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Man Fighting Fire Shocked By Police With Taser

November 16, 2012 by  

Man Fighting Fire Shocked By Police With Taser

A Florida man who was attempting to keep a fire that had engulfed his neighbor’s house from reaching his own was shot with a Taser by police officers who told him to “let it go, that’s what insurance is for.”

Daniel Jensen, a 42-year-old father of two, woke up early last Thursday evening to his neighbor’s house being engulfed in flames. After clearing his own home and making sure no one was inside his neighbor’s, the man proceeded to attempt to keep the flames from spreading to his property with a fire extinguisher and water hose, as the fire department had not arrived.

“They kept telling me, ‘Let it go, that’s what insurance is for.’ That’s not acceptable to me,” Jensen told WTSP.

The Pinellas Park Police Department claim that Jensen ignored several commands to get away from the fire, and that after exhausting all other options they were forced to use a stun gun to keep him and officers out of the path of the flame.

The man was shot with the stun gun just as he grabbed a water hose to attempt to put out flames that were beginning to lick the roof of his home.

“As I went to grab the hose, I hear an officer on this side. There was a boat here; he was just behind it. He said, ‘Hit him, hit him! Take him down, tase him!’” explained Jensen. “I didn’t know they were talking to me, or about me. I was concerned about putting water on the fire, and the next thing you know I’m being tased.”

Jensen is filing suit against the department claiming that they used excessive force and poor judgment.

“It was horrible. I was laying [sic] in a puddle of water being electrocuted here by the people that are supposed to protect us. I’m trying to protect my family, my neighbor, and they bring harm to me. I don’t understand,” he said.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • phideaux

    Typical police incompatance.

    • Paul

      Police are not your friends; they are not to be trusted under any circumstance. The majority are psychological and societal misfits. God have mercy on the people of America.


        Paul you must of had a hard time with the cops before buddy….. or do you just not like authority figures…. the cops are here to protect and serve… I am sure something is going to be coming of this matter on Mr. Jensen’s behalf. The cops that did this were not the brightest of officers…. Park police,,,,,, right… they appear to have gone over board…

      • eric

        little “john”? so you advocate the police coming onto private property to use force to prevent any behavior they dislike? as determined by the officer?

        the so called officer attacked an individual for actions performed on his own property that DID NOT violate any laws. Sieg Heil

    • Steve E

      Looks like a straight forward case of police brutality to me.

  • Harold Olsen

    Jensen was not breaking any laws. Therefore the cop who tased him should be charged with assault.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Totally agreed…

      What kind of worthless cops do they have there? If those cops were any kind of real men, they would have jumped in to help.


      – Smoov

      • Patriot II

        Smoovious; They were probably Obama Voters!

    • Bev

      This is the problem with non-lethal weapons. Police feel that because they don’t kill or maim you then it’s okay to use them even when you’re trying to protect your own property. I see a lawsuit in the making. Get a good lawyer and go for it.

  • Davi

    The police should then be charged as he committed No offense and he’s entitled to protect his property.

    • Larry K.

      When the police officers decided that it was a lost cause they had to take non-lethal means to protect that person and fellow officers. That police officer needs commended and not chastised.

      • bob

        always one in every bunch clearly Larry k has never been homeless through no fault of his own, he tried to protect his neighbor, protect his two kids from being homeless. Your house was on fire you would want your neighbors like the gentlemen mentioned helping saving what ever they can. So let it burn, go to a FEMA camp or a hotel for the next 6 months while the insurance companies decide weather they are going to pay your claim and if they do how long they take to rebuild your house just ask any Katrina Victim, Isiac Victim or Hati Victim promised help, support and many our still living in trailers or on the streets in tents. Write back when you have had your house burned down and you loose everything. I had smoke damage from an upstairs apartment that caught on fire and the red tape, insurance claims to recover half of what your values are worth is not something anyone should have to incur and I was not even home. I came back from work to find tape, signs NOT HABITABLE . I say SUE and SUE BIG!) A COURAGEOUS ACT would be the police helping save his house. If it was the police officers house burning they would want people helping them as all of us would.

      • Rick

        I am usually one to support the police, but in this case they had no business interfering with this man. He was harming no one and on his own property. Since the Supreme court says the police have no duty to protect us from criminals then the’y have no business to protect us from being hurt doing something that is not a crime. If government spent the time and effort fixing it’s own problems as they do trying to control the public and protect me from myself things would be much better. I am and this man is an adult we cna make our own decisions on whaty is safe for us without the governemnt in this case the police being involved.

      • WILDFIRE

        a cop don’t have the right to come onto someones property and tell them what they can or cannot do then assault them when they are not violating any law. Cops are to enforce laws period. If there are no laws being broken, then they have no rights to enter properties and give any orders they see fit.

        The articles claims the pigs gave the property owner several commands to get away from the fire and they had no other choice but to taze him to get him and the officer’s away from the flames.

        First off, the have no right to give orders because no laws are being broken, he is the property owner and he can be were ever he wants on his property. Second, the officers can however advise the property owner not to get to close to the fire, but they have no right to order him away from his own home with no violation of a law. If the pigs were concerned for their own safety, then they don’t need to be there and shouldn’t have been on his property in the first place, especially since he didn’t request their assistance.

