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Lobbyist Kryptonite Doomed Supercommittee

November 23, 2011 by  

Lobbyist Kryptonite Doomed Supercommittee

Much to no one’s surprise, the supercommittee turned out to be anything but super.

There was never any real intention by the members of the committee to make cuts of any significance. Making real cuts would have made the lobbyists unhappy, and Congress is all about keeping the lobbyists happy. Now, the blame game begins.

The truth is that the whole process was a charade from the start. It’s more Kabuki Theater from the political elites who want a wedge issue to use in an election season.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats have any interest in cutting off their gravy train: Fiat money from the U.S. Treasury to the lobbyists’ pockets and back into the political elites’ coffers.

K-Street was the supercommittee’s kryptonite.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Useful idiots, shills, career criminals and do-nothings do not a good government make, folks. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t yet understand that it’s not possible to BUY good government?
    Those certified LOSERS get paid HOW MUCH to do WHAT? We have the POWER to be RID of them but we can’t bring ourselves to DO IT?

    • Lost in Paradise

      Hello S.C.. What is your Power to be rid of them? I would really like your answer.

      • David Joseph

        Lost in Paradise… Are you serious? It’s called elections. All that we, the People, need to do is remember all of the misdeeds of the current raft of professional politicians we have sent to Washington, D.C. and, in the next election, vote for a replacement. It is time for the American People to focus on who we are sending to Washington, D.C. and for citizens who understand and truly support the Constitution and the Biblical basis of our Constitution to run for public office. I, for one, am considering just that.

        • waveform144

          “It’s not those who have a vote who have the power…it’s those who count the votes”…

        • mark

          Yes but the problem is that the American people who vote for them are practically as corrupt and two-faced. The American people want all the services and benefits they can get from federal and state gov’ts, but they also want their taxes lowered. As long as this is the message that politicians consistently get from the electorate, what do you think they are going to do?

          • Patriot1776

            I want my taxes cut. I’ll earn what I can earn, I don’t need the government or anyone else giving me a hand-out. It is big government that causes the problems, then the scum suckers and leaches attach and everyone wants more.

            Vote out these thieves, replace them with new, and turn over the compost pile every election.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            Kindly do not lump all of us “American people” with who is to blame for the fiasco this country finds itself in.
            Not all Americans want a Nanny/Mommy/Daddy governance and those of us are mature enough to want the government to do only what is permitted it.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Good reply and as realistic as it gets.

        • BOBBYPAUL


      • former walmart person

        Simple, we vote out all incumbantants even if it means voting for a new democrat. If the new batch messes up, then we vote them out. 100% turnover EVERY ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        The American people, however, are stupid. Everyone hates everyone else’s CONgressman except their own. Everyone loves their own congressmen… Congressional approval is like 12%, 20% AT BEST, yet the turnover every election is no where near 80%. Why??????????

        • Iris

          You ask “WHY?” and the answer is that the generations following ours are uninformed OR educated by the very folks we need to get rid of. OUR generation needs to educate our own children and grandchildren!

        • Old Henry

          Actually former, I think Congress’ approval is at 9% and the re-election rate is around 95%.

          We may be in deeper than we realize as Stupid if forever. Ignorance can be fixed.

        • Iva Raggon

          Most people automatically vote party line rather than outing the incumbent by voting for another party. washington needs the shock of dumping as many incumbents as possible in BOTH parties.

          If someone has been there too long and is proven and ineffectual slave to party dogma rather than what is good for our country… OUT.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            People vote the Party that identifies with their ideals or values. Democrats are very strict in who enters their Party ranks and they weed out psuedo Democrats.
            Republicans have always tried to be the Party of the “play nice, be nice” and that brings on the false Republicans who are in reality Democrats. Republicans can’t seem to be able to unload the phonies.

        • mark

          Take a look at our history. Our governments have been corrupt and deeply flawed in every single year of their existenceour since their very first inception following the Revolutionary War. Gov’t is a man-made institution and man is fallen, corrupt, and deeply flawed. What else do you expect? In a democracy, you get the government you deserve.

    • wandamurline

      The super committee was doomed before it started because of the Demorats and RINOS they put on that committee. They never intended to reach a deal….it was cooked up so the military budget is cut drastically so we don’t have the military we need to defend America….notice the ineligible POTUS has said he will veto any bill that wants to stop the cuts to the military….does this surprise anyone? Well, in 2012, we can vote his @zz out of the White House along with the Demorats and RINOS and we can stop anything we want when we have “real” representation in WAshington and the stopped up, smelly sewers have been roto rootered.

