Magazine Names Dick Cheney 'Conservative Of The Year'


Magazine names Dick Cheney 'Conservative of the Year' Human Events magazine, a weekly conservative publication, has named former Vice President Dick Cheney ‘Conservative of the Year’ for his ongoing criticism of the Obama administration’s national security policy.

In a series of interviews and speeches since he left office, Cheney said Obama had put the country’s security at risk as a result of his national security decisions that largely contradicted Bush administration practices.

The magazine’s choice was explained in an article by John Bolton, former U.N. ambassador for President George W. Bush, who praised Cheney for attracting public attention to the fact that "we are in a long, continuing war against international terrorism," and stressing "the importance of sustaining and enhancing our defenses and capabilities against terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and the risks we face in letting our guard down."

Bolton also noted Cheney’s defense of waterboarding, Guantanamo Bay and domestic intelligence gathering.

However, Cheney’s recognition raised eyebrows among Democrats, with Democratic National Committee (DNC) press secretary Hari Sevugan asking, "What does it say about the current crop of Republican leaders that the ‘Conservative of the Year’ is the face of a previous administration who regularly scored approval ratings in the 20s?"

Human Events has styled itself as "headquarters of the conservative underground."

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