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Lobbyists Urge GOP House Leaders To Replace Centrist Committee Heads

December 2, 2010 by  

Lobbyists urge GOP House leaders to replace centrist committee headsA coalition of conservative lobby groups is pressuring House Republicans to keep moderates from controlling key panels in the next congressional session, according to The Washington Times.

GOP leaders are picking committee leaders for the Republican-led 112th Congress, which begins in January. Several large lobby groups have launched public campaigns against centrist candidates for leadership positions. For example, FreedomWorks opposes Representative Fred Upton (R-Mich.) serving another term as the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee because the organization believes Upton has not done enough to cut Federal spending.

A faction of more than 20 lobby groups has opposed Representative Jerry Lewis' (R-Calif.) candidacy to become the top House appropriator because of his past voting record of thwarting attempts to cut back wasteful appropriation bills. Lewis currently has a party-imposed term limit that is set to expire at the end of the year, but he has petitioned the House Republican Steering Committee to waive the rule.

According to the news provider, the American Conservative Union sent a letter to House Speaker-elect John Boehner (R-Ohio), which said that if Lewis is granted a waiver, "it would be a signal to the millions of independents and members of the Tea Party movement who took a chance on Republicans in the election, that you have ignored their message of change."

The American League of Lobbyists (ALL) recently released a new video that details the importance of the lobbying profession. The video, titled "Lobbying: Your Constitutional Right," explains the role that lobbyists play in demanding transparency, accountability and integrity from elected government officials.

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  • FlaJim

    This is very important. Congressmen like Fred Upton are further left than many Dems! The old seniority system needs to be scrapped. Do any of us really trust McCane, Snowe, Collins, or Graham for example? The all vote with the Dems so often, I think they’re bucking for aisle seats so they can sit a little closer to them.

    • Bleh

      FlaJim – “The old seniority system needs to be scrapped. Do any of us really trust McCane, Snowe, Collins, or Graham for example?”

      The real question is do any of us give a crap about seniority?
      I sure do not. I only care about whether they are real conservatives or not.
      So yeah the old seniority system needs to be scrapped.

  • Norm

    The majority of Americans are on the slight right side of center politically.
    We don’t need the radical right or left to lead anything.

    • Raggs

      Oh now thats funny!!! So what the hell do you think obama, pelosi and reid are? Do you still have that chill running down your leg?

    • Warrior

      Hey Norm, did you catch that little episode the other day with Rep Buyer in congress? He’s the only guy in the room and the absolute dimwit democrap chair woman is taking orders from behind the curtain. I guess it’s referred to as “Lame Duck” for a reason.

      Yea, these progressives are sure a fun group wouldn’t ya say?

    • Socrates

      The seniority systems, and House/Senate Rules deny equal power and representation to the great majority of members. When are 435 representatives going to discover that they can literally void the House Rule book and write a new one?

      I assume Pelosi has so many records or illegal and immoral acts, bribes, pay-offs, etc, that no one currently in the House dares oppose her. When we replace enough of the cowards and conspirators, perhaps the House will discover that it is the governing body of the United States, not a democratic or republican re-election committee.

  • http://com i41

    Norm, either you are socialist democrats or a rino democrat. This senority system is just more union styled crap. If you don’t have a spine to have core standrads of of saving this USA you are a closet memeber of the National Marxist Communist Democrat Union Party and all their socialists idoits. Senority system lets congressional crooks gain too much control and run the beltway like their personal feifdom. Every election they all start out the same rank and no senority ranking. The rinos cave to much to socialists and their records show facts and more of the government control mind set. Notice the 2 idoits who were talking cuts didn’t, mention anything about cutting beltway smucks salaries and agencies that stifle business and job creation. Plus these 2 pukes were back on the the fed payrolls, and any citizen could have told the worthless Congress and the marxist muslim moron to cut programs be given instructions to creatr jobs by the private industry, not the government wonks.

  • Dennis

    If the republican leadership in the house puts RINO’s in committee leadership positions, they will pay along with the democrats in 2010.

  • eddie47d

    Are you ever going to get off that moonshine i41? The reality of seniority is that the one who has been in the longest is USUALLY the one who knows the most. Whether it is in the government,private business or even the military. It’s called incentive, no matter what job you are in and I think most can agree on that. Now there are exceptions and I’ll give you a good one. Why do we have so many corporate meltdowns here in America? Why are there so many Ivan Bosky’s and Angelo Mozilo’s? We have too many corporate elites with their overpaid salaries and even bigger pensions.They are more focused on wealth for themselves rather than creating jobs. So much for your private industry being the good guys! But of coarse you did have your usual anti-Obama spiel. We could put buck pvt. Manning in charge of things (you know ,New Blood). That didn’t work out too well now did it?

    • Anthony

      Eddie – you danced all the way around the real central-core reason as to why these Botsky’s are here in this Country.

      It is not the Corporations that are to blame – it is the Central Bank.
      Everyone marches to the wishes and advisements of the Central Banking System.