      • Old Henry


        We could cut 40% from the Defense budget and still maintain a strong defense of our COUNTRY if we shut down ALL overseas bases. The war has been over for 66 years. We are BROKE. We should not be playing World Cop.

        • Jeep

          OH, I know you are a true patriot and a man with wisdom to spare. But, consider our overseas operations as an investment. It is much more expensive in lives and money to set up shop overseas when the need arises. Of course, there are those who will not understand that protection of America can either start in Afghanistan, or it can start in New York. My point is we can defend our country from our shores, or from ground far away. Personally I prefer to hunt and kill bad guys on foreign soil as opposed to digging them out of Pensacola or San Diego. At least, in Kabul collateral damage doesn’t include include our kids.

          • mark

            This is an absolutely ludicrous argument. Better to fight a massive local Islamic insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan than to fight one back here in our cities? Have you been completely brainwashed by the Pentagon and right-wing paranoid loons? THERE IS NO massive locally supported Islamic insurgency in our cites. Because there are no Islamic fighters or large pro-Islamic population here to support them. Those who are fighting our troops in the Middle East cannot simply get on board 747s and fly over here in their thousands with their weapons to fight us. Plus they have no support base over here which is absolutely necessary for a viable insurgency. They also have no nearby Islamic states on the North American continent to smuggle in arms, money, and supplies as in the Middle East. Neither Canada nor Mexico are Islamic terror states and they never will be for ten thousand years. I can’t get over how many Americans fall for this crap. “Fight them over there – or fight them over here!” It is a totally false argument. They said the same nonsense about the Vietnamese which similar brain-dead lemmings fell for. The North Vietnamese and Viet Cong had no navy. They had no effective long-range air force. How could they ever come from 10,000 miles away to fight in the United States which has the strongest navy and air force in the world? Yes, our enemies can carry out an occasional terrorist attack on our soil (though they haven’t launched a major one since we tightened up basic security after 9/11), but the idea that Baghdad or the Tribal Regions in Afghanisan could somehow be replicated here in the states is pure paranoid delusion that allows our Pentagon to sucker the American people to supporting any mindless war they can come up with. Sending our troops overseas in massive numbers to the Middle East only worsens our security as it stirs up and creates future terrorists who might launch attacks on us or on Americans overseas. But the idea of thousands of Islamic guerrillas fighting in our streets as they do in Iraq and Afhanistan is absolute crapola produced by delusional, brain-washed stooges for the military-industrial fear machine.

          • Patriot1776

            Jeep, good reply. The best defense is a strong offense. The only way to keep Americans safe at home is to maintain a strong presense throughout the world. It is if we are perceived as weak that we are in danger. Like if we had a president that went around appologizing for our country and claiming that it’s citizens are lazy…

          • Old Henry

            You’re right Jeep, the collateral damage does not include our kids, but it does include somebody’s kids. How about all the inocents Little Barry and Hillie-Billie murdered in Libya?

            We have no right to be occupying other countries. How would you like it if Mexico / Canada / China / Russia occupied our country?

            We have treamendous missle capabilities from air, land and sea. If a country attacks us here, we remove them from the planet without setting foot on their soil. Do that once and I am sure a second time will not be necessary.

            I saw a clip today on Brass Check TV where Little Barry was stating that we are now sending 2,500 troups to Australia! It is supposedly to protect our shipping lanes from China.

            WE ARE BROKE. It is time to end the World Cop role and time to quit feeding the military-industrial complex with borrowed $ my kids / grandkids will be saddled with.

            These other countries hate us because of or incessant meddling in THEIR business.

          • Old Henry


            “They also have no nearby Islamic states on the North American continent to smuggle in arms, money, and supplies as in the Middle East.”

            You are correct, but come to think of it they do have Holder and the BATF. So maybe Jeep is closer to the mark than we thought…

          • RogerW

            “At least, in Kabul collateral damage doesn’t include include our kids.”

            Maybe not collateral damage, but certainly DOES include “our kids” as primary combatants. We have lost more than twice as many of our young service men and women since 9-11 as we lost in the World Towers disaster, plus many more maimed and injured. Not to mention the incredible expense.

            Mark is right on with his excellent post!

