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Maryland Legislators Approve Tuition Breaks For Illegal Immigrants

April 13, 2011 by  

Maryland legislators approve tuition breaks for illegal immigrantsThe General Assembly chamber in Maryland has approved in-State college tuition reductions for illegal immigrants.

According to The Baltimore Sun, Maryland lawmakers passed the law on April 11. Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley has already pledged to sign the bill, which would enable undocumented students to receive in-State college tuition breaks. In order to qualify for the financial aid, illegal immigrants have to attend Maryland high schools for at least three years and their families must pay State taxes.

Maryland is slated to become the 11th state to extend in-State college tuition breaks to undocumented students.

"It was never about immigration," Senator Victor Ramirez (D-Prince George) told the media outlet. "It's about what to do with the intellect of our children. Do we invest in them, or kick them to the side? The people win with this bill because we'll have a more educated work force."

April appears to be a big month for illegal immigrants, according to consulting firm ESR Research. In a report entitled Defrauding the American Taxpayer — The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Illegal Immigration, group president Ed Rubenstein states that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) helps illegal aliens collect revenue by transferring income from United States-born taxpayers.

Rubenstein explains that tax day — which is April 18 this year — marks a cash windfall for many illegal immigrants. He claims that the IRS knowingly allows undocumented residents to collect up to $5,750 from the EITC, which is a Federal program that aims to supplement the earnings of low-income workers. 

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  • Dad

    What a great idea… this will make them easier to find. Then nab ‘em and throw ‘em out… after confiscating their ill-gained goods.

    • http://none ralph herman

      Most illegals claim more dependents than they have and pay no taxes and ride the taxpayers back in every free program.I witnessed a couple that could not speak English using they could have an anchor baby.These programs were designed to help our poor not law breakers.A criminal is a criminal and Arizona has it right.

      • jim leible

        Tuition is only the tip of the iceberg, in Texas alone, illegal aliens are costing the state $5 billion ($5,000,000,000.00) a year in social services which includes food stamps, WIC, lone star card and medicaid. We have laws on the books that say an illegal cannot take advantage of these programs but elected legislators are ignoring the laws. This information was recently discussed on WOAI Radio in San Antonio one afternoon last week. Think about what it is costing the tax payer on a national basis.

        • Christy

          It’s worse in Calif. 33% of All people receiving “aid” in the USA, live in Calif.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Heck they may have to sell the Western United States to Mexico just to make ends meet.But the Mexicans are lobbying to take them by force…good luck on that one.

          • Kate8

            Cawmum Cents – Yeah, but they’re going to have to fight the Chinese for it.

          • ONTIME

            Schools are closing all over this state due to misspent funds and the legislators continue to diddle and fiddle as the state sinks into oblivion and chaos. You can bet the huge dole out to illegals is not going to stop. Why would the group of elected communist care care about what is the right thing to do, when they have their votes in the bag?

      • herman richardson

        we have created a country of takers, entitled to this mentality, where does it stop?? This sort of governing needs to stop, hopefully it will soon, I personally think it would be a blessing in a round about way if this government were to collapse, we started a great country so many years ago. Maybe it is time to do it again…just saying

        • Lewis Munn

          Good idea, but the establishment is now firmly in control and persecuting those who want freedom, with onerous laws, and with failure to enforce laws on entry to the country, to secure more votes.

          And of course the Unions are in favor of more members, forcibly if possible, so back our present lawmakers, even to helping buy elections. And the Unions help too; voting machines not supporting the present administration can be quickly “repaired” to show the desired vote no matter what the real one is! We have already seen this!!

      • Dee

        I am so sick of this damn government giving breaks to the illegal immigrants. They are just using us. When a illegal immigrant gives birth to a baby in the U.S., that baby is not a citizen because his/her mother is not a citizen. Why can’t this stupid government get it right. These illegal immigrants are bleeding is dry among other things.

        • Fighting Grandma

          Dee, I’m just sick of this whole guberment, period! These guberment numnuts are beyond just traitors…they are vile slime bags of the country & hanging would be too nice!!! They are sickening examples of human life!

          • Linda

            Go Grandma!

    • EddieW

      I hope they go the way of California!! Free schools, phones, cars, houses, food, medical and doctor help, and 25 BILLION in the red!!!
      Go bankrupt for doing this evil deed!!!
      Please see this video on Immigration!!! You have to fix the (dot)!!

  • lkar

    More educated work force? If they are illegal aliens then it is illegal for them to work in the USA. Duh! What nationality is Victor Ramirez?

    • lkar

      Looked him up. Guess what? He was born in San Salavador, El Salvador.

      Of course he is going to vote for illegal aliens to get in-state tuition. He wants the taxpayers to pay for his illegal buddies education so they can be smarter when invading the USA!

      • Lewis Munn

        And also they can displace US citizens! Is he a Citizen? Did he ever swear to support the USA?

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    This is a travesty! My daughter graduates from high school this year, top in her class. She worked her butt off to get this honor. So far, no free ride for her!

    • john c

      This is why it is so important to vote in like minded poiltical figures and hold them accountable. Wake up America are you tired of watching OUR children fall by the waist side as we all have to pay for illegal kids education.

      • herman richardson

        I feel for you John C-thinking that the elections in this country are legal and not fixed. Keep watching it will get better next year

        • Lewis Munn

          The way the Republicans are selling out the whole Ship of State piecemeal, I have my doubts. Maybe if enough people cared and voted, say, Libertarian, we could still recover, but they would have to have a superduper majority to get legislation through to undo the damage!

          But this will not happen, as the press is sold out to the DemoPublican machine. And divergent viewpoints are mocked to destruction, or silenced.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Robin. God will reward her efforts. I have 2 small grandboys and I am commited to their liberty and freedom at all cost.

      I have zero tolerance for the illegal immigrant crap. It is the politicians in their relentless search for votes and power that are the real prolblem. They need all of the low hanging fruit that they can get to keep their “elite position in society.” Unfortunately, eliminating this problem may not be possible. We can only hope and pray that God will show us the way.

      Our kids are awesome. Your daughter will be the same. She will battle and learn life’s lessons because she was raised well by you.

      I think and pray for all young people today.

