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Lieberman's Wife Under Fire For Lobbying Activities

December 22, 2009 by  

Lieberman's wife under fire for lobbying activities Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn) has emerged as one of the biggest obstacles for the Democrats on the road to a healthcare reform, a position that may have resulted in increased attacks on his wife Hadassah Lieberman.

Mrs. Lieberman has worked as a consultant for pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer and ALCO, which critics claim creates a conflict of interest.

Now they have begun calling for a major breast cancer alliance—the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation—to drop the senator’s wife as its ‘Global Ambassador.’

"We are asking Ellen DeGeneres, Christie Brinkley and other high-profile celebrities who are associated with Komen to demand that no more money raised for cancer treatment be given to Hadassah Lieberman or any other ex-Pharma/Insurance strategists," said Jane Hamsher, founder of the Firedoglake blog.

The critics in turn have come under fire from many on the right side of the political spectrum who decried attempts to go after lawmakers’ families for political reasons.

Mrs. Lieberman herself pointed out to the controversy as a setback for feminism and women’s right in America.

"It’s been surprising to me as an old feminist to watch this kind of cheap attack," she said, quoted by The Washington Post.

She added, "The reality of many women is that many of us have careers and ideas and thoughts that preceded our marriages."

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  • v weglarz

    Do the right thing Leibermans! Whose enterest do you really have in mind?? It appears as everyone is thinking now..that Joe has a lot at stake if Mrs Leiberman is working for Pharmacutical Co or consulting them. My God. The writting is on the wall and clear. You are holding back what Americans truely need and want. I hope you move out of the way and let millions have health care NoW! People are paying way too much for medication and you know it. Doctors cannot treat people properly, their hands are tied by hospital rules and hospitals tied by co owners and etc..etc.. Its time you stop monopoplizing and lining your pockets off human lives.
    Step down Joe Leiberman and as for Mrs Leiberman-you seemingly are now exsposed.
    Thankyou Mr President for fighting to save lives in this country. One of which my entire family has sacriced in all the previous wars as dedicated soldiers. I know the world is not perfect..but tell me they didnt die in vain for people like you.

    • Ed

      Dear from Connecticut,
      I never realized that Connecticut had such a problem with literacy. First of all, Dodd didn’t fail to see the meltdown coming, He was part and parcel of it’s origins. This was something caused by the government. Secondly, why do you creeps always attack individuals and personalities instead of issues. You are almost right on one count though. If there is any common sense left in this nation, anyone who ascribes to the Democrat Party should be not only expunged from office but followed to make sure that they never again “work” in any job dealing with or even near the government. The pigs have fattened themselves at the trough long enough.


      You must a welfare dependent “I deserve it all for free” libtard. Only one of you would say “We need health care” knowing you would not have to pay for it. I pray the Liberman’s stand firm with their belifes.

      • Jana

        unfortunately I think he caved.

    • J C

      Let millions have healthcare? Ok…who’s going to pay for it? You see the problem with socialized “anything” is that it fails soon after you run out of “everyone elses money”. Then what? God forbid, you have to take responsibility for yourselves….Oh the Horror…the Horror! (lol) Get real sycophants, pay your own damned way!



      • Rod

        This “health care” bill Has NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR HEALTH CARE!!!!! It’s an attempt (by palosi and obama) at socialism, to lead to TYRANNY! It’s a GRAB at our rights and nothing more or less. People
        have always been able to get FREE health care from a hospital! I worked in hospitals and saw (first hand) people come in to the E.R.
        with no means to be able to pay for their care AND RECEIVE THE EXACT
        care to anyone WITHOUT THE MEANS TO PAY FOR THAT CARE! We don’t want the Govt. run health care!!!!

        • American Citizen

          A doctor was being interviewed yesterday, one who had read the bill, and said that according to the bill, by law, doctors would no longer be able to give free health care or free drugs to patients. So there.

          And if you think government health care is free, talk to someone who is on Medicare. Premiums and deductibles costs the two of us over $7200 a year. That doesn’t include co-pays on drugs or full pay after we hit the “donut hole.” Plus, Medicare and the supplemental insurance together only pay 80% and 80%. That leaves about 10% the patient may be charged. You people need to get real about the government and how it operates. Plus, your taxes will go up, up, up.