          • Vigilant

            mark said “They said the same nonsense about the Vietnamese which similar brain-dead lemmings fell for. The North Vietnamese and Viet Cong had no navy. They had no effective long-range air force. How could they ever come from 10,000 miles away to fight in the United States which has the strongest navy and air force in the world?”

            Get a grip, mark. You must be the only person in America who ever heard such palaver. NO ONE ever said that N. Vietnam posed a threat to the U.S. A bit history-challenged, are we?

    • Old Henry

      Speaking of useful idiots here is an interview with a former KGB agent who has a lot to say on that topic.

    • David Flodquist

      You don’t need a PHD in “Obamanomics” to know Obama created the “super committee” as another distraction from reality.

  • Phil F

    Dumbocrats didn’t want an agreement. They wanted total failure so they could blame the GOP for the failure in the next election and the lame stream media will help them do that.
    It’s still the spending and always will be the spending. The dumbocrats don’t have a revenue problem they have a spending problem, aka addiction. If Obumbler and the dumbocrats aren’t thrown out we won’t have an America.

    • Robert Smith

      Reality to Phil F who claims: “Dumbocrats didn’t want an agreement.”

      In fact The Super Committee failed because of Republicans.

      Their number one, non-negotiable priority is to protect millionaires and billionaires from paying even one more penny in taxes.

      Fact: Democrats repeatedly offered to make deep spending cuts.

      Fact: They understand that taxes on the wealthy and closing corporate loopholes (Bush tax cuts for example) are the ONLY way to increase revinue.

      The Republicans refused again and again.

      Even though the vast majority of Americans say they want to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits the Republicans refuse. If SS had been privatized when the markets crashed they would have been wiped out.

      It’s the Republicans who have been extremist.

      Remember, during our highest growth years in the 50′s the highest tax bracket was 90%.

      If the current “system” of trickel down is working WHERE ARE THE JOBS?



      • Jeep

        Wow Rob you know so much about closed door negotiations! Are you psychic? Or, did you get all your info from CSNBC?

      • guidepost

        Uninformed, misguided, stupid reply. That is one of the reasons America is doomed.

        • guidepost

          My reply was to Rob who like his liberal gang will stay in the blame mode for all their misdeeds leading to the destruction of America. Now, Obama has another group to blame…that is why he appointed the stupid committee! America is the neighborhood of the great and its up to decent minded American voters to make sure Liberty keeps bending over our cradle.

          • talkinbout

            Seems to me that this website is all about the “blame game”.

      • Patriot1776

        Rob, not to burst your highly economic education, but, you state that the only way to create more revenue is to increase taxes. The other way to increase revenue is to have more people working, thus more people paying taxes. To get more people working, we need less government, i.e. eliminate government regulations that strangle the growth of industries and chase them to other countries because it is cheaper to manufacture there.

        Trickle down isn’t working because obama and his attack the wealthy programs prevent companies from investing in growth because they have to pay obama’s taxes. More money paid to government to be wasted means less money for companies to invest in growth and hiring workers. Less workers equals less of a tax base. Less of a tax base equals less tax revenue. Less tax revenue make the liberals tax the wealthy more (except themselves of course) and the cylce repeats just like flushing the toilet.

        • Robert Smith

          Posted: “Trickle down isn’t working because obama and his attack the wealthy programs prevent companies from investing in growth because they have to pay obama’s taxes.”

          Trickle down didn’t work for Bush either. That’s when the bubble burst.


      • Old Henry

        Well Rob, there is NO revenue problem. There is a spending problem.

        The DC criminals steal close to 1.5 TRILLION dollars from us each year and still want more. Everytime they get more, they spend more.

        Plus, THERE WERE NO CUTS. All they talked about was cutting the rate of INCREASE in spending.

  • CP

    Well, Phil, I will say the Republicant’s went in with exactly the same idea in mind. If Obama wants it, it must be bad, so we don’t let it happen. They are singing the same song the Tea Party has been singing ever since they got a taste of power, “Obama MUST GO.” All else falls by the wayside in their urge to get him out of office, even the security of this country.

    • Patriot1776

      The treat to the security of this country is obama. He pardons drug dealers and prosecutes law enforcement officers. He wants to tax “the rich” who he panders to as he campaigns at $10,000 a plate dinners. He prevents “shovel ready” jobs like the oil pipeline while crying about republicans not passing his jobs plan. He is the problem.

      • Robert Smith

        You want a pipeline before bridges are fixed?

        People die when bridges fail.

        Shame on you.