        They know nothing about this guys background, He may be at some point in his life a fire fighter or involved in fire safety and he may know perfectly well what to look for in a fire and know exactly what to do to reduce potential damage and the fire jumping and spreading by keeping areas around the perimeter wet and cool until bigger equpt arrives to extinguish the source of a fully involved structure.

        The pigs comment “Thats what insurance is for”. Insurance can rebuild a structure. Then they (insurance company) will turn around and likely charge a large deductible and increase his premiums for years to come, by which basically penalizing him for standing by and not doing what he could to prevent the property damage from occurring and further be penalized for his neighbors carelessness.

        More importantly, things in his home such as family heirlooms and personal items that have sentimental values by which no insurance can replace. The property owner should be able to protect his belongings and property as he sees fit. He is a grown and competent adult by which can make his own decissions as to how far he wants to risk his own safety. It is not up to some dip$hit most likely rookie cop to judge and determine what the limits are.

        If that be the case and it is up to cops to exclusively determine what people can or cannot do based on the cops own opinion, then cops could tell order people to stop skate boarding everywhere because at any moment they could fall and harm them self, they could tell people who are stapping on a parachute that they can’t jump out of a plane because by their opinion it is unsafe. They could tell dirt bike riders that they cannot ride their bike on trails through woods because even though they may have a helmet on they can still smack a tree and break arms, legs or even the neck.

        Point being as stated earlier, a cop has no jurisdiction on private property to give orders if no laws are being broken and that person is in no way threatening to harm another person.

      • Alan

        You can’t be serious Larry!!! While the neighbors house might have been in the stages of becoming a “lost cause”, who are the police, or anyone else for that matter, to decide when one’s personal property has reached a level of forfeiture? Nah….I say sue ‘em! Those officers have a duty to protect and to serve. If that’s how they see fit to carry out their duty, then they are unfit to wear the uniform.

      • Glenn

        @ Larry K..Only one word to describe you. “IGNORANT” or I could use two “IGNORANT FOOL”

      • Casey

        You can either be free or safe. Where do you want to live? In a nation where decisions are made for you or a nation where you make decisions for yourself?

        When did you decide that a police officer has the right to stop a person from protecting his property? Be on notice that I do not concede that power to you, a policeman or anyone else.

      • wilton holden

        Larry K. You are obviously a product of 40 years of NEA run schools as you exhibit all of the latent tendencies of a natural born Dumb-ass you cant talk about the issues because you don’t have clue what they are…. you are therefore qualified to hold a position in the current administrations bureaucracy .

      • Julie

        So I guess it would have been just fine if it were YOUR home that burned down. There is this thing here in the USA called protecting one’s property. That is what this guy was doing. You must be one of those power hungry cops who feels he’s above the law.

      • michiganminuteman

        Typical leftie thinking


        Larry you are wrong little man….. Mr. Jensen has the legal rigth to protect his property,, the fire had not even set his house on fire yet…. he was attempting to keep his house from getting caught on fire,, from how I read the report….. the officers duty is to protect life and property….. they failed their mission……… Mr. Jensen will have no problem getting an attorney on this one… I am sure his phone at his hotel room is ringing off the hook, if the fire even reached his home, do not know. That is beside the point, he was assaulted and that officer who shot him with the taser should be charged with assault.
        I am a retired Police Sgt with 32 years in Law Enforcement.

      • WILDFIRE

        @LITTLE JOHN –

        LITTLE JOHN says: November 17, 2012 at 7:40 pm

        Mike I must tell ya little man,,,, you have one messed up out look on life. Sure there are some bad cops, but there are a hell of a lot more good ones… there is bad where ever you go….. but power hungry I have never seen it… you have trouble with authority…. you want the power or what….. most of these guys do a darn good job… they put their lives in danger everytime they put on the badge…. you need to do a ride along sometime… most departments have them….. you would be amazed at what they have to deal with everyday. now, from what I read on this little report the officer stepped way over the line, but I am sure that is only part of the story.. but little man you are wrong

        Before even I finished reading one of your comments, it become clear to me that you are or was associated with a police department or are related to someone that is. Your last sentence in the above comment prior to this one to another poster confirmed my suspicions. As you declared you was a 32 yr sgt.

        You resorted to belittlement tactics by referring (name calling) to both commentators that you disagree with as both being a “little man”, Thus implying that apparently you think you are SUPERIOR to others that disagree with or otherwise have a different opinion from yours. By attacking them mentally or psychologically attempting to belittle them and discredit their opinion clearly proves what they are expressing with their opinion of power hungry thugs. You clearly do not respect other peoples opinions that differ from your own and clearly do not think everyone has a right to their freedom of expression. Those rights are clearly reserved only to SUPERIOR beings such as yourself and anyone who disagrees with you is attacked by you with your bullying and self righteous tactics.

        You stated, that you have never seen one “power hungry police officer” or something to that effect. Well take a look in the mirror “LITTLE MAN” and meet the first one!

      • WILDFIRE

        Not that I agree with Mike or Larry by which you obviously don’t, just to make that clear. But by the fact that you had the audacity to claim you have never seen or witnessed power hungry police, which is to claim you have never seen anyone abuse their power. Then attempt to use mind control tactics to belittle those you disagree with by which in a sense empowers your opinion to be superior to theirs is in fact a form of power grabbing by discrediting or devaluing others opinions.