          • Sandy

            Yes – we keep paying and paying. All our working lives we have paid into that program and what did it get us – Higher premiums. That’s because they are robbing it to pay for Medicaid which is growing at a rate that is not sustainable. When we are all taxed to the brink of bankruptcy – what will all the liberals, socialists and marxists do then?

      • PAUL


        • Sandy

          Where did you get the idea that the Europeans live longer and are healthier than us? We top the world if you read the statistics. Ask a Canadian what their tax rates are? As them how long they wait for surgery? Ask them if they smoke if they get the same treatment as the person who does not? They pay a premium of about $90.00 per month and some are taxed at a rate of 55% so you think this won’t happen to us? Read how much Medicare, Medicaid and VA have increased over the last 25 years – it’s about quadruple what the government said it would be when they passed it. Yes there is fraud and waste, but the government has done nothing to cut this because they don’t know how and don’t have enough people even if they did. You people that believe you can hand your lives over the government are either stupid or drinking or on drugs.

    • Sam

      Apparently you are one of those uneducated bottom feeders that subscribes to the government taking care of everyone. I am 73 and still working. I have paid into the government these many years and despise seeing the idiots in Washington, seemingly with great pleasure, unite as a band of robbers to take away my health care. These Demonic-RATS don’t know anything about managing money. Their spending has put this country dangerously close to bankruptcy. Now they want to tax the populace into personal bankruptcy just to help those that don’t even try to work. Their cap and trade will tax us some more. I wonder how global warming is feeling on the East coast with the huge storm that just hit. It would have been wonderful if the depth had been 4 feet so that our Senators would have been snowed in for a few days. Maybe that would have slowed down this crazy race to the death of our nation. I am so looking forward to November of 2010. May the Tea Party and/or the Republicans take back the house.

      • billy

        Adding more and more expenses to the budget thereby either making everyone dependent on government, or bankrupting the country = the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

      • PAUL


        • openeyes

          The only way that President Clinton reduced the debt was while the republicans was in control of congress. All spending is started and voted by the house and senate before any president signs of veto (which don’t happens enough)the bill.

        • coal miner


          you are right on target.Have a very nice christmas.

        • Sandy

          Clinton gave you free trade with China and we all know where that ended up. Walmart (Hillary was ont heir board of directors) made a fortune forcing manufacturing to China. Then he left Bin Laden to bomb the World Trade Center a second time (9-11). After that he let the drug companies start advertising – they spend 57 billion dollars a year on drug advertising – think what that did to the price of drugs. Clinton started the steady economic fall – Bush just didn’t get to do anything to stop it.

    • http://self r h fryer

      Do you have any idia of what you are talking about yous statement is not clear thinking

    • CA Nut

      I have spent 4 hours at the Department of Motor o do the same with my healthcare? I was in the Navy. I know what it was like. went 6 times with my knee before they finally x-rayed and found out my knee cap was broken. Required surgery then.

      Why is it that people believe that the government can do it better? Yes, our system is messed up. Why not just regulate “business” (HMO’s/PPO’s) out of the healthcare industry and give us back our Dr.s. Some caps could be set for some procedures, instead of lining pockete of CEO’s in the industry. Use the money for what is really needed.

      The Lieberman issue is just another diversion from what is really happening, a healthcare bill that has many hidden secrets, being bought off by taxpayer money to select Congressmen, so they can “legitimately” take more money from us in taxes. Look at Social Security”. It didn’t take them long to get that money into their “special interests”. I would sure like to have an account like that for Christmas.

    • John N.

      V. Have some more kool-aid!

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Nancy K

        I am afraid V already drank it. It is dripping down his chin.

        • jim

          V believes the U.S. taxpayer is morally obligated to pay his doctor bill. Maybe we have to come over to his house we are obligated to provide for him,to spoon feed him.

    • Sandy

      Lets see – we have given you Medicare, Medicaid, VA and Social Security and they are all bankrupt or soon to be. They never even came close to staying within their budgets. They have grown so much that they are now in danger of failing. At some point in time people need to become self-sufficient and do the responsible thing – get a job, save money for retirement and healthcare and stop sucking me dry with your incessant rants about what you need. I need to have enough money to live on – money that I earned through hard work and dedication and living within my means (not having children that I can’t afford). You need to get off your butt and do the same.

