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Looks Can Be Deceiving

May 15, 2012 by  

Looks Can Be Deceiving
President Barack Obama appeared to reverse his view on same-sex marriage in a May 9 interview with Robin Roberts of ABC's “Good Morning America.”

At first glance, it seemed like a brilliant idea. President Barack Obama, faced with a campaign sinking like CNN’s primetime ratings, abruptly threw his social policy in reverse and “endorsed” same-sex marriage. Within moments, his remarkable economic ineptitude, the abandonment of the labor pool by hundreds of thousands of citizens, the stratospheric national debt, the unstable-and-getting-worse situation in the Mideast, his unapologetic racism and even the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder is neck-deep in the Operation Fast and Furious scandal all became afterthoughts. Granted, the sycophants in the corporate media would actually have to acknowledge the aforementioned Obama benchmarks in order to stop acknowledging them, but the message was clear.

With one well-timed blurb, Obama turned around his campaign. The corporate media, always willing to hail Obama as a hero, fell over each other to present the President’s flip-flop as a brave and principled stand by an ever-evolving man of deep thought and deeper conviction. The Washington Post and other liberal organs proffered fawning profiles. The tattered remnants of Newsweek, completing its dive into the used bathwater of left-wing tabloid “journalism,” even leaked a copy of its next cover, featuring a “hero” angle shot of Obama with a rainbow-hued halo hovering above his head. It was a moment of absolute brilliance from the man whom the media has already taken to calling the Nation’s “First Gay President.”

But that first glance was as wrong as Bill Maher’s stand-up routine.

First of all, Obama had no intention of reversing himself on gay marriage — at least, not now. Were it not for the verbal diarrhea that poured out of Vice President Joe Biden’s piehole on May 6, Obama would likely have waited until October to deploy his rainbow parachute. While it is possible that Biden was tasked with floating the gay marriage test balloon, it seems unlikely that Obama would waste such a theoretically momentous move so early in the campaign season. It seems even less likely that Obama would use Biden as a stalking horse in place of someone who doesn’t remind Americans of the crazy uncle they can’t leave alone with the kids.

Secondly, Obama didn’t actually reverse himself on gay marriage. In fact, he moved from opposing the idea in 2008 to offering only lukewarm acceptance in 2012. During his now-infamous game of rhetorical softball with ABC sock puppet Robin Roberts: “The president stressed that this is a personal position, and that he still supports the concept of states deciding the issue on their own.” Translation: He supports gay marriage, just as long as no one expects him to do anything other than pay it lip service.

Americans tend to take a jaundiced view of overt political moves masquerading as principle. Granted, liberals tend to be more pliable on that front, considering that they define themselves by politics and generally eschew principle. But Obama has already made it clear that he won’t be adding same-sex marriage to his electoral platform. Without a clear statement of intent, the President’s supposedly era-defining statement is nothing more than political smoke and mirrors, more hype standing in for meaningful hope. By pandering to voters who consider same-sex marriage a defining issue, he’s preaching to the choir — albeit in an exceptionally patronizing manner.

Moreover, Obama’s decision to “come out” may well have been a terminal miscalculation. An increasing number of Americans realize that Obama is a Presidential magic act: long on show, short on substance. This is a President whose endeavors have been so shrouded by scandal and failure that his latest campaign pitch involves reminding people that Seal Team 6 killed Osama bin Laden last year. Polling indicates that his gay marriage ploy has alienated voters either opposed to the concept or merely offended by his latest duplicitous distraction from the dire circumstances into which he has plunged the rest of us.

Regardless of your opinion of same-sex marriage, Obama’s attempt to draw our collective gaze away from his lack of accomplishment and toward meaningless theatrics stinks worse than an Occupy Wall Street rally on a summer day. But America has already seen this show, and we didn’t really enjoy it that much the first time around.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • MAP

    Considering the (fallen) state of America, when we most needed a wise and knowing statesman, we got, instead, a huckster and a buffoon. This portends a very dismal future, more especially when there are those that actually want to continue his failure into another four years; so he can complete his destruction of the country we knew. What happened to America? What was it that led to such a moral and character decline as to place such a worthless scoundrel in the White House to begin with? Obama serves as an example of just how far we have declined as a people.

    • Robert Smith

      And the “defense of marrage” garbage isn’t politically motivated for the right wing?

      The “war on drugs” isn’t politically motivated for the right wing?

      The anti-abortion efforts aren’t a POLITIAL effort spelled out in the Southern Strategy for the right.

      The hate and fear mongering isn’t from the right wing as spelled out in the Souther Strateby?


      • MAP

        Yeah, Robert, keep pointing your finger at others. They are to blame for everything. You Marxist/communist loons are a joke, with the total inability of creating a policy that doesn’t prove a disaster, and the inability of owing up to your failures that created the disaster. With your fanatic ranting of hate, while you spit out hate with every word. Hey, Robert, maybe it’s all Plutarch’s fault. Can you spell fanatic hypocrisy? Cheez….