      There is a small creek by our home that flows from the Continental Divide. I often stop, put my hand in the icy water and recite the Lord’s Prayer to calm myself. I will do this for you, your daughter and others this morn on my way to work. My God bless us all.

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Lastmanstanding… thank you for your kind words and your willingness to pray for my daughter. I too pray for her and hope that God will open the door he wants her to walk through. She is wanting to do a pre-med program wherever she goes. She has taken all accelerated classes and her lowest grade ever on her report card was an A- (in linear math, whatever that is?). She will be a brilliant doctor. She has talked of being a missionary. Who knows what our world will be like by the time she gets out of college? She is a good Christian kid who deserves more of a break than any illegal alien in the United States!

        • Lastmanstanding

          The Founders set it up for EVERYONE’S advantage…now look how it’s turning out.

          • Cawmun Cents

            The rounders set it up for Americans to survive and prosper.The Progressives set it up for everyone to have equal shares.

          • Cawmun Cents

            pardon me”the founders”…

        • Thamera

          Likewise Robin. My oldest are 19 year old twins, a boy and a girl who both graduated with honors and worked very hard to get there. My son just left to serve a mission and my daughter is now working full-time to pay for college. It is a mantra in our home that “knowledge is power”. My son will come back from his mission fluent in Spanish and my 16 year old is studying Mandarin and my 14 year old is thinking that he would like to be a surgeon. I don’t know what else to do to arm them with the tools they need to compete and succeed in this ‘upside down’ world anymore. It is a slap in the face to those of us who try to instill our children with values like hard work and who work very hard ourselves to provide for our families only to have our money taken away from us to fund programs like the one mentioned in this article. Worse than criminal theft to me and almost more abhorrent. I can’t afford to send my own children to college…I’m so happy that my tax dollars are going to send someone else’s child to college. (note the sarcasm) Like you Robin and lastman, my kids are going to have to work harder, but I think that means that they will be stronger.

          • 45caliber

            I agree. One man who lives here locally took his graduating son to Texas University to enroll since he had graduated there himself. To make a long story short, he couldn’t afford the cost. When he asked the financial manager about it, she informed him she too was a University graduate – but her college had been paid for by the feds since her father had “abadoned” the family when she was sixteen. He couldn’t get any loans at all since he made too much money. So he couldn’t put his son through college there but could – by federal demand – pay the costs to put someone else through.

          • Mary

            Thamera, congratulations. You have very smart children But let me tell you the one that is learning Mandarin is the smartest one. He knows who is who in this world. China is the next potency of the world. Who knows who will survive the change is going to be very ugly.

          • Lastmanstanding

            Thamera. hang tough. Something that I believe in my heart is that those of us that have lived quietly, survived and succeeded have been underestimated.

            SEVERELY, UNDERESTIMATED!!! There will be a time when God will give us the same ultimatum that he gave the Jews…if you want your homeland you must fight for it. Those that have abused the planet will be judged. Those that live of the fruits of others will perish. That day has been coming for awhile. It will not be pretty.

            The price of freedom has always been high…You, me and lots of others most likely won’t make good communists…

        • independant thinker

          Robin, I do not know if it is still true but at one time it was cheaper for a person from the NE to come to Arkansas and pay out of state tuition than to pay in state tuition where they were from. I know this was true because when I was in college (lo those many years ago) I knew several students that had come to the college for just that reason.

      • JJM

        That’s why every voter should have to prove to be a taxpayer before allowed to cast a vote. Those who don’t pay into the system should not have any influence in how the taxes are spent.

      • Bud Tugly

        Illegal immigrants – Illegal means on the wrong side of the law. No one invited them here. When you crash a party do not be surprised when you are asked to leave. I can sympathize with with wanting a better life, but why not try to achieve it at home or play by the rules and come here legally.

        They are trying to take back California (which they consider “occupied Mexico”) by outbreeding the gringoes. They have succeeded and are now the majority ethnic group.

        Let’s bring our courageous troops home from countries that will hate us no matter what we do and close our borders. Look at the state of things in Mexico. They have excellent resources, but are so culturally steeped in corruption that their country is a shambles controlled by the scum of the earth.

        • JC in CA

          Hey Bud, have you watched the movie ‘Harod’s Law’ ? entertaining and follows lock-step with your comments re: mexico’s corruption. It parallels all gov’t corruption.

          Be well.


          • Bud Tugly

            I’ll check it out. Thanks.

    • momplayer

      My granddaughter is in the same boat. Top of her class,talented artist and was unable to qualify for a student loan (they could afford)or a grant.The art institue of america really wanted her to attend,but who has $25,000.00 per year plus books and supplies.Even with in-state tution the cost is way too much.

  • Judy

    If I were a citizen of Maryland, I’d be up for recalling the governor and the entire legislature.

    • Delaware Conservative

      And I’d be with you, however we need to realize the Maryland is a hopelessly one-party state. It’s largely run by Statist drones – overpaid government employees – especially federal government employees living around DC. Look at the senators MD sends to Washington — two Statist public nuisances. Tough to throw stones though, because Delaware also sends two Statist public nuisances to DC to rubber stamp Obama’s knucklehead policies. I sometimes think of moving to a saner state. South Carolina is currently at the top of my list. It’s cool to know others oppose the madness of making taxpayers cater to illegal aliens. In Delaware we have state employees paid to help illegal aliens get state welfare benefits. Speaking Spanish is a prerequisite for these jobs. Taxpayers paying for their own punishment — that is Statists at work.

      • Brad

        Hi Delaware Conservative,

        I currently live in Calvert county, MD maybe some 60 odd miles from the state capital and this is the first time I have heard of this legislation going through. To tell you the truth, it appauls me, my state allowing an illegal to have a better chance at going to college then a legal resident of the state. Senator’s Cardin and Mikulski just rubber stamp anything coming from the rat caucus and when they come up for re-election the poor dem sheeple won’t listen to common sence and vote these yahoo’s out. To top things off I have to look forward to Steny Hoyer as my state representative, another liberal/progressive who wants the dream act, automatic citizenship for 12 million illegals, and free monies to all. To tell the truth we are flushing approximately 420 billion dollars a year down the tubes just to educate and keep these undocumented people well, when is federal and state goverments going to turn off the spicket, WHEN, when it’s too late!!!

