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Mainstream Media Attacked For Non-Coverage Of Ron Paul

August 17, 2011 by  

Mainstream Media Attacked For Non-Coverage Of Ron Paul

In the aftermath of the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa this past Saturday, a new “top tier” of Republican candidates was declared: Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) won at Ames, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has been the agreed-upon front-runner for months and Governor Rick Perry of Texas officially entered the race for the Republican nod very close to the top of the polls. Left out of this mainstream media pundit-created top tier, three-way tie was Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas), who came close to stealing Ames away from Michele Bachmann.

“But ‘close’ does not fully describe Paul’s second-place finish. Paul lost to Bachmann by nine-tenths of one percentage point, or 152 votes out of 16,892 cast,” read an opinion piece for POLITICO. “There was a deliciously intriguing line in The Washington Post’s fine recap of Ames on Sunday. It said had Paul edged out Bachmann, ‘it would have hurt the credibility and future of the straw poll, a number of Republicans said.’ So don’t blame the media. Here are Republicans, presumably Republican operatives, who said if one candidate wins, the contest is significant, but if another wins the contest is not credible. Amazing. And disturbing.”

However, the mainstream media did play an important role by choosing to not fully cover Paul’s near-upset at Ames, and some are accusing the industry of simple laziness.

“I don’t believe the media ignoring Paul is necessarily part of a grand conspiracy, it’s just lazily moving forward with preconceived notions about who can win elections and who cannot. It’s quite a self-fulfilling prophecy,” read an article on Mediaite. “Here’s how it works: Candidate X enters presidential race. Candidate X gets very little MSM [mainstream media] coverage. MSM says, ‘Candidate X has no chance of winning.’ Why does Candidate X have no chance of winning? Because very few people know about Candidate X. Why? Because MSM hasn’t been covering Candidate X.”

Even late-night, liberal comedian Jon Stewart was incredulous over the media’s snubbing of Paul, asking on “The Daily Show”: “How did Libertarian Ron Paul become the 13th floor in a hotel?”

“He is Tea Party ‘patient zero.’ All that small government, grassroots business? He planted that grass,” Stewart said, after showing highlights from several television news shows, with pundits discussing the Bachmann/Romney/Perry top tier. “These other folks are just ‘Moral Majorities’ in a tri-cornered hat. Ron Paul’s the real deal. And Fox News should love this guy.”

Still, at least one mainstream media outlet has been forced to react to Paul’s surging popularity. The Associated Press ran an article Sunday titled “Once a fringe candidate, Paul shaping 2012 race.”

“These straw poll results, our growing poll numbers and our strong fundraising show that our message is resonating with Iowans and Americans everywhere,” Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton said in an interview with the news service. “Our message was the same in 2007 as it is now in 2011, but this time we have quadrupled our support. That means our message is spreading, our support is surging and people are taking notice.”

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  • Mike

    Ron Paul is being sensored, BLANTANTLY by the media, get your head out of your you know what.

    Mike Serving in Iraq.

    • TIME


      Great Post dude!

      • Doug

        Absolutely loved Jon Stewart’s coverage of this on The Daily Show. It was brutally accurate in showing how the media covering the race is being controlled, at the expense of Americans. It’s a “must see”.

    • robert

      did you ever read the quote about WHAT henry kissinger
      said about military men
      being dumb stupid ponds for the elites

      FUNNY these pricks can call our military men
      dumb and stupid
      and our men still serve these bastard lying pricks
      WAR IS WRONG weapons of mass destruction was a LIE
      911 was a lIE norad told to stand DOWN
      give me a break
      when will the people wake up
      “Why of course the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.” — Hermann Goering, Nazi leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II

      • Earl

        Slight correction about Kissinger-He said soldiers are just dumb, stupid animals, to be used for foreign policy.

        • Earl

          I even have to correct myself………….That’s Pawns, to be used for foreign policy…..

    • S.C. Murf

      Keep a low profile bud and tell all your brothers in service about Ron Paul

      up the hill

    • ONTIME

      That’s because RP sounds like a man who is leaning on being a pacifist when we are up against a sworn enemy that spits on a hand of peace and is planning on committing more terrorism until they are convinced it is no longer worth while. He may believe they can have the bomb but their irresponsible thinking and behavior is documented, RP’s thinking is not sound about these nuts….it was all islamics that crashed those planes into the Towers and the Pentagon, not Christians or anyone else.

      • Anthony

        Do you think that us occupying their land and killing their people would have anything to do with them wanting to come here and kill us?

        • Political Wonk

          What? We first went into the region when Iraq invaded Kuwait, our supposed ally. Then of course 9-11 lit a fire under our collective A$$z and we finally realized that the Islamist movement wanted to do serious damage to our way of life on their road to a global caliphate. The left’s continued mantra of why don’t they like us has muddied the waters for some but there are many of us who see the writing on the wall and understand that we are in a struggle to protect our way of life. I suggest that you pull your head out of the sand, then clean out your eyes so you will see the truth before your wife has to walk down main street in a burka accompanied by her male relatives to keep from being stoned to death by a gaggle of stone age religious zealots.

          • Earl

            How soon we forget; Teddy Roosevelt said” speak softly and carry a big stick”.

            WE do not need to be in their countries making war on various factions of this or that faith. It is enough to be a threat to bomb them back to the stone age if necessary, should acts of terrorism continue. Our economy and country cannot afford to be waging wars on 3 or 4 countries at the same time, as you all will soon enough find out. Dr. Paul IS correct.

            BTW, please don’t bother trying to tar me with the liberal brush. It won’t fit; I am somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun politically. Vet, gunner, patriot, American to the core. This country will NEVER accept a caliphate-ain’t gonna happen.

            Ron Paul is the only honest politician in the bunch. Don’t let that mild-mannered exterior fool you, I’m quite sure Dr. Paul knows what to do should the need(s) arise…

        • eddie47d

          Nice try Political Wonk. We’ve been in the Middle East for several decades influencing policy. We installed the Shah of Iran which made us a bitter enemy of the Iranian people. Which led to another Theocracy in the region. We’ve been in bed with the Saudis since the 1930′s and they have done little to improve freedom in their country and their schools encouraged Anti-Americanism. Ronald Reagan armed Iraq to the teeth which gave Saddam the power to invade Iran and then Kuwait. This new wave of “freedom”(2011) coming out of that region may benefit us or be used against us.

          • Earl

            Eddie, ordinarily I consider you to be a hopeless liberal, However, in this instance, you are correct! Now we need to end these charades and get real!

            If you lay down with dogs, sooner or later you are gonna get fleas.
            Saudi and Iraq and these new upstart wars we have started in africa will ultimately result in more fleas…

            Never mind that we had a hand in ginning up these new actions to start with-Just another part of the “project for the New American Century”…Look it up.

      • Justin Rogers

        You’re only telling part of the story when you say “it was all islamics that crashed those planes into the Towers and the Pentagon”. The fact is, it was all SAUDIS. No Iranians, no Pakistanis, no Iraqis, no Afghanis. Gee, could it have anything to do with the fact that we continually prop up their extremely unpopular rulers (who continually oppress their citizens)? Could it have anything to do with oil?

      • Libertarian58

        What RP is REALLY trying to say is that we as a nation have no right to impose our will on another soverign nation. It is our responsibility to maintain good relations with other nations while maintaining a strong DEFENSE. Instead, we meddle in other’s affairs and prop it up with a strong OFFENSE. No wonder they hate us. Bo Gritz said it best; “When you’re catching flak, it means you’re RIGHT ON TARGET.” God bless Ron Paul.

      • Simian Pete


        The US military could not protect the Pentagon during 9/11 ! The military is spread so thin … it’s a good time to attack the USA !
        Hey – how about them F-15′s falling apart ? Remember the lack of armor on them Humvees ? And what about those old “cardboard” body armor from the Vietnam war they been using ?

        Where are them F-35s, and Super Hornets etc. Why did Obama kill the Raptor production …

        Damn, you just can’t find a good soldier when you need them, (or good weapons form the MIC) especially on the border with Mexico !

        How about them Russians annexing the North Pole ? Here’s a little song for all of you …

        The bear went over the mountain,
        The bear went over the mountain,
        The bear went over the mountain,
        To see what he could see….

