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London Riots Highlight Need For Preparedness

August 12, 2011 by  

Advice for how to stay safe during rioting was released by the London Police following the first incidents.A fatal shooting of a young man led to rioting in London as citizens reacted to the death of Mark Duggan with violence and mass protest, according to the BBC.

While the death of Duggan was the main cause of the rioting, there were several other factors as well. A general anger and animosity against the government, high unemployment numbers and the growing gap between the rich and poor were among the many reasons that London residents took to the streets, the news outlet reported.

The state of the English economy and general unrest present in that society have shed light on possible reactionary movements that could spread to the U.S. It is important that Americans know how to handle themselves in a similar situation, if the authorities are unable to gain control.

Advice for how to stay safe during rioting was released by London police following the first incidents. The organization expressed concern that citizens need to avoid unnecessary travel, give the emergency services room to operate and stay out of public areas where individuals may become vulnerable, according to a police bulletin.

Citizens should stay in contact with family and friends, and should carry items like cell phones and identification with them at all times, noted London police.

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  • http://aol Mike

    I notice that the racial and ethnic demonic is missing in reports on the riots of the “desparate masses”.

    This insurrection has been enabled by a nation that has disarmed its’ citenzenry of both the means and ability for self defense. Citizens are effectively, “sheep for the slaughter”. To defend oneself becomes the greater crime.

    Picture a scenario where citizens are allowed to defend their persons and property by use of deadly force. It would not be pretty, but I suspect the outcome would be very different. The courage of the mob evaporates when the cost is high!

  • Alex

    Amen to that.

    It’s important to carry a cell phone, they say. That’s so you can call someone who DOES have a gun to come and help you after you’re already stabbed, clubbed, or just dead.

    But not to worry. Caesar Obama crossed the Rubicon not too long ago. We now have a 20,000 man standing army on American soil so that we can have martial law in an instant when the people finally show the government that we’re pissed.

    And I suppose if he’s so inclined, he’ll just declare himself dictator for life.

    That’s what happened to the last significant Republic. But it took them over six hundred years to get to that point. We did it in under three.

  • J.M.R.

    alex i agree but i heard he had a 1 million man army to protect his sorry dick-tater ass.

  • eddie47d

    England is considered a thriving country with a fairly good financial balance sheet,yet these riots happened anyway. What other dark secrets are they hiding or any other country for that matter.Frustrations are running deep all over the world and economics are tying us all together. When our Stock Market tanked in 2008 the world suffered. When Greece defaulted the world suffered and they had riots also. It all comes down to the moneyed elites who have become as dishonest as the sun is bright. They either refuse to see the world around them or they have so much wealth that they feel stealth and immune to the disparities. The chasm seems to be widening so it is up to the individual to be prepared. The wealthy don’t care and those who don’t have can go off like a firecracker in all their anger.

    • granny mae

      This is the beginning of the global society that all these rich elite are so determined to have. Problem is when one country goes down they will all go down because there will be no-one standing strong to help the rest pick up the pieces when the weaker fall. Obama has insisted that we all be equal. Well the problem with that is you can’t raise one person up to that of others you can only lower others down to the poor ! Obama has just about got us there now. If Washington doesn’t get smart soon and impeach him. I think most everyone in DC is afraid of him and maybe they have reason to be !

  • AJ

    Eddie have to agree. It’s the global elite that has to be taken down. Not our idiodic greed ridden polititions that they buy and use for their own adgenda. This huge money group of elitists cause the majority of our problems and then offer solutions that rob us of our rights and tell us it’s for our own good. Instead of arguing ideologies we need to ban together and go after that 2%. Oh and by the way they don’t pay taxes.

    • FollowerofJesusChrist

      2% + polititions AJ. One thing we all over look is, getting to know our neighbors. I don’t mean the people next door, or across the street. I mean the people in the town next door. Where would you rather stay in an emergancy? The Supper Dome in New Orleans durring a hurracain, or a livingroom of a new friend in Huston, TX., or Battenrouge, LA?

      Maybe a viset to the local churches in the towns next door on Sunday, while you have time, is a good idea to find a friend that has the same interest in helping. Then you may offer up your livingroom in their time of need. And make new friends.

      The 2% + plan is in the mix, can you help.

      • granny mae

        That might just be a good idea !

