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Majority Of Americans Want Compromise To Avoid Government Shutdown

February 28, 2011 by  

With a government shutdown looming if Congress and the President can't agree on a budget by March 4, a majority of Americans are hoping that the two political parties can meet in the middle.

According to a new USA Today/Gallup survey, six out of 10 respondents said they want the lawmakers to agree on a compromise, while approximately 33 percent believe that legislators should hold out for the budget plan they want, even if it results in a shutdown of Federal services. Seven out of 10 surveyed Democrats favored a compromise, compared to about 49 percent of Republicans.

A House Republican bill to fund the Federal government for the remainder of fiscal year 2011 was approved by the chamber on Feb. 19. The legislation would cut more than $60 billion from the continuing resolution that expires March 4.

According to media reports, GOP House members have proposed a $4 billion, two-week stopgap measure to avoid a government shutdown. Democrats are resistant to the idea, saying that it is not a compromise because the stopgap funding is equal to a prorated amount in long-term budget that Republicans passed last week.

The USA Today/Gallup survey revealed that about half of the respondents said that the Democrats' budget plans do not go far enough to reduce the national deficit. Only about one in four Americans said that the GOP's proposal goes too far in slashing Federal spending.

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  • J.M.R.

    hell no no compromise stop the out of control spending, over paid benefits on the backs of the tax payer.

    • Lisa

      I’ll keep it sweet and blunt.

      We’re broke

      too broke to put solar panels all over the nation
      too broke to pursue ethanol and ethanol fueled cars
      too broke to pay for fancy private schools with public school funds
      too broke to even help out other nations as we can barely help ourselves.
      Too broke to give teachers and other government workers a raise.

      We’re broke,broke,broke.

      I think we should shut it down, strip the budget to the bare bones and start doing what we should of done along time ago…

      make more American goods
      start drilling for more oil
      and paying down our debts.

      NO more diluted funny money to pay for things we can no longer afford.

      if we don’t move away from all the “me me me” we’re gonna find out we’re gonna loose the “we we we” in we the people, cause we wont have a nation for all,it will be more like a broke nation dissolved and gone.

      I don’t want a shut down,but I don’t want another bail out on our dime either. It didn’t work the first time and it won’t work this time either.

      • Allen

        Nice job, Lisa. If it takes a shutdown, so be it. What part of stop spending don’t these people get. If these members of congress cannot balance the budget, we will attempt to vote them out. I have to live within my means, time for others to start.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Shutting the government down is not the objective. Balancing the budget, cutting out pork spending, and reevaluating various programs that are bleeding our country dry of tax payer dollars is the objective.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Louise McDonald

      “Good Show” Robin ! Your comment goes to the Heart of Matter – Circumvent the never-ending DRAMA of POLY TICS and Forge Full Steam Ahead as any “normal family” would have NEED to do in a financial crisis !

    • Dan Burke

      The problem is that Americans don’t really want to balance the budget, and the politicians know this.

      Here is a few of the “sacred cows”:

      1. Medicaid
      2. Medicare
      3. Social Security
      4. Unemployment Benefits
      5. Military
      6. Environmental Agencies
      7. Federal Funding of Education

      And the list goes on, but I think in these seven there should be at least one sacred cow of government spending that everyone of us will prostrate ourselves before. “Cut all spending but this!” Be it military, or social security, or education. It really doesn’t matter. The issue is then that we all have a different selection of sacred cows of spending that we refuse to budge on and so when the politicians get together, no one is willing to honestly tell us that we must ALL give up our sacred cows. Instead, they try to bargain with each other to keep us all happy so we will reelect them (or simply not lynch them when they come home from DC). And thus, no cuts are really made….

      So I hear people say that they want a fiscally responsible government and then I will almost always read in the arguments someone saying that because I want spending cut that I must be out to kill grandma and grandpa, that I am only thinking of myself because I don’t want those people who paid into social security, medicaid and medicare to get their money back. I want to scream sometimes because of the apparent stupidity. The cycle will never end until someone is willing to take responsibility to end the cycle. As such, I am torn between wanting the cycle to end peacefully because we matured as a people, and wanting the cycle to accelerate until its ultimate end. Yes, I did say accelerate. I know the cycle will end. There is no “if”, “and”, or “but” about it. Either we walk away from our foolishness now, or we continue down the path until we fall off the proverbial cliff. So sometimes I wish the American people would just get this over with and just jump off the cliff into the rocks below like we seem so determined to do. And while our bones will be broken, at least we can try and get to the healing sooner….

