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Los Angeles Bans Marijuana Dispensaries

July 26, 2012 by  

Los Angeles Bans Marijuana Dispensaries
Medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles will be forced to shut down.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles took a hit on Tuesday. The city council approved a measure that will ban dispensaries throughout the city. The ban was passed unanimously with a 14-0 vote.

There are 762 dispensaries operating in the city. Once Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signs the law, each dispensary will be expected to shut down immediately.

The city believes that the dispensaries have caused an increase in crime. Police Chief Charlie Beck said that most dispensaries are “for-profit businesses engaged in the sale of recreational marijuana to healthy young adults.”

But those who claim to use marijuana for medical purposes think the real crime is the banning of dispensaries.

“I have anorexia. I have a back injury. I have fibromyalgia. I have other things that are wrong with me,” said one woman at the hearing. “The only thing that helps is medical marijuana.”

After the vote was announced, police were called in to manage the crowd of medical marijuana supporters.

Legality issues concerning marijuana have been hazy since an initiative was passed in California in 1996 legalizing medical marijuana. The sale of marijuana remains illegal under Federal law.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    Awesome. Put the weed and the money back in the hands of the criminals. Capone would be so proud. People of Los Angeles: Get the list of councilmen who voted for this, expose them and have them voted out along with the mayor. Civil disobedience is the only way. The elitist’s would love nothing more than to have people riot and jail everyone associated with pot. And no, I don’t smoke…..anymore.

    • Robert Smith

      So much for respecting the VOTE of the people.


    • Dennis48e

      They need more room for the meth labs. The politicians get a bigger kickback from it.

  • roger gunderson

    The goodie 2 shoes never will understand freedom of choice. They have no clue of the understanding of prohibition. People have and always will have what they want no matter how many mommy and daddy laws are passed, because its human nature and an inalienable right.

  • http://msn Albert

    You know that God created the plant Marijuana. If God created it,for is our Law inforcement and our loyal leaders against it. We the people have rights.We know when to use and to stop. I hate man made drugs,they kill more people than the herbs that God place on this Earth. Instead of wasting tax payers money tryig to fight something that you’re not going to WIN. Take it and legalize it and this country will grow stronger and better. The revenues will soar. All you need is just the common sense God gave ya!

    • eddie47d

      More over reaction by L A’s City Council and you are so correct Albert and I agree.

    • Ted Crawford

      True Albert, Marijuana is a natural element,.. so is Arsenic, how much of that do you want to suck down tonight ? The simple fact that is is naturally occurring is not a reason to recommend it’s use !

      • Robert Smith

        So, you are opposed to the free choice of suicide?

        What gives you the special privelage of negating that there christian god’s gift of free will?


      • Karolyn

        Free will.

      • boyscout

        Kill all the arsenic plants with agent orange !

      • keith bennet

        I fully support your right to kill yourself. How’s bout a you tube link so we can all chee… I mean watch.

  • Chuck

    If you want to strike a real blow to drugs have the government legalize it and regulate it, that has worked so well for other programs……… LOL

    • MNIce

      Apparently the LAPD and City Council don’t believe that worked for them.

    • SamFox

      Chuck, you are on the right track, only keep it state run. Leave the feds out.

      In addition to RE-legalization, Consequences of Use education & treatment for addicts who want to be free should be included. State dispensaries should be used. NO FEDS!

      Ending the war on some drugs would save many billions of $ & hundreds of thousands of lives. The same govt that ran guns to Mexico wants to tell me I can’t use the safest medicine God gave mankind?

      The same govt that lets the Rx industry kill thousands every year wants to ban a safe medicine. Something wrong with THAT picture!

      I am tired of the govt trying to micromanage my life. I am tired of militarized cops killing innocents in “OOPS!!!! We got the wrong address again!!” raids.

      I just wanna be left alone! As long as I hurt no one else, leave me alone!!! I own me! I gave me to God so He owns me. Stay back govt! Let me breath!


  • Patriot Higgins

    Law enforcement? We note that “laws” are often just well-armed prejudices. And when “law enforcement” replaces honest-to-God “peacekeeping” your civilization is in trouble.
    We’d much rather foot the bill for private security that actually protects us….instead of paying half our income in part to fund thugs who enforce unjust laws.
    That is to say, we don’t like it that money is stolen from us in order to pay the local gendarme to kidnap people for smoking a plant that “the law” says is bad.
    We wish people had to pay for the military and police “protection” they get. Maybe then they’d get more actual protection instead of “extras” like illegal wars, wars of aggression, terrorist-creating foreign occupations, the drug empire-creating war on drugs, and cops aggressively harassing people for non-crimes like drug use.
    If people actually had to pay — and if they could take their business to a competing provider — the monopoly providers of “protection” services couldn’t mutate into an empirical army abroad and a predatory cadre of abusive overseers at home.
    “Anarchism? That won’t work. We need LAWS!”
    Ah, yes. Laws. Like the little ones that criminalize personal actions that are nobody else’s business? The laws that extend the will over the majority into the living rooms and bedrooms of the minority?

