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Like Sands Through The Hourglass, So Are The Taxpayer Dollars

February 15, 2012 by  

Like Sands Through The Hourglass, So Are The Taxpayer Dollars

The nanny stateā€™s latest endeavor to save the American people from terrible blight: helping you to keep sand out of your shorts at the beach.

A new study produced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that playing in the sand during a beach outing can make you sick. A report entitled Digging in Beach Sand Linked to Increased Risk of Gastrointestinal Illness — which outlines just what the EPA does with the massive amounts of taxpayer dollars allocated for its research — determines that the risk of falling ill could increase after playing in beach sand.

The reportā€™s methodology is as follows:

In one of the first studies to show this association, the researchers analyzed 144 wet sand samples collected from Fairhope Municipal Park Beach in Fairhope, AL, and Goddard Memorial State Park Beach in Warwick, RI. Both beaches are located less than 2 miles from a publicly owned waste treatment-works outfall. The researchers then tested the samples for bacterial indicators of fecal contamination, namely, Enterococcus, Bacteroidales, fecal Bacteroides, and Clostridium, as well as a viral indicator called F+ coliphage.

The researchers also asked 4,999 people who visited these beaches about their contact with beach sand and their swimming behaviors and other beach activities. Approximately 2 weeks later, they called the participants and asked them about any diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and/or stomach ache that they and other members of their household may have experienced. Too, they asked about activities that might have taken place since the initial interview, such as going back to same beach, swimming in a pool, or eating raw or undercooked foods.

The result of the extensive research from the government agency noted a positive association between Bacteroidales and diarrhea among those who reported digging in the sand and being buried in the sand. Many of those who reported playing in the sand also swam in the water.

Not heavily noted in the EPA research is the fact that the risk of gastrointestinal illness from swimming in waters contaminated with fecal matter was known long before the 12 EPA researchers spent hours and monetary resources collecting 144 wet sand samples and conducting 5,000 interviews to reach their conclusion.

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Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Patriot1776

    At least if the EPA is expending their efforts to confirm that known issues are still known issues then they aren’t working on creating new issues like controlling dust in rural areas. I’m sure the obama administration would prefer that we would spend our time sitting in our cells reading the socialist manifesto, campaign propaganda and the wonders that he could do with more of our tax dollars instead of enjoying the beauty of this great nation, while drinking their “non-toxic” kool aid.

    • Isaac Davis

      Here’s where this possibly leads. The eventual restrictions, if not outright banning, of humans on beaches. Say it can’t happen? Ask that of all those who used to spend time on Cape Hatteras.

      Look up Agenda 21/ICLEI/Non-Governmental Organizations/which gov’t agencies now have police or law-enforcement powers/NACO/sustainable communities/Regional Commissions…and the “free grant money” that comes with playing the game with those non-elected entities we are now being subjected to without The Rule of Law.

  • http://charter MCPO J

    Why don’t they just put us in bubble suits to protect us from mother earth.

    • cawmun cents

      Because that would interrupt their law suits,which are designed to protect mother earth(its not nice to fool mother nature,remember?)from us.Although the thought does occur to me that having it both ways works to their advantage.Just take a peak at the left/right paradigm,and the madness of the divisions that causes.
      Working both sides,one against the other is a novel and new approach,right?

    • eddie47d

      Since their are contaminants in the sand from waste facilities,oil spills and even from the human body or their pets this would be a concern for some. If you have pets who tinkle and poo on your lawn you don’t want to let your child play in the same area. You can control how you clean up your own yard but a beach area is a little harder to clean up contaminants. Health issues are more important than some of you realize. Maybe you should be more concerned about laws like the one in Los Angeles where you can no longer throw a Frisbee on a beach or play football on ocean property. You get caught and it is a thousand dollar fine. That is more in line with Big Brother.

  • Sirian

    Another example of how the EPA is establishing new ā€œregulationsā€ via intense governmental research which in turn will endow politicians further control of the populace. Naw, theyā€™d never do that. . . they only know whatā€™s best for all of us – my ass!!

  • T.E.

    We’ve been so clorinated that we’ve lost our natural defenses to such pathogens.
    I once spoke to a man from Morocco who told me that they encourage their children to play near the sewage ditches. “If the don’t gain the natural immunities, they’ll die before they are 10 years old.”
    Ever see a dog or cat licking their rears? Nature has it’s ways, but sadly we chose to trust the gang greenies…(or a vst majority do)
    I’ve railed against the clorination process for 40 years.

    • Doc Sarvis

      I respectfully decline your dinner invitation.

      • Michael J.

        Doc Sarvis,
        First of all, TE did not invite you to dinner. Secondly, what he described is no more revolting than an OWS rally where all forms of human bodily functions are put on public display. Each one of these gatherings resemble a mini woodstock atmosphere complete with sex, drugs and what now passes for rock-n-roll.

        • Doc Sarvis

          So you are cool with the OWS demonstrations then.

  • Michael J.

    Holy chit Batman, fecal matter in beach sand???
    Fact of the matter is, fecal matter is everywhere in varying degrees including the toothbrush use daily (if you’re not a Fleabagger that is)too brush your teeth… That’s right, even on your toothbrush!!!

    The unescapable truth is that an infantescimile amount of fecal matter is ingested by all living creatures every day that you draw a breath on this third stone from the Sun. Persons and creatures with normal immune systems are geared too combat this reality and have nothing to fear from it.

    The EPA’s allarmist proclamation on this issue should be “Exhibit A ” in the grounds for disolution of this wasteful, politically correct, socialist bureaucracy.

