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Los Angeles Bans Plastic Bags

May 25, 2012 by  

Los Angeles Bans Plastic Bags
The citizens of Los Angeles will no longer be using plastic bags.

In a 13-1 vote, the City Council of Los Angeles decided to trash plastic bags.

In doing so, Los Angeles became the largest U.S. city to ban the pollutant. California cities San Jose, San Francisco and Long Beach have passed similar ordinances.

Over the next year, plastic bags will be phased out from an estimated 7,500 locations.

The eventual goal is to ban paper bags as well.

“My hope is that so few paper bags will be used as a result of this measure that the formal ban … on paper bags may not even be necessary,” said Councilman Paul Koretz.

Environmentalists consider the ban a victory.

“Plastic harms our environment. It is a threat to the coastal economy. It is a danger to marine life and it is an unconscionable burden to taxpayers who have to foot the bill for cleanups year after year,” said attorney H. David Nahai, a former executive of the Department of Water and Power.

But not everyone is praising the ban. Many jobs will be lost as a result of the initiative. Bag manufacturers donned T-shirts with the message “Don’t Kill My Job.” But their efforts were to no avail.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • cawmun cents

    “I wish they would ban stupid people from participating in gubment,but then there would be no gubment.Especially here in the People’s Republik of Caliph-own-ya.”-CC.

    • FreedomFighter

      Agenda 21′s Globalist Death Plan for Humanity

      “At the U.N. Summit at Rio in 1992, the Conference Secretary-General, Maurice Strong, said “Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialized civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Don

      The LA city council (all Democrats) are such idiots. Why didn’t they ban garbage bags that you buy in the store, too? I won’t be shopping in Los Angeles until the ban is reversed.

      • Alex

        Good—stay away!

      • pweiters9

        5/25/12, Your point is well taken, Don. I always use supermarket bags for trash liners. For bigger jobs, of course, Glad bags are in order. Toting these canvas bags repeatedly back & forth to & from stores will, no doubt, lead to cross-contamination as many people, as well as some establishments, aren’t always the cleanest.

      • JON

        Plastic bag made for garbage cans are manufactured to be biodegradable. Plastic grocery bags usually aren’t. I use cloth bags when I shop anyway.

        • pweiters9

          5/27/12, The ordinance doesn’t say anything about “bio;” that being the case, just use trash bags. The hacks here in NJ want to do that, too (they must have taken a queue from Ca). We have bigger things to worry about, like will our kids fare better than us.

  • eddie47d

    Folks can complain about losing their jobs but don’t consider the increase of jobs created in the manufacturing of cloth bags. I don’t believe any sea creatures or birds have choked to death on a cloth bag so there is definitely an environmental victory and a victory for not having plastic bags blowing around. I do hope LA has a back up plan for the folks who run into a store for a quick purchase for there are always exceptions to everything.

    • Midge

      Each of us needs to do our part and not leave it up to the other guy. No excuses! This is for your own health and pocket book!

      • dufas magnet

        I’ve heard THAT crap before (it’s for your own good). Bottom line, the ONLY reason this is happening is because plastic bags isn’t a monopoly owned by big corporations. That in effect, you wouldn’t be reading such articles today. Someone is going to suffer but since it’s not run and controlled by big b’ness and the investors that gang around it, these people will find some other way to make money.. After all, isn’t that what capitalism is all about?

    • Don

      Cloth bags become unsanitary. And, they are a pain to lug around. Plus, if you go shopping you don’t know how many you will need for the day.

      • Alex


  • Sirian

    This is hilarious. :) No wonder politicians have a tendency to run with the enviro-terrorists, a new cash cow has just been created and the special interests have been satisfied.

    • Karolyn

      So would you like a trash dump in your back yard, Sirian? I don’t think so. The amount of waste generated by the people of this country is way out of hand. Have you see the stories of all the garbage being found in the oceans because they have been dumping out there? We were better off with glass instead of plastic. It’s disgusting. At least paper degrades.

