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Lunacy From The Department Of Nobody Gets Ahead

August 4, 2010 by  

Lunacy From The Department Of Nobody Gets Ahead

There are few clearer examples of a fascist system’s views of exceptionalism and innovation than one pointed out by The Washington Examiner’s Byron York in a column yesterday.

It seems that last year Princeton, Arizona State and Case Western Reserve universities undertook an experiment to see if e-book readers would be more convenient and less costly than traditional textbooks. The idea also made sense from an environmental standpoint as the green-leaning educators felt it would reduce the huge amount of paper students use to print files from their laptops, not to mention the need to kill trees to make paper for textbooks.

So the universities set aside a couple of courses under a pilot program with a limited number of students and gave them the OPTION of using the Amazon Kindle. Amazon supplied the Kindle DX for the student’s use. But if the students chose to they could opt out and use a standard textbook.

That idea didn’t sit well with President Barack Obama’s radical Department of Justice Civil Rights Division head Thomas Perez, who sued the universities for violating the Americans With Disabilities Act. Why? Although the Kindle has a text-to-speech feature that can read a book aloud, it requires sight to operate the menu functions. So Perez assumed the courses were discriminatory to the visually impaired.

“We acted swiftly to respond to complaints we received about the use of the Amazon Kindle,” Perez recently told a House committee. “We must remain vigilant to ensure that as new devices are introduced, people with disabilities are not left behind.”

The Civil Rights Division ordered the universities stop distributing the Kindle because if blind students couldn’t use the device, then nobody could.

Never mind that no visually impaired students had registered for the classes. Never mind that the idea makes economic and environmental sense. Never mind that the technology was evolving quickly and the text-to-speech capabilities were improving. All Perez could see was that someone might be left behind.

The problem with that school of thought is, when you are so intent on making sure no one is left behind you also ensure that no one gets ahead. But isn’t that the goal of totalitarian regimes?

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    You said it in a nutshell, Bob. In a totalitarian society – compliments of a tightly-wrapped, totalitarian regime – nobody gets ahead – except for the “elite,” inveterate criminals who run that society. As it was in Russia and China, that’s what the bastards want for America.
    I hope Thomas Perez, Herr Obummer, Motormouth Joe, Her Lowness [Queen Nancy], Rip-off Rangel, Maxine, Dodd, Fwank and all of their half-assed bunkies and supporters will be happy when they get to spend some extended, quality time where they belong – at Gitmo – compliments of a nation glad to be RID of them. You’ve EARNED it. Enjoy!

    • 45caliber

      When Clinton was President, he announced the “Goals 2000″ educational program. There were a number of bad things in it, but one of them caught my eye.

      The idea was (supposedly) to place the child in a profession where he would be most happy and most useful. The children would be tested on a computer hooked to Washington. Based on test results, a profession would be selected for them. It was intended that 90% of the children would be switched from general education to an apprentice program at the end of the 6th grade. After all, we need a lot of common workers such as welders, car mechanics, waitresses, etc.

      The rest would continue through high school. At the end of high school, they would be tested again. Some would go on to college (to pre-selected courses) and the rest would go into the work force as secretaries, etc.

      Supposedly the idea was the best students would then be placed in professions such as doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. But it would be the computers in Washington that selected those professions for the students.

      Want to guess what professions the children of the politicians would be?

      • WarriorH

        Uh, community activists?

      • pennsyltuckian

        Hookers, Pimps, Porn Stars

      • http://Google ProudChicagoan

        Sounds Orwellian to me. Politicians kids: probably super elite, not have to work at all.

      • Scott

        How about serial murderer/rapist (like Joran van der Sloot)

        They do this already in Europe — I think it’s in the Netherlands. The State “buys” a house for you to live in, and in exchange it enslaves you to a profession of its choice. Not sure what the decision criteria is…

      • mickey

        They were doing this in Germany back in the 50′s. If one did not pass his secondary tests, he did not go on to further education but was instead found a job for any skills he had. I was 14 at the time and thought what a sad thing that the kid pumping gas would never have the opportunity that I would have.

        The Montesouri schools (magnet schools) did the same thing here.

        I think there should be jobs available for every one’s skills but most require a high school education, albeit, now a 4 yr degree too.

        The unions used to take care of these students by working on the line in factories. We no longer have this (yet the unions gave away the jobs) and now the government wants to say how one should earn a living?

        • 45caliber

          The reason that college is required now is because the public high schools tend to graduate people who have no education. The college is the only way that companies can insure that the new employee has a little education.

          • Lost for Answers

            You may be partially right, High Schools do tend to graduate under educated people, just to get them out of the school. However, the problem with Colleges these days is, they are teaching Marxist education from what I can ascertain. This can not be, and is not good for our wonderful USA. Time to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight these people with a dirty war, just like the one they are waging on us.

          • Dan Burke

            Good thing College is not an indication of wealth (not to be confused with wages). Several wealthy individuals who created and ran businesses ended up with only honorary degress. I love the irony that colleges would bring in these entrepreneurs to educate their graduates when the wealthy guest speaker actually never got a college degree themselves…. I read in a book that actual money skills are not touched in college (not even in accounting courses). This is probably why all our politicians and their experts cannot balance the federal budget and spend within their means.

            I am no expert in money skills, but I do love the game Cashflow 101. It taught me how to use a balance sheet.

          • 45caliber

            Lost for Answers:

            Most colleges (such as two year colleges) don’t go in for PC thinking. It is the large universities that do. And most people who apply for jobs don’t really care about such beliefs – they want enough money to live on and you can’t really get it by believing in Communism. Even if they do, they soon learn otherwise.

            The real Communists end up in places like McDonalds and rant about how unfair the “system” is.

          • BigBadJohn

            Certainly depends on what high school you are talking about. Which is what “no child left behind” TRIED to address.

            when my daughter was in high school she was taking classes that I struggled with in college. A number of her friends were accepted straight into ivy league colleges. This is from a small town in North Carolina.

            My sister was a teacher in an inter-city school and her complaint was that if she graded fairly, too many kids failed, so she was told that she had to pass them. She was teaching 6th grade English in high school.

            So it really depends on what public school you are talking about and how much the community supports the school.

      • Dan Burke

        Of course, such a system by necessity must deny the drive that moves people to achieve success. Instead of success, we will get mediocre results. See, the sweet irony is that in a system where people can choose for themselves, some of our great success stories (that make great inspirational movies) are those who overcome failure and handicaps to become great in their chosen professions. Doctors in their youth who struggled in school. Business leaders who did not complete a college degree. Yes, there are those who excellent examples of success who were brilliant in their youth, went to college and graduated with honors, and everything else you would expect. These people would fit within such programs. But what of those success stories of people who struggled all along??? Without freedom, you lose all these opportunities. Plus, you might “force” bad candidates into progams they should not be in. Do you really want for your doctor someone extremely brilliant but whose priority in life rebuilding cars? You might say that he/she is far more qualified to be a doctor than a car mechanic, but isn’t just as true that we’ve taken away his/her freedom to choose for themselves? Just as true as that person we force to be a car mechanic whose dream was to be a doctor and who could have done something they enjoyed even if they weren’t as bright as the person you chose to be the doctor? Is every doctor a child genius? Is every mechanic stupid? I don’t think so.

        I got my current job as progression off of a hobby. At first, I was just taking a chance on a job that I didn’t even expect to get and I did. From there, I learned that I enjoyed this. Now I am a low level IT guy. When I lost my first “IT” related job, without the education, it made finding my “fit” difficult. I was either overqualified for a while there for some low jobs, or underqualified for jobs I had the skills for but not the competitive education…. Now I am a hardware tech, just above our Help Desk team on the scale of things. And having been unemployed for a while, I don’t have any illusions about government or my employer being responsible for my well-being.

      • Silverdrake

        “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” — Karl Marx

        With the State deciding what “ability” and “needs” means.

      • Bus Gillespie

        It’s the European model. More economical than our current system, but troublesome in its lack of choice.

      • Denise

        That’s what communist governments do with all the children in their countries. Gee, why am I not surprised that Clinton, a Democrat, would come up with such an idea?

