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Looking For The Union Label

June 23, 2011 by  

Looking For The Union Label

Big Labor has dug its tentacles so deeply into the Administration of Barack Obama that it has a firm grip on the President’s rather pliable spinal column. If AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka spent any more time at the White House, he would have his own closet in the Lincoln Bedroom. And we have all enjoyed watching Obama deploy Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and teachers’ union storm troopers against the taxpayers and children of Wisconsin.

However, as Big Labor has exploited its relationship with the Democratic Party, not all its slithering has been as easy to spot as a gang of thugs swooping down on anti-Obamacare senior citizens. While violent thugs have rushed out of the Democrats’ front gate, less violent (albeit more dangerous) thugs have snuck through the back.

Witness the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) as it punishes the people of South Carolina for daring to live in a state that doesn’t require its citizens to sell their souls to the AFL-CIO just to hold down a steady job. The NLRB has stuck with its plan to try to force Boeing to abandon its 787 Dreamliner plant in North Charleston, S.C., because Obama’s union backers are about as excited about a non-union Boeing shop as they are about Federal grand juries.

In an America struggling to escape the gravity of the economic black hole created by Obama’s Keynesian bumbling, there’s little that worries me more than an active effort by the President and his Big Labor accomplices to keep thousands of Americans unemployed — unless it’s an active effort by the President and his Big Labor accomplices to keep thousands of Americans unemployed because they refuse to work with Big Labor’s boot on their necks.

South Carolina is a right-to-work state. That means, in essence, that the people of the Palmetto State are free to pursue life, liberty and a decent 9-to-5 job without having to deal with a protection racket engineered by the manicured K-Street parasites who control the unions from their plush offices and West Wing confabs. Boeing is pressing forward with a facility that would impact the South Carolina economy by nearly $10 billion. The NLRB, led by Lafe Solomon and Craig Becker (both of whom are union thugs in designer suits), is trying to force Boeing to abandon the project and instead take the whole operation back to the company’s home state of Washington, where the union thugs have made Boeing’s business extraordinarily difficult.

Although the NLRB is supposed to be an independent organization, its own website touts its devotion to promoting union control of American manufacturing over the rights of Americans to simply work. Becker, who has served as general counsel to both the AFL-CIO and the SEIU (and was a member of Obama’s Presidential transition team), is so radically opposed to workers’ rights that Obama had to recess appoint him to the NLRB after even some Democratic Senators expressed misgivings over Becker’s agenda.

In the most recent development, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers filed a complaint that Senator Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) is trying to intimidate the NLRB into dropping its union-backing action. I suppose I might buy Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) showing the union thugs his teeth, but Lindsay Graham? The NLRB is trying to back an Obama play to force money back into his union thug benefactors’ pockets, and they’re claiming Lindsay Graham pushed them around? I’m trying to think of a less-intimidating Senator (much less Republican Senator) — no fair naming Senator Harry “Deputy Droop-a-long” Reid.

Choosing between union kickbacks and job creation would take me less time than choosing between an hour of MSNBC and an hour of anything short of a root canal (unless the dentist looks like Heidi Klum in a lab coat). Obama earns praise from the unions for keeping his distance from the NLRB’s war on South Carolina workers. But with Becker at the head of the NLRB column, not only is Obama leading by proxy, he’s essentially leading in person.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    Ben, the White House-union marriage would be funny under other circumstances. However, since this relationship has the potential to rape, pillage and plunder our economy, it’s not ‘funny,’ and I am tired of seeing how easy it is for various unions and the W H yahoos to combine P T Barnum’s techniques and the integrity of a mobile brothel and call it “leadership.”
    It would be nice for someone explain to the union gangsters and the W H crowd how peculiar it looks for them to suck up to each other in the name of solidarity, when they know damn well that only in a country gone mad can they try to get away with such insanity. May the pathetic SOBs live in interesting times. They have labored so long and hard to get it.

    • Vagabond

      SC when you go shopping and see an item you need or want pick it up look at it if it has a union label throw it back and buy the same item without the union label. if every one will do that maybe we can get the message across to them,

      • Dennis Hartigan

        Throw the union label back! Then what? Say;Thank you China!

        • Bob

          The unions are just as much an enemy of America as the Chinese and they are more dangerous because they are on our soil and their scummy members can vote. Throw the union laber back and let these overpaid, underworked, democrat traitors starve!

          • Bert Cundle

            BOB: The Union Busting of & For the Government… is the Problem! I’m not in agreement with All, of the Stands that Union Leaders have taken. ( minimum Wage, by law for everyone. ect.)& (Support of Politicans, With members money.) But, the Fixing of the Unions must be done by the Union members!

        • eddie47d

          These anti-union folks will screw anybody at anytime and anyplace. They will cut off their own nose to spite themselves and do it with a smile. The union label was a source of pride for America and excellent quality. Now we have Corporates who cut corners and cheapen their products but the workers get blamed. Now we have the Ben’s who are on the anti-union band wagon without a peep on exorbitant CEO salaries. Those high living corporate salaries have to be gotten by forcing the workers to make shoddy merchandise so these CEOs can live like kings on some Caribbean Island. Calling union workers “storm troopers” against Wisconsin’s children is over the top disgusting. The real thugs are those who write these corrupted articles and come across as the unstable hooligans that they are. They are like politicians in a parade spreading fear and smear rather than candy. I know this anti-union crowd loves it and drinks it up like a vampire at a party.

          • Bob

            Union labels are a mark of quality my a**. The reason many drive foreign cars is because of the low quality of union made cars ( I am one of those). The reason our highways fall apart so fast is that union workers are lazy and incompetant (I know, I have watched these union slugs for 40 years). Your grasp of reality is either very weak or you are just a fool. If a person can’t maker a quality product at a reasonable price, that person deserves to starve and union members deserve to starve.

          • Polski

            Hey, Toyota is non-union. An honest company with honest executives, yeah!! Who has proven themselves more?

            It’s hilarious reading all this anti-union BS. But no doubt all of you Wal-Mart employees really know it all.

            You should ask us Boeing employees what the real scoop is, instead of getting your biased information 20th hand.

            You never complained about the NLRB when it was stocked with Republicans and screwing us normal folks right and left. You are all a bunch of whiners.

          • coal miner
          • Ken

            Hey Freedomfighter; your right, the time of the unions has passed. They served the common worker well, in their time when the workers had no voice to protect them. In today’s technologically advanced world we all have access to the computer and the loud voice that it gives us all.
            Then there are also labor laws that have since been established, since the inception of unions.
            The very thing that is bringing down the unions, are the corrupt tactics that they once stood against.
            I agree, we no longer need them get rid of them and their self serving organizations. One of the most dangerous prospects I can think of, is an organized force that wants to control our government.
            There should be a law passed, that would forbid ANY, government worker from belonging to a union!

          • eddie47d

            Thanks Coal Miner for I have no fear of decent wages and hard earned benefits brought to America by unions. Corporations or any business didn’t willing open their wallets to pay their employees a respectable wage. Too many businesses wanted to keep their workers living in those trailer parks down by the river. They can’t stand another person sharing in the wealth of America for fear of losing their status. Businesses,corporations,unions,etc. should all be working for the same goal which would be a strong Middle Class where all receive part of the bounty. The tide is turning and the Middle Class is losing.

