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Marijuana Opponents Reveal New Report

August 11, 2010 by  

Marijuana Opponents Reveal New ReportA new report from the Opposition to the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative has found that cultivating cannabis indoors may have serious health and economic impacts.

In response to California’s Proposition 19—which legalizes marijuana-related activities and permits local governments to collect taxes on the drug’s sale—the organization’s representative Alexandra Datig said research has found that indoor marijuana cultivation creates ideal conditions for the growth of black mold, which can have devastating consequences for the home, its ventilation system, walls, floors and building materials.

Moreover, she said that “the campaign’s investigation findings have confirmed that the three most dangerous strains of Aspergillus fungus naturally exist in marijuana plants,” and that they produce a deadly afla-toxin.

According to the organization, in addition to health hazards, the passing of Proposition 19 would have serious economic consequences as it would force homeowners’ insurance rates to escalate due to the risk of contamination.

Proposition 19, also known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, will appear on the ballot in California on Nov. 2.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19916836-ADNFCR

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  • Clive


    • Jillian Galloway

      You speak the truth Clive.

    • TIME


      Your 100% right. A little know fact; Contract Growers have to use 30% H2 02 for cleaning after each cycle, thus there are no such effects from “black mold.”

      As well I am sure that there are countless other flaws within the alledged study that are obvious rhetoric that can be exposed for what it is.

      You just gotta love the “progressives marxist” mind set, use anyone and everyone until you don’t need them anylonger – than make laws that prohibt then form existing, as in make what they do breaking the law.
      Wake Up people ~ its comming and the Democrats are 80%+ “Progressive Marxist,” and old Calie is chucked full of them!
      Vote them out of office now its your chance to fix the country.

      • Al Sieber

        November’s getting closer, how many people think November is gonna make a difference?

        • LocalYokel

          Maybe this answers your question?

        • Aaron

          November won’t make any difference at all. Just more control freaks getting elected to office. Different initials (GOP vs. DNC) makes no difference. They’re all the same, they just use different rhetoric to explain to you why they’re putting a gun to your head and taking your money (taxes). Left vs. right is all b.s.

          • Sid

            Right-On Aaron!! As much as we would like to think that “change” is really going to take effect (someday) It’s going to take alot more then initials to bring back the America that sooo many have given their lives for. It’s really sad to see what we as a nation have to choose from to lead us back from this ever increasing free spin to socialism.? I beleave in the Tea Party movement only because on the surface they beleave in our constitution and what so many have died for protecting it.I would really love to see a positive outcome in Nov. All we can do is vote and hope.

    • obiwan


  • Goot

    A steamy shower, leaky roof and dark damp places are also perfect for harboring black mold. Let’s prohibit the people from enjoying hot showers since most of them do not wipe the shower dry before turning of the lights.

    Use common sense people. Read studies released from universities and not some left or right-winged opinionated newspaper.

    It would also be nice for the data to be released on all studies.

    Here’s two search tips to start your cannabis education.

    Research “cannabinoids and health”
    Research “industrial hemp”

    • Kevin

      “The Union” The business behind getting high.

      I think that the most important stat, infact the only relevent on is that in all surveys, teens say it is easier to get buds than alcohol. EVEN if the stuff was as bad as smoking anthracite coal, we are making it easier to get than bud light.

      • Jim H.

        Kevin, Bartenders card, drug dealers don’t. No mystery there.

        • Wyrdwolf

          You are both too right. not only does making these DRUGS illeagle but it is also the root of most of our crime. Al Capone would have been nothing more than a common thug if it had not been for ” Prohibition ” but not only can these kids get pot easier than a beer but Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Crystal Meth, LSD( and the list goes on ). What our Government has done has been to create thousands of “Capone Clones” in every inner city, killing anyone that gets in their way because they are making Big Bucks ( $100 worth of Cocane makes $900 worth of Crack with baking soda and ammonia an extra $5) some as much as $10,0000 a day. Gold ,Guns,and Mercedes Cars all the things that a young person could want no education needed just a willingness to make money no matter who has to die or whose life is ruined. Not to mention the cost of the DEA to the taxpayer. There is enough money in this to to pay for the best Lawyers, Judges, Polititions, and Cops.

    • plunderpower

      Who in the heck can actually afford a long hot shower? After the Bush tax cuts go and Obama’s new tax hikes take affect, you’ll wonder about your need for one of those black mold producing long hot steamy one’s. By the way…I use propane gas for baking…2 dzn cookies cost $8.00 in propane now.

