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Liz Cheney Utterly Destroys Norah O’Donnell on “Torture”

May 23, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Paul Trood

    What would you think this conspirator to say? She would always stand up for her disgusting, corrupt father. Love to waterboard her!!! Not torture my ass!!!

    • Kevin

      Why aren’t you crying for Pelosi to come clean? Because you have no guts!
      The truth hurts Paul, doesn’t it.

      • Paul Trood

        The truth doesn’t hurt me “MATE”, I live in Australia far removed from your totally corrupt congress and senate. Pelosi couldn’t come clean if she used a wire brush, she is as bad as the rest. Your system of government is a fraud on your society and has been for decades. The sad thing is Americans are either too stupid to see it or just too apathetic to insist on change. God help you all.

        • Truth Seeker

          Unfortunately, you are right.
          Not “all”, but many…..

          Sadly, you are right.

        • Kenjo

          Hey Paul what have you done about your government taking away all of your guns. Perhaps you people “down under” can show us by example how to take YOUR country back from the criminals who run it.

        • Paul Trood

          Kenjo, unfortunately the only people in Australia with guns are the criminals. Our weapons were taken away in a knee jerk reaction to a killing of many people by a lone gunman in Port Arthur Tasmania.
          I wish we could help the U.S. by example but our politicians are deeply flawed and only vested with self interest.

        • Brant

          Since you live in Australia, STFU about America, “mate”. Get a clue.

          Did you know that American Navy Seals and Special Ops are waterboarded as part of their training? Obviously not.

          And your implied idea that the Aussie government is not even more corrupt than the quickly deteriorating current Democrat-infested American one is is simply stupidity on your part. Your penis envy over the Americans screams loud and clear.

      • Kenjo

        Kevin face it Pelosi and Cheney are BOTH slimebags.

    • http://aol donachuk

      You have missed the point She is quoting the memos not protecting her father. Nora is quting the retiric of the far left.

  • Dawn

    I see! Many in this country have no problem with Daniel Pearl being decapitated or e how our citizens are treated and torutured by extremist all they care about is that we waterboarded our ENEMIES a procedure we use on some of our millitary personell in training because we know if they fall into enemy hands they will be subjected to torture in the most extreme!

    Personally I am sick to death of those who scream waterboarding is torture! I have been emotionally tortured daily since 9/11! So what if we waterboard those who want us all dead! I have no empathy or sympathy for any human who, with intent , wants to or does any harm resulting in the death of any person!

    Who do we really care about here – our own – or our enemy?

    • Paul Trood

      What you should care about is the right to a fair trial for EVERYONE. Selective justice is no justice at all.

      • Peter Melville

        Enemy combatants are not entitled to trials, they should be treated as spies and executed. Only uniformed soldiers are even covered by the Geneva convention. Political correctness is insanity at best.

        • Truth Seeker

          If you approve torture for others, you approve of them torturing you too.

          Think before you speak. You have no idea what situation you may
          encounter in the future, and you could be next.

          There is a reason torture is against the law.
          The reason is to PROTECT innocent people.

          It has also been proven that torture DOES NOT WORK.
          The tortured will say anything to make it stop…..
          “anything” is not valid, important information…..

          Additionally, these morons will lie and say they got valid info because they
          need to justify BREAKING THE LAW.

          • Richard Koch

            True is, whether we waterboard or not, if I am taken prisoner by some radical group, I know that I will be tortured and probably killed. Our policys will not have much effect either way on how people as captives will be treated.

            If I could do something that could possibly save your life, wouldn’t you want me to try ANYTING, or should I simply stand there and watch the event play out. I think it’s quite a compelling circumstance for both don’t you think?

          • Ray

            “It has also been proven that torture DOES NOT WORK.”

            Please cite your verified sources for this statement.

        • Paul Trood

          Everyone is entitled to a fair trial, the rule of law is just that. To make your statement means you are as bad as Bush and his cronies. As T.S. say’s beware the knock on your door.

        • Kenjo

          It sounds like Peter would make a great “enemy combatant” . What do you think Peter?

    • Peter Melville

      Good on you!

