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Man Sues Over Police Dog Bite To Groin

Man Sues Over Police Dog Bite To Groin

GRETNA, La. — A man says his civil rights were violated by a Gretna, La., police officer whose police dog bit into his groin area and virtually severed his penis.

Cody Melancon filed a lawsuit against the Gretna Police Department alleging the injury occurred when the officer loosed his dog onto Melancon without provocation, The Times-Picayune reported Tuesday.

The attack left him sexually dysfunctional, Melancon’s suit says.

“I don’t have any sensation down there,” Melancon said. “I can’t get an erection. I’m 25 years of age.”

The incident occurred May 30 when Gretna police went to Melancon’s apartment to arrest him on charges of kicking in someone’s front door and hitting an occupant, charges Melancon denies.

Melancon says he surrendered to officers and was kneeling on the floor of his living room when Gretna officer Joseph Mekdessie allegedly trumped up an altercation and let his dog Zin go at Melancon.

“He started saying, ‘Stop fighting with my dog,’ and he released the dog on me,” Melancon said.

Melancon’s lawsuit seeks $31 million for medical and other expenses and for punitive damages, The Times-Picayune said.

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  • JoMama


    • coal miner

      Did anybody ask if that dog was gay?Ha ha ha ha

  • Jim

    He needs to sue the cop personally, as well as the police department.
    The money he would win only comes out of the pockets of the taxpayer.

    • Jana

      You only have his side of it here. Some of these people have an ODD way of “I was surrenering”. Watch these cop shows and you will see how compliant they are (not) then when they are forced down they yell that they were just waiting there to be arrested.

      • Jana

        Guilty or not that is an awful punishment for any crime.

        • Arecee

          My question is, where is the person the guy hit and what did they see or hear? I know there are some bad cops out there and there are some really bad people. Where are the cameras when you need them!!!

        • FlaJim

          It’s appropriate for wife beaters and rapists. In this case, who’s going to believe this guy who kicks in doors for a living was surrendering peacefully? I don’t.

        • Ron

          I think it would be a great punishment for a rapist.

        • Zermoid

          Cruel and unusual punishment comes to mind no matter why they released the dog. Don’t they train the dogs to grab an arm or leg, not the crotch?

      • loretta

        GOOD DOGGIE.
        actually, unles the guy wqas re4sisting, that dog would only have barked. they are very well trained that way: if you run they will bring you down. if you resist, they will fight to control you. if you stand still, they will bark to warn you to sstay still. the guy got what he had comming and i wish i could be on his jury

    • http://yahoo Luca Brasi

      If that Cop put his dog on me , and the son-of-a-b1tch bit off my
      “johnson rod” , I dont give a kentucky-fryed rats a$$ WHO’s money it was, They would N E V E R get thru paying me ! Lets say , for starters , a lump sum of One Billion Dollars !

      • always right

        Hmmm,must be thinking with your Johnson. If you obey the law you usually don’t get arrested. If you kick down other’s doors and assault them, you run certain risks. If you comply with cops who come to arrest you, you usually don’t get dog bit. And if you have the brains of your johnson, you DO comply 100% with K-9 officers to avoid situations like this. The bad guy is a liar, plain and simple (and he’s likely all 3: a liar, plain & simple). If he was kneeling, it would be very difficult for the dog to have a hoffy for lunch.

  • joeupyoursMF!


  • James A. Olson

    So much for his side of the story. Since the police were there to arrest him, I’ll bet the other side of the story is quite a bit different — and more beliveable.

    • jimmy the greek

      And i have a bridge to sell you . cops are out of control , the people need to start fighting back and strike first !

    • Yipeeiokiyay

      Many cops are just itching to show their physical superiority towards citizens, these citizens being innocent, and they make career choices because it allows their “little man complexes” to dramatize itself without fear of reprisal. Many cops are just itching to shoot someone, or beat someone up and often they are ready and waiting for any frivolous excuse to do so. The most psychopathic minds make the ‘allegedly’ best police officers.