        The Russian Bear, here they come ! Wait until they start annexing land in Alaska ! HA HA ! Our current foreign policy would probably just hand Alaska back to Russia, it’s the politically correct thing to do (especially after an economic collapse..) ..

        If Ron Paul gets elected, it will be cut and dry – the Constitution will require that the States be protected …

        Under a Paul administration Arizona also would get their land back…

        My point is Ron Paul’s foreign policy is probably the best chance we have to survive the 21st Century … the current foreign policy, as you can plainly see, doesn’t work. Your either at WAR (with a declaration from Congress) or you are at Peace. This political stuff is just crazy.

        If some country attacks us – we declare WAR and take them out.

        • AlleninReality

          The F 35 is a multi billion dollar fluke! Mig 21 fishbed and the
          mig 29 fulcrum will out maneuver it and it failed miserably on it’s
          capability test. That is not the issue! We as a nation will hae to make do with our super weapons in current inventory and re-group financially. We were once able to out weapon the soviet union with Reagan’s investment in Satr wars and the soviets folded with the help from the CIA financed Al-CIAda in Afghanistan. Ron Paul is the ONLY
          candidate to save this nation and he is the only one with integrity and the use of the constitution as his forte.
          Let us hope the liberal and globalist run media will give him a fair
          assessment and keep his reputation safe from Zionist scrutiny.

          • Simian Pete


            He dude, how’s it going ! “Zionist scrutiny” – HA HA HA HA ! You made a joke !!! Good joke Al !! The more “ZIonist” we have on our side, the better off we will be ….

      • Mac

        RP has it right. I don’t think we have to worry about an A-Bomb capable Iran. Let them build their bomb, but if they just TRY to use one, there is our excuse to wipe out that region.

    • Dan az

      This has been going on for ever and it needs to stop now.The fact that the media even fox thinks he’s nuts for wanting us to bring our troops home from 180 bases around the world,I can not believe the stupidity of all the media.When are we going to do something about it?I always felt when I watched fox that I felt at least they gave both sides a chance to debate their issues.But I never liked listening to the ones that dictated who they thought should be the next pres.They are at it again by leaving out anything that Paul does that shows that we have chosen the one that we want.It scares them that if he were to win they would have to follow the constitution.We are not the police of the world and we are not going to change them to our ways,They have been fighting for the last 2000 yrs so what makes us think that we will change that?The truth is the NWO gang can not continue their plans if this man is president.So the only thing they can and do is blow him off and hope they can convince the retarded people to vote for who they bought and payed for.Her is a site to change the jerks that are stealing our liberties,use it to protest the way things are done.Unless we do something now we are finished as a free society and thats no joke.
      If you have any money at all donate as much as you can to take a stand.If you don’t like allot of us here then use the only thing we have and thats the 1st amendment and talk to everyone that you come in to contact with,and spread the word.What I would like to do and what we need to do is two different things.So Please get out there and start spreading the truth around,we can make a difference and we will make it happen.Vote Ron Paul 2012

      • Justin Rogers

        RE: “I can not believe the stupidity of all the media”

        I can’t either. So I don’t. Stupidity has nothing to do with it. This is a concerted effort. They know exactly what they’re doing. The good news is that it is going to backfire and render them even more irrelevant than they already are.

      • Kate8

        Dan az – I have a movie for ya. I posted it for Al on the other thread. It’s called “The Quickening”.

        Can’t wait to hear what you think.

        • bob wire

          Hmmm? ~ I watch 10 minutes of it ~ it’s worth the time “if” you have never been exposed or scoff at these ideas of the Divine and the rapid changes we are experiencing on a global level today.

          With each and every end comes a new beginning. To be confused and unsure where to be happy or sadden by this is common to all, any feeling and thoughts you may have are valid ones.

          Even to scoff at such notions is understandable. Humankind has learned to laughs at tragedy for protection and security.

          That man is spirit manifested in a human form is hard to get your mind around, more so for some then others as we cling tightly to our bodies, they belong to us, they are us but we are much more and greater then the sum of all of our parts.

          The spirit is the “one”

          We were told that we were made in the “image of God” God is the one, the spirit. ~ The image of God is not a head and appendages but energy/spirit.

          All matter is various manifestations of energy. Everything is “one”

          Energy can not be destroyed but it can be stored or transformed or transferred. Womb to the tomb and back to the womb or not !

          Make sense? ~ okay Dave, blow me out of the water ~ That’s my best shot.

          We live in an age where there are more dead people then there are live ones.~ funny thought ☺

        • Dan az

          All I can say is WOW!I have been following all of this for some time now and This is why I feel the time is now.This is going to be amazing to say the least.I think back at all that I have done in my life time and the things that I have experienced to bring me to this time and place makes sense now.I have come back from the dead to witness this and wouldn’t miss it for the world.Or should I say the new beginning.Today is the first day and I will be watching from this time on.Thank you for the timing and the movie,it could only have been you that showed me this.Thanks again.

    • eddie47d

      It is unfortunate that Ron Paul came in second and the news media went straight for Rick Perry when he wasn’t even in that straw vote. Ron Paul is mostly level headed and intelligent. I suspect the news media doesn’t find him charismatic enough and full of himself like some of the other candidates so they pass him up.

  • Larry

    It couldn’t be more blatant that the corporatized mainstream media is doing all they can to sabotage Ron Paul as a serious contender. We’ll hear about him alot more when a smear campaign is fabricated against him to distract the people from chosing a leader that can not be corrupted with a track record of following the constitution. America is sinking fast. Right now he looks like your only hope.

    • TIME

      Oh how on target you are, sure makes one think now don’t it?

    • Marten

      Ron Paul has the best solution for the whole World ” Trade and Friendship”

  • Jennie

    You don’t have to be handsome, a Texan or rich. You just have to be a dedicated, honest, uncorruptable American with with a real vision for America and the courage to fight for her. Get out of Hollywood and back to reality. Ron Paul has what it takes.

    • TIME


      Great post..

    • home boy

      great statement . now back to reality

    • Paul “The Alamo Geezer”

      Jennie – A great post. Hopefully Americans will dig down deep and provide Ron Paul the funds that he needs to SAVE AMERICA. With sufficient funds to fight back a message will be sent the Country is sending the right person to the Office of the President.

      • Kate8

        If we are going to take our country back, it is IMPERITIVE that we take control of our elections AWAY FROM THE MEDIA.

        They tell us who’s running, who’s ahead, and who’s polled to win. And they also tell us who CAN’T win. Namely, Ron Paul. They tell us that a vote for Paul is a vote for the other side, so, like good little sheep, we hold our nose and check the box for the “lesser of two evils”.

        Why? Because the media is owned by the establishment.

        These are supposed to be the people’s elections, but we’ve allowed them to be hijacked and used against us.

        Let’s seriously lauch a campaign of our own and make the treasonous media irrelevant. They’ve betrayed us. We could do things the old-fashioned way: word of mouth, mailings, GATHERINGS (lots of them) and, of course the internet.

        Most of all, we have to believe we can. Where have we heard this before? YES, WE CAN!

        So we need to shut our ears to the media who keeps drumming NO, YOU CAN’T, and make ourselves a potent force, media notwithstanding.

        We are no longer just “fringe”.

        • Christin


          You are right, by pass the lame-stream-media and become our own media and inform others in the ways you have out lined.

          YES, ‘I’ CAN! (The ‘Individual’)

  • Terry Haney

    I haven’t decided whoI am going to vote for, but as a long time Fox viewer I find their lack of coverage of Ron Paul shameful. Their web site took down the poll from the debate showing Paul winning by a large margin. The when Bachman won the straw poll by a tiny margin, you would think by watching Fox and the other media that she had won by a landslide. Ron Paul hasn’t been mentioned again.
    Sean Hannity is right when he said journalism is dead. I just didn’t realize that Fox had helped in doing it in. Shame on them for behaving like MSNBC

    What Happened to”We report, you decide”?

    I have sent an email like this to every media outlet that has a contact email. Thanks for helping point out the bias.Western Center for Journalism is the only one to reply and they agreed.