        Which brings me to the conclusion that you are or was likely not only a cop but are also a Democrat loving Obama supporter by which you have learned these tactics from a life long exposure and suffrage to this form of idiocy.

        Or in your tactical wording of a lesser intelligence by which you might understand easier:

        Which brings me to the conclusion that you are or was likely not only a pig but also a jack a s s (democratic animal icon) loving obama supporter by ………

      • Ronie

        And Larry, are you trying to say that tasing has no life threatening potential to the civilian?? The police were using DEADLY FORCE on an unarmed civilian who was trying to protect property! You mean at the LEAST they could not have tried to arm wrestle the man away from his efforts?? COWARDS they are. Afraid to get scuffed up a bit by a man with a water hose!

        A man I know had a fire at his personal property, which was called in to the fire dep’t, and it was a rural residence. They got screwed around on their ’911′ map, and were late to the fire. It was in a huge log building garage, filled with expensive belongings and eqpt. The owner was going to pull some of the stuff from the garage, via the overhead doors, and the fire was getting bigger, but going up the back and out of some large open spaces in the gable ends. They had time to pull much expensive eqpt. from open spaces if they had acted quickly. A deputy pulls up, and tells the owner to STAY AWAY, DO NOT GO IN THERE!! and the owner was intimidated to obey the officer’s order. The entire structure and it’s contents burned completely, well over $150 grand worth, and when it was over, the insurance didn’t cover it, they had an outside attached wood stove where the fire started.

        These cops have gone from ‘assisting’ the public to ‘controlling’ the public, and like someone else here said, IF it was THEIR property, and they had no insurance or too little, IT WOULD BE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT SITUATION.

        I hope this fellow gets compensated for his damage to himself, and a lesson served to the other ‘peace officers’ in the process. Their motto used to say “to protect and to SERVE”. Now, you see mostly references to “Law Enforcement”. Communities have to get out the oaths these individual contractors have taken to their areas of service, the communities, and force them to live by it, or leave it to those who will!

        • http://GOOGLE MIKE FIRMAD

          MIKE SAYS:


  • Ben Flagg

    Criminal assault, Excessive force, Personal Injury, & etc. Lay the Wood to these boys !

    • Patriot II

      They are probably in the union so you can’t lay a hand on them. If they are in the Union, it would makes sense becuase Government Union employeess can’t be held accountable.


    There must be more to this story but what if the guys house was not insured, who would pay to rebuild his house? Is there any fine print in your insurance policy which will allow owners to just let the property burn and why would we need fire departments with a view like that? Could save thousands of jobs by gettng rid of fire departments, dont you think? Let the insurance company pay eh? Insurance companies would go broke and no one would be able to insure houses with that type of state authorised policy. Wake up America.

    • RivahMitch

      Actually, most policies require that the homeowner take all reasonable steps to mitigate damage to the property. Willful failure to do so may result in the denial or reduction of any claims filed.

      • Testa Sterone

        Absolutely correct! You as the insured have the duty to not only help prevent damage to your property you have the duty to help mitigate any and all losses to your property as well. It’s written in all insurance contracts. The basic tenet of insurance, that’s all insurances, is “my insurance protects me, your insurance protects you”! Since you have prevented me from protecting my own property, you should now notify your insurance company that I am coming for them on your behalf! A rejoinder I am sure they will welcome just like the bedbugs at the local motel you will be staying at!!!

    • Bruce

      again if you look closely the BASE problem is insurance.
      It created the attitude, ‘Let it go, that’s what insurance is for.’
      and that is not a GOOD attitude to have.
      if insurance was illegal, then everyone would try to stop the fire, quickly, before it spread.
      And if we loved our neighbor as our self, the whole neighborhood would have been there helping.

    • Larry K.

      All those idiots against that police officer must have broken some sort of law making them complain, maybe they’ll remember their words and be forced to eat them.

      • Steve E

        No, they just have common sense.

      • Rick

        Larry k., No i have never broken any laws. But explain to me one tyhing what did th8is man do to deserve to be tased? He violated no law, He was harming no one, he was ion his own propery, and his only weapon was a garden hose. so what was he doing to deserve to be tased?

      • Charles Johnson

        this is a clear overstepping of police authority. The police have no reason to tazer the home owner as no one but himself was being placed in danger and the police have no authority to order you off your propertty.

      • Julie

        Please tell me why he deserved to be tased?


      • michiganminuteman

        WTF are you trying to say? You make absolutly no sence, again, typical leftie mind set. Go set your house on fire and then get in bed and take a nice cozy nap.

  • Fed Up

    Most likely the majority of the policy were standing around chatting and joking while a few were trying to keep this man from protecting his home and family. It’s bad enough not one of them even tried to help him, maybe pick up a hose and soak his roof and side of the house until the fire department arrived, but then to assualt the man for do ing what he had every right under the Florida Constitution to protect his home without being physically abused. He should sue the Pinellas County Police Dept., the officer who tasered him both in the County suit and separately in a civil suit and demand he be released from his position as he obviuosly showed how underqualified he is for the job. With the amount of good, hard working people unemployed right now I am sure the Couty will have no problem replacing him. My regrets you had to go through this type of treatment from the people we have always been taught were there to protect and assist us. Good Luck!

