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Mainstream Media And Internet Gatekeepers

July 28, 2010 by  

Mainstream Media And Internet Gatekeepers

Members of the mainstream media, increasingly frustrated that people are turning away from them and to alternative media for their news, are now beginning to call for regulation of the Internet.

It happened again last week on CNN as anchors Kyra Phillips and John Roberts discussed the Shirley Sherrod firing fiasco. In case you missed it, Sherrod was fired from her job at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) after Andrew Breitbart posted a video in which Sherrod told a story about not giving full assistance to a farmer because he was white.

The video stopped before Sherrod continued her story to demonstrate that she had learned as she worked with the man that it wasn’t a black-white issue and later became friends with the farmer and helped him to avoid foreclosure on his farm.

The controversy erupted after the NAACP issued a statement calling Tea Party members racists. Sherrod had recently spoken at a NAACP rally.

 “There’s going to have be a point in time where these people have to be held accountable,” Phillips said. “How about all these bloggers that blog anonymously? They say rotten things about people and they’re actually given credibility, which is crazy. They’re a bunch of cowards, they’re just people seeking attention.”

Phillips then asked if “there’s going to come a point where something’s going to have to be done legally" about anonymous bloggers. Roberts responded that anonymous blogging might benefit from “checks and balances.”

But in light of the Journo-list fiasco—a list serve group of mainstream media members that has been exposed by The Daily Caller and proves that the mainstream media has colluded in framing stories to further a liberal agenda—the mainstream media can’t be trusted to tell the truth either.

And their criticism that Breitbart edited the video is at the very least hypocritical. There are a number of instances of supposed legitimate news organizations—NBC News, 60 Minutes and CNN to name a few—that have edited videos and run them to frame a story in a certain way.

The difference is Breitbart makes no claims to be a journalist. He comes with a known and stated agenda.

Journalists like Phillips and Roberts claim to be non-partisan and neutral.

Internet bloggers have done the country a wonderful service in exposing information the main stream media has ignored. And anonymous writing has a storied history in our country—dating back to colonial times and the fight for independence.

The Internet doesn’t need gatekeepers. But America would benefit from a legitimate mainstream media doing its job properly and without a leftward agenda.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    The lamestream media really cares about free speech checks and balances? As I recall, media types are
    supposed to be utterly consumed with protecting free speech. Or is that free speech that is ‘responsible’ only if it’s been pre-approved?
    Once again, America’s media whores whiz and moan about their sacred duty to uphold free speech, while at the same time they know they must be ready to help restrict and control free speech because only THEY, via a kind and caring government, care enough to do it right (no matter what the American people think).
    Why, Uncle Scam has plans to shut down the internet, if only to control the flow of free speech and information ‘for our own good.’ Does this mean the American people can’t be trusted with free speech unless it is monitored by superior people who always know best?

    • dan of arizona

      If there was a way to shut us down then i say bring it to them in dc the first amendment is just the start. if truth is what they want then make them report all of it not just the leftest side we all no that there is a revolution about to start they are just trying not to let any one else to no about it or when it starts. these are some really strange days ahead of us. I feel that there in for a suprise to see just how many true patriots are still alive and well

    • Vicki

      They only care about THEIR freedom to speak.

      • Dan Burke

        Correction. They only care about their viewpoint and victory. It is all about the WIN! If you all cared about was your freedom of speech, then we would not get offended by the opposition. So what gets us so angry and out of sorts about the mainstream media? Well, they tell their viewpoint, sell it, and then call it facts. And when we suggest that there is an alternate viewpoint where they might be wrong, then there is cries that we are lying, deceitful, and that our freedom of speech should be oppressed for “the greater good.” We know all too well that they don’t really want freedom of speech. They want ONE speech–their speech and none else. I contest that thus they don’t even want their OWN freedom of speech. Because if they truly valued freedom of speech, then they would want the freedom to CHANGE their minds.

    • Bruce

      SC, You have to keep in mind that the main stream media use the methods of the master of modern spin or propaganda, Walter Lipman, that why you can’t get any straight info from them.

      Its all based on outright lies or disinformation or micro truths blended with radical spin to adjust your thinking to the view that they wish for you to express.
      They as well as our Political masters have been telling us all for years that we will forget what ever was said in a few hours, and then that crazy spin that they just used to inflame you will be all be forgotten but first you will demand that the Political masters do something about the problem of the moment that they created for effect to gain what ever they were looking to do.

      Its a game of total control to them to brainwash you into thinking that we are all to stupid and we need them, the BIG thinkers to fix all the wrongs that they are making up to inslave you.
      Thats why they hate the net as it offers massive amounts of “TRUTH” that can’t be respun to fit the profiles that the masters want you to follow.
      So what other choice do we leave them. They need to shut down any form of comminucations that expose them as outright thief’s and lyers so they can they get back to making you think that you should be working for the state and be happy that they let you live another day, or have that trinket that you will owe the company store for, or eat what ever they tell you to so they can profit from your life and your death.

      Whats the Buzz word of the day?

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        Bruce… Your post was almost as good as the article! Yes, it is all about control. They are wanting to ‘dumb down’ America and taking the internet under control would be even better for them to do it. We cannot trust the MSM and the internet is more reliable, as long as you know where to go. If this actually happens, which is a possibility, I am sure some sort of underground communication/information would be necessary. Who would have ever thought we would be living in America under these circumstances?

        • Bruce

          Thank you Robin for your very kind words. I ask that you all forgive me as I made a number of mistakes in my text I had yet to have any coffee.

          I think along the lines of the “KIS” method with politics that keeps it all in perspective the same with the media.
          I have been interviewed a number of times and what I said and what was shown on the TV were not even close to the same.
          I am friends with a guy who post here he spends most of his time working with the media and some politicians, so I get a lot of intel most have no clue about.
          Some of the stories he could tell you would melt your mind.

          Not unlike the Great BP Oil spill of 2010, that was nowhere near as bad as you have been told it is. Thats one of the main reasons why no media was allowed near the area, not even fly overs as that would have exposed the lacking OIL Spill.
          Now really watch as they work to spin this story into something totally untrue, watch how this all plays out.
          Keep in mind that the media has played the Barry Soetoro Progressive card to the hilt on this one its all about “Cap & Trade,”
          Keep your eye on the {EPA} thats how this will be brought about.
          They don’t need the Senate for the EPA to take action.

          • WhatThe

            They don’t need the Senate for the EPA to take action. — You are precisely right; Congress was pretty sure it could not get c*ap and tax(trade)HR2454, so they surreptitiously gave EPA control of the politician made carbon “crisis”. EPA and the Congress are symbiotic; both are leeches — in this case, – and the working person is the victim.

          • kate8

            Good posts, Bruce. BTW, I think we’ve gotten beyond caring about spelling and such. You are a patriot.