  • Zermoid

    “should carry items like cell phones and identification with them at all times, noted London police.”

    Yeah, so the cops that find your lifeless body know who you were and who to inform of your death.

    • granny mae

      Most likely because those cops over there don’t carry guns either ! They sure can’t stop anyone. They even have to get permission to use water cannons on rioting mobs ! Say What ?

  • don

    People rioting and stealing because of economic conditions? If it were not necessary to tax the hell out of anyone with a job to support these sorry SOBs there would not be an economic problem. Load them all on a boat and send them back to wherever. If they rioted in their mother country they would be shot!

    • granny mae


      On the news last night they said they discovered that people were not rioting because of economic conditions. Some of the teenagers that were arrested made statements that , that was what they were doing but when they finally got down to facts, the kids that were arrested were from families of means. In fact one woman discovered her daughter was in on some of it because she saw her on the television and when she got home the mother called the athorities and turned her in ! This stuff gets started usually by someone or ones being paid to get things started and once it is started they leave and the mob takes over never really knowing they were set up to act this way. Think for a minute about the actions of a pack of dogs. They can roam the city streets for hours and never bother anyone but let one dog get set off by another dog or a human yelling at it and the whole pack begins to act as a whole ! They will all begin to act in a frenzie and it doesn’t stop until you can separate them into individuals and run them off. They feed on each other ! When you have a one world government that is what will happen. No nation is allowed to be self suficient ; they are all connected so when one falls they will all fall. People for what ever reason that want to control the masses will manipulate their actions just by starting something, knowing that people will always react in the same way. People that is , that are easily excited and follow the croud. When ever you put a large number of people together it is easy to get them to react in a negative manner if that is what you want. When you get large people to react in such a way then the government can come in and eliminate large numbers of them under the guise of trying to control the masses, then they will declare martial law and continue to control for however long they want. When people fight back then they come in and confiscate their guns. It is much better to investigate a political candidate and know for sure who and what they are from the begining and avoid all this foolishness in the first place. We haven’t done that in a long time and we sure do need to start before it is too late if it isn’t already. I think someone is stirring the pot in all of these nations around the world because it just doesn’t make sense that they would all fall apart and riot at the same time ! Someone is starting this mess and they are using the teenager to do it because they can be manipulated the easiest. They have a lot of energy and so whoever justs points that energy in the dirrection they want it to go and bingo major riot started !

  • Song

    I think what you are seeing is the result of decades of liberal “group think” which breeds anarchy. I doubt very much that the economy has as much to do with the “anarchy” witnessed in the streets as much as the complete breakdown of nationalization, pride and expectations of a moral, civilized society which have been broken down for decades now. The youth laugh at the police because they know the police are powerless and they have bought into the mantra of the liberal propagandist lies which have been effective in creating division, disharmony and hate. The looters and rioters have succumbed to mob behavior simply because they can, not because they are starving.

    • granny mae

      You have it exactly right ! It is easy to stir people up if you just keep telling them that they don’t have the things they should have because someone else is holding them back; so if they act in such and such a way they can either take what they want or they can force someone else to give them what they want. Not because they need it or have worked hard and earned it but because it is owed them for nothing so lets take it or force some rich person to pay for it for me ! I have no use for people that are too lazy to work and earn what they need or want.

  • theonethatknows

    Not to mention the fact that the person shot was an ARMED DRUG DEALER!Good reason to riot?! Bunch of lazy bums! Two things to always carry with you…a gun, and a cell phone, to call the coroner!

  • exbobbie

    My 90 year old Mother and all of my relatives live in Nottingham and have witnessed the mayhem there. My youngest brother has a broken arm and wrist as a result of an attack (he drives a bus). The rioting and looting in Nottingham has nothing to do with the shooting in London and NO, there is no “other dark secrets” being hidden in England. These actions are being carried out, mostly, by ignorant, lazy, welfare fed b-st–ds who saw an opportunity to do some early Xmas shopping, or get some items they wanted because they had spent their welfare money on booze and drugs. The liberal spin that these morons were doing this because they are disenfranchised and poor is total liberal crap. The majority of these lowlifes are on welfare, or are from welfare families and pay nothing for their food and housing and live better than the average working family. I get the impression from talking to my brothers, that the overall opinion of the public is that they want the police let loose to deal with these animals and that doesn’t work, bring in the ARMY and I agree. Lets hope that we can learn something from this here in the U.S.