      • Sirian

        Believe it or not Karolyn, I’ll agree with you on glass over plastic. BUT, when was the last time you saw a glass bag at a grocery store? Come on, let’s be real, they are cutting out the plastic bags which in turn will cut how many jobs? I know, that doesn’t matter. OK, well, from this, as I said, they will have a new cash cow to suckle from for who knows how long? In turn, the special interest groups will feel satisfied. . . for a while. Personally, I was dead set against plastic bags when they first came out years ago. BUT, at that time it was to the enviro groups that paper was destroying to many trees and forest lands. They too, as you pointed out, were viewed as creating tons upon tons of trash at the dumps, and blowing all over the place creating a major litter problem that was so degrading to the beauty of the surrounding areas. All the paper in the dumps were notorious of creating fires in the same location which added to the air pollution levels that was harming to the people. Is any of this sounding familiar? Think back a bit and you may pull some of those old dusty memories up. Anyway, that is why it is hilarious to me. The enviro-groups will be satisfied with the banning of plastic bags while in exchange the politicians will have a new cash cow. Your intents may be good but you simply can’t see through the mist of the game that is being played.

      • Scott in SC

        Banning plastic bags is like banning backyard barbeques to reduce smog, so miniscule that it has no effect.
        What about plastic bottles? What about all the cheap chinese crap like small appliances that break in a year and have to be replaced? This is what’s filling up the landfills.

      • eddie47d

        The thing is Sirian that paper bags do take alot of trees to create those bags and was a legitimate concern. Not every battle can be fought like it is the only issue that needs to be solved. There will always be trash and even plastic bags or cigarette smokers or whatever. Making folks aware of any issue is important to lessen the impact on society as a whole. There are still a few people who refuse to wear seat belts even though they are proven to save lives. Change comes slow and not everyone will be on board. Some folks do recycle their plastic bags and some just let them blow in the wind so a few are a part of the problem and some are a part of the solution.

      • independent thinker

        I don’t know about the bags they use in Kalifornia but here in Arkansas if you happen to leave a plastic grocery bag out in the weather it will last about 2 weeks before it is noticably degraded and in a month or two it is so brittle it disentagrates if you try to pick it up. Personaly we recycle them by using them as trash bags and litter box scoopings bags.

        • moonifa

          For those who are thinking that banning the plastic bags is good for the environment and the economy, perhaps, just perhaps, you have allowed the politically correct thinking to be accepted without a challenge. To get the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey often said, you can visit Bag The Ban website. Then make up your own mind. Don’t let lame stream media do your thinking for you. Until you have both sides of the story, it is impossible to make an informed decision.

      • Vigilant

        Karolyn says, “It’s disgusting. At least paper degrades.

        And glass?

      • Vigilant

        eddie says, “The thing is Sirian that paper bags do take alot of trees to create those bags and was a legitimate concern.”

        Hogwash! There are more trees in the USA than there were a century ago.

        Does it make any sense at all to you, eddie, that the paper/lumber companies would want to deplete a resource without renewing it? It’s their bread and butter, and they plant as many or more trees than they harvest.

        Think before you speak,

  • Rasta

    Good for them. Protect the environment! We have to have some place to live!

    • Vigilant

      Then if you aren’t already living in L.A., perhaps you should move there. Great environment (NOT!) I hear…

    • pweiters9

      5/27/12, You really want to do something? Keep the grocery bags & cut down on superfluous clamshell packaging. Some of that stuff is so tough you could hurt yourself trying to open it.

  • Nanette

    Instead of making plastic bags, these people could make cloth, reusable bags. After seeing t.v. shows about the plastic accumulating all over our oceans and along shore lines, I’m a supporter of banning the bags. Here in Florida along our beaches we’re aware that sea animals eat plastic, thinking it’s jelly fish, and then the animals die.

    • Eddie G.

      The animals die as a part of their life cycle anyway. So what? What makes you think they’re immortal in the first place. The only sea animals probably eating plastic are the sea’s billy goats anyway. Try the Tiger Shark for instance. Tin cans,tires,and other flotsam have been found in a Tiger Shark’s innards. They survive it ok,maybe with a huge bellyache but it’s their own fault for being pigs. They’re still going to die eventually not because of car tires but because of their normal life cycle. God made animal scavengers to clean up after the rest of us and they do a better job anyway. Instead of bag bans,just fill the dumps with earthworms,they consume everything even plastic and leave a dump fertilized with their poop. Flowers can now grow.

