Many think U.S. headed toward socialism


Is the U.S. going in the right direction?A new Fox News survey has found that half of Americans believe the recent stimulus packages and government support of private companies feels like a move toward socialism.

Some 50 percent of total respondents held this opinion, including 70 percent of Republicans, 53 percent of independents and 37 percent of Democrats.

At the same time, slightly more than half of all respondents said they think the best way to ease the country’s economic troubles is to encourage spending by individuals and businesses. Only 19 percent said government spending was the answer.

However, when it came to voicing opinions on President-elect Barack Obama’s specific stimulus plan, responses were more mixed.

Some 79 percent of Democrats said they supported it, along with 60 percent of independents. Just over half of Republicans opposed it.

"It will be interesting to see whether this level of support holds up once the details of the recovery plan come to light, especially given the public’s general preference for private rather than public solutions," commented Ernest Paicopolos of Opinion Dynamics, which conducted the poll for Fox News.

Obama has indicated that he believes strong government intervention is crucial to bring the economy out of recession.

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