      • phoenixrisinganew

        You are a typical left-wing ignoramus who doesn’t understand the difference between political and principles. But keep striving for that participation trophy. Everyone gets one!!

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “You are a typical left-wing ignoramus who doesn’t understand the difference between political and principles.”

        You mean principles like all consenting adults should be treated equally under law in America?

        Do you mean principles like women should be able to make decisions about their very own bodies?

        Do you mean principles in things death with dignity that an adult can ask for help with their final exit?

        Do you mean the principle that ALL Americans should have quality health care that isn’t held hostage by an employer?


      • Shane

        Robert, you wouldn’t know principal if it hit you on the backside.

        But the real issue isn’t Obama, nor his religious like followers. At least not in this column. It’s the media. The main stream media. Stupid!!!

        Robert, you can bring up what you will. One third of the population is a combination of ignorance and wickness. Chasing the dark, rejecting the light.

        But again, this article was about Obama and the fawning main stream media.

        But thanks Robert Smith for participating. You’re a riot, a sick riot. But a riot in anycase.

      • Norman F.

        Yeah, Robert, the principle that everyone should be treated equal. I as a straight male can’t marry my cousin to give him a greater share of the family wealth.

        Principles that women should be able to do what she wants with her very own body. There are laws all over the place restricting women from prostitution, from walking down main street in the nude, from murdering her husband. etc

        And all Americans do have quality health care if they will go get it, and there is great dignity in the acceptance of natural death. When it comes my time to die I won’t need any help. That is one thing I can do by myself.

      • Oneguess

        Anything to defend Obamao, “Rob”. Or is it “Robbie”? You consistently point the finger everywhere except where it SHOULD point in your sorry attempts to defend “the one”. Whatever will you do when his Oneness is gone, cry? Get a life.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Rob, the laws already treat all adults equally. Some people want “special” laws just for them. If we allowed everyone to custom the laws to fit their likes, we would have chaos. All laws are written for the majority of the people and just because I want “special” laws that reflect what I want, doesn’t mean that I can have them.

        Women already have the right to do whatever they want with THEIR bodies. That doesn’t mean that a woman should have the right to kill a baby that is growing inside her. She had the right to get pregnant or not get pregnant. Birth control is readily available to anyone who wants it. She should not expect others to provide it for her. She has freedom of choice and responsibility. If you want to have sex and you don’t want to get pregnant, then you use birth control. If you want to have sex and use birth control then you should pay for it yourself! No one else is responsible.

        There is no death with dignity! It’s a lie! Whether you kill yourself, get murdered or die of disease, there is no dignity!

        And finally, healthcare is available to all! You may not like the cost (I don’t)! You may have to do without many things that you think you’re entitled to (I do). But you have a responsibility to make arrangements for your own care, even if it means working a second job to buy insurance. As expensive as it is, why do you think that your neighbors or fellow citizens should pay for their own and yours too? If I choose to help someone in need, that should be my choice. But I shouldn’t be forced to pay for anyone but my own.

        People in this country need to take responsibility for themselves and stop acting like they’re entitled to whatever they want. Stop expecting the government to take care of you. The government has no money except that which they take from the rest of us!

    • eddie47d

      MAP and Ben never fail to dissappoint. If Obama wants to be re-elected why would he bring up a contentious issue like gay marriage to the forefront. It took courage to do so without giving himself much political advantage. We have to stand up for any President who himself stands up for the rights of all.Not one who picks and chooses who is the favorite American to be left out during any political season. I can’t wait to see who you all dump on tomorrow for that road is always piled high with manure.

    • eddie47d

      It’s fairly obvious that the right wingers have to have a war on something. They are never pleased unless they are denying someone their rights. I don’t get too upset in them debating gay marriages but for them to deny Civil Unions shows their true nature. It’s called discrimination and they practice it well.

      • MAP

        eddie47d, typical leftist nonsense maker. With the rigid and oppressive leftist Political Correctness in operation throughout the land, he has the audacity to lecture us on denying rights?! Is the left anything but oppression. Is there anyplace on earth the left has not been synonymous with oppression? Eddie, when you were born, did the doctor remove your brain and replace it with sand? Are you that immune to your own hypocrisy?

      • http://yahoo catsueme

        no Eddie you’re wrong. It’s an abomanation(?) in the eye of the LORD.Its a long held principle that people have lived by for ages. If you were back in Moses’s time you would have been stone to death if you practice homo. With the exception of a few animals which operate on instinct (?) we humans are the only ones to defy the natural order of men and women.
        have a nice day

      • Robert Smith

        Cat says: “in the eye of the LORD.”