          • coal miner


            Don’t come with up that horsesh*t.Toyota?What about those recalleds?My son was a electronic engineer,he quit Toyota because of the unsafe junk they were pushing out the door.I bought a Toyota eleven years ago,it was junk the first day I got it and last day I traded it in for a Chevy.I had a warranty on it.Every time it came a hard rain the engine would die and one time on a railroad tracks.Good thing a train wasn’t coming.Another time I was almost killed, my front brake grabbed,the car spun around and nearly flipped over.I heard other people say the same thing.Don’t givre me that crap.I know better.I work 43 years in the coal mine and belong to the United Mine Workers and never had one fatal accident.Can you say the same about scab mines? West Virginian?The mines I worked in, out produce every scab mines in the country.There were three mines that out produce us,they were also union.Before the unions came,the life expectancy of a coal miner was about 30 or 40 years old. Most of them died from mining accidents,that was a common thing to hear your next door neighbor getting crushed up. Because of the clean safe work conditions I retire in good health with no trace of coal dust or rock dust on my lungs. I am convinced if it weren’t for unions I wouldn’t be here today corresponding with you. To make a long story short,I owe my existence to them.

          • DaveH

            “The union label was a source of pride for America and excellent quality.”
            So says Eddie. Excellent quality, my fanny. The only reason Union infested companies make quality products is because the citizens will buy other products if they don’t. If Eddie had his way that competition would be squelched and we would have no choice but to buy whatever crap the Unionists produced.
            And Pride? I would be prouder if the Union guys weren’t robbing the consumer and other workers who get paid less (relatively speaking) as a result of unions. How’s that? Because we only have so many dollars to spend. If the Unionists coerce higher wages out of their victim companies, then the companies have to either raise prices, lay off workers, or lose money, then maybe move to another country. We pay those higher prices, or suffer the lost jobs as those companies who can’t make it, thanks to exorbitant Union wages or regulations, move to other countries.
            Eddie, as usual, is only thinking of his own self-interest.

          • eddie47d

            Who’s interests are you looking out for Dave H.?Got a chuckle out of your usual anti-union swill. Naturally it has to be the union guys robbing the consumer. Who else could it be? Dang,those pesky CEO salaries. Now who would have thought?

          • independant thinker

            ““The union label was a source of pride for America and excellent quality.””

            DaveH…….The operative word here is was.

          • DaveH

            I’m looking out for the interests of the typical citizen, Eddie, not the special interests.
            Why else would I endure the harassment of special interest types on this board to spread the truth?

          • DaveH

            And when are you going to get it through your thick skull, Eddie, that CEO’s are paid from the voluntary accounts of the company owners?
            If you want to pay your gardener $10,000/month, that would be your business, not mine or anybody else’s (well, maybe your wife, lol). But if your gardener got the Government to back him up to force you to pay, or if he stood out in your front yard and drove away your friends and relatives and potential gardener replacements, that would be a different story.

          • Wild Bill

            It is apparent that your daddy must have at least liked you as a child,it seems that he bounced you on his knee a lot.It is also readily apparent that he missed landing you on his knee most of the time.Only a brain damaged or purposely ignorant person could make the outrageous, unsubstantiated statements you post here.Are your postings the result of your finally becoming aware that oBOMBa [with his socialist agenda, now transparent to anybody without the burden of a politically correct education] has a better chance of having Vladimir Putin kiss his bare ass on the white house lawn at high noon than he does of winning a second term? Or is it the realization that you,like the majority of those who voted for him in ’08 are so ashamed of having been so gullible that you are clutching at straws to rationalize your mistaken perception and adoration of “the one”,the self animated pile of excrement currently infesting the oval office?At one time in our nations history unions were a needed and noble group of organizations.No more Eddie,the unions,for the most part,have become havens for semi-skilled,ofttimes lazy workers who perform substandard work for premium pay,part of which is passed on to the unions for the protected privilege of feeding off of the private and public sectors.The groups of organized crime families which once constituted the Mafia have not gone away,they just changed their names to the AFL/CIO,SEIU ETC.Different packaging,same rotten smell.

            Wild Bill

          • eddie47d

            Sorry Wild Bill I don’t agree with your assessment. Life doesn’t have to be dog eat dog and unions leveled the playing field. I would say most union members earn their money and more so than the swill on Wall Street and in some corporations.

          • DaveH

            It’s dog eat dog because people like you make it that way, Eddie.
            The company owner who invested his money in capital equipment instead of beer, gave you a chance to earn some of his money, and you thank him by biting him on the butt.

          • Rich

            the guys i worked with wanting the union were always the ones taking shorts cuts and endangering other employees. yet they claimed unsafe working conditions!

    • raygun

      Years ago, say, 80 or 90 years, The unions had a puropse, to help overcome the corporate bosses abuse and get a fair wage. Somewhere a long the line, they became beligerant and unruly. WWII sorta took care of the union problem when FDR busted them up. Soon after, they became useless as the companies became more employee friendly. The few unions that I have been associated with were very dificult to deal with. I do believe that the mafia and heir sister mobs have infected the unions with their mentality. With their recent actions by using massive interstate bussing and involving minors in their unruly mob actions, they continue to show their true colors. Go Tea Party members and anti-union radicals.

  • Jim

    I always look for the union label …that way I know which products to stay away from….unions = commies

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      Good luck finding ANY union labels any more; the US doesn’t produce anything anymore except corrupt politicians and whores. (I guess that was redundant wasn’t it?)

      • Vagabond

        yes very,

    • Alex

      So…you only buy non-union stuff, right? Never mind that the unions gave the working people a chance to better their lives. I would be surprised if there were no union members in your family’s history, people who were able to buy homes and prepare for your future.

      Maybe not, though, as your inane “unions=commies” line shows that you probably come from [insult removed]

      • Dntmkmecmoverther

        Hey Alex, I have several ex union folks in my family. All while I grew up, I wondered how in HELL they made so much money! Now I know, as the pilfered the companies like GM, Bethlehem Steel and so many others. The wages of those in my family circle were along the lines of the mean of the workforce average. However, among my union family folks, their hourly wage was $28/hr while ours was $8. That’s not equitable and as we now know, it’s not sustainable either nor is the retirement plan under which they now live. Don’t give me that redneck line of BS that you socialist idiots always spill out! It’s old hat and we are sick and tired of hearing that lie. WE are so DONE with paying your way. Get up, get out and PRODUCE something other than BS.

        • Alex

          Why do you whine aboout the disparity between the 28 dollars per hour your union family members made vs the 8 dollars per hour your non-union relatives made? What about the disparity between BOTH the 28/8 people and the corporate gluttons who took away much more than that without working at all?

          • Dan az

            OK now you sound like Eddiee, Jovi I would guess that you had never worked a day in your life for the union otherwise you would not be backing this BS.I think we should be arresting all of them for collusion and investigating the pockets of the White House employee’s starting with obummer!
            I’m sure there is a law against this type of strong arming a company,maybe in the commerce clause but I can a sure you obumer would pay much attention to it if it was.The fact that prices are high because of unrealistic wages and benefits is why we pay our last dimes to this extorting mob mentality.Your days are numbered my friend even you cant stop what is coming and guess what it wont be a union job.

