citizen! They are leaving this out for some reason. Normally they would say, born in the US and turned by websites, but they deliberately leave any mention of a immigrant made citizen or a natural born citizen out. This seems like a deal to make the terrorists, not born here but came here to terrorize this country, not as harmful as American born citizens. Something smells like rotton fish here!

  • Billybob

    Does this program not have ‘spell-check’ or do these people not know how to spell? Some of these comments are almost laughable in their lack of punctuation but tragic in the fact that elementary education is being lost. Some of these comments are obviously from immigrants who don’t have command of the english language which is understandable but most are simply poorly educated citizens which shows how our education system has succeeded in dumbing down America. The government has no business meddling in the education of our K-12 school children.

    • Antonio

      Most people on this blog are smart enough to read and write and also place the proper punctuation. However, we are here to make a point and to discuss things. We are not here to waste time checking our spelling and punctuation. You are apparently one of the dumbest people here because you have totally missed the entire point of the article. The article is not about English lessons!! You must learn how to read and comprehend things before you post idiotic remarks. By the way, quit wasting peoples time here.

    • Old Henry


      It is their keebords making the errors, not the individuals.

      Remember Billybob, Guns kill people and keebords mis-spell words.

      Oh, btw (a little texting lingo there) have you noticed in the main stream print media how the wupposedly educated people continually BEGIN sentences with the word “But”??

  • http://pld mine

    This is another sad extremist story of a child who was “rescued” by this country. Put into public education, where the radicalization begins. The current teachers of this country spread very “Leftist” views , with obviously a lack of American history (I saw this in graduate school). The begining of this was “integration” it happened in my school in the 60s. Books with total redacted pages, and NONSENSE written in its place. Attacks on ANY white person with a suit top and some without. This is hate and racism.
    Combined with the foreign interests that have gained access to the inner most areas of society the destruction oof the country seems assured.

  • Jackie

    WE DO KNOW that the media is CONTROLLED by the “elite”…I guess it was time again to strike FEAR in the hearts of the unknowing American public. The MEDIA are becoming part of the problem just like the ELITE who own them. I personally believe this was totally controlled and made up by the FBI and the CIA who are just as corrupt as the undergovernment. Read Jim Marrs book “TERROR CONSPIRACY”, and also read up the “Report From Iron Mountain”….where the plans are being made to create a false flag (9/11), then keep the world at war until they can control everybody. These people have to be brought down, starting with the Bushes, Cheney, Rumsfeld and I’m sure there are many more involved. Read “Family of Secrets”…that will open your eyes to the evil Bush family. Obama doesn’t make any decisions, he’s simply their puppet. DON’T PAY ANY TAXES!!!! that will bring them down.

    • Old Henry

      Yeah Jackie, many more involved. Think Clintons, the current regime, et al…

      END IT NOW!

      Ron Paul 2012

  • Libertarian58

    Model airplanes are NOT AUVs and there is absolutely NO POSSIBILITY of one doing any real damage, especially to the Pentagon. This is just another planned and orchestrated “false flag” to get pending legislation passed restricting model airplane and model rocket activites that will effect NO ONE but everyday Americans. For 33 years model rocket motors have been transported all over the country with NO INCIDENTS and have never been linked to ANY “terror plot” but DOT plans to totally “wreck” the hobby by changing the classification to “explosive”. WHY NOW? There can be only one reason. THINK!

    • Antonio

      ABSOLUTELY!! You are right on target, bulls eye!! This whole thing ain’t nothing but a master setup to start making more laws and banning something else. After that it will be remote controlled cars and boats…

  • Lizelot

    It seems we completely overlook the easiest and most logical way in which we can and should lessen these kinds of threats, i.e. STOP IMPORTING MUSLIMS. For the life of me, I cannot fathom the current and continuing idiocy that allows Muslims to immigrate from known anti-American countries, s.a. Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and the like. We certainly have enough Blacks, unemployable, as well as semi-illiterates of our own, don’t we? Why allow, nay INVITE, these pseudo “refugees” to settle here, enabling them to stir up trouble where it counts?
    Have we gone completely bonkers? We spend precious money we cannot afford to import antis!! Then we spend money we cannot afford to ferret these malcontents out and call that winning. Have we communally gone nuts or what?
    Let’s defund the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), that has so far admitted tens of thousands Somalians etc. and purposely settled these in white neighborhoods like Clarkston, Georgia, and Maine, causing unnecessary disruption, as if we didn’t already have enough cultural clashes. These contrary actions have to be outed and reversed, soonest. Defund, better yet, ELIMINATE ORR to start healing our ailing nation. Prevention is always better.

    • Thinking About

      Where would many citizens had there have been a strict no immigration rule. My native American part would be here but not the other parts.

  • Robert Hauser

    And I suppose this clod is going to sit on the commons outside the Pentagon and wait until someone opens their office window. This is a bunch of crap and so typical of the maggotry of the mainstream media….next candidate for fish yarn, please.

  • Commentator

    Really? A Physics degree and he came up with model airplanes & c-4? How did he graduate?

    • Old Henry


      How did he graduate? Ever hear the term politically correct?

      How do we know the FBI did not get him graduated so they could set up this “plot”? Hell, how do we know that the CIA did not have him on their payroll?

  • Jay

    Well i find this rather strange that the alphabet media would go out of it’s way to make this public. Seems to me that American citizens are scared out of their wits enough. Why add to the stress? But, i suppose that the war effort must continue, and keeping our country secure, through the “Patriot Act” needs constant justification. Clever, kill two birds with one stone! Main stream media lackeys must be working under the assumption that all American citizens are brain-dead, automatons!

    • Old Henry

      Well Jay, I think the MSM are working off the results of the 2008 “election” and rightly assume the American people are indeed brain-dead.

      They think the TEA Party is a fluke and insignificant in numbers.


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