    How much “law” do you need beyond the common sense of don’t aggress against people or their stuff? Really?

    People wouldn’t be made into criminals for enjoying their own pleasures that harm no one else’s person or property. Levels of wealth would more equal all around. (Capitalism does not create an entrenched class of rich people. The state does that. Just as it creates an entrenched class of welfare dependents.)
    There is a cost to all this of course! People would be free to do things with their bodies and property that you might find objectionable. Economic freedom means prosperity…but it would also mean personal freedom that sets the busybody moralist’s teeth on edge.
    That’s the horrible truth about democracy. It’s just mob rule. It’s the tyranny of the many against the few. It uses violence both to extract and redistribute money…and to enforce codes of conduct. It turns every man into a petty but politically sanctified bully and thief, living at the cost of his neighbor and making sure his neighbor personal life stays within very narrow bounds despite his neighbor’s preferences

    • cawmun cents

      Isnt what you said,about democracy the very reason why folks left europe to come here in the first place?
      So that they couldnt be persecuted as the few,by the many?
      That is why our country exists!
      And yet if you indoctrinate a whole generation without warning them of the things to come(which has been done by the godless media/academia progressives),then when you get what you left to avoid,you have brought it on yourselves!
      Chew on that you leftist bastards!
      No more Mr. Niceguy!
      I am tired of playing your flaccid politically correct game!
      I will not be co-opted into your euro-trash elitist mindset!
      Save it for Hollywood you pretentious socialist puppets!
      But leave my nation alone…..or it will come to a ruinous end……for you.
      Not by my actions,but those of a higher power which you and your secular humanistic point of view have long since forgotten.
      The One our declaration drafters,made certain they mentioned,and the providence contained thereby.
      This is not about left and right,it is about WRONG and RIGHT!
      I apologize to Patriot Higgins for taking his post as a point of clarity for my rant,but these communistic malfeasants arent getting the BIGGER picture here!
      They think they can re-adjust and make straight what God has made crooked!
      Somewhere in the back of their feeble minds they must know that this is impossible.
      Yet there do they strive.
      But no longer with my help you deviants!
      I refuse to be a part of your social justice!
      I refuse to take pert in your godlessness!
      I refuse to let you make me a non-entity by stealing my identity!
      Again I state clearly that I stand on God’s providence!
      But what do I know?
      Apparently very little…….

      • ann

        Great blog! Keep fighting for freedom!

    • TIME

      Dear PH,

      Don’t FEAR, the Criminals we have in the {{City State of the District of Columbia}} have started the new plan of Commiting US Marines to fight crime, who will be augmented by NATO Troops as well as UN TROOPS.

      Yes indeed, there are two divisions of Marines training right now as you read this. Soon there will be full Armys of them, Welcome to the New World Order, of what is in fact the Old World Order, with a face lift!

      So lets add up these great new features we will start seeing in just a few months at store’s / Airport’s / Bus Station’s / car Rental’s / and even Malls, and Movie thearters near you.

      HLS, will be there.
      TSA, will be there.
      The Marines will be there, with tanks, with audio units and GUNS of all types.
      Soon even the UN TROOPS will be here.
      Oh and lets not forget the special NATO Units dressed in Blue Jeans and will look just like YOU.

      Oh how special America, the POLICE STATE has come home to show you what has been done in YOUR NAME all over the world!
      Welcome to HELL.

      Peace and Love

      • truesoy


        I’m sure is not marijuana you are smoking, otherwise you wouldn’t say the idiotic things you say.


      • TIME

        True soy bubbles,

        Your post clearly shows just how “aggressivly stupid” you are, but “”don’t you worrie not one little bit soy bubble””
        your not alone.
        Hey – your really so very special, { really } – not unlike the Millions of other mindless sheep just like you!

        Peace and Love.

        • truesoy


          Please, go back to your seat and take your box of crayons with you.


      • wtfaz

        Why bother?Its to late for them now.Tomorrow is their awakening and cleansing.Stay safe brother.