    • herman richardson


  • TIME

    Maryland is good at just one thing, that’s handing out Speeding tickets on I 95 where the speed limit is still 55.. Oh and they watch for any car that looks like it may cost some $$$$, They even target thse type of cars. God help you if you have New York Plates.

  • Judy T

    Has the whole country gone crazy? If they’re illegal why are they even allowed to enroll. Why should they get any aid? Who wants their tax dollars to be used to educate illegal aliens. Send them back where they came from and then they can apply to come here legally.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Judy T… That was actually my first thought, too. I think the whole country is nuts anymore. Common sense is a thing of the past. I wouldn’t live in Maryland for any reason. They are just too screwed up there.

    • Jeep

      I would advocate that any illegal that is removed from the country should have to pay back the cost of their deportation before being allowed to apply for immigrant status.

      • 45caliber

        Why should they? None of them bother to apply to come here legally again anyway. They just sneak back across the border and remain illegal.

        I think we should charge the country of their birth for the costs of deportation. I suspect their own country would be far less interested in allowing them to try it again.

        • Jeep

          Bravo! You are on target 45! I suppose those countries could just make their payments from the foreign aid we give them!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            so we tell them unless they do something about all their illegals coming into this country, we are going to start subtracting a certain amount for each one discovered here from their national support payments!! Mexico, at that rate, would get nothing!!!

    • Warrior

      And just wait and see what deals the Libyan refugees will get!

    • Lewis Munn

      We try, but we are way outvoted by the Liberals and the Illegals combined!! Often with the assistance of the repairs to voting machines that are not reading right, by the Labor Union Electricians!

  • Jeep

    “It’s about what to do with the intellect of our children.” Someone should tell the fine senator (little “s” for little mind) that the children of illegal aliens are NOT “our” children.

  • David Murray

    This is an outrage. I must reconsider my contributions to scholarships at the University of Maryland. This means that legal kids don’t get in.

    • Maryland FreeStater

      I hear you – dumbass students here at work (I work at UM College Park) went to protest in Annapolis for illegals’ getting a free-ride. I’m sorry – but we’re cutting our own throats by tolerating stupidity like this – NO OTHER country on this planet would do such a thing, so WHY are WE??

      Vote Libertarian in the next election please – so Maryland can start regainibng some electoral common sense.

      • Lewis Munn

        Great idea.

        But you have to fight the government, and the press, and the illegal lobbies full of money, and getting dyed in the wool non-thinking voters to change is virtually impossible. Especially when our public schools teach that we have to vote DemoPublican or our Democracy will be destroyed!

        I note that seldom is it noted by the press that we are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy! BIG difference!!!

  • cheryl lynn

    If they are smart enough to go to college then they should be smart enough to come here ligally. Face it they are illegal and are committing a crime and should have no right to attend any school in our country. They should be deported. I say vote out the people who passed this law as soon as possible. Obviously these legislators have no concept of what it is like to live in states like California or Arizona where the illedgals have taken over and are running our state into the ground. Hay what a plan send them all to Maryland for a free education.

    • john c

      2012 will be the most important election that our generation will ever see. We are at a fork in the road, and if the right people are put in office we can stop the bleeding.

    • Maryland FreeStater

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We’re already the biggest city in Central America! Start revolutions back in their home countries so they’ll stay HOME instead. !Y CHINGA LA RECONQUISTA MEXICANA!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Hell no, don’t start revolutions in Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time they fire a couple of shots down there, there’s a new flood into the US!!! I don’t uhderstand how these cowards are in some of the worst gangs in the country!!! If they are THAT tough, stay home and fight to change their OWN country!! I guess they aren’t afraid of Americans, but scared to death of the drug lords!!!

        • Lewis Munn

          Well, drug lords shoot to injure or kill.

          Te US does not shoot at all, but gives them free everything, jobs, homes, cars, education, food, booze…you name it. I suspect even free drugs, if truth was told.

          I suspect they get much newer cars than I have. But then, on SS/Obamacare, as a real natural-born US citizen, you live frugally!

    • independant thinker

      First of all I do not support giving them breaks if they are illegal but you must rememeber that if they are students going from high school to college they were brought here by their parents.

      • 45caliber

        So what if they are? If they are old enough to go to college, even if they came here as babies, they know they are illegal.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          They knew a long time before THAT!!!!

  • JP

    First of all, they are criminals. They are breaking the laws of this nation by being here if they have not gone through the legal process. The fact that they must have attended a Maryland high school for at least three years means that you are rewarding long term criminals. Next, I have to argue that we are investing in the intellect of “our children”. They are NOT our children….they are the children of illegal immigrants. For this nation to continually reward criminal behavior in this way makes me want to just line up all of these elected leaders and whack them with a stick. I have nothing at all against those who come to America, that is how our nation was built. I just want….no, I demand that it be done legally. This is nothing but a ploy to attrack votes, and it is criminal. Where the heck is my “whacking stick”?

    • Lewis Munn

      The government is taking away all of the weapons, even sticks. Lest we do something like exercise our rights as Citizens under the Constitution!!

  • Keno

    Great…my daughter is finishing up this year at U. Maryland, where she paid the out-of-state tuition rate for 4 years.

    I had no gripes about that until I read this article. Paying about 3x the tuition that a Maryland resident pays is not a problem for me….paying 3x the tuition rate that an illegal alien pays is a travesty.

  • sean murrey

    if this happen where i live there would be a recall of the state govenment.

    • Lewis Munn

      You think? Bet the Feds would prevent it. By force, probably. Prevent food to your stores, and starve you out, one possible way. Another is to move the National Guard in and take over to get their way. Shoot a few folks who think like you for an example to the rest!

  • john c

    How would you like to live in a border state and A Drug Cartel threaten you and the Feds look the other way. Time to make Immigration a major part of the 2012 Elections. We need to stand together and stop this asap. We send huge amounts of money to third world nations fight wars in three nations that are costing the tax payers trillions. Are you tired of hearing how broke the Country is. Corruption runs rampid in DC.