    • Michael Kirkby

      I agree with you. However, the amount of pork hidden in Barky’s health care bill will cost you one trillion dollars. It will benefit no one except the insurance companies, the hospitals and the drug companies. It will increase fees, which are nothing more than hidden taxes. All politicians are polittutis who serve those who can give them the most money, perks and power. Give us back our Republic please.

  • jsalty

    People need to get real. This whole ramming through of a bill that is in no way what we need in this country is just ridiculous! All 60 of the DemocRATS that voted for this should be held responsible when this country goes bankrupt! Why is it that nobody points out the real problems in this country…not healthcare for all, but the problems with the majority of those that don’t have it. They don’t want to work for it. Many just want the “rich” to pay for them. Get off your Butts and do something…anything! Even if these people just volunteer in their community to earn “health care credits” they would at least be contributing to the betterment of our society. Instead, they just hold their hands out and ask for more….crazy!

    • Buddy

      . . . “Demorats held responsible”? They will only be held responsible to accept their US Gov pension checks for the rest of their lives (or the rest of the life of the USA, whichever ends first).

    • Jana

      jsalty, And they are buying these votes as well as voting for cloture which just stops the Repubs from doing anything about this. I think the Repubs have waited too long to start acting like responsible Representatives. The Democrats are working their way to be dictators now.

  • Bruce

    To V Weglarz:

    You have obviously either not read the bill or read one of the sanitized versions that the osama propaganda machine put out, because your comments are those of a typical bottom feeding liberal.

    Funny how you don’t have a problem with Max Bawk Bawk Baucus employing his girlfriend, or Joe Biden’s son being a lobbyist or all of the extra outrageous amendments for Demonrats that supported this lunacy!

    You had better be careful what you wish for, because the liberats in Congress have proven time and again that their “solutions” to one problem create 10 more.

    Hopefully, you can keep your job if this thing passes, because most businesses will be forced to either reduce staff, freeze hiring or both if this piece of crap passes. By the way, would you buy something like a car or a house if you had to pay for it before you took possession of it? That’s what the morons are asking us to do! Twit!

    • Tom

      I just read a softback book called The Ugly Truth about THE ADL.If you want to know why the world is going the way it is ,read it if you can find it. Or just google THE ADL.

  • fred

    Typical liberal smear campaign — if they can’t prove anything, don’t have direct evidence of criminal actions, then they make up innuendos and phony stories to generate class envy and destroy the reputation and career of anyone that isn’t ignorant enough to just fall in line and do what the party wants. Now Joe Lieberman, of whom I am not a big fan, is not only the target, they are taking on his family now. Where does it stop? Sarah Palin and her family, Joe the plumber. Now its time to destroy the senior citizens and take away health care that they spent a lifetime paying to support. They may be retired or making reduced income so its time to reduce their medical benefits and send them out to die since they are the “biggest drain” on the health care system.
    The biggest drain on the health care system are the idiots in Washington who have quit listening to what the people are saying. Its time for “WE THE PEOPLE’ to stand up and vote out any of the jerks that thinking taking all the incentive out of working for a living and buying votes is the only way to go.
    I truly hope Obama is the uniter that he thinks he is. The conservatives will finally be united and get rid of all the ilk that are trying to destroy this country.

    • ric

      Fred, You hope Obama is a uniter? Obama is a Marxist socialist. Look at the people he has surrounded himself with. they’re socialist
      and communist radicals. With perhaps 20% of the population buying into that crap,he’s not going to unite anyone. The rest of country hates his policies and attitude and feels betrayed as he revealed what he is really about.

      • Jana

        ric, you are right. Obama is a terrible president. He can’t make a decision worth a hoot, he is a divider as there is more racial tension now than before. He is just a little ole community organizer that can’t tie his own shoelaces.

  • Norm

    As a lifelong Connecticut resident, I must say that I am ashamed of both of our Senators.
    The ultra liberal Chris Dodd was never my choice but his inability to see this financial meltdown coming, while chairing the banking commitee, is inexcusable. Add this to his sweetheart VIP mortgage deal with the former CountryWide Bank and you get a pretty undisirable character.
    Then there is jumping Joe Lieberman. This is a guy who hated the VietNam war and was a major supporter of a fully government controlled medical system. Remember, he was Al Gore’s vice presidential running mate. Now he’s the number one supporter of the wars in the Middle East. Oh, did I fail to mention that he’s an Orthadox Jew? He also is now totally opposed to any government control of healthcare, but he has no problem with goverment funding of insurance companies (blank check theory). Oh, did I fail to mention that that Connecticut is the insurance capital of the nation? He won his last senatorial election by a fluke, where his only real opposition was an ultra left wing unknown.
    As far as his wife working for big pharma, she is not a problem with me. Joe, on the other hand is a two-faced egomaniac that we are stuck with ontil 2012.

