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Marijuana Can Benefit Multiple Sclerosis Patients, Review Concludes

December 11, 2009 by  

Marijuana can benefit multiple sclerosis patients, review concludesA new study conducted by the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation in Los Angeles suggests that cannabis can significantly reduce spasticity in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients.

Researchers reviewed six separate studies where marijuana was used in MS patients, and found that five of the trials showed that the use of the drug reduced spasms and involuntary muscle tension while improving the individual’s mobility.

"The therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in MS appears to be comprehensive, and should be given considerable attention," said lead researcher Shaheen Lakhan.

Lakhan stated that current conventional treatments may also reduce spasticity, but can be ineffective, difficult to obtain or associated with painful side-effects.

Researchers do warn of potential repercussions of the use of medicinal marijuana, such as intoxication or addiction, but they add that "considering the distress and limitations spasticity brings to individuals with MS, it is important to carefully weigh the potential for side effects with the potential for symptom relief."

Meanwhile, independent research has indicated that medicinal marijuana may also be helpful in controlling symptoms associated with glaucoma and certain forms of cancer.

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  • http://boblivingston Leonard

    Marijuana is NOT ADDICTIVE!!!

    • Joe H.

      that is not completely true. It can be addictive to a person that has a pre-determinate to Addictive behavior. Just like some can smoke for cigarettes for 40 years and quit without any problem yet you may only smoke them for six months and need all kinds of crutches to quit!!!

    • LJ

      Tell that to my son who is a pot addict

    • LJ

      oh, and far better minds than mind agree, and their conclusions are based on more than just opinion. Don’t believe me? Go to

      • LJ
        • Bart

          Your son is weak minded and has to fix his poor personality. Pot is about as addictive as picking your nose OK lady?

      • unknown

        I’m not sure exactly what or where you are going with this. Just because your teenager is smolking “pot” has nothing to do with him being addicted to it! Many teenagers grow up and adventually move on with life and no longer like the effects. Sorry to say this, but just because your kids does pot now does not mean he/she is addicted to it

  • David Fortney

    Leonard is correct. There have been countless studies since Nixon’s commissioned panel in 1970 which have proven no physical addictiion to cannabis. It is unfortunate That the Personal Liberty News Desk perpetuates this lie. It does make one wonder if the “Personal Liberty” part of this site is a misnomer.

    • DaveH

      One of our most basic freedoms is “freedom of speech”. Don’t be one of the speech police.

  • Sandra Malone

    If it is useful for multiple sclerosis and lessens spasticity I feel it should be an option for the patient. So many other drugs do damage to your other organs in your body. I don’t feel marijuana is an addicting drug any drug is addicting if you use it excessively.

    • s c

      Sandra, this is a no-brainer. If it helps those who suffer from MS, they should be allowed to use it. That worthless, patronizing, we-know-what’s-best mantra at the FDA and the AMA serves no functional purpose.
      To put it in perspective, those who are addicted to POWER are the ones who have no business dictating to those who suffer from debilitating health problems. An addiction to a potent, prescription drug is one thing.
      An addiction to marijuana (if it manifested) is a small price to pay for living better. An addiction to POWER (can you say Washington?) is intolerable. Americans need to get in the habit of telling wannabe elected slave-masters to get lost.

  • Danny

    I suffer from spinal degeneration as a result of excessive hard work and play (both by choice).I am currently prescribed narcotic pain medication,muscle relaxers and anti-anxiety medications in an attempt to deal with the results of my folly.I find marijuana to be very helpful in dealing with my symptoms. It is not addictive, unlike my prescribed medications. However it is expensive and requires that I give money to a `drug dealer` to obtain its beneifits.

  • iain

    Cannibis is not a drug, it is a PLANT providing medicinal benefits with no damaging side effects to those with certain diseases. Drugs are manufactured in a laboratory setting and are prescribed by drug pushers who have MD degrees. Just say no to drugs and yes to God given plants. Some say, “but cannibis is illegal”, to which I say yes and so were tomatoes illegal 500 years ago.

  • http://none philip biggins

    Marijuana is VERIFIABLY NON ADDICTING!!!!!! Also it is one of the BEST plants with a HUGE potential application. It makes BETTER cloth than cotton, by far. It can be used for paper, oil, lubricant, as a health supplement for glaucoma patients, cancer patients, arthritis, actually ANT pain management benefits from it’s use, period. Pathetic laws initiated by absolute LIES were the foundation of the present laws and should be abolished!!! What really is criminal the US Government making people into criminals because they choose to use a non addicting natural herb(UNLIKE ALCOHOL and MOST PRESCRIPTION DRUGS which ARE VERY ADDICTING!!!!)

  • http://none philip biggins

    i was denied posting of my comments, suggesting i had “already a duplicate ” which is a crock of poop! This is the 1st time i have ever responded to an article on the subject.

    • Joe H.

      If, by accident, you hit the comment bar twice or double clicked as it were, you will be denied and all you have to do is hit the green “back” arrow!!!!

  • Mona

    Marijuana should be treated as any drug would be and not be used for just getting high. If it helps someone that is hurting and marijuana can help the pain, it can’t do any more harm than most drugs do.