    • Kenjo

      Well Dawn the problem with torture (waterboarding) is that you can make someone tell you what you want to hear. As a matter of fact I would bet that it would take less than a minuite of waterboarding to “compel” you to say whatever your torturer wanted you to say. After WW2 we EXICUTED Japanese for waterboarding our soldiers. Torture is useless to get at the truth but useful as with the media in manipulating people. Based on what you have said that manipulation has been successful on you. Concerning the beheading of the reporter, of course that’s beyond horrible. But what about all of the innocent people in Iraq who have been murdered even though Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11. Our government has been corrupting and manipulating forigen governments for decades. What would you do if red China invaded and overthrew our government, I would bet you would do ANYTHING to get those bastards out of our country…..just like they are doing to us. We should be focusing on who was really behind 9-11 our “friends” in Saudi Arabia and our own government. I know you can’t confront that at this time but after you get your vacciene for swine flu this summer you may change your mind (it is designed to reduce the population by 5 billion. In other words KILL YOU). We need to quit fighting amongst ourselves (democrats & republicans) and realize that every administration for at least 50 years has been rotten to the core (including the current one) and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!

      • Dawn

        Sorry to dissapoint you but I won’t be getting the flu shot or any other vaccine. You are barking up the wrong tree if you think I don’t have a clue what our government does according to who is passing the bucks for what they want it to do! I am a registered nurse and have seen much… more than you can imagine on the effects of medication and vaccines… You seriously have no clue along with millions of other americans! I do suggest you try to keep your conspiracy theories a little bit more controlled lest you be diagnosed a paranoid schitz…

        I disagree with some of what you say but also agree with some. It would take me months to gather all of my research and try to condense it into a short, sweet all inclusive rebuttle here, but I just don’t have the time with all the emails, petions, and phone calls I am making on an almost daily basis to my state reps., etc.

        I will tell you this I am sick to death of those who blame our country for everything and madd as hell at them also especially our own citizens that do it! We are hated and attacked because our own citizens degrade and berate us! Our government lacks greatly but I can tell you this much I thank God that I live in this country and no other!

        There are some facts of life that nobody can change – try that one on for size.

        • Kenjo

          Wow Dawn you even contradict yourself and by the way you failed miserably in addressing the points I made. I guess you’re just going to keep your head in the sand. So Dawn is waterboarding torture? We exicuted japanese for doing it so what do you say?

        • Colleen

          Please educate me re: the swine flu vaccine. I am NOT a fan of vaccines and won’t get the swine flu shot, but I was intrigued re: the statement re: designed to kill many folks. I am not doubting this, but I am not aware of the research and information. Please do share. I am not the best informed citizen (though certainly not the worst), but I read the site and am trying to learn. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • Truth Seeker

    She makes me sick, I can’t even listen to her whole speech.

    These’people’ should be exiled out of this country permanently.

    • Paul Trood

      Here, here Truth Seeker !!!

      • Peter Melville

        Where is the pity for 3000 innocent souls lost in the World trade center? Complaints may be the fodder of those whose hearts are empty.

        • Paul Trood

          No empty heart here mate, what happened on 9/11 is one of the worst atrocities man has inflicted on man. I happen to believe the official story is B.S. along with 60% of New Yorkers. The failings of the security systems on that day is BEYOND belief. I just hope one day the real truth is uncovered but hold no unrealistic beliefs that it will, just as the history books record JFK’s death was at the hands of L.H. Oswald. Both are historical myth.

        • Kenjo

          My heart aches for the loss of those at the World Trade Center (at least those who were NOT warned not to come to work that day) I tried to go to New York to help out but fortunately for me I was unable to make it (I probably would have gotten Asbestosis as many rescue workers have due to our government LIEING about the air quality there). My heart also aches for those innocent people in Iraq and Afganistan who have been murdered by our troops and Blackwater mercinaries who had NOTHING to do with 9-11!

  • Peter Melville

    I am not sure what to say Mate. I am afraid that the deceiving has only begun.
    I see trouble a’ coming.

  • Dawn

    We do not live under a ‘One World Order’ as of yet and I pray we never do! This is the United States of America and we are the people of this Great Nation! Yes, we have our faults but they do not begin to compare to our strengths! We have made our share of mistakes, but we have done more good around the world than any other country!