  • jt

    It appears that more and more law enforcement officers are becoming too accustomed to issuing orders to people, regardless of the circumstances. In this case, when their orders were not followed immediately, they resorted to the use of force to obtain compliance, in the absence of ANY crime being committed.

    It also appears that police are becoming very comfortable with the casual use of “non-lethal” or “less-than-lethal” weapons. Unfortunately, even these have proven lethal in a number of cases.

    • http://Yahool John H. Byerly Sr.

      Now we have Republicans hammering the Defense Budget. What is the cost of Congress on an annual basis, in addition to the perks send home for re-election. How many unsafe condtionns did Congrss experience this year. But I quess now that we have used them up or will by 2014, we don’t need you anymore, so go away so you gon’t cost us so much money. We have to turn our attention to Young women, illegal immigrants and miniorties. We no longer, from a budgetary standpoint take care of soldiers. We must reduce their healthcare costs based on taking care of people who came over the border. They now deserve our interest. You have died and received very seriious wounds, but now that the politicians are done with you, go away so you don’t cost us money. Cause being a congressman that screws the American people, I no longer have time for you. Any just so everyone knows, our wonderful Sec of Defense is going to reduce healthcare benefits as part of reducing the defense budget. Maybe we should reduce the number of Generals we have. Hopefully we are going to reduce military hardward and I’m sure Congress will approve that as long as it does not effect jobs in THEIR states. .I want to thank the politicians for their continued talk in supporting soldliers. And thats what it is. Just talk. Nobody is hones.

      • Bill

        John’s comments are a good example of the dumbing down of America

      • jt


        Oh hell, nevermind.

    • Bill

      This guy has a great lawsuit. The officers that acted stupidly should be fired

    • http://Youhaveexpressedtheproblemquiteclearly.Nowdoyouhaveasolutiontoit?BecauseIseelittletonowaytostopthemissusesofpowershortofdyeingtoregainourfreedom.Atbestournationisgoingthewaysomanyothershavegone Lincoln Adams

      You have expressed the problem quite clearly. Now do you have a solution to it? Because I see little to no way to stop the miss uses of power short of dyeing to regain our freedom. At best our nation is going the way so many others have gone were people find ways to do nothing and want everything. We are way down around the bend and there is no way back.

      • jt

        Well, you can participate in your local government as a citizen, by attending council meetings or any other forums open to the general public. You can also become familiar with your local laws and enforcement procedures. Law enforcement regulations are a matter of public record (though not all internal departmental procedures ), as are your local and state statutes.

        Admittedly, it’s not a complete solution, but becoming active in the workings of your government is a good thing on many levels. It enables you to be more aware of what happens in your community, and how government responds to what happens. Most people (myself included) could benefit from learning more about their rights where law enforcement and court proceeding are concerned. It’s something to consider.

    • Joseph Rospapa

      As good citizens, or just good people, we want to respect and enjoy the help of police officers. Their job is to protect & serve. Their duty is to the Constitution of the united States of America. I believe that most people still believe that what I just wrote is still true today. It’s not. The Supreme Court has already ruled that the people have no right to police protection. If they can help & it’s convenient for them, they will, but that is almost never, unless you are a politician or a judge, or another cop, for that matter.
      This country was formed with the people having the power. We decided, at one point in time, to LOAN some of that power to various elected officials, who, in turn, delegate some of the power they have been loaned to various agencies, but the POWER remains OURS. If we think that power is not being used to our benefit…

      Maybe we should just take it back, even at the point of a gun.

      Some will say, I’m crazy or I’m an anarchist. I would say that it’s just crazy to let what is mine to be used against me.

      • WILDFIRE

        I agree with you, but many of the younger generations do not know nor understand the workings or the purpose of government branches and the powers. They gave up teaching real History and civics and our constitution and how this Country was founded. they spend more time these days teaching younger generations about promiscuity and homosexuality. Stands to reason why we ranked 15th in English, 17th in Science and 25th in math against other Countries around the world. Yet we still self proclaim that we are still the greatest nation in the World. How they fight people like you who have seen educated yourself on and witnessed this nation transform over the 30 -40 -50 yrs is to label your a nasty repulsive name such as radical or extremist or bigot in attempts to discredit you and keep people from listening our hearing what you say. For if they listened and learned, these people in Government would start losing their powers they have managed to steal over the last few generations.

    • Marcie Chittenden

      The majority of police officers do a marvelous job of keeping
      the peace but, unfortunately, as in any groups of people
      there will be a segment of officers that are just plain bad.
      These individuals have self esteem issues and feel better
      by putting others down.

    • kenneth safran

      the use of taser is ok if there a crime committed the unsub is violence but if the person is diabetic or has seizure and you taser them you committed murder of the person which mean taser is not the only answer of solving the problem if person is aggitiated other method need to be used with few police to hold down the person would be a safer method than taser .

