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Libyan Rebels Torture Black Africans In Video

March 5, 2012 by  

Libyan Rebels Torture Black Africans In Video

Rebels in Libya, liberated with “non-war” help from the Administration of Barack Obama last year, are seen allegedly torturing a group of black Africans in a video discovered online.

The video portrays the detainment and torture of a group of black Africans at the hands of Libyan rebels. The victims are allegedly held in a zoo cage with their hands bound as their tormentors shout at them.

“Eat the flag, you dog. Patience you dog, patience. God is great,” screams a voice off-camera in the video according to RT.

According to the Daily Mail, the men in the cage are presumably captured mercenaries suspected of fighting for the toppled government of Moammar Gadhafi last year. While the news source says it is impossible to verify whether the video is authentic, it emerged as the United Nations last week said that the Libyan revolutionary brigades still hold captive and may torture three-quarters of detainees from the country’s civil war.

According to RT, Before the Libyan uprising, the country hosted about 1 million black African workers, who were employed in domestic work, construction, trash collection and other low-wage jobs. Some human rights groups suspect Libyan rebels of ethnic cleansing of the black population of the country.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • eddie47d

    As the Gaddafi regime became desperate and his loyalist were hard to find he turned to Sudan for recruits to prop up his regime. He has hired these these Africans in the past for security and the rebels were well aware of this. Some would call them mercenaries,some hired thugs and others traitors to the Libyan people. The people in Sudan were poor and desperate and they became willing recruits for Gaddafi. This made them an easy target once the rebels took over and we all know revenge is a mother. Sadly African immigrants who were domestic workers got caught up in this fiasco and were considered the same as the mercenaries and they were also killed and tortured. There have been attempts to stop these wrongful detentions yet the rebels don’t want to relinquish any of their new found powers and are becoming crueler than Gaddafi himself. A few Libyan citizens who worked for Gaddafi are also being held and beaten.

    • factnotrhetoric

      Four days after Saudi Puppet SoS Clinton met with the new Libyan Martial Law Dictators, the Martial Law Dictators declares that they would follow “Saudi written Sharia Law” in the new constitution.

      “Saudi written Sharia Law” in any country’s constitution will turn any country from a Democracy, into being a bloody, genocidal, Hitler-Like, Saudi Dictatorship.

      The Saudi Dictator has the worst Human Rights Violations on the planet.

      Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Kenya and Yemen all have “Saudi written Sharia Law” in their constitutions. Every one of these countries were presents from Saudi Puppets Obama and Clinton, to the Saudi Dictator.

      Gadaffi was a bad Dictator, but the bloody, genocidal, Hitler-Like, Saudi Martial Law Dictatorship is much worse. This is just like Egypt.

      The next targets on Saudi Puppets Obama’s and Clinton’s TODO list are Syria, Iran and Israel.

  • Dark_Archer

    as long as the muslims are killing muslims I say leave em alone , its that many less we will have to fight …..ALL MUSLIMS ARE OUR ENEMIES IT DONT MATTER WHAT COLOR THEY ARE

    • Dick

      you’re ill informed. Or just plain ignorant. Most of the said black africans are christian, and many are students invited to study in Libya at that. As soon as the militias got control of an area, some of them started taking the opportunity to ‘arrest’ these guys, accusing them of ‘spying’ – why? Pure racism/suspicion on the grounds of race, and it goes back a very very long way, thousands of years – the Berbers have always had antagonism against the black africans from the south sahara. So given the chance, the worst of them took out their spite on the visitors. Most of these were just kids, late teens and early twenties, working through university or in the tourist industry hotels (and yes, there were quite a lot of tourists vacationing on the north african mediterranean coast – a favorite place for the italians, for instance).

      • Leber Saxet

        You must be mistaken, only White people are capaable of racism and hate.

      • Michael Kopacz

        Since the black Africans were available to do menial jobs as domestics, etc.
        The regular Libyan army certainly wasn’t going to follow orders to KILL their fellow Libyans.
        The black Africans brought in from Niger (single “g” only-pc) were experienced MERCENARY SNIPERS who sharpshot light skinned people from rooftops!
        BTW who calls being SHOUTED AT torture in the first place?

  • absolutely amazed

    Absolutely nuts!! When the Libyan uprising broke out, Obama was criticized from the right wing Regressives for not putting America centrally into the fight. His policy of keeping us out of direct involvement was successful. Now that Gadhafi is gone, you reverse course and imply that Gadhafi was more desirable than those who defeated him. The lesson here is that we have no business getting involved in any of these foreign adventures – look at the messes and catastrophes we have created and become entangled in in Iraq and Afghanistan. The USA doesn’t have a very exemplary record on its treatment of blacks.

    • Leber Saxet

      “The USA doesn’t have a very exemplary record on its treatment of blacks”

      Are you serious?! The bleeding heart USA has done more for the blacks than any other country on this planet. Just look at Africa now, there are still slaves there. Their own country men roiunded them up, sold them to slave traders, they were brought to the USA as slaves. Now the blacks in America (who have never even seen a slave) get a check they don’t have to work for which includes a bonus program for every child they have, medical care they don’t have to pay for, prefferential treatment in college admissions, government contracts and jobs and a thousand other things, but Whitey is still holding them down. Oh yeah the blacks are so mistreated in the USA.

      You are just another MSM schooled zonbie waiting for the pop!!

