Lightning Strikes Man, Passes To Sink


BARROWFORD, England, Aug. 8 (UPI) — A British man who was struck by lightning said he credits a chance encounter with a metal sink with saving his life.

Kevin Holden, 61, of Barrowford, England, said he went outside in the rain to retrieve his golf umbrella and a blue flash threw him about 4 feet into the air while he was re-entering the house, The Sun reported Monday.

Holden said he grabbed a stainless steel sink to steady himself and saw an arc of electricity shoot from his thumb to the basin.

“It was a brilliant flash of light. I could only think that I had been struck by lightning,” Holden said. “I was lucky. I had a pair of trainers on but if I had bare feet it could have been very different.”

“When paramedics came they were looking for an entry point and an exit wound but they said the lightning must have passed around my body. It must have traveled to earth down the sink,” he said. “I was lucky. I felt like I had hangover, my head was ringing.”

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