            After today, I really feel near the breaking point. Not sure what that means exactly. I’m ready to just dig in my heels.

            With the AZ court ruling, and reading in the local paper that re: smartmeters, no one can opt out – I’m ready to ask the guy who comes to install it, “What gives you authority over me?”.

            I’ve just about had it with this control stuff. I’m looking at getting off the grid, even if it means cooking on the barbie. It will happen sooner or later anyway, so why not be a step ahead.

    • refuse2lose

      Maybe this is what it will take for the Obama Zombies to snap out of their collective daze and see what is happening to America. Obama used the “Internet Generation”to get elected,and if he messes with their favorite toy it is possible they will be the cause of his 2012 loss.

    • http://none John Detwiler

      The only thing I have to say SC is KUDOS for a brillient comment. I printed it out to remind me that there are an awfull lot of inteligent peaple ready to fight for our rights. Thank you

    • BrotherPatriot

      “Does this mean the American people can’t be trusted with free speech unless it is monitored by superior people who always know best?”

      Well…S C…of course that’s what they WANT it to mean. These Elites think they know what’s best for all of us Sheeple. That when their Feudalist style government is in place, for the good of all humanity, then they can help guide (control) the population for our own good.

      ^^ That makes me sick to even write. The Bilderberg people and their organizations actually BELIEVE this. How dare they do what they have done to us. Yes, we certainly will hold them accountable for their actions and all the money in the world wont protect them from the fury of Humanity. Because when you get right down to the ROOT level of why our world is the way it is…well, you find them behind the majority of it. They create a problem and then offer the solution…often the solution then grants them more control of us and strips us of our rights and freedoms. Such as the controlled demolition of the twin towers and then instilling the Patriot Act. When you compile the evidence you end up with an equation that points directly at their attempts for a NWO…but, we are on to them.

      Enough is enough. I personally have had…ENOUGH! Spread the word, my brothers & sisters…spread the word that these people actually exist and really are controlling the world as we know it from behind closed doors and with ZERO accountability. Any American representative that attends is in direct violation of the Logan Act. Irrefutable evidence is being provided by many, many people and for many years now. Key players in this arena are Daniel Estulin, Jim Tucker & Alex Jones. There are many others I would wish to name…but I’ll refrain from my rant…for now. (wink)

      • kate8

        BrotherPatriot, I hear ya.

        I’ve about had it. Heard today that the states, one by one, are passing resolutions to do away with the electoral college. That means the red states will be powerless. The coasts, which are liberal, will control elections.

        This administration is doing all it can to push us to the breaking point. They are backing us into a corner, intent on alienating and disenfranchising us as much as possible. With the court ruling in favor of the invaders from the south and against the American citizens…this thing is about to erupt.

        Heaven help us. I AM ANGRY. I know I am not alone.

        • Claire

          kate8–No you are not alone. I am angry too. I am angry that we have been sold out. But kate8 I think this has been going on for years. It has been in the making for decades. Possibly it is closer to fruition now?

          • kate8

            Claire, think about how the democrats have always cried “disenfranchisement” when they wanted to pass a voter agenda. Just look at the motor-voter laws; the laws to prevent poll workers from asking for ID, the continual recounts when their guy loses; how “poor” and elderly voters can’t figure out the ballots, and on and on. Cheat, cheat, cheat.

            Now they are pushing openly to disenfranchise the majority of Americans. And I don’t hear much of an outcry from the Repubs.

            These weasels are racking up some really bad kharma.

          • Claire

            kate8–Yes, it seems like the Republicans are trying to get going, but some appear to be mealy-mouthed. No get up and go. Almost like they think they have it made, but I don’t think they do. November may be a surprise. I don’t think they should count their chickens before there are hatched as so to speak. Nothing can be taken for granted, especially with all the dissent in America now. People just may very well vote for a third party. I sure have been hearing people grumble a lot and they say they are going to vote for a third party. Who knows what will happen.

    • Deborah

      This is important! Please click link! If it’s broken I’ll find another link and post it!

      Judge for yourselves!

    • BAF

      sc is correct. Let me ad…. they will self destruct if they keep going this way. They are realizing that they aren’t the only game in town and they don’t like the competition. If they were “doing” their jobs, like reporting the news and not creating it, people wouldn’t have to look elsewhere.

    • IRA

      Hello SC and everyone. We can fix the main stream media, literally overnight. This is not rocket science. Hurt them where it counts, in the pocketbook, it works every time. It will work here, I guarantee it. Here’s how we go about doing it. Create a website. I personally haven’t a clue how to build a website, hopefully someone here does or knows of someone who can, or would at least help. Name the website “Boycott The Sponsors of The Liberal Media”, or “Taking Back The Liberal Media” or some such similar name. The name should reflect what the website is about. Do you see where this is headed? On this website list every single sponsor/product/service of every major network newscast/media, right down to the local stations in every city. Could also be done for the print media as well. Ask that folks living in other cities list the sponsors of the liberal newscasts/media in their towns. Then proceed to boycott every last one of those sponsors. Send the website address to each sponsor, to their advertising departments, as well as to their corporate offices, along with a note explaining that their products/services will continue to be listed and boycotted, unless and until such time, as the sponsors straighten out the liberal newscasts/media, by removing any and all liberal bias. It would not take long, I guarantee it. No sponsor wants to spend gobs of money on advertising, just to be boycotted. The irony of it all would be the fact that the internet, the nemesis of the established media, would be used to accomplish this. Ira

  • Viktor Leben

    If the Americans keep putting these low IQ snakes in office then it is just a matter of time before the government controls “free” speech on the internet …..

    Did this “Shirley Sherrod” get her job back after the clarification ? I think she should get her job back…..

    • Harold Olsen

      Low IQ? Don’t you men no IQ???

      • Al Sieber

        I agree..

      • http://yahoo RobertG

        I see you also, do not know how to spell. This is the real dumbing down of America. It is in the schools now, mandated by the government.

        • Al Sieber

          What do you mean? RobertG.

    • CJ

      If you really think the elected ones have a low IQ, then think again. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. Because there is no sensible, logical explanation for what they do, based on the information we are ALLOWED to know, the only answer is they are collectively being guided by a higher authority. All indications lead back to money. The Bilderburg group and the central bank argument makes more and more sense every day. As detectives always think, once you’ve eliminated the obvious, what remains, however impracticle, is your answer (sorry if I didn’t get the quote accurate, but you get my meaning). As long as your are busy trying to analyze the confusion (which you will never do) they are working their plan to bankrupt everybody and hold us enslaved to the money horders. As GI’s have learned, when you see something high above that gets your attention, you better look down for the trap.

  • DaveH

    The MSM hates it when people can communicate freely and aren’t dependant on their spoon-fed propaganda.

