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Majority Of Americans Say Republican-Led House Is Good For Nation

November 19, 2010 by  

Majority of Americans say Republican-led House is good for nationMore than half of Americans believe the upcoming shift in Congressional power will be good for the country, a recent survey reveals.

According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey that was released on Nov. 15, approximately 52 percent of people questioned said that GOP majority in the House of Representatives, which takes effect in January, will be positive for the United States. Nearly 40 percent said it will be bad for the country.

Although the majority of those surveyed are optimistic about the change in leadership, about 44 percent said that there won't be much of a difference in the job performance between a Republican- or Democrat-led chamber. About 33 percent believe that Republicans will do a better job than their predecessors.

The survey also found that President Barack Obama's approval rating has increased to 48 percent, which is six points higher than in the CNN poll released in September. Roughly 50 percent of respondents said they disapprove, with 38 percent of those people claiming that Obama is too liberal and 9 percent saying he is not liberal enough.

A Gallup poll released last week reveals that the current Congressional session has a 17 percent approval rating among Americans, which is down from 21 percent from before the midterm elections.

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  • Dad

    OK folks… just stay on top of your representatives!!! They cannot be released on their own recognisence…

    Obama just finished a month of failure… guess the majority of voters don’t consider success much of a factor… are our schools that bad or is it that we have so many immigrants from socialist countries?



    • BOOKER

      third,you are 100 % correct.

    • fa

      Thank you! You saved me from typing a whole bunch!!
      I had said before the election 11/2 that nothing would change (for the better), and the mantra would be ‘let’s get it done in 2012. Meanwhile, the most money ever was spent on a midterm election campaign (whatever happened to campaign finance reform screamed about after the[B] Clinton era?) and within 2 days of the election there were people on national radio saying nothing will or can be done with a divided congress. Why vote, and take part in a corrupt system?
      I would imagine that will get some comments!
      52% Good, 40+% Bad, 99% watch American Idol or NFL/NHL/NBA/MLB.
      So very few get the basics.

    • http://GOGGLE vaksal

      TO:Third party i agree with you completely,the corruption is so great that the new tea party elected canidates will become rotten apples themselfs,WHY? well its called money and power,and when we look at the whole congress,guess what all millionaires and multi-millionaires,and really what do any of these people really know,what the small american bussiness owner and the small land owner and the working person in this republic need? the point is that too many of these elected folks get their information from the professional experts in the washington circle,and what do these harvard and yale experts know? not jack squat,just look at all the terrible things done by these know it all masters of the universe,they have pushed this republic into a communist police state on one side and on the other side the entitled educated self serving rhinos,and in between is the voter,who has been cheated for so long by these traitors,really who can anyone trust? personally Third party you are dead right,better a Third party,than bussiness as always,within three months the real agenda will show.if it is not pro republic,then these folks may find out this american republic may just stop caring what happens to these self proclaimed experts,they better wake up,for noone knows better than the folks paying the bills,for we all of this nation down below,are the true experts,of all races and social levels and guess what? for 30yrs these dummies up top caused this collaspe,and the federal banking crooks must be thrown out and an american owned banking system must be put in its place why? for what ever is done in washington to fix this economy,will only benefit the federal banking corperation,that makes its masters in europe richer day while they rob this nations liberties inch by inch and turns us all from free men and women,into slaves and vassals in our own homeland,and will steal our votes anyway they can,just ask joe miller,alaska,the harvard educated elitist,if this person is a tea party man,then i must be the king of england,like joe miller said if its not spelled exactly,it should be throw out,and he calls himself a tea party man,he sure isnt living up to the spirit of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS,it just shows we must select people that are honest and believe in the rights of all the american people rich and poor alike,for only then will we be able to correct this mess made of this great republic,MY GOD HELP US DEFEAT ALL OF THOSE GODLESS FOLKS that have turned this nation into an international whorehouse,where corruption rules the land and its great people.sadly a third party is needed.

  • Cliffystones

    “The survey also found that President Barack Obama’s approval rating has increased to 48 percent”

    Approval for what? 48% of what species?

    This poll and the fact that there were so many close elections, make me long for an empty continent to spring up out in the Pacific where we can get away from these folks who still support this buffoon and his cohorts!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      they say Atlantis will rise again!! Just not soon enough!!!LOL!

  • J.M.R.

    Cliffy we still have a bunch of idiots waiting for the gravy train to arrive you know all that free stuff the dick-tater promised to the loafers in this country.

  • D. T.

