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Maine’s Electoral Funny Business

February 15, 2012 by  

Maine’s Electoral Funny Business

The mainstream media are working in lockstep with the Republican establishment to defeat Ron Paul.

The MSM reported the official tally in Maine’s caucus had Mitt Romney beating Paul 39 percent to 36 percent — but by only 194 total votes — on Saturday. But the “official” tally contained only 84 percent of the votes.

The vote does not include Washington County totals. That caucus — in an area Paul was expected to dominate — was canceled because of snow. Caucuses in other areas expecting as much snow as Washington County were not canceled, nor were other events in that county.

Maine State GOP Chairman Charlie Webster said caucuses that reported their results after Saturday would not be counted.

By denying Paul a victory — and a fourth straight defeat for Romney — the establishment is proving it is terrified of Paul’s message of liberty and doing its best to prop up a Romney campaign that is not resonating with conservatives.

This is not the first time the MSM and the establishment have conspired to prop up Romney in a caucus in which Paul was expected to do well. In Iowa, Paul was expected to finish first or second. But Republican insiders vowed that they would do all they could to thwart Paul’s campaign.

As a result, Rick Santorum came from nowhere to claim second to Romney, only to learn later he actually won Iowa. There was still evidence the caucus totals were inaccurate even after Iowa’s votes were tallied and made “official.”

But Paul supporters can take heart.

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Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Dwight Mann

    The Ron Paul message is out there, and it is fully supported by the Military and the youth, and many other patriots. We are tired of the same old political parties that act as one, in a tyrannical fashion to usurp our liberties from us. We are going to stop this communistic dumbing down of the constituency by hook or crook. . .

    • FreedomFighter

      Ron Paul has a hammer, they are afraid.

      They have only evil, and misery.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Old Henry

        Good post FreedomFighter!! Ceptin’ it made me feel OLD…

        • FreedomFighter

          The old is new again, my friend.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

          • Old Henry

            Yes it is FreedomFighter. And it’s all I can do to keep back the tears.

          • Joe H.

            Old Henry,
            Don’t fight them, they’re tears of honor, old friend!!!

      • Old Henry

        I played it THREE more times FreedomFighter. Part of me no longer feels old.

        MAN! I had forgotten just how HOT she was!

        I can remember listening “Uncle Larr” Larry Lujack playing it on WLS while my straight pipes were singing along at 5 grand. Now, I sit in the driveway and listen to kids goin’ past with loud pipes and I just smile, shake my head and sip my Miller Lite. Sh*t, what happened?

        • CommonSense4America

          Now just how old would you be if you didn’t KNOW how old you were? I would be a lot younger!

        • Joe H.

          Old Henry,
          Yup, hard to believe she died at 70!!! I’ll always remember her like THAT in that song!!

      • eddie47d

        Thanks Freedom Fighter. Let the Bell of Freedom ring loud and often.

    • http://yahoo ted

      if ron paul is elected we wont have a military.they will be like the national guard. china and russia and all the radical muslims will have what they want, and it would all end in for us in pauls first term. what a bunch of whimps u paul people are. by the way us in the military think ron is a nut case.

      • LarryH54

        Fine. Be a Lamestream Robot. RP understands that the US has NO MANDATE to be the world cop. We’re only making enemies while feeding the military/industrial complex Eisenhower tried to warn us against. BTW, MOST of the Military support RP and his message. Far from being a nut case, he is our last, best chance at preserving the American Experiment. America once led by example. We didn’t NEED tanks and jets, we showed what wealth free men can generate when not hobbled by authoritarian governments.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest David

    I agree with you on the issue of Ron Paul and what the establishment calls radical message. Ron Paul message 80-90 years ago would have been main stream.

    My concern is the election process is broken or very corrupt. I do not trust the people in charge of counting the votes. I am not sure who said it, but It is not the voters who determine elections it is the people who count the votes. I am sorry but I think this is happening right under out noses with much concern. Iowa where 8 districts were not counted because volunteer leaders did not turn in the paper work before the dead line. Now I learn from your article the same basic thing has happened in Maine.

    I would like more information on Electoral college. Why do we still have this system that has the option of not representing the people’s vote. Caucus system I am not sure I understand. Why can’t we have campaigning for a few months on a national level then have our primary election by vote on one day to determine our candidate? I would appreciate any help or direction you can give me. I believe we seem very antiquated in our systems to elect the most powerful person in the world. Thanks again for your articles.

    • PATRIOT 101

      BAD Idea! (National campaign for candidates) Only the super-rich and connected “Establishment” choices would ever have a chance. I am from IOWA and am quite proud of the job the Iowa voters do in qualifying the candidates.
      I am utterly ashamed of the job the Republican Party (aided by the media)did by Stepping on the real story of IOWA in their bias for Romney, Santorum and a “Story”.
      The real headline should have been about the disappearance of thousands of votes that weren’t able to be counted because they were (supposedly out there) driving around?
      Even aside from the disappearance of the votes from strong RON PAUL COUNTIES in the Caucuses, The real story should have been “Voters undecided after Iowa’s 3 way tie!”
      Ron Paul was in 3rd place by less than 2%! The margin of error (cheating) in the vote counting was larger than the difference from 1st to 3rd place!
      WE in IOWA know that RON PAUL also won IOWA, so actually RON PAUL should have 2 wins now.

      • Daniel

        Three if you count Nevada there was a lot of funny business there as well. And who knows about Minnesota or New Hampshire where he was second.