      • brianS

        Totally agree.
        A black kid says to his dad, “Dad, what is democracy”
        The father says, “well son, that is when all the whites do the work and we get all the benifets”
        Kid. “Gee dad, aren’t the whiteys gonna get pissed off about it”
        Father. “Sure son, but that is called racism”

      • absolutely amazed

        No doubt at all who the racist is on this blog – wow!!

  • Deerinwater

    They say 200,000 child soldiers exist in Africa today. Children of 9 and 10 taken for their home, their parents killed and conscripted into various faction fighting groups.

    The many nations that make up Africa are about as inhuman as inhuman can get.

    Egypt is no different, no respect for women, no respect for life.

    When women fail to be an influential part and have a strong voice in society, you can expect such things.

    Until women have a voice in these nations, little will change.

    Blessed are the care givers and peace keepers.

    • Libertytrain

      deer re your: “The many nations that make up Africa are about as inhuman as inhuman can get.”
      About 45 years ago I accompanied my father while he attended a seminar at Harvard. Another seminar happening at the same time, involved about 30 government leaders from mostly African nations. And many were very highly educated with similar standards and mores as my family. Several were very, very, ‘almost’ scary in their ideas. While I got a long with all of them because I was the teen aged kid in the bunch – when we would all visit each eve. in the dormitory we all stayed at…. even at my tender age I could see or understand why Africa had it’s problems. I don’t know how it can change – it hasn’t changed in hundreds and hundreds of years. Almost like the Middle East. Many educated people who do understand, many educated people who have only learned more greed rather than how to help their own people, and many people -educated or not – that won’t allow the past to be changed, be it with women ,etc.

  • FreedomFighter

    Where is Obama ? Ok, he is playing golf, just askin.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Sirian

      Off topic a bit, “Brietbart team is going to release the vids about Obummer in 7-10 days” – or so stated on Just as I thought, they’d get them out one way or the other. Now if this isn’t going to stir the pot. . . :)

      • FreedomFighter

        Hopefully as good as he stated, and obama is removed from office. Biteme hopefully wont get in to much trouble in the interem.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • absolutely amazed

      Not quite so – meeting with Netanyahu, doing his best to keep us from going down the nuclear chute in Iran. Do you think you’d be OK if he even had a night’s sleep? Whatever happened to W chopping wood on his ranch for weeks at a time. By the way, where is W now? Did he/does he exist? Mission accomplished? Economy wrecked, two useless ill conceived wars, good old fashioned Regressive job.

      • sunshineIQ

        How about W’s just staying out of the limelight letting Obama do his job. I respect W. He’s letting his successor sink or swim on his own.

  • Sirian

    Uh oh, we water-board a few to get intel to stop other attacks or find out who initiated the attacks we had/have already suffered through and everyone goes ballistic. Provide the prisoners we hold with three squares a day, medical coverage for free, plenty of holy books, clean clothes, prayer rugs (made in China?) plus a $750,000 soccer field we’re still depicted and condemned to be no better than what these Libyan rebels revel in doing. Yet as long as the same torture – physical/psychological/deadly – is carried out quite openly “over there” it’s no big thing. Hmmm, wonder why? Doesn’t the UN have an answer – “the United Nations last week said that the Libyan revolutionary brigades still hold captive and may torture three-quarters of detainees from the country’s civil war” – ? Oh, I guess they do. . .

  • Tinkerbell Spots

    Exactly, where is President Obama now? This is what happens when rebels take over.
    Christian ( and to some extent even the Muslim Sudanese) Sudanese and black africans are mostly held in contempt by Arabs. It does not matter wheter it be in Libya or Egypt.
    Now that Mubarak and Gaddafi are gone the animals are turned loose to kil and maim their own populations. Oh, by the way, Al Qaida is no in Libya.

  • Buck

    Obamass could not care less unless they were muslims , after all he only accepted being black himself to get the use of the race card . Muslims are what matters to him , he can say he is Christian all he wants because of the muslim use of taqqyya .

    • eddie47d

      I see some of you are still drinking the dirty bath water . Your comment didn’t make a bit of sense Buck and it’s full of contradictions!

    • absolutely amazed

      Buck, those are rather sick comments. At least try to dial in some human decency and civility.

  • Larry

    I am black,did not vote for Obama who, in Egypt stated out of his own mouth “I am a muslim”, and has hurt me financially with his actions. I am a veteran on disability as such and worked until I needed to take it in 1986 despite being able to receive payments upon medical discharge in 1969. First off, neither Obama nor anyone else that did not serve deserves to be president or vice-president in my opinion. Since when did it become a qualification to be a lying thieving punk to be in federal government positions anyway? As far as I am concerned, military service should be a prerequisite to being a congressperson or above. That seems to be the cause of the problems in this country these days. From Reagan on we have had at least one of the type of people in one or both of the two top positions in federal government. Who knows how many of these types have been in the congress over the years. Not only has this led to the problems of the country but, the world as a whole. I allowed myself to become a murderous dog in Vietnam during the sixties and became maimed for BS that was the only thing these type of people have ever contributed to other than themselves. No wonder there is such dysfunction in the world.
    Semper Fi,
    Do or die

  • http://none elconejo

    This is HOPE AND CHANGE?

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  • Samdromeda

    The removal of the Twaregs actually contributed to their taking over of the northern part of Mali. War has not changed any. There is nothing new under the sun.


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