      • Mike

        Bush tax cuts? Where are mine? I think somebody owes me some “Bush tax cuts!” Oh, I forgot, I’m not rich.

  • DaveH

    They just refuse to quit saving us from ourselves. What would we do without them? Be happy, maybe?

    • mickey

      Gee, not have so many taxes to pay?

  • Jillian Galloway

    We have to keep marijuana illegal because of black mold?!! How about the 800,000 people a year whose lives are negatively and severely affected by a marijuana arrest? Or how about the 7,000 people a year who are brutally murdered by the cartels to protect their marijuana routes into the U.S.?

    Aren’t their lives more important than back mold? Legalize – Save Lives!

    • s c

      Jillian, this is Mr. Obama’s way to screw those who need medical marijuana and keep Big Pharma criminals happy at the same time. It won’t interfere with his sleep habits, either. FYI, it also makes a good case for the idea that the prez has no conscience. Profit
      before lives. What a compassionate, talented dude!

      • Sid

        Yo! sc wait untill cap and trade hit us!!!

      • Jerry M

        Obama smoked crack in college and that’s one of the few things you can find out about him before he was president. That was reported by his gay college roommate. OOPS! I guess that’s somenthing we found out about him. Once a crack smoker, always a crack smoker. That explains some of the things he comes up with and has done as president.

  • s c

    So are these wackos concerned with health issues or real estate values? Are we to think that if marijuana cultivation is taken outdoors, then people and real estate will be safe?
    I knew California would find a way to screw up marijuana cultivation. And they did it. It’s hard to be optimistic when you know you’re dealing with space cadets. They way they do things, if they could find a way to bypass black mold, or force people to grow marijuana outdoors, then they’d find another way to kill marijuana production.
    In effect, what we have is another herd of kookoids who have automatically been placed on Mr. Obama’s short list for future czars. It’s almost funny, because these people are so damned predictable. Some may call that a unique type of ‘talent,’ but since they won’t help California’s imploding economy, maybe they should be outsourced.

    • plunderpower

      Just a quick note, after Obama’s no raise for seniors and landlord usual rent increases yearly…California has a new breed of drug dealers and pot grower/dealers called Senior Citizens.

      • Aaron

        Meanwhile, the Obamas go to Spain for a lavish vacation. Lovely. What this country needs are more unemployed politicians.

        • MidnightDStroyer

          As far as career politicians go, it would probably be the first time in their lives that they actually had to find HONEST work…
          governments never contribute anything that ADDS to the GDP, because they suck the economic vitality out of the markets just to fund their own operations. The more government grows, the worse the economy gets for the private sector. The private sector is the only real way to grow an economy. Kick ‘em out of office & actually CONTRIBUTE to economy instead of parasiting from it.

          As my originally-German, legally-naturalized grandfather used to tell me back in the mid-1960′s, “Government’s too big.” He saw first-hand how bad the Depression (post WW1) under the Democracy was on the people. He saw Hitler’s rising to power with the Nazi Party. He got out. He was already in his late 70′s when he told me “Government’s too big.” If it was too big THEN, think about how much bigger it’s gotten since then…

          • Sid

            Your grandfather and my grandmother (also of German decent) must have known something back in the sixties because my grandMa said at that time the WhiteHouse needed to be burned down and started over.

  • Kevin

    “The Union” The business behind getting high.

    I think that the most important stat, infact the only relevent on is that in all surveys, teens say it is easier to get buds than alcohol. EVEN if the stuff was as bad as smoking anthracite coal, we are making it easier to get than bud light. There has to be a way we can make it harder to get than tobacco. We spend A LOT of money to make it this easy to get for teens.

  • Seriously

    Hopefully voters will stay away from such obvious propaganda and move on with decriminalizing a God given natural herb.

  • Waiting for Relief

    Black mold?-Ha Ha Ha!
    This is the biggest load of horseshit I’ve heard in this fight yet.

    They are grasping at straws because their arguements that used to work are now defused and they are out of ammo just when the battle is heating up. Pretend grenades out of the blue.

    Funny how people have been growing in their basements for decades and decades and there have been no cases of poisoning-NOT ONE. We would’ve heard of them to be sure.

    I suppose if you had every room in a sealed house stuffed to the ceiling with plants, there could be a moisture issue, but 25 square feet? NFW! Plus if it is legal you can vent it without fear of odor detection.
    If Barak buys this, I’ll be very disappointed in him for bending over to the thugs. I’ll vote for Sarah..NOT!
    Prop 19 isn’t going away. Even if it fails this time, we reload.

