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Louisiana Passes New Law Defying Federal Healthcare Overhaul

June 24, 2010 by  

Louisiana passes new law defying federal healthcare overhaul Ever since Congress passed the healthcare reform last March, many states have been trying to sue the Federal government or vowing to pass their own legislation to block the overhaul. Last week, Lousiana has become the latest state to do so.

Following in the footsteps of Virginia, Idaho, Arizona and Georgia, the Louisiana legislature passed House Bill 1474 on June 18, which was modeled after the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act. The new legislation removes the requirement—present in the federal bill—to force individuals to buy or maintain health insurance coverage.

"Louisiana [sent] a clear message to the president and Congress that there is broad, bipartisan opposition to the centerpiece of their health reform agenda," said ALEC Health Task Force Director Christie Herrera.

The state’s legislature also became the first Democrat-dominated assembly in the country to pass a similar measure.

The bill will now head to the desk of Governor Bobby Jindal who is expected to sign it into law. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19851864-ADNFCR

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  • http://personallibertydigest bruce

    all states should respond same way. then it’s by we the people, not me the president.

    • J.M.R.

      i agree a 110%

    • Evie

      All illegals and blacks and hispanics get medicaid for their entire families and themselves. Not sure why Obama passed this into law, i.e., he already had all of their votes! Not sure why caucasions do not qualify for any of the benefits that are received by the others in this country at our expense. Really need to concentrate on taking back Arizona from the Mexicans, not his so called healthcare reform that does nothing for white people!

      • Sam

        Racist Much?

      • Jana

        He did it because it hurts all of us. This man is not for we the people. He thinks he was elected to pass his agendas and the rest of this Presidential stuff is out the window. He is supposed to play golf and go to plays and have people in to the White House for parties. Sounds like what a teenager would do.
        His presidency is in deep trouble and he can’t see it. This job is just way too complicated for this poor little community organizer.

      • william

        Sorry to say there is much truth in what you say. I make every effort not to be racist but I well remember my daughter being told job agency (state run) ssveral years that if she were black they could help he but since she was white???

  • Larry Downing

    I agree with the states that are openly acting on behalf of their people in countering the ObamaCare. three years ago I resigned and took a 6 months sabaticle. I am now a pastor of a small church and my salary does not allow me to have or afford health coverage. I found I can get my medications from the drug companines at no cost and I go to a clinic where I get very good check ups for a very small fee. I recently had a heart attach due to shoveling 2 feet of snow. I got great care and all without health insureance. I am not the only one who is in this situation and they all get the same care. Actually I spend less money than when I had insurance. All this is outside and before any ObamaCare. Actually ObamaCare would probably stop what I am receiving and millions of others. So with that said more states need to do the same.

    • Ellie Kantor

      Larry, I think you are right. But, what do people like me do who live in a State with a Democratic Govenor and a Democratic Atty. Gen. and mostly democrats in power in Nashville? The people of the state of TN are mostly conservative, but we have no power. We just have to wait patiently until we can vote again. It’s soooo frustrating. I feel like I’m trapped and helpless in a cage.


      • Jana

        I know it seems futile, but still write to your state legistlatures and reps, as well as your Gov. Write often. They all have emails.
        Even if it falls on deaf ears, let them know how you feel and why. Make it sensible and in good taste.
        We have a Democrat for a state seat where we are moving to in the next year and I am writing him too. I will wear him down or not, but at least he knows how some of us feel.



    • Monica in Suwanee

      Beautifully stated!!!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    The states all need to pass similar legislation. It will send a clear message to Washington that the people are still in control, not just the little clique in Congress and the White House. I can’t remember when I have seen so much opposition to Federal law being passed. We needed a wake up call and Barry and his buds have really opened our eyes to the corruption and the mess our country is in and it is becoming clearer as to where they want to take us. It ain’t gonna happen!

  • TIME

    Good for them, as noted if every state got their acts together this would be a moot issue.

    But with this state – please do keep in mind Marry LaDue’s $200 Billion dollar deal she made for her vote.

    So you folks in LA please Vote her out of office when the time comes.

  • s c

    Any state that supports Herr Obummer in his healthcare scam or any of his Constitution-gutting plans is not fit to be an American state. Do you not understand?
    Arizona leads a movement to restore honor and dignity to a nation temporarily ‘led’ by an anti-American, slavery loving, utterly prostituted, completely WORTHLESS product of fascism, socialism, communism and evil. See him for who and what he is.
    Not only were the Founding Fathers right. They were PROPHETIC. Where are America’s Washingtons, Jeffersons, Paines and Hancocks when we need them most?
    America is in grave danger. Many sons and daughters of evil want us to be slaves (yes, many of them are elected). America is the great prize. We, our families and friends will be free, or we will be slaves. Choose freedom or slavery.
    No longer will ANYONE be allowed to be a fence-sitter or say ‘present.’