    • Thurman Marcum


      I never did trust Joe Lieberman.He supports that war, because of his loyalty to Israel.We need to get out of the Middle East altogether and start working on oil independence.We jump every time Israel yells for help.left them fight their own wars.I have always been against taking sides.

  • realbigal

    The socialist “health care” legislation is totally unconstitutional. That should end the whole debate. If such legislation passes, then the last hope to fix things is Anthony Kennedy. Heaven help us!

  • Mary

    Fred, you answer is the wisest thus far. It seems that you have thought this through. Our nation is going down a road that will in time, self destruct, if our leaders do not listen to the American people and stop doing their own thing in Washington. Government “of the people, by the people and for the people” is not being done by our “representatives” in Washington. They are the people who need to do the “right thing” and they are not.

    • george

      Isn’t it about time to put the 2nd amendment in place

    • Jana

      Mary, the problem is they do think they are our leaders. Now they are acting like our dictators, when in fact like you said they are supposed to be our representatives.

  • happyquilt

    I am tired of the Obamas socalist agenga and his surrounding himself with wackos. I am 71 years old and could never imagine the road this democrat group led by obama is taking this Country.
    I am going to do everyhing in my limited power to get every one of these perople out of office. I do not want them to so much as get any kind of job where them have influence over anyone.
    v.weglarz parrots the kind of wrong thinking, big govt. bs that is all to common.
    “Ask not what your Country can do for you” Hummmm?



    • J C

      Probably…they work very much like Hitler’s Brown Shirts did, don’t they?

  • Robert Sewell Sr


    • Jana

      Rebert S. Gangsters is the right word for them.

  • DaveH

    Does this surprise anybody, really? Newsflash – Liberals are thugs! Womens’ Liberation was never really about freedom for women. It was just plain left-leaning politics. If you as a woman believe in radical left causes, then they will grant you freedom. Otherwise, you will be viciously attacked like any other Conservative person.

  • Philip

    We need to treat ALL these members of Congress like my kids; give them an allowance. Take the 1999 budget year, as an example, and tell them they can spend it anyway they so desire. Once they run out of money, they have to wait until the next year to get more.

    We need a wholesale change to our leadership. They say today’s kids feel so entitled. They see it in our politicians so they feel they should be entitled also. We need to re-set the definition of acceptable behavior – they should get the same health care as the rest of us, fly commercial airlines, live by the federal limits on travel expenses (hotels, meal allowances, etc.). They view themselves as royalty and spend accordingly.

  • Troy In Orlando

    Let me get this write:
    YOu busted the Post office ~ not doing well
    You busted IRS ~ Not doing well at all
    You busted ~ the Amtrack and the Gov. has had 30 + years to make a profit!

    AND ,,, NOW you want to run HealthCare !! are you Freakin NUTS!

    Government intervention does NOT work!! Wake up America, Communism does Not work, do you remember the Berlin Wall,,,, it came down for a reason.

    Captilism is alive and well, just 5 years ago, Lasic Surgery was very expensive, today, its 1/2 the cost.

    Please wake up !

  • Billy

    Believe in the people, not the government.

  • Don

    C’Mon Joe. Divulge once and for all just how much money you’ve taken in contributions from the insurance companies, the home offices most of which are based in your state. You obviously have their financial interests and their CEO’s 8/9 figure compensation in mind, not the American people’s.

  • s c

    It’s highly possible that Lieberman’s wife has more integrity and character than he does. Very few people have what it takes to tell lobbyists or party power-brokers to ‘shove it’ when they go to Washington.
    I couldn’t care less if Lieberman’s wife is causing him problems. It sounds like she needs to be in office, while Joe ‘retires’ and fades away. We need people who have character. We need REAL leaders. What we have in Washington is hundreds of slime, career criminals, America-haters, pond scum and a pathetic community organizer who belong elsewhere. We NEVER needed any of them. We don’t deserve them. WHY do we tolerate them?