        • NC

          With Republicans running the entire show who knows what will happen in their primaries! It will be a little dicey but I know they will spin it someway to make it appear that it’s the Democrats fault! They never make mistake you know !! Like 2001-2008-never happened!

        • ChristyK

          New Hampshire had over 1000 dead people vote. I bet they voted for Romney.

          Nevada suddenly delayed the count of the largest county (known for strong Ron Paul Support) and did a “recount” that took more than 24 hours. Although video and personal accounts show Ron Paul winning many of the precincts in the county with ~60% of the votes, the % totals in the end were identical to those before the last county’s votes were counted. This county has over 50% of the votes/population. That should be impossible. All of the votes that were video recorded show Ron Paul getting more than half of the votes, but he supposedly only got 3rd place and 19% of the vote. I don’t think so.

        • Bleh

          Still cannot believe Romney won so big in NH… So much for the “Live free or die” motto of my state. It is pretty sad when a Constitutionalist loses to a big government shill in supposedly one of the free-est states in the nation…

      • Joe H.

        I’m watching Ohio real close. We already know Ron Paul took the straw poll so he bettercome close at the very least. The Paul campain here in Ohio will be willing to file a protest if not!

    • Alan

      The electoral system was designed to ensure the majority rules. In a true democracy, 50% + 1 rules known in political circles as mob-ocracy. The only problem we are experiencing today is a product of the nanny State. People stopped actively volunteering to assist in elections in the ’60s because it just wasn’t fair to have to volunteer to protect your liberty. Instead, people wanted the nanny State to take care of them. Why show up to vote when the establishment could pick your candidate for you?! Therefore, since turnout was low, the parties began appointing people to do the election requirements for the people. This is how the hacks have made it into every crevice of the electoral process. This also plays into the parties’ hands to corrupt the electoral process. This is whay the nanny State, socialism, communism, et. al. have so much corruption associated with the political spectrums. Electioneering, ballot box tampering, and unfettered voter corruption is on steroids now after 50 years of abuses by the parties serving their self-interests. You do NOT want a one for one voting system!

      • Michael

        “The Electoral System was designed to “ensure majority rule”.

        Are you kidding me? How is that possible when the winner did not receive a “majority” of the national votes? Your understanding of the Electoral College and it’s purpose is wrong. The College was established to ensure that the candidates were legally able to be president, not to determine the outcome of the election. If it were to be done “correctly”, the Electoral Votes would be distributed according to the percentage of the state’s votes that the candidate won, not a “winner take all” system. That disenfranchises many voters who have no say in who the winner is. If the person I voted for gets no electoral votes from my state my vote made no difference and therefore I had no say in the outcome. That is just wrong. The number of Electoral Votes a state has is determined by the population of the state and is measured in the 10s of thousands of citizens. Therefore, if the number is 1 vote for every 100,000 citizens and the last block is 99,000, the state does not get another vote. That disenfranchises 99,000 voters from that state and could change the outcome of the election. That was never the intent of the Founding Fathers and should be illegal. It should be proportional according to the percentage of the vote for each candidate and the national winner should be required to receive a majority of the vote or there will have to be a run-off. That is the only way to make certain of “Majority Rule”.

      • ChristyK

        The electoral system was designed with two purposes. One was to insure that a few large states or metro areas couldn’t control the process and disenfranchise the rural areas and smaller states. Also, it was to insure that an uninformed public didn’t elect an unqualified candidate. If people would be more involved in voting and the other political processes (caucusing, vote counting, delegates, etc.) then the electoral system would be best if only for the first reason I listed.

        • ChristyK

          Oh yeah, and Reuters published a story saying Romney won Nevada 2 days before the primary. It was written in past tense like it was written after the primary, but google searches showed it 2 days ahead of the primary. Do you think they were promised a Romney win and accidentally released the truth too soon.?

        • CommonSense4America

          Guess they screwed up on the last election! Unqualified!!!!

        • Bleh

          Beat me to it :P

      • Bleh

        The Electoral college was meant to be like a buffer between the candidates and the people so that a potential tyrant/liar/unqualified loser could not manipulate public opinion and come to power, kinda like the way Obama did. He promised bucket loads of crap buffaloing the people, got elected and apparently has a huge list of broken promises while continuing the march into oblivion via debt. This is where the Electoral College most recently failed the nation.

        Secondly it helps the smaller states influence the elections by making their votes count a bit more.
        Ensuring majority rule you would go with the popular vote and not with the Electoral College which essentially waters the popular vote down.

  • LibRep

    This is why I hope to God that the delegates each state is sending to the Convention in Tampa are Ron Paul supporters. Imagine that were true and a majority of them cast their vote for Paul and beat the establishment at their own game on live television. How would they put the kaibosh on that? How would they explain THOSE votes don’t count?

    • PATRIOT 101

      I’m from IOWA and am a RON PAUL delegate. There will be a surprise when the delegates go to the convention from the caucus states, as RON PAUL overwhelmingly dominates the delegates selected!

      • LibRep

        Patriot: Awesome! I’m in Indiana and I, too, signed up to be a delegate as well as one of my co-workers, both avid RP supporters. Hope to meet you (and others) in Tampa and we ROCK this thing!

      • Alan

        Keep quiet guys… The political elites are deliberately trying to prevent RP supporters from becoming Delegates. In my State, some Republican insiders have informed us that the Party is actively engaged in not allowing RP supporters or TEA Partiers into the PC or Delegate positions. Be very careful who you share information with – “Loose lips sink ships.”