    • 45caliber

      One of the people who are on here normally has stated that nearly all the ranches, etc. along the border have been abandoned due to illegals and cartels. The illegals alone kill their cattle, despoil their water, and steal everything they can find. Some Americans have been killed, but the government tries to keep that quiet. And we still allow them to come across.

    • Lewis Munn

      Yes, we send much more money overseas than we allow to our Citizens!

      Yes, the government wants our border citizens out of the way, killed works for them, so the illegals can come in totally unhampered, along with the drugs.

      So what are we as citizens going to do about it?? Not just platitudes, but serious plans that we can implement without the Feds blowing us away?

  • tim

    Anything for a friggin vote!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is where our tax money goes! Iv’e had enough of this crap. Everytime a politician opens thier mouth another lie comes out! Pretty soon thier gonna start letting 12 yr olds vote and bribing them!@!! POS politicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JoMama

    NOTHING makes sense in this country anymore. Yes, it is a travesty. I say this is the beginning of the end. Nothing is making sense anymore. NOTHING.

    We’re screwed.

  • Michael McDermott

    Yes, they are missing the fact, that after all that education, they need to become citizens. In a response to another ad placed here, I say the same thing again. We as CITIZENS are held to highest scrutiny when looking or applying for a job. BACKGROUND CHECK, CREDIT CHECK, DRUG SCREENING, AND DOCUMENTS TO PROVE WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO WORK IN THE UNITED STATES/CITIZENSHIP. They should also be made to sign a paper and study for their citizenship during those three years of going to the college, or else their college education will be absolutely moot.

    Another factor have to consider. I know here in Texas, many jobs are going to those persons that are Bilungual. When they graduate, and if they become citizens, we will have no right to say anything more, because they are citizens and they will take the jobs available here in the United States. That is okay. The big thing we have all been concerned about is whether our tax dollars are paying for all of this. It seems on the above article that it is not, and that the government is supplementing their income/education.

    I have talked to a friend who is Cuban, and while he worked here had a conversation with someone who is Hispanic they said to him the following:

    “Yeah, it is our plan to come here and take all of the jobs and opportunities that American Citizens now have as Texas/California rightfully belong to us anyway”

    So you see, they plan on coming in droves to the U.S. and taking everything from us. Illegal immigrants are doing that now, as I write this response. Draining our economy, and also we are providing a haven for the criminals and drug cartels that come over and have kids here.

    I like many Hispanic peoples, but like my father, who was German, he came over here to this country, immediately got his citizenship, learned English and contributed to the economy and to America. Not many Hispanics have that idea when they come over here. They only come over to drain our economy and not put anything into it.

    So, if they could put a clause in there in Maryland that the parents, and their children become citizens of the United States prior to graduation, then that would work for me.

    As to criminals, well they are all over the place. We have them here in our own non-immigrant society, most certainly the Hispanics do as well. That is why I agree 100% with that Arizona law.

    Take care, and thanks for reading my response.

    • 45caliber

      When I was in Corpus Christi a few years back, they ran an article in the Corpus Christi Caller. It stated that most illegals coming over buy TWO sets of ID papers. They work under one set and draw welfare under the other set. Every six months, they change. At the end of the year they file two sets of income tax papers, both showing they had been on welfare for six months. They get all their taxes back plus the “earned income credit” I think it is called. They live on the welfare money (better than they did where they come from) and bank the rest in American dollars in a border bank on the American side (which they can visit from Mexico whenever they wish).

      They save up about $100,000. Then they go back home and retire on the interest. They can live and hire both a cook/maid and a gardener on the interest so they live like royalty. None have an interest in becoming Americans.

      The government told the paper that it was wrong to print that sort of thing as it might anger Americans. So they printed that story too.

      • Cecil

        I wish more people would put information like this on here. If you don’t mind I intend to send what you wrote to all my friends and blog it on the internet just in case we have a socialist in the background here cutting things out that are for Americans.
        I had to pay $65 to see a doctor one time where I saw two illegal families pay one dollar each. That was a law put in by Clinton. And that is what they pay, $1.00 to see the same doctor you would pay what I did.
        My grand daughter forgot her lunch. When my daughter took it to her class in Bakersfield the class was being taught in Spanish. My grand daughter and one other white kid were next to the wall working a puzzle. At this time we are paying tax dollars so classes are being taught in Spanish on how to take America for mexico. This is treason, but our Washington socialist want it.

        • 45caliber

          Since it doesn’t appear that your granddaughter is learning anything in her class, I hope your daughter is teaching her. Good luck.

          Yes, you can use the story. The ID papers cost between $1,000 and $10,000 so those that buy them aren’t broke. The Mexican government has put out a booklet (actually a comic book) that tells them exactly how to file for all the American aid, how to sneak across the border, etc. And our government does nothing.

        • 45caliber

          Oh, I forgot to add, the teaching of classes in other languages is a farce. In NYC, they have to teach those classes in over a hundred different languages, which means they have to have at least one teacher for each language.

          In San Antonio not long ago (a couple of years I think) a couple with a Spanish surname put their kid in school. Neither of them spoke a word of Spanish. The school put their boy into a Spanish only class. When they objected, they were told since he had Spanish ancestory, he needed to learn Spanish. And they didn’t need to worry. In a Spanish emersion class, he’d learn to speak it in a year or so. They asked why, if that was so, they didn’t put all the Spanish speaking kids in English classes and were told their parents objected to that. They ended up having to go to court to get their boy put back into English speaking classes.

          • Lewis Munn

            Sounds like the Government we have these days.

            At the lower levels, you can homeschool your kids; good courses available fairly reasonably, and in many places there are parochial schools that teach good honest courses, tho it is pricey to go to one that avoids government controls.

            I was fortunate to be able to mix all three with my kids. And we taught them practical things at home even when they were in Public schools.

            And a good conservative Christian church was a great aid!

  • Nan

    No they don’t have any common sense or any sense at all or they wouldn’t pass such stupid laws over the laws we already have. What good does it do to have an immigration law when the lawmakers make it so easy for them. No one gave me or my kids a break to get an education. You noticed it’s a Democrat that did this. They want this country to go down and people have to start calling and emailing every one of them. Then if that doesn’t work we have to get out there like our founding father’s did and make them step down. Or do what the Egypt people did! I call for IMPEACHMENT NOW.