    • Altaica

      Fox news has long since lost its credibility with me. Objective news reporting has gone out the window and the people with the money pull the strings and write the stories. Mainstream Media has been consolidated in the hands of a few and they decide what to cover and what not to cover. It is a sad state of affairs. Wouldn’t it be nice if they just presented the facts and left us to draw our own conclusions?

      • TIME

        I realy don’t waste my time with TV news as its all controlled by the AP who is owned by the Rothschilds so why bother.
        But I did watch a few channles this last week for a few day’s, to be quite frank about it I am not real sure what folks find so good about Fox news, its really no differant than MSNBC as far as I can see.

        Same BS, same day, with slightly differant faces. What I can tell you is that as far as the coverage of Dr. Ron Paul, Fox is no better than any of them.

        So the question is just How blantant will it have to get to wake up Americans that all the media is bent?

      • Idiots on the bench

        you want OBJECTIVE Reporting? Watch foreign news about us.. They are way more objective about us than any news here. Most of the LSM are LIBTARDS anyway.. the others, like Fox I stopped watching.. I read stuff like RS, but also watch and read foreign (not usually British) articles to get my news..

        I used to be against Paul because I thought he had some strange ideas.. Like legalizing Prostitution.. But then I got to thinking that I was once asking myself why it wasn’t legalized everywhere, not just Nevada. Because we were once a Christian nation (which was an acceptably reason to me. But now, that they are separating church and state, why are drugs, and prostitution illegal? They are moral decisions (some drugs).. and they will stop the Mexican Cartels in their tracks..
        Now, I am starting to read more about Paul, and most of the stuff I see is pretty good.. I still think that he won’t win because his name has been smeared.. But, I will keep on reading and learning about Paul, and we will find out about him in the Primary..
        For now, I would vote for him, because every media outlet is hiding him, and they only snub Politicians if that politician scares them..
        Otherwise, they just try and vilify the person..

        I live in Texas, and would consider changing my vote for Paul, if he can get us back to a Constitutional Republic we used to be.

        for now, I look like I was wrong.. which probably doesn’t matter to most of you out there, but it is a big deal to me… I hate being wrong.

        • Pathfinder

          Idiots on the bench : Sir, It takes a person of real intelligence AND character to admit having been wrong and to try to correct the error. Therefore, I commend you. I too hope to see America return to a constitutional republic rather than the fascist welfare state we have already become.

        • Kate8

          idiots on the bench: Shocking, isn’t it? That other countries have more objective news reporting than the American press?

          I discovered this, as well. The whole idea of a free press, or freedom in any form, has been a myth for a very long time in America. What we are is conditioned sheep, and our “news” is carefully crafted by the PTB to give us a certain mindset conducive to their aims. “The news is what I say it is!” – Rupert Murdoch

          People cringe at the idea of “conspiracy”, because the label of “conspiracy theorist” has been created by the very conspirators to keep us from believing they are doing what they are doing.

          I think there is an intentional effort to shut Ron Paul out, just as they shut out Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, and any number of other “renegades” to the establishment.

          • eddie47d

            Tom Tancredo is extreme in his views and would welcome new wars where ever he could find them. Ron Paul is opposite of Tancredo.

          • Kate8

            eddie – You are wrong about Tancredo (you’ve bought the media smears. Surprise, surprise).

            In any case, I was not comparing him to Ron Paul. I was saying the media dissed him, as well.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            In 08 I wanted to see a Hunter/Tancredo ticket!! At the very least, our borders would be sealed!! hunter single handedly got over fifty miles of the fence built and was pushing for more!! That is, for the progs out there, Duncan Hunter SR!!

        • Altaica

          I will definitely start looking into the foreign reports. I am so tired of the lies.

          I certainly do hope Ron Paul can get the momentum and support needed.

      • Allan

        As I read the comments about Fox, I wonder why people can’t filter and judge. Have we lost this ability? Expecting nearly full agreement with what is presented is unrealistic. Life just doesn’t work that way. I value about half of the info I get from Fox, and it doesn’t seem terribly difficult to differentiate back-patting and bias. Bottom line, it’s not a bad percentage compared to other news sources.

    • Cliffystones


      The distorted coverage of Ron Paul has me fit to be tied as well. There was an article posted on this site in the last 2 days that had the same “ignore Ron Paul” slant to it. I hadn’t considered Paul in the past. But considering they way he’s been systematically excluded from the discussion, I’m starting to believe he is actually the best man for the job.

      • jyrine

        I know this isn’t much, but when you see inequities in the treatment of a candidate, volunter with his/her campaign. Phone sollicit, hand out flyers, drive folks to the polls, heck even a bumper sticker is something.

    • home boy

      you did decide terry. you said next

  • Evelyn Hayes

    I love Ron Paul – he tells it the way it is and how many of these politicians are as honest and talk layman’s language. He sticks totally to what the Constitution says and never deviates from it. These other politicians have one way or another to avoid what the Constitution says. Ron doesn’t use the fancy words that a lot of these politicians use, he talks to the average American who will be able to understand what he says – More people should consider listening to him if, like said the Media ever covers him and gives him a chance. His political ideas are strictly by the book so people, listen to him and see for yourself or read his web site – you all will agree that he is really the man we want – not someone who talks above your head or only addresses a few, but a person who can reach everyone – Ron Paul. Come on Media give him a chance – he represents what American should be, not a bunch of “jibber jabber” like the other politicians, he follows the Constitution!

  • dan

    Perry….REALLY ?! Mandated vaccine/health not even declared at 38% ?
    I thought Rasmusen was a credible/Christian and therefore honest Poll.
    I expect the mainstream media to lie through their teeth because they
    are declared progressive liberal moonbats and best serve their masters by choosing the opposition. I like Bachman ,but I suspect some of her advisors are willing to play dirty politics,as usual. She should have stood up with Ron Paul and shared the stage….as a party unifier. She missed her opportunity to show that the tea-party wasn’t about politics but principles.I’ll be voting for Ron,AGAIN.

  • Charles Everett

    One of the many great things about Ron Paul is you can see exactly how he feels on 50 of our most important issues by getting his book, Liberty Defined. Each chapter articulates an important issue then provides the solution (always in accordance with the U.S. Constitution).

    The fuzzy minded news media can’t believe that the solution to our problems is a strict adherence to the Constitution. If you don’t like it,try to amend it.

    • Macawma

      MSM is terrified of a true American like Ron Paul…they are like the three monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. They think maybe if they ignore him he will go away. Shame on Fox News for falling into the same abyss of ignorance. How do we express to all Conservative and Libertarian minded people that we NEED Ron Paul! Don’t spread ourselves around voting for Michelle, or Mitt, or Rick; let’s all get behind Dr. Paul and SHAKE THIS COUNTRY UP.

      • Pathfinder

        Macawma : I too support Ron Paul and will be glad if he gets the nomination. However, IF Michele Bachmann gets it; I will gladly support her. But, IF the republican party nominates a RINO, like Romney, they will lose my vote.

        • tomm

          Yes, I like Paul, would vote for Bachman but will vote for Romeney if I see should him as the lessor of two evils.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            and you will still be voting for EVIL!!

    • jyrine

      The left can’t completely get rid of the constitution so they are doing their best to change it and on occassion they are bound to be sucessfull to some degree. They know it’s the only thing standing between us and them, (communists).

      • Charles S. Rebert

        If the Constitution is so great why are we now in a state of near dictatorship? You all need to read “Hologram of Liberty” by Kenneth W. Royce, which explains it all. That book is consistent with a much earlier critique of the constitution by John Taylor ”New Views of the Constitution of the United States” [1823]. Also, see “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution” by Kevin R. C. Gutzman [2007]. The document had lots of original flaws [e.g., interstate commerce clause, treaty clause] and we have made the situation worse with the 16th [income tax] and 17th [election of senators] amendments.

        C. Rebert

        • Political Wonk

          I received this youtube video link from my brother in law, it is a frightening look into the political machinations that helped to elect the socialist Obama , you can watch it or not, but if it makes you as mad as it made me please pass it along to your email list. If there is any truth in it, and it should be fairly easy to verify, then we need to fire every last elected and non-elected individual in D.C. and start over.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Charles S.,
          Yes it has flaws, it was written by imperfect men, but believe me when I say it is a lot better than what the NWO has in mind for us!! God Bless America, AGAIN!!!