  • Munday/TX

    shut it down-it will be first time I have slept good since November 2008.

  • s c

    So the poll potheads are at it again. Six out of ten, eh? What the hell does that mean? Was the question phrased properly, or did the poll takers rig the question so they could get maximum credibility via a LOADED question?
    I don’t believe it. When the boys and girls are in session is when they’re dangerous. SHUT IT DOWN! Use “progressive” logic this time, and GIVE IT A CHANCE. Let bastards stay at home for a while. They make too much money and produce too little.
    Let’s see Washington SACRIFICE once in a while. The boob in the White House loves to talk about sacrifice, but he NEVER does it himself. Whazup wit dat? Man up, Bubba. Act like a MAN and NOT a puppet! That’s why you always be a PREZ and never a president!

    • eddie47d

      Could our Representatives kindly lay all the cards on the table and let us know what is going to be cut and what is not going to be cut. There isn’t much chance of a shutdown and we’ve all heard this before. What bills are out there that will make those deep cuts and who’s got bills presented to Congress that will add to the deficit?

      • 45caliber

        For once, I agree with you. Let US see what is going on.

    • Kinetic1

      There can always be questions about how the polls were constructed, but there are also questions to be asked about the reporting. The question posed to those being polled was,

      “As you know, if the Republicans in congress and President Obama do not agree on spending goals by March 4th, the government will have to shut down all it’s nonessential services until a budget is passed. What would you like the people in Washington who represent your views on the budget to do in this situation? Should they — [Hold for the basic budget plan they want, even if that means the government shuts down, (or should they) agree to a compromise budget plan, even if that means they pass a budget you disagree with?]”

      Now look at how it is reported here.

      “Seven out of 10 surveyed Democrats favored a compromise, compared to about 49 percent of Republicans.”

      Yep, that’s true enough, but it implies that Republicans might favor holding out by a slight margin. In fact, only 42% called for holding out. It also fails to mention that Independents favor compromise 61% to 32%. Ad how about the claim that

      “Only about one in four Americans said that the GOP’s proposal goes too far in slashing Federal spending.”

      Why not tell the whole story? 25% feel the Republicans have gone too far, another 25% feel they’re about right, and 37% said they did not go far enough! Was that not worth mentioning? Of course, the real question is not whether or not the cuts go far enough, but from where the cuts come. I’m all for cutting our budget, but I’d like to start by ending these wars that have broken the bank. I’d also like an explanation as to why I have to bail out the banks when they have billions in holdings, but I have more money in my wallet than Bank of America has paid in taxes (here’s a hint, I have enough to buy a candy bar.)

      • Vigilant

        Good catch, Kinetic1

  • TIME

    Compromise is only valid when your dealing on buying something, what we are being sold fails to meet the level we are prepared to pay. Thus COMPROMISE is not a worth while venue, so cut and cut deeply and let the chips fall where they may.

    Afterall would anyone who has any gray matter really go and buy a Box of crap for say $3.7 Trillion dollars when you can get that same box of crap for $1.00?

    People again this is not a Rebo v Demo, its called thinking about what WORKS and what is 100% certain to fail.

    How can anyone who has an IQ of even 100 begin to think that if you spend more that you make year after year after year and then double down on that spending year after year that some how this will trun out well?
    What bloody drugs would someone with that mind set be on?
    Oh yea thats right the Bloody “CRAZY TRAIN.”

    • 45caliber


      One problem I have is that when Congress “buys” something, we are the ones who end up paying for it, whether it is good or bad. And, whether is it good or bad, they never bother to get rid of the bad.

      • TIME

        45 Cal,
        Very true, as well these people also represent you when dealing with other countrys. Thats why so many countrys don’t like us, they for one don’t like being lied to, then cheeted, let alone being taken advantage of.

        Can anyone really say they blame them?
        Thats why we MUST only put into office people who represent what we as a Nation find to be our core values.

        I think the CON artish have been in the DC belt way quite long enough.
        Its time to toss out the FED the Rothschild backers of the FED, as well people like George Soro’s as well all the Hollywierd crowd and all the Fake what ever they are COM ARTIST types.

        How can we ever hope to have the world look up to us if we have standards that are so far below what they have in their own County’s?

  • Demoncrat Exorcist

    From what I hear, the majority of Americans want Obama’s destroy America express stopped regardless of what they have to do – inbcluding shutting down the damn give-mint.
    If that’s what it takes to stop that Kenyan SOB, then lets get on with it. I would prefer to see Congress impeach the SOB, but they lack the balls to stand up to the little homosexual sucker from Kenya.