    • Lee

      Sorry, I cutting in line here, but I can’t find the line’s end!
      Anyway, anything that gives ASU (Arizona State University) fits, I’m all for! They lord it over everyone else in the state, the other two universities, University of Arizona–which is the land grant school, and Northern Arizona University, are expected to come to the trough AFTER ASU gets all they want! Anyway, I remember one of my granddaughters being assigned to a deaf boy–who was completely lost! Fortunately, she knew sign language, and she even took a week’s detention for him because he couldn’t understand what it was. Neither the teacher nor the mom could get it across to him. Later on, I think the teacher thought the boy was just using my granddaughter, and had him transferred to another classroom. Don’t know how that worked, because the boy’s family moved.

  • Normal Guy


    You are completely incorrect regarding these law suits. The Department of Justice is involved because the National Federation of the Blind in Baltimore and the American Council of the Blind in Arlington, Va sued Arizona State University. The DOJ had to respond because of the ADA (Americans with disabilities act). The spin that you and other right wing extremists put on stories like this is pitiful.

    “Advancing technology is systematically changing the way universities approach education, but we must be sure that emerging technologies offer individuals with disabilities the same opportunities as other students,” Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez said in a statement. “These agreements underscore the importance of full and equal educational opportunities for everyone.”

    “The Justice Department’s civil rights division has been exploring whether Kindles and other e-readers violate the Americans with Disabilities Act. Last year, two organizations representing the blind–the National Federation of the Blind in Baltimore and the American Council of the Blind in Arlington, Va.–sued another school, Arizona State University, after it and other universities announced pilot projects to use the handheld device in classrooms.”

    Here is the link –

    • Jeep

      Read your article…maybe, I just don’t get it, but this is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while (in a sea of dumb things.) I would guess that text books in these classes are not text and brail, but either text or brail.

      Soooo, maybe you or someone else can explain how the university gets away without using brail/written text books. After all a blind student could not use a silly text book that doesn’t have brail. And, of course, what if you can’t read English. Wow. That is a slap in the face to all non-English readers of America. And, what about people with no hands. How can they even turn the pages? We gotta do something about that. Bob seems to be on target with this one. Call it spin if you like. But, denying technology that could potentially save thousands of trees and then sreaming foul about the environment is not the “right” way.

      • Tango Uniform

        Okay, my turn. Stop it with this “save the freakin’ trees” crap. That’s like saying save the corn stalk, don’t eat corn, or save the lettuce! Pine trees are grown all over this nation for lumber and paper pulp–it’s a crop! It’s grown and managed and harvested for paper so that you can buy and hold and read books! Good grief, they aren’t whacking down mighty oaks willy-nilly for paper. If you are so worried about trees for paper, you should blame Hearst publishing for that total bogus-ness. Hemp was grown for newspaper, but all that changed when Hearst invested in wood grown for paper pulp. But, I digress. Those who think that we need to start “stamping” humans into molds to work them as mules need a little lesson in Freedom and Liberty…the Blood of Patriots and tyrants…

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Normal Guy…. I work in a high school. We bend over backwards to be sure that the handicapped children are getting the best education they can get. I have issues with someone attacking a pilot program. A pilot program is just that. A trial; something to see if it works; something that will allow for improvements or maybe something that won’t work at all. Political Correctness is always overstepping its bounds. I know it has helped along the way, but it quite often crosses the line..

      • 45caliber

        Political Correctness is another term for Thought Police. “You must think the way we tell you to think! Any other thought is wrong!”

        That totally destroys the idea of free speech since it takes away the idea of free thought.

        • TIME

          45 Cal,, Your spot on with the Official PC crap or the OPCC.

          The base fact is that the amount of “ABSURD” law Suits filed in the United States each year clearly displays the outright insanity that Lawyers bring to the table when they have countless “SPECIAL INTEREST” groups to protect.
          This inturn takes away from all of us to protect a very small group of people.

          Perhaps to better display just how ABSURD this is I will bring forth an example that should display just how mindless this event is.

          A man buys a chicken, the chicken has three legs and only one wing.

          The man who buys the chicken who not only knew that the chicken has three legs and one wing sues that man who sold the chicken.

          As the chickens rights were not observed as the being the only three leged chicken with one wing.

          So in fact the buyer and seller have clearly discriminated this chickens civil rights, by selling and buying it as a common chicken, when its very clear that its a “SPECIAL” chicken who should have been sold as such.

          Now before you laugh thats just how absurd the case noted above is.

          Our legal system has become so bent that both logic and commen sence are both completely lost in the maze and haze of “political self serving” rhetoric that has wasted more Money, Time, and Energy than the end results bring to the table.

          Get over it should be the responce when such Frivolus law suits are brought about. They distroy any and all goodwill between the partys thus futher eroding the concept of Human intelligence.

        • johnb2029

          it’s called fascism- meeting two of the four meanings in my copy of the webster’s dictionary.

    • Bob Lusby

      Hey Guy Smiley, why don’t the Vision challenged orgs put the vision impaired together in classrooms, then my politically correct sirrah, perhaps the others could proceed with systems that work better, instruct better and are green to the hilt. What does the Sierra Club and Greenpeace think of this whole thing ? On a lighter note, Why are there so very few blind skydivers? Because it scares the s–t out of their dogs. Out, out, vile Spot.

      • 45caliber

        They used to put the blind together just as they did other problems. I have four uncles who are deaf. They all attended a “deaf school” – non-PC now. After all, they should have been sent to a normal school so they could have the chance to associate with normal people. My uncles loved it since everyone there talked like they did.

        But now every school is required to provide classes for these “impaired” people. In many cases, that means hiring an expensive teacher for one or two children. Costs go up and the government insists that the costs are okay since “if it might help one child become better accustomed to living in a normal world, it is worth it.”

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Normal Guy,

      No, my friend, you are wrong. As I stated there were no visually impaired students enrolled in any of the classes and had there been they could have chosen to opt out of using the Kindle and used a regular textbook (which I assume is available in Braille) just as any other student could have chosen to opt out of using the Kindle and used a regular textbook.

      Just as the onerous No Child Left Behind law has further hamstrung our education system by reigning in the gifted student, this lawsuit has sought to ensure no one gets ahead.

      “Freedom and equality are sworn and everlasting enemies, and when one prevails the other dies.” –William and Ariel Durant

      Best wishes,

      • 45caliber

        I suspect the real problem here is a complaint by the publishers who can foresee losing the sale of a number of books. After all, it would be far cheaper to buy a Kindle and rent/buy an electronic book than it would to buy the printed book at the college bookstore. In fact the complain may even have come from the college bookstore.

        • Mike Austin,TX

          You are probably right….Always follow the money

        • Dan Burke

          Probably partially true. However, the publisher probably wouldn’t be out much. It is their unions running the presses that would be out. Why? Because they could still charge for the books on the Kindle. Now they’ve skipped part of their costs too….

          Of course, some publishers are stuck in one way of thinking things must be done. I, myself, like a paper bound book. Might switch to the digital copies someday. But just because I like the physical, printed books doesn’t mean I believe that the industry should be forced to stay that way. I am just confident though that there are others who like me prefer their books printed but unlike me are so scared of losing that privilege that they are more interested in “protecting” an industry than moving forward.

          I do agree that this is really about holding back those who would excel. If the Kindle had succeeded, not only would you have lost jobs in the printing industry (and they charge A LOT for those textbooks), but you would be looking at something that could potentially change the classroom. When are already moving into a digital age even on the education front and I think we are seeing resistance to this.

        • Retribution

          I had supposed that the electronic versions of the textbooks would be sold for a price equal to or greater than the net profit normally obtained by the publishers. But I suppose pirated versions would make the rounds as well. Which is not to say that pirated copies of textbooks in paper form are not available. When I went to school in Taiwan, almost all foreign textbooks were pirated. Copy shops would take any book given them and make double-sided copies of the pages, and then they’d bind the pages in hardcover books, all for about a nickel a page.