    • joyce van staaveren

      Well said!

    • RJ

      What have you been smokin Mr. Higgins?

    • SamFox

      Patriot H, remember, the USA is not a democracy. We are a republic. It is a very important distinction.

      Thanks boss! Great post!


  • Bill

    …..has increased the crime rate. I think the politicians have been smoking if they expect us to believe that statement.

  • truesoy

    Shockingly, but pleasantly surprised, for this is the first time that I hear cconservatives support liberal/progressive views /ideas.
    Why would the mayor of L.A. want to do such stupid thing is beyond comprehension.


    • Jay

      truesoy says: Why would the mayor of L.A. want to do such stupid thing is beyond comprehension.

      Perhaps this, is the reason, dumb dumb…

      • truesoy


        I checked it out.
        Interesting and I wouldn’t be surprised.
        A good example of drugs companies manipulations and political influence peddling when a few years back they managed to have Congress give them the exclusive right for manufacturing and sale and distribution of the pregnancy drug Makena.
        Makena is drug that reduces the risk of preterm pregnancy that pharmacist for many years prepared for patients at a cost of approx. $10.00, but now it costs approx. $350.00 for the prescription.
        Ps.- it is now a federal offense punishable by fine and/or prison for the pharmacist to do it..
        Interesting, ain’t it?


  • Bone

    I would like to just put this into this discussion.Where does marijuana fit into the word of God?

    • Karolyn

      Was man not given dominion over all iving things of the earth? Even way before the Bible was written man was nibbling on plants to see what they would do; and once he found out that eating certain things made him feel really good, he kept on usig them. There is nothing inherently wrong with getting high really. Is there anything in the Bible against using certain herbs or plants?

      • RJ

        All these Bible scholars, wow, I am impressed, no baffled! Karolyn, we were giving dominion, yes. God also cursed the ground after the fall. Is Mariquana a herb,thorn or thistle? We were instructed to excersize discernment. The book of Levititcus was written to teach the early Jews how to live a moral, productive and healthy life. I do not see written in this book or anywhere in the Bible, of such a plant that was healthy and encouraged to eat. Marijuana is a thistle.

      • Karolyn

        RJ – I could find no information re pot being a member of the thistle family. Did you get your info from Yahoo Answers? Sounds like it, and those answers come from anybodyand everybody. Try again.

    • Bone

      This is some info I copied from an internet site on the Bible.
      The most common argument within the church against any sort of use of marijuana is the “Pharmakeia argument”. Although this argument can be heard in almost any church, it is hard to recognize in a casual Bible reading. In order to come to the conclusion of the Pharmakeia argument one needs to study the original Koinne Greek Bible text. Pharmakeia is a Greek word found in the New Testament that means medication, pharmacy, magic, sorcery and witchcraft. Its root is pharmakon which refers to a druggist, pharmacist, poisoner, magician or sorcerer. God clearly states that Pharmakeia (the use of drugs) is a sin in Galatians 5:19-20a; “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft” (Pharmakeia

      The popularity and use of marijuana has increased within the past few years. This pattern of today’s intensified drug use was prophesied almost two thousand years ago in the book of Revelation. There are three passages in this book that speak directly about Pharmakeia, Revelation 9:21; 21:8; and 22:15. These three verses tell of the sinfulness of drug use, the non repenting hearts of the users, the state of the end times, the separation of drug users from the kingdom of God, and their second death by placement into the fiery lake of burning sulfur. We conclude that God is very serious about how he deals with this sin.

      Marijuana is a hallucinogenic (Funk and Wagnalls 445). This is one of the reasons why using it is sorcery and witchcraft. With the use of drugs, you are opening yourself up to all sorts of spiritual attacks and seducing spirits. Mind altering drugs are used in witchcraft to alter your reality. This can be very dangerous. This is why God calls us to be sober and avoid attacks from Satan (I Peter 5:8). This implies that if we are high, we cannot avoid attacks from the evil one.

      In conclusion, marijuana is not a biblical sacrament that we must take in order to become closer to God. In fact, the Bible speaks against marijuana because it is a sin. Marijuana is clearly a stronghold that Satan has used on this world for many generations. God can deliver and heal one from an addiction to marijuana. The truth can be found only through faithfully studying the word of God.

      “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.” (Isaiah 40:8)

      • Karolyn

        Well, then, wouldn’t all drugs be considered witchcraft? Wouldn’t that also mean that other medicinal herbs would be sinful? Not that I smoke anymore – haven’t in 30 years – but I’m glad my God is not the same as yours.