      • Smoovious Laxness

        I would add to that, that the only time the use of a taser is appropriate, is if the subject is armed and threatening with his weapon, or if the police officer is in direct, imminent, danger (such as, the subject is fighting with the officer, and has the officer pinned, and the other officer is able to tase the subject, but even then, the other officer should be able to intervene without it. we do train our officers to handle themselves in a fight, after all… or at least, we used to…)

        – Smoov

    • David Turlington

      It’s simply terrible that we have allowed things to get to this point. I support law enforcement officers in their legitamite discharge of their duties, as do most law abiding citizens, but this taser situation has become far to commonplace! I have a surgically implanted spinal chord stimulator for the treatment of dibillitating pain as the result of a spinal chord injury. It is my understanding that if I were ever subjected to the effects of one of these devices it would almost certainly be fatal, as the electrode is implanted in my brain stem. While I would like to say that I am certain I would never find myself in a situation where this might be possible, I also see these stories becoming more prevelant, Then things start to look like one can’t be certain anymore! I find this kind of increasing behavior very unsettling!

  • RivahMitch

    Hunt that cop down and “disappear ” him.

  • concerned citizen

    I would have replied… I know you are trying to save me from harm, but I have medical insurance… not homeowners… Now get off my lawn!

  • Jerry Nappi

    This is just the tip of the iceberg with Fl. Law Enforcement. Lots of corruption and good old boy politics. You’ll never clean it up until you get a Governor that has the positive attitude.

  • Cliffystones

    “……they were forced to use a stun gun to keep him and officers out of the path of the flame.”

    He’s a grown man. I’m quite sure he is capable of avoiding the flames without their help. I mean really, taze the guy? So maybe his hair get a tad bit singed. I hope those cops get the boot!

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Trying to avoid getting burned by a house fire, is a lot like avoiding getting hit by a moving train…

      Walk in a direction away from where it is. Not that hard.

      – Smoov

  • Patriot II

    No Biggie, they were just practicing to be on Obama’s Gestapo, for when he declares his Dictatorship

  • Tom Cook

    Just another thugcop story. These days they are commonplace. If the revolution comes anyone with a badge will be targeted by decent honest citizens.

  • Tom McConville

    Consider how times have changed: 50 years ago, the police would have helped until the fire department arrived. Daniel Jensen is a far better man than those brownshirts whose salary he contributes to.

  • Nobody’s Fool

    Well, to quote the world’s most articulate and intelligent human, “The police acted stupidly.” But in this case, it’s true. I would be willing to bet they are unionized thugs and goons, and had they picked up the hose to help, they would have been sued by the fire- fighters’ unionized goons and thugs. Gone are the days when people did the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do. Sadly, they have been so indoctrinated by their union rules that their humanity is gone. They will be perfect to serve on oBlamer’s gestapo squads!!

  • Big Woody

    Again we get a story that outrages us. Yet we do not get the names of the police that encouraged the tazing or the one that did hit him with the tazer. Name these people. Put them on the front page so all shall know who they are and what kind of morons our government is employing. FOR OUR PROTECTION.

  • capt cook

    Too bad he wasn’t armed to protect himself against this assault by a civilian police force that is supposed to be protecting the civilians, not attacking them!

    • Scott Todd

      I agree what they did was wrong, but let’s see you take on a bunch of armed cops.

  • AK Tom

    Sure would like to know the whole story before making any judgments. However, isn’t the police motto “To serve and protect”?

  • Kinetic1

    Has anyone, ANYONE of you done any research beyond what Mr. Rolley offered? One only needs to read the article to see that it’s all from the “victim’s” side. So, what did the police do? Well, other reports say that the police tried several times to pull the homeowner away from the fire. They didn’t just give him a verbal warning, they physically pulled him back several times. Now I don’t know how many of you have dealt with a fire of this sort, but it’s very dangerous and unpredictable. Throw in a frightened man with adrenalin rushing through his body and you have a real chance of someone getting hurt.

    Here’s a link to the story. Note how close the houses are to one another and how much space the boat and trash cans take up. Had the police allowed this man to continue their is a very real chance that he might have been trapped in there. Had this happened, the police would have no choice but to risk their lives trying to pull him out. And instead of seeing their father tased, these kids might have watched their father burn.

    All of this isn’t to say that the police were right. I wasn’t there either, so I can’t say for certain that the sergeant was right to give the order to tase the man, but I can see a situation where there it would be better to tase him than let him create a life threatening situation.

    Oh, and for those of you who think

    “Most likely the majority of the policy were standing around chatting and joking while a few were trying to keep this man from protecting his home and family. It’s bad enough not one of them even tried to help him, maybe pick up a hose and soak his roof and side of the house until the fire department arrived”,

    where did this extra hose appear from? Do the police carry an extra in the trunk, or are you just assuming that there would be extra hoses just laying around? It’s amazing how this site, filled with “real Americans” and “true Patriots” consistently falls in line with the slant of the writer and assumes the worst about our Police. Their job keeps getting tougher as municipalities, strapped for cash reduce the number of feet on the street. They risk their lives for us everyday, but you just assume the worst. They’re human. They don’t always make the right decision. Some are corrupt and some are pushed to their limit, but the majority are out there doing their job with dignity and compassion. I wonder how you’ll respond if you ever find yourself in need of police help?