    • Cameron

      Hey, “Normal Guy”, as a “disabled” American (Hell, I’m crippled and I like to call a spade a spade), when I had my stroke that crippled me I made up my mind that the world does not have to deal with me, or make concessions to my condition (although it is nice when it does), I have to deal with and live in the world. My nieces call me “Mr. Independent” because I refuse to sit back and give up. I try to do as much for myself as I can. If there is an obstacle, I find a way around, over, or through it. While it is regrettable that the blind cannot currently use ebooks or whatever, if enough “normal” people DO use it then someone will develop a version that the blind can use. It’s called the free market capitalism. Everybody needs to quit looking for excuses to get “offended” and sue. Instead of trying to drag everybody else down to their level, the disabled & their “advocates” need to try to climb up to everybody else’s level. THEN everybody benefits.

      • JUDY

        Wonderfully said, Cameron. I wish everyone in America could see your note. I am tired of people looking for something to be offended about.

      • mickey

        Thank you. I know a family that is blind by genes. It only effects the boys. They are musically talented and one has a web site where he sells his music. The other is working in a corp as is his blind wife.

        My son was blinded by a fire (age 7). He asked how he could go to school if he was blind. I told him there were schools for him and he decided, okay. From then on, he counted the steps to the bathroom and other places. This was all done within 3 days. Fortunately his was a temporary blindness but the lesson learned is he could do what he wanted to do, he just had to adapt a little. And don’t we all adapt.

        lawsuits are a waste of time and money if people talk. It there were no blind students in the class, what was the big deal? Would it have been better to have all students use a brail book?

        • Joseph C. Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

          Mickey, your response to Cameron is right on. Please distinguish the word affect from effect. Affect is an action, effect is a result of an action. You should have used (affect) and not (effect). Don’t take offense at this correction. Many are unsure of the correct usage.

          • libertytrain

            funny – I just had sent an email to someone and corrected my wrong usage of the same word before I sent it – words can be tough to do correctly in our wish to speedily send out a reply.

      • paul

        One of the best, best comments I have ever read, thank you very much. My father, before his death, lived about 10 years following a stroke which left him partially paralyzed. He always reached as far as he could, mentally and physically, for anything he could, usually just beyond his capabilities. He worked out every day, switched from right handed to left handed, etc., etc. That said, I won’t try to relate this discussion to all the issues this country is NOT dealing with in any logical way, except to say this country is due for a great big toenail up the ass!

      • RA 13640817

        Cameron: Well said. Good old American toughness. The right people will make concessions then go on with their life.
        Hang tough.
        Let’s figure a way to get our backsliding government back on track.

    • http://Google ProudChicagoan

      Normal Guy – whatever happened to what is best for the majority? Someone like Helen Keller (who was blind AND deaf) went to college and made a living for herself without any organization attempting to help her! Don’t get me wrong, I believe in helping the disabled when it is not detrimental to the majority. But, something like this, I think is getting a little ridiculous. Especially, as the colleges stated, no one with this handicap tried to get in the program. And I am sure, there was the SAME class in the traditional sense (with textbooks). Of course, the next step will be to insist on Braille textbooks be available for every class – and, oh yes, audio for the hearing impaired and laptops. Someone, somewhere has got to decide when it is time to stop and think about putting an end to these ridiculous lawsuits.

      • http://Google ProudChicagoan

        Audio for the hearing impaired? That was a Freudian slip!!!

        • johnb2029

          isn’t that like braille on a drive-thru atm at your local bank?

          • jimster

            I feel discrimanated agianst I cant read brail and i cant spell either.Where do I go to file a lawsuit and how much should I sew them for?

    • libertytrain

      to quote Shakespeare: “All are punished” -

    • Jerry D

      What you said does not change the fact that the lawsuit is ludicrous. The lawsuit is basically saying that seeing people can’t use their sight if blind people don’t have any. I’m not going to give up my kindle because someone who’s blind can’t use one. That’s stupid and taking political correctness to an absolute absurd length!

    • Sandra

      Maybe we should go back to ‘common sense’ and forget about equal everything for everyone. There is a greater amount of resources dedicated to the smaller population of Americans With Disabilities, per person, than for the general population. Gee, let’s all cry ‘that’s not fair’. No, they need help, but that doesn’t/shouldn’t translate into, because someone with a disability can’t participate in a pilot program that it needs to be stopped for fear of being sued. This country has gone ‘sue happy’. It’s ridiculous…it’s like a couple of kids on a playground…if you don’t do it MY way, ‘I’m tellin”, only now it costs money. BIG MONEY! Which is what makes the world go round, right? Get one of larger groups like the ACLU to represent you for free and ‘viola’, the minority wins because the REST of US have to WORK.

      • libertytrain

        Common Sense – are you kidding – that was removed from schools years ago.

    • Kilo762

      Normal guy, once again you Left wing nuts confuse “equal opportunity” with “equal outcome”. he’s blind, i’m broke, what’s the difference? I have to take whatever job i can find … not many “blind” engineers that i know of.

    • DaveH

      Life isn’t fair, Normal Liberal. And it never will be. So, we can take two approachs:
      1) accept reality and try to help those that are truly disabled as best we can on a voluntary basis.
      2) take the Liberal approach: Take money from people forcefully to attempt to right every wrong, and impoverish society so everybody will be equally miserable. Oh yeah, that is except for the leaders and their cronies.

      • Lost for Answers

        Here! Here! DaveH: these ELITIST are the only ones who are getting ANYTHING.

    • Lost for Answers

      You know Normal Guy, I have read and reread your comment and it just seems to me senseless. If BLIND people can only read BRAILLE, then why are there not text books in the SCHOOLS PERIOD, in BRAILLE? I have not been to one Elementary School, one High School, or one College that has tex books in BRAILLE. To my way of thinking, these law suits are just another GOVERNMENT PLOY, to stop ANYONE THEY DON”T THINK should have an education, from getting one. I believe they are afraid that those who do go on to get this HIGHER education on their own, AND decide what tyope of CAREER THEY WANT, fo themselves, will actually understand what THEY the GOVERNMENT are doing and do something to stop them. I certainly hope that is what these people getting theit Higher education are going to do.

    • Allan Halbert

      According to this mentality then, sports should be cut from all schools since blind people can’t participate.

  • Normal Guy

    The views and tactics espoused by the contributors to this site are certainly much closer to Fascist ideas and tactics than anything in any level of the American Government. Extremists stirring up the weak minded to advance their generally violent and self serving agenda.

    Americans are diverse, thankfully only a very small percentage share the views championed in this sewer of political thought.

    • Marvin

      Equal opportunity has made USA great, not equal outcome as in socialist countries.
      Here is a great opportunity for you to invent a Braille Kindle. Consider the vast information that would be available to blind people.

    • Bob Lusby

      Hey Abbienormal, you sir, are a twit, a product of privileged upbringing, a scoundrel and a deceiver, you are not trying to make a coherent point as much as you’re gleefully tearing down any viable progress. Back to the spinning wheel and hand seeding.I find your attitude distaseful and jejune.

    • Rob

      And you sir are in that sewer.

    • Craig

      You are anything but normal and have no clue what the majority of others views are.

    • TIME

      Normal person,

      Your post have clearly displayed time after time that you have deep seeded anger issues, as they clearly display you as a malcontent with an axe to grind over your lacking levels of commen sense.

      Thus; you may wish to contact a Doc about these deep seeded anger issues you have. as they can aid you in unraveling these deep seeded base issues from your childhoAd that have made you so discontet with life. :-) Good Luck

    • http://Google ProudChicagoan

      Normal Guy – I feel sorry for you. You have got to be a liberal. Any ideas that do not agree with your ideas are “fascist” (do you even know what that word means?) and “sewer” thoughts. Please get help (psychiatric) – you desperately need it before your anger does turn into violent acts. I will be praying for you.

    • coal miner

      Normal Guy,

      You are right.

      Voltaire noted, “All murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” Is it time the world develop a more enlightened attitude

      • TIME

        Old King Coal,

        Yet again with one more pointless post. Can you ever form a full thought that has any value or is it that your passive agressive nature will be your only recourse?
        I only ask as I have seen your pointless post over and over, as they wind their way through the abbys of mindless dribble.
        I await some form that has shape rather than endless smoke with zero value to anything at all.