      • mik

        You are only going with the “bad” or “tough” cop sterio type. When they are on duty, all cops sometimes have to play this role. I have a freind who I did not even know was a cop at first and was shock to find out he was since he seems so quiet and calm. Their is no P**** envy with this guy, just one who does the right thing. I think you will find that with many, thought there will always be bad apples. That is the case with ANY proffession. Don’t sterio type because of what you see on TV.
        I my encounter with the police (for speeding tickets) I have run into one jerk and about 4 professionals in my life. I hve a tiny lead foot. :)

  • JimRed

    Though there ARE bad cops, there are many people who will believe the word of a perpetrator over that of the police officer, every time.

  • andy

    I agree they wouldn’t be there without good reason or good cause lets hear the other side of the story and his past run ins and was he on his knees weilding or holding a weapon definately more to the story

    • Brian

      It matters not what he may have done in the past, or what he may have done for the cops to be there this time. If he was not a threat at the time this is excusable.

  • former walmart person

    Well, guess the possible rapist won’t be a’ rapin’ no more!

    • Brian

      What a dullard you are! Possible rapist? That makes you a probable fool.

      • eddie47d

        Well said Brian. I think someone owes this man a new penis. Although this man will go to trial for assault in the other case the cop should have had more control over the dog.

        • http://yahoo Luca Brasi

          In my considered opinion , I think the Cop should be forced to donate His ‘extend-0-flex” fr the one he destroyed …….*

          • Song

            You people all make great “armchair quarterbacks” especially for not having any of the facts of this case. I’m guessing not many of you, if any, have spent very much time in court. what a joke.

        • always right

          Someone owes him a new penis? I’d volunteer Eddie47. He’d definitely qualify as one.

  • Morduin00

    Typical media piece… even the picture is inflammatory. Of course, there is no mention of even an attempt to contact the police department or police officer for comment. Odd that they would have a police dog there for an assault case so there is obviously something missing from the story.

    Police dogs are very well trained and will not attack without provocation or command.

    Granted, there are exceptions to the rule but I am willing to bet this isn’t one of them. More than likely, this “victim” was a career violent criminal, made some action to provoke the officer/dog, and is now trying to get money for it. Similar to suicide by cop mentality? At least he wont be able to expand his gene pool.

    • Brian

      You have WAY too much faith in the cops. They are nothing but foot soldiers of the police state. Cops in my neck of the woods pimp out prostitutes, steal drugs from evidence and sell them, murder, rape, provide alcohol to minors… More often than not cops are absolutely useless until after the fact. They are nothing more than glorified janitors who write reports about the scene they cleaned up. The one time I called 911 because someone was kicking my door in I got arrested because the cop was a buddy with the perpetrator. Next time the bad guy gets his head blown off and I’ll call the non-emergency line for the cops to remove the corpse.

      • kodster

        Well, think about this, Brian… it’s what got me OUT of law enforcement, and the criminal justice system, entirely, considering that I was going to become a lawyer, but decided it wasn’t worth the effort to compromise my soul. The courts are nothing but a revolving door for criminals. After a while, the cops see this, and figure, what’s the use? Better to join them than fight them. So, blame your liberal judges, corrupt lawyers who prostitute themselves to lie for their clients, etc, weak juries who have too little experience in life and yet are chosen to be judges of their peers. Of course, in actuality, not that many cases appear before juries… it’s all settled between negotiations between lawyers (district attorneys and personal attorneys). Too many loopholes in cases… too much “beyond a reasonable doubt” issues (like Casey Anthony)… cops get frustrated at not being able to protect and serve, so they give up, and join the wrong side and call it good.

        • Dan az

          I have to agree with you,I see it here as well.We are in a police state and there will be more of this everyday.The judges are on the take through settlements and the lyers aka lawyers are in it just for the money to do nothing outside on the steps of the courtroom.The attack dogs get a bad rap because they are only trained by their holder to go after the spot they were trained to get,which btw is the groin.I know this for a fact because I know one of the trainers.It is used quite often in Michigan.The corruption there is far reaching but unreported as with many other places are.This is just one story that made its way to the food chain but I would guess that is was far down and on the back pages to have been found.The picture above makes me laugh because of the holder could never restrain that rotty with out being drug fave first through the street trust me I know I raise rotts and they are extremely strong for there size.So control is lost and the poor sucker is going to loose what ever part they were trained to go after.I just don’t think that we should have to pay every time there is a sex change of the streets. Just saying!