    • mike112769

      Very, very few cops are in it to help people. The vast majority are just power-hungry thugs.

      • Kinetic1

        If that’s true than I guess most of the good ones live in my area. I’d move if I were you. Then again, it’s likely that YOU will find conditions the same wherever you go.


        Mike I must tell ya little man,,,, you have one messed up out look on life. Sure there are some bad cops, but there are a hell of a lot more good ones… there is bad where ever you go….. but power hungry I have never seen it… you have trouble with authority…. you want the power or what….. most of these guys do a darn good job… they put their lives in danger everytime they put on the badge…. you need to do a ride along sometime… most departments have them….. you would be amazed at what they have to deal with everyday. now, from what I read on this little report the officer stepped way over the line, but I am sure that is only part of the story.. but little man you are wrong

      • Bill

        We have more law enforcement people that would have helped in this situation. These were some bad apples that need to be fired

    • Fed Up

      You are correct, you were not there and neither was I. Bottom line with the number of police and neighbors the last thing they needed to do was tase this man. Between the police and the neighbors they certainly could have gotten this man away from the house and into a squad car if the situation was that severe. And no, I didn’t expect it to be raining hoses but I am sure there was at least one or two other hoses in a neighborhood that had houses so very close to each oher. Every house I owned had 2 outside hoses and my neighbors all had at least two also. Facts aside, if this man was tased for try ing to save his home, then it is a shame he was touched and that no one even tried to help with the fire while waiting for the fire truck.

    • Patriot higgins

      I can not think about calling them. The “bad guy ” is usually only after some of my stuff. When you call the real criminals they can lock you up & steal everything that you own

    • Rick

      Again he broke no laws and therefore their orders were unlawful. He had no obligation to follow them. He was not harming or endangering anyone but himself. That is his right. I think poeple who jump out of airpolanes are endangering themselves should I tase them “for their own good” Same thing here it’s his choice if he feels it is a reasonalble risk. And the garden hose would go a long way to keep him from being harmed. I have worked ambulance for several years. and what if he had been on the groind semi-consious and the fire leaped and trapped him? what would the cops say then had this caused the man’s kids to become orphans.



    • Charles A

      Kinetic, where I come from, most cops carry a hose around with them.

  • tim

    Cops do not protect and serve anymore. They will kill anyone, if they think they can get away with it!!! They sure as hell aren’t your’e friend anymore.

    • Lon

      Where in the hell do you people live? I know a large number of the police in my area and the majority of them are great guys that go out of their way to help people in our community. Sure once in a while you catch them in a bad mood but that happens to everyone.

      As to this specific instance we don’t know all the facts involved. Some people seem to think the police should have helped by getting another water hose. In my town you would be hard pressed to find more than one hose on a property and then there is know telling how long it will be. For that matter most houses don’t keep them in the open around here.

      During a major fire the police have a duty to clear the area and keep people back so when the fire department arrives the scene is clear so they can do their job. A major fire can be a great danger to anyone close to it. You never know if there will be an explosion from a gas line or other chemicals that may be on the premises. If the neighbors house was fully engulfed then the police were within their rights to remove the man. Given they had removed him several time and he kept running back they were running out of options. If they would have let him be and the man ended up being injured then everyone would be blaming the police for not getting him out of the area.

      What do people expect when you work in a job that most people have no idea what is involved. Most of the time the police see people at their worst either drunk, tripping on drugs or involved in a crime at the time of interaction. The general public seems to think the police should be able to go from being pumped up on adrenaline during a car of foot chase or even a shoot out to being totally calm and understanding in the blink of an eye. Get real people, that just is not going to happen for anyone.

      • afdbghq

        Get your very liberal head out of your very smelly a$$.This man has every right to do whatever he feels is needed in order to protect his property from harm. The police have no right to order him from HIS property or to attempt to physically remove him from HIS property. He was violation no law, was not attempting to harm anyone, or force anyone to commit a criminal act. All he was doing was trying to protect his property from a fire.

      • WILDFIRE

        First off, Police primary purpose is to protect and serve. Protect who? The people… Serve who? the people…. It is not their job to restrain or otherwise assault people not breaking a law. If they observe something they deem as unsafe and think it is their obligation to protect that person, they can advise that person of the possible danger they are placing themself in, but they have no legal right to restrain of assault people not breaking a law.
        You might claim that this man broke a law by not following a cops ORDER, however, the cop had no legal right to give such an order particularly because he was on his own property and he is legally responsible for what occurs on his property not the cop. He is the legal land owner of the property, That badge does not dictate that anyone wearing a badge has legal rights to seize the property as they see fit and remove the property owner or impede in the property owners rights to peaceful living if they are not breaking laws. That is what this man was doing in trying to protect his property so he could return to peaceful living on his property. Rather than the police ensuring and assisting / serving the public to ensure their rights to peaceful living is achieved, they instead did basically what a criminal would do to a victim.

        Let me give you a scenario that might clear it up for you: A person comes onto your property. Gives an order to surrender their wallets and valuables and states “no one will get hurt if you do what I order you to do, if you do not comply with my instruction then I will use force to make you do what I want you to do, maybe I will take out your knee so you can not walk or break the bones in your arm or hand so you cannot defend yourself or your family or your property.”