        • Allan

          Answer: Complacency, which is a pretty common human trait.

  • Jay M. Parsons

    This shows you the True nature of the Republican Party and the True Nature of FOX News. I have long said that FOX News is the same as the rest of the liberal media but with a Republican/Conservative accent. You can be sure we will not get accurate coverage from FOX News, rather the same liberal, globalist agenda fed to us with a neo-con twist. Progressives = Communistic/Fascistic Globalists. Jon Stewart is fantastic for pointing out what many Republicans are missing. Oh by the way, where is Sean Hannity on this one? I haven’t heard a peep from him about this. Why is that?

    • http://lives RAYMOND HARBIN






      • Vern Holford

        This stuff about Iran sounds just like the phantom WMB’s in Iraq. When someone wants to manipulate you they try to scare you. The Neocon warmongers are trying to scare us about Iran so they can stay in power. Attacks like yours only convince me that Dr. No is correct.

        I consider that nick for Ron Paul to be a badge of honor.

        Ron Paul is th only choice for 2012!

      • Pathfinder

        RAYMOND HARBIN : Raymond, you have missed the whole point. EVEN a liberal schmuck, like Jon Stewart, can see the blatant bias of the Lamestream media in this one. And, while I respect your opinion of Ron Paul’s foreign policy; Dr No would still be a vast improvement over our current imposter-in-chief.

        • http://lives RAYMOND HARBIN


      • Michelle

        and Israel has the capabilities to take care of themselves if need be and they KNOW we will back them when necessary I love Ron Pauls UN policy too if you havent yet check out his website it tells you what he believes I will be voting for Ron even if I have to write him in on my ballot

        • usmadgirl


          We won’t be “backing” Israel if Ron Paul is in office. He doesn’t believe in “messing in other countries’ affairs”…PERIOD! So he’d just let Israel be annihilated by all the evil countries surrounding them who want to kill all the Jews & wipe Israel off the face of the Earth!

          • http://lives RAYMOND HARBIN





      • Randy Huffey

        Ray, Ron Paul understands that stopping Iran is not possible without an invasion on the level of the Iraq invasion or a nuke strike. Take your pick. Either one will place the blame for WW III on America.
        Israel can take them out with their nukes and probably will (at some point soon). We need to get our troops out of that regeion before that happens. Start to look at the IRAN SITUATION from a tactical veiw point, and RON PAUL’S position makes perfect sense. He is not “in favor” of Iran getting a bomb. He just realizes that there are no good options at this point and said “let ‘em”. MSM jumped on this statement and has slandered/twisted his statements by him since.

      • Earl

        I feel like I’m posting this for the 11th time, but here goes one more time:

        The correct statement from Ahmadinejad was:
        The Zionist regime must vanish from the pages of time….

        I have this on my computer in both Farsi and English…

        It says nothing about wiping Israel off the map or otherwise destroying the country. This country has NEVER attacked any other nation.

        I find it hypocritical that Israel,India,S.Korea,ea,Russia, China,Pakistan and US all have Nuclear weapons, but they can’t?

    • jyrine

      So you would rather what, get your news from… I do know one thing, FOX isn’t perfect, but they beat MSNBC, CNN and CBS. Instead of cursing the darkness why not light an information candle and get your news from the news paper, radio and a little of all four TV channels plus local stations. Just a thought.

      • Pathfinder

        jyrine : I do not get my news from TV. I rely on the internet and a bi-weekly magazine “The New American”. You can get some samples of their reporting on line as well.










  • swampfox

    I agree with Ron Paul on all his policies except one that is letting countries with leaders like Iran have nucular capibilitys. You don’t walk into the assylum and hand out guns to the insane do you. As far as the media is concerned they do not want anyone who follows the constitution to the letter.I watch Fox but even they have a point they will not go beyond.

    • jerry

      I think what Ron Paul means about the Iran nukes is that the U.S. has to quit fighting other nations battles. the nuke problem would have been taken care of by the jews or other muslims. we need to start building our “own” nation.

      • TIME


        Super Post, and your dead on.

        • jyrine

          Just one problem with that thinking. Iran wants desperately to pop a nuke here and in Israel. If they only had one where would they get the biggest bang for the buck? It’s nearly irrelivant given that the former Soviet Union lost control of over 100 suitcase nukes when the Iron Curtain fell. It’s no longer if, but when.

          • http://lives RAYMOND HARBIN


      • http://lives RAYMOND HARBIN

        DREAM ON jerry– i would not vote for you either.

  • Karolyn

    Do I hear an “Atta boy” for Jon Stewart for a change?

    • Franktruth

      No “At-a-boy” from me Karolyn – Stewart is vulgar, arrogant and sarcastic just like Barack Hussein Obama. It’s probably a generation X proclivity appreciated by that generation, but not by me.

      Your point is good insofar as even the adolescent left gets it right as frequently as a stopped clock – for a tiny instant twice a day.

    • jyrine


    • Pathfinder

      Karolyn : Yes you sure do. More importantly, when even a liberal notices the Lamestream media’s bias; how blatant must it be ?

  • Al Sieber

    I’ll say “atta” boy” for Jon Steward and Sean Hannity sold himself out years ago, he belongs to the RINOS.

    • Al Sieber

      I don’t even know who Jon Steward is, but heard Jerry Doyle talking about him and Sean H. yesterday. Ron Paul was ignored and treated like crap in the last election by the same people, and it’s continuing but people are more aware this time I hope.

  • Mike

    If you want the world’s most powerful globalists, the Bilderbergs, choosing the president of the United States again – Rick Perry is your candidate.

    • Pathfinder

      Mike : That is exactly why Rick Perry is NOT my candidate.

  • Charles

    One of the reasons my TV has been off for over two years, is the very clear bias of mainstream media. Even though I am only one, my guess is those who purchase ads on these TV stations might be unhappy if they knew about this.

    • David

      I have had my TV off for years as well. I think you might be surprised at how many folks have taken to that option. I hear that from a lot of people, not just people politically active who know the MSM lies are rampant.
      I suspect with all things that people will react to this Ron Paul sabotage with a response that I don’t see talked about. Tell somebody that there is something they can’t have, and what is the one thing they instantly want most? Try keeping that thing a secret from them, like drugs and getting high, and what happens? They will come out in droves to find the real truth for themselves. The more the MSM tries to play that you “can’t” have Ron Paul, the more they will promote this public response.

    • Pathfinder

      Charles : Although my TV has been turned on a lot; I have been able to shield myself from the Lamestream media. How ? I use my VCR / DVD player. By buying good movies and educational materials I have made my TV into a CONSERVATIVE learning machine. May I recommend David Barton’s history lectures on DVD. Also, offers many fine titles like “Dollars and Sense”.

      • Elevenarrows

        Right on about David Barton’s American Heritage series, Pathfinder. I used them to supplement my history class this past year. My students now know a great deal more about our TRUE history than most Americans. I love that Barton always uses the actual founding documents or the founders’ writings to teach history. Fantastic series and highly recommended. His tours of Washington buildings is also great. Anyone can purchase these DVDs through American Family Association or through Wallbuilders.

  • PJ

    Ron Paul is The Antiprogressive. The Progressive Propaganda Industry can not acknowledge his existence for fear of enlightening brainwashed progressive hangers on among the body politic. Congressman Paul’s :libertarian principles counter every progressive initiative foisted upon the public over the past century. Ignoring Paul is the only way the progressives can prevent his ideas from infecting the various interest groups the progressives pit against one another to maintain their ruling coalition.

    • Pathfinder

      PJ : I think that you may be on to something there. Could this also be why the Lamestream media also ignores both the Libertarian party and the Constitutional party ?

  • SS McDonald

    Whomever the 5th column media supports, I am suspicious or against. Whomever the 5th column media ignores is probably the best candidate.

