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Libya vs. Iraq

April 1, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Michael J.

    Great points, this video capitalizes on the sea of duplicity that the liberals are now drowning in. Like Bubonic Plague infested rats following the Pied Piper, they’ll surely be the death of us all if something isn’t done soon.

  • JC

    I love these parodies. Too funny and totally accurate.

  • Jim

    Rhetoric is the fuel that stokes fires of hypocrisy. May they all burn in hell that seek to deceive. That being said, this was a wonderfully humorous way to make some good points.

    By the way M.J. duplicity is duplicated on the other side of the isle as well. The R and D parties should be slapped with anti-trust suits for their collusion to keep third party candidates out of the race. The Tea Party is the best thing to hit the floor of the U.S. Congress since George Washington resigned his commission in Annapolis. They more closely represent the traditional values that made this country great. If they can stick to their guns and get us back on track financially, they will make being constitutionalists and fiscally conservative cool again. We will never get rid of hypocrisy and duplicity, but we can make it more obvious and unacceptable.

    Stepping down off of soap box.

    fair winds…

  • Karolyn

    Too simplistic!

    • JimH

      Karolyn, The issue isn’t complicated. It is simple.

      • Karolyn

        Jim – I was saying the animation is too simplistic. He wrapped up all the stereotypical views of what a liberal is like and used them. It is too simplistic..and stupid. I know no liberals like that character. This is what shapes how people view each other. Just keep on harping on the same old tired views and keep the rabble roused. I am definitely more liberal than conservative. There are a great many of us who do not take well to, nor do we fit, labels. Most of the people I know that are of a more liberal pursuasion are much more complex than made out to be by conservatives. We are not sheep and do not follow a strict liberal guideline (which actually does not exist). Personally, I find there to be good things said on both sides of the fence, which is why I love NPR, because they do present both sides. There really is no black and white but only shades of grey. We live in a new world, and too many people are trying to hard to hold onto the old. And I’m not bashing the Constitution or saying it is out of date. However, it really is not simple at all trying to decide what is the right thing to do. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have an open mind and can see the merit on both sides of the coin. Can’t there be compromise? It seems not.

        • JimH

          Karolyn, The article not only portrays the stereotype of a “typical” lib. It through the woman, portray’s the “typical” lib stereotypes of conservatives.( no matter how false)I have met people who when asked a specific question, could only give a vague answer.(just like the woman in the video.) There are right or wrong answers, gray is just for wishy washy people that don’t want to face up to the truth. There is nothing wrong with an open mind, if it truely is open. If both sides are considered a wise person will come up with the right answer. As far as stereotypes go, like with myths they are base one some facts.

          • JimH

            NOTHING is that complicated.

          • Karolyn

            But, Jim, who can say they REALLY know the truth? The answer is NO ONE! Do you ever stop to think that you MIGHT be wrong? It really is possible, just like it is possible that I am.

          • JimH

            Karolyn, I’ll be the first to admit I have been wrong about things. That is why I do my best to get as much information as I can. All I’m saying is that things are only as complicated as people want to percieve them. I found if you think things through they are NOT that complicated. People try to over complicate things just to confuse others or make themselves look more sophisticated to others that can’t see through their act. I have also found what people describe as GRAY area has a right or wrong answer, but people didn’t take the time to find it, or didn’t like what they found, so they call it grey.

        • sherri ww

          Karolyn: I am very glad to see you saying some of these things that need to be said!The people that want EVERYTHING “their way or the highway”, definately DO have completely closed minds,and “compromise”is not a word they understand-or at least they Pretend not to.One thing that little skit addresses that I have been meaning to address,is this business aboout Pres.Obama spending all his time on golf courses,or playing basketball,and whatever else people can think up:Well,the real facts are,that extremely hard,sometimes into the very late night hours.He plays golf(as every President has done)and plays some basketball,things for relaxation from one of the hardest jobs in the world.The SAME EXACT things businessmen all over America do every day after work!There ia also the fact that Obama inheirated one of the Biggest Messes ANY President has ever come in to.He has worked and worked some more,to straighten out all these messes-and has done a pretty top-notch job saving a lot of things and keeping from a total financial meltdown in this country! If not for him,we would all be driving only Fords,if we wanted an American car,and boy,would they have fun charging twice the price when we only had the one choice of car!Many thousands of jobs,and not just at car companies,were saved by him not letting GM&Chrysler go down.So many jobs are supported by all the things that have to be made to put in those cars.And those are only a couple of big fires he has put out-there have been many,many more that would have destroyed this nation,had He not acted on each thing.The REAL TRUTH is that I have often wondered when the man has time to sleep! When he is out of Wash.D.C.,no matter where,he is ALWAYS on duty and always -working!Pres.Obama is an extremely intelligent and well educated man,there is no doubt of that,and because of that,he is able to”multitask”,doing anynumber of jobs even if he is over taking care of things in another country at the time. These radicals like the TPrs and the ever more radical Repubs,cannot STAND him,because it makes them crazy that this “Black man”is SO far superior to them-to most of us;in intelligence and education. The Repubs have Not a single person capable of running this country right now

          • JimH

            sherri, Just because a group of people disagree with the Obama policies might be because we only disagree with the policy and have absolutly nothing with the color of his skin?
            Could it be he isn’t as inteligent as you were duped into believeing and we should oppose him because he is WRONG?
            You talk about compromise and opem mindedness, but I haven’t seen any in YOUR posts. You just regurgitate back what the lib talking points tell you to think, without even questioning it,or using an open mind to even consider another view.
            When some of these posts that are written oppose what you were told to think, how do you know we didn’t read or hear it also. We did, comsidered it and with our “open minds” heard and read other views an chose the RIGHT one.
            For your information wheather I am racist or not,(since I never posted anything racist you wouldn’t know) it doesn’t affect my oppinion of Obama’s policies.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Yep.When you have no real credible argument,just yell racist!Then you win.