        • Joe H.

          People who can’t heat their homes in the winter, die, as well!!! Slowly and painfully! Yes people die on collapsed bridges which is worse??

  • Ted Crawford

    The amswer to this problem is simple! Please note that I said “simple” not easy! My first consideration, with regards to anyone running for office, at any level, Federal, State or Local, is are their policies good for America! If not then I can’t vote for them, no matter how they might benifit me.
    This comming election process will not be easy for me. I would very much like to support Dr. Paul, but I can’t! His glaring blind spot on foreign affairs in general and the nuclear proliferation in the Middle East specifically will not allow me to! If he becomes the Republican candidate for President, for the first time since 1968 I will not vote for anyone for President, I will complete the rest of the ballot however! That is simple but it very definately will not be easy!!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Ted Crawford,

      You write: “I would very much like to support Dr. Paul, but I can’t! His glaring blind spot on foreign affairs in general and the nuclear proliferation in the Middle East specifically will not allow me to!” You have a gross misunderstanding of both Ron Paul’s stance and the actual threat. I submit you are stuck in a vortex of conventional wisdom fed by the propagandists in the corporate media that are spouting the lines of their military-industrial complex masters. They have cowed you into fearing a Muslim under every rock and supporting global war.

      Look back over the last 40 years of foreign policy and ask yourself if our interventionism in the Middle East has made us safer, or less so. I submit we are less safe. Yet you advocate more of the same, or even a ratcheting up of the saber rattling and warmongering. I urge you to read Paul’s stance on national defense:

      Best wishes,

  • Marlene M

    Name calling is not the answer. The case could easily be made that the GOP wanted total failure so they could blame the President in the next election and Fox News will help them do that.

    The answer is to contact your representatives and tell them of your concerns. If they do not vote the way you think they should, then vote someone else in. Perhaps your representative is hearing from constituents that do not agree with you and he or she is voting for the positions that the majority of the voters in your district have called or written about. Perhaps your representative is just voting the party line to keep his or her job. Do your own research and then vote your conscience. It’s the American Way!

    I do agree that it is sad that everyone thinks the other person’s representative is the problem and not their own and the percentage of people who turn out to vote is pathetic.

    • LES

      Writing your Representative is useless. Some flunky is going to read them and put them in a circular file. If you should get a reply it will simply be Obama’s talking points.

    • Robert Smith

      From Marlene: “Perhaps your representative is just voting the party line to keep his or her job.”

      And that is the Republican party line.

      That “tax pledge” is outdated but they are still cowards.


  • RichardF

    Who possibly expected this “Super Committee” to accomplish anything? It was staffed by the same corrupt, incompetent, bribe taking, insider trading political cronies that caused the problem in the first place. After all, who allowed Wall Street to run rampant without oversight? Washington politicians. Particularly The House Banking Committee. Who forced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to give out mortgage loans to people who they knew couldn’t afford to pay them? Washington politicians looking for votes. Who took billions of our taxpayer dollars to bail out incompetent auto manufacturers? Washington politicians. Who has been allowing our manufacturing to leave the country for decades? Washington politicians. Particularly with their stupid incompetent programs like NAFTA, and Favored Nation Status’. Who can’t seem to pass any bill to improve anything in this country? Our corrupt, incompetent Washington politicians. If we are to see any improvement in this country, we need to get rid of any politician that has been in office for more than one term. We need to vote in NEW candidates that put the people ahead of their own ambition. We need to stop voting for Democrats or Republicans to clear out the corruption in Washington.

    • Buddy


      Hmmmmmm, you may be on to something there — nice post :)

      “No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.” ~ Mark Twain

  • sbrown1128

    With great power and responsibility should come great cosequences. I believe they should all have been told that if they did not come up with a proposal, they would automatically been kicked out of Congrss and never be let back in!

    • Patriot1776

      The Constitution says that all legislation for spending must come from the House of Representatives. This “Super Committee” was an abomination to the Constitution and a failure of Congress to do the job we sent them there to do. They have all failed, obama, congress, all.

  • Al

    Insurance lobbies paid off the congress to pass Obamacare. The Arab oil lobbies fund the environmental lobbies to stop us from producing our own oil. The Agricultural and retail lobbies keep us from securing the border and eliminating the aliens. When we find a way to get rid of lobbies and a congress that takes bribes we will solve our problems.

    • Alicia

      the insurance companies wanted nothing to do with health care reform because it will affect their profits. Now they have to take people with pre-existing conditions that might cost them money.