    • plunderpower

      How about all those hoses in the front and back yard going under the houses? then up through the floors? That’s a give away don’t you think? This legalization of pot campaign is your Clinton I never inhaled routine redux. Potheads are what they are. In an era where the unemployment rate is getting worse as the economy tanks leaves job competition to the squeaky clean. Go ahead and commit yourself to competing with the State in growing the stuff. You’ll lose…and be jobless. Then you can go back to sneaking a plant or two and face being arrested for growing a State controlled substance that the State profits from. Why even bother with it?

  • You got to be Kidding

    I can’t imagine a substance that has never killed anyone… Then how can it be so dangerous… where’s the logic am I missing something.

    Anyone with an half ounce of IQ can read right through this article.

    This absurdity to the 10th power… this is pure unadulterated craziness… the last time I looked it was the it was the H1N1 flu virus getting ready to wipe out civilization… now its black mold.

    • plunderpower

      Uh…Uh what stuff, man? I don’ know. You know? I mean what’s the beef? Hey, that’s funny! What’s the beef, man. Uh…Uh, man…wait a minute. Ok, Uh. You need me to what? Fix your car? Not now man, I’m busy with this, then I’ll fix it. OK? You’ll go elsewhere? I got your car man. Oh, who cares. I’ll do it. I’ll do it when I’m ready. I’m just not ready now, OK? Livin’ Large on the Green Stuff.

      • plunderpower

        This guy has a college degree but he can’t remember what it’s for. He thinks it was for being a doctor, but he can’t remember to well. He’ll be a great doctor for Obamacare eventually. He’ll pass out all the happiness he can to anyone who wants to be happy.

        You guys all posting here wanting your marijuana sound like a bunch of 60′s refugees that ended up with caseX’s of every sexually transmitted disease known to man. Once your happy drug is legalized the State or Federal Govt will take it over and control it and make money off it, and you’ll pay through your nose for it and if you try competing with them you’ll do time…get it????

  • Bill Harris

    What are the health effects of incarceration? Would you rather be exposed to plants or to prison?

  • adam gagne

    wow, mold? really? fear tactics with mold. this is actually a case for marijuana legalization because if cannabis was grown at a local farm instead of the local trailer town, you wouldn’t need to worry about people trying to secretly grow plants in their basement, because there wouldnt be a need for it.

  • clearlyirked

    The criminalization of possession of any substance is an affront to freedom. Possession rights in the much broader sense is the important issue. Having a gun should not be illegal for anyone, only the bad hrmful use of it against others should be illegal. Having marijuana should not be illegal, only the bad use of it, such as giving it to a child or injuring another person because of being stoned while driving a car, or blowing smoke in another person’s face, etc.
    That being said, the truth about “medical marijuana” is that the ingredient that might have some medical value, tetrahydrocannabinol, can be easily obtained from the plant by the use of a Soxhlet extractor. Using the extract is much safer for one’s lungs than smoking the plant and getting dozens of noxious harmful chemicals into one’s lungs. Come to think of it, smoking anything is incredibly stupid.

    • plunderpower

      Yup, we all should be allowed to have plutonium. We can sell it and make a bundle. We can spend the bundle until someone decides to blow us up with the plutonium we all had the right to have. Darn it.

      • newplato

        ???? “…we should all be allowed to have plutonium.” ????

        I interpret this as a sarcastic and facetious statement. I believe that the writer really thinks that individuals should be prevented by law from possessing plutonium.

        So I ask: allowed or prevented by whom???

        Why do so many people think that government is so superior to individuals that it is the correct moral and sensible authority? Do you understand the concept of freedom and ownership? Who provides or creates rights?

        Far too many Americans need some review lessons in the basic concepts of liberty.

    • independant thinker

      I saw a study years ago that showed smoking a couple of joints of marijuana was the equivilant of smoking a pack of cigaretts because people take the smoke from weed into their lungs and hold it for a significant time before it is exhaled so they can get the max high from their joint. I have seen nothing since then to refute that study.

      I am opposed to legalizing marijuana. That said I think the penalty for simple posession should be like a minor traffic violation only a small fine. The penalty for dealing should be graduated to give the small time dealer perhaps a larger fine and increase the fines as the amount goes up until you hit jail time for the distributors or wholesale dealers.