    • angel-wanna-be

      sc, opposing Obama and his cronies doens’t help in our state, they’re all Democraps._They don’t listen to us, I’ve written countlessly, all I get in return is they’re Democratic agenda___It needs to be November, yesterday!

      • GregS

        Amen, Angel! The same is true here in Illinois, home of the country’s most crooked politicians (starting with Obummer)!

    • Tina

      @ s c says “Not only were the Founding Fathers right. They were PROPHETIC. Where are America’s Washingtons, Jeffersons, Paines and Hancocks when we need them most?” =================================> They are out there. They are doing what they can.

  • verl


  • kate8

    sc, I have a feeling that the “talking part” is nearly over.

    The globalist movement has taken over, from DC down to the smallest localities. (Anything that begins with “smart” is evidence of this movement: smartgrowth, smartgrid, etc.)

    Anyway, the weasels have chosen sides, and it’s not ours. They are not listening to us.

    We are also kept focused on what’s going on in DC while we are being quietly undermined on the local level. How many of us are participating, or even paying attention to, what is going on in our own towns or cities? Or communities?

    We need to get involved where we can have the most influence. Check it out. Towns are becoming federalized.

    This is a way that we can part of an assembly. Just blogging on the internet is not going to effect the changes we want.

  • Ted Crawford

    I wholeheartedly agree!! Every city,county,stateand municipality should demand their rights granted by the 10th. amendment and enact Nullification on all unconstitutional laws!! I find it interesting that the first state to ever do so, is now the peoples republic of kennedy…ah er.. I mean Mass.!!!

    • Smilee


      The 10th amendment is null and void in all circumstances where anywhere in the constitution these rights are given to congress by the constitution or denied to the states by any part of the constitution, A fact you ignore or misinterpret so it fits your desires rather than if it is constitutional. What are you all going to say or crow about when the SC so decides it is constitutional. All these states are playing politics with this issue rather than dealing with it as a legal matter,this is done to keep the angry happy and angry all at the same time and in the end it being frivolous will be revealed and prove that a lot of money was spend foolishly again. There are a large number of constitutional legal scholars who also say this and their reasons make a lot of sense, too bad people like you ignore what they have to say and hang tight to your biased beliefs.

      • George E


        Surely you don’t think the only ones playing politics with this issue are those opposed to the recently passed healthcare bill. You didn’t see any political games being played by Obama and the Dems in getting this thing passed? There’s a LOT of opposition to this bill and people are expressing their concerns the only way they know how. If the Dems had fully vetted this bill before the public and gotten some bi-partisan support before cramming it down our throats, maybe there wouldn’t be so much continued criticism of it today. They thought all the critics would simply go away when people saw the benefits of this bill, but that hasn’t happened, and probably won’t, so they can just live with the consequences of their decisions….

        • Smilee


          Congress has always been political and is the place for it, it does not belong in the legal system and this is what the states here are doing and its a disgrace. This bill was fully vetted, just because you do not like the outcome doesn’t change that,it was over a year in the making and once Obama even met with the republican caucus on this bill with TV cameras covering every minute(ever see this before, I have not and I am 69 years old) also for two days with TV cameras with both parties present on this law, again I believe this is a first, this was far more vetted than most laws, you lost so you will use any lie to try and justify you actions. These are frivolous law suits and will be proved in time and a lot of your tax money will be spent on thus fiasco.

          • George E


            I guess my point is that there was never any real give-and-take in the negotiations with the Republicans in Congress. The bill was completely written by the Dems and pushed through Congress with little discussion as possible, even though all polls taken at the time clearly showed a majority of Americans opposed this bill. So, the Dems got their law, but now they’ve got to live with the consequences of doing business that way. Don’t expect this issue to go away anytime soon. It’s very likely we’ll be debating this law for many years to come.

          • NotSoSmilee

            Smilee, you are a kool-aid drinking moron if I ever heard or saw one. Let’s see what princess Pelosi had to say of the mountain of paper they voted for in this bill:

            “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” – Nancy Pelosi

            But, of course anybody who is worth his weight in dirt knows that ALL prospective bills are public knowledge and available at the Library of Congress website for ANYONE to read. Why would we have to pass this bill to find out how utterly destructive to our economy it is?