    • Lewis Munn

      Sorry, the cost of peaches is too high anymore.

  • Tom

    Is there anyone in Washington that has common sense. Washington is looking to modify social security, medicade and medicare which will more than likly reduce some Americans benifits BUTTTTTTTT thay can
    give illegals hand outs like this and others. We the people need to
    find a web site that would show which person Dem or Rep who votes for
    these hand outs so we can KICK THERE ASS OUT OF OFFICE.

    • 45caliber

      I understand that nationwide we spend close to $100 billion a year on all the “benefits” for the illegals. And they aren’t even required to become citizens or even pay taxes to get most of them!

      • 45caliber

        Correction: According to the aricle by Dr. Sowell (link below) it is about $450 billion a year.

    • Lewis Munn

      Check the “NumbersUSA” site, for one. They can help you to move your Legislators.

  • James

    Like I said, we’ve been invaded and are being conquered, without firing a shot.

    • 45caliber

      Oh, there are some shots being fired. If an American kills one of them, it is murder. If they kill one of us, the authorities always learn that the guy went back to Mexico.

      • Lewis Munn

        Or so they say, without proof. A lot of the folks love to put out false information.

  • Gary

    Just the fact that they or their parents are illegal makes them criminals. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

  • American Taxpayer

    If aliens are illegally in this country, why do they receive benefits?
    If someone was parked illegally, would they receive a cash award?
    If someone robs a bank, do they get free checking as well?
    What’s wrong with the government’s theory of tuition breaks for illegals?
    Why do the illegal aliens have a voice that’s more important than its citizens? If they vote, are they not voting illegally?
    These illegals are the ones who were supposed to be doing the jobs that Amercans don’t want to perform, now they’re receiving higher education to perform the best jobs at little or no cost.

    • Cawmun Cents

      the secret is that they will vote for progressives.

  • bhscpa

    Senator Victor Ramirez (D-Prince George) – Another elected official pushing for his own race. Even better this will ensure that these people will vote Democrat. Those are the real reasons for this kind of anti-American, screw the taxpayers, racist legislation.

  • http://charter howe

    It is my firm belief that these misguided fools in the Maryland legislator think what they did was the right thing. On the surface it may seem like the compassionate direction to go, but the truth of the matter is that every state in the union is facing a budget crisis and the country is going bankrupt. We have a Constitution and laws of the land which are being trashed by politicians who are more interested in getting a few hispanic votes than watching out for the legal hard working taxpayers who will share the brunt of the deficit crisis which is months away from crushing American citizens. There are between twenty and thirty million illegals in our country and when the reduction in school aid is added to the social security benefits and medical care that illegals get nationwide, it becomes one of the most significant financial drains on our treasury that has over the years been ignored and politicized particularly by the liberal Democrats. We are a nation of debtors and we have no right to borrow money to pay for the needs of illegal immigrants on the backs of our children and grandchildren. Where is the compassion for american folks living in ghettos which is a social problem that can’t even be considered because all the money for social programs to help this segmennt of our society is being used to subsidize people who are in our country breaking laws our at the very least being here illegally. If the good people of Maryland get engaged, they will show up at the polls and do themselves a big favor by voting out Democrats and Republicans who voted for this financial disaster to help illegals.

    • 45caliber

      I’m hoping that all the illegals in Texas – where they can’t get this – will move to Maryland so they will.

    • Lewis Munn

      But the do not vote this way! They do not see a problem; just print more money.

      Reminiscent of Germany before Hitler came in to clean things up. And found a scapegoat to blame!

      But most people do not know History anymore, so they do not realize we are following in the way to totalitarian takeover! History repeats itself until people learn, and they seldom do. Especially as courses in homosexuality replace education in our public schools, and history does not really discuss Hitler. Or the origin of our Nation..

      If you want good thoughts, contact Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan, and get on their “imprimis” list for good discussions from a real independent conservative standpoint.

  • Crashaxe


    • Lewis Munn

      Sniffle. Too true.

  • Bill Stanley

    Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano said illegal alien students and young adults who meet the criteria in last year’s failed legalization bill in Congress are not a “priority” for her department’s law enforcement efforts … said she cannot unilaterally ignore deportation laws for broad groups of illegal aliens, but students and young adults who would have been legalized had last year’s “Dream Act” legislation passed Congress are not a chief target of federal authorities. She will not ignore federal laws for large groups, but will for small groups. If the House and Senate will not pass the laws she wants, she will implement them by setting priorities according to her values. Czar Obama oversees an authoritarian executive branch.

    • Lewis Munn

      She does not ignore the laws, she just chooses, along with the president, to ignore them, or at least any that would be effective in keeping illegals out, along BOTH borders!

  • Bill Stanley

    The Government Accountability Office (responsible for “auditing agency operations to determine whether federal funds are being spent efficiently and effectively”), told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that the federal government can actually prevent or stop illegal aliens from entering the U.S. along only 129 miles of the 1954-mile-long Mexico border. Cochise County Sheriff Dever said a supervisor with the U.S. Border Patrol told him that the federal agency’s office on Arizona’s southern border was under orders to keep apprehension numbers down during specific reporting time periods. If fewer are caught, they can claim fewer are attempting to enter.

    • 45caliber

      Doesn’t surprise me a bit. There is a place in California where pregnant women would rush across, call an ambulance, and have their anchor baby in a US hospital. The state started to build a fence there and post guards to stop it. The feds not only ordered them to not do it but they also ordered that three ambulances were to be placed there so the poor women wouldn’t have to wait for one to be called.

      • Lewis Munn

        Yup, the Government keeps good contact with the illegals, but orders our side to not make efforts to keep them out.

        We do need to pressure our Legislators to change the “anchor baby” situation. It is not a good idea anymore!

  • Jim

    Since when are they “OUR CHILDREN”??? They do not belong here; are not citizens and should be deported! Give CITIZENS the breaks they need and deserve.

  • Bert Cundle

    Withdraw their Fed. $,$$$,$$$.cc’s. Citizans, go to a Good School! Gather all the illegals, For Deportation or Decaptation!