      • s c

        ‘Independent/Independant,’ medical marijuana is not to be confused with “regular,” recreational marijuana. People who could be helped by medical marijuana are the ones who benefit most and first.
        People who smoke marijuana can take their chances with state law(s). People who could benefit from medical marijuana should not be denied this option.
        Screw Uncle Scam.

      • AMBER

        If you have seen nothing to refute that, you haven’t taken the time to google marijuana and cancer. Someone who smokes both tobacco and marijuana is FAR less likely to develop cancer. This is a fact being found in various studies. It’s pretty logical anyway, since THC has been PROVEN to stop tumor growth and kill cancer cells without causing damage to healthy cells. I really wish that people would do their own research instead of just spouting off the findings from some old study that the government paid for, with the requirement that they corroborate the FEAR regime. Further, anyone who has done any research knows as soon as you say something like that, that your information is faulty and based on fear, not education or truth.

    • Mike

      Please, tell me all about the documented harm that regular (i.e. “average”) marijuana consumers handicap themselves with on a not-even-daily basis.

  • mickey

    And this is coming from which state? The one that is the most polluted? I’m not a proponent of drugs as I have seen what happened in CA and now in the mid-west. I consider it a mind changing drug but has about the same effect as alcohol–it wears off. However, someone gave a link to Ford and the electric car that would have used hemp for fuel.

    I asked my brother and he said hemp was legal until about WWII and the oil companies forced the issue. Now my state, who knew, in the midwest is allowing the farming of hemp.

    I think once the tax revenue is realized, MJ will be legalized too. Funny how the government took cigarettes out of the hands of kids–no arrest there–but gave them drugs????? Anybody know what the stats are on the reduction of cigarette deaths? How about drug related deaths?

    Yep, these civil liberties people just keep on pushing on the wrong issues. What about the way eggs are washed? What’s with the corn and soy? All that GM stuff?

    Isn’t it ironic that CA led the way of drugs in the first place? Where were these people then?

    Legalize it. Restrict it to 18 and arrest on the “influence” and prohibit in the workplace. Move on to meth and cocaine (the choice of obama).

  • mickey

    Try formaldehyde. Wasn’t that in all the carpets, the wallls, the material used in cars and RV’s? And the plastics? Anyone ever been in a fire and seen the effects of milk carton carpets melting? Looks like a horror movie and it is folly to think these products don’t emit toxins.

    CA needs to stay out of other states business.

  • David Kelly

    This is just another atempt to scare people! Grow it, Roll it & TAX IT!

  • Justin George

    LOL. You only have a chance of mold growing because of the TERRIBLE conditions people have tried to grow in while keeping their plants hidden. People have often used poor ventilation because many grow ops are detected because of their smell.

    When people don’t have to hide their plants and can be instructed to keep a fan moving air it won’t be an issue.

    Cook @ 75 degrees, 60-80% humidity (85% is too much) for 100ish days.
    They rely on an endless stream of mis-portrayed facts, possible abuse, and downright deception in order to outlaw a freakin plant. This isn’t a substance made from a concentration of chemicals. It’s a natural part of creation.

  • Joe Riley

    What about MAD COW DISEASE? Same shit. You have better odds of being struck by lightning twice than you do of getting Aspergillus. If we had the USDA regulating organic certifications for cannabis or we saw it treated like produce these type of things wont happen.

  • Ricky Roo

    No matter what happens in California or any other state for that much, there is going to be dissenting opinions because there are always going to be those people who will twist what the people want for what they see as the good of the people. Why have elections anyway when you have some unscrupulous judge, who hasn’t a clue, going to deny your vote as if you didn’t know what you wanted. We have election of the people, by the people and for the people, not for a few who think that they know better but for what the PEOPLE want.
    I myself am tired of watching a block of people win a vote only to have some lawyer who represents the losing side go to court and tell the some lackluster judge who wants to make a name for him or herself throw out the will of the people, like he knows what the people really wanted or what’s good for them.
    If this is the case then why hasn’t Obama been thrown out with all the lackeys he has surrounded himself with? Or how about Plastic Pelosi and Harry Wrong? They defiantly aren’t what the people needed. And with the corruption in the Democratic Party maybe they didn’t win in the first place, someone just changed your vote for them.

  • B.C.

    Having a humidifier in the home can do the same thing…
    This is just an agenda driven article.

    A free people should be able to do this if they please… especially in the privacy of there own home!
    way too much government here.

  • Mike – California

    What a bunch of compost!!!!