    • Claire

      DaveH–I agree with you statement. The MSM has been/is manipulative with their propaganda for several years. They have become worse. I think their main goal is to incite.

      • Claire

        Arrggh– “your”

  • Harold Olsen

    Maybe if the lamebrain media were more honest and ethical people would not be turning away from them. They just can’t be trust, none of them, including Fox News Channel. I’m old enough to remember a time when the network news shows just read the news without giving opinions and when they did give an opinion it was splashed on the screen that it was an editorial comment or opinion. Now, it seems, that every story is an opinion. My opinion of the lamebrain media for at least a couple of decades has been that their motto should be: “We’ll give you the truth even if we have to make it up.” Journalist have one thing is common with politicians: They both have to look up to see the underside of a snakes belly.

    • Claire

      Harold Olsen–Good choice of words. I agree with you 100%.

    • grammybear

      My opinion of the lamebrain media for at least a couple of decades has been that their motto should be: “We’ll give you the truth even if we have to make it up.” Journalist have one thing is common with politicians: They both have to look up to see the underside of a snakes belly.”

      Mr. Olson, you hit the nail square on the head!

  • Vicki

    There was a saying that freedom of the press was for those that owned the presses. This suited MSM cause they were the owners. Now that the internet has provided presses for the rest of us of course the MSM will try and control / suppress us. They will loose.

  • Anthony

    Well, first off, The Government has always had the ability to just shut us down. Bill Gagtes and Co., wouild not get a License to sell, without giving away the keys. Remeber Gates sammed IBM, who had been a Gov’t monopoly contractor early on, until Billy swiped that code and got it put in his name. Otherwse, we’d all still be paying $2,000/PC even today They just haven’t had the guts to do so until now – OR – they wanted us to find out what is going to happen, so they could relish rubbing it in.

    As it is – we are no different than IRAN as far as the almighty Wild Web is concerned. IRanians have a boot on their neck, too, ya know. It’s the mullahs over there playing a game of RISK with the Bilderbergers and we’re stuck in the middle… unless (of scourse) people actually quit being stepford wives about it.

  • Michelle

    Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Al Sieber

    Well, it’s just a matter of time, another 9-11 or some false flag like event that they set up to give them a reason.

    • enough?

      agree…makes you wonder why Mrs.O is having 30 rooms set aside for ‘friends’…

      • enough?

        in Spain…

        • Al Sieber

          enough, really, you have a link?

      • George

        Living on the taxpayer dime has alot of perks if you are in power – like endless vacations and parties. Flights chartered for your family pet. 30 room suites at 5 star resorts. The time to confiscate their government card has come! People are out of work and they are abusing us to our face! He may be in the White House but his term will be ending soon.

        • kate8

          George, Amen to that!

          This arrogant SOB and his entourage are livin’ large while telling us to tighten our belts.


  • Marc de Piolenc

    Sherrod losing her job is not the fault of the blogger. Those who fired her based on one video posted to the Net should be taking the heat! Any sensible person knows that the Net contains everything – careful, factual reporting, gutter trash and everything in between. Intelligent people check their facts, but the mainstream media would rather we didn’t do that to them; instead, they want managed news, where they decide what we see. Wonder why….

  • 1minuteman

    what the main stream media is saying is get rid of free speech except for theirs. they coniently forget all the nasty blogs that were out there the 8 yrs bush was president. that was okay.hippocrits.

    • Al Sieber

      I hear you, Bush never mentioned censoring the internet.

  • Deborah

    How do we get around being censored by the government? Is there a ISP provider other than the At&T, sprint ect?
    How do I contact them?
    If the muslim leader of our country takes down the internet….is there an alternative?
    I don’t like being censored. I don’t like the lies put out by the mainstream media that supports every Anti-American plug by the current administration.
    Hopefully, they’ll leave with the current administration. They’ve damaged themselves FOREVER!

    • Al Sieber

      Deborah, their not gonna just go away.

    • George

      Shortwave broadcasting from outside the 3 mile limit, CB and Ham radio. Contact networks similar to alarm and muster to relay information. Local 912 group assemblies. Elections – if they do this the vast majority in this country will never stand for it – watch us repeal obamacare, and the rest of Obama’s socialist laws – it is coming one way or the other. We are going to win.

      • Al Sieber

        George, good idea, they also have the small mini F.M transmitters you can buy.



  • George

    The day the progressives suppress our speach and or force propaganda to pop up on our sites, or progressive moderators onto our sites will be a sad day for our constitutional republic, conservatives will find a way to thwart this unconstitutional attack on freedom of speech and of assembly. They may find they have a revolution on their hands. We will openly defy them. We will defy any restrictions on our freedom.

  • Kim

    Mind you folks… History shows that it will not end until the cancer is “KILLED” and ELIMINATED…. It will take many lives before it is over, as our battle for freedom, and liberty is something that the elite want control over, because they think we cannot handle life without their “assistance”….. it seems the only purpose in their life because they are so bored with themselves, and unhappy with their lives. When you eliminate the threat, things will change. Until then, plan on all the drama, and lies, and deceit. Because that is how liberals fight things. Lies, and hatred. I was married to an extreme liberal. Now she is even happier, she lives with one, and they can lie all day together. I know them so well, I could go to the bathroom, and give birth to one twice a day….

    • Deborah

      we can boycott taxes.



  • Les

    INTERNET = INTERnational NETwork
    Hard to take control of something you really don’t own. China & Iran have already learned that there are too many people working against them to keep all the “bad” information out. People are finding a way to get information past those barriers and will continue to do so here too when it happens to us.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Les, Hell I’ll pass notes back and forth with pertinent info, like I did in grade school, if I have to!__The Libs’ll play hell shutting us up__where theres a will, there is a way!!

  • Only in America

    I hate right wing agendas too. Like FOX

    I hate CNN too.

  • Vippy

    Bloggers are not anonymous!

    • Deborah

      no, you’re right, we are not. Every movement we make, every comment we make…they are watching.

  • FreedomFighter

    Mainstream Media is left, so far left, they left the majority of Americans whom do not want Marxist bent media. Americans reject the lie of Marxists, reject the daily spew of half-truths, targeted character assasinations, and most of all, the fact Mainstream or MarxistMedia considers clean hard working families that love America the enemy.

    To my American Indian brothers and sisters:

    The Marxist will enslave all people, the call they make, the help they offer is but method of enslavement. The evil monsters we face will not respect our treaties, borders, culture or people. We must resist or doom our children and maybe generations to come: to enslavement.


  • Vippy

    The press is impotent when it abandones itself to falsehood. Thomas Jefferson.

  • bill

    Well others can do as they please,but in my household,we had enough of the slanted propaganda from the MSMs,We canceled.