    Republicans will be good for America until they start putting their agenda and power grab above the American way of life. They need to stick to listening to the people and get away from the; “Political Correctness” garbage. Seperation of Church and State is not in the Constitution. Let’s get back to; “FREEDOM OF RELIGION”

  • Duende

    I’d loved to know how CNN presented that question. I doubt more than 50% of any americans think either party is “good” for America. It’s been about the lessor of the two evils for so long. maybe it’s been so long we’ve actually dropped the phrase lesser of two evils and replaced it with the word “good”. They’ve managed a lot more brainwashing of the public’s mind than that in the last 50 years. God save America… god save the world..OK..God help me clean up my act and be an instrument of his peace. yup… that’s a start.

    Peace Out


  • JimH

    If the Republican led House will be good for America has yet to be seen. It wouldn’t really take much to improve on the status quo. Time will tell.

  • jopa

    100% of the Taliban say Republican -led House is good for America.

    • America First

      What a stupid thing to say! It’s almost as bad as the previous person who opposes Glenn Beck who has probably done more to educate people about the Constitution than anyone in the country. No wonder socialists and other Marxists hate him.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      jopa, Didn’t your Mama teach you to be polite and tell to go in Iran.

    • JimH

      jopa, You seem to mention and know a lot about the Taliban, who is your Imam?

    • http://naver samurai

      That’s what Osama bin Laden thought too, till the bombs started falling on his head. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Claire

    Regarding this article, all I can say is: “We’ll see.” I am not counting on anything good to come out of this past election. Democrat or Republican. I have a feeling the eyes of the American people will really be opened. I sincerely hope and pray I am wrong.

  • http://com i41

    WIA, don’t sayf–k, or jopa will start abusing his Blarney blow up doll!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Nah, his doll will abuse HIM, catcher that he is!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        That’s funny! Ha, ha, ha, ha! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • R. Meason

    The Republicans are facing an uphill battle that will require they emulate NJ Gov Christy. Tell it like it is. The debt will kill the USA and very soon. The size of the Fed should be cut over 50%. So many of it’s institutions and socialist programs need to be eliminated forever. It was never intended for social engineering. The past/present and certain future failures of the leftist dummycrat party needs to be wrapped around their necks! Every major city or state that has been under dummycrat control for decades is in deep financial trouble. All the prosperous, low/no tax successful states are Republican run. Why is is so hard for anyone to see that?

    Here’s how we fix what’s wrong with the USA:

    Week 1, Expel/deport the UN and withdraw all our support to it. They are a socialist/communist/marxist circle jerk designed to raid the US Treasury and neuter our SuperPower status. Let’m go to Sweden or Russia.

    Week 2, Have congress charge the liberal mainstream media with sedition and journalistic malpractice. Cherry picking, fabricating and misrepresenting the news to promote a socialist big gov’t agenda is fraud/racketeering and will no longer be tolerated. These are the people that gave us Obamunism.

    Week 3, Permanently Lower the corporate income tax to 15%. We are now the 2nd highest, below Japan that is still suffering it’s 10 year recession. Corporations DO NOT PAY TAXES, THEY ONLY PASS THEM ON TO THE CUSTOMERS. That 15% rate will be among the lowest in the world and it will literally vacuum every corporation/business out of Europe, Asia and S. America. Our sophisticated air/highway/technology infrastructure and educated populace would guarantee success. Full employment, increased gov’t revenues and world record setting prosperity would soon follow.

    Week 4, Drill baby drill! We are on the brink of disaster living in fear of the next oil blockade/shutoff. There is only a 90 day federal supply on hand. When that runs out, EVERYTHING stops. Almost 70% of our energy comes from outside the USA. No trucks to the grocery stores, no planes fly. Nobody can go to work. Cost of everything skyrockets. All because leftist environmentalists that do not know crap about energy or how the Earth recycles pollution have taxed/regulated/sued the oil/gas companies out of the USA.

    Week 5, Institute the fair tax. That REPLACES all other taxes. No more IRS or bloated federal bureaucracies.

    Week 6, This is the hardest one and it’ll require perseverance and determination from patriotic Americans. Purge our schools, government and private industry of liberals. They are a toxic poison to Western civilization and they can have Fornicalia and Taxachussetts . . . they are already configured (liberal) for them.

    Week 7, Enforce our Constitution as it was written. Every law must pass muster with it.

    Week 8, Secure our borders with US soldiers, civilian militia, technology and powerful weaponry. NO ONE GETS THROUGH!! Period! The flow North stops immediately. Illegals will get Green cards for employment and will NOT be eligible for any form of welfare, education or freebee. Mexico is where they get that. Free passage South will be encouraged.