    • eddie47d

      Is that like humans who ingest a myriad of harmful prescription drugs to make themselves feel better but end up ruining their bodies in the long run? Animals don’t always know the difference when swallowing an object but humans do.

      • pweiters9

        5/28/12, So what if the animals can’t tell the difference, that’s why they’re animals. It sust so happens people can be slobs. What else do you do-gooders want to ban?

    • Vigilant

      Nanette says, ” I’m a supporter of banning the bags. Here in Florida along our beaches we’re aware that sea animals eat plastic, thinking it’s jelly fish, and then the animals die.”

      Since you’re so environmentally conscious, what are your feelings on windmills? I hear they kill THOUSANDS of birds every year?

  • ms

    No more plastic bags … what will the newspapers be put in when delivered in the rain??
    Many of us do receive a daily newspaper… Just asking

    • Eddie G.

      The politicians don’t care,they just do what they feel a need to do to get re-elected by enviro freaks. The scientific solution is earthworms,the great consumers of garbage. But that’s not enviro freak junk science so bans satisfy that kind of science just fine because it’s easy and you don’t need an I.Q. greater than 2 to enforce a ban. I really think politicians substitute bans for sex because it’s so orgasmic for them.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Lunitics running the asylum, plastic out and paper bags back in, isn’t that why plastic bags were invented to stop cutting down trees. Next it will be all plastic then cars and cattle. What will be next, wind power is killing birds so they are clamping down on wind mills and who know solar power may be out because of the dangerous chemicals, we better start digging caves.

    • eddie47d

      Who says paper bags are back in? The issue is mostly plastic vs cloth reusable bags.

    • Don

      Once these idiots drive us back to being hunter-gathers again. They will complain that we are cutting down to many trees, eating to many animals, etc. They won’t be happy until we are all freezing and starving to death.

      • eddie47d

        ….and you won’t be happy until all the trees are cut down and the animals are wiped out.

        • pweiters9

          5/28/12, Hello Ed, plants, like all living things have life cycles & are meant to be consumed. There’s a food chain to this ecosystem & Man is at the top.

  • Edward Slusser

    California is much different then in the Eastern U. S. where they burn trash and use the heat for steam which heats our office buildings, homes, and even keeps the snow and ice off the sidewalks and streets. Something California does not have. However perhaps that same steam power would also power air conditioning units or electric power stations, which would benefit as well. Why are plastic bags in the ocean in the first place? Does California have no regulations against dumping into the the ocean? Is this plastic affecting thousands of fish or is this just an occasional incident? What is next on the ban list, styrofoam containers, no plastic wrap over our meat, no plastic being wrapped around a pallet of merchandise? No plastic bubble wrap? Just when do the bans stop?

    • Midge

      No plastic that touches your food is healthy. The chemicals leach into your food, allowing more toxins to destroy your good health. I vote to find healthier solutions!

      • independent thinker

        ” I vote to find healthier solutions!”

        Identify the problem, find a healthier solution, THEN pass laws/new regulations to help put the solution into effect.

        • Midge

          I like that!

      • pweiters9

        5/28/12, Nonsense, Midge, how about plastic medical devices? Did you know IV needles are made of plastic?

  • Jake

    The state is in shambles, the city is totally crap, and the city counsel spends their time on plastic bags. I have 8 years until I retire, I have a paid off house in Texas. I was born in Los Angeles in the 50′s, but when I retire, California can go suck a rock.

  • moonifa

    By now it should be readily apparent, that anything politically correct, usually does not work in favor of the average citizen. Banning plastic bags is yet another politically correct move that only serves to undermine the consumer, raise costs, and quite frankly, take away freedom of choice. (Haven’t we all had more than enough of this?)
    Isn’t it time to stop listening to lamestream media and learn what the truth of this matter really is?

    • Midge

      First of all, I do not believe ALL politicans are corrupt. Let’s salute the ones that are doing a decent job and I am for keeping our freedom. Big business just wants our $$$$$$’s. It is up to each of us to take responsibility that is what freedom is about.