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Bob, It is sad to see this sites constant promotion of someone who does not have a chance to win the general election. Do you have a head ache yet, from banging your head against a brick wall? Although I agree with many of Dr. Paul’s ideas, his presentation is that of an old fool. He has no chance of getting elected, because of his physical appearance and his whiny voice. He should concentrate on behind the scenes efforts to influence the other people in the Republican Party. He of course will be written in on many ballots by the people who have chosen to help in the re-election of Barrack Obama.

    • PATRIOT 101

      Ron Paul is the most “Electable” candidate in either party! Until or unless HIllary gets in Ron Paul would beat the Democrat, Barrack Obama.
      Romney can’t even get 35% of REPUBLICANS to vote for him! How is that going to equate to a win in Nov.?!!!

      • Michael J.

        Patriot 101,
        If Ron Paul were to become the Republican nominee, he would enjoy the support and vote of not only Republicans, but also Independents and disolusioned Democrats as well. And that is why the joined at the hip Obam-media fears him and is fighting behind the scenes so desperately to deny him.


        RON PAUL 2012

    • Alan

      I personally am tired of this mentallity that Ron paul supporters will re-elect Barry. Maybe the idea that you, and the “electable” crowd, won’t pull your collective heads from the sand is the reason Barry will be re-elected? You all are pounding your heads as you choose one candidate after another and the candidates you select continually fail you! This circular firing squad mentallity your types have engaged in has made the Republcan Primaries a laughing stock to the observers and have the political elites salivating at the chops! Wake up!

      • cawmun cents

        The arrogance of your position is mind-numbing.
        The ABO crowd just doesnt get it.
        They will re-elect Obama,and accuse the folks that warned them of causing it.Its more of the finger pointing game.They perpetuate the consuming of the scat candy,and then turn on folks who just want to see a reckoning of accounting in the gubment.
        You want anyone but Obama to get elected.
        I want anyone but Obomney and Obama,who will DO SOMETHING(the only one I can see being that is Dr.Paul)to get elected.
        Now if your vote counts and my vote counts,and neither of us get what we want,then who is wrong,you or me?
        Are you going to act like a democrat and accuse me of being wrong because I didnt vote your way?
        Now that I;ve established that yoou are a DEMOCRAT at heart,we can vote for who we want to be president,right?

        • cawmun cents

          Just so you know Alan,this wasnt posted towards you,but towards the crowd you are speaking of.


    • NC

      Bob,All of this cheating would have occurred even if the States where it occurred had voter ID laws. This is back room larceny not voting booth larceny and involves a lot more votes than those turned away for insufficient or illegal ID. And this is in the party pushing the voter ID.

      It’s going to be a pitty if “aunt Maude”,who has voted in every election for 60 years can’t vote to protect her senior citizen rights because she doesn’t have a picture of herself.

      • Michael

        Your scenario of “Aunt Maude” is a lot of bull. The voter ID laws in no way interfere with anyone’s ability to vote except those who try to do it illegally. “Aunt Maude” can get a picture ID with no problem. The state is willing to come to her house and issue it if she is unable to come to them. How is that going to stop her from getting an ID. And if she can go to the polls and vote, she can go to the state office and get a picture ID. And in the case of Absentee Votes, the state has already established her validity and that is not a problem either. “Aunt Maude” will have no problem voting.

      • http://www.motorcars Brad

        NC why does she not have a photo ID? Where has she been for 60 plus years??

      • Bleh

        Aunt Maude can’t use a credit card, write a check or cash a check without an ID so perhaps when Aunt Maude goes to the bank to get the cash she needs she should stop and get an ID. Oh wait, Aunt Maud needs an ID to get money… Guess Aunt Maude has been starving all these years…

    • Steve E

      You sound just like the Republican Establishment. How much do they pay you?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Capitalist at Birth,

      You write: “Bob, It is sad to see this sites constant promotion of someone who does not have a chance to win the general election.” I do not accept your premise and have repeatedly posted evidence to refute it.

      You write: “Do you have a head ache yet, from banging your head against a brick wall?” No.

      You write: “Although I agree with many of Dr. Paul’s ideas, his presentation is that of an old fool. He has no chance of getting elected, because of his physical appearance and his whiny voice.” First, he sounds like a fool only to those too ignorant to understand his message. Second, which are you more interested in electing: a beauty queen or a statesman?

      You write: “He should concentrate on behind the scenes efforts to influence the other people in the Republican Party.” He is currently consumed with efforts in front of the scenes to influence people both within the party and without.

      You write: “He of course will be written in on many ballots by the people who have chosen to help in the re-election of Barrack Obama.” It will be the case that many RP supporters will write him in if he’s not the nominee or a third-party candidate. That’s because RP supporters aren’t fooled by the false right/left paradigm nor Republican idealogues. But if BO is re-elected, Republicans will have no one but themselves to blame, just as they have no one but themselves to blame for the 2008 results. They will have made a choice to support Republican tyranny: the tyranny of McCain, Graham and their fellow neocons. That’s a choice more and more people are no longer willing to make.

      Best wishes,

      • jimmy the greek

        Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same coin just look at whos was on whos side in WW-2 .

        • libertarian58

          Jimmy, Amen to that. Check out the Hegelian Dialectic to see how “they” have been doing it to “US” all along and all the lemmings just follow along. There are only two “parties” for a reason and everyone else MUST be eliminated.

      • Bleh

        Indeed Bob. It is no secret that the serious Ron Paul followers will only vote for Ron Paul and if the establishment doesn’t want Barry to win the establishment knows the solution.
        I am not so sure the establishment does not want Barry to win…

      • Joe H.