  • Carol

    I have an idea why don’t all of the Americans that are left get together and change to be illegals and lets see what happens I will bet they will turn us back to our country of origin and guess what they are where they are supposed to be and all the real illegals go home where they orginated and everything will go back the way it should be right right lol.

    You should see the distruction the Cubans are doing to Florida unbelievable there is no way to express what they are doing on constant basis and there seems not enough True Americans to stop what they are doing but the problem is there are NO more True Americans of the young varity because the Americans are marrying the Cubans and once that happens as I have seen first hand in my own family they pick up all their habbits and when they have childern they are raised as Cubans and the American part is gone and gone for all time.

    I can tell you first hand what happened to my family when we had to move back to the USA in 1955 because my father became ill from a stroke and mind you he was working for the USA in the Panama, Canal Zone helping to build the locks.

    All of were Americans and still are when we came back but the Cubans came here at the same time and they got everything they needed such as food clothes housing and medical all free, the food they got free they didn’t like it because it wasn’t their food so they threw in the street literally because that is where we find it and yet when my mother went to get it we were refused because we were Americans. Clothes they got anything wanted free but for us no such thing. When it came to housing the apartments didn’t accept American children but they took Cuban children NO PROBLEM so we had to live in hotel room for a year when finally my Uncle Al could find an apartment for us it was a small two (2) bedroom but it was better than a hotel room.

    When it came to medical the cubans got everything free no matter what they needed. But when my mother went to the same public hospital that they did Jackson Memorial Hospital because my appendix needed to be removed they said they were sorry but they couldn’t help her so she had to go to a loan shark to get the money and took her years and years to pay that bill off but I didn’t know anything about it for many many years she was in her 70′s when I asked her how she paid that bill and I just broke down in tears to think she went for help from the same hospital that helped all of those Cubans. To think my mother had to ask for help that alone made me sick to my stomach and then she was turned down.

    That and so much more I could tell you that just happened to us I can’t imagine what is happening to other Americans all of over The United States.

    • 45caliber

      Recently a woman in Dallas had a baby. It cost her almost ten thousand dollars at the hospital – and she was released within two days. Her roommate was illegal. This was her fifth child – and none of them had cost her a penny. All she had to do was tell them that her husband was out of work and everything was free. I’m sure it’s the same elsewhere.

      • James

        You are correct. When I took my wife to my local hospital, due to a possible heart problem. A family of illegals (they could not even speak English)came in pushed past those people that had come in before them and had a social worker fill out their paperwork. I asked one of the nurses on duty at the ER what had just happened. She told me that they had a social worker on staff to fill out all of the paperwork for the immigrants, so the hospital would get paid BY THE GOVERNMENT. Then I asked how often this happened, my reply was that they were thinking of hiring a second social worker because of the work load.
        I live in the Midwest and if this is how bad it is here, I can only guess at how bad it is in other parts of the country. And at the TRUE cost to this country,

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Did anybody here hear about the warning that was posted to all American citizens living or visiting in three areas of Mexico today, and then about five minutes later it was recalled??? They said they reacted on bad information. I would be willing to bet that Mexico found out the warning was going out and complained!!! couldn’t expect them to lose those GRINGO dollars from the TOURISTAS!!!

          • libertytrain

            Joe H – I did hear that – and the rescind of the warning. It is Spring Break you know. :) :) :) :)

        • James

          James, I agree we have a problem there, 14 hospitals in California had to close because of too much illegal traffic. My point, here, is that I am not the ‘James’ who wrote this, I did write the two comments above it.

    • Thamera

      I’m not at all surprised by your story Carol. It is disgusting and I also see the waste and abuse of the welfare system, and this all from Americans. There is such an abundance of help that they are not grateful for what they do get and have absolutely no “pride in ownership” and are wasteful and inappreciative. It sickens me but we are forced to keep paying for it.

      • Lewis Munn

        And any protest will be put down harshly by government forces!

  • Patriot66

    You think just paying for them is bad. Wait until they lower the standards so they they too can become honor students, or be left behind… Soon there will be no education. You’ll get an A just for showing up everyday and leaving your knife behind

    • 45caliber

      Dow Chemical requires that all applicants for jobs here have at least two years of college. Why? Because most of the highschools do not always turn out educated students. Some have students graduate with second and third grade education levels simply because “It is wrong to harm a child’s self esteeme by failing him.”

      The two years of college are simply to insure the person can actually do simply math and read and write at a level others can understand.

      • Cecil

        If we didn’t have so many socialist teachers and college professors pushing socialism they might have time to teach the kids. My wife has a double Masters and when in college she happen to be at a large college meeting all about the teachers. She pointed out that they were speaking nothing about children, it was all about what they were after for themselves. The ass walked off the stage because he didn’t want to hear what was being said against him. It’s not about teaching Americans. It’s all about giving the country away to crooks, lying scum, socialist unions and teachers and states who reward illegals. Our senate and congress should have to learn what the founding fathers said and stand behind it. Then they should be forced to spell and learn the meaning of these two words, LEGAL and ILLEGAL and be force to stand behind them our go to jail for life, after they’re tarred and feathered. We have an illegal as our president now and Trump is going to get to the bottom of it. The Rinos Bush, Bush and McCain didn’t. Our Congress and Senate didn’t.

        • Thamera

          It really is a sad state of affairs. I was amazed at the number of 9th and 10th graders that could barely form a sentence, could not spell, and whose hand writing was nearly illegible when I taught. In the progressives zeal for “equality” education has truly suffered but no more than our children suffer for the PC junk that has infiltrated our schools. Sickening.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            But they sure know that it’s wrong to not like what Adam and Steve do and how to put a condom on a bananna!!!

        • 45caliber


          I suspect that Pelousy knew. She had to sign the paper at the Dems National Convention to vet him. She signed two forms. The first one said that they had checked his credentials including the birth certificate and found he qualified. The next day she signed another form that included everything EXCEPT the note on the birth certificate. WND.Com had both forms and probably they can still be found there.

  • Tom

    Its hard to expect the politicians to stop illigals from getting money for college. I read artical the other day that the politicians children do not have to repay student loans. If this is true we should not expect our politicians to care about the budget. They have no concept because you and I are paying for both the illigal and the politicians children to go to college.