        Straight from the American Taliban. Thanks for such a fine example.


      • Oneguess

        Why don’t you hook up with “Rob” (RobertSmith)? I can hear it now, “Eddie and Robbie, sittin’ in a tree…” You both are Libtards so it might just work for you.

      • the big easy

        @ eddie———-COMRADE———–If you were to look with even a little objectivity you would see that the RIGHT WINGERS have no desire to NOT let ALL sodomites have a civil commitment if that is their desire.What the RIGHT WINGERS have a problem with is that ya’ll want to go against the basic teachings of the BIBLE and what GOD has said.Your people can’t just come up with a new ‘right’ or what ever you call it,and expect for normal people to just say that because you want to be perverse that we all have to accept it.That is why the preacher says “I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU MAN AND WIFE”,and NOT man and husband,or husband and man.————-WHAT A PUKE—————

      • Christin

        Well said, Big Easy… love it… made me smile :)

      • Baf

        It’s called MORALITY, Eddie, and it’s common sense. The lack of it in this country is why the middle east wants to destroy us.

    • June

      I completely agree with you Map. It breaks my heart to see the sad shape our beautiful country is in. Our hope is in Mitt Romney to be elected in November and get our country back on the right track. Another four years of Obama would be devastating.

      • jopa

        June;It appears to me your ancestors came over on the Juneflower if you think Romney’s the answer.

      • Brad

        Atleast he’s a better choice than Ohmama Flip-Flopper-in-Chief, a homo in hetro clothing…

      • eddie47d

        I think Brad can count to 10 and Romney has had at least that number of major flip flops.They will be brought up often the coming election. You can bet on that.

      • Oneguess

        Forgot about Poja there, another LIbtard mouthing anything to distract from “the One” and his multiple failures. I know. I know, poja. It’s Bush’s fault.

      • anonymous

        romney is no different than obama, same principles for both(none), obama got a lot of his ideas from romney, and both of them are out to destroy freedom in america for their bankers(masters) benefit

    • Christin


      “What was it that lead to such a moral and character decline” in America???

      The Government TOOK GOD OUT of school, fought to restrict religious freedom in society, and failed to follow the most brilliantly organized Republic government founded in the Constitution of Limits to gov and Liberties to its citizens.

      If parents don’t leave a’ legacy of Faith and Freedom’ we breed generations of lost and enslaved souls.

      A WIDE Open door leaves room for the dEVIL to come in an turn things ‘upside down’ with his ‘pawns’ who will corrupt and limit our Freedoms so that America is no longer recognizable.

  • Warrior

    “progressives” are just “very creepy” people. Don’t believe me? Just listen to reid, pelosi, fwank, durbin, schumer, maloney, stewart smally, biden and his boss. They’re just plain “creepy”.

    • Karolyn

      “Creepy” is in the eye of the beholder. Speaking of Jon Stewart, he is one of few comedians who makes me lugh out loud.

      • skippy

        Karolyn, help me out here.
        What does Jon Stewart have to do with STEWART SMALLEY?? Do you know the difference??!! :)

      • jopa

        Karolyn;Even though Steven Colbert is a self proclaimed “tighty righty” he is great.

      • Wil

        Well of course.Stewart is consistently condescending,insulting and hypocritical,seething with hatred and intolerance with every word.No wonder he’s the progressives’ favorite.

    • June

      I agree with you 100%.

      • June

        My reply was to “Warrior”

  • Sirian

    At least we all must admit that he is quite good at misdirection. Most magicians and con-men are very well versed in this trick.

    • eddie47d

      Then Sirian has Mitt Romney down to a T.

    • Steve E

      I’m glad I have the intelligence not to be fooled or misdirected. Liberals are idiots and are just becoming more idiotic as time goes on. I know a lot of you bloggers see that. It’s so obvious.

  • Alan

    Why in the hell do we call libs “progressives” they are are more like deconstructionists! there is nothing progressive in their gene structure, all they do is there the hell out of America’s fabric.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Progressives had to give themselves such a pious high minded name and description to hide the facts that their ideology is flawed and destructive.

      • eddie47d

        You mean that Conservatives who demand wars don’t have flawed ideology? They march hand and hand into every conflict regardless of the reason. (That doesn’t include the true Libertarians on this site).

      • Brad

        Lets see Eddie, Ohmama sent troops to Libya without congressional approval, Ohmama sent troops to Uganda, Ohmama sent more troops to Afgahnistan. Now Ohmama is curcomeventing congress through executive order, so when does congress act and releave this fool.

      • Christin


        ‘Conservative’ is NOT interchangeable with ‘Republican’ any more.

        The Fiscal and Social Conservatives who wish to follow the Constitutional Liberties and Limited gov do not back the Establishment RINO’s.