  • Mick

    Let’s not giving again to the very people largely contributing to America demise.
    Hard work, common sense, discipline and the suppression of the democrat oppressors is the way to go to regain the wonderful status we once had,,,

  • http://yahoo jowolo

    Shut it down! Make sure the first checks to bounce are for the gutless congress that only care about themselves and not the American people.

  • Lastmanstanding

    No compromise. This will put the progs and those on the dole on the run. Let’s see who has a backbone. I’ve said before, “Survival of the fittest” will soon be in play. Don’t come to my home for “redistribution of wealth” unless your on my team.

  • Bobber

    Compromising with the scumocrats is compromising with Satan and only evil can come from such a compromise. If the goverment has to be shut down to avoid compromising with the scumocrats, so be it.

  • Raggs

    Shut-Um down and lock the door!

  • Hardcore

    Let us hope that the GOP House doesn’t fall for an “Obama compromise” which means little more than giving Mao-bama what he wants which is to continue spending. Shutting down the government means no more than closed National parks and furloughs for those nice people at the EPA and Department of Education. You and your Momma will still get your Social Security check and the government will still make Medicare payments. The military will still run and continue to protect and serve. Most Americans won’t notice a thing. I say SHUT IT DOWN! Let the non-productice bureaucrats go find productive work in the private sector.

    • 45caliber

      A GOP compromise: “Well, if you will vote for my piece of trash, I’ll vote for yours.”

      A Dem compromise: “You MUST vote for whatever piece of trash I want.”

      A liberal compromise: “I am in charge (even if not elected) and you must do whatever I say.”

      A conservative compromise: “Cut back to a balanced budget, pay off the debt, and then we’ll talk about anything else you might want.”

      • come_and_take_it

        No budgets bigger than last years revenues…

      • http://?? Joe H.


  • patty

    I hear a fat lady singing some where. Shut it down.

  • Dr. Barbara

    How many different ways are there to say to the spineless Republicans to shut down the vicious agenda of the brain-backwards Democrats? SHUT IT DOWN!!

    • mad as hell

      I agree Dr. we cannot keep compromising with the left because they lie and any compromise will be used against us at election time.


    …Where is the proof that more Americans want the Government to continue to spend what we don’t have…. The people who want it to continue is all Liberals and Marxist and RINOS, if that is the Majority then I say Slap the hell out of them…..
    Don’t feed the Morons that Steal the Taxpayers Money…

  • azwayne

    Don’t we recognize USNEWS, another liberal propaganda machine, why are they supported? When will we kill the incompetents in the country? You know polls gather results the way pollsters want them to. How about simple truthful questions, maybe with some facts,,asked of working Americans> EMAIL now tell GOP they better grow a pair or leave while they have choice. Boehner may need encouragement, find who he’s following. He better listen to citizens, not media.

    • barbm

      i just got off the phone with boehner’s office. i asked when he’s up for reelection. 2012. i asked if he knows that the tea party will take him out if he compromises. she said yes. apparently, he’s getting a lot of calls and emails. i also called my worthless democrat congressman and asked his office, if not now, when are we going to cut the budget? she had no answer. i’ve been asking for 2 years to be told when he’ll be in san antonio at a public venue where i can ask him my questions personally since i can’t get a good answer from him with emails and phone calls. she said she’d have his scheduling secretary call me. ha. been 2 long years, so i doubt i’ll hear from her. ask your reps when they’ll be at a venue near you. ask the hard questions in a public forum where he/she can’t avoid answering.

  • 45caliber

    I would personally like to see the following (without any compromise):

    1. Cut all all non-essential items from the Federal budget.

    2. Create a “balanced budget” law.

    3. All laws are to be read and time allowed for citizen input prior to passing.

    4. Reinstatement of any cut projects can only be done when funds are available.

    5. No new projects unless all funds are available. (NOTE: that does NOT mean that the new projects have new/increased taxes to pay for them.)

    6. All pay/benefits for Congressmen and Senators is returned to state’s control.

    7. The debt must be paid off before any new or removed projects can be considered.

    8. A law requiring that no treaty can infringe upon any right specified for the people in the Constitution.

    • come_and_take_it

      Right on .45, but you forgot one.

      11) The government may spend no more than it collects. No more FED bailouts or cozy krap with the banks.

      I’m tired of being used to line the bankers pockets ala the “Matrix”.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      What about the border fence that the funding was already in place for and they spent it elsewheres???? These A$$holes will take from peter to pay paul!!

