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Mainstream Media Reports Were Wrong: Surprise!

July 2, 2012 by  

Mainstream Media Reports Were Wrong: Surprise!

Last week, amid the media buzz about the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act, CNN and FOX News managed to botch coverage of what may have been one of this year’s most explosive news stories.

As the Court issued its ruling, CNN and FOX News initially told thousands of viewers, reportedly including President Barack Obama, that the healthcare initiative had been struck down as unConstitutional. For a few minutes, the Twitterverse was alight with jubilee from conservatives throughout the country.

Then, the real story emerged. If you’re reading this, you likely already know what transpired.


The failure of the two aforementioned news networks to report the story correctly the first time perhaps offers a valuable lesson in the constantly growing importance of new media and citizen journalism in the United States.

Anyone who was depending on CNN for coverage of the Supreme Court decision spent about seven minutes believing that the healthcare reform law had been struck down. FOX News viewers were given the wrong information for only about two minutes.

But those people who have decided not to accept the mass media’s version of events as news breaks likely had the right information all along. Thanks to the power of the Internet, about 1 million people who were viewing live updates about the ruling via SCOTUS Blog had the correct information even before FOX News and CNN issued their erroneous reports.

That is indicative of how new media has given every individual the power to be his own best news source. But if you have yet to turn away from mainstream news channels to find your own version of current events, becoming your own news source can be a daunting task.

Here are some good places to start:

C-SPAN: On C-SPAN’s website you can watch live Congressional testimonies and votes. You also have access to hundreds of hours’ worth of archived video of happenings on Capitol Hill.

SCOTUS Blog: For matters regarding the Supreme Court, SCOTUS Blog offers minute-by-minute coverage and access to court documents.

Government websites (,,, etc.) are excellent places to read statements and remarks from government officials and press releases explaining government actions. Also, the official websites of U.S. lawmakers contain informative press releases.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vigilant

    Two hundred years ago it took news days or weeks to be disseminated.

    Two minutes and seven minutes lag for a correction? You’ve got to be kidding me!

    This has to be one of the weakest arguments I’ve ever seen for condemning the MSM. There may be any number of reasons for dissing the MSM, but horrific delays of 2 and 7 minutes before correcting erroneous reports are not amongst them.

    You need to review the videoclip, Mr. Rolley. Perhaps you should listen to the words again. In both cases, the reports opened up with correspondents at the SCOTUS making a CORRECT statement, i.e., that the individual mandate had indeed been found unconstitutional vis a vis THE COMMERCE CLAUSE specifically. That was an admittedly initial and incomplete reading of the first page of Roberts’ opinion.

    The CNN reporter said “it appears as if…,” which happens to be a qualifying statement, as was Wolf Blitzer’s comment “if, in fact…” They were obviously tempering their remarks pending a full read of the decision. Shannon Bream also addressed only the Commerce Clause aspect of the decision, although she incorrectly stated that “the mandate is gone.”.

    Thousands, perhaps millions of pieces of mis- and disinformation are posted on the Internet every day of the week. Fox News has always been ready to retract incorrect news reports when identified, which is NOT something I see on a regular basis among Internet sites that post the most incredible lies, rumors and propaganda every day.

    P.S. If you believe the partisan propaganda at,, and, there’s no hope left. When you rely on “remarks from government officials and press releases explaining government actions,” you’ve bought into a spin that makes the MSM look like it has integrity.

  • Norman F.

    When C-SPAN first started broadcasting from the floor of the House and Senate, I was a daily viewer. But as time went on as I began to compare words with votes, I began to realize that it was all a big charade; that most of what I heard was self importance and downright lies. Now I never watch because I don’t trust ANY of them to do what is right for the country.

    And the longer they stay in office the more they become protective of their own status and wealth. Wealth that is generated by inside knowledge, and manipulation of the laws to give them the most return for their votes.

    I urge everyone to vote against all incumbents of the Senate, the House, and the White House. You may get as big a collection of bums as we have now, but over time it should all smooth out.

  • Mirage

    … and NBC’s Pete Williams got it right … food for thought.

  • abimanu mathoorasing

    I am surprised that many Americans cannot digest the overt fact that a judgement of the highest court of the land should put a stop to those inclined to give vent to their hatred and derogatory remarks about the Chief Justice. The CJ did not side with the liberals but delivered a majority judgement according to the application of the law,which the Republicans seem to forget.The Chief Justice was appointed by a Republican President and the Republicans thought that he would side with the Republicans despite facts to the country.I find the Chief Justice as a man,who is not afraid to give his opinion.He endorsed the adage : Justice is blind. He would be remembered as the famous Chief Justice the future

  • Nanette Gray

    Haaaa!!!!! Just because NBC got the “call” right does not mean that they aren’t one of the largest main stream media’s propaganda machines for the left! Just recall, how many times in the last two months that NBC out right lied and cut footage and doctored “news” to lie!