    • Deborah

      I got rid of TV :)

      • dan of arizona

        So did I

  • JIm

    The Mainstream-media seem to believe that what is said at any site online is considered truth, no matter what is said or who said it. Maybe that is how they expect others to see themselves and thus apply that same standard to these online sites. I hope all of us “readers” never simply believe everything we read! But take the time to prove, or at least read with a grain of salt, all the propaganda fed to us by “Whoever”!!!

  • Jannnie W

    Brietbart wanted to show that the NAACP was applauding and loving what Shirley Sherrod was saying before she got to the reademtion part. The criticism was taken out of context.

  • Raggs

    Smells like NAZI style tatics to me.

  • Lisa

    As I watch our freedoms deteriorate on a daily basis through behind closed door dealings, it is quite baffling why we have not already taken measures to eliminate the traitors causing the demise of our nation. Most of us have to form our own opinions from the ‘news’ that is ‘reported’ from multiple sources. Controlling our ability to do so on the internet is appalling. Australia postponed the passing of this law until after their upcoming elections due to the overwhelming response from their citizens.
    It is common knowledge that our president obtained office through corrupt and illegal means. What has happened to us that we can knowingly allow a known criminal (and his minions) to continue this charade?? How much more damage will we allow to be inflicted before action is taken? We don’t even stand a chance or means to unite if (when) the next terrorist attack is successful. Many attempts have been thwarted but we won’t always be so successful.

    • Jim Bennett


      Very good! I have been saying the same for month’s. When will America wake up and take action to remove all of these thugs out of Gov. If action is not taken soon our freedom, way of life will be a thing of the past. Every single day the Obama Adminstration is makin sure of this. ” HE HAS TO BE TAKEN OUT”

      MMS never turn them on any more,We all need to protest in that manner, let them loose all of commerica monies!!! JB

    • JimJ

      As I read these blogs about the main stream meadia it occurs to me that when Obama was elected I had the notion that the US was in for a profound change. I think the words I used were “The screwing we got ain’t noting like the screwing we’re goin to get”. As 2012 approaches there are those that predict the end of the world as we know it. For a long time I just sluffed that off at the idiot rambling of the doom and gloom conspiracy crowd. But now the more I think about it and then factor in what this administration has been doing the more I think that we are headed for a world changing event. My personal opinion is that one of two things are going to happen. 1. There will be an uprising of sorts among coservative indepedents in the form of a revolution. Weather that will be a armed revolt or a more peaceabe change I’m not sure. 2. There will be a revolt amoung US citizens who will take back the government from the current crop of corrupt, self serving Politicias, and we will see a differnt form of government emerge as a result. There might be a third alternative but I am not at all sure what that might be and frankly that scares me to death.
      That people of America need to open their eyes to whats going on. We need to educate ourselves about the issues and were our elected representatives stand on those issued and we need to make sure that that the representatives vote with the will of the people in mind. Nothing less should be acceptable, and this goes for all of us regardless of race or political affiliation.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Well said, JimJ. Be aware also of the Georgia Guidestones…top line says world population 500,000,000. (That’s 12 out of 13 need to die to fullfill). These people are not stupid…they are brilliant infact and trained at such places as Harvard and Stanford, etc. (Skull & Bones, etc.) Like a game of Chess, they think years ahead and make their insiduous plans. A world War where countless die while they shelter themselves from the brunt of it…would fit well into their plans, IMO.

        Also, people don’t forget how they got their foothold into this level of control over us. Through LIES. They orginally got their massive monetary influence when the Rothschild spun their rumor that Napoleon won the war. By riding at least 20 hours ahead of the news of his defeat, they spun the rumor and caused the English stocks to plummet…this allowed them to buy it ALL up with pennies on the dollar. Once the real news arrived of Napoleans defeat, people found that the Rothschild legally (<—yeah, right) now owned everything. (I personally find fault on all those people for not demanding a thorough investigation and in the very least, cancellation of the transactions that allowed the Rothschild family to own their market. If this had been done…it's very possible our world would be very different right now. Then again, being the schemers that they are…they may have found a different approuch later and we still would be where we are now. But that's definitely something that I can point at.)

        Tell all your friends, your family and neighbors the truth. It's the only way things will change.

  • Charles

    Believe it or not, my TV has been off for over a year. When I find out that MSM is willing to make an honest attempt in comeing back to the middle, I will think about turning it back on. May God Bless America!!!

  • Charles

    Correction- coming, not comeing -sorry

  • WhatThe

    Breitbart was reporting a synopsis of what he heard – he could not report the whole around 40 minute tape, that he acquired from an unknown source — IF a NAACP person taped this rally, why would the NAACP let this tape leak?
    The far left Congress is blaming, and bullying once again – they accuse the right “fringes” as misrepresenting the truth, when ANY reliable medium researches the information before reporting — they blame/find a scapegoat, while completely avoiding their obvious faults.

  • WhatThe

    -articlesbase-com – click on news and society in articles category – enter in search box, IS OBAMA A SOCIALIST? and listed is: Brief Biography Of Barack Obama, Obama is the gray man, born and great in the cultural crossroads that make him find difficulty at the beginning of the period of his life. Son of a Kenyan with jet and mother of United States with as white as milk, grew up in a simple … Feb 26, 2009; another heading is – A list of family, friends, and advisers that can be/are linked to socialism, or total government control. Jul 15, 2010; – enter THE LIBERAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND OBAMAS’ ADMINISTRATION HAVE A SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP – describes how the media, and the White House protects liberal views, but conveniently bypasses, and demonizes conservative views Jul 21, 2010; – enter ARIZONA ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION LAW IS A CLONE OF THE FEDERAL ICE 287 PROGRAM – mentions When Senor Wences, Felipe Calderon, from Mexico criticizes Arizona’s law, something is blatantly wrong. How can Mexico’s President, who enforces harsh immigration law/s, and knows little about Arizona’s problems be given creditability? – Eric Holder calls SB1070 possibly unconstitutional, without reading the law. In the bill, racial profiling is specifically addressed, and prohibited; and if Arizona wants to enforce the same rules as Feds 287 program, Arizona is racist? Jul 13, 2010
    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”
    ~ Thomas Jefferson

  • Mary Steele Yorktown VA

    It don’t matter that “she had learned as she worked with the man that it wasn’t a black-white issue and later became friends with the farmer and helped him to avoid foreclosure on his farm.”, the fact is she was willing to withhold services to begin with!!! It is her job to help those who qualify, her feelings toward him should have played NO part in executing her duties!! She should have been fired-period!! If it was a white person doing that to a black person, it would have been an outrage all the country and he/she would not have remained in that job or given another one somewhere else!!