      • talkinbout

        Insurance companies also have to spend at least 80% of the money they take in on patients and not on their own bonuses.

        With the stipulation that health insurers must insure people with pre-existing conditions people could actually wait until they are sick before they buy health insurance, which would ruin the insurance companies. That is why there is a clause that everybody must have health insurance and why people who can’t afford it can get help.

  • home boy

    maybe now ya’ll will realize that no matter who is in office the problems will continue. get rid of politics.

    • Robert Smith

      And put in what home boy?

      What’s YOUR plan?


  • Phil

    The “super” committee was designed to fail because it was comprised of a group that would ultimately end in a stalemate. Besides, Congress (which was entirely controlled by the Democrats for 4 years) could not or would not come up with a Budget for the nation. That’s irresponsible! Then they turn over their responsibility to a sub-group and tell them to come up with $1.2T in savings over 10 YEARS! And they can’t do that?? They actually took the easy way out because these cuts now are automatic and don’t take place anyway until after the next election (along with all of Obama’s other legislation designed to kick in after 2012 or 2013). Both sides need to clean house. But the same politicians that are major contributors to the problems stay in office and in positions of power. Look at Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi, for example. Seriously. How do intelligent people make majority decisions to elect such incompetent people like this to positions of power and influence??

    On the other hand, as a staunch conservative, when I listen to commentators say that we can’t possibly cut $55B/year out of our enormous defense budget, it makes me shake my head. Then when I hear that we cannot possibly cut anything from one of our other sacred entitlement programs, I likewise shake my head. Is there nobody in our Congress looking at what is happening in Greece and Europe? Our elected officials need to start “doing the next right thing” and doing what we elect them to do. But if the constituency elects them because they promise to give them whatever they want – instead of what needs to be done – that’s where the root problem is. How about permanently ending the shameful practice of lobbying for dollars? How about immediate reprimands or tossing out of congressmen and women who violate these basic ethical principles? The problem is that the foxes are minding the hen house! Maybe our schools ought to start teaching Chuck Colson’s “Doing the Right Thing” as part of any leadership/business/academic curriculum?

    • Old Henry


      Good points. We must remember, there are NO cuts being proposed, triggered, forced. There are only REDUCTIONS IN INCREASES. Cuts is an outright LIE.

      • Robert Smith

        Except for the Bush tax cuts that have put us into this hole.


        • Jeep

          Rob, you make me laugh! I can always count on your “blame Bush” response. You are a funny guy. Do you have a picture of Bush on your dart board at home?

          • Vicki

            What would truly be interesting is to see Robert (or any liberal) explain why the Reagan tax cuts, which were MUCH larger, had the opposite effect.

          • Robert Smith

            He Vicki, if there was anything “trickeling down” where did the jobs go? Why are the rich getting so much richer and the rest of us are sliding?

            Check out:

            It’s an explanation about how Reagan is wrongly given credit for anything. It was interest rates that kept a lid on inflation and kept things going, not the gipper.


          • Joe H.

            “where are the jobs”? They are sitting on dirty harry’s and nancy peelousy’s desk stamped DO NOT READ!!!

    • Thinking About

      How can you say the Congress was controlled entirely by Democrats for four years when the truth is the Democrats had a majority but not the super majority in the Senate? Control does not come with a majority, it requires 60 to pass. Congress members are holding up everything, I was happy to see two new members of Congress, namely Rubio and Coons, actually understanding their jobs, compromise and working together gets the job done. It is time Grover Norquist start paying those who work for him and we could save a lot.

  • Manwarm

    We never had such a big military, and certainly not so many big security agencies. Lets cut the military back to pre WWII levels and cut back security agencies much further. One thing that delayed Pearl Harbor in Japan was the saying there that in the US there is a rifle behind every blade of grass. We only need all the military and security agencies because the people don’t have guns any more. Remove all the unconstitutional blocks to the second amendment and issue veterans and other tax paying citizens the rifles and handguns in the military inventory and encourage them to train and to carry at all times. The people will take care of terrorists as they do best and no foreign power will dare invade.

    • Old Henry


      The Japs idea of so many armed citizens in the U.S. is what kept them from invading the west coast after they hit Pearl. It was no deterent to attacking Pearl.

    • Robert Smith

      From Manwarm: “Remove all the unconstitutional blocks to the second amendment and issue veterans and other tax paying citizens the rifles and handguns in the military inventory and encourage them to train and to carry at all times.”