        • Barbara

          You’re absolutely right, and the tax payers have to pay for the criminal’s attorney. I have seen so many cases where the criminals are protected by our laws….hello…arem’t we the people that pay taxes and also support these idiots on welfare so they can attack us and get protected by our money? Something’s wrong here and I don’t like it. Sure there are bad cops…but the good out number the bad ones. If they were all bad we wouldn’t be here…the crime rate would be so much higher. Crime is down in the Middle east because they know they would have the death penalty for murder, hand chopped off for stealing…people there know they will not get away with it like in the good old USA.

      • Morduin00

        Actually it is not faith in cops that prompted me to post my comment, it was logic, the nature of man and the criminal mentality.

        Maybe if you use your brain for once, you can see past your BS. Perception is not reality in most cases. Maybe you had an attitude issue or history that warranted that reaction you allege.

        Just because you had a problem with an officer doesn’t mean they are all bad. Sometimes it is a good cop in a bad situation. We would all hope that in those situations an officer would act in a manner that would hold to later scrutiny but in the “fog of war” that can be difficult. Only good training can overcome those issues.

        Ninety percent of the time, if you treat an officer with respect and follow the instructions given by him or her, you won’t end up in a situation that you deem is “police brutality”. Most officers don’t want altercations because it puts their safety and those around them at risk.

        • kodster

          AMEN, Morduin00! Again, you got it nailed. If you do nothing to provoke them, cooperate, etc., then you have nothing to fear. But show any attempt at provocation, they’ll have no choice but to make sure they ensure their own safety, as well as those around them, if anyone. Why do people wonder why they get 2 or 3 officers responding in situations now? Because of multiple witnesses, and because people are getting out of control, as well. But also know your constitutional rights… you have a right to state that you do know your rights as provided by the Constitution, and a lot of the times, police officers are NOT trained completely in that knowledge, or like Obama, twist it around to accommodate their own needs.

        • http://deleted Claire

          Morduin00— I agree. I have to add that I trust dogs more than a lot of human beings.

      • Chuck Henry

        You sound like you live in Chicago.

    • Bob C.

      Uh, what was the dog doing in the guys living room?
      I thought they used dogs to chase down runners, or attack suspects in a dangerous situation where they need en edge to throw off the balance and attention of the suspect.
      Why couldn’t the ‘well armed, well trained’ cops handle this better then resorting to using one of their weapons on him?

      This is no different then when 3 cops (superior numbers) with superior training to handle situations like this simply abuse their authority and tazer a suspect, in most cases the suspect is unarmed, and in some cases are already on the ground.
      He is innocent until proven guilty.
      If you tazer, or set your dog loose on a cop, it’s assault, but if a cop does these things to a suspect, … ‘well, that’s fine, …guy was probably asking for it, he must be guilty, why would the cops be after him‘… incredible. Hint.. It’s still assault.

      There are literally thousands of videos on you-tube with police abusing their powers, and those are only the times a camera was rolling… how many times was there no camera?

      It is not up to you, the cops, or the courts (yet) whether this man can or should “expand his gene pool”
      Now who’s working with half the story, but has no problem condemning a man they have no knowledge of, and have never met.

      As for the ‘excuses’ so may like to put up for the cops, like “It’s a hard job”, or “the fog of war”, or “they’re just frustrated with liberal judges” (lol, that ones a keeper.)
      All this tells me is,
      A. you have a poor position, and have nothing left but the justifying of bad acts. and
      B. these cops couldn’t handle the job set before them, with it’s stresses and responsibilities, and should probably go fine other, more suitable work… maybe garbage collection would be more to there suiting.
      Then they wouldn’t have to worry about “the fog of war“….