  • Jana

    Absolutely he’s being censored! Not only censored but designated by the media and by the GOP as “not electable”. Why? because he is the only one that has had a consistent message since the beginning! He’s not afraid of the truth and not afraid to tell it. I honestly believe that in the name of Politics and the Bilderbergs having been in control in this country forever, the American people have been lied to for years. The World Bank, also in attempts to control the American people deliberately devaluing the US dollar. Conspiracy? Hidden Agenda? What else would one call this? The dumbing down of America shows clearly in the election of Obama. I understand that this is not new either. Jimmy Carter, who never even thought of running for President was called to a meeting and TOLD he would be the next President and he was. Ask yourselves who benefits from this? Who’s controlling our Government, our media, and the people? I’ve had a long career in the media and the corruption is now rampant and blatant with very little attempt to hide it. The polls are a tool to influence us. They are manipulated so that those who make no attempt to educate themselves and actually research what the media and pollsters are feeding them. This mentality is how we got where we area today and they way those “pulling the strings” are controlling America and the World…Don’t you think it’s time to awaken to this great deception? Don’t you think it’s time to bring this to the forefront and expose the lies? That’s why they are all Afraid of Ron Paul..He tells the truth, he exposes the lies and deceptions, and he is consistent in his story.

    • 45caliber


      The real problem with the GOP about Paul is that he refuses to vote as they tell him to vote. They simply cannot stand to have anyone in THEIR party who won’t do as ordered. There are a few others – but very few.

      The GOP can’t stand the idea of having to support someone for President who won’t take their orders.

    • jyrine

      If Ron Paul is so honest why doesn’t just cut to the chase and call the Left Communists? Letting them hide behind the phoney titles of Progressive, Democrat or Liberals is a lie by omission.

      • Kate8

        jyrine – I can only think that if he did that, the Left would have a field day smearing him from coast to coast. I’m sure he knows that. He doesn’t want to be held up to more ridicule than he is already by the establishment.

    • Kate8

      Jana – There was an article written by a journalist who had met with some Russian operatives early on in the Bush administration.

      He was told that Barack Obama would be the next American president at a time when neither he, nor any of us, had ever heard of him.

      • 45caliber

        Not a surprise. Carter was picked to be President two years before the election. And no one had heard of him then either.


          TO 45 AND KATE ALSO”



    • Christin


      “Bilderberg has proven its kingmaker role time and time again not just in US politics, but world wide.”

      “Bill Clinton was a little-known Governor of Arkansas before he attended a Bilderberg meeting in 1991 and he went on to become President a year later.”

      “Similarly, British Prime Minister Tony Blair attended Bilderberg before his election in 1997.”

      “According to Euro Weekly News, Maria Dolores De Cospedal’s attendance at Bilderberg 2011 in St. Moritz Switzerland also ‘augurs a victory in Spain’s next general election’ for her Partido Popular party.”

      “obama himself was reportedly vetted by Bilderberg when he ‘infamously disappeared to a secret location with Hillary Clinton in June 2008 in Northern Virginia,” (before the election, Nnoooo) “at precisely the same time and location the Bilderberg Group were convening in Chantilly. Bilderberg luminary, James A Johnson was also responsible for selecting obama’s running mate Joe Biden.”

      “James Johnson also previously selected John Edwards as John Kerry’s right hand man in 2004 after ‘Edwards had impressed Bilderberg elitists’ Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller with a speech he gave at the globalist confab in Italy that year.”

      “In a comparatively weak GOP field, the ‘establishment’ cannot take any chances in allowing RON PAUL to gain momentum as the only candidate who has a real chance of defeating barack obama.”

      “As polls have shown, out of the Republican candidates, ONLY Ron Paul has a realistic Hope of Success in a hypothetical run off against obama – the other candidates are equally unpopular as the president. Despite the fact that Mitt Romney has been anointed by the establishment as the Republican favorite, ‘a May CNN poll found that he would lose by 11 points if he got the nomination and went head to head with obama, whereas Ron Paul only trails the president by 7 points.”

      “Bilderberg continual influence in picking US presidents and potential vice-presidents again serves up a reminder that the real power structure steering the planet goes beyond teleprompter-reading puppet presidents and rests in the hands of multi-generational globalists, central banking moguls and the CEO’s of the world’s biggest corporations, all of whom ‘routinely attend the Bilderberg Group confab’ every year.

      Quoted from Infowars, Paul Joseph Watson, Monday, June 20, 2011.
      (this is the second part to yesterday’s piece I quoted on Bilderberg Rick Perry… find Under Michele Bachmann’s article Aug 16.)

      Man have we been suckered.

      • BrotherPatriot


        Nice job reporting the truth.

        It’s all connected…all the variously named organizations are all getting their marching orders from the same source.

        The Illuminati…which infiltrated the Masons so very long ago & used them as their platform to spread their Agenda. Reads like a work of fiction but its horribly true.

        They have infiltrated everything. News Media, entertainment, governments, local town council, sheriff departments, teachers…everything.

        Wake up my brothers & sisters. The evidence is all around you.

        God Bless.

        • Christin

          BrotherPatriot… :)

  • Scott

    I agree with comments about the media, which is why I don’t have a TV, but Ron Paul’s problem is more than that. All of my family and most of my friends are staunch Republicans and whenever I’ve mentioned Ron Paul they ALL have the same reply,”He’s unelectable”. I don’t know how they got this idea in their head but they refuse to even consider him.
    In the 2008 election I had a couple of friends call me and say, “Somebody put a Ron Paul sign in your yard” and when I told them it was me, they advised me to remove it or else people would think I’m nuts.

    • Vern Holford

      Scott, your friends get that idea from the media. By the way you might want to put that yard sign out again. Then call your friend to see if he still feels the same way.

      • Scott

        I’ve moved since then to SC, on a farm with very little traffic on the road but will have to get a least a bumper sticker. I was back in my old hometown all last weeek and while friends and family now agree he has some good ideas and was right about a lot of things they are still convinced he’s not electable.
        Their only concern is making sure Obama is a one term president, and I believe they would vote for Satan himself if they thought he would win. And it might just happen like that.

    • jyrine

      What did you do Scott?

      • Scott

        I got a second sign and kept them both up through the primaries and election. I think I took them down sometime after Thanksgiving. I’ve since moved but my old home was on a road that had 22,000 vehicles per day and after the primary i had some McCain folks ask me to take down the signs and put up some John McCain signs. I told them I had some up in 2000 when you folks thought he was too old and crazy from his POW days, so the answer is no.

  • steve in AZ

    It’s more important to donate $10 to Dr. Paul’s campaign NOW than it will be to donate $1000 after the primaries.

    Donate NOW so you can VOTE Ron Paul 2012!!! Great to see the support here. Stay strong.

  • Bobby

    Here is what is disturbing to me about the MSM’s (continued from ’08) treatment of Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign: Ron’s message is based on individual freedom, personal responsibility, fiscal conservatism, sound money and Constitutional (Rule-of-Law) government. Frankly, all of the things that (once) made America great!

    So why does the MSM FEAR this message so much? Are they promoting something different? If you think about where this country has come to today with Socialist “welfare” programs, unconstitutional wars, the FED printing (worthless) “dollars” at an astounding rate – destroying our currency, the policies and regulations that strangle American business and drive them overseas… I sure seems to me that the MSM FEAR Ron Paul because his (our) idea that we need to Restore our Greatness by going back to the principals that have worked before – and get away from the obvious FAILURE of world Socialism (which is falling apart in nearly every corner of the world, including the USA).

    Think about it…

  • Franktruth

    Ron Paul has identified the most lethal domestic enemy of the United States. It is the Federal Reserve criminal banking CARTEL a.k.a. the FED. Since Dr. Paul has consistently attacked the FED for decades, media outlets and politicians beholden to the FED must marginalize both DR. Paul personally and his focus on the FED specifically.

    Ron Paul has the chutzpa to point out The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 abrogates the Constitutional Congressional mandate “… To coin Money [and] regulate the Value thereof …” (Art. I sect. 8 U.S. Constitution) which leaves the several State governments without immediate ability to comply with their Constitutional mandate to make “… [no] Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts[.] …” (Art. I section 10 U.S. Constitution

    Dr. Paul has introduced H.R. 1098: “Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011″, which allows private banks to compete with the FED with specie backed paper by warehousing gold and silver or other commodity. He does NOT have even ONE cosponsor to his bill.