        • coal miner

          Time the Brainless One,

          You don’t have the intellect to understand those quotes.How come you people always quoting people on the left,such as Enistein,Voltaire,George Orwell, William and Ariel Durant?Don’t you people have any people on the right?Maybe the right don’t have anyone smart enough.

          • coal miner

            I Meant Einstein.

          • Kilo762

            Coal Miner, typical left wing BS a Moron accusing the rest of us of being idiots … to save you some time (to work on your spelling) an “idiot is someone who lacks education” “a moron is someone incapable of learning” sticks and stones, you guy’s don’t get it. stick to the topic and stop the name calling.

          • coal miner

            Kilo 762,

            Definition: moron
            Search dictionary for


            Source: WordNet (r) 1.7

            n : a person of subnormal intelligence [syn: idiot, imbecile,
            cretin, changeling, half-wit, retard]

            Source: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

            Moron Mo*ron”, n.; Sp. pl. Morones. [Sp.]
            An inferior olive size having a woody pulp and a large
            clingstone pit, growing in the mountainous and high-valley
            districts around the city of Moron, in Spain.
            Moron Mo”ron, n. (Pedagogy)
            A person whose intellectual development proceeds normally up
            to about the eighth year of age and is then arrested so that
            there is little or no further development.

            online dictionary

          • TIME

            Old King Coal,

            You know if your were any less daft, I wouldn’t laugh My Butt off by your pointless posts time after time.
            So you keep looking up words in the the old Websters and soon even you may grasp what they mean.

            By the way just so you know this; A daft person is one who by measure of ignorance has a form of houmor that those that have a higher intelect find funny.

            Original work from the Book of, TIME.

            Thanks again for the humor, :-) L ~ MAO – Keep up the good work we all need a good laugh. ;-)

          • coal miner

            Time Bran Donor,

            Helen Keller Reference Archive


            Why I Became an IWW


            First Published: An interview written by Barbara Bindley published in the New
            York Tribune, January 16, 1916
            Source: Helen Keller: Her Socialist Years (International Publishers, 1967)
            Transcription/Markup: Anonymous/Brian Baggins
            Online Version: Helen Keller Reference Archive ( 2000


            I asked that Miss Keller relate the steps by which she turned into the uncompromising radical who now faces the world as Helen Keller, not the sweet sentimentalist of woman’s magazine days.

            “I was religious to start with,” she began in enthusiastic acquiescence to my request. “I had thought blindness a misfortune.”

            “Then I was appointed on a commission to investigate the conditions among the blind. For the first time I, who had thought blindness a misfortune beyond human control, found that too much of it was traceable to wrong industrial conditions, often caused by the selfishness and greed of employers. And the social evil contributed its share. I found that poverty drove women to the life of shame that ended in blindness.
            “Then I read H.G. Wells’ Old Worlds for New, summaries of Karl Marx’s philosophy and his manifestoes. It seemed as if I had been asleep and waked to a new world–a world so different from the beautiful world I had lived in.
            “For a time I was depressed”–her voice saddened in reminiscence–”but little by little my confidence came back and I realized that the wonder is not that conditions are so bad, but that humanity has advanced so far in spite of them. And now I am in the fight to change things. I may be a dreamer, but dreamers are necessary to make facts!” her voice almost shrilled in its triumph, and her hand found and clutched my knee in vivrant emphasis.

            “And you feel happier than in the beautiful make-believe world you had dreamed?” I questioned.

            “Yes,” she answered with firm finality in the voice which stumbles a little. “Reality even when it is sad is better than illusions.” (This from a woman whome it would seem all earthy things are but that.) “Illusions are at teh mercy of any winds that blow. Real happiness much some from within, from a fixed purpose and faith in one’s fellow men–and of that I have more than I ever had.”

            “And all this had to come after you left college? Did you get none of this knowledge of life at college?”

            “No!”–an emphatic, triumphant, almost terrifying denial–”college isn’t the place to go for any ideas.
            “I thought I was going to college to be educated,” she resumed as she composed herself, and laughing more lightly, “I am an example of the education dealt out to present generations. It’s a deadlock. Schools seem to love the dead past and live in it.”

            “But you know, don’t you,” I pleaded through Mrs. Macy and for her,”that the intentions of your teachers were of the best.”

            “But they amounted to nothing,” she countered. “They did not teach me about things as they are today, or about the vital problems of the people. They taught me Greek drama and Roman history, the celebrated achievements of war rather than those of the hearoes of peace. For instance, there were a dozen chapters on war where there were a few paragraphs about the inventors, and it is this overemphasis of the cruelties of life that breeds the wrong ideal. Education taught me that it was a finer thing to be a Napoleon than to create a new potato.
            “It is my nature to fight as soon as I see wrongs to be made right. So after I read Wells and Marx and learned what I did, I joined a Socialist branch. I made up my mind to do something. And the best thing seemed to join a fighting party and help their propaganda. That was four years ago. I have been an industrialist since.”

            “An industrialist?” I asked, surprised out of composure. “You don’t mean an IWW–a syndicalist?”

            “I became an IWW because I found out that the Socialist party was too slow. It is sinking in the political bog. It is almost, if not quite, impossible for the party to keep its revolutionary character so long as it occupies a place under the government and seeks office under it. The government does not stand for interests the Socialist party is supposed to represent.”

            Socialism, however, is a step in the right direction, she conceded to her dissenting hearers.

            “The true task is to unite and organize all workers on an economic basis, and it is the workers themselves who must secure freedom for themselves, who must grow strong.” Miss Keller continued. “Nothing can be gained by political action. That is why I became an IWW.”

            “What particular incident led you to become an IWW?” I interrupted.

            “The Lawrence strike. Why? Because I discvered that the tru idea of the IWW is not only to better conditions, to get them for all people, but to get them at once.”

            “What are you committed to–education or revolution?”

            “Revolution.” She answered decisively. “We can’t have education without revolution. We have tried peace education for 1,900 years and it has failed. Let us try revolution and see what it will do now.
            “I am not for peace at all hazards. I regret this war, but I have never regretted the blood of the thousands spilled during the French Revolution. And the workers are learning how to stand alone. They are learning a lesson they will apply to their own good out in the trenches. Generals testify to the splendid initiative the workers in the trenches take. if they can do that for their masters you can be sure they will do that for themselves when they have taken matters into their own hands.
            “And don’t forget workers are getting their discipline in the trenches,” Miss Keller continued. “They are acquiring the will to combat.
            “My cause will emerge from the trenches stronger than it ever was. Under the obvious battle waging there, there is an invisible battle for the freedom of man.”

            Again the advisability of printing all this here set forth. And this finally from the patience-exhausted, gentle little woman:

            “I don’t give a damn about semi-radicals!”

            Gradually, through the talk, Helen Keller’s whole being had taken on a glow, and it was in keeping with the exalted look on her face and the glory in her sightless blue eyes that she told me:
            “I feel like Joan of Arc at times. My whole becomes uplifted. I, too, hear the voices that say ‘Come,’ and I will follow, no matter what the cost, no matter what the trials I am placed under. Jail, pverty, caumny–they matter not. Truly He has said, ‘Woe unto you that permits the least of mine to suffer.’”


            Helen Keller Internet Archive

    • Jerry D

      Normal Guy, you are so steeped in your left wing ideology that you can’t see how destructive the administration has become. The direction Obama is taking has never, ever worked and has always resulted in chains of oppression for the real normal people. Grow up.

    • Cameron

      FASCISM-an autocratic system of gov’t, headed by an absolute dictator, and characterized by strict social & economic regimentation, aggressive nationalistic policies often accompanied by racism, and forcible suppression of all criticism or opposition.
      SOCIALISM-a method of social organization and government whereby the citizenry jointly owns the means of production and distribution, and the power of administrative control is vested in the state; in Marxism, an intermediate state WHICH MUST FOLLOW CAPITALISM BEFORE THE GOAL OF A TOTALLY CLASSLESS SOCIETY can become a functional reality.
      COMMUNISM-a system of social organization based on the holding of property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state; an economic system by which the state controls the means of production & distribution and consumption of industrial products.
      CAPITALISM-a system under which the production & distribution of goods & services are privately managed; free enterprise.
      MARXISM-the social, economic, & political theories formulated by Karl Marx stressing the doctrines of dialectical materialism, class struggle, the labor theory of value, & the inevitable decay of capitalism, leading to the goal of a classless society.