    • granny mae

      I agree with you but I do believe there is someone behind this whole thing stirring the pot and getting them started. Someone is benefiting from all this but I don’t quite know who. There is always someone that will make big from manipulating others; and who better to stir up than those on welfare ? They always feel that the world owes them a living. Someone has an agenda and they are making out like a bandit, usually it is high up and has to do with power ! When they get the power then they can force people or even countries to do what ever they want. People like George Soros do these kinds of things just for the sport of it. Just because they can !

      • fedup

        Quite possibly there could be someone behind starting the ball rolling, but for the most part these rioter are nothing but a bunch of thugs. They are just waiting for the chance to go out and steal and terrorize people who have nothing to do with the situation.
        Take these ‘flash mobs’ here in the U.S. What if the working class people were to create an anti flash mob mob and when they start terrorizing people at a state fair or wherever, the tables were turned on them. How funny would that be to see a bunch of thugs flex cuffed lying on the ground hollering about their civil rights being violated.

        • granny mae

          you just brought back to my mind of a situation like that , that happened years ago in a little town we ilved in . There were gangs of teens that were coming out from a bigger town and they would show upat just about dsk and rome the streets and cause a lot of trouble and throw stones and all kinds of things at cars and people trying to get home from shopping and so forth. Well this went on for almost a month and we didn’t have much of a police force nor did we have a jail. Well a bunch of us CB’ers got together with the mayor and one evening about six of the towns people with big dogs got together and three went to the south end of town and three stayed at the north end, which I might add was all of four blocks long, and on a signal, they got out of their trucks and went side by side , walking their dogs down the street towards each other, as they did the police chief sat in his car and announced that the good time was over permanently and if the teens didn’t leave they would be arrested as soon as the men with the dogs got to them and they would be taken to the jail in the near by bigger town. Several left but there were about a handful of die hards trying to show bravery. They were arrested and taken to jail. There were some angry parents that night when they went to get their kids. One of the store owners had been taking pictures of the teens for several days. That was the last time that ever happened . The men got together and walked the street every night for the next week and then they just made a show of being around in the park for a while and things finally got back to normal again. That was one time that the tables were turned on the troublemakers !

  • chuckb

    the british can blame no one except themselves for this problem. back in the seventies they opened the door for people from the carribean and africa to flood into the country and before they awoke to what was happening the lifeboat had been swamped. remember good ole lyndon johnson threw open the doors of america to these same people, if the british won’t take you we will. now both nations have an over abundance of welfare recipients.

    when you take away the free living, well what do you expect, they loot and burn. remember the watts riots, rodney king riots, katrina. these people don’t need much to start looting and burning. until force is used it won’t stop. the way things are going you could see these riots breaking out in most of our larger cities. i suggest we arm the liberals and let them control the streets and protect the stores and business. lol, they would refuse the arms and try to appease them with more welfare.

  • exbobbie

    I agree chuckb, however it started in the early 1960,s. I worked at Heathrow Airport in 1963 and witnessed all of the immigrant flights from India and Pakistan. I saw the money being handed out to these people as they arrived. There is an area in Nottingham that my Mother and my grandparents lived and I visited every Sunday when I was a lad, if I entered this area now I would probably be shot and NO I am not joking, it is rife with drugs and shootings are common place, I don’t need to say who lives there, but if I said it,s a dark place you’ll get my meaning.


    As aghast as the world is at watching these thuggs, communist and islamic freaks destroy property, loot homes and biz, rob people in the street in jolly old England, where guns are banned, here in the states this behavior may net these kind of nuts a barricade with armed citizens behind them and a intent to protect by force.

    Make sure your state has a right to carry law and put a stop to criminal antics…

    • exsbobbie

      ONTIME I do hope you are right, however I live in LaLa land (California)so you know what my chances are of getting a CCW permit, ZERO. Having said that, I know many people who own firearms and if circumstances warranted it, would not hesitate to use them. I would certainly be behind the barricades with them.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Look to the people to work for change. do like a couple of the other states have done. sue everytime they take your rights away! Peelousy is in your state and that will make it an uphill battle, but TAKE IT TO THEM!!! I donate to a couple of guns rights group, the NRA and the NAGR!! TRY!!!!


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