          • Bud

            Alex, everconsider WHY all our manudactoring jobs are leaving our shores? Bet you drive a foreign car, where did your tv, radio, clothes, stove, ref., etc, etc come from, Hummmmm

          • eddie47d

            Bud; That is because people like you won’t buy American. You’ll save a buck to screw the next guy.

          • eddie47d

            Dan is another one who doesn’t understand the relentless thuggery on Wall Street and in Corporate Headquarters. He still thinks it a Monopoly Game they are playing. It’s their billions in falsified trading that brought this nation down not some working man who happened to belong to a union.That is your extortion and they did it on a grand scale! You sound like you would be a defender of slavery if it made you a living. As long as you lived in the mansion and had control of the workers you felt you could take the moral high ground. The likes of those aristocrats are alive and well in their defenders like Dan.

          • Dan az

            Scared Eddie?

          • eddie47d

            Certainly not of you Danny Boy!

        • JUKEBOX

          I wonder how many people realize that “REDNECK” was originated in union membership where the union people wore red bandanas around their necks to signify their ideology.

          • Bert Cundle

            Or a White coller Indian…

          • Bert Cundle

            (COLLAR) XcollerX

          • sylviam

            This is HISTORY and DOCUMENTED it happened in West Virginia, Upper Kentucky. that is where the *redneck* phrase come from. I still have a *SCAB KILLER* from one of those encounters others have *jack rocks* from the same encounter. Please EDUCATE NOT FROM PROPAGANDA either but HISTORY about anything you QUOTE.

        • Polski

          The CEO gets $19 million a year salary. The union get’s $1.50 a day. And that’s the problem with the whole economy. Just remember, if you understand that the corporate executives are all crooks, and the politicians are all crooks, you really understand how the world works.

          • C. Wyatt Hertz

            You conveniently neglected to mention corrupt union leadership. Most of the rank and file union people I know are honorable and want this country to succeed. It’s the criminals in congress, management and union leadership (if that’s the word I want) who are screwing this country up.

          • coal miner

            Don’t forget the recalls.Ha ha ha

      • Vagabond

        no alex there were no unions in my family back ground. we were for the most part farmers and timbermen. the first public job I held was with Thomaville Furniture industries at the time called Finch furniture because the Finch brothers owned it. in 1955 I went to work for the princely sum of one dollar and four cents an hour, the min.wage was seventy five cents, no union, they just paid better than others in the area. the union tried to organise and were sent packing by the employees,

      • thinking

        Do you think union and business are not the same? The union and companies are in bed together. Look at GM, they did not care unions went on strike because all got raises, the management got more and blamed it on unions and the union management got more because they were working for the laborer. The laborer was keep in the dark and feed sh*t. They were not allowed to think only to do as the union leaders said. The loser was the American economy but hay GM was too big to fail, right! After all America is too big to fail… Government control just like union control and business control, our life’s are so wonderful, except if you don’t belong to one of the three controlling groups.

      • Ken

        So tell us Alex what union do you belong to? Unions are breaking the backs of the American worker! All to satisfy their own self worth!

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Ken… I agree with you that the unions need to be gone. They served their purpose and now they are nothing but greedy. I worked for a union once. Never again. They are gang-like and they should be outlawed. Nobody should be forced to join a union. Businesses that have unions do not have the better quality product.

      • DaveH

        Unions do nothing of the sort, Alex.
        First they forcefully extort money from company owners with coercive techniques. Then they do everything possible to prevent the company from making them do the job they’re paid for.
        Then they use the dues they forcibly take from their members (who usually have no choice) to support their pet political agenda.
        Then when the companies fail as a result of their exorbitant wages and work rules, the Unionists lobby the Government to bail them out with taxpayers’ money.
        You gotta love self-interested Unionists. NOT.

    • Dennis Hartigan

      There are not any unions in China or Russia[former] Get the facts straight.

      • Bert Cundle

        U.S.S.R. = “Union” of Soviet Socialest Republic.

      • DaveH

        They are/were one Big Union. And very good examples of where Unions will take us.

    • coal miner


      [removed]. What about the unions that overthrow the communist government in Poland?

  • Disgusted

    I live in the stat if WI and am 100% behind our Gov Scott Walker. I think removing the collective bargaining rights of the union workers and making them contribute to their health care coverage and retirement benefits is the right thing to do. Just because they belong to a union doesn’t mean they should get everything for free -I don’t. This year is the first year in 3 years I have gotten a raise at my job and this year it is capped at 3%. The unions have outgrown their usefulness and need to go. I think every state should be a “right to work” state, membership in a union should never be mandatory.

    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      I would take it a step further; no unions period. It’s an outdated form of intimidation and theft as well as corrupt representation (if you can even call it that). They are so DONE in this country.

      • JUKEBOX

        Al Capone led the unions to their peak membership.

        • karolyn

          Al Capone??????? Where did you get that from?

          • coal miner

            Al Capone??????? Where did you get that from?Al Capone was a Republican.He was at one time a deputy sheriff in Cook County, Chicago. He never did endorse unions.JukeBox is full of it.

    • Don

      Amen to you !

  • sean murrey ILLInio


    • Dntmkmecmoverther

      In large part, that is because the high cost of labor (due to labor unions over the last 50 yrs) has put our production costs way too high to compete in a world class manufacturing arena. It’s simple economics: bring our cost of production into line with the market and we could bring the jobs back…oh, but then we would also need the cooperation of the Hour and Wage division of the Fed; oh, and the EPA…oh hell who am I kidding? We will never do any of this…we are too content to have cheap stuff at Walmart.

      • eddie47d

        The unions wages helped get America out of cheap flats and trailers and into decent housing. All of the USA prospered because of unions and the trickle up effect. Hell,they gave status to this country and helped fulfill the American dream and hope to all it’s workers,even non-union workers. I’m certainly not against union members having to pay more for their benefits to help the economy but to slander them the way you do is pathetic.

        • Dennis48e

          eddie …… it is all in the past. It is true the unions did good for the worker when they started and until maybe the mid 50′s but they have outlived their usefulness and the bosses are only interested in keeping their cushy jobs they care nothing about the workers other than as a source more money from them by way of the union dues.

          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            Dennis48e… Unions should be part of the past. Their time has come and gone. America was the land of opportunity. Sadly it looks as if that time has come and gone, too. We looked for a dehumidifier the other evening and we could find nothing that was not made in China. Where have our jobs gone? Why have our jobs gone? Do we have anyone in Washington that is concentrating on this issue and helping to find solutions for Americans workers?

        • Don

          Eddie, that house your talking about used to cost $ 40,000, today it cost $300,000. so what have we gained ? unless your one of union bosses !

          • Bert Cundle

            I put $150,000.00 into my dads rundown house… to loose $250,000.00 in equity.

        • DaveH

          That is misinformation at its finest, Eddie. The Unions did nothing of the sort. They feathered their own nests at the expense of the rest of us. That is all.

