Lieberman: Terror! Terror! Hurry, Throw Money At It!

Sen. Joe Lieberman delivers remarks at the AIPAC in Washington

Former Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) did his part to further the cause of making the United States more of a police state on Thursday; he told House lawmakers that because the Nation is at “war” with homegrown terrorists, local police agencies need more funding.

“We’re in a war and, as I said, it’s against an ideology that is not receding; it’s spreading,” he told lawmakers. “Particularly with homegrown terrorists, state and local law enforcers are in the best position to create the relationships within the communities that will allow them — and have allowed them in numerous cases — to stop terrorist attacks before they occur. And they’re simply not going to do it without funding.”

The formers Senator’s remarks were made during the first Congressional hearing addressing the Federal government’s failure to recognize a series of red flags that would likely have thwarted the Boston Marathon bombers’ terror attack.

The FBI was notified that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had ties to Islamic extremists by Russian intelligence officials and subsequently interviewed the terror suspect in 2011. According to Federal investigators, however, Tsarnaev was not tracked following the interview.

During his testimony, Lieberman told House lawmakers that it was remarkable that the Russian warning was not given more attention, because tensions stemming from the Cold War have traditionally chilled intelligence sharing between the two Nations except in the face of clear and present danger.

“This really should have raised it to a very high profile internally because of where it came from,” he said.

Also testifying on Thursday, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis expressed concern that, despite the warning from Russia, Boston law enforcement agencies didn’t receive information about Tsarnaev’s possible ties to terrorism until three days after the bombing.

Davis contended that it was “hard to tell” whether better information sharing would have kept the bombings from happening.

What’s remarkable about Lieberman’s suggestion that Congress should simply throw money at local law enforcement agencies in order to combat small time terrorists like the Tsarnaevs is that in the Boston event, intelligence sharing — which is cheap or free — was nonexistent, but militarized vehicles and expensive paramilitary equipment — much of which likely acquired with Federal grant money — was visibly plentiful in the days following the attack.

And it isn’t as if the United States isn’t already dropping serious cash in the name of protecting the homeland from terrorists. In the years since the 2001 attack on the World Trade Centers, “homeland security” has cost American taxpayers an unbelievable $791 billion.

Some of the expenditures contributing to that figure include:

  • Some $20 billion in, often duplicative, Federal grants to agencies for terror fighting tools and training between 2002 and 2011.
  • $461 million in homeland security funding for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives last year alone.
  • A $11.7 billion budget for Customs and Border Protection and $2.2 billion in State Department funding in fiscal 2012 to provide border protection and screen people entering the country.
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Sam Rolley

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  • Harold Olsen

    A typical tax, spend and waste liberal. Yet morons like Neil Cavuto insist on calling him a conservative.

  • RonWillison

    If Joe Lieberman cared one iota about America. He would have the spine to call a duck a duck. But since everything that has come out of his face since 9-11-01 has been aimed at putting an Orwellian two way TV in every room in every house in America. Joe Lieberman needs crawl back under the rock he just resurfaced from. For those that don’t know what duck I was talking about above.
    Google The “BALFOUR DECLARATION” / “The HUSSEIN McMaHon LETTERS” / “The “FEDERAL RESERVE ACT of 1913” / “Who promoted and helped fund the creation of the UNITED NATIONS” Then, take a long hard look at the DETAILS contained within “The UN RESOLUTION TO PARTITION PALESTINE 1948” And finally a quick peek at the goings on within the real-estate now called ISRAEL for the last 65 years. Those that do that will know why Joe Lieberman and associates would rather turn America into a prison,fuel the fires burning up our Constitution, and fan the flames of anger aimed at America from abroad by not having the guts to call a duck a duck. There would be no foreign Gihadi Terrorist’s types looking to cause America harm if America was not joined at the Hip and running interference at the UN with her VETO powers where Israel’s mis-guided unlawful treatment of the Palestinian Arab’s, Christian’s, Jew’s, and Other’s is concerned. Those people were, and what’s left of them still are the real victims in this mess. The home grown extremists are a direct result of the treacherous and seditious constitutional circumvention and unlawful workarounds that have been shoved down our throats, like the Patriot Act and the off the hook powers handed to the Administration’s going forward into the unforeseeable future contained within the NDAA. That is the Duck that Joe Lieberman refuses to call a duck.