  • Mutantone

    Paul Pelosi has made the Pelosis’ net worth $14.7 million to $55 million in 2005, ranking them ninth in the House and 17th in the entire Congress.
    The bulk of the Pelosis’ money comes from investments in stocks and real estate. Operating through Financial Leasing Services, his San Francisco investment firm, Paul Pelosi owns stock in companies including Microsoft, AT&T, Cisco Systems, Disney, Johnson & Johnson and a variety of tech stocks.

    I am sure that she has never ever given her Husband inside information. All Lieberman’s wife is accused of is for lobbying and she is not near the finical level of Paul Pelosi so which one should be investigated? They are after Lieberman’s Wife just to force his vote that in of it self is shameful badgering

  • Doc

    Philip, and Troy in Orlando, have hit the nail on the head! These folks are out of control and need to be replaced. All of them! They are not public servants! They do what they want to satisfy their need to “lord it over” those of us they consider too stupid to make our own decisions. I am tired of people in Washington spending my tax money with no discretion and without listening to the voices of the “we, the people.” They don’t want to govern, they want to rule! I’ve lived in communist countries in Asia and Europe the past 19 years and, believe me, the current government of the USA is taking us down the path to those same kinds of restricted freedoms! Vote them out, all of them, in 2010 before we become complete serfs!

  • Warrior

    In the senate healthcare bill, the gov is going to impose a 10% tax on tanning salons to help pay for the scam. How racist is that?

  • http://none Tim Perdue

    This health care debachle is the tipping point for me. I am reluctantly coming to a similar conclusion that a more right leaning friend of mine holds, but for differing reasons. I.E. throw them all out… Republican and democrat alike. Find a viable third party that’s not either immoral amoral or both. Somehow, someway, it seemes that at least 2 generations of both parties have been co-opted over the last 30 some odd years, and currupted by any number of power perks, and governmental rules and changes during this time in regulations that has in effect manipulated, gamed and perverted multiple aspects of our society. Some of which has been at least alluded to in some of these posts I’ve read. Here’s where I differ and undoubtedly raise most folks here’s blood pressure. I believe in a single payer government ran insurance protocol in which the private sector has little or no input. Funded by all of us thru taxation, (hey, we already see our taxes pay for all these [word removed] wars we like to wage over nothing or lies or oil against people who hate us, and ostensibly to defend other people oppressed who as it turns out, also hates us any damned way.. Why not, just for a change, use some of these tax dollars to actually help U.S. citizens. After all, take a look around, all this nation building, and spreading democracy business… It ain’t really working out for us. Internationally, more people seem to dislike us for these efforts than embrace us. Don’t mistake that last statement. Everyone likes our dollars, (so long as the dollar doesn’t totally tank), and they’ll take that money and speand it on all manner of things from ritzy palaces for heads of state, to war toys to kill with, to subsidizing poppy growers and drug lords living in the mountains… But to actually help their log suffering populations which alledgedly is what that U.S. money is for?… Naw, not really.. and their perspective on our ideology? No likey so much as it turns out) We have become the bad guys to much of the world. It doesn’t matter whether that’s actually true or not. They think we are now, and we can thank our politicians (both parties) for this new ugly American reality. So we tax ourselves to create a viable public funded health system, set up in a way that allows all decision making to be strictly between a doctor and patient. Uncle Sam is nothing but a powerless middle man who will send money to a doctor who needs it to replace a bad heart, or pay for cancer screening or a flu shot or whatever is needed. Uncle gets the money from us, puts it in a dedicated for that purpose only piggy bank and sends the money to who needs it, and that’s all. No making decisions for doctors, no telling anyone they can’t have an operation for economic/financial reasons. All the carping here and elsewhere about how the givernment screws up everything they touch completely avoids the truth of the matter where our health is concerned. Which is, over the last 50 years at least, the ‘private sector’ has had ample opportunity to put together a reliable simple system of insuring peoples health. They have botched it totally. All we get out of the private sector is higher premiums yearly, increasing denials of coverage that kills and a lot of private sector lobbyists in the employ of the insurance industry who spend all their time screwing up anything offered that this insurance industry doesn’t like. Whether it’s useful as far as the American population is concerned or not. Now, I’m going to give the ‘up by the bootlaces crowd’ a little insight. This whole deal has not a damned thing to do with shiftless ‘don’t want to work’ losers putting a strain on the rest of us… Some will do that anyway regardless of the subject at hand. But it’s not about them or their laziness and never was. Its about national security, it’s about a healthy nation where the workforce is capable of coming to work without having to do it while sick because the economy and jobs suck so much they have no choice but to work even at the risk of spreading their cold, or their flu or their (name that scary monster bug of choice pandemic bug). It’s about ensuring the nations health. Because the truth is, it’s in everyones best interest long term to take health care out of the free market ideology spitting contest. Why? Because germs, don’t give a rats ass about politics, ideology or whether or not you work hard while your neighbor on the poor side of town tries to get by on handouts and gub-mint assistance. We leave millions to the vagaries of the market place for health insurance at our own peril. And btw, just to insert a little levity in all the left/dem/gub-mint in general bashing, the gub-mint doesn’t actually screw everything up. They screw up a lot and this bill as constituted with its givaways to the insurance industry without even a watered down public option, (and lets remember, this was suppose to be there to ensure that competition thing that our holy free market so depends on to keep the playing field level)… is totally screwed up. Now all you fine folks on the right, rant away. I’ve had my say, but you had better remember that bit about bugs not having any politics. Also might want to consider air currents. I gaurentee you, if a really bad ‘kill you dead in your tracks’ flu bug hits that poor side of town because noone there can afford or access health care because the pricing is prohibitive and because some of us are too headstrong and ideologically too rigid to see past our own bank accounts and allow a system to be created that would mitigate this sort of thing, (the word is pandemic), so they start dying off? That flu bug germs will waft right across town on the air and get you and your kids too. Count on it.