    • Sue Ford

      Her racist rearend is quite safe due to the horses rearend that hates our country, white people and freedom for others; Don’t his people see how he talks out of that rearend…..taking a vacation every month, 4 in the last month. His wife and daughter entertaining her little friends in spain in 30 rooms and spending millions of taxpayers dollars for this spree?
      How blind they are and how trecherous he and his wife are.

  • WhatThe

    In November people will have a decision to make — do they want THE USUAL big government takeover tactics, or do they want to GO BACK to a semi-private/CAPITALISTIC society.
    —– PLEASE, get e-mails from your reps, and VOTE THE CORRUPT OUT
    -OpEdNews October 8, 2009 Black Box Voting to Wash. DC Council re: Proposed Election Reforms
    *-chamberpost-com/2010/07 Citizens United, Election Spending, and the DISCLOSE Act
    –newsmax-com Democrats Rushing ‘Disclose’ to Control November Elections Monday, 12 Jul 2010
    -smartvoter-org/ Our goal is to provide the best nonpartisan information about all contests on your ballot to help you make an informed decision. The League of Women Voters of Ohio, founded in 1920, is a non-partisan political organization that encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.
    -friendsofthechamber-com —- find a town hall in your area; take our election survey, and voter resources.
    -American Solutions-com American Solutions is a citizen action network of over 1.5 Million members, including 30,000 small business owners. Our goal is to unite a majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in support of the next generation of solutions that will ensure that the United States remains the safest, freest, and most prosperous country in the world. Our General Chairman and founder is former Speaker Newt Gingrich.
    -washingtontimes-com Protecting Black Panthers-Wnd-com Feds sue New Black Panthers for voter intimidation STEAL THE VOTE Members at polling place allegedly to make sure black won election Posted: January 08, 2009 WorldNetDaily – (More evidence of Justice racism Attitude to race-neutral enforcement of voting-rights act described as ‘hostile’) July 17, 2010
    Richard Trumka: An Ugly History of Violence and Corruption -SEIU’s new rule forces local affiliates to raise PAC money or kick in workers’ forced union dues and pay penalties
    -National Institute for Labor Relations Research – a non-profit research facility analyzing and exposing the inequities of compulsory unionism-nilrr-org ‘Card-Check’ Forced Unionism Threatens Job-Based Private Health Insurance -The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, established in 1968, is a nonprofit, charitable organization providing free legal aid to employees whose human or civil rights have been violated by abuses of compulsory unionism.
    -National Institute for Labor Relations Research – a non-profit research facility analyzing and exposing the inequities of compulsory unionism

    -”We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” — Barack Obama at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, October 31, 2008.

  • Sue Ford

    Well put!!! There is such a difference in the mainstream media; While they are busy covering Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson, the Black Panthers are threatening violence to white people and their babies….how can we ever trust the mainstream media again?

  • Mary Steele Yorktown VA

    As long as the media works on the side of Democrats there’s no problem, but when we turn to the internet to hold them to task, they cry foul!

    The media was good to Obama for a long time, that coverage goes away when they start asking tough questions, so we are left with the internet to get out messages that We want addressed!

    Cases-in-point, where’s the coverage of massive unemployment while Obama and the Democrats blast the GOP for not approving additional unemployment benefits that aren’t paid for, but again, nothing is pushed on the issue of massive unemployment while 7 million illegals are “still allowed” to work!!!

    There is a video of Obama admitting that he was born in Kenya, why is that not out there in the mainstream media?

    • Sue Ford

      Thank you Mary.

      How disturbing.

      I did not know this for sure.

      I noticed a few men behind him reacting to his statement.

      Why ….didn’t someone slap some handcuffs on him and take him to jail immediately?

      • Deborah

        OMG! He said it himself! His mouth was moving!!!! We elected an illegal f’in alien!
        Dear GOD! We are moving in Muslims to the US at the speed of friggin light!
        I feel sick!

    • Claire

      Mary–I looked at that video and at the bottom it says snippets that were contrived–synthetic truth. The makers of the video have admitted this. Look it up. This was discussed on another blog the other night.
      Links like this just prove to me that a person cannot always believe what they see/read on the Internet.

  • Sue Ford
  • barbm

    they want to take away our anonymity, but they want to keep their sources anonymous. hypocrits!! i still watch the news on tv, but i condsider it no better than a half hour sitcom. half stories, slanted news coverage, and little follow up. we have a 3rd party candidate, kathie glass, running for governor of texas, yet not one of our local news stations has ever mentioned her name. how can we look at the mainstream media with trust when they’ve become such a joke?

  • Rennie

    If the liberal news media fails to carry the White House message, they not only lose power but are apt to be replaced by a state news agency entirely. You only need one spokesperson for that, not rival networks.

  • Randy

    The issues are never the issue, the issue is always power.

    • kate8

      Randy, well said.

  • Angel Wannabe

    I like the part where Phillips says, ” Bloggers that blog anonymously are given credibility and are cowards”, really, could it be perhaps some of which is said, is true, and that pisses off the Liberal News Media, and/or that maybe they no name blog, because don’t want to put themselves or they’re families private life in jeopardy with politically correst jargon, that you Liberals twist so you can sue someone for an opinion?___Perhaps they want people to think a little and desire NO CREDIT FOR A GOOD IDEA AT ALL!!__I’m one of those ANONOYMOUS BLOGGERS!!!__ and to those who don’t like that, for one, can take a powder, and two, you can mind your own damn business, was that nasty enough LIbs??!!!

  • kate8

    Here is a VERY BIG reason why TPTB don’t want us to have free access to information. It is also a VERY BIG reason why they don’t feel any need to listen to us anymore.

    Aside from the fact that Congress has delegated all its powers to unelected czars and beaurocrats, renderning themselves irrelevant (as Canada did with their Parliament), there is much more to it.

    Check this out. You’ll be astonished.

    • Claire

      kate8—Looked at the link you posted. I knew about this–Jesse Ventura has been doing a lot of digging. This has been going on for the past 10 years. I do have to admit nothing surprises me anymore. Talk to you later.

      • kate8

        Claire – Yes, I saw a very long documentary on this some time ago. It was very detailed and shocking. Someone sent me this abbreviated video, so I thought I’d pass it on.

        Underground “cities” have existed forever. It seems that, at the end of an age of civilization, the elites go below to wait it out, only to emerge when the decimation is over and start the whole thing over again.

        What is the point of all this? I wish I knew.

        • Claire

          kate8–I don’t know what the point is either. I wish they would tell us the truth, but they won’t. All I know is that we all had better be prepared to take care of ourselves. I don’t like what I see and hear.

  • chuck b

    checked your link, it makes you wonder and then maybe not. one of these days with iran and all these 3rd world countries coming up with the nuclear bomb, they are going to use them and we are there best target.

    • Claire

      chuckb–I think these shelters are being built for a possible attack from Iran, etc. I don’t think they can build enough of them for all of us though. Probably just for the politicians.