    • Vigilant

      And let us not forget that after 18 months and nine appearances of Eric Holder before Congressional committees, NBC was shown to have made ONE announcement of the F&F scandal, and that was literally seconds in duration. The call sign means “Never ‘Bama Critical.”

    • Steve E

      That’s why myself and may other educated people call the TV an idiot box. Everything is tailored to the idiots and not to the intelligent people who get their news from more reliable sources such as the internet.

  • joseph sacramento

    All the commets sided with fox i get my info the old tried and true method read & reseach

  • DavidL

    I can’t believe I’m defending Fox (entertainment, not real news) and CNN (barely news) but if you read the decision of the Supreme Court, I just finished it, it takes quite awhile until you get to Justice Roberts discussion and decision on the individual mandate with respect to the taxing power of Congress. He first discusses and then rejects its authority under the commerce clause before he discusses and upholds its constitutionality under the taxing power of Congress. In the intense 24/7 news cycle we are living under, it was an honest mistake and we should cut the news media some slack.

  • James S.

    I’m not surprised about CNN and Fox News quickly reporting that Obamacare was overturned, but I loved how they were shown to be wrong. Both CNN and Fox News have been against President Obama ever since he assumed office. CNN and Fox want to see Obama fail, and they love to report any setback that happens to him. I’m glad to see their tactics backfire by having to admit that they were wrong on a story. Show some respect for President Obama, even if you don’t like him, CNN and Fox News.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Sharon Taylor

      Respect for a man who uses the Constitution for toilet paper? Are you insane? It’s impossible to respect him when he is determined to destroy this country.

      • patriot

        You are completely correct. Obama does want to destroy this country. Why doesn’t the rest of America get this?

    • http://PersinalLibertyAlerts Betty

      How can you say that all Fox journalist want Obama out. Not true! Go to the Five, Juan Williams, others that are out spoken for Obama. Just wait and see in November, you are going to see the American people stand up and put Obama out of office before we become a Muslin Country. That is what is going to happen unless the people get that so called President out of office. He really should be impeached!!!!!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I WILL NEVER, EVER SHOW RESPECT FOR THAT MAN!!! NEVER!!! The day will come that you will regret your statement!!!

    • Wil

      Respect is earned,not an entitlement.

      • http://none Claire

        Wil is correct. Respect IS earned. I do not have much respect, if any, left for any politician.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Affordable health care act? Death to the elderly and those the government wants gone, our Hitler knew what this bill would do and so does the idiot Polosi, should have used the gavel on her head, there is nothing in that ugly skull to begin with.

  • Dan Mancuso

    Why anybody still has feed from any MSM is troubling. 5 corporations own and/or control ALL of the media in the US – in Canada it’s three families (and then there’s the blatantly socialist, pro-radical feminist, pro homosexual CBC, a tax payer funded public broadcaster) – TV, radio, music and movie production and distribution, newspapers, magazines, book publishing – ALL the media! The same ‘people’ who own and/or control ALL that also own and/or control the government – Democrat and Republican and the presidential debates, the entire education system, basically all the mainstream vehicles for the disemination of information. The powers that be had a lock on this disemination of information then along came the internet! It put a big wrench into their well laid plans – note the effort to censor it. The only other source for free people to get non – MSM info is the Public Library System. In roads are being made against that as well. Google, The Canadian Library Association’s “Statement on Intellectual Freedom”, here is a standard we all should hold dear and protect, is there any thing like this in the US?
    And lets not forget ex-advertising executive, Gerry Mander’s hard hitting book published many decades ago, “Four Argumants for the Elimination of Television”, it’s even more pertinant today.

  • Marlene

    This media gaffe is reminiscent of Eastern newspapers declaring Thomas Dewey president before all the votes were counted. The media has been showing their bias for a long, long time and this latest reporting of the SCOTUS ruling is just another instance of mis-reporting. Whatever happened to their original rule to report only the facts? The media has fallen into the sewer. Many Liberals won’t believe anything to be true unless they hear it on ABC, CBS and NBC. To me, they are the worst of the uneducated sheeple who refuse to be enlightened.


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