        I will write Ron Paul in on my ballot if need be and I will guarantee you I will hold my head up proudly for the first time in a long time!!! for once I will NOT have to hold my nose before voting!

    • Old Henry

      Maybe CAP, he should grow a beard.

    • CommonSense4America

      If you agree with Ron Paul’s ideas, then vote for him!!! Enough votes and he wins. At the very least the politicians will hear how POed we are with them.

  • Dukeye

    “Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
    Those who count the votes decide everything.” –Stalin

    The electoral process, just like the daily operations of the government, will only be as open and fair as the people will hold them accountable to. Yes, the Maine popular vote was stolen from Paul – but these sorts of dirty tricks are nothing new. Until the sleeping majority wake up and realize that the MSM does not reflect reality, it will be difficult to prevent such things. Of course, the Paul strategy of gaining unbound delegates continues, and his message will continue to grow in popularity.

    • Michael

      And how do you suggest we “wake up” and respond. As long as the vote is manipulated, we have no voice. It is the same with the candidates. As long as they all bow to the same ideology, we have no option. This country has come to the point that in order to set things straight we would have to destroy most of the government and start over from scratch. The system is so corrupt we would have to wipe the slate clean and rewrite it. It is the “Wheat and the Tares” parable Jesus spoke of. In order to do away with the tares we would have to uproot the wheat also. This would destroy the whole crop. The country has become so divided on social and economical issues that they would never be able to stand together on anything or anyone to lead in such a time. It would be complete anarchy. And the most hypocritical thing about it is, those who desire change are unwilling to do that which requires change, SACRIFICE.

      • Bleh

        Get involved in the system and stop watching it from the outside. Run for Local offices, run for State offices and then when your name is established run for the Federal offices. It is slow going, but unless you advocate violent change with lots of company it is the only solution I see left to us.

  • steve in AZ

    “Freedom is inevitable.” Adam Kokesh

    “So is President Paul.” steve in AZ ;)

    DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!!

  • eddie47d

    This only shows that the Republican Party can play dirty and is not seeking the truth but a win at any cost in trying to knock Ron Paul out.

  • David Platter

    Behind closed doors! Ha Ha, I does not matter who you vote for your still electing us. Suck it up!

    Vote Ron Paul and give us a chance. Dave

    • Joe H.

      I’m voting Ron Paul to give ME a chance!!! To give MY COUNTRY a chance! Try to get what I’m saying!

  • jopa

    What is with these Republicans and always having bogus election issues.Anyone remember Iowa.Who did actually win that one?Santorum I believe.When it comes to voter fraud the Republicans really are the bad guys.

    • Old Henry


      Right. Think Chi Ka Go.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    Lets face the facts, it’s a foregone conclusion.Obama is going to win in a landslide because of these shenanigans. The Repubs. better gear up by 2016 or Hitlery Sillary Thunderthighs will win then. If you think Obama is bad, let Hitlery Thunderthighs Clinton get in charge and there will be hell on earth. Thanks!!

    • Old Henry

      There will be no 2016, Tony.

  • TIME

    A quick note most Democrats: {as in well over 55%} I talk with will vote for Ron Paul, now do a quick think on that.

    Now a quick think on this, well over 65% of Indpendants I speak with will Vote Ron Paul..

    Now, add that up with even just 50% of all Republicans, now what do you think will happen?

    Do you still think Barry O will win? Numbers don’t lie, he can’t win.

    So now lets review, at this point in time the main problems is Bull Sh*t from the Mass Media, also please do keep in mind that all Mass media is owned by just 6 differnat Corporations of what all are 100% on the NWO band wagon.

    There can be only ONE; Dr. Ron Paul, there just is no one else!

    • Michael J.

      Agreed, that is why every effort is being made by the media (including Fox)to prevent Ron Paul from becoming the nominee.

      Obama has nothing without the support of the media, indeed he would have been cast aside in 2007 by an un-biased media.
      Community organizer types exposed to the burning light of truth quickly wither and die without a supporting media umbrella, just ask the 19 detainees in Egypt if you require more proof.

    • Old Henry


      YOu are correct, but see the Stalin quote a little ways above. That is the scary part.

    • NC

      Time! Ron Paul is Ron Paul(R) by choice and every time the (R)s vote in the primaries 100% of them have the choice of voting for Ron Paul (R). Problem: 70 to 85% of the (R)s vote for some other (R).
      If Ron Paul (R) would win the nomination how many of those (R)s would not vote for him for the same reasons they didn’t vote for him in the primaries?




      • TIME

        I noted what we find based on one to two lectures we do per week where we hand out a form with these question’s:
        Who would you vote for?
        What party are you?
        Oddly, most people that attend are either D’s or I’s. We have very few R’s that show up, about 30% being very liberal on that number.
        When R’s do come most will argue with us that Ron Paul dose not share their views.

        My aid said it best, “WTF.”

  • Michael

    Though I agree with your assement of the establishment pushing Mit Romney, I disagree with you that they are afraid of Ron Paul. They know that Ron Paul will not win enough votes to be the nominee, but another loss for Romney will probably effectively remove him from the race. Romney is obviously the “establishment” candidate, but Ron Paul cannot win. His foreign policy is too radical in the face of our enemies getting nukes. It is the same policy that allowed Hitler to establish his takeover of Europe. Look what that cost us in the long run. We cannot afford to do the same with Iran and N. Korea. These rulers are the same brand as Hitler. They will not hesitate to use nukes on anybody they “perceive” as being an enemy of their desires to rule more than they have a right to. Though Romney is not the candidate we need, neither is Ron Paul.