    • Dan-o

      What your failing to understand is that our government is corrupt so anything they run or are a part of will only work in there favor and we will suffer. Yes our health care needs major ajustments and if you get the governments hands completly off of it, it will get fixed.
      A good economy takes capitalism, compitition, free choices,and most of all government and God hand in hand.



  • Nan Vet 1968 Nevada

    Follow the money; get the attorneys, HMO’s and PPO’s out of the doctors’ offices.
    Now for your enjoyment. You all know that a number of years ago the Chicken Ranch out in Pahrump Nevada was seized by the IRS for back taxes. They installed a management team to run it. To make a long story short, it went broke. Now you tell me, how can you go broke in a well established business of selling booze and hookers? Only our government can and YOU want them running our health care system. I THINK NOT.
    Do you want some GS-7 step 2 on a power trip deciding what treatment you or a family member might get? I THINK NOT.
    If you think socialized medical care is the answer, then you tell me why do so many Canadians and Brits come to America for treatment???
    In the mid-nineties a dear Canadian international co-worker/friend of mine was waiting for a heart transplant. We did our last tour together in Yemen and he went back to Canada to get his pre-surgery medical processes established long before the surgery was to be done. He had about six or seven months of physical requirements to get his body in shape before his surgery. In that period he was number three on some government list. His wife woke one morning and called to see about his status and was informed by the Canadian health board that her husband no longer satisfied the criteria to receive a heart. They drove to their local health board and were informed by some low level bureaucrat that he did not qualify under the new government protocols. Welcome to socialized medicine. Yes he died waiting for that heart.

  • Rhea

    For those who are in favor of government supporting you … I say … you must need help because YOU practice these same principles at home and have failed … Please think and compare your new principles to a family of three … if you borrowed $50,000 to live on for a year … spent it without the ability to pay them back … WOULD YOU GO TO CHINA AGAIN and ask them to borrow $50,000 to pay them back????

    Don’t you see what a joke that is? Whether it is $50,000 or $50,000,000,000 … isn’t the principle the same???

  • Rod

    I worked in hospitals and I can tell you first hand, EVERY CATHOLIC
    NOT ABLE TO PAY FOR IT! I saw this happen EVERYDAY!
    The palosi’s and the obama’s want our freedom! Their “health care” has
    nothing to do with our health!

  • Rod

    Folks, we have to vote in a NEW CONGRESS and take back our country form these TRAITORS that have SLIMED their way into Congress and the
    White House. Also the Senate, and DON’T FORGET THE CONGRESSMAN AND

  • billy

    Adding expenses so that everyone is dependent upon government or the government is bankrupt = the Cloward-Piven Strategy.

  • John N.