    • 45caliber

      I really dont’ know why they need student loans anyway. Nearly all of them are millionares. Perhaps they are millionares because they constantly rip off the tax payers?

    • Lewis Munn

      And it hurts us old folks as the inflation cuts our SS away rapidly.

      Liberal’s way to kill us off so the past can be deleted and then rewritten! Ever read Orwell’s “1984″ on how to keep history up to date for the Ruling Class??

  • 45caliber

    “It’s about what to do with the intellect of our children. ”

    OUR children? I’d actually say that this is about the children of someone else from another country. Some will stay here and pretend to be Americans but many will also go back to their home country. Why should we pay for them? We can hardly pay the costs for our own children.

    • lkar

      Remember who quoted this! Victor Ramirez was born in El Salvador! So of course he is talking about “his children”. When people vote for candidates, do they bother checking their background? This POS is obviously a liberal, but I think these few quotes speak volumes of his true intentions of NOT upholding the constitution of the USA. Treason!

    • Lewis Munn

      All too true. My children have worked to get their degrees, and got all the help they could.

      Still a struggle!

  • Philip C.

    Gee, I wonder why the country’s broke???

    • Lewis Munn

      Obama and the Czars will tell you we cannot print money fast enough!! We need more presses!

      Actually, we could do like Germany, and just print huge bills. $100,000, and then $200,000 bills. And Citizens could get paid 3 times a day and go shopping immediately before the value of the money dropped!

  • Cecil

    Just one more stab at the heart of America. We pay and illegals get the benefit. We can’t say anything or it’s all about race. What it’s really about is letting socialist in our schools and colleges brain wash for treason against America. We are giving billions to illegals now and now these traders in that socialist state want to give more illegals illegal benefits over Americans. It’s a damn slap in the face to America when this trash votes for the word illegal over legal. It doesn’t surprise me though, the teacher’s union just backed a cop killer while they also rape America. Americans need to start dragging these traders out in the open so we can take our America back. Billions for illegals, billions for Anchor Babies and this bunch of trash votes for Illegal over legal. I can bet they got where they are by lying and cheating all the way into their crooked socialist positions. I’m white and I’m American but I’ve never been against another race but I’ve never seen so many loving the word illegal over legal before and I’m changing my beliefs.

  • 45caliber

    Talking about taxes and the costs – check out the following article by Dr. Sowell, one of the leading economists in the US.

    He states what I’ve heard for years – if you take all the money from the rich, you won’t run the government all that long. It MUST come from the rest of us.

  • retiredairforce

    I have news for that corrupt pinhead O’Malley. Illegal aliens do not pay state taxes. Most use fraudulent and stolen identities to obtain benefits including the EITC like the 3,000 illegal aliens in Colorado.
    States are broke forcing schools to face substantial cuts in education
    funding resulting in fewer available seats and tuition resources for
    citizens forcing them to compete with those illegally in this country
    for even more limited seats and other education resources. Illegal
    aliens pay in-state tuition while Americans struggling with skyrocketing
    education costs are forced to pay the much higher out of state tuition
    rate when attending the same educational institutions as do illegal
    aliens but are legal residents of another state. How is this fair to
    those legally here who worked hard and sacrificed to attend college? More benefits act as a magnet encouraging even more illegal
    immigration when you reward those who violated our laws, borders and
    sovereignty by granting benefits meant only for citizens. Is this why
    struggling Americans are forced to pay never ending increasing taxes?
    Under this scenario how do we cut spending when we have become the
    world’s health care, welfare, education and employment agency? I guess this is the result of illegal alien politicians in the local, state and federal government.

    • 45caliber

      You are right.

      • Lewis Munn


        And they and their apologists outvote honest legal citizens.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      We could stop this double identity thing real quick by requiring anyone applying for welfare to be fingerprinted! We already have a national fingerprint database and if they couldn’t get welfare AND work, then maybe they would self deport!!

  • http://com i41

    Time to cut off federal funding tp theStates that are sancuary spots for illegals. If they can give breaks to crimminals. Time for the states citizens to pick up the feeely meely good time crap!

    • 45caliber

      It is one reason California is broke.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      We have a sanctuary city here in northeast Ohio!! If you think I’m a feely, meely citizen, you are sadly mistaken!!! I’ll shake the hand of ANYONE that comes here LEGALLY, but I’ll help plant a boot up the azz of ANY that come here ILLEGALY!!!!!

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    THESE self serving employees in goverment are so removed from reality that it is beyond any comment of reason,my granddaughter has maintained a straight A grade average since her first year of high school and now attends a university in the state of california(the western lunatic state of total illeagal alien giveaway programs,and has had her tution raised 17percent just since last year.but she has still has maintained a A grade average,the point is that due to her being blond haired and blue eyed and white has been denied any aid or help from government.but yet illeagal invaders are given tax money to get a free ride,personally i dont feel that any money should be provided to any illeagal from any nation that is here,without proper leagal entry papers.i come from a different time when this nation was truly a great republic not a neo-com communist dictatorship,that is pushing for the total over throw of the laws of this nation and replaced by actions that the american voters have said in this last election are totaly unjust to american citizens(VOTERS LEAGAL ONES.)well it shows all to well that our votes dont mean jack swat,but truly what do i know? all my life i had no free ride what so ever,sincerely from a older american citizen and grandfather.

    • Thamera

      I know the feeling. When I started out in college in California 20 odd years ago, I was met with the very same issues when I tried to find resources and or aid/grants etc. to help pay for school. If you are white and not a single mother you are SOL.

  • Blooddain

    Alot of the religious nuts on here sound like Mormons to me. This has nothing to do with God. Crackes me up and pisses me off at the same time when people thing that praying will solve any problems. Do you think God is going to answer your prayer of closing our borders? What about the prayer the illigal said before crossing the border to try and make a better life for his family? Is God going to answer that prayer? Look, im totaly against the illigal immigrants coming in this country and my tax dollars getting spent on supporting them, however it is our goverment we need to take out. My kids will be hitting college in 2 years and im going to go apeshit when i see the application for finacial aid with the little box that reads American Citizen check here. But its a problem this country needs to face and stand up for what is right. I see alot of people blogging about how much they hate illigals in our country, but they never do anything about it. What we need to do is form a Militia and start taking out every political memmber our goverment has, and restock the shelves with new and improved members! Voting dosent work anymore, its as corrupt as our goverment is because they run it!