        But ‘Democrat’ is interchangeable with ‘Socialist’… or Communist… or Progressiveism

      • eddie47d

        Mostly they are and that is why I made a distinction with most Libertarians. Surprisingly there aren’t as many Libertarians on this site as there should be.

    • eddie47d

      First of all Brad there is no war in Uganda where they are fighting so nice try. Obama didn’t gain any favors from me by going into Libya but there weren’t any American casualties either. Conservatives are always willing to sacrifice American blood far more easily than Liberals. Yet to make it clear both Conservative war mongers and Liberal warmonger are equally dangerous to the health and well being of our nation.

  • Karolyn

    Each to his own opinion.

    • MAP

      Karolyn, I don’t mean to offend. But I have to ask. You have said you reside in S. Caroliana. Are you a native of that state, or a ‘transplant”. Your opinons are VERY, VERY un-southern. I would place you, rather, in New Englnad, based on your comments.

      • 45caliber

        She is a transplant – from NJ, I think.

      • Steve E

        If she is originally from SC, I bet she’s on government assistance.

      • June

        I am from Greenville,S.C. and I sure don’t think like Karolyn. She must have migrated from DC.

      • Libertytrain

        yep, I’m just up the mountain from you in NC – and it’s so obvious that she’s one of those “this is how it’s supposed to be done cause that’s how it’s done in the North” kind of tourist transplants that never acclimate because they simply don’t know how to let go of their Northern delusions.

      • jopa

        Map: You say Karolyn’s opinions are not Southern because she doesn’t always agree with you.What is up with that, there is no freedom for one to think on their own and they have to follow lockstep salute and speak the same thoughts of each other in the South.That’s not the America I know where people from all walks of life with opinions, attitudes, ideas ,and their own particular circumstances gives them the ability to form their own ideas, and that’s one of the things that make us all a little different and this country so unique in it’s makeup due to freedom of expression.I think it’s great not to be one of the sheep from some designated group or part of the country.

      • MAP

        Jopa, you total ignoramus. I meant no offence. People of the South have certain viewpoints that are pretty much the norm. Karolyn has opinons that are very rare, if present at all. For instance we have few leftist, better-than-thou, blowhards, such as yourself, thank God!

      • Libertytrain

        Of course, jopa chimes in. If you read karolyn and I’m sure you have – I don’t think she’s ever posted a positive note about her “adopted” state of SC. I’m not Southern either, but like anyone who has traveled or lived in other places, the one thing people loathe about visitors or people that move to their area, are those who always say negative things about said places – they are a joke to the locals. The one thing you don’t want to do is criticize a place you won’t take the time to learn or understand. But of course, that might be your style as well…criticize that which you know zip about.

      • 45caliber


        I will have to stick up for Karolyn on this. She has posted a couple of things about SC that she has said positive things about it. She even stated once that when she first moved there about five years ago that she was shocked by the number of people who owned guns. Now she is okay with it. I’d consider that at least partly positive.

      • Steve E

        “Shocked by the number of people who owned guns” She is definitely not originally from the South then.

      • Libertytrain

        You’re right 45, she has tried to contain her disdain for the South after being chastised for her bigotry regarding same.

      • eddie47d

        If that is your standard Libertytrain then you must be bigoted against the North. Yes Karolyn has made positive comments about the people of the Carolina’s. Now I reckon we’ll have to pay attention to what you say about the people of the North to prove the point. There will be a mini civil war between the facts on this issue you presented.

      • Libertytrain

        Eddie since i spent my first 30 years in the North, I think I can speak from much life experience. I wouldn’t dream of saying anything about the West – know nothing about it – other than travels now and then there – But having lived in the North and the South and still running back and forth between these places and dealing with people from both parts of this country, I can speak volumes on it based only on my own experience.

      • 45caliber


        There is a good reason for the South to be bigotted against the North. The northern merchants have made every effort to control the US since before the Revolutionary War. The South tried to leave the US for that reason and the Civil War was fought over it. Even today most of Washington’s politics is decided in New England. Most of us know it. The North today tends to believe that the rest of the country is too stupid to realize that we couldn’t survive without their guidance. So far we haven’t tried to correct that image since it is so easy to use it against them. Why do you think the South and the West are growing so much faster now than the North?

      • Karolyn

        How important I must be to be picked apart thusly. Liberty, I was born and raised and lived in NJ for 58 years, twice the time you spent in the north. I have lived her for 7 and have met some wonderful people, from both parts of the country and from California. Don’t you remember my telling you how I had come to terms with where I am? Fortunately, I will never get used to the domestic violence, child abuse, incest, general violence, bigotry and ignorance that exists in rural areas north and south. Where you live is a far cry from where I am. As far as liberals go, I have met quite a few here. The people are just the same no matter where you go. People are people. I lived most of my life 30 – 40 miles from NYC, so I would assume you would understand the culture shock I went through moving to a rural area in the south. The food alone is a shock. Just give me a break will you? The last I heard this was still a free country. If you asked anyone who has met and knows me here what they think of me, they would I am positive have a glowing report. No matter what you think you glean from what I say; you don’t know me at all, so please stop judging me. We can’t all be like you – perfect.