      • Morduin00

        And how many of those youtube videos show the whole altercation? I am willing to bet that none of them show what led up to the altercation in the first place.

      • always right

        Bob, K-9 handlers are first, cops. When request for backup in made, the next-in officer is usually the one who responds. If he’s a K-9 officer so be it. Dogs are also a reasonable show of force that often prevents potentially bad situations from excalating because most people don’t want to get dog bit. That having been said, they’re sometimes not effective, as this case shows. And sometimes the perp is just so stupid that he continues his aggressive behavior & ends up puppy chow.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Morduin00…. You are correct. We didn’t hear both sides of the story. My son is going to be a cop. I know he will be one of the good guys. Chances are Cody is not as innocent as he claims. His lawsuit is ludicrous! 31 million is a little over the top!

  • kodster

    Well, having trained personal protection dogs (Rottweilers, to be specific) alongside the same dogs sold to police departments, and trained alongside police officers, as well as having worked in police departments, so can speak from experience, as well as having been on the other side of the fence… this guy is full of it. Interesting, all the stories of police brutality, and a lot of the stories don’t even have the police officers’ side of it, because they’re not ALLOWED to speak out on pending cases until they’re tried in court. And so often, while the case is being covered, media-wise, as it is tried, the truth comes out about what truly happened. Like the box-cutter guy in Louisville, KY, that was killed by the police. His family sued for wrongful death. Turns out the guy was high on cocaine and PCP. PCP is known to give super-human strength, and the cops knew it. This guy was hand-cuffed, but somehow got hold of a weapon that could inflict serious damage, so the cops did what they had to do to protect themselves. The truth exposes itself, truth will illuminate itself, every single time!

    So, the window for the perpetrators is wide open to speak out, file frivolous lawsuits, etc, and try everything in the public court of opinion, while the police officers, department, etc., are required to keep their mouths shut until after the case is resolved. Morduin00 has it nailed in his post.

    • guest

      30years ago i had an absolute respect for police officer’s .That is now almost impossible with the utter corruption among police officer’s in this country. There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by that american’s don’t hear some horrid and sad story of a pregnant women or 8 yr. old child tazed and tramatized by police officer’s, or a 37 yr. homeless man with mental illness beaten violently to death by police officer’s ..vast stories abound of police lying..killing..maiming..innocent american’s ..and those who were involved in lets say breaking into a it justified to lose your life over this by a severe painful beating?I now look at police officer’s as corrupt to the core with no values and respect for good and for life. Shame on them!!

      • Connie

        Qualify innocent. As stated by the criminal or determined in a court of law? The police get more bad press, from the liberal media, than the most harden criminal anywhere. It’s always their childhood experiences, parental abuse, the neighbors fault, what have you. What a ton of BS. As for Louisiana police corruption, it’s also a fact the people there are even worse. Question! How did the dog manage to end this man’s future sexual experiences if he was kneeling down at the time of this particular encounter? Was the dog a Yorkshire Terrier?

    • Texan

      Here in El Paso a few years ago we had a case where the police had a traffic stop and allegedly sodimized the motorist with a night stick. As far as I know that is not how policemen are trained to use a night stick. BTW the victim had emergency bowel repair surgery after their encounter. The city settled out of court for $250k. This seems a bit low but the victim was rather generous with them. As far as I know the officers involved were not charged with agrivated sexual assault or even terminated. In cases like that the officers need to be sent to prison and no special protective custody should be provided. Just put them into the general inmate population with other violent offenders of similar age and size. This way the issue of registration as sex offenders upon release will be a moot point!
      Remember this area is also the area where we had the Border Patrol officers who shot a drug smuggler as he fled back across the river to avoid arrest after abandoning his load on the US side. Then they lied about the incident to try to cover up the fact they used deadly force in a non justified way. They became quite the Cause Celebre among conservatives for some reason that I still cannot figure out. Mr. Bush provided executive clemency and released them with time already served. This was very unjust!