    • libertytrain

      Michael, “they” are afraid. “They” guide the masses for whom to vote. “They” don’t want Ron Paul because he could win — I’ve never seen such a blatant attempt by the “theys” to create the election “they” want.

    • CommonSense4America

      Ron Paul is not against going to war if it is necessary, but it MUST be decided by Congress as the Constitution states.

    • Bleh

      Ron Paul’s policy is not the same that allowed Hitler to take over Europe.
      Ron Paul’s policy is to stop meddling in other people’s business and to only go to war when Congress declares it. We do not need 130 odd bases all over the world sucking our money while returning absolutely nothing.
      Unlike in Hitler’s time we are fully aware of others actions in the world and fully capable of projecting force all over the world in substantial numbers. If Congress chooses to go to war they have have the Constitutional power to do so regardless of the President’s opinion. Secondly Ron Paul has already stated publicly that if he were Commander and Chief and Congress declared war he would fight and he would fight to win and then bring the troops back home.
      This nonsensical argument that Ron Paul would be a complete isolationist is pure BS, it does not fit with what he has said.

  • James

    The Christian Science Monitor predicted that Ron Paul would win at the Republican convention. If Newt Gingrich drops out and Romney and Santorum get equal votes, Newt’s votes would add to Paul’s, and he would win.

    • jimmy the greek

      Hope they are right .

  • Geoffrey R Allin

    It has been said that your vote is not as inportant as who is counting the votes. When the main stream media and the republican self appointed aristocracy play games to hide the truth of the outcome of a election. the are, in my oppinion, creating a act of treason against the people of the United States. Because they are attourneys who have legisitated themselves above the law,to make a safe haven for themselves, the old guard must be replaced by Citizens that still believe in The Constitution! Every member of the VFW takes an oath to protect The Constitution from ALL Enamies Forigne and DOMESTIC!!!!! Vote the SOB’s out and watch this election like a HAWK!

    A Viet-Nam Vet who is tired of over educated leaders who have lost all their common sence!!!

  • pete0097

    The electoral collge was established so there could be no tie. Since there is an odd number of electors, there cannot be a tie. It also is there to make it look like a clear majority of the people voted for the winner of the election. We should go back to only property owners getting a national vote as they are the only ones that have a stake in the positive outcome of the policies in Washington DC.

    • jimmy the greek

      You got that right ! And only the ones that are of pure European blood lines . As was the founders of the country .

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Jimmy the “Geek”:
        Sir, will you get loss Hoss. It’s attitudes such as yours why conservatives are in the trouble they’re in. Bye-Bye!!

        • libertarian58

          Tony, It’s attitudes like yours that got the COUNTRY in the mess it’s in. . .

          • Joe H.

            What libertarian58, those aces that were Black in WW2 don’t deserve the vote? the “wind talkers from the Navaho nation that saved thousands of American lives in WW2 don’t deserve to vote? the Mexican immigrants that fought along side our white troops don’t deserve the vote? THINK BEFORE YOU POST, MAN!!

      • David Ozanne

        Check your history dude.
        There were many African Americans amongst the patriots and founding fathers.
        Not jusy landowners. What about those who have worked hard and been unable to purchase property or have lost it thanks to our current bunch of yardbirds in DC. Only those who are productive should be allowed to vote. No one on the public dole shoud be allowed to vote. This does not include those on Social Security, who paid for their retirement all their working lives.

    • James

      Pete0097, Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 was replaced by the 12th Amendment. Since there are 535 congressmen, there are 535 electors. It says: “The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed.” That is, to be President, a candidate would have to have 218 or more electoral votes. The “if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President.” Each State has one vote in that event, and a simple majority of 26, among the three contenders would win.

      • James

        The ’218′ should have been ’268.’

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    Are you saying that there is nothing that America loving people can do to save our country? Has the corruption gone so far that our votes mean nothing and that everything has been predetermined? This is what I’ve been fearing lately but no one seems to want to say it out loud. What can we do if our votes are not being counted? Is there any hope for our country?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Nancy in Nebraska,

      You write: “Are you saying that there is nothing that America loving people can do to save our country? Has the corruption gone so far that our votes mean nothing and that everything has been predetermined?” We have not yet reached that tipping point. But we are near.

      You write: “What can we do if our votes are not being counted? Is there any hope for our country?” The system is rigged. Politicians work for government and their elite money masters, save Ron Paul and one or two others. We must see significant change this election or difficult times are in store. By that I mean collapse and/or revolution that will make Arab Spring look like a child’s party. From those ruins we may be able to rebuild anew.

      Best wishes,

  • Rick Johnson

    How can so many be taken in by a complete joke. Ron Paul is NOT a viable candidate. If he was the Republican nominee we would see the biggest margin of victory for Obama since Reagan beat Mondale. This article is a prime example of his campaign, filled with black helicopters. The man is a pre-industrial world candidate, his ideas go back to the 1800s. Sure there are many very frustrated people who are looking to go as far away from the current beltway mentality as possible, but electing a libertarian such as Paul would create as bad a situation as we currently have in Obama.

    • Michael J.

      Rick Johnson,

      You seem persuaded by media disinformation.

      If you are truly interested in the truth, go here:

    • libertarian58

      Rick, RP is being made to APPEAR as a joke and you have fallen for it. Now go study the Hegelian Dialectic to see why. The industrial revolution brought in the ideas of Marx and Hegel, the basis of Communism. Are you saying we should go with THAT?

    • dusterdog

      Rick you need to go back to school .You missed something there.(a educated mind).