    The cultivation of ANY plant inside the home has the potential to generate aspergillus fungi, and lots of it too. Aspergillus sp. of fungi are naturally-occurring soil organisms; they are NOT found “in” marijuana plants. What BS! Moreover, most aspergillus sp. of fungi in general do not produce black spores, albeit, they do produce potent mycotoxins…naturally-occurring mycotoxins too! The foundation of this article is the intense cultivation of hundreds of plants inside a home, something obviously omitted from this article for the basis of its fear-factor of marijuana cultivation. What is also omitted…The intense cultivation of any plant, or plants, inside a home has the same effect…be it flowers, tomatoes, or ornamentals.

  • malcolm kyle

    Prohibition isn’t like a disease where we’re still waiting for the cure to be discovered – we know the cure for this. This isn’t like putting a man on the moon or inventing the Internet – it doesn’t take some stroke of genius or feat of technology. We have everything we need, right now, to end this moronothon. Rarely in the history of mankind have we encountered a problem of such magnitude and consequence that is so eminently solvable.

    The Founding Fathers were not social conservatives who believed that citizens should be subordinate to any particular narrow religious moral order. That is what the whole concept of unalienable individual rights means, and sumptuary laws, especially in the form of prohibition, were something they continually warned about.

  • Brian

    Look we have a problem and it isn’t going away. “DRUGS” We have tried prohibition before and it does not work. No matter your personal view point the biggest obstacle to preventing drugs is demand. We haven’t been able to curb demand so the second obstacle is the profit in drugs. Well the drug trade is threatening the very fabric of society and is involved in more social problems than we can count. We are criminalizing Americans who choose to do drugs. Over 175 million Americans do drugs of some form consistently. We can not fight this war when our money fuels it. It is bankrupting this country financially and morally. We need to take the PROFIT out of DRUGS!!!!
    However, we do that we can strike the biggest blow to stopping the criminal element. No more money to corrupt the system and to be sure that is one reason why we can’t stop this !The corruption is all the way to the top.Once the money stops the whole thing will unravel. We need to legalize drugs and control them. It is not a moral judgement it is WAR! To defeat the enemy we must stop the flow of money! Then we can pick up the pieces.

    • Jerry M

      Yeah, We tried prohibition and all that did was make the Kennedys rich from bootleging scotch whiskey and it is reported the family still gets a doller per case for each one of a certain brand coming in.
      Great job there Feds!!

  • johnny1

    powdery mildew . mold can be found in any greenhouse. maybe we should ban anything grown in a green house . tamatoes etc..

    reefer madness.

    ” dangerous narcotic” when did the general public fall for this .

    we have been duped!

  • http://msn Kerri

    Do you know how much money big Pharma. would loose if MJ were legalized? Let’s see, a reduction of sales for antidepressants, muscle relaxers, nausia medications, pain killers, medication for glocoma, I’m sure there are many more.
    The gov. at the behest of big business has demonized a natural plant for more than 50 years but can’t come up with one thing that MJ does to harm a person. And now they are saying we need more studies. You know what, just ask about 90 percent of Americans who have been smoking the stuff for the past 50 years how they are. Guess that will take care of the added studies. I would rather use a natural substance than fill my body with Pharma. chemicles. Most of the Meds. put out by Pharma are more dangerous that the condition you are taking them for. Blood clots, stroke, heart attacks, internal bleeding, suicide, homiside and death. Just listen to the possible side affects they advertise on TV just for alergy meds. My Gosh. Have you every seen a study or ever known a pot smoker who had any of these side affects from smoking pot? I haven’t. I’s all money and polotics.

  • Ajax the Great

    This is typical junk science from the prohibitionists. If people are that worried about mold from indoor growing, then they should support legalization rather than oppose it. No more need to have large-scale clandestine indoor grow-ops, thus LESS mold, not more. Morons.

  • Dude

    This story is CRAP…. I have grown successfully many years,indoors,and NEVER had a problem,,,,,keep your area clean and well ventilated.
    Stories such as this one are designed for ONE THING,,,we all know what that is, to scare the ignorant.
    As the vote gets closer expect to see all manner of outrageous stories all designed to appeal to the emotions of the ignorant,because the prohibitchonists LOSE the argument when they have to use facts and truth . It will remain the pro-legalization’s task to counter these ridiculous stories with the FACTS , and an appeal to common sense.I am pleased to see much of that in this comments section..

  • Ajax the Great

    I think there is confusion about the two types of mold being discussed. The prohibitionists are no stranger to junk science.