  • NotThatEllen

    The ban only applies to grocery bags.This is a very small step. Remember – plastic never, EVER goes away! Perhaps the plastic bag manufacturers can innovate. Amazing plastic-like products can be made from corn starch. Let’s all work to find solutions. We can do it!

    • Midge

      Might be a plan. Although I think it needs to be researched throughly

  • Hank

    Wow, too many folks have been drinking the Kool-aid. Its not the fault of the evil plastic bag…it’s the ding bats that discard them out the windows of the car, etc…. Most bags are recyclable and to toss them out is a shame. Reusable cloth bags have been known to harbor E.Coli and other not so nice things…so not a real good answer there. Recycling paper bags takes a lot of energy and caustic chemicals….Banning cheap efficient plastics bags is not the answer to the problem and when they are land-filled they only take up a very small amount of the trash heap, (.03 to .06%). With all the horrible things going on in the world and our cities, I have to believe our elected officials (and some non-elected) should have more pressing things to worry about.

    • macawma

      That makes total sense to me, Hank. Just like it’s the shooter, not the gun, people need to be more responsible about the trash they leave around. And I’m sorry to say it, but just look at our deserts near the border…illegals are a huge problem with trash, they really don’t have the concept down about throwing anything in the trash bin. While we crack down on pollutants coming from our shores into the vast oceans, what about all the other nations of this world that don’t give a damn? Do you think the trash they discard into the seas just stays on their shores? I didn’t think so, either…

      Actually, with this ban, maybe they should just require all those people in San Jose, San Fran, LA, etc. to first fasten the bags tightly around their heads…

  • Andrea C

    Question – what about garbage? Not everyone has a working garbage disposal where they live. How does one transport the food that has gone bad to dispose of it without using plastic bags? How does one keep one’s kitchen garbage container clean without plastic liner bag or does one have to wash it out constantly?

    I agree on reducing use of plastic as it is not healthy for humans, animals and especially not babies and children. I always buy glass containers over plastic when given the choice, however, glass can be too heavy to carry for older or injured people. Why do paper bags require “lots of energy and chemicals to recycle” per Hank above? We use way too many chemicals and are polluting ourselves to death. I thought paper bags were biodegradable and safer environmentally.

    Also, as others have pointed out, some people will buy more than fits their cloth bag(s) or too big a size or not have any cloth bags on hand. There should be a small supply of plastic available for a fee which could be used for environmental purposes, but totally removing that option seems too extreme. So much of our life revolves around plastic of some form. Much food is greasy or liquid and it has to be transported from store or restaurant to home, office, etc. If we ban plastic bags, then the food might be covered in layers of plastic wrap to not leak and which is worse for the environment?

    We could ban import of plastic bags from China thus reducing the supply, raise the price and lessen the attraction of using it as well as lessening the money flow out of the US.

  • Bill

    Elimination of plastic bags a great start but ineffective if follow through by eliminating all other plastic containers doesn’t happen. Containers for food that were once marketed in glass, ditto for water and soft drinks, oil products, etc. Like most items yoy and others address are only superficial not inclisive. Tackle an entire problem not just one aspect. Too much work? Then forget it.

  • dcjdavis

    lol…Why bother? As things are going now if won’t be long before no one can afford to buy enough of anything in any one trip to fill a bag anyway.

  • Lucinda

    Yes, it’s been so effective here in the Bay Area. If you forget to bring your third world bag to market you simply buy only whatever will fit in your purse (or pocket). It’s cut way down on purchases which may hurt the economy but allows to food to stay on the shelves longer. Of course multiple small plastic bags are allowed for produce and the local “waste disposal” containers all use them so it’s all good. Right?

    • pweiters9

      5/26/12, Wrong. It’s just another environmental boondoggle; I use them for trash liners, so now you have to purchase extra (Glad) bags for that purpose. These hacks don’t know what to do with themselves in Ca., where from corporations & individuals are leaving whenever possible.

  • Pam

    What do you do when you remember you need to pick up something on the way home and don’t have a bag? Have to buy another one? Oh well, I guess it will keep all those people working to make more bags in CHINA!


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