        45, I don’t think I ever mentioned anything about guns other than i don’t care who has them but wouldn’t own one.

      • Steve E

        Liberals are easy to tear apart. It’s just such a great temptation.

      • Libertytrain

        Karolyn, good for you. You almost sound like you’re starting to realize you chose to live there and are almost getting over your judgmental case against the South. No I actually don’t understand why living near New York would cause the problems you had adjusting. I lived next to Chicago – big whoop. You make your own excuses but remember you chose the area, you chose to stay in the area, get over it. And I said you’ve somewhat stopped in your mocking of the South. I promise I make plenty of mistakes – but I’ve been down here long enough to want to ship Northerners back that moan about how they do it such and such way up North….the food, the people, etc. Yankee stay home if you can’t accept the rest of the Country. Remind me of goofy Americans that travel to Europe and moan because it’s different from what they know —

      • 45caliber


        They say there are three things a Texan doesn’t like to see: A Mexican pulling a knife, a black pulling a gun, and a Yankee pulling a U-Haul.

      • Libertytrain

        45 – that was wonderful and I’ve been here long enough, gone to enough town meetings where it is constantly relayed to the folk – “that’s not the way we do it up North” to feel the same way about moving trucks….

  • Ted Crawford

    Is it possible that this was a purely an economic decision? Within hours of his announcement his coffers increased by millions!
    I believe that he has calculated there are several issues that will give him the needed vote count for re-election. First, inspite of the fact that 55% of the Black voters dissapprove of same sex marriage, he knows that he can still count on at least 90% to 95% of their votes! Secondly he is counting on the historically short memories of the electorate, coupled with the assured off point issues he will inject between now and November, like Romneys High School antics!
    Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly he is counting on, best case scenario, a third party candidacy. Failing that the many who express their intentions to vote with a write-in if their candidate isn’t selected!
    I fear that he is probably right about this!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      There is a contrary scenario. All this frenzied activity by O and his “true believers” is actually an admission that they are failing to get America’s attention. If all was secure they would not be tooting those horns and would just go about their business.

    • Bellerophon

      Sadly, if there is no legitimate third party effort (God forbid!!), Obama et al will attempt to construct a straw effort that is ostensibly conservative. The objective will be, of course, to divide the conservative and independent wings, with the same effect of the Ross Perot effort during the first Clinton-Bush Sr. campaigns. Be sensitive to this possibility. don’t fall for it.

  • Nobody’s Fool

    Robert and Karolyn, tell the truth (if you can)….are you two married to each other?? I sure hope so, it would save two other people from having to listen to your silly ranting.

    • JON

      That’s calling the kettle black. Dontcha think? You’re the biggest hodah I’ve ever seen!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Such an immature mind you have.

    • Steve E

      You just can’t fix stupid. 1/3 of the world’s population consist of total idiots. We are just going to run into them about 1/3 of the time.

      • Robert Smith

        The FACT is that 1/2 of the population is below average.


        • Ron The Marine

          Robert Smith, you are the poster child for “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!” You stupid MF!!!!!!!

    • jopa

      Nobody;That’s what I thought about JeffH and Dave H for a while but I don’t think they are a couple.Just the same thoughts at times.

  • boyscout

    With the prevailing situation of two faced politicians what’s the distinguishing difference between Ob and GW or most of the previous stand up contestants. Do you prefer and adder or perhaps the asp ? Comedians on both sides have more than enough material to work with. All I ask is that they be actually FUNNY in their propagandic attempts to enlighten. Hey the salt shaker is on the kitchen counter! toss in a grain or two or just change the channel. Better yet, grab the scissors from the junk drawer and cut you umbilical cord from that 50′ flat screen.

    • Norman F.

      The difference between Ob and GW is that Ob has control of the Senate while GW had control of neither in his second term. Ask any military man or woman how they compare the two and stand back! They love GW.

      • Interested in truth

        Great reply! You are right. Liberals just never want to see this.

      • eddie47d

        There are plenty of servicemen and women who love Obama. Some had made it clear that it was about time that combat in the Iraq War ended. Those multiple tours of GWB made too many come home with PSTD.

      • Libertytrain

        gee eddie – I know it’s difficult to understand but what’s his face has been pres for 3 years – and those multiple tours continued and do continue – the news is not particularly accurate as to who comes home and who really stays in these faraway places. These things have increased under the current pres.

      • 45caliber


        How would you know that plenty of service people support Oblama? You aren’t in the service. You get all your info from the MSM people.