      • kate8

        That’s the whole point, Claire. They don’t want to save all of us. They want to thin us out.

        These shelters are for THEM. They’ve sold out their allegience to the people and their nation for “seats” in the bunkers.

        Revelation tells how they hide in “caves”. I’m hoping a quake or something buries them all forever.

        • Claire

          kate8—Back to Jesse Ventura–Didn’t he have a book published on this stuff? I am going to try and find out. Seems like he had a documentary on TV awhile back but I didn’t get to watch it. Did you?

          • kate8

            Claire, He did have a documentary, something about Conspiracy something or other. I did not ever get to watch it. It may still be on, for all I know.

            Many of them are on YouTube. I saw another one where he and a group of investigators went to the HAARP fascility in Alaska.

            The elites are up to something. Whether they know of some coming natural cataclysmic event, or they are planning to instigate one, they are really making plans to save themselves.

            I recall looking at freeze dried food cites awhile back, and one in particular stated that they were out of stock indefinitely, due to the government buying all the product they could produce.

          • Claire

            kate8–I am going to check it out. I want to know what he is finding out.

  • John in CA

    Just as the Medieval nobility of Europe failed to recognize the rise of the merchant class as a threat to their power until it was too late, the current crop of would-be royalty, who’s growing power is based on the control of both raw resources and the flow of information, did not recognize the threat that information technology poses to that power until recently. They are now attempting to correct that error, and like it or not, unless we do more than yell, they will succeed.

    We cannot stop the eventual regulation of the internet in its current form, for one reason: we don’t own it. You own and control the device through which you are reading this, but the equipment which provides your means of accessing it, and the rest of the ‘net, is owned by a collection of private and public companies. The backbone of the web is owned by the telecom giants, who’s largest shareholders and officers are so intertwined with lobbyists, politicians and bureaucrats that they may as well be a part of the government.

    So, since you don’t own the means of accessing the internet and have to “pay to play”, what the so-called elites can’t do legislatively or by judicial activism, they will be able to do through layers of contractual obligations. In other words, anyone who wants web access for any reason will be forced to accept content filtering by an outside agency as part of the deal when they sign up with an ISP. Don’t blame your ISP. They will have had to accept the same deal to get access to the internet’s backbone.

    What we need is Internet III. A real network, built by us, the little people. I have no idea what form it would need to take. I imagine it could be based on WY-FY connections, or perhaps be as simple as neighbors agreeing to get together and run fiber optic from house to house. Individual security would have to be a matter of personal responsibility (much as it is now). Your access to the ‘net and the quality of that access would be based entirely on your ability, financial or otherwise, to maintain your equipment. As this network expanded, it could eventually bypass, surpass, and supplant the telecom-based internet.

    I lack the technical expertise to flesh this idea out, but there are millions of people out there who do have the skills. I’m hoping a few of you will take this idea up and run with it. The possibilities are endless. A whole new world awaits, if we can take it.

  • Ken

    Briebart and Fox (un)News should both be sued for libel, the bastards.

  • Lee Abel

    Too bad the Sherod video posting was taken out of context, Brietbart was posting it to point out the NAACP members at her speech, agreeing with her point of racism. she came about many years ago and gave up racism, but the audience reaction was what Brietbart was showing not her (Sherod)speech.
    Oh and the fact that she was fired/forced to leave before any of the other sources like Fox new, etc ever posted.
    she was pointing out to the audience that the fight isnt white versus black but rich helping poor.
    But then too many of the NAACP are racist in that they think only a colored person can be deserving of help.
    And no neither Brietbart nor Fox new had anything to do with her firing, Obama and crew fired her before it hit big elsewhere. Get your facts right.

  • William Cole

    Editorial neutrality is a myth. Everyone tells the story based on pre-conceived ideas and beliefs.

    What angers the “lamestream media” is that they no longer control the flow of information. Bloggers on the left, bloggers on the right and libertarian bloggers will give a slant to their story. Some will be more honest than others. But now the public has CHOICE. And THAT is what really angers them. The fact that they are going out of business shows just how much people appreciate their freedom of choice.

    Blog on!

  • Cathy

    ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,& CNBC WHO ARE ALL SO FAR LEFT that they can not even see the center. And those don’t even include the newspapers or any of the magazine’s. Why watch a channel if there not going to tell you the news because they think your to dumb to understand it or they want to keep you in the dark and make you think everything is lolly-pops and gum-drops..I say if people can show some real truthful news and stop with the sugar coating crap then SHOW IT…and set the news straight. STOP WITH THE ONE SIDE CRAP AND STAND UP FOR THE PEOPLE AND TELL THE NEWS..OR GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS.

    • Claire

      I don’t think there is a news channel on TV that reports accurately and like they should. They are all biased.

      • chuck b


        try fox. the liberals hate it. so far, to me it seems on track with the truth, occasionally i see a little spin with geraldo and sheppard smith.
        they both show their liberalism at times.

        • Claire

          chuckb–Whoops! Another thunderstorm and a big pop of thunder and lightening. I am wondering if I should get off this computer. I don’t want my hair permed!! I don’t want to light up like a Christmas tree!
          Anyway, I was aggravated with that judge’s ruling today in Arizona. But I really wasn’t surprised. This is going to be another chaotic mess. Clinton appointed that judge and McCain agreed with the choice. The Mexican president said it was a “step in the right direction.” I could barf.

      • kate8

        Claire, I wholly agree with you there.

        • Claire

          kate8–Hey!! I was looking for you guys earlier. Anyway, I was flipping channels this morning, stopped on MNSBC, they had Gov. Chris Christy on. It was a decent interview. Mica invited him to go running with her. I guess he has had a run-in with the teachers. I like what I see in him, He doesn’t mince words. He calls a spade a spade. No pun intended. He tells it like it is. America needs someone like him in the White House. Someone that is strong, not weak.

  • Claire

    Where is DaveH, JeffH, JoeH, libertytrain, Al Sieber, beberoni, George E, and the rest of the regulars? I’ll try later.

    • Al Sieber

      Claire, I’ve been working. the Judge turned Ariz. 1070 SB down, so the Fed. govt. can do what what they want. it should make a lot of Liberals happy.

      • Claire

        Al Sieber–I am not happy and neither is my husband. Bob and I kept thinking Okay! Jan Brewer has done the correct thing. Now this stupid judge-a Clinton appointee I hear. Dang! This will turn Arizona into a free-for-all. This is not good. Sometimes I get so aggravated. Wish I could wade in and bash a few heads together. What in the heck happened to common sense and fairness? Fairness–especially to Americans and America? Why is it Americans have to bear the brunt of everything?

        • kate8

          Claire, I’m convinced that they are deliberately provoking us. They want to push us to the breaking point, and then they will run and hide.