      Now you tell me, which political Party is practicing Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and Fascism, and which one is practicing Capitalism, and then tell me again why in the Hell you vote Democrat.

      • TIME


        They can’t so saddly its going to be a very long wait on an answer.

    • Kilo762

      NG, you just made the case “against” the current Obama-Socialist regime, Not the vast majority of the participants of this site. Did you even read your post before you sent it? Classic Elitist tunnel vision, attack and dodge, duck and run, obfuscate and distort.As far as for leveling for blindness … what about the remote control for their TV’s? Where’s the ACLU on that one … Press one for English.

    • JeffH

      Normal Guy, at least you never give up…you say: “Extremists stirring up the weak minded to advance their generally violent and self serving agenda.”

      Generally violent and self serving?
      Have yet to see the violence from anybody except for the accusations from the communists and their sympathizers. As for self serving, the leftists and the Democrats dance hourly arm in arm with the MSM to lie cheatand steal and discredit any opposition to the Marxist/communist/socialists in power.

      I’ll ask you Normal Guy, who’s the sheep herder and who are the sheep?
      Don’t answer with Baaaaa, Baaa, although it would be a very fitting response.

    • DaveH

      Normal Liberal,
      It is the Liberals who are promoting the forceful confiscation of peoples’ money and choices. We are seeing examples of their behavior daily.
      As far as percentages go, the Liberals are the ones who are low on the totem pole:

      Notice that the leaders (the Political Class) like the Liberals. Gee, I wonder why.

    • Allan Halbert

      These are mainstream Americans. Sorry you hate them. England is more politically correct if that’s what you’re looking for.

    • Allan Halbert

      Violence? In the last century, more people have been exterminated in Communist governments such as under Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. than for any other reason in history. That is where the Marxist disease leads.

    • David Weber

      Normal Guy – Radical marxists are NOT normal. So please change your “name” to “Communist Guy”. I bet your favorite philosopher is Mao. Go have a beer summit with Van Jones already. True American Patriots will defeat you and your Communist buddies come November. See you at the polls.

  • Viktor Leben

    Hey Normal Guy ! You are a leader among men ! Have you ever seen that movie “Things To Come ?” , Your a regular “Oswald Cabal” !!!!

    Here’s the movie link on Wikipedia

  • Jeffrey Collins

    To “Regular Guy”
    Did you fail to understand the explanation that the Kindle has a “read aloud” function? My blind friends LOVE their Kindles, as they have opened up myriads of volumes to which they would have had no access since they were unavailable in Braille. If you actually are a “regular guy”, God help us.

  • EHeassler

    Normal Guy seems to be anything but a normal guy. If I were a betting man, I would bet that he is a paid political operative working for one of the Soros funded People’s Committees for _________ (fill in the blank) or for DOJ. By normal guy’s logic, automobiles should be banned because there is no provision for their operation by the blind, vision limited, or whatever the politically correct term is this week.

    • s c

      EH, if nermal was ‘normal,’ he’d always be watching The View, brown-nosing Rip-off Rangel, sucking up to NYC’s mayor, praying at the altar of Baaney Fwank, singing the praises of Nancy Pelosi, hoping for hundreds of millions of illegals to swarm over our open borders and demand that America see Obummer and Biden as infallible and ‘perfect’ – instead of wasting space on this website.
      It’s very possible that nermal works for Soros. Soros can afford to hire flunkies by the ship load
      (at minimum wage, I’ll bet). Nermal is just whizzing in the wind because he can’t get over the FACT that his “GOD,” Obummer, has converted and acts more like GB every day when it comes to spreadin’ democracy via foreign wars. Now, Obummer thinks we need to stay in Afghanistan (after we supposedly leave Iraq, that is). Both nermal and Obummer are rigidly consistent, though (consistently flawed and in need of serious therapy).

    • Kilo762

      Are you refering to the “Franken-Dodd” Financial Reform “Monster” they’ve created, that’ll save a job or two. The vast growth will be in the Politburo operatives to “monitor” your financial transactions. it won’t be very long until they restrict paper money and make everything electronic transfers so they can determine whether you are making an “authorized transaction”. we will be forced back to the barter system to avoid big brother and big taxes.

    • DaveH

      I doubt seriously that Normal Liberal is a paid political operative. They would be wasting their money. Then again, if it’s Government money it is par for the course to waste it.

  • Jim H.

    I guess if there is one person out there that is unable to do something, NONE of us should get to. I’m going to go and throw away my bicycle, canoe, car, camera, hiking boots. I can’t play piano, so my wife’s piano has to go. All those hiking trails in the National Parks should now be off limits.

    • 45caliber

      Those hiking trails should be off limits to all EXCEPT those who are self-selected to insure that everything is being taken care of properly. They would have to walk those trails as desire to “monitor” the care that the government is giving the trails.

      • DaveH

        You’ve brought up a good point, 45. Government leaders want to restrict the heck out of public lands, (e.g. Yellowstone and snowmobiling), so that they can have their own private ranch lands at the expense of the public. To get the Liberals on board for the leaders’ theft, all they need do is promise them a turn at the trough.

  • 45caliber

    When the idea is to insure that everyone is “equal” and has “equal chance to succeed” the ONLY solution is to lower everyone to the level of the person with the lowest IQ and the lowest interest in learning.

    • Craig

      “When the idea is to insure that everyone is “equal” and has “equal chance to succeed” the ONLY solution is to lower everyone to the level of the person with the lowest IQ and the lowest interest in learning.”

      UHHHHHHHH?????? You mean we all have to be level with liberals?


      • 45caliber

        Sorry but the liberal “intellectuals” insist. After all, they might not be “intellectuals” if everyone else was able to learn to their full ability.

        • DaveH

          Liberals always seek the lowest common denominator. That is why Socialist societies fail. The real workers aren’t going to bust their butts so that the whiners can have equal access, and the non-workers sure aren’t going to step up since they don’t have to. So, the economy dwindles. History is replete with examples, but the Hopers and Dreamers won’t be swayed by history.

          • http://gunner689 gunner689

            There was a saying in the Soviet Union: ” We pretend to work and the gvt. pretend to pay us.” Sounds like a liberal Utopia.

    • satex

      You are right! That is exactly what is happening throughout the school years starting in Kindergarten. At my son’s school all the kids were tested to see what level they were at before school began. I thought it was so they could group together kids on about the same level and let them advance from that point. NO, it was just the opposite! They had to be sure there were smarter kids in with the slower kids so the smarter kids could “help” the slower kids to catch up! Since when did children become teachers?! Why is my son’s education slowed down to wait for the slower kids? He was reading and doing simple math before school started and got NOTHING from a full year of school because some kids didn’t know their colors!! WRONG!
      This situation with the Kindle is just as stupid and unjust to the vast majority of students and it makes as much sense as banks having to put brail on the drive-up ATM machines!

      • mickey

        I agree with you there on the testing. Actually my kids benefitted in a way from this. Dare I say CA did the right thing in separating them from regular students (I should wash my mouth out with soap) but my kids were put in a special class for advanced students. When I moved to the mid west they went back into regular classes but were allowed to use their available time to work on next year’s classes. However, when it came to Jr High, they were held back in regular classes, period. The result, they got bored and started causing problems.

        This all makes about as much sense and the war on drugs. lol they traded cigarettes for drugs and we all know how that worked out for us.

      • independant thinker

        I remember very well in the first and second grades especially the kids were seperated into reading tables according to their abilities. The teacher then spent most of her time with the students who needed her attention the most. As a result they were able to improve their reading skills and succeed in school at some level.

      • 45caliber

        When my oldest son started kindergarden, they wanted my permission to test them to see who needed to be placed in a special class to “catch up”. I refused to allow it. About two weeks later my son casually mentioned that two of the students in his room had been moved to the “baby” class. Quite a stigma to pick up in kindergarden, isn’t it?