        Does this person have a right to place orders on someones property by which they do not own? NO
        Does this person have expressed permission to be on that private property given by the property owner? Most likely, No
        Does this person have a right to inflict lethal or nonlethal measures to achieve or ensure his order is carried out to his satisfaction? NO

        So what makes you think that a cop has a right to come onto private property seize the property and remove the property owner with no laws being broken other than trying to protect his best interests and that of his families to ensure their safety and right to peaceful living.

        A badge does not give a person the right to unlawfully infringe on other peoples rights as they seem fit nor does it give them the right to assault people who do not follow an order by someone wearing a badge if he has no legal right or authority to place such an order.

        You claim in your last paragraph, that cops deal with high speed chases and drug dealers and this and that and are charged up on adrenaline pumping crisis on a daily basis and cannot turn that off like a light. In short, you are suggesting that they are unable to appropriately control their emotions and actions pending the situation at hand in an attempt to try to give them an excuse to illegally commit assault on innocent people.

        If they are emotionally out of control or unable to control their emotions, then they should be the farthest ones away from a trigger of a gun or even a trigger of a taser or stun gun.

        I have met many high strung young trigger happy cops that surely is just a matter of time until they shoot someone that is armed with a cell phone in their hand or a stick of lip balm misconstrued as a gun in the panic mode of the cop.

        If you can’t keep your cool and know when to turn it on and off, then you shouldn’t be wearing a badge and certainly not carrying a gun regardless to if you wear a badge or not.

  • Chris

    So sad. I really feel sorry for that guy trying to protect his home………I’d probably do the same thing if I felt I had a chance without being harmed doing so. Irregardless of insurance, no one wants to see their home or possessions destroyed.

  • T. Jefferson

    “We will protect you even if we have to kill you to do it.” Typical boneheaded nazi jackbooted thugs.



  • Incredulous1

    What is it with FLORIDA?!?!? More nutiness comes out of that state than all others combined (since DC is not a state, I do not include them in my comparison.) Whether it’s child preditors or criminal cops, there must be something going on down there. Military experimenting with more mind altering drugs?

  • Randy131

    So now it is supposedly unlawful to risk your life to save your home? The government has taken over every aspect of our lives, so only their people (Firemen) are allowed to risk their lives to put out a fire that is threatening our homes? Is this truly the America we were brought up to love and serve? I enlisted in the USMC during Viet Nam War, if I were of age, I would enlist in nothing today, let those who run people’s lives defend the country. I will now defend me and mine against those who usurp our rights and run this country today.

  • Charles A

    What do you expect? Police have only one job: dominate the populace, force them to comply with orders, even if the orders are illegal and unconstitutional.

    • Thomas Atwood

      So… it is illegal to save the mans life. If the police let the man die trying to save his home you would still be pissed off, It seams that everyone hates the police, military and the goverment. But will would you be with out them?

      • WILDFIRE

        “So… it is illegal to save the mans life. If the police let the man die trying to save his home you would still be pissed off, It seams that everyone hates the police, military and the goverment. But will would you be with out them?”

        First off, what makes you think his life needed to be saved? Furthermore, what makes you think that police are the only ones competent enough to decide or declare what is safe or what is putting someone in danger. Furthermore, according to the story, there was 2 officers there. You mean they exhausted all other options so they shoot a innocent guy with a stun gun for not following their orders, drop him in puddles of water, not to mention the humiliation. You mean to tell me that 2 trained professional officers could not disarm a coherent old man with a garden hose in his hand and pick him up under his arms carry him out of there. No, They had to resort to shooting him with something. Surprised they didn’t beat him a few times with a baton for good measure. In the end, the fact remains, the man had every right to protect his property and the police had no right to illegally interfere.

        About hating the police and what would we do without them. Had you asked that question 20-30 years ago, I would agree that we need them and they have their place and purpose. As of late, The characters we have in positions such as police, military and government are lack competence, character and common sense. Not a week goes by that stories of police abuse of power is reported or a day goes by that some idiotic proposal by government to either waste money or in some manner relinquish or ban someones or all peoples rights in one form or another. On a daily basis there are new laws imposed whether on a federal level or a state or local level. Every time a law is made it is made to usually to limit someones freedoms. They will oppress millions of peoples freedoms in the name of one or two instances of misuse of a freedom.

        What would we do without modern day police, military and government??? We would have alot more money and freedom and liberty. We wouldn’t be faced with the outrageous debt we have today. Because we would be minding our own business and not wasting billions of dollars on such things as munitions to EPA, department of agriculture, IRS. Why do department like this need to be armed when they are not law enforcement? but billions of dollars has been spent to arm them for unknown reasons. Why are we sending billions and now trillions of dollars to all sorts of foreign Countries? Many of which are our enemy and can’t stand us but happily will accept our money. This Government thinks we can buy friendship and respect from our enemies and in return we can order, and control them and police them to do what we want them to do.

        If we minded our own business and worried about our own nation, we wouldn’t have a nation on the brink of bankruptcy and collapse and civil unrest and even asking to be broken up now.