    • Texan

      Remember the case earlier this year in Stockton, CA where the US Department of Education SWAT team (Yup DoEd has a SWAT team!) did a no knock entry on a man at 6 in the morning looking for his deadbeat estranged wife who owed $$ on a student loan. They then detained the man and his kids for hours while they looked in the house for the debtor. The rules have changed on fair debt collection. The days have returned where creditors can send their goons after deadbeats to smash their knees with a bat! Or sell them and their families into slavery to recover bad debts. BTW the man who had his door destroyed was black. This means that he is not quite human if you are a liberal since liberals have a rather twisted view of the world. To get a solid peek into the mind of a socialist read ‘Mein Kampf’.


    just why do the law breakers always want to sue when its their doing is that got them into the trouble with the law and get hurt,that they got when being taken into the jail,what about the peoples rights when they are rob,kill,rape,I do not think that they should be able to sue anyone when they get hurt while being caught the peoples that been rob.They use the laws suits to get out of jail free.strip them of any rights but one they have the right to talk to a lawyer about the case he is being held for and no other reason ,you do the crimes you lose your rights

    • Lee

      Are you serious? Cops routinely beat, taze, intimidate and jail people for just standing up for their Constitutionally protected rights, or just cause they were having a bad day. It is getting to where there are more bad cops than good ones. You probably agree with the Illinois supreme court that says you have no right to defend yourself against a cop ILLEGALLY breaking into your home.

      • Connie

        This is a problem in that many of those who claim their Constitutional Rights are full of it. Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean you can yell profanities at everyone on a regular basis. Nor does the Second Amendment give you the right to own a gun for criminal activities. Get real people.

      • Dan az

        Case in point see here
        The problem is increasing and is not looking good.I feel soory for the honest cops because the numbers of bad are growing.

  • Lee

    These police dogs are a tool, to be used in very special situations, that gets way over used in reality. An attack dog is a tool in the control of an officer, that cop used his tool to maim a man for life and should be criminally charged as a result of the outcome, if he had used his knife to cut that guys weiner off he should be criminally charged, this is no different That animal was in his direct control and he should be held personally responcible for it’s actions. But that will never happen.

    • kodster

      And sh** happens… this particular tool has a mind of its own, as well, which cannot be said about a knife, which is TOTALLY under the control of the officer. I train personal protection dogs… accidents happen with these dogs. The dog has a mind of its own, and if it feels that the officer is being threatened, it will react, accordingly. Leashes break, because these dogs are quite strong. I can tell in the picture accompanying this article, the woman holding the leash on this Rottie? She’s going to get knocked on her face the moment that dog lunges… she’s holding the leash wrong… it’s her posture that will get her in trouble. She’s got her knees bent, that’s good, but she’s leaning towards the dog… she needs to be leaning back somewhat. Moment that dog lunges, she’s going down. So, so much can happen with a protection trained dog. They’re an unknown variable. Even the best training, and something can go wrong. That’s why it takes up to 2 years to train these dogs, and even then…

      • Lee

        If my professionally trained attack dog broke his leash, pulled the leash from my hand or overpowered me and got loose and then bit someone I would be charged and my dog would be put down. Do you believe that the cops do not have to follow the laws they are paid to enforce? Is it OK for cops to beak the law to enforce the law? I don’t, the only way they have any rightousness in doing what they do is to be governed by the exact same law they enforce. Enforcing the law means knowing the law, no excuses, they should be punished twice as harsh as a civilian when they break it. This two sets of rules or above the law crap has got to stop.

      • Morduin00

        That is a staged photo. Notice, no markings on the police car, no badges. Her human partner looking like he took prozac. GM all over again.

        • Morduin00

          Oh, and the dog isn’t even pulling. You can see the slack in the leash. And if the dog was pulling you can bet she wouldn’t have a smile on her face.