    Ignore the media! Ask your U.S. Representative to cosponsor H.R. 1098!

    • 45caliber

      While I agree with much of what you said, I would like to point out one thing. I doubt if there is enough gold and silver in the world to back all the US money issued. And that doesn’t even count the currencies of the rest of the world. And I seriously doubt if there is more than just “show-gold” in Ft. Knox now. They have had too much time to sell all of it except for some to show the gullible public.

      • Vern Holford

        It really doesn’t matter how much gold there is. We just set the ratio to whatever it is. If its 1 billion dollars per ounce that’s what we use. Silver could be the choice as well.

        See “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, there is a silver solution in it. If the ration were so large that we would have to split atoms then just set new dollar = x number of old dollars then do the ratio to gold or silver based on the new dollar.

    • jyrine

      Ron Paul certainly deserves cudos for picking at the Fed and if I thought he would be the least bit sucessfull at opening the creaky doors on that evil bunch I’d carry him on my back to the White House.

  • http://WeThePeople Jean

    Do you want the hair on the back of your head to burst into flames?
    Rick Perry is just another Obama – only he is white? Let’s just say another rag head goat herder.

    Read this:

    • jyrine


  • Terry

    We need to elect people for service (not ownership) in DC that are citizens that obey the law and are willing to admit they broke the law, or were breaking the law when caught. It would be very helpful for the nation if the media/press also had a sense of obeying the law and would report activities of all, not just non-liberals. Unfortunately the media/press is owned by the same Banking Empire as most, maybe all, of congress and the president. (This ownership is not political ownership, but financial ownership and in the case of PC DC the money for campaings is how ownership/control is exercised.)

    For our elected officials much of the Constitution applies to them in the form of restraints and the Bill of Rights empowers us as individuals to be free from tyranny. And numerous other laws have been passed over the years that further restrains elected officials. However in recent years, and especially since our fraudulent prez has been in office, congress has taken to act like a banana republic and does nothing for law bending/breaking. They act like the Constitution is irrelevant, except when they want it to be irrelevant. Case in point, the war in Libya. The prez is not allowed to declar war w/o congressional approval. Yet, he did and congress did nothing except whine a bit and then went back in their banana republic type govt hole. Then there is the case of O’s prodigal birth certificate. The one that was lost and then fabricated, oops “found”. Is his BC counterfit? And on to the housing disaster. No one has ever been identified as being responsible for the most significant financial event in decades? Why? Because, I presume, some members of congress were involved in “tampering” with financial laws and getting them changed to facilitate easy lending, with the taxpayers footing the bill! Golly, if congress, our presumed representatives are not looking out for the taxpayers, and they are not, then who pray tell is looking out for us? The answer is quite simple. No one. Is there a single elected official looking out for the voters/taxpayers of America? Are all they interested in is looking out for the TBTF banks? The ones that are part of the Banking Empire that exists in America?

    Perhaps it is shaping up that the citizens will decide this question and not the Secy of Tresury, not the prez, not Reid or Pelosi. We no longer need elected officials that are agents of the political parties. Instead, after clos to 100 years, we need to restore representive govt in PC DC and get rid of a “bought” congress and president. Our govt should also quit ignoring the establishment of mosques around the country using petro dollars to fund and support them. If our govt is prohibited from establishing a stste religion, surely foreign states are also prohibited. Is O squelching any investigation into petro dollars political activities here in America?

  • TIME

    Folks, look here are some facts,

    Perry was Al Gores campaign manager,
    Perry has backed the Patriot Act,
    Perry stands with TSA,
    Perry, backed man made global warming, a nice hoax.
    Perry was just hand picked by the Bilderburg’s CFR, andthe TLC,
    Perry is nothing more or less than a Progressive in a RINO suit,
    Perry has also backed the North American Union, aka NWO plan for the US under the NWO.
    Perry has allowed drugs to be given to the youth of his state by the fed, with the {Fake illness} called ADD.
    Perry is just WRONG in all respects, he is no better than Obama.

    In plain words Perry is a Prostitute for the New World Order, and will get to the same place Barry Obama is at but make you feel better about becoming Slaves to the NWO.

    Mitt the Pimp is just that he is a PIMP, for the New World Order or as many would say he is a RINO, how simple is that to figure out.

    Where as ~ Dr. Ron Paul is clearly the ONE and ONLY choice any person who claims they LOVE this nation has to VOTE for for the President of the United States of America. >> Its that simple.<<

    People there is NO TIME left to play any more games, if you want to destroy this nation then by all means why even bother Voting for any Republican. Just Vote for Barry Obama.

    But if you really do LOVE This Nation, ~~ you have but one chance to save it from total ruin..
    Thats to support and stand behind and with Dr. Ron Paul, there is no other choice the rest are all ""PUFF BALLS PUPPETS"" ~~ of the New World Order.

    Please will you wake up and get with the bloody program.
    Read the Mans record of voting, read the mans record its solid it based on the values of any TRUE AMERICAN One who believes in Personal Liberty and all that is contained with the confines of the Constitution & Bill of Rights!

    Read the records of all the others so called Rebublicans they are all RINOS, they do not , nor have they ever had the American peoples best interest in mind, EVER!

    ***Please**** I beg of you work, work harder than you have ever worked in your life to get Dr. Ron Paul elected…

    **People** its now or never, this is your "last chance" you will not be getting a second chance nor a do over ever again.This is it folks if you all fail to help Dr. Ron Paul get elected we all will loose.

    So if you think that any of the others are true to the values of the United States Constitution & Bill of Rights, then you're just as guilty as Barry Obama at destroying this nation.

    So please give your self a big hand for being a part of the PROBLEM.

    • jyrine

      I don’t know if I agree with your stand, but you did a nice job of presenting it. Nice work!

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Just what I expected. All of the Ron Paul loons patting each other on the back. Ron Paul does not have a chance on getting the nomination nor winning the general election as write in or a third party candidate. You need to find another candidate to support. Get over it now before it is too late.

    • TIME


      So its quite clear that idiots like you are the main PROBLEM with this nation. Thus clearly shown within the text of your ZOMBIE like post that your a mindlss stupid Liquid TURD.

      Thus you are a winner of the DARWIN award for being just about as stupid and mindless and any other person who has won that special award.
      But I grant you the Coveted “Road Apple Cluster” with your Darwin award, as you have lowered the bar to below that of an Idiot, yes indeed you have mastered Agressive IDIOT level. Good on you!

      • Allan

        Time- Does it occur to you that just as progressives like to dismiss conservatives as crazy and stupid, you are reacting the same way to the person who doesn’t think Paul is electable? I think you have to find a better response to the skeptics if you want to recruit their votes, and I think Ron Paul would tell you the same thing.

    • 45caliber

      If you dont’ like him, that is your own opinion. But don’t urge others who do to ignore him or get rid of him simply for that reason. Find someone YOU like and support him/her instead.

      • jyrine

        I would only ask that everyone put your personal feelings briefly to the side and consider the fate of our embattled nation. I never thought I’d say this but when it comes down to the wire and a viable, electable candidate shows in the final stretch go with the sure bet to clean out the White House and congress. Given the tactics and danger posed by the current administration, nothing and I trully mean NOTHING is more important than ending the Communist take over in Washington right now.

    • Regretful

      @Capitalist at Birth,
      Reading your ill conceived comments left me feeling as if at least one so-called capitalist had never been born.

  • Barry Lott

    Sadly the lack of knowledge of the people for what Dr. Paul stands for is hurting Dr. Paul which if KNOWN he would win easily. We all know who understands what Mr. Paul represents would do wonders for our US of A. Should Mr. Perry get in office lets hope he would ask Dr. Paul for WISDOM and ask him to be the HEAD of His Counseling STAFF . Since Dr. Ron Paul is the VERY BEST Leader FOR America.

    • 45caliber

      Ron Paul is disliked because he will not obey the orders of the GOP in Washington. He votes as he believes right. While I do not like some of the things he supports, I do believe he is right by not following party orders. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO GIVE ORDERS TO ANY CONGRESSMAN! And he certainly votes against any spending either party wants.

