London takes hard look at nuclear power


LONDON, March 2 (UPI) — Nuclear operators in the United Kingdom will have to put money aside to address waste costs in the country’s evolving energy strategy, a secretary said.

British Energy Secretary Edward Davey said polices that would ensure nuclear energy operators cover the cost of waste and decommissioning means the public won’t have to pay the price.

The government of British Prime Minister David Cameron sees nuclear power as a vital part of a balanced energy mix.

“It is secure, low carbon and will support thousands of jobs in construction and operation,” Davey said. “But there will be no subsidy, operators will be required to put money aside from Day One to meet future cleanup and waste costs and we intend to substantially increase operators’ third-party liabilities.”

Davey added London was committed to taking a lessons-learned approach to its nuclear legacy. Delays by the government in addressing nuclear liabilities and the military origins of early nuclear energy work meant nuclear power was more complex and expensive.

“This kind of short-sightedness cannot and will not be allowed to happen again,” said Davey. “We will not place a costly new millstone around the neck of future generations.”

Spencer Cameron