        Later, they would try to place the kids per their test levels. They had class A through H in each grade. They kept trying to put my kids in Class A – and I objected. THese were to be the really smart kids – so they were assigning them ALL homework problems. The class B kids did every other homework problem. Class H kids didn’t do any homework at all and were only expected to finish 2 CHAPTERS in the book before the end of the school year! As a result they were never able to catch up with the rest of the class and graduated with basically a 2nd grade education. The kids loved it, though. They got to play with cars and marbles during class.

        The only reason the school got away with this was “implied parental consent”. In other words, if you didn’t object, they could do it. I always objected. For some reason they didn’t like me and considered me a trouble maker. Luckily we moved away when my oldest began the sixth grade. The new school was much better.

        • independant thinker

          Sounds like a good system that was totally farked up by any or all of the following, NEA, AEA, school board, school administration, PC police, etc. If the system had been applied properly the students with less ability would have been provided extra help to improve their abilities while the more advanced ones would have been given extra or more advanced work to further their skills. As I stated above that was what was done in my first and second grade reading classes. I did not mention above but some of the “slow” readers improved their reading and went on to become quite successful and the ones that were “failures” had major problems outside the classroom that hindered their development and they were not able to overcome those problems.

  • Alan – $100K Small Business Coach

    If we followed this thought that even if there is a good, innovative idea that some people can benefit from, and if there is someone who can’t benefit from it, then we’d shut almost any innovative idea down because someone couldn’t use it.

    Wouldn’t that mean that we would have told Edison to stop working on the light bulb because the blind can’t use it?

    Typical government thinking. It doesn’t look for ways to help the blind get further, it works from the other side . . . how to stop progress forward from those who do get the benefit.

    Stupid . . . stupid . . . bad government . . . bad government.

    • satex

      With this way of thinking, the Kindle’s voice option should not be allowed because the deaf can’t hear it!

    • Kilo762

      Not too far off, i recently had my fith appeal to the Patent office rejected because they found “prior art” from an 1878 patent for Railroad ties that “resembled” a part of our patent application for a plastic, recyclable, product for the building trade. it was also 70% more time efficient to install, used 5% less material. go figure?

      • 45caliber

        Most patents now are for ideas rather than actual useful items. For instance, Kodak patented the idea of instant photos. As a result Polaroid was forced to pay Kodak big sums for their process even though the Polaroid idea was different and better. Most companies do that now; i.e., they don’t patent what they have, they patent the idea of what they have. I don’t know if that would help you or not.

  • CAM

    Cannot understand then why Normal Guy would even be on this site insidering he cannot comprehend what he’s reading. I like EHeassler’s thinking that Normal Guy works for the government since that idea makes much more sense than what Normal Guy even wrote. THANKS Jeffrey Collins for including your blind friend’s approach on this topic and that he loves the device. Let’s all of us know that people (our Government especially!) jump to conclusions too fast without knowing the facts and assuming their thinking is correct and then later on having to admit they were WRONG. Our Government having to admit they were wrong is occuring on a daily basis, it seems.

    • 45caliber

      But the government is ALWAYS right! Just ask them; they will tell you the same thing. In fact, one of Clinton’s Goals 2000 educational program for schools was to teach the kids just that. And that is the reason homeschooling is becoming a lost art form in Europe – they need the kids in public schools to insure they are taught that.

    • independant thinker

      Unfortunately they do not discontinue failed programs/ideas they just throw more and more money at them.

      • 45caliber

        independent thinker: Ever heard or seen the “Dead Horse Theorm”?

  • http://www.gunthorp,com Gardner Behrends

    It’s just another example of the tail wagging the dog in a PC state. When normal guys are confronted by an example of totalitarian equality that forces all to be equally blind, they have to resort to name calling and marginalization of those who shed light on it. Sooner or later they’ll pass the “Americans With No Abilities Act” and we can all sue each other.

    • 45caliber

      The alternate name for the American Disabilities Act (ADA) is “the lawyers’ guaranteed employment act.”

  • taxman

    This blog will have to be shutdown, the blind cannot read it! and some people do not have computers, and street people do not have access, need I say more.

    • 45caliber

      Shuush! Don’t say that too loud! The government might hear you!

  • Jim H.

    The fact that there are people who can’t read, if we follow the formula mentioned in the article, would mean NO books of any kind should be allowed.

    • 45caliber

      Where this theory REALLY gets odd is when you consider someone with only one hand or one foot. What do you do about those of us with two hands? Cut one off??

      • Jim H.

        Well that would only be fair. What do you want two hands for anyway. Mittens half price.

  • Terri Haney

    What about the textbooks that would normally be used in this class? A blind student can’t read the normal textbook either. Do the textbooks contain a Braille translation? What kind of lunacy is this anyway? Blind and Disabled students have the ‘Office of Student Disability’ on Campus for the help they need. Blind students can’t see any of the normal course material and never have been able to, what about class handouts and tests? What difference does it make how the sighted people deal with their education? The Kindle device would have helped bridge the gap between blind students and sighted students, but instead we are held back by ignorance! No wonder America is losing the technology job markets!

  • chucky

    The problem that this administration saw is that the students will have access to thousands of books that they DO NOT WANT STUDENTS TO READ, THEY WANT CONTROL OF WHAT THE STUDENT READS. Fearless leader(Obama) or one of his community orgs. probably went to publisher of textbooks for some shakedown money(campaign contributions). The textbook game has been a racket in colleges for the last 20 years costing students and parents thousands yearly. This was a chance to end this game and just having to buy a kindle for about 200 bucks would of saved parents thousands of dollars and is a shame that in these economic times would of been great for people struggling to afford college for their children.

    • mickey

      This is funny. I was in college in the 80′s and 90′s. When I first started, the books (new) were $50. Then when the student loans increased, the books went to $150. This nothing new in this administration. Increased amounts for student loans has only lead to higher tuitions, higher expenses, and last but not least, higher student loan paybacks. I don’t think the education level changed, do you?

      When I first started college in the 60′s (yep, took me quite awhile to finish) we had two outside books a week, a textbook, and lecture material. All were fair game for the tests. By the time I finished, anything that was not encompassed in the lecture could not be on a test. The result, the profs used a strick lecture format from year to year. Talk about dumbing down education.

    • 45caliber

      chucky: You are exactly right. In fact, one of my friends discovered something wrong in her history book. She pointed it out to the teacher. The teacher told her, “It doesn’t make any difference what really happened. The government wants you to learn it this way so this is what you are going to learn. And it will be this way on the test!”

      • libertytrain

        Oh, that’s so comforting.

  • John Petersen

    Let the school choose the material. Let every student choose what works best for him/her. I use computer for most things, BUT for textbooks, I want the print. I retain better, and can study anywhere anytime, w/o lugging around a fragile, expensive piece o electronics. Let the student choose what works. Let the school make all available, & encourage exploring all.

  • Steve Thompson

    … and never mind that the blind can’t read textbooks, either! Yeh, yeh, braile; but, doesn’t text to voice functionality offset that?

  • Linda Carter

    I agree with Steve…conventional textbooks are what is provided…can not be read by a blind person…so guess we got to get rid of those too? Why can’t all methods be provided and the student picks the tool that serves their learning style best. Personally I like books to highlight…but they are heavy. The electronic is so light and concentrated. And Braille could be imprinted on the key pad and they use the audio feature…does not seem difficult to me…what does seem apparent…this administration thinks we are stupid and need their input into every aspect of our lives (would that make us too dumb to be in college?) Remember November, remove the real idiots!

    • mickey

      The current administration can’t read. Isn’t that how we got HC? and the opposition to the AZ law?

      • 45caliber

        mickey: I hadn’t thought about it that way, but I think you are right.

      • Linda Carter

        good one!

  • Bill J

    Using the logic that says sighted students can’t use kindles because blind students are physically unable to use them leads me to ask “Should using your legs be be ruled illegal because crippled people can’t use theirs; should vehicles be outlawed because sightless people can’t drive or television for the same reason??” I know that these situations seem ridiculous but no more so than not allowing sighted students to use a device that blind students can’t!! Maybe, some day, someone will invent a braille kindle!