    • libertytrain

      Claire – sorry – am on holiday in Las Vegas – after the babies – and dad’s illness, we needed a really different sort of break. I’ll be back and running next week sometime. Miss you all too.

      • Claire

        libertytrain– Enjoy!!

        • libertytrain

          I do have my computer with me but not on it all that much. It’s kind of fun here – so different than the “real world” —- 105 here – nights not a whole lot cooler.

          • Claire

            My daughter and her husband go to Vegas a lot. They love it. I have never been there. As I said, enjoy!!

  • Cheryl Maurer

    It’s my understanding that the mainstream media are not journalist but puppets of the left.

    • Claire

      And the right.

  • kate8

    OMG. How many of you have seen this one in the media.

    Obama is sneaking in another sell-out of America through the back door.

    • Claire

      kate8–Geez, I will have my husband look at this too. I will say this again, is there no end to all this? When and where will it stop? When we are all dead?

      • kate8

        Claire, I think you’re catching on.

  • Stephen Russell

    IF U cant adapt than DIE off, sorry U no longer fit the mold & the Mainstream media Today is:
    Fox news, Redstate, Hot Air, Big Govt, HE, WSJ, TBN, CBN.

    Adapt or die.

  • Dave

    I won’t be at all surprised if the PTB try to shut down blogs and censor the internet. They are spending vast sums of our money to monitor it now.

  • Jake Mufalotta

    CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, et al. What shining examples of America’s freedom of speech these networks are! There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of contemporary and historical milieu across the world where the dishonest tactics and methods they constantly utilize never would have been allowed if they had made even the slightest remark contrary to their host governments: Russia, N. Korea, China, Iran, Hitler’s Germany, all the governments of the Roman emperors and the medieval monarchies, etc. It is an ode to humanity’s laborious crawl up from the pits of savagry to a civilization that has striven for equality, fairness, and freedom for all (this striving is rapidly evaporating with the current political ascendancy of liberals/socialists/communists and other oppressive, power-mad types). Yet here they are in America, along with organizations like the NAACP and ACLU, slyly preaching their various corrupt agendas, adeptly wielding the propagandistic tools of omission, vicious jokes parading in an ethical void as humor (in talk shows, sit coms, etc.), and nearly boundless creative interpretation in their attempts to bludgeon the ideology of American citizens into their own selfish, irresponsible image. And, to a surprisingly large extent, they have succeeded: An American president who was once openly a communist (who is now a closet communist) has been fairly (for the most part) elected by the American people. This is a president whose mentor has publicly damned American. A president who is friends with a known violent terrorist (Bill Ayers), and with many known communists. Our president even favors a religion that preaches eradication or subjugation of anyone who does not subscribe to their beliefs, i.e. that paragon of control and oppression, Islam. Right now, at the time I write this, the U.S. president, Barrack Hussein ( ! XD ) Obama, is taking Arizona to court because he wants to prevent American citizens living in Arizona from protecting themselves and their state from a rampant invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico, his motive being to preserve the increasing numbers of the liberal/communist voter base as represented by the vast majority of illegals who enter the U.S. (illegals always vote [ ! XD ] democrat/liberal because they know that is the group that will give them free money and benefits at the expense of U.S. taxpayers). But all this should not really be that surprising. Large numbers of children have graduated from the largely bogus public school system, run by the liberal/communist National Education Association (NEA), for the last 40 years now. So there are lots of uneducated, culturally and ideologically corrupted young voters hitting the polls, in addition to the illegals. Many of these young people being the product of broken, one-parent “families”, whose parents are as clueless about ideas like economic responsibility as they are.

    I wish it were not so, however, realistically, it appears to me; even given a large number of people, that apparently is something slightly less then 50 % of the U.S. citizenry, who oppose those who have fallen prey to liberal/communist ideology; that the corruption is now too much an integral part of the fabric of America. It appears likely that soon the America economy will implode. The end is near (20-30 years ago I used to laugh at anyone who said this, the irony XD !). When the dollar becomes worthless gold and silver will be the new de facto legal tender. If you are wise you will start buying these metals now, before their prices go through the roof.

  • http://Verizon Bud G.

    Jake: Good article. I think though that you are going to find that there are well over 50% of the people against the “Liberal/communist ideology” and that will be confirmed in November.

    This nightmare will be over in a few years because the small number of the Liberals were supported in the last election by Independents and they now no longer support their agenda.

    • Jake Mufalotta

      Bud G.,

      Perhaps you are right, my friend. No one knows the future, maybe there is still hope. You raise a valid point about the independents – I agree it is likely a substantial percentage of them who originally voted for BO have become disillusioned by now. But I cannot ignore the depressing reality, there are many signs that suggest to me the rot has spread beyond repair: Given Obama’s many egregious anti-American hallmarks, the implications that a priori follow from the the fact that he was elected by the American people anyway, by any margin whatsoever, are very grim.

      But that is only the tip of the iceberg of rot. The symptoms are legion: For many years now the majority of Americans have allowed the abomination of abortion to remain a legal practice. I say this not from the standpoint of a religious person, I am agnostic. Even so it boggles my imagination that anyone, no matter how base or lacking in religious beliefs, could not recognize that abortion is simply the murder of human innocents (no matter how embryonic or as yet underdeveloped they may be) in order to perpetuate a lifestyle of casual, irresponsible sex that results in broken families and rampant STDs.

      The public school system is wrecked. The main function it serves is to forcibly indoctrinate children in liberal/communist ideology – although not comprehensively successful in this endeavor it still succeeds in this corruption to an appalling extent. The liberals and communists who run the NEA gain more control with each passing year. Teachers are no longer able to take disciplinary measures against recalcitrant students to give them incentive to learn, hence many students who could have been forced (the school system *should* be a dictatorship, not a democracy where the students have as much or more say as the teachers) to learn useful skills are lost in a quagmire of ignorance. Too many parents (again, often these are single parents of broken families) have already been too corrupted to care about their children’s education. Drugs and a who-gives-a-damn-let’s-all-f*ck-and-condemn-anyone-who-abstains attitude prevails in many schools today (and in much of society at large). The school system does little to curb the naturally irresponsible tendancies of their adolescent charges. On the contrary, the NEA takes it as a given that high school kids will have sex resulting in numerous teen pregnancies – this is coincident with their agenda. Any ideas of sexual morality and ethics are laughed at and considered prudish or passe. Children who have been strictly raised by parents who follow a religion promoting responsible values, such as Christianity or Judaism, are typically ostracised by their peers and even by many teachers. Large numbers of stundents become adherents of abyssmally ignorant and irresponsible lifestyles and mindsets as a result. Those who are naturally gifted enough to finish high school with good enough grades to get into a decent college despite everything working against them quickly find themselves in an environment controlled by professors who are mostly liberals/communists, and thus the corruption continues. These kids all become voters eventually, of course.