    There’s more, but it’ll be a busy 8 weeks. Those are the important things from which many others will naturally grow.


    • Kim

      How did you take all those words right out of my mouth???

  • allison

    The Republicans are a welcome change after the Democrat majorities in both houses, however it remains to be seen whether they will do anything good or if they will just be professional Politicians. There are still a lot of the Senators and some in the House to be disposed of in 2012.
    Term limits are needed but how does one get the persons affected to vote in favor of this ?

  • jopa

    So you are all students of Glenn Beck.That pretty much explains everything.LMAO.Jimh;What the heck is an Imam, is that what you tell your mommy when she scolds you?

    • JimH

      jopa, for someone who accuses people of being Taliban you should know what an Imam is. Of course not knowing what you’re talking about never stopped you, has it. That might explane why you are so far off about the people you call Taliban. I wouldn’t know what Glen Beck says, He’s on while I’m at WORK,(ever try that?), see what happens when you ass-u-me?

  • jopa

    Jimh; Never did try working when Beck was on I usually worked day shift before I retired.Whats your point other than your white cap?

    • JimH

      jopa, Beck is on in the late afternoon. Right when work finishes up. My point is you make a vague commennt about we all must be students of Glen Beck. LMAO(funny?) Since you don’t know what time it’s on you must not watch it. If you don’t watch it, you DON”T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT.(not knowing what you’re talking about never stopped you though) You just know you aren’t supposed to like him because your Imam told you to think that. I have never written a post that was racialy derogatory,so where did you come up with the pointy white hat comment.(ass-u-me) I would think if someone was old enough to be retired some wisdom would have rub off in all those years.(not in your case)

      • Ted Crawford

        Jim, progressive wisdom is the ultimate oxy-moron!

  • Freeone

    Obama shut down offshore oil drilling without any consoltation thus killing a large amount of American oil drilling for good. Now the oil rigs have moved out to offshore drilling off the coast of Brazil. Why did he do this? The only reason is that Obama is working to destroy America. For this he should be impeached. The new congress should immediately set up a committee to track Obama’s destruction of America and send out newsletters regarding Obama’s purposeful dismantaling of our country as the American Pravda media will not report his actions. It is a fact that many of Obama’s unaccountable Zars are Communist and are working to destroy our country.

    • Ted Crawford

      Freeone, the reasons are clear. He recently sent 2 Billion to Brazil for off-shore drilling and his buddy soros spent a few Billion more for the same reason! They needed the rigs to make their investments pay off!!

  • Angel Wannabe

    Well_ time will tell I suppose about the Republicans. As a skeptic, It will be interesting to see if they’ve indeed found they’re way back to the core principles of God, The Founders, Smaller Government, Free Market System, Entrepreneurship and our inalienable rights from God.__ I remember them trying to please everyone and swing to the middle acting like Liberals in the past.__ Quite frankly, if we wanted to be Progressive/Liberals, we’d switch parties!__ At one time I believe Re pubs had good intentions, I think a lot of our representatives still do have good intentions, but problem is when the corruption is greater than the desire to do good.__America used to be limited only by the imagination of the people!__But The cost of living has risen so sharply, to do ones hearts desire, one has to have an extra job just to cover that.__But It’s not impossible to turn America around. Washington’s gotta do its part, and it has to be we as Americans as well.__ As Thanksgiving Approaches, Its my hope that the majority of America looks to the distant past and remembers what the holidays really mean. It’s not about having the largest turkey on the table, elaborate decorations, the most expensive wines, or the finest gourmet ham money can buy___It’s about the love of Family and Friends, coming together that create the whole of America. Americans are resilient, a creative with a survivor ship mentality. But we need to break the chains that bind.__ Moses said “Let My People Go!” and God in his own time released them from the grip of Pharaoh._Although we no longer wander in the desert, we are still held in bondage. By a Government who continues to believe, what they do is for the good of the people. Whats good for the people, is for them TO BE FREE!__To pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness___Given FREELY from the hand of God!__No matter how much oppression the Government lays upon us, Our inalienable rights given by God, CANNOT BE TAKEN AWAY BY MAN!!_–If God is for us, who can be against us!

    • http://naver sook young

      I agree with you 100% Angel. You go girl! Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Angel Wannabe,
      I agree, but that immagination is still there in Washington. It’s just immagining more and better ways to be crooks and get rich from it!!!


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