          • DaveH

            We need to get Government back to its logical role, that of protecting us from the force of others. That includes those of us who own companies.
            Instead, the Government now fills the role of being the forcers. They aid Unionists in their forceful taking of company owners money, and they force us to do many other things that we don’t want to do.
            There should be no such thing as Victimless Crimes, and there should be no such thing as Protecting us from Ourselves (seat belt laws, forced vaccinations, etc.).
            We need to get our Government back to basics.

          • eddie47d

            If you don’t like the union label then shop elsewhere. Oops you’ve already done that and sent your money overseas. Thanks for nothing and America thanks you for your continued selfishness in buying foreign.You also reap what you sow and yes you did make a free choice in doing so.

          • DaveH

            I’m just smarter than you, Eddie. I won’t pay exorbitant prices for my goods just so Unionists can live high lives.

          • DaveH

            At my expense.

          • eddie47d

            I was just throwing your own advise in your face Dave. “If you don’t like what a corporation is selling to you ,don’t buy it”. How many times have you said that?

  • Warrior

    Who’s harry reid and what has he done lately? Boy oh boy, ever since his twin sister nancy was neutered, old dingy sure is trying to maintain a low profile.

  • Nina Zick

    My mother worked in a hosiery mill in Columbus, GA. In the 50′s they went union. She always said that other than taking her money, the only thing they did for them was if they came in they had to pay them for 4 hours if they sent them back home. They never got the promised raised, etc that the union had promised.

    • eddie47d

      Unions can bring the workers together and ask for higher wages but it’s up to that management to grant those increases. Unions can only do so much in helping the employees out and the executives can still deny everything. That battle has been fought since the beginning of time and centuries before unions were even thought of.Unions made much progress in the American workforce and they even helped make non-union shops more accountable. Now things are reversing and their gains are sliding backwards so it depends on how you and all workers want to live. Some Corporations and even smaller companies are doing quite well and profits are way up but worker pay and benefits are being taken away. You can do the math on that one and determine who is winning and who is losing.

      • Don

        winning or losing, it depends on weather or not you want to sell your freedom for a few dollars !

        • eddie47d

          Wall Street and Corporations have sold our freedoms down the river and they aren’t looking back. They rather enjoy doing it! The amount of money they stuff in their pants is well worth it to them.

        • Rick Evans

          It is truly amazing how many comments are on here complaining about the Unions, those ignorant people will wake up someday and wonder why we have become the new third world country, basically slave labor no safety regulations or environmental laws it is truly sickening, I suppose they get there information from faux news I say have fun at your low wage job now because its only going to get worse.

          • eddie47d

            That is what they are hopping for it will give those on top even more control over us. They keep our wages down they own us pure and simple.

          • Ellen

            Are you serious? One of the reasons businesses are struggling is because of all the govt regulations. We are becoming a third world country because 40% of our babies are born into poverty. Unions were excellent years ago, but are no longer relevant. I worked for the govt for 4 years and for private corporations for 15, so I’ve worked in both scenarios. In the govt job, everyone received the same percentage raise regardless of performance. So, most people were lazy and had no incentive to work harder. In the private corporations, people were energized and hard-working. They cared about the quality of their work and were rewarded for their efforts.


    Obama is planning to grant a blanket amnesty to all the illegals by executive fiat, and he has probably conspired with Trumka to print their Green Cards with an AFL/CIO logo on them, and a union membership number that comports with their alien ID#. That way, they can guarantee new Union Members and Democrat voters at the same time.

  • http://msn Kerri

    To Alex: There was a time when unions were a good thing. No more. Wonder why all our jobs went over seas? Try, you can’t fire a worthless union employee, One man digging a hole with 5 men standing around watching the one man working, 13 weeks paid vacation a year. The list is toooooooo long to continue. Forced unionism is criminal!

    • eddie47d

      Kerri; There are FEW worthless union employees and yes they should be fired. You brought up an old anti-union myth on those 5 workers standing around and it doesn’t mean they are not doing their job. All those workers are needed at some point in the project. They have to be ready to jump in at any moment,(to be shovel ready). When a hole is first dug sometimes there is only room for one worker and you don’t need the others AT THAT MOMENT. I was in the union 40 years and received 5 weeks vacations and that was tops. I have never heard of any company giving out 13 weeks.

    • coal miner


      Five men standing around? Watching one man work?13 weeks? First if the supervisor caught those men standing around, not working, the supervisor has every right to give them an order to get back to work,if they refuse,they can be fired.Refusing job orders are grounds for termination and dismissal,even in union factories or coal mines.13 weeks:That goes by how many years you worked. lets say, if you worked forty years for a company,you would get so many days that can add up to that many weeks.That is in both non-union companies as well union companies.There is nothing unusual about that.

  • Bob

    Union members are greedy gluttons whose main goal in life is to get rich for doing nothing. I have worked with union loafers most of my life and they couldn’t care less about anyone but themselves. They talk about being for others but, in practice, they are all about themselves. Boycott union products and help save America.

    • eddie47d

      Where’s my wealth Bob since you seem to “know so much”? I’ll be expecting a check from you real soon so you can “have proof” of our riches. I don’t see any of my union friends living high on the hog so keep stretching out those exaggerations.

      • Smilee


        These people on here keep calling unions big labor when they only represent 7% of the workers today, it is a joke to think of that as being big. Despite that Union workers do make on average about $800.00 a month more that non union and better benefits as well and they are not usually eligible for food stamps, earned income credits, subsidized child care etc because of it. They also pay income taxes and about 43% if income earners whom file income taxes today pay no taxes and because of the low wages they earn and they get earned income credits that can go as high as $10,000 per year in a few cases. DaveH will not support unions but it is funny how he never bitches about all his tax money going to pay earned income credits unless the reason is that he too is collecting that benefit. The reason companies are so anti union and spew all the anti union propaganda is that if they can get the unions out they can get the government to subsidize wages and pay for other things for their employees leaving them the option to underpay their employees and pocket those savings. Just think if Unions were as strong as they once were when they represented about 36% of workers then us taxpayers did not have to pay for wages and benefits for non union employees as we do today through food stamps, sometimes medicaid, child care, wage subsidies etc. Corporate propaganda sure has worked on DaveH and many others on this site as they do not seem to mind paying these extra taxes to pay for all these non union workers today. If non union workers made a living wage then all that government spending on these benefits would go away in effect a tax break without passing any law as employees would then get that money from their employer instead of the tax payer.

        • eddie47d

          Thanks for the heads up smilee.

        • DaveH

          More like 12%, Smilee. Get it straight.

          • Smilee

            That’s overall union workers, the private sector is just a little over 7% the balance of that number includes government workers. Either way it is so small that calling it Big Labor is pure BS and intended to be deceptive as most of your posts are as well

        • DaveH

          Smilee says:
          “it is funny how he never bitches about all his tax money going to pay earned income credits”.
          What? Are you daft?
          I’ve never seen you complain about Thomas Jefferson either. What kind of logic is that?