        The world is watching and they are laughing at us. Here is a country once looked at as the Greatest nation in the world by many domestic and foreign. Now they see a Country is complete disarray and falling apart and nearly in collapse and yet we are trying to continue to tell (not just tell them, in fact force them) others how to live their life when we have crime and corruption far more rampant in this Country than in the Countries we are preaching too. Yet our government has the audacity to think they have right to order others how to live. Our government is a prime example of these police in this article over reaching and abusing their power. They had no right nor was their presence needed or welcomed on this guys private property, just as the American government has no right nor is their presence welcomed in foreign Countries to order them how they should live on their soil.

      • Charles A

        Thomas, stop lying. I am not pissed off now, and I would not be pissed off if the guy had died. The fact that we need government and police in some measure does NOT mean that we have to meekly accept their abuse of power. Get a brain or shut up.

  • Roy Estes

    I did the same exact thing with a hose and the cops simply came by when it was over and said good job with the hose . However had I been tazed it would have so infuriated me it would not have ended good for me or the police .


    I agree with Randy 131. I too was in the US Armed Forces (Navy) during the Viet Nam War which the United States had no business being there. When I learned about the corruption of the Viet Nam War, I then decided when my 4 years were up, to get out while still alive. I would not reccommend anyone male or female today to join the US Armed Forces because you will not be helping to defend America, but you will be helping to defend pocketbooks of friends of the politicians. Wars today is all about money! However, the police power of every municipality in the US are being trained for Marshal Law when ever it is put into place. These police are working to enforce the Dictatorship we have in DC today and as far as they are instructed, you have no rights, only privileges when the Government decides to give them. These police should have been tackled physically by neighbors if there were any, but that is not known in the report. Real men won’t stand by, they will try to help and anyone (including the police) that get in the way will be apprehended and removed from the area. I too have no use for “MOST” of the police today, although there are a few who do demonstrate that they are trying to help. The man that was tased should file suit but with corruption in all of the courts today, he might not get due process The defense will come up with every conceivable loophole possible to keep this man from winning his suit. Wake up America, the Gestapo Federal Government is robbing you of what is rightfully yours when you pay that tax that doesn’t exist on your wages, salary, or income every year, the deadline being April 15th. A note about a W-4 Tax Form. This form when signed by you gives your ignorant employer authority to withhold tax. Yes, you give him “permission” to withhold. And for all you CPA’s, EA’s, Tax Attorney’s or Tax Lawyers, read the law of Title 26 Code of Federal Regulations 31.3402(p)(1) and see that this tax form is “Voluntary”, but it is only a valid tax form when filed by Federal employees, as the private sector cannot be a party as they will perjure themselves. Police will be corrupt under Federal Regulations if those regulations are enforced under color of law and believe me that is what is happening today, even with taxes. Corruption is rampant in all Governments inside the USA and District of Columbia. You and I have Rights secured under the Great Constitution but in Federal Courtrooms you have no Constitutional Rights, a good place to never enter in a suit against the Federal Government unless you are a multi-millionaire and KNOW the law. If you are a policeman reading this comment and you feel that you are doing what is right under the law, you can be rest assured someone will know if its true who you say you are and that you are there to help in a place where you come upon a scene of distress. If The United States of America is ever to return to the Republic it once was, we ALL must work to end corruption in law enforcement, whether it be locally or within the Federal zone. Be a real man when needed, not just a onlooker, doing nothing!

  • ranger09

    Well People can no longer protect what belongs to them. The police dont care when it belongs to you, Just like the man said, Oh sorry i called him a man. Let the Ins co take care of it, This way i will not get my Uniform dirty, And if the fire goes un checked Me and my buddies will get some Overtime out of this fire Well Protect and Serve Means We protect ourselves and serve the Politicians. OH where was the fire dept Most likely sleeping in or waiting until the movie was over.

  • ranger09

    I remember when I was a Peace officer You swore to protect the People and their Property, Thats what they Paid you to do. But today the Politicians and Lawyers, and the Insurance Companys make the Rules. Today our Police are not the Breed that use to be, A man with a Gun, A man with a Knife, Theres a fight in a Bar.They do nothing, they WAIT until a large backup force. comes to aid them. It is againest the Law for a peace officer to stand by and allow a crime to take place WITHOUT engaging, Its also againest all moral rights for the Public Property to be destroyed with them assisting. The Police no longer work for the People, They work for the Politicians

  • Lincoln Adams

    You have expressed the problem quite clearly. Now do you have a solution to it? Because I see little to no way to stop the miss uses of power short of dyeing to regain our freedom. At best our nation is going the way so many others have gone were people find ways to do nothing and want everything. We are way down around the bend and there is no way back.

  • Keith

    The scary thing here is… Was the officer acting within Pinellas Park Police departmental policy? If he was, the city needs to pay. If the officer was acting outside of policy, the city needs to pay. This is just all wrong on many different levels. I’ve had a house burn down. Our local police and fireman were there to serve me and my family. No one told me to get away. We saved a lot of our family pictures. I’m a law enforcement office in Tennessee and I am embarrassed for the officer. He needs to find another line of work.
    Paul’s comment referering to law enforcement officers “The majority are psychological and societal misfits.” is way over the top. I feel sorry for Paul for not knowing the officer I know and work with here in TN. Law Enforcement is like all other careers, You can find societal misfits everywhere.

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