  • Buck

    The republican party is just as terrified of RON PAUL as the demon rats are . They know he will end the good ole boy , don’t rock the boat , status quo and will institute real change , depriving them of their unconstitutional power . RON PAUL for PRESIDENT !!!

  • hambone

    It’s not really that surprising that Mail would do something like this, from the beginning they have been out to stop Ron Paul from taking America Back and keeping him out of the White house.
    The Establishment don’t want things to change,because they are afraid of it and anyone that wants it. Control is the name of the game, not freedom and free will.

  • Rennie

    The anti-Paul campaign is proving one small group of people is deciding which of two candidates, one either D or R, will be our President, and that negates the whole concept of democracy or the incentive to vote. I think people getting sick of what is done to Paul are throwing their weight to Santorum as the strongest anti-Romney candidate, and it’s working, so how will they derail Santorum? Oh yes, they claim he wrongly claimed residency at one point, but it’s not like he was running for mayor of Chicago while living in Baltimore and working in Washington.

    • jimmy the greek

      Santorum would be no better than G W Bush !

      • TIME


        Based on what is real, Ricky or Mitty are both more in line with Barry and Barry is nothing more than a Bush, Bush nothing more than a thinner Clinton, its all kind of a one of a kind, and Clinton a younger old Bush all members of the same blood lines.

  • Jonathan D Yellowbear

    I can tell you that I was involved with the count of the straw poll in Kennebec County, Maine. I can tell you that from where I sat Ron Paul was the winner that day of the Count. When I went to the reading of the winners in Portland Maine, I was stunned and set back when Charlie Webster said that Mitt Romney won Maine’s Straw Poll. I can tell you that is ABSOLUTELY AT TOTAL LIE!!!! RON PAUL was the winner in Maine NOT Mitt Romney. I am NOT a Ron Paul supporter, However he did win, I am not certain of the rest of the count. Just thought you all would like to know from someone who participated in the process.

    • http://YAHOO KC

      i am canadian..followed USA politics for 40yrs. your presidents are picked,groomed,anointed when they are born.if you-all would just wake up to the fact that all presidents are related throuth the ages….DO YOUR HOMEWORK PEOPLE*##&

  • jimmy the greek

    Ron Paul or four more years of obongo the only other one i would vote for would be Patrick J Buchanan and he is not running . I well not vote for any one who has the blessing of AIPAC !

  • ranger hall

    Nothing New, This goes on all the Time, Voters have nothing to do with it. BUT it helps us to believe it does.

  • Aileen Roberts

    Ron Paul Is honest and they don’t want anyone elected that tells the TRUTH. Maine should be ashamed as well as the other states. Ron Paul wants to save America. That is what most people want. Money talks. America Please stand up for what we know is right. Ron Served in our country, for Peace, Liberty and Happiness.
    Thank You Ron Paul for running for President. I pray that you will be our next President. We need some one that is honest faithful and true.
    God Bless you.
    Aileen Roberts

  • Bleh

    Ron Paul would have done better in Iowa, NH and probably elsewhere but you had those losers who from out of nowhere surged because of the lame stream media refusing to acknowledge Ron Paul and instead played up schmucks 24/7 who represent “More of the Same”…

  • Quiet_Forest

    The establishment is determined to put “their” candidate in place. This is the same game that has been played on us over and over again, make sure that there is little difference in the offerings of either party, keeping the illusion of Republic alive. I intend to vote for Paul by write-in. If we all do that, the cheating won’t be effective. I am also predicting that, if Sanromgrich wins the nomination, the Republican party will shatter like glass hitting concrete.

  • randy crawford

    Johnson County (incl. Iowa City)Iowa has been run by the University of Iowa and its well-funded homosexual racket for decades. It has given us covered-up mass murders (Lu Gang 1991, Steve Sueppel 2008)and a big boost to Obama in 2008 which is why local functionary Sue Dvorsky was promptly anointed Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. The racket has plenty of university money and manpower to infiltrate and sabotage the local Republican Party, whose ‘leadership’ emphasizes telling the sheep that all is well and that they need to keep their heads down and keep marching down the same path to the slaughterhouse.

    At the Coralville combined caucuses of 2008 and 2012 (which I ran for precinct CV-03), where there are hundreds of people milling around and numerous opportunities for chicanery, I have seen ballot box stuffing, vote stealing, and operatives trying to rig things by “give me your ballots so I can count them for you” and “give me your counts so I can call them in to Des Moines for you.” Johnson Co. has a history of Democrats and Libertarians devoting years to stealthily hijacking as much of the Republican Central Committee apparatus as possible. But correcting our current sloppy caucus counts is easy, and ditto for any other similarly afflicted counties. If everyone gets triplicate multi-colored ballots, voter keeps pink copy, white copy goes to county-level counting, and blue copy goes to precinct chairman. Like our Constitutional legislative/executive/judicial checks and balances system, multi-recorded vote data can keep everyone else honest and accurate. In case of errors/vote stealing there are two other sources to prove and rectify what really happened. For better security, each replicated ballot could have a serial number on it, and the voter gets to decide whether to tear it off or not. In a better model, each triplicate ballot comes (in a numbered pack of 50) in an individual privacy envelope, and the voter must leave the serial number in place for better accountability. For even better accountability, there is a state or county validation stamp on each ballot to insure against counterfeiting, and as each ballot is cast into the county and precinct-level ballot boxes side-by-side at the caucus, each receives a local precinct caucus stamp so that county level charlatans can’t manufacture counterfeits all on their own. Each precinct operator can make his own stamp out of a pink pearl eraser and a razor blade, for pennies. Any doubts about election results? Just make the precinct/county officials cough up the questionable ballot if a voter decided to leave his serial number on. Problem precincts could be required to post the results for all the serial numbers one by one, and the voters would still be anonymous until anyone volunteered to step forward and identify himself. The foregoing isn’t too important for small caucuses in somebody’s living room, where everyone can see every move everyone else makes, but once a caucus gets big enough for ambiguity to creep in the foregoing could easily limit any such ambiguity.