      • Lee


        That is why I do not agree with cops using their attack dogs in most situations. They need to be in as much control of that dog as they do their side arm. Once you pull the trigger you can not call that bullet back and you are then responceable for the actions of that bullet. Same with a dog, when you loose that dog you are then responceable for the actions of that dog, if the dog changes his mind and bites the wrong person, oops don’t cut it. If the dog permanently damages someones body, sorry don’t cut it either. EVERYONE must be held accountable for their actions, criminal and cop alike.

        • Morduin00


        • Dan az

          Very solid points!

      • Bob C.

        Yeah, you bring that, “the cop didn’t have full control over his dog” to court, in front of a jury… please

        That would fly about as well as if I had a dog that wasn’t fully under my control “having a mind of it’s own” and attacked a cop, as the dog thought I was being threatened by the cops, as that is exactly what was happening here.
        You weapon, your responsibility.
        They can’t control the dog, then that dog should not be in police work either, and probably the handler, as he misrepresents his ability to do so.

        … “the dog has a mind of it’s own“… And you say you’re a cop? You should be ashamed of yourself.

        These dogs have extensive training, and DON’T attack people without their handlers prompting.
        If they did, they would be worthless for the job.

        • Dan az

          Kinda like my gun had a mind of its own!oops sorry.The dogs natural instinct is that he has the ability to sense that someone is afraid and that means to him he is the guilty one.That’s it nothing more and what his training was is what his next move is.Nothing more.The use of a dog in the wrong circumstance is the mistake of the handler and his trainer.If kids are present and are afraid and move to quickly then they become the victim,What then?They should always be used as a weapon as such to never draw your weapon unless you are going to use it.Abuse of such a weapon lies on the beholder.

    • Morduin00


      Provided that the story above is true, that the officer let the dog loose on him without provocation, I would agree with you. Abuse of power MUST be charged criminally. No matter what a person’s position in life, they should be held to the same standard and laws as everyone else. (and that goes for congress as well)

      However, there is more to this story than what is reported. I will bet on that.

      • Lee


        Agreed, I am a total hard ass on criminal behaviour, civilian or LEO or Congress critter.

        This story just strikes a nerve. I watched a pack of cowardly Aurora, Colorado police officers send 3 attck dogs after a 15 year old boy, who was out of their sight in tall weeds, for shooting off some fire crackers. His friends came out and told the cops he was afraid they would shoot him thinking he had a gun. Instead of waiting him out or just blowing the stupid little incedent off they maimed that boy for life. Those dogs chewed all his genetalia to an unrepairable state.

        • Morduin00

          Isn’t it ironic on how something as simple as having some fun with firecrackers (and if they are big enough sound like gunshots) can get us in a situation where the cops feel it is necessary to launch dogs at us? Or arguing in the field with a police officer lands us in cuffs?

          While I hope the police officers in Aurora had to account for their actions and if found culpable of using unreasonable force, charged criminally, I am not naive enough to believe that some officers don’t get away with “murder”.

          Alot of this contributes to the PR problem police departments have now. If we want them to be responsible, maybe we also need to take steps to help them out where needed.

          The counter-culture in the US promotes cop killing, amorality and lawlessness. I would not want to be a police officer these days. It is too hard to tell the difference between the routine traffic stop and someone wanting to shoot you for stopping them.

          To those officers that stay on the job and do their best…. to you I give my thanks.

          • Lee

            I have noticed a huge difference between the attitude/mentality of city cops vs. country cops as well. I just refuse to live in the big city anymore and after having grown up, admittedly a little on the wild side, in the city and dealing with city cops, it took me a long time to get used to the idea that I could deal with LEOs on a personal basis. Most all the deputies and troopers here in the sticks are great individuals, I can laugh and joke with them at traffic stops, even when my paper work in the glove box is under my .45!!

          • momplayer

            And to those officers that think they are storm troopers, who are so paraniod that their first reaction is pulling their guns PLEASE do us all a favor and find another line of work.

    • kodster

      PLUS, that isn’t even the dog, or the officers, involved in the altercation… that’s a stock photo. For one thing, it’s HIS dog… his partner would NEVER handle the dog, even if he had a human partner in the car with him. The K9 teams are the dog and the handler in the car, no one else. They are the partners to each other. The dog and the officer are a trained team. Why do you think that these dogs, when they retire, they retire to the home of the officer? Because they know each other, and only the officer can handle the dog.