            I think you’re right. These are frivolous lawsuits. The time of law and legislation has failed. It is now up to the people to reset the course of this nation. Only a revolution by the people can restore our freedoms. Anything less will just be partisan politics as usual. I sure hope you’re prepared to defend your views. I am.

          • Smilee

            You are completely wrong, that is what the far right propaganda mill kept saying but in committee over 200 republican amendments where introduced and passed and are in the law, in the end no republicans voted to pass the law but it still contains their amendments in that regard it was bipartisan. The party in the majority always write the law with input from the minority and that was the case here as well, denying the truth does not change these facts.

          • Smilee

            NotSoSmilee says:
            June 25, 2010 at 12:16 pm

            My post of mine just above was to George

            NotSoSmilee , sorry you find it so hard to smile but if your as confused as your post suggests I can understand why as you are crazy,
            You took Pelosi Comments out of context by not giving her total statement to that answer. Funny that you could see these lawsuits as frivolously which is the only thing you got right in your post but I thank you for this single bit of truth

          • Bus

            Fully vetted? No one in Congress had even read the bill and Obama even admitted that he didn’t know fully what was in the bill. It was a bill that wasn’t supposed to pass without being combed over by a combined committee, but that didn’t happen because of the back door approach the House used to pass it.

      • kate8

        It’s a dangerous situation when Congress, on its own, decides what it can and cannot do.

        Anything not specifically mentioned in the Constitution they find as fair game. To them it’s irrelevant anyway, since they no longer feel bound by the Constitution, but merely pay lip service for our benefit.

        • Smilee

          Your statement make it clear you do not understand the constitution and congress’s power in it.

          • Bus

            Congress has become Obama’s lapdog. The safety provided to the people by the Constitution was in the separation of powers and the ambition of one branch countering the ambition of the other (see Fed. paper #51) But when the political parties agenda becomes more important than safeguarding the American people then the safety of the Constitution has been thwarted. Hope we can hang on until Nov.

      • http://naver samurai

        To void the 10th Amendment is to void the states of their rights. It’s never null and void and can be used to nullify Obama bin Laden care. Quit lying your lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxist arse off, moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • scot_belle

    When Rome degenerated from a free republic into a tyranny the statesmen, who had previously served the people, were intimidated to be silent. Is this what we are seeing now?

    The rape of our Constitution has to be stopped. If it does not, then the America that our ancestor’s founded 234 years ago, will be no more. America is fast becoming a police state, and everyone as slaves.

    The unholy trio, now currently sitting in WA DC, need to be given their pink slips. THEN…those who have been intimidated into allowing these three to shove their Marxis agenda…also need to be given their pink slips.

    SEND your Representatives (local-state-federal) and Senators email. Daily, would be best. We NEED to drown those self-serving twits in paper, and tie up their phone lines with our calls to their offices.

    THIS…is now on my daily “to do” list. How about you?

    • Smilee

      This is just your fantasy and like most fantasies it just not involve reality

      • http://naver samurai

        Too much kool aid Chris! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Laith Jacob

    Hope that Michigan residence will wake up and throw the Governor and stupid Stupak and all the stupids that does not want our attorney general to sue the Federal Government and all who supported this bill out of office and save the state from going bankrupted

    • Smilee

      Do you call everyone who sees things differently than you stupid? How stupid is that!

      • http://naver samurai

        Do you always believe in personal attacks after the people stop posting on this thread, moron? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Joyce


    • Smilee

      WOW, your post is so full of pure hatred, and nothing realistic

      • GregS

        Smilee, “OUST[ing] ALL HIS ENTOURAGE” may be a reality in November! If you don’t realize this, you really are as foolish as your remarks on this website!

        • GregS

          Correction: I meant to say “OUST[ing] [most of] HIS ENTOURAGE,” not “OUST[ing] ALL HIS ENTOURAGE.”

          • Smilee

            Neither post of yours above make any sense, is that typical for you??????????

          • GregS

            That’s because NOTHING makes any sense to you, Smilee!

      • sandman

        smilee, are you an AMERICAN? because you sure do not sound like one.