      • Greg

        Have you seen or heard of the frence Mexico is building on their southern border? Hell Shut the dammed goverment , down tell them their fired. the States need to collect the federal taxes at rhe state level, cut the funds off to the federal goverment and see how they like being broke.

  • 45caliber

    If the US Government has to shut down, it’s fine with me. The ONLY things I consider a requirement to be kept up by the government are the military and all border controls. All other agencies, etc. can be shut down until we get a budget that will actually work.

    • Kris


    • Raggs

      Funny,,, What border control?

      • 45caliber

        It is the thing the government is SUPPOSED to be doing but don’t.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        We could always hire on to do it for them!!! I’d forego a check!!

  • Kris

    I say no compromise, SHUT THE DAMN GOVT. DOWN!!!!!! Who are they polling? I never get polled. If they polled many of us on the patriots network, the answer they get is SHUT THE DAMN GOVT. DOWN, NO COMPROMISE!!!!! We are fighting for this countries ability to exhist! Nobama is destroying this country and he’s doing it with intent! IMPEACH NOBAMA, CONGRESS GORW A SET AND DO YOUR JOBS!!!!

    • barbm

      they’re polling people with land lines. that’d be those elderly people who don’t care for or know how to use cell phones and computers, those elderly people who are afraid they won’t get their social security payments or medicare if there’s a shut down because they heard that would happen on the msm news. my dad used to ask me why i had to rock the boat, why i couldn’t just go along to get along. people like him are whom they’re polling.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I have both a land line and a cell, use the computer, and I didn’t get polled!!

    • come_and_take_it


    • Greg

      I second and third the motion, shut the Dammed goverment down, tell them to find a new job….in Mexico

  • jopa

    Robin & Eddie:Great posts, others not so great.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Well folks, if jopa disapproves of my posts, I must be on the right track!!!

      • Vigilant

        Joe H.,

        RIGHT ON!

        That sort of logic is the method that should be used by all true Americans. I look at it this way:

        Most Americans have little to no interest in history and politics to make an informed decision come voting time. I say, let the politicized organizations out there do all your research for you. It’s so simple: take the candidate endorsed by the labor and teachers’ unions, ACLU, and lamestream media and…vote for the other guy!

        Even if I did not one jot of research on candidate qualifications and political leanings, the formula would work every time.

  • Bus

    When they say they are going to shut down the government it isn’t what they mean. They just stop providing some selected services which they (meaning the administration) deems will be most harmful to the republican voters so they will punish their congress people at the next election. What the Rep in Congress need to do is go public with what cuts they want implemented. For example they could shut down the INS which hasn’t done its job for years. They could also shut down the airport goons and let the airports hire their own security people. Then they could shut down the Dept of Ed and see if anyone notices. Each Congressman can cut 3 or 4 of their bloated staff, and just imagine how many people Obama could cut from his and Michelle’s staff….But they won’t, they’ll close the national Parks, but not really, they’ll just lock them up to show us that it really isn’t the public’s land-its the government’s land and we can’t use it while the government is shut down.

  • Raggs

    Closing the door to the government is closing the door to the unions… I’m all for it!

  • come_and_take_it

    What a crock of krap! Noone in their right minds wants a compromise between Dems and Repubs in Congress. Everyone know that the cuts proposed by BOTH parties are woefully short of anything meaningful. The 100B proposed and the 50B they’ll settle on won’t keep the country from reaching terminal financial velocity by the end of the year.

    The only thing that will stop the rush to disaster is to allow the government to spend what it collects AND NO MORE. Let the government “cease operating”. The IRS will still take your money when you turn in your taxes, the social security administration will still send out checks, the post office will still deliver mail. Only the government bureaucrats will stop receiving their fat checks.

    It’s gotta stop or we will sink with it. Either fix it or let it burn!

    • 45caliber

      I agree. In fact, I’m waiting for some governor to publically say, “Okay, our state is bankrupt. Do we simply shut everything down and send everyone home or does someone want to see if we can save some of what we have?”

      (I say “governor” simply because I don’t believe we have any President or Presidential hopeful who is brave enough to do it.)

  • Raggs

    I’m begining to think that this is a “crisis” that cannot go to waste… Am I correct?

    • 45caliber

      Looks that way to me – but I’d be willing to bet that Oblama and company won’t consider it a crisis yet – they will want to be out of office before it becomes a crisis.

      • Vigilant

        On the other hand, and I think this is what Raggs was getting at, they will quite probably want to foment the crisis as a pretext for taking more freedoms away from us.