    • Maynard Runkle

      Well said. When the “Dancing Israelis” were reported and the Urban Moving Systems van was alerted on by bomb sniffing dogs at the George Washington Bridge on 9/11, these facts were barely reported or noticed. They were held and then quietly returned to Israel. Instead, Americans swallowed hook line and sinker the government’s prefabricated story that it was the Muslims. The fact that Israeli “Art” students had seemed fascinated by our nuclear power plants and other infrastructure, and that the vans’ occupants turned out to have Mossad connections should have been a tip-off.
      This is NOT irrelevant more than a decade later. All of the vast expenditures and police state inroads made since then have been done with the chants of “Terrorists are coming! Terrorists are Coming!” Yes, but not the Muslim scapegoats alone.The fact that we have attempted to swat flies with a sledge hammer with our brutal overkill tactics HAS made many more Muslim terrorists, whom we would call “Freedom Fighters” if they were on our side. That is precisely its intent. Our military-industrial complex doesn’t want to run out of “Terrorists” to fan the flames of violent confrontation the way we ran out of “Threatening Commies.” Now, despite the fact that the Chechen brothers, scapegoats for the Boston bombing, are NOT homegrown and the CIA and FBI knew about them from the time since the Russians warned us, we are supposed to give LOCAL police more money. (The evidence that they were patsies is out there and there are photos to prove it,) Doesn’t Lieberman have any memory of the fact that this is just how Hitler had millions of Jews and non-Jews alike terrorized and killed? Or does he know and that is his intent? He wants the public to think “Terrorists are home grown.” The new chant is “The terrorists are here! The terrorists are here!” How else can the vast network of spies and their handlers have that rosy future with two cars and a nice house in the suburbs if we do not keep the ” terror” coming?

  • Dragon 1

    Joe Liberman is a flip flopping idiot and turns every which way as the wind blows up his skirts.

  • Dale DuBois

    What Joe called homegrown terrorists is just people that are fed up with a corrupt Federal Government namely the White House.

    • mnkysnkle

      It’s the ideology that worries him. He says it’s expanding. Could that be a constitutional ideology?

  • GRusling

    Joe Lieberman is a Liberal war monger, and that’s about the best which can be said for him anymore. Like every other Liberal, his first response is to throw money at any problem. That rarely works and wouldn’t solve the problem in this case either…

    • Maynard Runkle

      Dear Mr. Grusling, I am a liberal and I assure you I do not want to throw more money at the problem. The fact is the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Grahams, and so many more “Liberals” and “Conservatives” alike are assuming these labels merely to divide and conquer. Don’t you see both groups have supported and advanced the trumped-up wars, “Homeland” security, the NDAA 2012, the $63 billion for domestic drones, the FEMA Fusion camps, the billion plus bullet buyout, the Denver Airport with its underground tunnels and hideouts? There is BIPARTISAN effort to end our Democracy so that a ruling cabal can act unimpeded by public opinion. Once we are out of the picture the infighting will be fierce but there will not be much that most of us will be able to say or do about it . . . not if we want to hang on to our remaining freedoms or lives.

      • Maynard Runkle

        I forgot to mention the huge stores of plastic coffins, comfortably “seating” four. This may sound bizarre but intrepid investigators have photoed them and put them on the Internet for all concerned to see.

        Hitler, Stalin and Mao all claimed they had the best interests of their people at heart. The fact that a Police State really does not need public support, however, led to millions of opponents being incarcerated and/or killed. Unlimited incarcerations without due process (such as now are being enjoyed by prisoners at Guantanamo and by others kidnapped off the streets at other secret “bastions” of the effort to guard our “freedoms” ) and offing American citizens without a court trial are “rights” Obama has gone on record as claiming. This has been backed up by “brave” bipartisan support. After all, if the government says you are guilty, “you must be guilty.”

  • Got my licence

    No liberail will actually solve a problem. If the did they could not cry for more money.
    Note LA. was given Fed. funds to repair the leveys 7 strait years before Katrina but the state spent it on other programs.
    Do you remember when the governer of LA. blamed the Fed’s because apparently the Fed did not make sure the state spent the funds correctly? So much for states rights and responsibility.

    • Maynard Runkle

      The reason I am a “liberail” as you so quaintly put it is because I think starving children and adults, people with inadequate housing and job opportunities, education and health services does CONSTITUTE a problem. . . not just for them BUT for us all. Did Christ not tell us “You are your brother’s keeper?” From my point of view, most Conservatives blame the unfortunate entirely for their miseries. I was a VISTA volunteer in the late sixties and I learned poverty is not so simply resolved and will be even more difficult to end for most in an economy such as our own that is shipping jobs to cheaper labor markets much faster than they are being created here.
      Yes, there is waste in government programs and it needs to be addressed. Don’t you think private enterprise has any waste?

      • GRusling

        No.Christ did NOT tell us we are our brothers keeper, and neither did any of his prophets or apostles. I’m also a Liberal, but in the same sense as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. I “liberally” interpret our Constitution in favor of “Individual Rights” and not government authority, since the former is what it was written to secure.

        The problem with the waste in government programs is that it’s unnecessary, just as most of the programs are unnecessary. Nothing in our Constitution authorizes the government to become a “charity” in our name! Each of us is capable of doing that individually, and the “waste” in such programs could thereby be eliminated. There is no shortage of “personal charity” among the American people and we don’t need “government” to distribute our money according to some political formula, no matter which party is in power. Changing the party in Washington simply changes the names on the beneficiary lists, not the fact that both the “Big Government Party” and the “Bigger Government Party” are simply flip sides of the same coin!

        Hopefully the “Tea Party” can mitigate the problem, although I seriously doubt it can solve it…

  • Michael Shreve

    Get real, at present you are MORE likely to be struck by lightening than killed or injured by a real terrorist. Unfortunately ALL of us who are NOT liberal progressive, communist, supporters of the omnipresent government are NOW considered potential homegrown terrorists.