    • 45caliber

      Everything you said here makes me think that you are either a government employee trying to get good Americans to get into trouble or a foreigner who hopes to weaken the country enough so his country can invade more easily.

      You wouldn’t be a member of La Raza would you?

      • Thamera

        Not to mention blood that you are completely ignorant about Mormons and obviously don’t know much if anything about them…

  • Odinkitty

    What about our own kids???!! We don’t need their workforce. Send them back to where they come from so they can do some good in their own countries. We have enough of our own children that do not get any breaks and are looking for a future too. What is wrong with these people!? I guess the American dream is only for foreignors who come here. It’s time to stop taking out of the mouth of American Citizens and spoon feeding these leeches.

  • barbm

    they’re having millions of anchor babies that they’re rearing to vote by race. that’s why so many politicians today are named ramirez, gonzalez, canseco, ad infinitum. that’s how they’ll take over our country if we don’t do something about it soon.

    • Odinkitty

      I totally agree with you! They need to repeal the 14th Amendment because it only encourages illegal immigration and undermines the integrity of those who seek to follow the rules. If people do not see this as an attempt to take control they are misguided. Why is Mexico being able to file briefs against the state of Arizona and dictate our immigration laws? They want to see people continue to invade our country. ….Article 4 of the Constitution states that the U.S. Government is REQUIRED to protect the states from invasion and domestic violence. Is the U.S. Government not violating the Constitution by not doing so? If you are an illegal, you are an invader. The say Arizona is violating National Policies. Don’t you think that the Sanctuary states and cities are violating National Policies by harboring people who broke the immigration laws?

      • Lewis Munn

        Liberals get thei pay asnd their kickbacks by breaking our laws, yet people vote for them, even when their own kids get hurt. Hard to fathom

  • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

    Can All of you say, (0ffensive words removed)

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I don’t know, as I don’t know what you said!!!

      • Lewis Munn


  • 45caliber

    Any of you ever seen the movie, “The Second Civil War”?

    It came about about ten years ago, I think.

    All the way through it there was a government group who were aiding the President by telling him how to bring in more people to vote for him from other countries.

    • Lewis Munn

      Too true to be funny!

  • Bob

    Dont’ we all come from a simular background. Its only been 250 years since we were all aliens from another country. Yes they should get legal. What you should be mad about is that the border is still open. Don’t waste your time on those that are already here, lets just stop more from comming in illegally..


    Illegal discrimation !
    In case nobody noticed the criminals who are getting paid want more criminals to get paid… and all of it at YOUR expense !

  • chuckb

    fixing the illegal problem is like getting the republicans enough backbone to fight barry soetoro. our nation will be lucky to survive this invasion, the bolsheviks thru their various nieghborhood orgamizers, seiu, la raza are at a point they can change the politics of this country with the illegal vote, the mexican radicals are depending on this and all we get out of washington is double talk.
    california is already gone. so what do we do now?

  • GOD

    And they call white people racist. Working White people should quit working and sit on our A$$ES and collect welfare also. My wife and I are still paying for our daughters college education which was not free. I feel any politician that let freeloaders get anything for free should be executed for treason.

  • CJM

    Illegal immigrants are NOT OUR CHILDREN. What really angers me is that LEGAL students are being forced to pay more for their education, yet these illegals are getting all the breaks. Not only that, they can qualify for student aid that does not have to be repaid…but average Joe Citizen’s children are in debt for thousands of dollars that is repayable with interest. It is time the lawmakers at both State and Federal levels quit giving these free-loaders gratis services and start helping the US Citizens who DO pay taxes.

  • CJ

    Graduates will need to get fake SS # to work after graduation like Obama also supposed to have several false ##S-hmmm as a citizen of HI?

    • Lewis Munn

      May be they can all be elected a collective Presidency, each with full salary, and sleeping privileges in the white house. Then let them fight it out around the buildings until only enough are left to fit in!

  • Mick

    All I can say is : IT’S SICK………………..

    • Lewis Munn

      Yup, our country is dying. The only cure appears to be too radical to try.

      Hope the death agonies are not so short I get terminated as being of the old school of honest, good, Constitutional government and so am purged!

      I have seen what Hitler did to the Jews, too!! What the Muslims will do to all of us is horrifying too! I am quite sure they will be filling the gap when Christianity is banned!

  • Carol

    Are they totally insane or just crazy?

  • Kai Ferano

    This is an easy one. All “gringos” should withdraw from any college in the State of Maryland. Better to go p/t to a private college that I assume is not part of this anti-American plan. If we don’t fight back, we will lose and never regain what we once had (pride in our citizenship and respect from our nation).

  • http://deleted Claire

    I have two words to say about this issue–Barf and Gag.

  • June Reinstein

    Giving illegals free tuition is the biggest mistake of the year. Let these kids do what our kids have been doing for years, working a year or two saving their money then going to college. I am so disgusted with the bleeding hearts of this country. We have given these children, of illegal parents, a free education. They have gone to school with our kids since day one. Now go do what our childen did. Earn their education. We are so busy giving the country away to the illegals, while our own kids go without. It is disgusting. Yes they were born here, and if congress has a brain in its head this will be corrected. The law was meant for the blacks of america, not every illegal who shows up pregnant.

  • Raymond Babcock

    hoe is it possiabel to gove a law breaker gifts this is circumventing the law they will probaly get a medal from homosexuals for marriage reform

  • Dan Boyer

    There is no way this is justifiable! It is simply wrong! This is just another way to buy votes for the lib’s and Dems! The young man that mentioned its for our children, ya right! Whos children is the question. Our great military men and women fight for your freedoms and these legislators in Maryland give America freedoms away to those who are not even American nor have intentions to become an American the correct way. If you want to know what’s really happening in America and in each state, go to Brannon House This guy is right on with what’s taking place in plain sight while good, honest, God fearing Americans are standing idly by, being silent, as some crooked legislators steal away honest paying tax payers futures for use by our American born and legalized children who are American citizens. Sir it’s our children we need to focus on and get smarter.

  • Legal Citizen



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