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    Unions are communist organizations, and as such are anti-God and His teachings in the Bible. As an example to prove this, I remind everyone as to why Unions requested and received from politicians ‘Closed State Labor’ policies instead of ‘Right to Work’ policies, which require people to join unions in order to be allowed to work, because the Unions claim, that through their negotiations, they won pay raises and benefits from management and owners, and therefore since those that are not in unions also benefit from those things they won in negotiations, and the management and owners are generous enough to give them to non-union workers, for which they are not required to do since their agreement is with the unions and their members only, all should have to pay those dues that helped get those raises and benefits, so everyone is treated equally. This goes against the teachings in the Bible in Mathew: Ch.20 Vs.2-15. This goes against the generosity of the landowner, management and owners, as well as that of God, and demands of all what Unions consider equality, despite the teachings of God in the aforementioned reading of Mathew in the Bible. Just one of the Union’s concepts and precepts of their anti-God policies and beliefs, and some claim to be Christians, but when it comes to benefits for themselves, put Christianity last.

    • eddie47d

      So God wants workers to work under the thumb of management without any way to address grievances that come up. You sound like another one of those uppity slave owners who would make Moses blush.

  • Toomuchsense

    I worked 12 years as a union boilermaker out of high school. Seven of those years, I was an elected union rep. Working across the country and even overseas. My father worked his whole life as a union factory worker, along with being an officer in his union most of his life. I also earned a college degree, going to classes at night. Even as a young punk kid out of high school, it was obvious that not all unions were of the same cloth. That some unions were generally made up of worker ants, thankful for the work and pay. Other unions generally made up of slackers and run by thugs, who were ungrateful for the overpayment they received for work not performed. Those unions parasite off those that work and produe with little actual labor or sweat on the brow. Those that started the unions many generations ago, were true heros and more courages than most of our uneducated citizens can even imagine. Many of our current union members, could not even tie the shoe string of those founding fathers of the labor movement of the past. Morally or physically. Comparing the current government unions with the standard trade union is laughable and ignorant. There is no similarity between these two types of unions. Courage? There’s no courage in being a member of government unions. As they rape and pillage the harvest of fruit from those that actually produce and build things. Building things with the sweat of their glands along with those that risk their assets on a possible return on their investment. Those that worked in the trades, were well aware of which unions were generally made up of honest workers, willing to work and earned a day’s wages, as opposed to those unions which leeched from the system. Yes we talked, and were disgusted with what we saw and experienced. So not all unions are the same. The courages actions of workers is long gone. So are many of their jobs. As those in a position to make a differnce, traded the assest hard earned with cracked heads or worst, to those that have made it hard to maintain or keep manufacturing operations in this country. Think EPA. Think snail darters and desert lizards, and most of all the loss of farm jobs and others that are a result. Buereaucratic mandates from those that sit in ivory towers and don’t know which side of a shovel to use. Mandates that are the result of junk science and payola, all the while approving the purchase of a skyhooks and striped paint from the charlatans in D.C, Chicago, Madison and others.

    • eddie47d

      Toomuchsense has a good grievance but fails to realize that every one of the anti-union folks who speak up would also destroy your union and all the past achievements that were tirelessly worked for. If you haven’t been paying attention they want to destroy all unions and government workers is just an excuse to do that.

  • i41

    The reason we lost so many jobs over seas, is because the work was getting pretty crappy and had poor quality standards. When ever any manufactoring plant starts having problems with certain line of equipment, go back and see who is working at a spot on the assembly line. When companies that are unionized can not fire the f–k ups, because they are protected, quality goes to hell. The rules and regs over the years, have made it too expensive to create here in the USA. In the early 1990′s there was going to be a big coal mine in Utah opened up to sell it to China. But it was stopped by Whorehound Clinton, when it was made a wilderness area. Only 300,000 jobs were immediately lost. It is pretty barren and desolate except for rattlesnakes and vermin. China would have been paying USA, now Onumnutts has allowed China to buy a big uranium mine out in Wyo that is the largest in the world. Also the same bastardly group of demorats stop USA from selling our massive oil supply to the world or could trade to China to pay off our debt. Between the unions, envior freaks and every loon group which are all marxist/communist dumbocraps are who keep sending jobs over seas. Toomuchsense, you forgot board welders union and the wood stretchers, all part of the college degreed Fkarwee Theory Installers Shop.

  • James Kirksey

    Mobile, Alabama has experiences some behind the scenes union and government manipulations of contracts to build an Air Force refueling plane. This bickering has gone on for several years and a contract was awarded and later withdrawn that would have built the planes in Mobile. The details are too long for a short note. However, the bottom line is that Alabama is a right to work state. The contract was taken from this state in favor of a union closed shop state. Big unions, big companies, big money, bad politicians are words that would explain the recent actions in this matter. As the saying goes, just follow the money.

  • FreedomFighter

    The Unions have a great history of helping American labor, now they are just cesspools of corruption lead by Marxists/Communist activists hell bent on building a socialist/Marxist America.

    Sad state of affairs for once great Labor Unions.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Bob Marshall

    Since Wal-Mart has forced so many small bussines to have to close like most of America i shop there. You can find labels with the names made in China,India,Vietnam,Israel,Indonesia,Mexico,and Brazil. Every few labels say made in USA.i see where some people say the reason companies move to other countries is because of too many government restictions. I believe it is because of cheap labor which mean huge profits. A form of slavery for these workers.The US import much more than it export. A no win situtation!

    • American

      Wallmarts clothes suck, they are cheap and wothless after washing them, and they don’t come in American sizes. I refuse to buy them, I never shop for clothes at wallmart your wasting your money if you do. You might as well buy at the dollar store if your going to buy clothes at wallmart.

  • Bob Marshall


  • karolyn

    “And we have all enjoyed watching Obama deploy Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and teachers’ union storm troopers against the taxpayers and children of Wisconsin.”

    I would venture to guess that Obama has nothing to do with the above. It never ceases to amaze me how one man can be responsible for so much going on this country. He must have a clone!

    • JeffH

      Obama – Stacking the deck for unions. With the 2012 election season already under way and the president’s poll numbers continuing to sink, Team Obama is desperately trying to shore up his labor-union base, courtesy of the now heavily radicalized National Labor Relations Board.

      Since taking office, Obama has packed the NLRB with veteran union activists, like Craig Becker, previously the SEIU’s top lawyer and associate general counsel of the AFL-CIO.

      The NLRB — founded in 1935 as an independent arbiter of labor-management disputes — has effectively become an arm of Big Labor.
      That’s led to one-sided pro-union decisions like the one trying to block Boeing from opening a new plant in South Carolina
      Now the board has issued one of its most blatantly union-friendly decisions yet — rewriting the rules for unionization elections in a way that cripples employers’ right to mount a counter-organizing campaign.

      • JeffH

        SEIU Watch: Obama to rouse Purple Army in special conference call
        President Obama will host a conference call on his health care takeover plans with the SEIU’s Purple Army.

        Here’s the message that went out today from radical leftist and SEIU thug-in-chief Andy Stern: I’m getting on a call with President Obama tomorrow and I want you to join me.