    For general elections, voters anywhere should be able to make up a 9-digit code (only one chance in a billion of error or ambiguity) and graphite-bubble it onto their ballots also. We already use the same kind of graphite bubbles to vote, so nobody can claim it’s too expensive or difficult. This forces election officials to be accountable over the Internet by anonymous code number that only the voter knows. Just like machines read and record your vote, they can read and record your unique ID number that only you know. If the number isn’t unique, the machine rejects the ballot until you rearrange a graphite bubble or two. For simple systems, the individual voting machine would only need a 4-digit number (allowing 9999 voters at one precinct) and report results to the Internet only the day after the election. In a fully-fledged system, each voter would dream up his own 9-digit number and it would be on-line at the state or national level virtually immediately. Kind of like right now your lottery ticket number is in the statewide system right away, and is private until you reveal it. This type of addition to the ballots forces party bosses and elections officials to be honest and accountable to We the People. When the individual voter spots errors or fraud by checking up on the central vote-count computer over his home/public library computer, he can then alert newspapers and prosecutors– to assure honest elections. A receipt for a 50-cent pack of gum has more security and verification numbers on it than our current ballots, and in the computer age there is no excuse for our primitive easy to tamper ballots. Cheapie lottery tickets are better accounted for than our ballots, and for every number series you pencil onto your lottery “ballot” you get a quick unique receipt that is known only to you. Anyone wanting to vote without a unique one-occasion voter ID secret number wouldn’t have to place one on his ballot in the first place. For higher level security, as soon as a vote is cast the voter gets a private xerox copy out of the other end of the voting machine– like today Bank of America in some cities can give you a xerox copy of your deposited check as soon as you deposit it in the ATM. Afraid of marks identifying ballots? Bribers and blackmailers can already force or finagle absentee voters to show their individual ballots in exchange for bribes or keeping jobs. That big defect is what needs fixing also, including updating state law. Meanwhile, honest voters need updated state and federal law with a mechanism to make sure our votes are counted honestly in caucuses AND general elections.

  • mark

    Dear Bob, Rachel Maddow of all people (about as liberal as you can get) came out and condemned the Republican Party for more or less fixing the Maine caucuses in Romney’s favor by cancelling caucuses in three counties for snowfall that never really occurred. I think you are overstepping to say that media is in on this. This is a Republican Party fix. It has their fingerprints all over it.

  • dusterdog

    This is the main reason if Ron is not the republican candidate that I will vote third party.

  • Patriot

    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for freedom and a vote for any other candidate is a vote for tyranny which is already in play.

  • Elz

    We sure do have a lot of spineless bums holding up an accurate election process. We deserve better. Treason trials are coming, I am sure. We’ll have them started as soon as we find some honest attornies to prosecute these people.

    No luck yet…….

  • Frances Watson

    why is this just now coming out?

  • http://yahoo don

    common republicans. some times i think there is’nt much difference in political. seems you are working for the election of obunhole. he probly has the same backing as romney from the elite. i honestly believe theres no difference between the two. paul steps on too many toes and would effect the plans of big business and banking who decide who our presidents and reps will be. almost like a beauty padgent. the stupid voters fall for it every time. ron paul doesn’t fit in so they’ll do anything to beat him. he’s kinda like the only chance for thee people to get the country back.

  • Lawrence

    The establishment rino’s will never allow a true conservative to be nominated.

  • http://explorer Roger Bryant

    Under The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 a private corporation named, “The District of Columbia”, was formed. It trademarked the names “THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”, “United States”, “U.S.”, “U.S.A.”, “USA”, and “America”. It should be noted that this corporation was not simply a reformation of the municipality as it’s Organic Act was chartered in 1808. Without amending that municipality’s charter, this 1871 Act marked the creation of a new private corporation known as, “The District of Columbia” (hereinafter “Corp. U.S.”) owned and operated by the actual government for the purpose of carrying out the business needs of the government under martial law. This was done under the constitutional authority for Congress to pass any law within the ten mile square of Washington, District of Columbia. In said, Act Corp. U.S. adopted their own constitution the (United States Constitution), which was identical to the national Constitution (Constitution of the United States of America) except that it was missing the national Constitution’s 13th Article of Amendment and the national Constitution’s 14th, 15th and 16th Articles of Amendment are respectively numbered 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments in their constitution.

    Corp. U.S. was not well received by the people so Congress revised the Act in 1874 and finalized it in 1878.

    Corp. U.S. began issuing bonds to cover the expenses of running government. By 1912 there was more bond debt due than there was money in the Treasury to pay and the debt was called.

    Seven very powerful families had been buying up the bonds and in 1912 they demanded their timely redemption. When Corp. U.S. couldn’t come up with the money due, its owner (the actual government) was obligated to pay. The Treasury of the United States of America did not have sufficient funds to cover the bonds either but the seven families accepted all of the assets of the nation’s Treasury along with all of the assets of Corp. U.S’. Treasury as a settlement of the debt saving the nation from bankruptcy.