        According to the records that exist (such as voting records, etc.) 90% of the military people are conservative. Further, Bush was a vet (even if the libs want to make it seem otherwise) and was respectful of the military. Cllinton and Oblama aren’t.

        Of course it does depend on your meaning of “plenty”.

      • eddie47d

        It’s not hard to find out the opinions of returning veterans Caliber. I suppose too that when Obama speaks to the troops they are all cardboard cutouts waving and cheering.

      • 45caliber


        For your info, the troops who wave and cheer when Oblama addresses them are ordered to do that. Just like a soldier was ordered to pose with Hillary a few years ago … who made the sign to show he was being forced. And I don’t think you are talking to the necessary vets returning. All of those I know are very much against him. Considering that 1 of 8 soldiers are from Texas, I suspect I’ve met far more than you have.

        • Robert Smith

          “who made the sign to show he was being forced.”

          And we can see that picture with the “sign” in it where?


      • 45caliber

        Oh, and eddie?

        Don’t think that my comment here will alert the North to our understanding. Most of those there simply don’t believe it. You are a good example of that.

      • eddie47d

        Yes Colorado is North of Texas.

  • Ron The Marine

    Posted: “You are (Bob) a typical left-wing ignoramus who doesn’t understand the difference between political and principles.” (and after all is said and done, Bob, you still are a typical left-wing ignoramus !

    You mean principles like all consenting adults should be treated equally under law in America? God’s law is Truth, If it is an abomination to GOD then ITS A ABOMINATION you freaky freak!! Only GOD can deliver someone from this evil sin!

    Do you mean principles like women should be able to make decisions about their very own bodies? God gave women free will just like men, if they want to take their life, let them answer to GOD for that decision, but Thou shall not kill still applys no matter what some lost godless fools on the supreme court say

    Do you mean principles in things death with dignity that an adult can ask for help with their final exit? I don’t remember reading anything about GOD giving fallen humanity the power to take innocent life!

    Do you mean the principle that ALL Americans should have quality health care that isn’t held hostage by an employer? I thought I read somewhere that NO HOSPITAL CAN TURN AWAY ANYONE IN NEED! Sure, the present health care system is imperfect, but you don’t let a bunch of morons throw the whole system out with the liberal’s stinking bath water! All the morons are doing is buying left-wing ignoramus’s vote with my and others tax dollars! So Bob, STFU!!!!

    • Deb C

      Very well said Ron! I for one intend to live my life by the principles that you so adequately describe above. My father was a Korean War Vet who was shot in the back while in combat. He died with dignity 6 years ago.He loved this country, and instilled in me a love for God, country, and fellow mankind. I look at what is happening in this country today and cry. There are so many misguided and unfortunately lost souls out there who have no morals. All the issues/principles that you outline are ones of morality. GOD HELP US ALL.

  • uvuvuv

    i think all these gays popping up all of a sudden is due to the chemical additives that started going into processed foods starting in the 1950s. back then people looked at a list of ingredients two inches long and said, isn’t science wonderful. there were the prissy types that i remember back in the 50s and 60s, but it seemed that they were just comically eccentric, like a fellow fussing as he adjusts his towel because it was hanging crooked. if anyone was a gay suspect it was me, i was oblivious to women, but back then the standard for judging women was whether or not they got good grades and would make good homemakers or not. look at old college yearbooks and you will see what i mean. the first great adventure in liberal thought was black voting rights. then affirmative action and busing. then the pill. then in the 70s it was kids on the pill. then it was gay pride. now it’s gay marriage. i think people will hesitate on this one. that’s quite a quantum leap, just to make 1% of the population happy (and their fellow travelers). and notice how it’s all a one way street. what concessions are they making? any? why are we expected to hand the country over to them on a silver platter? and then they show their gratitude by moving on to the next item on their agenda. don’t think it will stop with marriage. they are never satisfied.

    • Christin


      Sounds about like it… our society is nudged into the sludge and filth.

      The gov took water samples in California and they were not good… lots of chemicals that gays would take or need.

      I have posted this several times, but not many seem to think it is important… says a lot.

      According to the article he and Rham Emmanuel belonged to the same gay bath house in Chicago and … well you all read the rest.

    • Ginger

      If people would check the “soy” content of our food supplies, they would understand why (since several decades ago), there suddenly appeared more confused people over their sexual orientation. The Japanese eat very little “siimple soy”. They eat mostly fermented soy, which destroys the estrogen content during the fermentation process. I stay away from processed foods, it even appears in all bread, chili, cookies, crackers, cake mixes, salad dressings, etc. It is no wonder people are not getting an overload of estrogen.
      (several 100′s of percents more than a birth control pill-more like several bottles a day if you eat processed foods.)