        The President is holding a live health care reform strategy meeting on Thursday at 2:30 pm EST. He’ll lay out our strategy and message going forward, and he’ll answer questions from SEIU activists and supporters like you……In a few weeks, Congress goes back to Washington and the final push for a health reform bill will be underway. Now, more than ever, we’ve got to be on the same page to create real change in the health care system for working families across the country.

        I hope you’ll join the President and me tomorrow as we discuss how we’re going to get it done:

        Andy Stern
        President, SEIU
        Always look for the union label.

        The Purple Shirts are loading the buses to get to a congressional town hall near you.

        And never forget Andy Stern’s organizing philosophy:

        Asked about his organizing philosophy, Andy Stern summed it up this way: “[W]e prefer to use the power of persuasion, but if that doesn’t work we use the persuasion of power.”

        By Michelle Malkin • August 19, 2009 02:20 PM

        • eddie47d

          Michelle Malkin is hardly a credible “performer”. She overflows with half truths and sometimes very bitter lies. That’s a right winger for you!

          • Dennis48e

            I was going to say she is your mirror image eddie but if she is she would be at least two times worse than you depict her.

          • JeffH

            And you can prove all of this you say about Malkin? These were quotes from SEIU/Stern…you are free to use another source to verify or debunk them.

  • Thinking About

    If you have any ill will to union members then let us see an article on AMA, ABA to name a couple, how about the big farm owners. All are unions. Where do you think big bucks from insurance companies and drug companies are going. Does unions get corporation welfare as many of the defense contractors and oil companies receive. Don’t like big wages and “benfits”, go yell at executives. Again we yell at the tax payers and suck up to the crooks.

  • American

    We all know the unions are run by communists, marxists, socialists that back Obama and his band of commies. Soros owns the unions he bought them and the news media for Obama long before the election. Nothing will change in America until the whitehouse is cleaned of the stink of Obama and his communist force.

  • American

    I used to respect teachers and cops and firefighters, not anymore, now I know they are just a bunch of bullies and thugs hired by the unions to do jobs that decent folks can’t get. Most are communists and marxists and fascists who teach our children to be the same.

    • eddie47d

      American? Doesn’t sound like you like much of anything except your rancor had an extremely envious tone to it. Golly gee, what in the world hasn’t this site demonized? All Americans are worthless bloodsuckers except for you of coarse!

    • Handyman

      You got that right.

  • James

    President Obama is FDR all over again.

    • Raggs

      I vote a closer Adolph.


    Maybe there ought to be a cartoon put in the MSM of big labor holding a rope with a bunch of congressional cattle with nose rings following along timidly. Unions and the NRLB are pushing their luck and the racketeering laws are just waiting to be used as well as the terrorist laws for creating violence to gain their means by force and coercion, these people are nothing more than old time mobsters and the law will be coming down on them.

    • eddie47d

      I think it’s time to take the pitch forks and torches and surround Wall Street. That is where the racketeering is going on and their shenanigans would make Bugsy Malone proud.

      • Raggs

        Yes.. and just WHO or WHOM do you think that holds the purse strings to Wall street???.. Hint-hint.. obama and soros.. the clintons..
        Why do you think the stock exchange one day is +200, next day -200?
        Hint-hint.. Manipulation from the aforementioned string pullers.
        They are making money hand over fist by controlling the comodities while the average Joe is losing everything that he has.

        • eddie47d

          …and who pulls their purse strings? Those Bilderbergs that your side always brings up. Who are they? Not Communists or Nazi’s like you think just Corporates who are deeper embedded in controlling your life.

          • coal miner


            A tribute to corporates thieves and robber barons:

            Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living; the world owes you nothing;it was here first. Mark Twain [Samuel Langhornne Clemens] (1835-1910)

          • http://deleted Claire

            coal miner–Good one.

  • Handyman

    Are we looking for the Communist Union Lable (Gangster)? Just your taxes to all the governments that rule over you, and by the way shut up we rule over you and we know how to get it just call it something else, maybe a fee. A fee is not a tax!. (Local, City, Copunty, State, and of course Federal, taxes you can keep wht is left over from your pay so you can pay the gasoline tax, the sales tax, the fire tax, the property tax, and then you need some mony to pay for government provided services, trash removal, water, drainnage, toll roads, toll bridges, traffic fines, then there are hidden taxes). What are the Citizens complaining about, we let them keep some of our money? Don’t forget the children we must teach them to be good Communist, and we appreciate that you don’t notice that you are paying for it, stupid taxpayer citizens! if you have a job keep working and paying.

  • Handyman

    Are Americans overtaxed? Not all are of course, some are taking without giving! Thanks to our unionized Communist UN representatives.

  • Handyman

    Shut up and take it Citizens, we know what is best for you puppets!

  • chuckb

    bolshevik, (aka democrat party). unions are the trojan horse of communism. they work until they have bled the economy dry by taxation. then when the people revolt they are submerged into a dictatorship. i believe the people behind barry have this intent. this is almost like a movie script, it’s all cut and dried and they know what the ending is, it’s called four more years.

  • 45caliber

    This Labor Board ruling is one reason so many jobs are now going to other countries.

    • Raggs

      Look at the bright side of that .45… If many more union companies go overseas less votes for the NAZI obama or any communist party.

  • coal miner

    Quote for the day:

    Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.
    Nikola Tesla

    • JeffH

      The proper business of a labor union is to get higher wages, better hours and good shop conditions for the workmen. But when labor en masse plunks its vote for its own party, then the spirit of party loyalty begins to obscure labor’s objectives — high wages, short hours, decent shop conditions. Thus class-conscious labor leaders become more interested in their party welfare than in the fundamental objectives of the labor unions. So we shall have the class-conscious political worker trading his vote not for the immediate objective of wages, hours and shop conditions, but for power for his political labor boss.

      WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE, speech, Sep. 20, 1937

    • JeffH

      “We got money from gambling, but our real power, our real strength, came from the unions. With the unions behind us, we could shut down the city, or the country for that matter, if we needed to get our way.”

      - Vincent Carfaro, mobster, 1988

    • JeffH

      Union Facts – Union officials have made ending secret ballots for workers deciding whether to join a union their highest legislative priority. Instead of elections, they want a “card check” process that is set up for fraud and is unfair to working Americans. Learn more about the dangers of this union scheme in our new report, “When Voting Isn’t Private: The Union Campaign Against Secret Ballot Elections.” You’ll find out why:
      ■Union bosses want to end elections, even though they win more than 50% of the time
      ■Editorial pages from across America are denouncing card check and demanding secret ballot elections
      ■75 percent of Americans think secret ballots are the most democratic method of choosing a union

  • JeffH

    One fact to know is that…Hitler Didn’t Outlaw Unions – As a National Socialist, He Went Double-Down On Them!

    When Hitler came to power, he moved to correct this hyperinflation while keeping his national socialist views front and center. In 1933, the Nazis disbanded the Weimar unions and replaced them with the new and improved union, the German Labor Front (Deutsche Arbeitsfront, DAF), which was comprised of 2 primary entities, the National Socialist Factory Organization and the National Socialist Trade and Industry Organization. The labor contracts that were Weimar contracts were now DAF-honored contracts. The Nazi’s funded the DAF’s coffers with the Weimar unions’ stockpile of wealth (the existing unions were part of that inflation problem). One of the new unions’ most popular programs was the Strength through Joy (Kraft durch Freude, KdF)) program, which developed the KdF-wagen, that later became the Volkswagen, or People’s Car.