    • s c

      Michael J, without trying to tell you what to do, you might ask ‘e’ if he’d step up to the EPA’s pc “plate” and VOLUNTEER to clean up various beaches. You might also ask ‘e’ if he can find it within himself [because he's so FRICKING CONCERNED about Mama Earth] if he’d VOLUNTEER to clean up the many TONS of trash that Obummer’s new voters (illegals from Mexico) leave when they enter ARIZONA.
      ‘E’ is a hardcore utopian, and his words never match his deeds, so you’ll excuse me if I doubt if ‘e’ has enough character or true COMPASSION to help with beaches or in Arizona. False ideals, pc slogans and hatred for the rest of America just don’t get results. ____ all utopians.

  • Michael J.

    What about Aspertame which is composed of bacterial fecal matter???

  • http://none Alan Richens

    Govt. spending is one of the great evils of our country. We need more comentary on the subject. Lets expose and give the election a great new twist.




    • Patriot1776

      Anything that is pro-business, anything that is pro-America, anything that would uphold the Constitution and reduce the size and scope of the government. They are shopaholics and have no concept of budgetary spending or even the concept that their funds are limited. Their attitude is that the money that we work for and earn is theirs and they can take as much of it as they want. Need more money, raise taxes. They have donned themselves American aristocrats and deserve the best that we can give them regardless of what it does to the peasants.

  • Buck

    The plan is to bankrupt the republic to allow for the instituting of socialism and the elimination of all capitalism by everyone but the government , thus ultimate control . It is irrelevant on what they spend our money and resources to do it .

    • Michael J.

      You just paraphrased the Communist Manifesto in a manner succinct enough to land you a professorship at Columbia University!!!

    • Giney Newport

      Read the Green Book By Moammar Gaddafi. 32 pages only and an easy read. World Jamahiriya. Seek the truth.

  • APN

    The only thing that makes me sick are progressives and the EPA.

  • RV

    Almost as cool as watching a shrimp run on a treadmill… I wonder which one cost us more in the long run… Neither study seems to have had any impact what so ever to improving conditions of life or benefiting us in any way in our current state of our economy…

  • Karolyn

    One of my favorite George Carlin rants is the one where he talks of how he and his friends swam in the filthy East River in NYC when they were kids and never got sick. The whole piece is on our obsession with germs and cleanliness. He goes on to say that he would pick up a piece of food from the ground in an Indian bazaar and eat it. I have read where Americans have such dry skin because of our over-cleanliness. Europeans do not bathe as much as we do and have much better skin. Where did taking daily showers come from anyway? We sure didn’t do it when I was a kid.

    • libertytrain

      Karolyn, you know I’m just a few years younger, but I have actually sat and tried to think back as to when daily showers became the routine expected of USA people. I can’t quite find it but I think it is somewhere around 1970 give or take a year…
      And you’re absolutely right, it isn’t an everyday event everywhere in this world.

  • cawmun cents

    It seems to me that the only fecal matter we should worry ourselves about,is that which issues forth from any Federal commission.
    The true danger is when you take these folks seriously.
    They want to tell you what days you can burn a fire in your house for gosh sakes.Bad air days and Federal scat candy aside,those without moderation do cause conditions which are not necessarily favorable.
    Some do not,or will not,act out of sound reasoning.
    That is because they leave the Creator out of their daily lives.Then they form committees out of people who are as apt to do the aforementioned as they are,and expect things to be put back into order.
    The need to rely on mankind to build and destroy all things has driven them to rely on their tiny human strength,and not the power that could balance the scales,and remove the disease.So you get a group of concerned citizens to gather around a current issue,throw money at it,and hope for change which never comes.That is because that tiny group of individuals has no part in the greater scheme of world events.
    When a small group of people,who agrandize their abilities by attempting to project power over the planet,act together by permission of a governing body,everyone says,”well…perhaps this will work,(lossely)based on the someone doing something principle.”
    But what that small grop of people dont realize(or simply choose to ignore)is that there is an unwritten law at work which defies all logic,working against them.It is that law which causes people to do exactly what they are told not to do.
    Remember when you were a kid,and you were told not to do something.
    You couldnt wait to break the rules!
    You had to push the boundaries.
    You were put in a”playpen”,and until you realized that it was a prison,you were okay with it.But once you knew that it was a boundary that you had in your path to further enlightenment of the world at large,you pitched a fit until you were set free.Ever after that,when someone told you there was a boundary,(a subconscious devil inside you made you believe)you had an issue with it.
    Somebody was trying to make you do that which you did not want to do.
    The nanny state vs.original sin.Ah yes….the complications of knowledge.Back to square one,vis avie…..letting God do His job.
    Pulling your fat out of the fire.Your desire to put yourself in His sandals,and tread the unknown.
    Here you are in the information age,thinkking that knowledge is power.
    To a small extent,it is correct to assume this.
    But now there is talk of going out into the pristine widerness known as the universe.
    You have already told the rest of life out in the cosmos,just exactly who you are.You are the litterbug.Your most brilliant minds tossed a beercan with a sign on it of a naked man waving his arms,wearing a badge that says,”lunatic litterbug who doesnt care how much garbage he leaves strewn about the universe”,tatooed on its side.You sent it out into the bleak depths of interstellar space,hoping it would tell the rest of the universe,who we are.As if the waves of communication showing the Jerry Springer show,somehow wont be received as idiocy by those intercepting them.Your cosmic slip is showing.You cant even clean up the trash you left on your own moon.I sure hope the galactic garbagebeings arent really harsh on us.

  • s c

    Uncle Scam gets more paranoid every day. And his robotic lemmings get more vocal about their deep need for more and more government and more career criminal retards in Washington [including 'czars'].
    I’d settle for an explanation of one, simple question. WHEN will China be held accountable for contributing to the world’s so-called carbon footprint and polluting the world’s AIR?
    HOW can you utopian losers not have consistent standards for EVERY country? Are you even more happily retarded now than you were in 1930?


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