      It’s already in place.

      Check out:

      You can find there under CMP Sales: “The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is a U.S. government-chartered program that promotes firearms safety training and rifle practice for all qualified U.S. citizens with special emphasis on youth. Any U.S. citizen who is legally not prohibited from owning a firearm may purchase a military surplus rifle from the CMP, provided they are a member of a CMP affiliated club.”

      I’ve got my M-1.


    • Jeep

      Manwarm, just keep in mind that defense is one of the few things our Constitution says congress CAN do. How about we cut all the crap they are not supposed to be doing?

      • Patriot1776

        Exactly Jeep. We eliminat the FDA, the EPA, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Education Department. All of these attempts by the government to restrict business growth and send industry over seas. Then we need to redefine “entitlement”. What on earth entitles anyone to receive and income without earning it? Why does the government take our tax dollars and give them to millionaire bankers to support their failed business? They didn’t bail out farmers who lost their farms in the 80′s, they don’t support the thousands of small business owners who don’t survive. Our tax dollars shouldn’t have been used to float the banks. If they don’t make the right decisions, they fail and they move on. Instead our tax dollars get poured in and they get extravagant bonuses.

        I won’t even start on the pay of government employees or why it is that Washington D.C. has the highest average income in the country.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Robert

    What a shock …. the “super”committee did not accomplish anything …. surprise, surprise!!!! I just don’t know what the Amercan people expect from a group of politicians and not one leader among them. Our society has gotten so nilly-willy, that there is not one person among us that will take a stand and make a decision. I heard there were 2 types of leaders …. one who sets a path and leads everyone in that direction and the other is one who sees what was the crowd is going and then gets in front. Unfortunately all the politicians in Washington, Democrat and Republican, are a bunch of wind-bags. Our country is lost because middle American is sick, sick, sick of all the corruption and greed and just will not vote for a Democrat or a Republican. Since those are the only 2 choices …. we just won’t vote.

  • Old Henry

    It had better start to be about keeping the voters happy, or in less than 50 weeks they will have more to worry about than unhappy lobbyists.

    As an aside here is a link to a debate where Ron Paul actually got to speak, and speak well.

  • Cawmun Cents


  • http://libertyalert fejesjr

    Let us remember the wise words from Thomas Jefferson:”Tyranny is fear of the government, by the people.” Liberty is fear of the people,by the government.
    He also said a revolt is needed every 50 years, to keep the government straight.
    People let’s get started, we have our work cut out for us!

    • Old Henry


      Great idea. However, it takes some organizing.

  • Dukeye

    We, as a citizenry, have been trying to “vote the bums out” for a very long time now. There are always more “bums” waiting to take their place. Look at even the ‘protest’ factions – how quickly did OWS and the Tea Party get co-opted by establishment liberal and conservative forces?

    This is why Ron Paul focuses on ideas and philosophy. Crazy things like Rule of Law, you know the Constitution and all those ideas considered antiquated by criminals in D.C. and folks dumbed down by our education system. Yes, we can and should continue to do our best to put honest, principled people in office; but, without addressing the fact that without strict rule of law and adherence to personal liberties, those in power essentially have ARBITRARY power (executive signing statements anyone?) and will ALWAYS find ways to abuse it.

    • Robert Smith

      Dukeye says: “and folks dumbed down by our education system.”

      Yup, garbage like creationism.

      Where worrying about gawwwwwd is more important than math.

      Remember, teaching math has allowed landing on the moon. Teaching religion lands planes in buildings.

      And let’s teach (age approiately) about sex, birth control, etc.


      • Vicki

        Robert Smith writes:
        “Teaching religion lands planes in buildings. ”

        The teaching of CERTAIN religions lands planes in buildings.
        The teaching of other specific religions kills millions of the most innocent.

      • Patriot1776

        The teaching of math didn’t land man on the moon. Yes, math was used. But the major resource used was the brains that the Good Lord gave to men and their willingness to use it for a good, common purpose instead of perversion. Without God there is no man or moon or any of the millions of chemical reactions that it took to put the man there.

        It is the poor teaching of the math and the sciences and the inaccurate teaching of history that is dumbing down the students.

        If your theory is true, then education from private religious schools should be much worse than the public schools.

        • Robert Smith

          Check out ONE PUBLIC school that had to close recently, Far Rockaway in NY, NY.