    The primary goal of Germany’s national socialists was to “create a classless” society. Hitler’s unions were central in this cause. In fact, Hitler gave the unions their long-awaited demand, one that the Weimar unions were never able to pull off, a National Labor Day, May 1, 1933.
    And here’s Hitler’s own words from his book, Mein Kampf:

    I think that I have already answered the first question adequately. In the present state of affairs I am convinced that we cannot possibly dispense with the trades unions. On the contrary, they are among the most important institutions in the economic life of the nation. Not only are they important in the sphere of social policy but also, and even more so, in the national political sphere. For when the great masses of a nation see their vital needs satisfied through a just trade unionist movement the stamina of the whole nation in its struggle for existence will be enormously reinforced thereby.

    Before everything else, the trades unions are necessary as building stones for the future economic parliament, which will be made up of chambers representing the various professions and occupations.

    • JeffH

      Labor Unions: Have They Outlived Their Usefulness?
      The ongoing decline in the private sector is a result of several factors, but all basically come down to the simple fact that there is no longer a need for labor unions. The nature of the business environment and a re-shuffling of the manufacturing sector have contributed somewhat to the downturn. But more importantly, nowadays’ workers no longer feel abused or taken advantage of by their employers.

      The Labor Union movement is barely over 125 years old. It can be tracked back to about 1880, maybe a bit beyond. When we consider the conditions for workers back then and through the Great Depression, the need for labor unions is apparent. If not for unions, children would be working in factories, people would be working much longer hours every day, and there would be no weekends off; all these are important facts. I believe unions were absolutely necessary and historically served a good purpose. I also believe they no longer serve a positive purpose, but they have actually contributed in a big way to our current economic crisis. We have come too far for our society to allow the conditions mentioned above, even without labor unions.

      If you look at heavily unionized states, like California, it is pretty easy to see the enormous negative impact of the labor unions. If the state of California were not controlled by the unions and their unreasonable contracts, it would have a far easier path out of its financial woes.

      Article Source:


    Richard Dumpka is a member of the “COMMUNIST PARTY USA”!
    So, for you Mr. Dumpka.
    Unions, have no rights. The “COMMUNIST COLLECTIVE” or “UNION” has been granted the “PRIVILEGE” to act on behalf of its “COMMUNIST” membership.
    I don’t know where you are from Mr. Dumpka but here in the “UNITED STATES of AMERICA” it is the Individual Sovereign “AMERICAN” who is Endowed with certain Inalienable Rights not the “COMMUNIST UNION”!
    Now this may be a little disconcerting for you Mr. Dumpka but the fundamental principle upon which our “CONSTITUTION” was created, and upon which the government was instituted,and by which the government is limited, confined and required to adhere, is that all rights, all authority and all power is vested in and resides with each and every Individual Sovereign “AMERICAN” and any and all authority granted to the state and federal governments in order to act on behalf of the people is consequently derived from the consent of each and every Individual Sovereign “AMERICAN” and the Inalienable rights of each and every Individual Sovereign “AMERICAN” are the rights of them all collectively, since the rights of the collective can be no greater than the rights of the Individual.
    In other words Mr. DUMPKA, any one may voluntarily join a “COMMUNIST UNION” and any “AMERICAN” can elect not to participate in a “COMMUNIST UNION”; however Mr. Dumpka, no one or no collective has the right to prevent an Individual Sovereign “AMERICAN” from pursuing his or her occupation because they refuse to participate in a “COMMUNIST UNION”!
    That is “TYRANNY” and when the government aids a “COMMUNIST UNION” because it is indebted to that union for the graft and corruption it supplied in order to influence an election, that is “FASCISM”!

  • http://deleted Claire

    My Jeep–My Chrysler Town and Country Van—Imported from Detroit and proud of it. I don’t care if they have “foreign” parts in them–I WANT the American name!!!! And I will support the American auto industry. Now come on and give me hell for this but remember I fight back. I can be just as nasty and mean as anyone else.

    Another tidbit to chew on–it makes no dang difference which party controls our government–the middle class will continue to pay the piper and suffer for the mismanagement of the Republican and Democrat parties. Mark my words—-just wait till the Republicans take over. The wealthy will make out like bandits and the middle class will go down the drain, in fact, they already are. I stand by my words, nothing will make me believe otherwise. I have absolutely no faith in these two parties. They have and are selling the middle class down the river. The Republican party is out to “get” anything and anyone that supports the Democrat party. This is their main priority. Ditto for the Democrats. If someone comes up with a great idea, it gets shot down. Their thinking is this: We don’t want the Democrats to get any good or decent legislation passed and this same comment applies to the Republicans. They are too busy making sure neither party gets any credit for any good that may transpire within Congress, Reps, etc. They will not work together to do the job they were hired to do. All they can think of is THEIR party and the next election. They aren’t thinking of America or they would stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats and get down to brass tacks and get this country going again. But hell no, they have to look out for their “own interests” so they get re-elected. Not for one moment do I believe or even think these parties are honestly and earnestly “working” for the betterment of America. They are “working” for their party!!! Tyranny?? Facism?? Communism?? Anarchy?? This is just the tip of the iceberg folks, there is more to come. And it is coming from both parties. Think about it especially if you are a die-hard Republican or Democrat. I am fed up with both parties.
    Another item–everyone I know wants out of this war–the bitching and moaning about it has been non-stop. I have also complained about the war. Obama is pulling out 10,000 troops and I am very happy about this, but I want all of our troops brought home. Now.
    If the armchair quarterbacks like Faux News, MSNBC, CNN, Rush, Beck, Malkin, etc. are so damn wonderful and all-knowing, why don’t they run for POTUS? I can tell you one thing–if any of them did run for POTUS I sure as hell would not vote for any of them. To me, they are already losers. They are all “pushing” for their own parties. Biased as hell and to the point of sounding radically unstable.
    I guess I sound radical tonight but I am sick of the insincerity and false pretenses from both sides. I don’t feel like “being had” any longer. Enough is enough.

    • http://deleted Claire

      “and this same comment applies to the Democrats.”

  • Charles

    What ever happened to Jimmy Hoffa ? This will tell you a lot what is
    wrong with our unions to-day. Corrupt….Corrupt!!!!!!

  • Eric Bischoff

    Unions are just like any other organizations in America, no better, no worse and yes sometimes corrupt. It seems that every time people assemble, get power and raise money, problems start. But we do need city, state, and federal government and each has a purpose. All of them have corruption problems and we are not going to eliminate any of them because of it. We should just get out act together and demand higher ethics and refuse to support/pay for corrupt behavior wherever it exists.

    Let’s not forget that corruption is people, some of us are corrupt. They are our friends, neighbours, coworkers. We all know some of of them. We might even be responsible for putting them in positions of power.

    I would rather hold on to unions who at least are trying to improve the American workers’ lives (remember the middle class?), than the federal Reserve and the banksters who only worship the dollar and somehow feel compelled to constantly devaluate it.