  • Steve

    I wonder how long it took for the dog to get the taste out of his mouth????

  • Jeep

    Wait a minute…So the perp was “was kneeling on the floor of his living room.” And, this would place his crotch at maybe a foot off the ground. Then the cop allegedly released his dog that went straight for the goods, and not upper torso as they are trained to do? Is the dog gay? Does the dog have a penis fetish? Something in the story doesn’t make sense to me…

    • Morduin00

      Now you can’t pick on a dog because he may be gay. That’s just not fair.


    Makes me wonder what the facts are they never mentioned this guy had a previous record and it is alleged he kicked down a door and assaulted someone….so let’s have some follow up.

  • 45caliber

    We have a civil right to not be bitten in the groin? Wow, I never knew that! Where is it written?

    One thing he needs to keep in mind – the dog can’t read. If he doesn’t want to get bitten – wherever the dog can reach – he shouldn’t do anything that would require the police to release the dog in the first place.

  • Yipeeiokiyay

    Many times cops are just itching to show their overwhelming authority over someone restrained or scared or weak and there is no chance that the person can retaliate. This is the Napoleon Complex out there for all the world to see. Municipalities and counties seek out this type of psychopath to hire because they have no compunction against this type of behavior and they have no empathy for people other than for their cohorts.
    These psychopaths in the eyes of the system, make the best cops because they won’t think in terms of ethics they only think in terms of domination.
    Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were full of these individuals and not they undermine our “Justice” system. There is no justice in or out of a courtroom. From one who knows firsthand.

  • momplayer

    This guy should consider himself lucky!!I know,I know all the men won’t agree,but at least he was ONLY dog bite in LA here in Las Vegas our cops just shoot them and it’s always justified.

    • Dan az

      Whats that saying what you do in vegas stays in vegas.I’ll stick with laughlin thanks. :)

  • Average Joe

    While I find it interesting (NOT) that everyone here has an opinion about the guy, the police, the lawsut etc…. I think I’ll just kick back and let the courts and juries do their jobs. A jury will decide the criminal charges against the man in a “criminal” trial. Another jury will decide the outcome of the lawsuit in a “Civil” trial. None of our ‘opinions” matter in the least…nor should they…..The only things that should and will matter are the facts as presented to their perspective jurors….period….as it should be. I get so sick and tired of watching everyone “trying” others in “the court of public opinion”( as if our opinions mean anything to anyone but ourselves). I think we all need to step back, sit down and pour ourselves a big cup of STFU….the court system will either work…or it won’t, but our opinions won’t change a thing about the outcome.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Hey AVG…..did you ever see that Bill Murray movie called “Where the Buffalo Roam”?
      He shouts “NIXON!”,and the Dobie rips out the crotch of the hanging effigy.
      I wonder if the cop said Nixon!…to the police dog?

      But what do I know?Apparently very little…..-CC.

  • Stevo454

    No one here was there,so whether you are pro or con it will be up to a jury to decide this.

  • hicusdicus

    This happened in Louisiana the most police corrupt state in the union. You figure it out.

    • Dan az

      Well all I can say is that if I go through that state I’m wearing a cup!;)

      • http://naver samurai

        Well, you know not to stick out your hands and legs to a police dog. They’ll bite the things, right? Maybe he stuck another part of his body out at the dog? Maybe the dog went for it? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님과 국가 대 한!

  • Packrat

    I am a retired Texas Peace Officer and in my lifetime I never heard of anyone being beaten or mistreated that cooperated with Peace Officers and responded with complete respect to the orders given to them by the Peace Officer…
    When a criminal disrespects an order given him he is usually hurt then complains, “Police Brutality”…
    Just treat an Officer with respect and obey all commands given and you will never be hurt…

  • Macawma

    Shouldn’t that be “penitive damages”. Teeheehee

  • Dexter Y

    Why make so much over such a little thing?


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