          Baruch Samuel Blumberg (born 1925), winner of the 1976 Nobel Prize in Medicine.[11]

          Joyce Brothers (born 1928), psychologist and advice columnist; graduated in 1943.[12]

          William F. Brunner (1887-1965), Congressman’[13]

          Richard Cohen, columnist for The Washington Post, class of 1958′[2]

          Richard Feynman (1918-88), winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965 for his work on quantum electrodynamics.[14]

          Carl Icahn (born 1936), financier and billionaire.[15]

          Jeffrey Laitman (born 1951), Anatomist and physical anthropologist, Distinguished Professor of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, President-Elect of the American Association of Anatomists.[16]; class of 1969

          Nancy Lieberman (born 1958), basketball pioneer.[17]

          Bernard Madoff (born 1938), convicted of large-scale fraud, founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC.[18]

          Kenneth Alan Ribet (born 1948), mathematician.[19]

          Burton Richter (born 1931), winner of the 1976 Nobel Prize in Physics.[2]

          MC Serch (born 1967 as Michael Berrin), hip hop MC and former member of 3rd Bass.[20]

          John Warren (born 1947), former member of the New York Knicks.[21]


  • http://Boblivingston Lyle McDaniel

    Phil, that is exactly right. One of the biggest problems in America is we have educators. When any one goes to vote he is not at all interested in what will be for the good of the country, but he zeroes in on his own iterests. Normally to no ones benefit, which is evedent by our recent past

  • clarence swinney

    Cut dem taxes. Cut dat spending.Started in 1980 cut taxes cut government.Reagan increased Govt by 80% and Bush by 92%.We borrowed 14000B helping the rich who now own America
    10% own 70% net Wealth-70% fnancial wealth-get 50% income
    Simple ratio–
    Each in 10% get 700 to 18 for each in 80% in net wealth
    700/7 in financial wealth
    500/16 in income
    Folks! you may read all you wish but those are the numbers today
    and put us in third world distribution

    I ask only prove me wrong with facts numbers not opinions achmed swinney boom

    • Jeep

      Okay. I’ll make a deal with you Clarence. When obama pays back the billions of tax payer dollars given to big corporations and in grants to failed companies, I’ll let you take from my back pocket the few thousand that the Bush tax cuts (now the Obama tax cuts)let me keep. Yeah, that sounds fair. Obama has to pay back taxes confiscated from the people, and I will have the IRS invade my bank accounts to take money from me that I earned. Good plan.

      • Robert Smith

        Obama wanted the 99% to keep their tax cuts.

        The Republicans twisted his arm forcing the cuts to remain for the fat cats.


  • bigsue

    Until the nefarious incentives to get into congress are REMOVED (pipeline to get rich, insider trading, free perks by lobbists, etc.), people will keep doing everything they can to get there! * We should cut the term to ONE 6-year term. (Don’t sell your home and move to Washington because you will be housed in nice dorm type space on Capitol Hill across from your “OFFICE” and you can walk to work to do the people’s business.) * Your healthcare will be the same as ours. (What a concept!) How dare you assume that you should have “special” health care. * Also, your pension will be social security just like ours. Any ‘extra’ money in your pension will be put back into the general fund for social security since you most likely got it by insider trading which is illegal for the rest of us, but not apparently for you – go figure. 60-Minutes just did a story on that last week!
    * Social Security will be a dedicated fund that CANNOT be raided to pay for other nonsense. Lobbists will not need to hang around you because you won’t be here for very long to establish all those little rat holes into which your illgotten payoffs are sent. When your service to your country is done, you will go back home to your community. * ONCE OUT OF OFFICE,you will NOT have a government pension for life – what rubbish that is! * The salaries of congress people will be VOTED ON BY THE PEOPLE. No more automatic, secret, increases voted by the congress people themselves. Who granted THAT privilege? We need to remember that in this country, Congress WORKS FOR US – Not the other way around! Until we stand up and do the correct things, we will continue to be hammered by people of little moral fiber. Thomas Jefferson ALSO said, “GOVERNMENT THAT CAN GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANT, CAN TAKE AWAY EVERYTHNG YOU HAVE.”

    • RogerW

      These are all great ideas Bigsue, but how in hell are we ever going to get them implemented? Guess who makes the rules? They aren’t about to vote away their benefits.