  • Stephanie K

    I went back and reread “Normal’s” comment and it was filled with hate and condescending remarks and remarkably absent of any specificity. He doesn’t put forward any proof of his position (does he have one?) just childishly attacks the message and the messangers. It seems that any conservative thought is often assailed in this way. Very disappointing and does not serve to move any conversation forward. Probably, Mr. Normal’s retort to this dialog is George Bush’s fault.

    • 45caliber

      When you don’t have any real argument due to no facts on your side, attack is the only other method. The liberals use it a lot.

  • Terrie

    All that has to be done is make sure there are text books in braille and let the others use the reader. Duh. I don’t know why we have such stupid idiots in high places. It is killing me. I can’t wait until elections. We have got to rid our government of the liberals. Vote for common sense.

    • 45caliber

      But the liberals in power are intellectuals! Elites! They will tell you so. How can you say they don’t have common sense? After all, they have all that intellectual knowledge. They don’t need common sense.

  • Raggs

    This is a prime example of what is wrong with this country!!!

    Just ask obama, “COLLECTIVE SALVATION”… In other words if somnething doesn’t work for everyone, it’s not good enough for anyone.

    If you have a $500,000 home and your neighbor has a $10,000 home you must give the difference of the price to your neighbor, or be taxed to death to make up the difference. Civils rights have been taken way out of context!!!!! If you look at this in another way, it’s almost as if the blind man can sue the man that can see because he has something that the blind do not have.

    • independant thinker

      Kinda like the story of the ant and the grasshopper.

  • Tom Keifer

    Blind or visually impaired cannot use Kindle [at least not yet].Since they cannot, no one can—Big Brother at its best.Lets look at a couple of things:

    What happens when a visually impaired[blind] wants to take a course and the text doesn’t have a Braile version??? Does that mean that the federal government will sue to eliminate any course that doesn’t have a text with a Braile version???

    There is no way currently that a visually impaired [blind] person can operate a motor vehicle. Does that mean that Big Brother weill sue car manufacturers to stop production and sale of motor vehicles until they can produce one that the visually impaired [blind] can operate it ???

    You can see where this is going. Was the Americans With Disabilities Act intended to cover these areas? Or was it intended to basically to provide access ie wide doors,ramps,large toilet stalls,etc. This is Bureaucracy run amuck and applying a law in ways that was never intended by the framers of it. This is like trying to force everyone to BUY health under the guise of the commerce clause of the constitution. If that is found to be constutional then what is the limit on it??? Does that mean that the congress can pass a bill that forces everyone with a car say older than 10 years to buy a new american manufactured one in order to help out the car manufacturers ?? Or what about forcing everyone to have a subscripyion to a daily newspaper since many are loosing readership and are facing shutdown!!!

    • Raggs

      Yeah that was my point!!!
      The government is trying to penalize us ( social justice ).

    • Cameron

      What you are describing is Legislation From The Bench By Activist Judges. The Constitution gives ALL legislative powers to the Congress and NONE to the Courts, but that hasn’t stopped the Courts yet. It’s time for our elected servants to stand up & demand that judges, from the Supreme Court all the way down, stick to equally applying the laws as written & quit deciding what the legislators “meant” when they passed a law. Every law written needs a “Sunset Clause” so it will die in “X” number of years unless re-activated. This way bad or incomplete laws can be properly dealt with by the Legislative Branch instead of improperly dealt with by the Judicial Branch.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda s


  • Patrick C

    The inmates are running the asylum…

  • Moon

    The DOJ intervened because the Kindle DX being used in the pilot program had a text-to-speech function for the contents of a book, but it didn’t have the same functionality for the menu or navigation controls. The students who were blind couldn’t know which book they’d selected or how to access the Kindle’s browser or other functions.

    • Raggs

      Yeah we got that part…. however why penalize everyone for the sake of a few?
      It’s like saying everyone has to pay for an individuals mistake.
      This collectivism does not make any sence when something cannot for obvious reasons be applied to everyone. Every human has limits to what they can do, that does not mean everything has to fit everyone or it is deemed useless or not acceptable.

      • 45caliber

        They already do punish the collect because of an individual’s stupidity. For instance, here in Texas it is illegal to allow anyone to ride in the back of a pickup without benches and seat belts. The reason? Some idiot blew up an inflatable raft at home that was bigger than the bed of his pickup. So he placed it on top and put three small kids in it to weigh it down. When he went across an intercoastal bridge about 200 feet up, it blew out with the kids. There was no law to stop him so we needed the law to protect them in the future.

      • DaveH

        And then there’s this:

        Don’t you all just love Big Government?

        There is a political party that wants to get us back to Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets:

    • Raggs

      Look at it this way…

      You may be able to climb Mt Everest and I may not be able too, should that mean you have to stop climbing because I cannot?

    • mickey

      Yeah, but they had the chance to opt out and use their braille book, as I understand it. They weren’t denied access to the course or an appropriate textbook.

  • Robert S

    ‘Normal” is truly ignorant. Public education=government education. Government education=lowest common denominator education. Lowest common denominator=vast underclass ruled by a fascist overclass (the political self selected elite). It’s truly time for a revolution to bring down the federal government and return to the constitutional principles of ‘limited’ government is the best government. When federal representatives PUBLICALLY state that the (federal) government can do anything that it wants, it is time for REAL, PARADYM SHIFT CHANGE back to individual self sufficiency, responsibility and resultant economic growth. Government must be small, poorly funded, poorly paid servants so that the brightest, most gifted seek out growth/power through self determination and growth and development.

  • Retired 130

    UHHHHH, IF the blind could not read the Kindle, then they couldn’t read the book……Right? So it must logically follow that if a blind person cannot use a book, then books cannot be used at Universities.

  • james

    no matter whether or not you think obummer’s doing a good job or a bad one is irrelevant , he’s advancing his agenda either way ! he’s creating dissension among American citizens and civil unrest so even IF the dems are voted out he will do his best to continue to follow his agenda so he can institute martial law , which means the constitution will be suspended , THEN he can do anything he wants to , including change the constitution and make it stick !so we (the American people had better get on this ass….. good side (?) and toe his line or get ready to do what will be necessary to return our country to what it was .

    • Cameron

      See the definition of Fascism.

      • coal miner

        Cameron, · Cached page

  • clyde

    This is what happens when the only people that are in power are from Harvard, Yale or Columbia. They couldn’t figure how to pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heal. The big money makes sure that this is our only choice.

    • mickey

      Yep, my opinion of these schools has gone to the sewer. I am so thankful my kids did not go there.


      Right-On Clyde, Pull-Up Rev James D Manning PhD Obama Trial, Guilty On 17 Charges, Plus Obama Never Attended Columbia Univ, Yikees, Happy Birthday Manchurian Pres Muslim Obama.

    • Allan Halbert

      I survived one of the “elite” top five universities. Liberals/Progressives, and especially the media, always try to convince the public that smartness is the most important trait of a leader. In my opinion, intelligence without character, common sense, wisdom, humility, and experience, is fool’s gold. I’d rather have a leader with a balance. In fact, we could use a lot of those folks in Congress. Don’t be persuaded otherwise by political operatives.

      • libertytrain

        Allan – I think you are absolutely correct.

  • bob pa

    I am thankfull I do not have too long untill the government will execute me because I will be using government health care and since i am a senior they will pull the plug on me first chance, so they can get my 4o1K to give to the undeserving low lifes in the world. But I will have the last laugh because I am putting my 401 in an anuity gift program that will bypass the inheirent tax and trust tax. sorry liberals but you do not deserve 1 cent of my greenies (better known as paper currency). I worked for it and I damn sure you have not earned a dammed of mine or anyone elses. you are the leeches of society and you want to look like a servant of the people when in fact you are a curse of society.

  • May

    Minority rules!! No matter what the issue the minority always scream the loudest and the majority then bow to their wishes. There are ways of solving this dilemma but normalcy has been defeated by the absurd. The world cannot exist for long with this dichotomy.

    • 45caliber

      I can’t say that the majority bows to the wishes of the minorities. Actually, thanks to those in power in Washington, it is more that the feet of the majority is kicked out from under them.