  • Jon

    Should have been legalized eons ago….it is of GOD….if GOD don’t grow it…I don’t know it….Spark it up….Was on interferon for a year for Hep C, side effects were debilitating without the use of marijuana….Thank you Jesus…! That’s all I;m saying….Legalize it now…!

    • chuck b

      articles like this sure get the dummy dust crowd excited. we have lots of medicine for the aforementioned illness. marijuana is just another step down in the gutter for america, i have seen the effect of this drug over the years and none of it has been good. it alters the brain and people lose their dignity. medical marijuana is a crutch for the addicted.

  • Bob Parker

    Hey, I think marijuana is great! I smoked a lot of it when I was younger & loved it! Marijuana is just like anything else that a person does for recreational indulges, such as beer,wiskey,rum, vodka,wine, etc., only safer! And just like these if you keep marijuana to a moderate amount of intake then there is no danger of extreme intoxication. I can say that a person who smokes marijuana is a much safer driver if he or she smokes a joint and decides to drive a vehicle than one who drinks hard liquor and hits the highway. Most people know this to be true but are afraid of what certain other people may think of them if they agree with something that has been made illegal. And I promise you this…if our government could find a way to tax marijuana & control it the same way that they control alcohol, then there would not be a problem at all with it. But our cities & states along with high government is making a tremendous amount of revenue from arresting people who choose marijuana over alcohol, even though alcohol is responsible for an enormous amount of deaths! Nearly all traffic accidents that have been marijuana related has been because of police chases. And the reason they run is because of the fear of being arrested for doing something that they enjoy doing while no one is being harmed. But since marijuana is illegal to possess, even in the trunk of your car, they get paranoid and they run, which sometimes results in a car crash! And it seems to be just fine for undercover cops to smoke any amount of marijuana that they see fit, for as long as they want to smoke it, in order to catch the so called bad guy who smokes it or sells it to other people who likes smoking it! Why is it not harmful for an undercover cop? Are they supreme beings or immortal?! I think not! It’s all about the revenue!!! And if marijuana is helping patients without all of those, sometimes FATAL, side effects that comes along with our chemical medicines watch the ads on television and listen to all of the possible side effects…. then hey, I think anyone with any common sense would want what is the most healthy for them. What we are fighting in the medicine aspect of marijuana is “big pharma” which is funded by our government, and both are making a tremendous amount of revenue from the deadly chemicals that are being tossed into our bodies!…IT’S GREED!!! They have no regard for human life! It’s all about lining their pockets with large amounts of money while people are suffering from side effects, or DEATH, caused from the use of the new chemical discoveries that covers one ailment but causes other ailments or maybe even DEATH, but hey they will make another chemical medicine to fix those new ailments too, which in turn will cause other ailments or possible DEATH, and so on and so on!! Doesn’t anybody see that? I vote legalize marijuana for medicinal & recreational use! Forget about all the propaganda or “hoopla” if you will, and start backing the millions of people who knows that marijuana is the safest medicine and recreational solution!

    • DaveH

      Government is like any other business in the sense that they want to grow themselves. The only difference is that government can force their customers to buy their product.
      We need to get government out of the business of protecting people from themselves. They should only be involved in protecting people from the force of others. They should not be the forcers.
      Vote Libertarian.

    • s c

      Bob, be very careful what you wish for, as our government has one, consistent trait. IT SCREWS UP EVERYTHING IT TOUCHES. If they tax and control marijuana the same way they do alcohol, you can forget reasonable prices.
      The last time I looked, I can’t buy a reasonably-priced bottle of malt scotch without paying through my nose and my posterior at the same time. What do you think they’ll do with marijuana?
      With this herd of losers in the white house and in congress, I wouldn’t trust either bunch to boil water, let alone tax and control marijuana and see to it that Americans reaped any benefit from the attempt. These retards DO NOT pack the gear, Bob.

  • jim

    I beleive there are medical uses for maijuana, there’s no doubt about it, but the part about being addictive is way wrong, i used it for recreational use for 35 yrs and it is not addictive, i have quit using cause i thought for me it was time to grow up, now what is really hard to quit is smoking cigarettes, because they are truly addictive ande i would stand up and debate any scientist about the addiction of marijuana just because i have 35 years of experience and probably know more about than the scientit, first thing i would ask the scientist is how much experience do you have smoking marijuana

  • Denver

    Having Chronic Progressive MS, I was at the point while very young, that I would have done ANYTHING in order to relieve the debilitating and often embarrassing problems with the disease (try to imagine walking one block and being as worn out as running 2 miles…NOT an exaggeration!) I’ve had days where the only operational activity includes doing the dishes; then I’m so worn out I have to lay down the rest of the day.
    It’s NOT about the addictive vs. non-addictive qualities – Anything in excess can be psychologically addictive — It’s about relieving the symptoms of an “incurable” disease. I’m all for it, IF IT WORKS!

    • s c

      Denver, you might consider an MD who will use alternative methods in addition to conventional treatments. It has been suggested that narrowed neck veins can cause MS. That may sound strange, but any debilitating condition/disease requires the assistance of people who aren’t afraid to think
      outside the AMA/FDA/Big Pharma cabal’s ‘box.’
      People who have problems with conventional treatment already know that pig poo on a stick could be preferable to destructive side-effects of pet drugs that decimate wealth and leave a patient worse off after standard treatment than before.
      Good luck, and trust those who get results (a pox on “health pros” who don’t).


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