    I am begining to believe our biggest nemesis are our own citizens who’s hearts bleed only for the murders and low lifes in this world – these nemesis who want nothing more than to see our country covered in the blood of slain Americans who believe differently than they!

    • Kenjo

      Dawn I agree that we must stop the “one world order”. But to do that we must must must stop listening to mainstream media and quit voting for criminals like Clinton,Bush,McCain, and our latest Facist/Commie Obama. I believe our biggest nemesis are our own citizens who elect criminals to crongress and the presidency and are too ignorant/arrogant to see to what level our great nation has degenerated to. So Dawn wake up and confront the truth!

      • Dawn

        Wake up and confront the truth – LOL You amuse me! I am a conservative! I abhor mainstream media and don’t give them a second thought! I am a free thinker. I have always thought for myself and have never been spoon fed information from any source! I question everything and everyone – I was raised to do that. I sure did not drink the kool aid with this last election and I did my best to get the word out to other not to either! Right now I am focusing on getting this usurper out of office. Are you aware of all the law suits being filed trying to force him to prove his nationality?

        I usually don’t say much – I try to keep my comments short and sweet as the less said the more likely others will go out and do their own research and study… the way it should be.

        • Kenjo

          Glad to hear that you “did’nt drink the kool aid” and yes I am aware of the lawsuits. So Dawn who did you want for president?

  • Peter Melville

    The atrocities supposedly commited by our Troops is largely fiction. I served 15 years in the Army. Our soldiers are pretty much a cross section of America and are well trained to survive in combat while maintaineing American vaules.
    In Iran, North Korea, and central America, the militias and especially rebels use murder, torture, and rape as a tool to cause havoc and fear in the people.
    Most American troop haters know little about our military except when they hear on CNN. Cowards are morel likely to abuse power than brave soldiers.

    • Wyt Raven

      WHAT AMERICAN VALUES???? The rest of the world would like to see ANY values coming out of your country!!! They seem to have been lost, swollowed up by big business and the so called ‘American Dream’….you ppl are TOO expensive for the rest of the world to pay for!

      • Colleen

        Huh!!! Please explain your anti American rant. America is paying for too much for the rest of the world.

  • Peter Melville

    Actually I have never had to kill in combat. But I would be loyal to my fellow soldiers and fight with them against the enemy.

    • Wyt Raven

      which enemy, Peter?? Its your government who tells you who to fight…so which enemy would you stand against?
      Or is this another case of an American being paranoid they’re ‘being followed???’

  • MMcFM

    Lynne Cheney did a fine job of defending our nation’s interogation techniques.

    The first responsibility of a nation is the defense and safety of its people.

    If the United States continues to ham-string its interrogation efforts and erode it’s resolve to engage in espionage and intelligence gathering we will continue to be substandard in our ability to defend our people and insure their safety.

    Compromising our safety has absolutely no impact on ingratiating ourselves with other nations. Instead, it just leaves the United States increasingly vulnerable to the aggressive, unchecked, unscrutinized, unrecognized threats to our national security. When the inevitable assault on our nation occurs, I guarantee that Nancy Pelosi, Norah O’Donnell and Barack Obama will be trying to blame the very interrogators they have intimidated with threat of prosecution, and prevented from being successful because they legalized providing humanitarian aid and comfort to the suspects incarcerated, and conversely criminalized interrogation techniques. The rest of the world will just laugh at our worthless attempts to curry their favor by compromising our national security.

    They are nothing but useful idiots.

    • Wyt Raven

      your national security is not at stake…your govt has lied, lied, lied….the biggest threat to your ‘national security’ is the ignorance of the American public.
      Meanwhile the rest of the world suffers because of it….

      • Colleen

        If America does not get back on track–the rest of the world will certainly suffer along with us.

        We are the gravy train.
        We are the most compassionate and generous.
        We protect them and defend them.

        If you are American and frustrated at the state of things, say so and propose solutions. Name those you hate. Be mad at masses swayed by propaganda, be angry with corrupt politicians etc. But please don’t spill out Anti-American venom on us all. Only those who LOVE America will find and struggle to achieve the solutions. If you ARE American-(and you DON’t sound it)-take your venom elsewhere to some other country–see if you can do better. I doubt you will. And you can spill your venom out on them.