  • Ron Pellet

    OK I’d personally rather a text book or both…but tell me how do the blind read books anyway??? ok ill invent the braille kindal its really very easy…just an array of pegs that rise when activated by the files translator….yes I am an inventor and I give this up freely so I don’t have to hear about beaurocratic idiots who have no common sense tell us what we can’t do…It seems the dems always tell us no…the party of NO…very strange since the conservatives are the true liberals for personal freedom….just wait till government makes dicisions on your health…that ought to be very enlightening…

  • Fred

    If the visually impaired are discriminated against because they are unable to see the right buttons to push on their computer to hear the text read to them, then they are also discriminated against because most all books are out of their scope of possibility as well. I guess the Obama administration needs to sue the book manufacturers for discrimination as well. How stupid does this Liberal Logic have to get before we realize that there was good reason for them to take as their mascot, the Jackass.

  • http://gmail i41

    Next the marxist democrats will create problems with home schools and religous structured schools. All democrats hate individuality and not having total control, because it flies against the socialist plan. Go to any college, and before you can graduate you must take black understanding classes, if you graduate with a law degree, you must piss away more money on tribal law classes. I thought indians and black were just supposed to be American citizens like the rest of us taxpayers, not a special class of organisms. Since these classes needed for a degree, a little bit of racism is promoted by the liberal feel good asses. When one of my daughters graduated with an Ag teaching degree, she stated there wasn’t manatory tettonic, nordic, or celtic classes required, the dean stated it was for sensitivity learning. This is the kind of watering down our schools have experienced since the 60′s, more basketweaving and underwater knitting classes. Where did reading English, math,phyics, civics, government, history, and states history. Drop the damn feel good touchy crap, if you don’t know the answers you flunk, not just pass on with your class.

    • 45caliber

      They have already dropped civics to make room for more of their touchy-feely things. And it not only makes time for their feel good programs, it also prevents people from knowing what rights they have.

  • atlas reborn

    really what we need is to reinstitute the constitution, the only way left to do that is to obey the Founding Fathers who said we must shed Patriots and leaders blood to keep fertile. to do this it is said revolution, so get your guns and ammo and throw off these tyrants in office who think we are their slaves and we do not deserve anything except their boot on our necks. they said that to have a free people the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. to those who do not know the second admendment to the constitution. they also said we need to revitalize regulary and we have not for over 200 years. way too late, but not toooo late, get the ammo and get your guns out and cleaned and primed for the work at hand.

  • coal miner
  • David J. Sanchez

    Instead of using trees to produce paper why don’t we use the most perfect fiber plant known to humankind, the hemp plant—plus recycle as much as possible. Yes and what an idiotic way to make a decision by the department of stupidity. All or none—now there is a great philosophy. Dave S.

    • coal miner
    • Raggs

      Hemp is not controlled through the government,,ie taxation..
      That is the only reason it is deemed illegal!
      Believe me if the government could find a way to tax and control it it would be legal… California is trying this as we type..
      I don’t use the stuff but many do and it seems like laws pretaining to this will be conducted on a state level regardless of obamanation. I do find it amusing and proper that many states are taking a stand against this regime… Otherwise we would be in the streets…

    • johnb2029

      great idea! tax it, control it (like private stills), reduce a need for importation, lower the cost, provide jobs (hee hee), and on and on and on…

      oh no!! that will hurt the latin/south american economies!!

      sorry all, i thought i had a good idea (snicker).

      • johnb2029

        i forgot!! we too could export the stuff all around the world. what a cash crop! we could pay farmers not to grow it. we could generate a new, and i mean brand new, tsar level and secretary of hemp and employment for unemployed census takers!!

    • chuck b

      d sanchez

      just think, by recycling we could smoke the newspaper instead of throwing it out. that’s what you call getting high on bad news.

  • Beans


  • Harold Olsen

    It’ further proof to me that when it comes to brains and intelligence, the left has none.

  • Jim H.

    I earlier posts I saw the mention of braille Buttons on the drive through ATM’s. At one of our forest preserves we have the braille sign at the “scenic overlook”. PC ate its best.

  • Jim H.

    at not ate.

  • TouchStone

    …uh, I hate to point out the obvious – maybe someone else already has, here – but blind students wouldn’t be able to use standard text books, either.
    Can we impeach the entire government and fire ALL the bureaucraps?

    • Dave

      This is the only really good point. I am not as outraged as everyone else but if they are banning the e books for this reason then they should have to ban the standard text books.

  • atlas reborn

    Insanity is a mental problem that aflicts liberals and democrats equally and it has no prejudice. the left had given us a legacy of missed oppurtunites, legacy of dispair, and loss of any kind of prosperous future. when our children and childrens chlidren look back to see what we did they will curse us and hopefully learn form our stupidity. I do not think they will be fully able to comprehend what happened, because they will have been supposedly educated by a education that teaches voodoo ideas, voodoo economics and feel good government. but I hope that by chance some brilliant mind arrises and educates the future generations in the constitution and the few inperfections it had. and also about The God of our Founding Fathers. So they will have a chance to reedeem us and save themselves from the idioces of the left and liberals amongst us.

  • bob pa

    when you teach that mariage should be allowed between a male and a male or a female and female you break a law of nature that has some bad results. I will give you an example so it will not be hard to understand for the mentally chalanged. if we have 3 islands and no way to get to any of the islands and we put 200 males on the island #3, and another island #2 with200 females, and another island #1 with 100 females and 100 males. now we fast forward 200 years. what would you have on each of the islands? remember there was no way to get off any of the islands. how many people would there be each of the islands? island 3 would be uninhabited correct. island 2 would also be uninhabited, but island 1 would be well populated because there would be intimate relationship which would end up creating offspring which is the reason males and females were created by God. when you do that which is in opposition to Gods rules you get bad results and man would cease to exist. libersals do things which have bad results and having gay marriages is a liberal idea. so following liberals ideas can lead to very bad results. why would you vote for insanity?

  • Terry

    Let’s just ban all books since there are blind people and learning impaired people and those who don’t want to or care to read or learn or advance themselves, and we must be sure no one is “left” behind.

  • mavis

    Have any of you heard of the UN Children,s Right Treaty.
    1. School Choices
    2. Church Attendances
    3. Internet Usuage
    4. Dicipline
    5. Medical Care
    6. Sex Education
    This treaty will give the Un power over every aspect of our children’s lives if ratified by the USA and it gives the Un power to review “compliance” by the US government.
    Check with your congressmen and women to see what their opions of this treaty and urge them to cosponsor SR519 to oppose this treaty. It is time we kick the UN out of the United States and out of our private business. Down with the United Nations the spawn of satan !!!!!!!!

  • mavis

    What a bumber, if a blind student wanted to use this Amazon Kindle looks like to me they could have been given a special made one that is made especially for the blind, seems to me if the books were read to them that it would be a boon to them, rather than taking away from the many because the few could not participate is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Asst.Attorney General Thomas Perez, you and Eric Holder must be kin, you both are tainted with stupidy.MEhpensacola,fl

  • atlas reborn

    mavis good post and thinking smart. holder and perez got a double dose. the u.n. is originally the brain child of wilson. roosevelt (fdr) was for the un, but died and truman allowed it. that should have never been passed and ratified by congress. we do not have a man or woman who has the fortitude to stand up and be counted and withdraw us from the un. the un is so ineept when it sends troops to fight they are like the present day german army that they will not shoot to kill the enemeny. the watch and do not engage. they never can get a concensus to declare anything bad or evil. only they and a large group of delegates can declare america evil. the islamist terrorists are not condemed, the the chineese are not condemed for invasion and takeover of tibet a non violent people who are now slaves to china and they do not have religious freedom. I could go on with many more examples but enough said. we need the un like we need the bubonic plauge. I am with you get rid of the un.

  • Kevin Beck

    No wonder our mis-education system is failing us. This says all anyone needs to know about the insanity of our government system. The Department of Justice has become the Department of Jackasses. And they are blind to their own stubbornness. A tragedy like this should be shown to the whole world, and we can be sure those morons at the DOJ wouldn’t know about it; they are immune to acquiring intelligence.


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