    By 1913 there was still no money for operating the government/corporation, and if Corp. U.S. didn’t do something the people would revolt against them, so Corp. U.S. went to those seven very powerful families and asked if they could borrow money from them.

    The States join Corp. U.S.

    Starting around 1962 and continuing through 1968. Corp. U.S. went to the States and pointed out to them that their own constitutions forbid them from participating in foreign currencies and/or foreign loans, foreign bonds, etc., and yet they were dealing in the foreign note system of Federal Reserve Notes. They were warned that if the people became aware of this they could imagine a scene similar to that of the Magna Carta signing where the Lords held a sword to the King’s head and said sign or we’ll get a new king.

    The king signed, as did the States. One by one, they organized private corporations as sub-corps. to Corp. U.S.

    For example, Colorado rewrote Colorado’s Constitution, revised their Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS), and enacted CRS Title 24 as the “Administrative Organization Act of 1968″ restructuring its laws in 1968. Said Title 24 is the new corporate charter for, “THE STATE OF COLORADO” which is Corp. U.S. possession.

    By 1972 every State in the Union had done the same thing.

    The California Republic, formed “THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA”; The Republic of Texas formed “THE STATE OF TEXAS”; The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, formed “THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA”; and so it went, until each and every State had formed a private corporation of a name like “THE STATE OF _______”, where the blank is a common name for the State. As people registered to vote with these corporations they participated in their elections of corporate officials and bonded debts; they also stopped electing original jurisdiction State government officials, thus unknowingly vacating their actual State governments.

    • Dano H

      Thanks Roger, that site is enlightening, and informative. I know we had public servents working for us, of course for our betterment. But our public servants seem to have become our masters vs servants. How would we have allowed this. We have Allowed them to take our property rights,taxation, thru inflation, water rights agri, trespass, family rights, and also our freedoms, thru patriot acts NDAA, etc, travel rights TSA, traffic $ enforcement, regristration, licenses, insurance. Our pursuit of happiness also, as I don,t see too many Americans citizen as being happy as to whats going on. I will pass this along as many are being harassed that I know as friends and family. Thanks Dan

  • lee

    It should be illegal for any companies or bussiness of any kind to contribute money to buy any public office. There should be a limit of not more than $1000.00 per individual and that should be the only donations aloud by law. To much money flooting around buying positions in office.Elections should not be based on how much money they have or how much they can raise,Should be based on how much they beleive in and uphold the constitution of the United States of America. Anyone agree?

  • MIKE

    DEMS AND REBS ARE THE SAME WHORE ONLY THEY WHERE A DIFFERENT GOWN!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS RON PAUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://gmail sancheleezy

    Remember that the Truth will set you free. Dr. Ron Paul is a true statesman and a patriot to the United States of America and believes in Liberty and “true” and unfettered free trade which has nothing to do with the false trade agreements we now belong to plus he wants to halt nation-building and assassinations in other countries by our corrupt crony leaders. Wake up and restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and vote Dr. Ron Paul in 2012.

  • MIKE

    AMEN SANCHELEEZY,,RON PAUL IS THE LAST HOPE FOR OUR COUNTRY DR. PAUL IN 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LarryH54

    Okay, now I’m worried. If Ron Paul can win in Maine and not be acknowledged the winner, howinhell is he supposed to become President, even if he DOES win fair and square?

  • paul

    With all the security cameras its time we had on the ballot boxes & the folks administering the votes. Always being seen.

  • John Ladd

    Just like it was in Washington state in 2008, Paul won in the caucus but the establishment gave us the loser John McCain. The game is rigged and the people are the losers. The only real answer is revolution!

    • LarryH54

      Yes, we need a Revolution. Unfortunately, it appears that isn’t an option these days. The Media would squelch any such thing before it could get started.

  • kathleen

    We have known for a long time that our govt. officials and those who work in the polls have been dishonest. They think we are stupid and don’t know what is going on. The average American just don’t know how to get around these lies and corruption. Thanks for your information and keeping us up on these things. God knows all and can work wonders if we as a nation would ask for his help. So people get busy and start praying for our nation.

  • Buck

    All the progressives , in both parties AND the media , are scared to death of RON PAUL . That makes RON PAUL the best choice for PRESIDENT.

  • J. Ellis

    You must have been outside, day dreaming, or had to much to drink.
    I like ron Paul and I agree that the Fed. Reserve should be audited. I cannot agree with his idea that Iran should be permitted to have nucelar weapons. And the Departments of Commerce and Interior should not be shut down, but they should be cut substantially! Ron Paul, Santorium, and Gingrich do not have the experience to run the government. Obama’s failure is more than his anti-American position. He just does not have the experience of running a large complex organization. And the above people are in the same boat. If any of the above wins the Republican nomination then they will not be any better than Obama (Santorium and Gingrich are crooks, just like Obama). I will vote for the Conservative Party candidate just as I did in 2008 since McCain did not have any experience of running a large state government. And being a hothead didn’t help!

  • douglas day

    Has anyone looked to who are in these big pac money supporters, Could Obama supporter’s tring to get a GOP who Obama can win over.

  • Ray W. Ross, Jr.

    I believe you! This election is a rigged game. You have Soros, on the left and Rupert Murdock and his daughter, on the right, giving Obama millions of dollars toward his re-election campaign. There is a banking and media oligarchy that have total control over what takes place in this dying Republic.

  • http://nONE Preston pAGE

    That is the way Ron Paul will be treated along the way to the convention in August — it seems that no-one want him except the people!!

  • Ben W.

    Maybe ,.Maybe not!


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