    Aspergillus is a mold that is ubiquitous in the environment, the air we breathe, the food we eat, etc. We are all exposed, and mostly from non-cannabis sources. The average person inhales at least a million spores a day. Generally, these molds only affect those with compromised immune systems or those who are seriously allergic to them. Thus for most cannabis users, it is basically a non-issue, but for a few it can be serious. If the moisture content of cannabis is inadvertently kept above 15% for a while, which can and should be avoided during curing, then it can grow with ease. With legalization, quality control would greatly reduce any such risk. Also, heat treatment and/or irradiation will kill such fungi without significantly reducing the THC levels.

    The other type of mold is black mold, which grows indoors on walls and other surfaces. This is a different animal altogether, and is highly hazardous, even for healthy individuals. There are many causes of this besides cannabis growing, such as water damage and poor ventilation. For cannabis, it is mainly an effect of prohibition rather than cannabis growing per se. Cannabis can be grown without such problems, even indoors if proper precautions are taken. Legalization of cannabis would mean LESS of this, not more, since there would no longer be any need to have large-scale, unregulated, clandestine grow-ops in places where the plant is legalized.

    In the meantime, users should never smoke anything that looks funny and/or smells musty like a locker room, as that is a sign of unusually (and dangerously) high levels of mold. That goes for tobacco as well, which can also grow toxic molds.

  • susanburnette

    the way they run the state you would think a bunch of pot heads run it anyway

    • Shawn Ziegler

      So potheads are stupid I think that’s a myth, So I guess somehow your smarter I think the average “potheads ” would surprise you not kids, adults who use marijuana on a regular basis responsibly…..let’s get one thing straight genius! Dumb is Dumb marijuana is nontoxic one of the safest substances know to man ….what is nicotine Poison they use it as a insecticide, Alcohol well need I say any more when was the last time you saw someone falling down high……I’ll wait………chances are the leadership is drunk I think you should keep your uneducated comments about something you don’t understand to your self your interrupting my BONG SESSION!

  • Charles

    These prohibitionists seem to live by the motto “If you can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance, baffle ‘em with bull.” It’s just as true today as it was when Harry Anslinger was warning us that “Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.” Right…..

    • Jerry M

      I can hear it now, Charles. Hey Joe, Let’s go rob a liquor store. Well, Maybe tomorrow Sam or maybe the day after tomorrow. Let’s face it, pot smokers are not violent so people need to get off of it.

  • coal miner

    Make drugs legal,

    End Wars, Make Drugs Legal

    Published: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 at 12:01 a.m.
    Last Modified: Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 3:13 a.m.
    The drug wars, which have been going on now for some 30 years, are again hitting the front pages of our news media, with Mexico and Afghanistan now in the spotlight. Colombia and the Bahamas were previous centers of this ongoing fight.

    The United States alone spends some $40 billion annually trying to control the supply of drugs and arrests 1.5 million of its citizens each year for drug offenses.

    Yet with all these efforts to eliminate or, at least, control the drug trade, one may obtain any drug of his desire on the streets of our nation, and Mexico is becoming a narcostate with the drug violence associated with it spilling across the border into our nation.

    The solution? Because the drug trade is based upon the vast amounts of profits to be derived from it, cut off these profits by legalizing not only marijuana but also cocaine and heroin.

    A system of government-controlled stores that would sell these narcotics retail at prices that would undercut the street prices and yet be sufficiently high to show a profit to the government would be established.

    The resources gained from these sales, and the money saved from the elimination of our present repression programs, would be dedicated to treatment of addicts and to programs intended to discourage the use of such narcotics.

    Such a plan, though not an ideal solution, would certainly be better than what we now have. Our politicians should realize after all these years and the failed Prohibition of the 1920s that “You cannot legislate morality.”


    Polk City

    Buzz up!

  • http://gmail i41

    Yes grow all the pot you can grow, and put it any orfice you can. No matter how damn smart you are, your motivation will slow you down. Speaking from facts, I had a uncle who really started hitting the weed pretty hard in the late 50′s, he went to MIT on a full ride engeering scholarship, his last 3 years he lived he was high all the time ,as he worked a a maintance man in Denver. So just stay loaded and companies always need cart pushers and floor scrubbers. I’ve watched mining companies fire 2/3 s of the people working on site, as contractors or company personal fail the piss test and it opens the doors to high pay for clean workers. So stay high and happy and with the motavation of a earth worm, eat garbage and turn in to dirt.