      • Bone

        I believe that the scripture is talking about hallucinogenic drugs, ones that alter the mind.
        I’m sorry your god is not Jesus,I pray you reconsider.

      • DanN

        Marijuana a hallucinagenic?…really!
        Surely you would not post such a statement without firsthand knowledge…Sheesh
        Just more mis-information from the preprogrammed sheep.

  • URKiddinMee

    I’d wager that a similar ban will never pass in SAN FRANCISCO!

  • Roy Estes

    Legal marijuana supports the US economy . Illegal marijuana supports the Mexican economy . Just another version of nafta attacking the American worker and giving unfair advantage to a bunch of ruthless , murderous thugs . Leave it to the government to take a harmless substance that generally promotes peace and harmony and turn it into a violent war for money .

  • Jay

    FDA Persecutes Pot Patients So Proceeds Profit Big Pharma
    Marijuana is the flagship herb for governmental suppression of natural products so that Big Pharma can have a monopoly.

    While the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) criminalize people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes, even to the point of threatening state employees engaged in state-approved dispensaries, the FDA has been planning to hand the pot business over to Big Pharma.

    One of the tenets of patent law is that natural products cannot be patented. Therefore, marijuana cannot be patented as a pharmaceutical drug. However, they and their derivatives can be sold for medicinal uses. Of course, there’s little profit in it—unless
    government is enlisted to criminalize its growth and use by common people while licensing sales of derivatives and artificial copies to Big People/Pharma. That, of course, is exactly what’s happening—and marijuana is merely the flagship herb.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    Jeesh1 wake up . All you do now instead of going to the front door to buy ,you go to the back door and watch over your shoulder for cops.. Just read the posts today and see how many dopers it attracts.

    • Karolyn

      Don’t you believe that people should have control over their own bodies?

      • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

        Karolyn, When you are jacked up on dope you are not in control any ones body,Any more dumb ass excues you can tink of?

        • truesoy


          …I think what she means by being in control of one’s body is, to do as one pleases with it.
          Did that help you any?


      • Tim Leary

        gottaplenty is jacked up on main stream media. A dope is one of the herd of zombies without clear thinking thru marijuana intake.

  • .50BMG

    Marijuana (the smoking kind, and the hemp kind which will just give you a headache) both were made illegal in the first place to save the DuPont family from losing their ass back in the early 1930′s. I forget his name, but he invented the hemp gin in direct competition with the cotton gin, which was owned by the DuPont family, and a scare campaign was run in collusion with Anslinger an the DEA to demonize pot so as to put down the hemp gin and eliminate competition for the DuPonts. Worked pretty well, didn’t it! Note that hemp makes better paper, clothing, rope, etc. than cotton. Real nice of the Duponts! Gotta love them, they are responsible for al lot of deaths and jail sentences, if you ask me. See “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer, just for one.

  • boyscout

    Sorry I can’t cite the source at the moment but forty some years ago I read an agricultural cultivation treatise on the cultivation of marijuana for use as hemp fiber products and for “medicinal” use. If this work has not already been purged from our historical documentation libraries and is still retrievable, you will find it to be authored by one Virginian who called himself Thomas Jefferson who also played some small part in the founding of this nation. The treatise was sent to and shared with many of his fellows in building this nation. Jefferson even purged his personal bible of what he did not care to accept. Perhaps he guessed his imminent fall to Hades and wanted company – oh that sinner ! Would that big Pharma were already Johnny-on-the-spot with a taxable overpriced side effect laden chemical substitute!

    • Honest Al

      Spot on! Boyscout…it is all about profit,tax, and control!

  • s c

    Did Governor Moonbeam (Brown) play a part in this crapola? You California yahoos are getting to be predictable. Is this an easy way for California to sink deeper into debt and expect the rest of America to BAIL OUT your state?
    Whatever it is, you can forget this chance coming around again. It is remarkable how some people can look success in the mouth and see failure. You’ve got it backwards, schmucks. The least you can do is to raise a big stink and let those retardates know that they willingly blew a good chance to get California OUT OF DEBT. Losers.

    • Honest Al

      Don’t ban it. Tax it! That is what is placed on alcohol and tobacco and those deadly drugs are very legal. I know why already! The legal system makes a hell lot more money in fees and incarceration! Once a tax is figured out, mary jane will be just as legal as juice!

  • DanN

    What about the will of the people? Don’t you think they should have a say in how their lives are run? Why should 14 be allowed to override the will and desire of millions…Makes no sense


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