  • guidepost

    When are you liberal blockheads going to realize that Obamacare is the enemy of seniors. Obamacare cuts $500 billion from medicare and the AARP backed his plan so they can sell more supplemental plans. That, my fellow blockheads are the facts. We have a very ill-informed voting block in this country. And, to boot, tha Republicans are letting Obama get away with all this garbage. Throw all the bums out!! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    • mark

      Yes, but the $500 million is going to be cut out of Medicare INCREASES in spending over a ten year period and is supposed to include savings from new technology and digitalized records sharing plus sharper monitoring of Medicare fraud. Physicians are also supposed to take a small cut in some of their fees. You make it sound like Obama is going to cut $500 billion in one year which is TOTALLY FALSE and would amount to a 90% cut of the current Medicare budget of $540 billion. It is more like a $50 billion a year cut from Medicare INCREASES (Overall Medicare spending is projected to rise dramatically over the next 2 decades which is a very small percentage of the overall annual Medicare spending of nearly $540 billion this year. And this current year Medicare spending will top $1 trillion in annual Medicare spending by 2021 even after taking into account the $500 billion cut. This cut is part of a vastly exaggerated fear-mongering campaign sponsored by Obama’s opponents. For the facts, see:

  • DumbStruck

    Personally, I think it’s all about money and lobbyists, whom I think ought to be banned from practicing their ‘trade’–perhaps the second oldest profession on earth. Corporations CONTROL federal agencies, e.g., FDA, EPA, etc. and Congress with their fancy lunches and dinners such as now are being offered to U.S. Supreme Court Justices who should know better than to accept and should recuse themselves from the ObamaCare case. Lobbyists deep pocket contents have a way of either being heard or talking. Either way they get their money’s worth at the price of the ninety-nine percenters, I think, and many citizens seem to be clueless how that works. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • bob wire

    “People to focus on who we are sending to Washington, D.C. and for citizens who understand and truly support the Constitution and the Biblical basis of our Constitution to run for public office. I, for one, am considering just that.”

    I am not aware of the biblical basis of our Constitution. Let me pull that up ~ hang on a sec.

    Sure enough ! I found PROoF ~ that some clergy is willing to pontificate such a basis exist!

    “Why is America the freest nation in history? Because our Founding Fathers remembered an important fact: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is I.”

    Well if you insist! I’m convinced ~ no more proof necessary! ☺

    This is more of an attempted encroachment of the church into government then anything else. An attack directed straight from the pulpit. No doubt these views have their supporters, but I am not one.

    An attempt to slip under the gate of separation of church and state and establish dominion in the foundation of government. Much like the attempt in sneak up a woman uterus to establish dominion to live metamorphism by government. Talk about catching the early bus!

    If you cannot win dominion by being the church, we need a church/ government like the Taliban? ~~ I just don’t think so ~ but when you do get to heaven, drop me a line, a postcard with a few lines,~ “I told you I was sick!” or something like that.

    The super committee failed because they didn’t have super powers and some of them had made prior promises and commitment that offered a serious conflict of interest to any and all resolution making them unfit to serve on such a meaningful committee.

    But to be sure of their disingenuous design, the GOP was offered a world of entitlement cuts if only they might bow down and worship revenue increases from the 5 % wage earners. Nay! they say, get behind me, you demorat and don’t you push! They refuse to forsake their almighty lobbyist and compromise their integrity as loyal blood suckers and boot lickers.

    If you ever want anything accomplished by someone else, they “must have” the “authority” that matches the responsibility. These congresspersons did not have such authority but they did have a check coming on the 1st and 15th regardless of any outcome, which made the whole process seen as feasible.

    I don’t know how you want look at this, but we now have 1.6 trillion over the next 10 years in budget cuts coming regardless. This will be handed off to another administration in much the same fashion as “W’s” tax cuts.

    It’s not enough, but it is a start. Somebody is going to lose a nice job somewhere.

    If America would get back to work and start address what needs to be done, ~ all of these money and budget issues would grow much smaller in quick time. We’ve done it before, we can do it again.

  • http://Boblivingston Lyle McDaniel

    Man the stupidity continues to flow. One example is the Rob guy says,,about wanting a pipeline when we need to fix bridges Where in the corn bread hell does he think the money comes from to do the infrastructure. The govt. does not build the pipeline using up all that tax money…That pipeline by private enterprise,, creates many thousands of jobs to be taxed heavily by govt, to build bridges. The problem here is the fact that some big greedy non caring co. or corp. might make some more money that they wont share with us deadbeats.exceptional intelegence being exposed here..


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