  • Kel R

    This is another perfect example of why all liberals need an anal craniotimy. Their minds are made up so don’t confuse them with facts and reality.

    • Carlucci

      Exactly. If you did that, their heads would explode.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Love the earrings on the lady…anyone else catch the color choice & shape of them and what their symbology represents…?

    Wheels within wheels…my brothers & sisters.

  • pete

    President Obama sure is doing a good job at keeping the blonde-hair woman’s support ! I reckon if women didn’t have the vote President Obama and President Clinton would never have had been elected.

    The sex appeal factor will probably help get Obama re-elected in 2012. Most American women found Barack Obama (and Bill Clinton) more attractive then John McCain (and in Clinton’s case – Bob Dole ..).

    If you go to many corporate organizations, usually the male upper management gets away with “fooling around” with the women employees. That’s the same with politics, the majority of American women go with the candidates who is younger and more sexually attractive.

    Hey, I didn’t make the rules ! That’s just the way I look at it. I’m the armchair general, and remember we have nothing to fear but ..FEAR ITSELF !!

  • sherri ww

    It also most certinly troubles me that a skit like that is used,to try and show that only “some stupid silly woman”could possibly like Pres.Obama.It is insulting,and,much as I think this site has good things about it,that particular thing was in VERY poor taste! And for the skit to suggest this silly woman watches silly TV shows,and thts why she knows nothing-my word-talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Most of the people who have all these goofy ideas get them from the one liners and total Cr** TV shows,or radio shows like Fox news,Rush L.,Palin,Bachman,NEWT,and several goofy new govenors not capable of cleaning the capital restrooms,much less running the state,plus other assorted nuts coming out of the woodwork,wanting to be PRESIDENT.These people will get all over Obama for the stupidist things,yet they elect a govenor in FL. who paid Billions in fines,for defrauding Medicare/Medicaid,and let him run their whole state!And,he is only one of several people who got elected in 2010,that have no business being entrusted to run Anything.If you listen to a lot of them talk,or look at their eyes,you have to wonder”what the He** were these voters THINKING!? Yesterday,I could NOT believe the things that new congressman,Walsh,from Illinois,was saying!That TP guy definately needs to GO-come 2012 ! By the way,that skit ALSO is demeaning to women,by suggesting-more than once-that those”silly”women voters will only vote for the President because he has good looks&sex appeal for them! While its nice to see a fellow in office that looks nice and put together,and looks as if he can walk&chew gum at the same time,its insulting to suggest that crude nonsense.

    • JimH

      Would you have felt better if the conservative was played by a woman and the lib was male?
      There are smart cosvervative women and really mindless lib males.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Well you can see how the liberals treat a conservative woman.They are frightened to death of them.Name one whos character they havent attempted to asassinate in the name of denying them any crediblilty at all?

  • sherri ww

    @Jim H:I most certinly DO offer compromise,and will listen to anyones’side of things,and often change MY mind after I read some other peoples’opinions.BUT,they have to make some sense too.I’m sorry but its a fact that most people get their information from nonsense TV&radio shows,and many of the folks on those shows have an agenda and financial gain,to be made from getting people to follow them and swear by that nonsense.I dont watch TV nor listen to radio to get any information.I’ve said before-I came from a rich Republican family and you cant tell me much about how the Repubs run things,that I didnt learn a long time ago! I asked my brother one time,if it did not bother him,to know that a $250,000 a yr income is a minimum if you want much of anything from a high-postion Repub? He was a millionaire who went to all the fancy dinners and that stuff,and he said I was correct in my assessment of how much $ it took to”belong to the club”;and that no,that didnt bother him a bit.I loved him dearly but I sure did not agree with him on that! And today,its even worse,They have stopped even TRYING to cover up that only the rich count.Again,I will take President Obama being in charge ANYTIME over all that,and no,I am not fooled by what he is-a good,intelligent,caring man who wants this country to be good for his OWN daughters +everybody else.And,right now,the Repubs have Nobody good to offer up,thats for sure.Let Obama lead us on thru this mess until 2016 and maybe the Repub Party will shake themselves off and come up with some decent person.Right now,that is NOT going to happen and we would be very apt to get some kook in there that would put this nation in a mess we cant get out of!

  • JimH

    If you have something against rich people in charge, where do you think Obama
    got his campaigne contributions from. Of course when his plans for the economy are realized there will be less of those evil rich people around.
    Since most people work for someone, once we’re done with the Obama trickle up poverty plan there will be less of us working.(no one was ever employed by a homeless person)
    The fact in one post you claim to listen to both sides and then form your oppinion and then go onto say you don’t listen to people on the radio or TV. What is it? It seems to me you are the lib side of the coin of what you accuse us of being.
    I really don’t suffer from class envy and tho I’ve sometimes been broke I’ve never been poor, I know who pays my check.
    If rich peple are prosperous, I’m employed.
    I’m sorry you have such resentment for your family. One of the ways I am rich is we have good family ties(more precious than any amount of money).
    You didn’t answer my question about if the roles of male and female were reversed. I think the real reason you don’t like the video is not because it is so wrong, but it’s because it hits the nail on the head. ( too close to home is it?)


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