  • Mark

    So, wouldn’t we have already seen an increase in homeowner’s rates with medical marijuana. I live up in Montana and I’m looking to start a hydroponic garden in my basement this winter because fruit vegetables aren’t that great up here in the winter and they’re really expensive. Couldn’t the same arguments be made against indoor hydroponic gardening? As far as I know that activity is completely legal everywhere.

  • okara

    Wow. That’s the best argument they can come up with against it? DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER! Growing marijuana carries the same risk as growing orchids or owning a refrigerator! OMG Quick! Let’s all throw out all our houseplants and replace them with SAFE plastic plants and eat only canned foods and MREs!

    Good grief.

    Oh, and… by the way… People are probably less likely to grow it indoors if it’s legal. Crazy, I know, but there it is. So…. I guess the opponents are arguing in favor of legalization…

  • DrDavid

    The CDC is required by the US Food Drug and Cosmetic laws to maintain a database of all aflatoxin cases reported by Doctors and all other health care facilities. Peanuts are a common cause of aflatoxin food borne related illnesses reported to the Center for Disease Control. There has never been a diagnosed case of aflatoxin that has not been reported to the CDC and interestingly there has never been any reported incident of aflatoxin resulting from marijuana cultivation or marijuana products. Sorry but the fact is this report appears to contain speculation and is very hypothetical which is not considered scientific fact.

  • Conservative Christian

    So the article’s point is that we should keep putting people in jail so that they don’t get mold in their houses?

    The arguments against Proposition 19 just keep getting weaker and weaker.

    Californians: register to vote at
    h t t p s://w w w Just fill out the form and mail it in!

  • Conservative Christian

    Californians: register to vote at
    h t t p s://w w w
    You’ll need to take the spaces out of the h t t p s // w w w part in order to activate the URL.

  • adam

    All the more reason to legalize and regulate it. This way proper inspections and health standards can be enforced.

    This is a horrible argument to keep something unregulated, keep it on the black market and who knows what kind of fungi will get into the final product. Regulate it so if people do use pot at least they can get a safer product.

  • tij

    For the sake of the youth, do not legalize marijuana. You know what the 18 year olds do who just graduated from High School? The first thing they do is get a medical marijuana card to get an endless supply of marijuana. This is devastating. The stoners have moved to California and are destroying the brains of the youth. Many of these youth will become addicts, destroy their developing brains and have mental issues such as psychosis and suicide. Supporters and users of marijuana have weak minds. They resort to this because they are very weak and can’t handle real life. These stoners live in this make-believe happy world when they get high then get depressed later without it. Please leave California and save our youth. You don’t need marijuana and live a FAKE happy life. Don’t spread your weak minds to our youth. Get rid of medical marijuana because this is being abused by teens. Medical marijuana is supposed to be for people with debilitating diseases yet any teen who complains of a simple ache or pain or insomnia can easily get it. This is B.S. The government politics have screwed up big time. We are growing a whole generation of potheads and people who can’t handle real life. This is a generation of weak people with weak minds.

    • http://Personallibertydigest Cat Person

      Tj, do you seriously think teens are not getting it now from dangerous drug dealers that don’t give a rats rear how old they are?? I would think its better to get it out of the hands of dealers and into the hands of someone who is going to ask for ID. If a doctor perscribes medical marijuana for someone its because they need it. You think people should suffer just because!! Talk about a weak mind have you looked in the mirror lately? Unreal !!

      • tij

        Why do you think so many people in the USA are overweight? Because they cannot control their eating even if eating is legal because there is abundance of food. How many diabetics does this nation have? Why do you think there are so many alcoholics? Because these people can’t control consumption of alcohol even though it is legal. So legalizing marijuana will allow many people to control use of it? Yeah, right. Marijuana if abused may cause psychosis, hallucinations, etc. The bottom line is teens are getting these marijuana today legally through medical marijuana cards. Yes. LEGALLY and they are abusing it now. They don’t need drug dealers to get this. Just because your brains are weak and destroyed does not mean you have to take the youth with you to your grave.

        • Mark

          I have a little experiment for you. Ask a high school kid under 18 to get you a bottle of liquor or a dime bag of marijuana. Offer them an incentive and see which one you end up with. I’m betting it will be marijuana every time because drug dealers don’t check ID. By supporting prohibition you are supporting availability of marijuana to teens. Regulate and control because no matter how much money we waste on the war on drugs it will always fail. Drugs are commodities and should be treated as such.