  • Gang Buster 2012

    It just goes to show what kind of Dipstick we have for a President.He Has To be The worst President we have ever had.How Could This person ever hope to be re_elected,He hasn’t done anything right since he took office.I’m also getting dam tired of this race issue that always seems to come now and then.I don’t give a dam if he was blue,green or orange if he isn’t doing a good job,let’s get rid of him!!!!!(I Didn’t vote for him,and never will.)

  • Gang Buster 2012

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    I stated this before,i’ll say again. The GOP along with conservatives, as a whole, are on the wrong side of history with this issue. That’s the way we were with Civil Rights in the 1950′s and 60′s plus women’s rights in the 1970′s. The late William F. Buckley and Late Jack Kemp warned us of the consequences of such views. We better change our approaches to be inclusive or face a great loss this year and beyond. Thanks!!
    P.S. Don’t believe the recent NYT/CBS poll for quite the opposite will take place. Thanks again!!

    • 45caliber

      That’s okay, Tony. I prefer to be on the “wrong side of history” if you are referring to the possibility that the future history will allow gay marriage. I prefer to be with the right side of real history – what has already passed.

      But then, I’m a conservative. And the real difference between conservatives and libs is that conservatives base their decisions on learned experience (history) vs. the libs basing their decisions on a hopeful utopia of the future (fantasy).

      • http://liberty Tony

        To 45caliber:
        I’m a conservative myself, that’s a fiscal conservative. The difference is , i live in the real world. That’s something you, obviously, don’t understand. We, as a nation ,can’t go back
        40-200 yrs. We have to live in the present and advance toward the future. As the late black/mlb hall of fame pitcher, Satchel Paige, put it,” don’t look back or something may gain on you.” Well, that’s the approach we as conservatives must have. If we don’t progress, we stagnant, digress, and eventually implode. Let’s choose progress. Thanks!!

      • 45caliber


        Oh, I very definately understand and live in the present. But there are a lot of things in the past that can determine what is done now. “Learned experience” can be your own or it can be history itself.

        For instance, let’s take capitalism vs. socialism. Capitalism may be a dirty word to the libs, but it does work when allowed to do so. Socialism has never worked very well and usually fails within only a couple of generations. So why should I believe that just because someone else wants to manage it now that it will work? As far as I can tell, they want to do the exact same things as was tried originally.

        Further, welfare. Rome had a welfare system – feeding those who couldn’t or wouldn’t work and giving them entertainment (the circus) to keep them from causing trouble. Before it finally fell, there were more people in the city who were beggars (or welfare recipients) than there were citizens. They all voted … and tended to vote for whichever person promised them more and gave the better circus. (“Circus” was what they called the gladiator games.) That’s how many of the Senators, which ruled Rome, were elected. And they, like our Congressmen, gave the voters what they wanted. It finally got so bad that the Emperors took over. It sure seems to be the way we are going now, doesn’t it?

      • Robert Smith

        From 45: “And the real difference between conservatives and libs is that conservatives base their decisions on learned experience (history) vs. the libs basing their decisions on a hopeful utopia of the future (fantasy).”

        And America would still have slavery and women couldn’t vote.

        Which would be the wrong side.


      • http://liberty Tony

        To 45caliber:
        I think you’re really missing my point. I understand the importance of capitalism i.e. FREE MARKETS. Even Karl Marx stated capitalism/free markets are a wonderful thing. The problem is the fact that our nation/planet don’t have free markets or trade but corporate monopolism. That’s where the corporations control everything and the small business person is squeezed out. That’s by forced sell offs or made to go into bankruptcy by the huge corps. Also, it’s the corps. that get welfare. That’s through gov. regulated subsidies, specialized handouts or loans where these huge corps. don’t have to start paying back until 10 years down the road and that’s only if they make a profit. That’s why our society and world, overall, has a class imbalance. The “poor plus lower” classes aren’t allowed to help themselves.
        Next, i understand the Roman model that lead to decadence with eventual decay/overthrow. Yes, i,too, agree that our nation is following that pathway. However, we don’t need to follow the pathway of the old Confederacy before and during the American Civil war. If we conseratives follow these reactionary policies of exclusion then we will go the path of the old Confederacy. Reading history, you know what happened. As Spanish historian Santiyana put it, let’s not repeat mistakes of the past but learn from them. Then, a brighter world will come about. Thanks!!

      • 45caliber


        I agree that corporation welfare should stop. So should the rest of it. ALL of it, including foreign aide. Our government shouldn’t be in the business of handing out money to anyone. Our government gives millions to charities and “non-profits” every year. Those should stop too. If they are truly of value, individuals will support those. Those that aren’t of value will go away. Don’t feel sorry for the poor. I was one. Any of them can break out of it … if they take advantage of the free education and are willing to work. I’m not rich by any means but at least I make a decent living. (I was the first in my family to get a college degree and about the fifth to get a highschool degree. And my family has been in the US for at least 190 years, not counting the Indians in my linage.)