    There is way too much anger being directed at systems that originally came into being because of robber barons. If you think the robber barons are gone you have had your head in the sand for too long.

    We need unions and we need higher pay. Higher pay means more spending power, which means a healthier economy which means healthier tax coffers.

    We need import tarriffs to protect american made goods. We are the consumer engine of the world. That is our power, where and how we spend our money.

    In case you were asleep in the last few decades, the rich have distanced themselves in salary inequality to 6000 to 1 when a 6 to 1 ration whould satisfy anyone’s needs and make for a much healthier society.

    Healthier tax revenues mean we don’t need to cut back on education, healthcare and the arts which, let’s face it, are what makes great civilizations. Football, baseball, basketball and hockey are the diversion which they get you to pay for in multiple ways. High priced tickets, expensive sports clothes or anything endorsed by pro athletes, and expensive bonds to constantly pay for new stadiums. And these sports and their supporters seem to be getting more brutal and unethical as the years go by.

    We need to focus our energy on cleaning up the coruption in the systems that have been fought for and created over the years to better our lives.

    We don’t need to abolish the EPA. We need to make sure the people in charge there are not working for the polluters with promises of employment with them as soon as their terms are up.

    We don’t need to abolish the FDA. We need to insure that they work for our protection and acknowledge the connection/responsibility between the big agra/petro farming industrial complex and our health and therefore health care costs. You are what you eat.

    Come on Ben let’s not act stupid and once and for all let’s make the right choices.

  • stephen a.r. clinton

    hi mr president ,
    good morning fellow T.S.A. flyers .i am glad today is the united states of american congress has won all across the oceans and african at large …the t.s.a security is winning every effort to combat aerospace terrorism and anti- graft technology integration from some selfish lobyist loyalist president of the arabia kingdom…the t.s.a need to travel allong all united states soverighn country borders and skies to win completely the ceaserh fight…our world dearest president is becoming a better place…
    long live the united state of america…
    long live president bush.

  • http://deleted Claire

    Another point to ponder, a relative of mine had a union job. She missed too much work–for example, in one month she worked 12 days. This entire year she has called in absent many times. She wasn’t sick, she just didn’t want to go to work. She thought she could get by with it. She got fired. Apparently the union did not do much to help her keep her job, and I do not blame the union. I would not have kept her either. Union or no union. Now she is moaning and groaning that she was fired for “no reason.” Give me a break. She got exactly what she deserved. If a person has a good job, take care of it and do what is right (no pun intended).

  • Gray

    Unions are for whoever they get the best deal from. I will never forget when Southwest Ambulance employees refused to take extra shifts, (not a strike, they still worked their 60 to 90 hour per week scheduls), and the union sent in scabs to cover the “bone cars” left uncovered, giving Southwest Ambulance the win over the union local.

  • Abby

    My home town Bethlehem,PA. was quite prosperous when I was a kid. (I am now 83). We had quite a few industries in town. For example Silk mills, Laros, Modern and Eagle, were 3 located within 6 blocks of my home. There were about another 1/2 dozen located around town. My two sisters were employed by Laros which was a block down the street. The union attempted to moved in. They selected Laros, who was the most predominate woman’s apparel factory. Your wife may remember it. The union made their DEMANDS and threatened to strike if Laros did not meet their DEMANDS.

    Mr. R.K. Laros informed all in attendance that he is keeping the silk mill operating to provide jobs for all who are willing to work and he will not comply with the union DEMANDS. He added that if the Union decides to strike I will close the mill. The Union called a strike and Mr. Laros personally turned off the electricity and locked the door. Within a few years all the silk mills in town were gone.

    Mack Truck Company. The Union made several DEMANDS that the Mack Truck company would not agree to. The Union informed Mack that if they didn’t meet their DEMANDS they would STRIKE. Mack didn’t meet their DEMANDS the union went on strike and Mack shut down the plant.

    The Bethlehem Steel had several disagreements with the Union. The one that wiped them out was the DEMAND for a CLOSED SHOP. It was a nasty strike. The workers divided into 3 groups.
    Group One- Workers who kept on working, they were called Scabs.
    Group Two- Workers who went on strike.
    Group Three- Worker who stayed home. My Dad was in this group he told his boss. When the strike is over call me back.

    What was interesting was, people in Group One were being attacked, cars and homes were being damaged. This resulted in people ending up in the Hospital. This resulted in the Union claiming Police Brutality. The local paper went to the hospital and wrote an article. What I though was interesting it appeared that the people in the hospital were not from the Lehigh Valley.

    A few other union related items I think are interesting.

    One day I was cutting the grass in our back yard when Pop came home from work, he was working the 11 PM to 7 AM shift. I could tell he was a bit disturbed. I asked,” What’s wrong pop?” He said “I was chewed out by a Union flunkey.” I asked what did you do? He said he changed the light bulb in his cage on his crane. He was told he should have stopped work, notified the Electrical Engineer and the “Engineer” would change the light bulb.

    Several weeks later I was working on my homework and Pop came home, he was working the 7 AM to 3 PM shift and he was a bit annoyed. I asked what the problem was and he told me he was chewed out again by a Union flunkey. I asked what did you do this time? He told me when he arrived at work his crane was fitted with a clam shell bucket and the task was to move sand and stone from gondolas at one end of his crane run to the other where they were doing some construction work. He made one run and when he came back he called his chain gang together, had them remove the bucket and he utilized the double hoist on his crane to move the sand /stone one gondola at a time. Needless to say it took considerably less time. When they were done they took a coffee brake and he notified the office they had completed that task and they were ready for the next one. A union Flunkey showed up and chewed out Pop informing him that this job should have taken at least a week to complete.

    Years later I was home on leave when my brother dropped in. He was taking something to a friend and he asked me if I wanted to ride along. I said yes and we went to a place just north of my parents home. The place was at a higher elevation at the north end of town. I noticed a large steel building that was being constructed just across the field. I went over to look at it and I noticed the beams being used were from Japan.

    When my brother came out after delivering the item I said. “What is it that I do not understand, I am looking through the skeleton of this building, and I can see the Beam Yard where you and Pop are crane operators. These beams come from Japan. To get here they load them on a ship, bring them across the Pacific, through the Panama Canal up the Atlantic to Philadelphia, put them on a truck and dump them off here. Had you or Pop loaded them on a truck it would be less than 6 miles. His answer was quick and to the point. Japanese steel is cheaper due to labor cost.

    One last item I thought interesting. While home I was talking to a class mate who was a draftsman and later was one of the lead draftsman for Bethlehem Steel. He informed me that Bethlehem Steel lost out in their bid for the new building that will be built in New York City, known as the Twin Towers. He also told me he was amazed at the many places that corners were cut. I didn’t think much about it at the time, thinking he was a little disappointed because they lost the contract. After the Twin Towers fell down I thought about it again.

    If you ever come east to Bethlehem you will notice a long rust belt along the south side of the Lehigh River. In the center when you cross the bridge over the river you will see a nice new Casino. A short distance behind it is the rust pile that was the crane my Dad and Brother used to operate.


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