      I could go on and on about illegal immigrants (you’ve heard by now that the Clinton-appointed judge has just shot down Arizona’s attempt to deal with the illegal invasion of their state…), bogus government programs, judicial rot, liberal/communist bias in the media; *ssholes and ignorant fools like Oliver Stone, Johnny Depp, and Susan Sarandon in Hollywood who many Americans worship, explicitly or subconciously, and support at the box office (even many more-or-less responsible citizens blithely pay to see the movies of these ebodiments of hypocrisy, ignorance, and irresponsibility); the dissapearance of decent moral and ethical values, the exodus of young people in hordes away from the largely upstanding religions their parents raised them to follow; rot within religious organizations, such as pedophile priests, that is not being erradicated in a forthwith and speedy fashion (this problem could easily be essentially extirpated by the pope if he would only change church law and allow priest to marry – for some reason he will not do this…); gay agendas that force acceptance of their concerns on non-gays to an absurd and often dangerous degree regularly being condoned and furthered by giant corporations, suppression of the myriad unsavory details and health hazards of homosexual/lesbian lifestyles in the media, unfair discrimination in the form of favoritizing certain groups over other groups based solely on irrelevant qualities such as race or gender (affirmative action); rap music, along with its inherent mindset of juvenile, criminal, violent, dishonorable, woman-hating, drug using, anti-education, and pro-prostitution polemics, continuing to persist as a favorite form of “music” amongst children and young adults; said “music”‘s condolence and acceptance by Hollywood and the media, coddling of the Muslim religion despite its obvious intent to suborn or eradicate all other peoples (did you know a mosque is going to be built at ground zero? XD ), consistent bashing of anything that smells of responsibility by the media and Hollywood, persistent and increasing attempts to remove Washington and “In God We Trust” from currency, ludicrous monetary mismanagement by the government that has probably already moved along the road to economic dissolution beyond the point of no return, rampant misplaced condemnation of America and traditional American values in Hollywood and the media; a marked tendancy of the media and many Americans to condemn any military action, regardless of the implications for America’s welfare if nothing is done; the global warming hoax is still given credence by many despite already having been roundly debunked by people like Christopher Monckton and leaked emails, the United Nations being funded with American money and being cited as a credible entity despite the fact that it is merely a communist/liberal organization that wants to see the downfall of America and become the central ruling power of the world, etc. ad nauseum. But I suspect most of the people who frequent this forum are already well aware of this growing menagerie of ills that plagues our nation. I do think many decent Americans are not admitting to themselves the true depth of severity of the situation, i.e. how far the rot has progressed. If this were not the case, then why has there not already been a revolution? Although Obama is currently viewed with favor by less than half of the nation, why does he still have considerable support? Even though many people are displeased with our president, how many of them will actually vote for a responsible non-liberal/non-communist candidate next time around given their track record with Obama, whom they had every indication would be a horrible president long before they decided to vote for him?

      In the 1950s and before, the corruption outlined above was not nearly as widespread. Indeed, much of it was non-existent then. The advent of the late 1960s, with its influx of illegal drug usage and ideas of free love and anti-establishment sentiment, was the beginning of our cultural, moral, and political decline. Everyone knows the results: broken families, increasing crime and drug use, ruined school systems, etc. Many Americans have become lazy, ignorant, immoral, and licentious as a direct result of this era. Don’t get me wrong, substantial change that was good did come out of the rebellious sixties: Much was done to raise women, minorities, and homosexuals from the unjust societal niches they then inhabited to put them on equal footing with the rest of American society, i.e. heterosexual white males. Much fantastic new music, art, and literature was produced that would have been considered too racy or contraversial to have been accepted by society previously. Overall, however, the legacy of the sixties has brought America down to its knees – instead of stopping at a nice balanced resting point, the pendulum has continued its swing from the far right into regions of the ostensibly well-meaning but utterly unrealistic and unworkable realm of far-left liberalism and communism that will inevitably lead to destruction of America if not checked and reversed.

      I would like nothing more than to witness a decisive route of the liberals and communists in the House and Senate this november (But how and why did they get there in the first place? The set of logical inferences one can reasonably make does not encourage optimism. See what I mean?), followed by the election of a decent president in 2012, but I’m not holding my breath. As you say Bud, we shall have to wait until November to see. I hope my pessimism is erroneous, but now is the time to prepare for the worst if it isn’t.

  • Rusty

    This has been going on for years dating back to Wilson. All the “conversion” to socialism, one world govt has been done gradually but systematically. Now with the soros and nobuma having the upper hand they are going to bring it on, with an “in your face” agenda, and then tell you, ” I dare you to do something about it”

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Yes, I hear you!! I’ve also read (on CNSnews, 7/29/2010) about a woman from ESPN saying the Internet needs to be policed and regulated, apparently because she had been stalked. IMO, this idea makes a s much sense as the liberals’/do-gooders’ support of ‘hate crimes’ laws, which we know are merely disguised attempts by the ‘thought police’ to infringe upon our 1st Amendment rights. (And BTW, ‘hate crime’ laws were not needed to punish Matthew Shepard’s killers in Wyoming!!)

    We know the Internet is a haven for pedophiles, scammers, and even criminals who use e-mails to commit fraud, blackmail or extortion. Protecting the public from these criminals and stalkers is one thing, but WE MUST BE WARY of attempts to police or regulate the Internet – especially if it’s by this leftwing Democrap regime currently in power. Let’s think about these democraps’ desire to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine. It’s bad enough that these leftists want to silence any opposition to their statist agenda. The Democraps are worried about their sinking approval ratings amid their greedy attempt to retain power. I’m sure the democraps would be just as happy to shut down websites like this as they would to stifle Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, et al. Thus we must proceed with caution when it comes to Internet regulation.

    Better yet, instead of passing new laws or regulations, why not just enforce existing laws against those who abuse the Internet to harass others or commit crimes??…..And as for the lamestream MSM, perhaps these losers should consider why Americans are seeking alternative media, and therefore clean up their act!! That is – end their leftwing bias, and emulate Fox News by giving us honest unbiased reporting!!!!!

  • Matt Levine

    If the media didn’t slant the truth and bias their reporting, WE wouldn’t need alternative sources for the news of the day. DUH ===> To the mainstream media <=== DUH!!! Do it right and stop complaining!!! As far as stalking and other bad activity … DO WHAT I DO AND DO NOT JOIN SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES!!! Ok I have MSN Messenger, that's all. Family and friends only. If someone I don't know invites me, they are immediately and permanently blocked. It's that simple. Practice safe 'netting!
    Matt, Portland,OR

  • Matt Levine

    Oh, PS: The truth becomes obvious when you compare multiple news sources. Works like a filter and works well.


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