  • minnie

    You go girl, GREAT JOB, Norah ODonnell did not have a clue what she was suppose to say. Liz Cheney YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • Tasha

    The Title should actually read: Norah O’Donnell Utterly Destroys Liz Cheney. She clearly contradicted herself on numerous points, what’s with all the logical twists and turns she has to make in order to get her argument to sound like it works.
    As if we weren’t tired enough of the ex-veep creep himself, now we have more of his daughter than we could ever possibly digest. With her massive media blitz, it’s hard to keep track of all of Liz Cheney’s many lies.
    I’d like to know why Liz Cheney thinks anyone should believe she’s privy to any of the information she claims to have knowledge of other than receiving talking points from her father.
    She’s obviously not telling the truth — I mean,the very first thing she says is that “nobody who’s talking about this in the press has specific knowledge of detainee treatment.” That’s an absolute lie — FBI agent Ali Soufan testified days earlier before Congress that he had first-hand specific knowledge of how the detainees were treated. She knows what she’s saying isn’t true, and yet she continues.

    What gets me is the fact we HAVE proof that Cheney did exactly that.

    The CIA questioned the validity of many of the things Cheney has called “fact”:

    1) His “pretty well confirmed” Atta/Prauge myth was denied/debunked by the CIA, but that didn’t stop him from repeating it.

    2) The CIA said that there was no evidence of WMD’s, but he insisted there were.

    3) Joe Wilson, at the behest of the CIA, found no evidence of any purchase of Uranium from Niger, for which Cheney called Wilson a liar and outed his wife rather than change his story.

    and to think “Cheney would NEVER substitute his judgment for the CIA’s???” (please don’t insult our intelligence Lizzy!)

    He did, in fact, substitute his judgment for the CIA.
    The CIA informed his office that a detainee was compliant and ready for interrogation and his office responded by telling them to continue water-boarding. (now what spin are you going to put on that one Lizzy?)

  • Tasha

    Fact: Liz Cheney was not physically present when her father did and said what he did and said as Vice President concerning his advocacy for torture, his interactions with the CIA, and his promotion of false links, specifically a link between Iraq and Al Qaeda as well as the existence of WMD.

    Therefore: Anything she has to say about these matters almost certainly came from her father and is second-hand information.

    So why is anyone listening to Liz Cheney?

    This is classic “Cheney.” This is what Dick Cheney does. He constructs and builds momentum for a reality HE wants by he himself going out and repeating (not under oath) what he wants to be reality, and than reinforces it by having his surrogates go out and repeat over and over the same thing.

    He did it in the build-up to the war in Iraq by leaking false evidence about Iraq nukes and then hitting the Sunday talk shows the next day and pointing to it as evidence; and his surrogates were Condoleezza Rice, and Colin Powell – mushroom clouds, smoking gun, the whole nine yards.

    Libby Testimony Shows a White House Pattern of Intelligence Leaks

    So we’ve seen this tactic from the Cheney Playbook how many times now people? Either Cheney goes under oath or shuts up. Game over Dick.

    The funny thing is that now that he’s no longer Vice President, he has fewer and fewer surrogates to send out and do his bidding.

  • Tasha

    Thank GOD that Colin Powell had enough sense to recognize Cheney’s game plan, and got out of the administration. I respect Colin Powell for standing up to the TRUTH.

    • Brant

      Colin Powell is simply a racist. He does NOT stand up for any “truth”, because if he did he would despise Emperor Dumbo Obama. He is cowardly hypocrite–who still insists that he is a Republican.

      Cheney’s “game plan” was, however erroneous some of his tactics may have been at times, to make America strong again and to push back the growing menace of the lawyer-infested Congress.

  • Wyt Raven

    Heres an idea… lets sack all governments everywhere and try being adults taking FULL 100% responsibility for the world we live in…lets ZERO all debt everywhere while we’re at it and LETS GROW UP!!! The biggest problem on this planet is lack of maturity and responsibility! We dont need legislation to tell us TORTURE is wrong…we need a bloody conscience!!!

  • Manuel Dias

    Water boarding or whatever means necessary to make these thugs talk should be of no concern to anyone. I say: Use whatever means necessary to make these no good low life terrorists sing out the truth.


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