      • http://naver samurai

        Get off of the site Chris! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://gmail i41

    Everytime a socialist democrap jackass shows up for a constituant meeting, you and your friends show up and have the crimminal, justify their socialist voting.Since the tea party meetings, all of the democrat Congress idoits will not or just have meetings with their cheerleaders. Sooner or later the jackasses will have to come down to get water, or get voters, then drop the hammer on them. Catch any rino state legislator who would not sign on to go after the federal mandate. When I call, write or send emails aget the usual blther blather, I go to another form, if I call, I’ll respond by an email,or a letter, keep jacking them up, also find out who their staffs names are, and go right to them. I don’t give the 3rd and 4th year college students to much greif if the a just willing to listen, I try and give them a history lesson. Usually you will make friends with the youngsters after a while.

    • Smilee

      WOW, you must be drunk!!!!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        WOW! Chris must be drunk on the kool aid moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Allan

    Regarding fixes: I’ve heard that as many as 35 states have filed legal action against the federal government. I believe it would take 38 states to hold a Constitutional Convention. Could this be the way to protect our freedoms at this point?

    • GregS

      Allan, that’s an interesting question! However, I think, if that would occur, the WHOLE Constitution would be up for grabs. Just imagine the chaos that would create! Furthermore, there would be the possibility of coming up with a totally different Constitution that is MUCH worse than what we have now. Additionally, think about the time and money that would be spent in the process.

      Regarding fixes, in my opinion, amendments are the way to go.

      • Allan

        My thinking is exactly that…to pass a constitutional amendment by convention.

        Right about 2/3 of us feels the country is headed in the wrong direction and respect for government is at a 50-yr low, yet we alternatively lack a majority in Congress or the will to change the rules when the majority switches. So…gridlock, more debt, more government control, etc. We have the common sense today, not Congress, so as Beckett said, WHY WAIT FOR GODOT?

        My suggestions are a balanced budget amendment, a term limits amendment, and perhaps an amendment that helps the 10th stop communist dictates like obamacare, cap and trade. OR, I’d settle for one that says we can vote once a year on whether our politicians should keep their job.

        Think of how EXCITING it would be to watch THE PEOPLE teach the POLITICIANS how to do their job!

        • GregS

          I had to go back to Article 5 of the Constitution to see how constitutional conventions work. What I thought was most interesting is that, if one was held during Obummer’s presidency, there would be NOTHING he could do about it. He wouldn’t even have the power to veto any ammendments that would come out of it. Additionally, it would be a good way to pressure Congress into getting something done. Hey, that sounds good to me!!!

          I think all of your suggestions are great, except for the term limits amendment. I truly feel that if a politician is doing a good job (a rarity these days), he/she should stay there. Why go out to find a new one in that case? Of course, your last suggestion about voting once a year would address that whole issue.

          Excellent post, Allan! This should be passed around. Maybe it will catch on.

          • Bus

            The safety valve in the Constitutional Convention approach is that 3/4′s of the states still have to ratify it. So if a convention were called (which would send the fear of God through D.C.) and they did trash the Constitution. The states could still vote against the outcome. I say go for it!

  • B.S.R.

    Being in one of the bluest of the blue states, currently the only one that I know of that has made having healthcare as “mandatory” as having car insurance, I can tell you that it’s a system set up for the ruination of the people. Right now the battle here wages on with the state governing body trying to figure out how this all got so out of control and how they can try to reduce the massive cost! Rationing has been discussed. Capping what fees doctors and hospitals can charge for their services is being bandied about. Some of the reimbursement fees being paid for Medicaid people are so low that doctors and hospitals are refusing to take on more of these patients. Taking LEGAL immigrants off the roles (while still we continue to pay for ILlegals) is another plan they have in mind. Don’t think the Legal immigrants are taking this lying down either. They’re currently demonstrating at the Capitol building for their “right” to be included in the freebies! And I would like to thank you all too for helping support this monstrosity because the other Americans in this country are footing the bill for the $20,000,000+ deficit we’re currently running in the system. When it’s the Feds bailing out the states, that’s bad enough, BUT who’s going to bail out the Feds plan when it starts running billions of $$ over budget?????

  • MudEngineer

    I can see why you are backing ObamaCare so strongly. You need to have your brain put back in straight and you cannot afford it under the present health care system. I will feel bad for you when this horrible law is repealed or found to be unconstitutional. Once the Supreme Court hears the lawsuit against Obama and he is found to be ineligible for his office, all of his laws will be invalidated. From what I understand the case is pending now. Sucks to be him!

  • MudEngineer

    Allan and Greg S,

    I certainly hope that you do not get your wish about a Constitutional Convention. Since Obama very much hates our existing Constitution, he would figure out some way to hijack this Convention and get a new Constitution rewritten exactly how he would like it to read. Your wish is a very, very dangerous door to open.


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