        I suspect Oblama and others in Washington are also aware of the fact the US is following the same line as Rome did. And I suspect many of them see themselves as the Emperor of the US. That doesn’t mean we have to allow them that chance. We’ll see. Julius Ceaser was the first Emperor of Rome but he had the full military support. Our politicians don’t.

  • Steven Archibald

    YO,we here in california got over ran and gerry brown got his second chance to screw this state even more!,..

  • RichardSSS

    Hey media: If Obama drops Joe Biden and takes on closet gay Hillary Clinton as his running mate, friendly remarks portend, Romney loses. Then maybe the Muslim Brotherhood connection might deserve a closer look?

  • Jay

    If the rise of Nazism in Germany was made possible, at least in part, by the homosexualization of German society, what does this bode for America as we watch the steady advance of the “gay” agenda in this culture?

    Should we expect to witness something like the rise of a Third Reich on American soil? Or would the effect on American society be of an entirely different character?

    Is the “gay” movement in the United States sufficiently similar to its German counterpart as even to warrant concern? (Certainly the German “gay” culture was far more militaristic than the homosexual movement here, for example). Or is this the wrong question?

    Is there something about homosexuality (or the broader problem of sexual libertinism) that inevitably destroys the society that embraces it?

    Perhaps the most helpful approach is to search the history of homosexual activism in America for parallels with the German experience.

    The first openly homosexual organization in the United States was the American chapter of the German Society for Human Rights, started in 1924. The SHR was an aberration, however.

    The American homosexual movement really only began in the 1940s after the Allied defeat of the Nazis. We must begin our time line, then, with the observation that the center of international “gay” power in the world did in fact shift from Germany to the United States after the demise of the Third Reich.

    This represented a huge setback for the “gay” movement, requiring it to begin “from scratch” as it were, since America in the 1940s was at least as family-centered as Germany had been in the 1860s.

    We know that the implicit goal of homosexual political activism is to legitimize homosexual conduct and relationships in a society.

    This necessarily requires a society to abandon its commitment to marriage as the exclusive domain of acceptable sexual conduct. The abandonment of this standard logically opens the door to every other form of sexual promiscuity.

    Clearly, such a transformation of attitude is now occurring in America. What we will find is that this transformation is not the result of random social forces, but of deliberate and systematic political activism by the “gay” movement. From “THE PINK SWASTIKA”:

  • Silas Longshot

    Obama is fading out faster than a part time magician hired at a kid’s birthday party. He’s so bad, even the kids see through the act, the smoke and mirrors are now boring. In desparation, he fumbles along, while trying to pull another rabbit out of the hat. What he pulled out this time sure ain’t no rabbit!
    Click the name.

  • MNIce

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    I doubt Mr. Obama was “forced” to support gay marriage by Vice-President “Big-Mouth” Biden. The VP’s remark was a trial balloon. When nobody showed up at Blair House with a bucket of tar and a bag of feathers, Mr. Obama figured it was safe to sell this position for campaign cash. He did miscalculate, however. The reason nothing happened is because we’ve been trained to ignore anything Vice-President Biden says because it’s generally nonsense anyway.

  • dcjdavis

    I believe our president is losing his mind, assuming he had one. Where he’s been trying to destroy the country, he has now moved towards self destruction.

  • Dens

    Obama, not America’s “first black President” as so many progressives and blacks want desperately to believe, is half white and half Negro so he really can’t fill the bill for being anything but half a black man and not a very good one at that. He is also what is commonly known as a “switch hitter” in the sexual world. He is gay but at the same time has a female wife and children. This goes over very well in the present day “news” media and hollywood since most of them are multi-sexual, lesbian or homosexual. Many of them consider themselves to be “sexual Intellects” if you will.

    Obama, who despises White, heterosexual America and everything it stands for would openly support bestiality if it would help re-elect his sorry ass for another term. The sooner all Americans realize just what they have in the White House and decide to get rid of it, the sooner we can begin rebuilding our once great Country and get back to work raising our families and planning our futures. Black Americans especially should look at what he is doing to help instigate a race war which they will lose. Besides, after MLK worked so hard to get equal rights, affirmative action, the EEOC, racial quotas in higher education, jobs and everything else, just how bad is it for blacks? Do blacks really want to jeopardize what they have worked so hard to achieve for a half black, half assed fool and tool of the elitists he pretends to abhor?

  • Gang Buster 2012

    Obama Is like a two headed coin,no matter how he is flipped ,it still comes out as the same old Bullsh#t!!Vote Ron Paul 2912!!!!!!!

  • Gang Buster 2012

    Retraction: Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!(not 2912).

  • Galen Mixon



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