    The frustration with these people who think we work for them is incredible. If the obambi plan is so good, why are they excluded?
    Again, vote the bums out!
    Reading these replys, I did have to laugh even tho it is so tragic for the Country. They can not run the post office, S.S., medicare,and not even the Nevada Hookers.
    I, for one am not using my vote to keep them in office.
    VOTE THEM OUT! Never forget!

  • Philip

    Bumper Sticker: Change – Back

    • Jana

      Phiip, I like that as a bumper sticker. In fact I will use it in my emails as a signature.

  • Phillip Sandusky

    The People Of The Eternally Out Stretched Palm attack anyone that stands in the way of their government fix. The reduction of citizens to a place of dependency has worked well in the U.S. over the last century. One day people will wake up and they will no longer have a nation that they can recognize.

    Corruption in government is nothing new, it just has not been as blatant in the past. Now they not only do it, they also openly brag about the price of their selling out on their country. The politicians we have today are an unprincipaled mob, willing to sell themselves for the right price

  • Tom

    We have two parties in Washington with power. Democrat and Republician. If the people in this country don’t wise up you’ll be dealing with the commumist party.

  • http://none Tim Perdue

    OK…. I give up, I am trying to point out the fallacy of putting peoples health in the same free market boat as cars, and houses and other ‘things’ we feel we need to ensure… And how, because of the insecure nature of that free market, we ought to put our healthcare approach under a different sort of plan. Falling on deaf ears… Too many on both sides see nothing but politics, republican/democrat. Everyone is too polorized now with too many axes to grind apparently for some kind of common ground to be realized. It’s true that the pols on both sides don’t have a nickels worth of difference between them now. Equally true that they all need thrown out of office…I’m looking for a viable third party now. But that and how we ought to be getting our healthcare are two different things. That they are in fact intertwined thru economics now is just a reflection of the bad faith politics and poor money driven decisions by the insurance industry that brought us all to this brink of insolvency. But I apologize for taking up anyones time… So, OK, let’s just ride out this free market private sector insurance moneytrain till is runs off the tracks. I guess it’s just gonna have to take a total catastrophe that puts us all in the same poor house before everyone decides that our health and this thing called the free market and making money don’t really connect up well….

  • American Citizen

    Is there any way a special election can be called for Feb. 1st?

  • Carolynn

    We gave to band together and get rid of ALL the present leaders especially the CZARS and LABOR UNIONS before they destroy America!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. . .THEY ACT LIKE IT IS A FIGHT BETWEEN THE DEMOCRATES AND REPUPLICAN IT IS NOT. That is what Washington wants us to believe so that we will be busy fighting amoung our selves and not notice THEM taking ALL our right away incluing our Constitution!!!

    • John N.

      Carolynn, you are right on. Get them all out!

  • rennman

    Medical insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical research firms and other companies associated with health and medical care must be blocked from engaging in the lobbying practices which have ruined the medical care system. Furthermore, any state or federal representative or senator caught taking a contribution in return for a voting favor should be immediately impeached. Along with the above prescription, all ( and I mean all) state and federal legislation that mandates, restricts or regulates any facet of the health care industry must be imediately repealed. All of this having been done, a truly level “playing field” will have been restored. The benfits to those seeking medical insurance will without a doubt bring great joy to all. Trust your brothers and sisters in the truly free market; keen competition, a lot more people going into the insurance business and that good old desire to satisfy the customer with a solid, binding contract. The only way a company can take advantage of you is if the government makes a law which takes away the level playing field. Remember… it is man’s inherent nature to be free. God bless our founding fathers!

  • Joe H.

    Defeat HR4321!!!! We don’t need amnesty for illegals!!! Call, write, E-mail, talk to people!!!!! WE BEAT IT DURING BUSH’S TENURE AND WE CAN DO IT NOW!!!!! You know what to say, SAY IT!!!!

  • ron

    I was disappointed with Joe Lieberman given his vote for the partisan health care bill. Did he read it? Did anyone read it?

    Even if Lieberman is unconcerned with the effect of this trillion dollar bill on deficits and senior care, surely he doesn’t believe that the democrats’ charade to date provides a good model for how responsive government should work.

  • Claire

    Another travesty concerning Lieberman. And now his wife. This does not surprise me at all. In fact, it is expected. Another politician doomed to failure.


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