Lie To Government To Get $19 Million Grant, Get Caught, Don’t Go To Jail


In a case the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is calling the biggest instance of research fraud in more than 20 years, an Iowa State University researcher has admitted to lying about a breakthrough AIDS vaccine that, he falsely claimed, could utilize rabbit blood’s disease-fighting properties to cure human patients.

Dr. Dong-Pyou Han was able to secure $19 million in research grants from NIH after announcing the supposed medical miracle, but was later subjected to closer scrutiny by professional peers who were unable to reproduce his results.

That’s because Dr. Dong had secretly infused clinical samples with the blood of healthy human beings before announcing that his findings showed the serum from rabbit blood was (falsely) killing off the AIDS-causing virus in the tainted samples.

His punishment? Well, he resigned from his job. That’s a consequence, not a punishment. And he had to agree not to seek out any more government contracts…for three years.

Critics are calling the kid-gloves handling of what amounts to outright theft a shining example of how the American ruling class protects its own, while holding rank-and-file citizens to the letter of the law.

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