  • http://Personallibertydigest Cat Person

    Wow! deadly afla-toxins from growing Marijuana? Then there must be thousands of people that has died from growing it indoors right? Because its deadly. Where are the numbers? I would like to see them.

  • grey witch

    It’s amazing how many people cry” what about the children?” They act like marijuana was just discovered yesterday. I’ll let you in on a secret.It doesnt matter what laws you put in place or how severe the fines are people will still use drugs.They always have and they always will. You can only rule people with fear if they do not have the power to learn the facts for themselves.Why do you think it used to be illegal to own a bible? Because the church did not want anyone to read it for themselves and make their own conclusions.If you do not want to use medical marijuana,then dont. But do not think you have the right to tell me what I can do with MY body or life. For all of you who slam marijuana users as stupid potheads I see plenty of weak minded people everyday who are on just pure air. grow up. learn the facts before you talk out of your ass,because one thing we do know is when people are telling lies.If marijuana was dangerous you would think someone would of proved that in the 5,000 years its been used.

  • Kevin

    That is, without a doubt, the weakest argument against re-legalizing cannabis that I have ever heard.

    It shows the desperation of the prohibitionists. They are really grasping at straws, now.

  • Kevin

    So, the answer is that we should re-legalize cannabis so that people can openly grow it outside. Problem solved.

  • Mighty_Whitey

    More bullshit from the Ministry of Truth.

  • Mr. Bojangles

    Wow seriously you couldnt think of anything better to deter people than by using mold as an exuse. Thats like stating the fact that marijuana is a plant. Ya mold can be caused from marijuana like it can from any plant that is excessivly watered, do you know what you do. Buy a dehumidfier or air purifier, promblem solved. Now we dont have to constrict the american people from something that grows in the dirt.

  • Dude

    Here is another example of how desperate the Prohibitchonists are to maintain their failed experiment i.e. the War on Drugs. They keep throwing out BS stories like this hoping to scare the ignorant/uninformed ,BUT as you can see, in almost every comment section no one is buying into their BS and they get shot down by the truth every time. This comment section is typical, most are Pro-Cannabis except for the one occasional idiot.

  • Jerry M

    I’ve been around for a long time and for fifty plus years there has been one study after another to find some dangerous result from smoking pot other than the short term effect similar to alcohol.
    To date, none can be found but what has been found is that it has many uses as medicine for a number of ailments. Tobacco and alcohol use will kill you. That has been a known fact for those same fifty plus years. Get off the harmful idea, tax pot and take the crime out of it as we do for the things that will kill you. I’m not a pot smoker but I do see the amount of money spent trying in vain to stop it’s use. It will never be stopped and could be grown instead as a cash crop in permitted and controlled conditions for those in poverty stricken states around the country.

  • Jane

    TJ is right on. I’m so tired of all the cliches of pro-pot people. Kids use alcohol far more than marijuana and get it from their parents. They can now get marijuana from those 18 year olds with medical cards. Prop 215 was a bad idea and 19 is worse. Most marijuana users are between 18-25, with many using as early as 11 or 12. Their brains are still developing and they shouldn’t be using it. Nobody knows how many kids have dropped out of school because they got lazy from smoking weed. Nobody knows how many go to school stoned and don’t learn anything because their memory and concentration are affected. What about the kids who play sports stoned? I’m sure their coaches are happy about that. Or the teenagers or adults who report to work stoned? Or the drivers who drive stoned?

    Grey witch: Now believe it or not, marijuana was not an issue before about 1968–and we had no drug problem to speak of other than some heroin addicts in the inner city. No drug commercials on TV. Now all these drugs have flooded our society. Marijuana is just one of them, but the pot cult is out to shove it down society’s throats through young people, just like the tobacco companies are still pushing tobacco. No one ever had a problem from NOT doing recreational drugs–but a big % who DO use them develop problems. The idea that legalization will not affect children does not make sense.

  • tiberius

    Contamination by The Deadly Alpha-Toxin? Oh, please… I wonder why millions of responsible cannibis users nation-wide haven’t already succumbed to this Dire Menace?

    If you’re REALLY worried about this scare tactic, DECRIMINALIZE IT. Then it can be grown out in the fresh air and sunshine, instead of in somebody’s humid, hermetically sealed attic or garage. There will also be less use of heat-producing indoor grow lights. Home owner insurance rates will no doubt plummit, as the incident of accidental fires goes down. So will energy use from lights and attendant air conditioning units.


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