    • http://?? Joe H.


  • T. Rainey

    I don’t want any compromise – let the government grind to a halt. We the people want all this crazy spending stopped. If Obama won’t sign what Congress passed then Boehner should make sure everyone knows this stoppage is completely Obama’s fault.

  • Julian

    Let’s see “compromise”, thats when you take what is right and what is wrong and you do niether. That would still be wrong.

  • JimH

    Compromise is when my wife and I go out for dinner. I want Italian, she wants Chinese, so we get Mexican. No thanks, shut it down.

  • Lisa

    can someone please tell me…

    what is it with all these special interest and other groups wanting money for non essential things and pay and benefit raises when our country is broke?

    What part of broke do they not understand?

    Is it the BR or the OKE?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      It’s the no more MONEY!!!

    • Vigilant

      I’m afraid that selfishness and indolence have reached such peaks in this country that only a few still care about the interests of the population as a whole.

      The liberal progressives have infiltrated the scene to such an extent that schools and universities now produce annual crops of socialist automatons who are more interested in perpetuating class warfare, who are more takers than makers, and who have been programmed by revisionist historians to believe that capitalism is the greatest evil ever to have been created.

      “Self-esteem,” that darling of the left, has created millions of ignorant fools who believe their “opinions,” no matter how cockeyed, deserve a place in the national discourse. Lying and deception, that darling of the lawyers, has become not only commonplace in the halls of government, it has become a badge of “honor” for folks like Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Murtha and Kennedy (RIP), Waters, Boxer, et. al.


    Even though this is a shut down that would involve non essential agencies and areas, look at it this way, those government employees that are affected should this happen, will get some more paid holidays off the tax payers, so we may as well keep them on their jobs and try and get some worth out of them….

  • Slick

    NO WAY!!!! I’m not paying for them. Open all government jobs to the private sector and then the unions are on fare playing field. I want to pay less TAX and less Government is the only answer.

  • chuckb


    best idea yet! that way if the job isn’t done properly you could fire them and replace them immediately. great idea.

  • Ed8114

    That’s BS! I don’t want no stinkin’ compromise. Let the government shutdown. That’s the best thing that could happen.

  • Bert Cundle

    No Wonder the Citizens are Keept in the Dark About Our Government! The Citizens Has Shown how Dossile We Are!!! The Government Has Been Screwing US FOR A LONG TIME!!! B.S. Laws, Phoney Wars, ETC.

    • Greg

      You are correct Bert Cundle…What is it going to take, I do not think we can just vote them out…We are going to have show them, they are no longer needed. Just like the middle East….:-^

  • http://com i41

    Dan Burke, first cut the all elected officals salary by 2X the percentage of job loss and leave it there for 10 tears after 4.5 % unemployment is reached, cut staffs by 50% and the staff wages down to states average wage. Let states determine if they want to abide by laws under the unelected agancies idoits. For every state that cut agancy tie lower the state share of taxes sent in, like EPA, Dept of education, Energy, Ag welfare farm programs, and on down the line. Billions would be saved and there would and could be done in 2 days at the most. But no guts no glory, too many union democraps and worthless rine democraps.

  • Gwen Williams

    If they are going to cut the Budget start at the top with the President,Congress,per diam,private planes. Leave the poor people alone, our budgets are so stretched now we can barely make ends meet. Cut out the waste and we wouldn’t have the problem. If Michele Obama wants a vacation to Spain with her buddies fine, let her pay for it herself.(I haven’t had a vacation in at least 25 years). If they shut down the government, what are the people on Social Security supposed to survive on? We don’t have enough money to save anything.
    Their playing games is only going to hurt the people who can’t fight back. PS I paid into Social Security for many years, now I have to grocery shop at the 99 cent store while the ones at the top throw money away hand over fist. This is insane, they are asking for some kind of a revolt. Maybe we should quit paying taxes.

  • Tinman

    I keep hearing that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Unemployment is an entitlement. That is BULLSHIT, it was taken out of my check without my consent! If the crooked politician misused it then they should all go to jail. I’ll take the last 43 years of the money they stole out of my check – with interest for that year compounded daily put back in my pocket. Now what is an entitlement is WELFARE to sit on the porch and collect something you did not pay into, public employees(give me give me) and every other pork barrel freebee that went to political cronies. As far as fighting back we can lock and load, that is the only talk they will listen to.

    • Greg

      Tinman…We are going to have to tell them thier gravy train is going to stop…and they have to find a new job


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