      Everyone with the exception of Ron Paul, that is……

      Corporations aren’t doing anything different than what the FEDERAL RESERVE has been getting away with since 1913.

      Try going to the core of this Country’s ills.

    • Bleh

      eddie47d – “The reality of seniority is that the one who has been in the longest is USUALLY the one who knows the most”
      The reality is that they are also the most likely ones to have been bought or blackmailed.

      2 – 1 what else you got?

  • Vigilant

    “We have too many corporate elites with their overpaid salaries and even bigger pensions. They are more focused on wealth for themselves rather than creating jobs. So much for your private industry being the good guys!”

    eddie, once again your ignorance is showing. “Corporate elites,” a you call them, are compensated on how well their corporations fare under their stewardship. Whether they are overpaid or not is of no concern to you unless you ownstock in the corporation.

    Does it make sense to you, or anyone, that a corporate leader would impair his chances for continued compensation by hurting the corporation he works for? Only government can afford to do that, since they get paid whether or not they look out for the well being of the electorate.

    • eddie47d

      Vigilante; They do it all the time and seem to even brag about.It’s like king of the hill or last man standing.

      • Vigilant

        And I repeat: whether they are overpaid or not is of no concern to you unless you ownstock in the corporation.

  • http://com i41

    Eddee, if what you said about being an Indian and a government ward. It would make total sense. The only time senority counts is if you are the owner of the business. I have worked in to many private businesses from all sizes and different industries, and that does not hold try. It is what you actually know and can do, not the damn senority. That is unless you are working in a union shop. The longer you can drag your a$$ and screw off to get senority, then it counts. In private businesses , it is your effeincy of doing any job, how well you can supervise, work with people, and turn out a good product or finish a job. Reservation mentallity does not work except in union jobs or governemnt programs. Prime example was Sheets Byrd and Fondling Ted the drunk Kennedy, as for that matter any democrap. :ong a beltway stays the stupider the get.

  • Anthony

    Several things come to mind here, with this Article —-

    1. Lobbyists (?) are who is supposedly advising the Republicans (does this mean conserveatives?) to replace those “centrist” Committee Heads .. for the express reason of what?

    — to then bribe their preferences onto these subcommittees?

    This Article smacks of Rothschild innuendo. What is it that Jerry Lewis has going on as head of his Committee that would fail if he were to step down as the rules state he must?

    This write-up most certainly “could have” had more detail and depth to it. It alludes to many things – and no, this is NOT conspiracy nonsense.

    Understand one thing – the machinations of Congress have always been kept from public discussion since well before my lifetime. It is NEVER truly discussed in layman’s terms on the 6pm News Hour. you have to do some serious research before you find out what would make you a smarter citizen in the Gov’t & Econ Class.

    Just today, I read that the Senate Food Bill (S.510) has failed the process, dead in the water due to “blue slip mistake”

    Learn more:

    Now…. How many here, really knew what a blue slip is, in Congress and what rules does it abide by?

    There are many other instances about Congressional Procedure that could (and should) be openly discussed in Forums such as this, let alone the Evening News. THAT would take away much of the power of all Lobbyists, let alone these Hamiltonian Federalist Politicians.

    2. “Lobbying: Your Constitutional Right,” explains the role that lobbyists play in demanding transparency, accountability and integrity from elected government officials.

    How many of you, here, actually buy this bourgeios nonsense? It smacks of pretending to say one thing, while hiding the real intent. We have known for generations that Special Interest lobbying Groups have OWNED Congress in spite of how we may vote in ANY election.

    If a Law does not prevent harm from happening – we all know that’s exactly what its true intent was all along. My entire lifetime, this has been the case when it comes to any Laws that have been put on the books. And, the ones we have in place (?) are usually ignored and hardly ever enforced, as they usually support the citizen over the Federal, or Draconian State.

    3. WHAT NEEDS TO BE WATCHED OUT FOR – in this newest version of the Republican Congress — and I need to be very clear here….

    We must watch out for the machinations of THE FED, who will (and have) setup this ‘other’ Party, to be the scapegoat of their Communist One World Agenda. Since the imposition of THE FED, we have seen all actions in our Government focus on Dem good, Repub bad. The fact that the DEMs have been the more fascist thru the years, erspecially in matter of National Finance … it is only when the Repubs commit something fascist that the DEM-favoring Media will highlight that fact. THIS IS BY DESIGN. IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN.

    If you care about the Tea Party efforts and your Constitution, I would offer that your vigilance be escalated in monitoring your elected officials, on practically a daily basis, or at least a weekly basis … and this FOOD BILL is one very good reason why.

    For the Liberals on this website – it is YOUR DEMS who are working to take away every citizen’s gardening rights …. I’m not hearing anything from your side of the fence, either.

    I don’t focus much on the nonsensical left/right paradigm – but in this situation, one can hardly avoid it. Yes, I know many Repubs are also voting FOR that FOod Bill. The fact remains, the DEMS are STILL in power …. so they are most culpible.


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