    • Karolyn

      If nothing else, his stand on the drug war will keep him from being elected. Too many people in this country will not support ending the war on drugs. They’re too afraid of change. And, I might add, they just might be too afraid of freedom.

  • 45caliber

    This is not surprising. The Demos don’t like him; the Repubs don’t like him. The MSM doesn’t like him. So why should anyone expect them to support him in the news?

  • Robert

    The reason why they blantantly ignore Ron Paul is obvious and has been obvious for the past 10+ years, or since Ron Paul was named, by the Republican Party, the “Constitutional Representative”, due to his help in getting Ronald Reagan elected (because Ronald Reagan and Republicans went to Paul for help in winning the elections because of his knowledge about the Constitution, Law, and the world).

    Now that everyone knows that he is the same honest man as he was his whole 30 years in Congress, AND HE DOESN’T FLIP FLOP, CHANGE HIS POSITION, SELL OUT AMERICA, etc. people are starting to respect that kind of AMERICA FIRST BELIEVING AND THINKER.

    With Paul in, it would be harder for the Democans/Republocrats/ Rinos, to continue to ammass more and more greed off the backs of American servicemembers, while they continue to nation build, get ourselves in to more and more wars for Oil and Oil Lobbyist, greed, etc..

    Don’t believe me; Obama was anti-war, now we bombed a country that Bush force them to be our ally or pay the price and so kadafy became our allie, working with America against thost that bombed us on 9-11.

    Or when Sean Hannity (indirectly due to his ignorance, purposeful name calling, and his global agenda) called the military “ignrorant and stupid”, last election, of those that voted for Ron Paul, which in turn, according to the I.R.S. was the majority of the US Military, “more than all other candidates combined”.

    That is probably the reason why Ron Paul broke 2 campaign funding records in the same campaign 2008, or why he has won 2 straight CPAC’s and Republican Leadership Conferences, AND WON LAST YEARS IOWA STRAW POLL AND SECOND THIS YEAR.

    THE DEM/RINO/ REPUBLOCRATS ARE NOT ONLY SCARED OF PAUL, HIS FOLLOWERS, AND THOSE WHO WANT TO SEE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, BECAUSE IN THE END, IT WOULD TAKE AWAY THE WAY THEY MAKE THEIR WEALTH. In wars, off the back of American Service members and selling out America by sending jobs overseas, or for those that get caught by our government (Romnwy and Huckabee this year) of hiring Illegal Aliens to work at their home, instead of unemployeed Vets or citizens, who could have used the income or have fought and paid the price for those 2 Globalist, Anti-American, Lobbyist/ Politicians.

    • Karolyn

      I would venture to guess that Jon Stewart can say anything he wants without fear of anybody censuring him! He’s that good!

  • Paul “The Alamo Geezer”

    Dr. Ron Paul a candidate for the Office of President is THE PERSON to put AMERICA back on track ! He is very knowledgeable on what America badly needs. We cannot keep on electing Presidents who only serve special interests people and groups. Hopefully the mainstream media will see the error of their ways and materially assist Dr. Ron Paul gain the next President of the United States of America.

    • jyrine

      We can always try to overwhelm the MSM. Bury them and the politicians under mountains of letters, E-mail and phone calls. This is what they try to do to us because it’s effective.

  • roy

    bachman voted for the patiot act. thats enough for her to never enjoy recieving my vote. mr paul is the most honest politician i have ever heard. do a search on him with the net, thats where you will learn the truth about him, not by listning to the lame stream media.
    i believe that ron paul is our last and only hope to save america.

    impeach obama, fire biden, president ron paul, 2011- NOW!!!

  • Joshua

    Although I don’t agree with Paul on everything, I do respect the hell out of him. Here’s a man that is at least consistant…. when he says limited government he doesn’t just mean limited in corporate dealings he means personal liberties as well. Too much hypocrisy in politics now’a’days it’s refreshing to see an honest man.

  • jyrine

    BYE-BYE Obama!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry

    It seems that Paul supports the gold standard. However chasing the past, the gold standard, may actually be chasing financial stability since things were financially more stable when we had the gold standard? It is not clear to me that the former stability was due to the gold standard being in place or because we didn’t have big time spenders we have had recently?

    Perhaps the gold standard is inherintly more stable because you can’t mine gold as fast as you can print money? But the govt could easily lie about how much gold they had in reserve to back up the cash? They could say had 150 tons when in fact they only had 50 tons, for example. It,they, the govt, could also just change the % of back up gold is required and even run it to 0% if they deemed it neceessary? Politically necessary at that. A zero % is what we have now?

    So the reality is money has no stored value, it only has purchasing power (PP). And the PP is related to the amount of cash in circulation, which has been increasing steadily for decades as our govt has consistently spent more this year than the last and less then next. That’s inflation where you get more money but it is worth less. Deflation is you get less money but it is worth (PP)more. Also we, including financial baloney taught in big time B schools, have been sold a pig in a poke by the Banking Empire, whose head is the fed res, that the economy creates money, wealth. The economy only determines who has the money put into circulation by the govt. In economics money is a medium of exchange, in finance it is capital. But capital is unspent money. If you have a dime you have 10 cents worthof capital. Not a whole lot. What is insidious about the Banking Empire is they collect tribute, oops interest, from the taxpayers, America’s first entitlement and best for not doing anything. Perhaps it should be identified by a name that better describes this entitlement. Welfare for the rich, maybe only the super rich? And our politicians don’t seem to aware of the bizarness of having the govt, empowered by the Constitution to put money in circulation (no limit listed so trillions upon trillions are legal I guess, but this is not good management of the nations purse) by borrowing it from a special interest group, the banking Empire. And then giving away lots of the money they, not us, borrowed from THE bank. If they did that at home, they would eventually lose their cars, homes since no one,except the bankers, can borrow themselves into prosperity. I have a btter idea for how they lose their jobs. Fire them, lay them off because we can afford them anymore, by voting oh so many out of office at every opportunity!



  • Linda

    Thanks TIME,Terry,Robert – you expressed what I was going to try and say!

    May I add that out of all the “Representatives” that I contacted for help that only Congressman Ron Pauls office bothered to offer any help at all. To top that, he wasn’t even my representative but I was left with no place to turn! He truly loves people and our great country and will restore honor and respect to our country. Dr. Paul would be the best choice for America but try and convince the “TV zombies”. Dr. Paul would not shame our country and he has raised a fine family to follow in his foot steps.

  • exbobbie

    We have a ways to go yet, so the answer is simple. Keep putting out the word about Paul and see if you can increase support for him. If you are successful he will get the nomination from shear overwhelming support and the GOP and MSM elites will have to acknowledge this or face defeat in NOV 2012. If you can’t get this kind of support, then for the sake of this Country and it’s future we all must get behind whoever is nominated. Like it or not, refusing to support the nominee (if not Paul)because of disappointment, will only guarantee Obama 4 more years. Personally I think it’s more important to gain absolute control of the House and Senate, don’t get me wrong, having a person in the White House with an R after his or her name is important too. In the end we should not shoot ourselves in the foot because we can’t find the absolute perfect candidate, he or she doesn’t exist.

    • newspooner

      Alwlays vote for the best candidate for any office, including President. Don’t get conned by the “wasted vote” lie. It hasn’t done us any good for decades. If Ron Paul does not get the Republican nomination for President, there might be a few others who are good enough, but likely it will be an unacceptable RINO/Neocon/Establishment flunkie (can you pronounce “Romney”?) who is not worthy of your vote, even as a “lesser of two evils”. If the Republican candidate is unacceptable, consider voting for a minor party candidate rather than really wasting your vote. In the last Presidential election, Bob Barr was much better than John McCain, and
      Chuck Baldwin was much better than Bob Barr. I did not waste my vote. I voted for the best candidate, Chuck Baldwin. If Ron Paul is the Republican nominee, let’s try to get the good minor parties to endorse and support him. I believe that Chuck Baldwin and the Constitution Party would do so. And some of the several candidates running for the Libertarian nomination would also do so. But, most important of all, remember that the Senate elections are even more critical. Get the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. Otherwise, all liberty will be lost.

      • TIME


        All your points are quite valid and I agree, I will work my butt off for Dr. Ron Paul – if he fails to make it due to the RINOS and the totaly BENT MEDIA.
        I will not be voting for a President on the R or D ticket, {I will write in Dr. Ron Paul.}

        We have all been sold a very bad bill of goods for years with this worthless rhetoric of ~~ vote for the lesser of two evils.

        Why? Why should we vote for whom we don’t want?
        I see it as thats just how we ended up where we are now.

        We have a congress that dispises us who have placed laws on us like a Slave Yoke of beast’s of burden to serve their needs.
        Yet they have made the laws so they are imume to these same laws we must follow or else.

        Most of them have clearly displayed their OUTRIGHT HATE of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as well.

        We have a POTUS that Hates us, let alone hates this nation and can’t say anything where he is not condescending to the working populace / Tax Payers.
        Yet his beloved WF crowd are still all in line waiting on that New Car and all that FREE STUFF.

        We now have two SC judges who at best are Marxist, and they determine what laws mean based on how they see them.
        So lets look at this for a moment. Judges who hate the very system they are be paid to serve, yet they are the backbone of the legal system? Yea nothing could possibly go wrong with that.

        People if we don’t take back the Nation with the Vote in 2012, its all over. We must rid this nation of all RINOS, and PROGRESSIVES, if not we will not have the last to Amendments the, 1st and 2nd.

        Both have been baddly beaten and chipped away at for years now with not a peep out of the populace.

        You all decide – do you wish to live in a Marxist nation then good for you its almost there.

        If not, then get you ass’s in gear and dig up everything you can on any NEW Congress and Senate people get them in and then lets get Barry out of the WH and place Dr. Ron Paul in the Oval Office.

        • bob wire

          Because your one vote could be seen as wasted on a spoiler candidate that has no chance of winning. A vote for Ron Paul could be viewed as a vote for Obama. But it is your one vote Time and only you can vote it.

  • Victoria

    So now Ron Paul is getting press for not getting press. The irony! I love Dr. Paul, it’s about time the media and the American people take notice.
    Ron Paul 2012!!

  • nw

    I’ve been a supporter of Ron Paul and believe he is the only one capable of getting our Constitution back and agree that his supporters will have to work diligently to spread the message, since the majority of the population believe the medi, and consider him unelectable. Our political history is so corrupt that our society has just accepted this as the norm. Government has grown too big. They have become like the mafia. They get you elected to office, and you work for them instead of your constiuents. I believe in Ron Paul, all the others have sold their soul to the devil and I hope he can remain vigilant in campaigning for the rights of the people, without any bodily harm that might suspiciously happen to him. God bless Ron Paul

    • 45caliber

      To tell the truth, I’m not sure that Ron Paul will be the one to really get things corrected. I don’t think he is that good. But I am sure that he’s the best of a bad lot of politicians.

      One thing is certain. If I was him, I’d want to hire all my own guards. There are too many in Washington that wouldn’t hesitate to do something we might consider unlawful if they had a chance.

      • nw

        I sure hope he has bodyguards now or at least thinking about it. He gets no respect and in my eyes, he is a true patriot. He’s like the duracell bunny, keeps going. The wheels of justice move slowly, but there’s enough for Congress to impeach Obama three fold. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Bush Sr & Jr, Clintons, Carter, Cheney, Soros and Bank of America, Federal Reserve and Bill Gates owe their alligiance to the New World Order. I’d say the odds are definitely against him, but as long as he has the conviction to fight for the sovereignty of US and not UN, I will support him. God Bless Ron Paul

  • dan a

    our elections are more and more corupt every time ! the amount of money that will be spent this time ,is obscene . i don’t understand why no one seems to understand we have to reform our elections .until we have taxpayer funded elections ,and outlaw 3rd party campain ads force equal press for every canadate . then the elections are no more meaningful than american idol

  • Guerrimo

    Senior Robert is correcto. I learn that if you do same thing over and over and expect to get different results, then that is the definition of stupidity.

    So all you want change and still elect people that sell out your country, I laugh at you. To the Republocrat/ RINO / Democrats HA, HA, HA,, you want more from those stealing from you. You no want Ron Paul because he wants jobs back to America and you are lazy Americans.

    I want R. Paul because I want America better place to raize familia.

    You vote the Democans, Republocrat, Rinos people that use you for their monies and help them get richer with dead military people.

  • Thinking About

    I don’t understand the talk about RINO like Paul is a republican, he is a RINO. Why does he not want to run in the libertian party he boast about.

  • Guerrimo

    Thinking about, what planet or you en. That is why the RINO Repub will never Allow American First Candidate of any especially Ron Paul, who was main man to have Pres. Reagan elected.

    They want to see those that will continue war and profit off dead military americans.

    To prove, John McCain was a no one with no money and the RINO Republican put him in the Candidate President because he was war and open border = not secure America.

    Ron Paul has 2 presidential campaign fund records, 2 conservative pac and 2 republican leadership conference victories. Also, more support, more money, and first in Iowa in 2008 and second in Iowa in 2011.

    Yet people don’t chose who goes in america, only those who are anti-american first chose and they chose other countries and citizens over their american people and country.

  • Guerrimo

    Is there anyone who says to protect america security, bring job back to america, stop using nose to but in and run all countries business if they don’t want to live like christian america?

    Ron Paul deserves to have chance like he gave Ronald Reagan when Republican party got Paul to help Reagan become Presidente. Because Ron Paul was not only a veteran who saved many military lives, but also he is smart and no’s constitution, law, and citizens.

    Big Politican lobbyist who build other countries, but our country crumbles, but oil, war, anti-american leaders use resources and dead military to create more monies and greed for themselfs only.

  • Tom Fox

    It’s heinous how warped our mainstream media is; an entity that most educated people now know is completely controlled by the wealthy elite, i.e., multibillion dollar corporations–that have no real interest in America. One can only hope their day of reckoning is forthcoming. Ron Paul, like him or not, isn’t going away this time!

  • bob wire

    I wonder just how much opposition Ron Paul would encounter on capital hill if he managed to secure the 1st chair position?

    Why is it,he can’t seem to get a good lift off? ~ Is it money? the lack of supporting backers?

  • exbobbie

    If Republicans took control of both House and Senate, with more fresh blood replacing some of the old school rhino’s, I don’t think he would get much flack over domestic issues, however I think he would get a lot of opposition from both sides of Congress and the Diplomatic Service if he tried to implement some of his foreign and Isolationist policies. Taking care of problems at home i,e Tax cuts, reduction of Government, Job creation etc, is one thing, but making decisions and policies that effect our role in the world is a whole different ball game and not as simple as a lot of people would like to think. I would love to see the U.S kick the U.N out of this Country, or see a bunch of U.S bases closed in certain parts of the world, or see all foreign aid cut off for Countries who hate us and do everything they can to destroy us, and especially bring all of our troops home, BUT IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN even with Ron Paul as President, I wish it could.

  • Mac

    I don’t think we have to worry about an A-Bomb capable Iran. Let them build their bomb, but if they just TRY to use one, there is our excuse to wipe out that region.

  • http://GMAIL REPETE

    Hi All, i’m 72 a Golwater conservative and still fighting for the true patriots like Ron Paul. We spend most evenings watching FNC and still wating to hear someting about Paul’s sucess in Iowa. The real concern I have is with all thr rah rah over Perry. I read where he is actually a RINO, active Bilderberger, pro UNA, initator of the cross country highway (I35), frequent tax raiser and lenient on illegals. Why is Fox major conservative Hannity so hyped up on Perry? Could it be the CFR views are really his, like the NWO.

    • nw

      Perry also has the pharmaceutical companies backing him, he is a clone of Bush. The big pharmaceuticals are pressuring FDA to ban herbal supplements so they can control the market. No one has been killed by taking vitamins & supplements, but they have by taking prescription drugs. Perry is a clone of Bush.

      • newspooner

        You got that right.

  • Joe

    Ron Paul offers no ideas. He and the other Tea Party people read off what Reagan and other GOP members wrote in the past. They have no new ideas and never talk about what they will do. Now, Jon Huntsman, on the other hand, tells specifically what he will do.


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