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Liberals Race To Outdo One Another On Gun Control

February 11, 2013 by  

Liberals Race To Outdo One Another On Gun Control

The race is on to see which State’s liberal lawmakers can pass the Nation’s most draconian gun laws.

Currently, New York is in the lead with the knee-jerk gun control bill signed into law last month which banned a bunch of things that were already banned, in addition to some new firearm restrictions. But California, home of queen bee of the anti-gun push Dianne Feinstein, wants to reclaim the title of “State with the Nation’s toughest gun laws.”

Democrats who control California’s Legislature joined San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and several chiefs of police for a news conference last week to announce how the State would one-up New York’s new gun laws.

“California has always been a leader on the issue of gun safety,” Villaraigosa said. “New York has stepped up and stepped forward. California needs to answer the call.”

With that, the Democratic legislators revealed 10 proposals that they said would make California the toughest State for residents to possess firearms. Among the proposals are outlawing the future sale of semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, requiring ammunition background checks and banning magazines with more than a 10-round capacity.

“It strikes me as if these folks are playing some sort of game of one-upsmanship with New York at the expense of law-abiding citizens, and that’s just unconscionable,” said Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, about lawmakers.

The lawmakers also promised to target “loopholes” they believe gun manufactures use to get around the laws already in place in the State.

Meanwhile, at the time of this writing, alleged murderer Christopher Dorner was still on the loose in California as civilians worried about him and jittery, trigger-happy cops. .

Also in the State last week, Los Gatos gun store owner Robert Chang received death threats for daring to sell firearms.


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • FreedomFighter

    “California has always been a leader on the issue of gun safety,” Villaraigosa said. “New York has stepped up and stepped forward. California needs to answer the call.”

    Like a herd of swine hearing the sloppin bell.

    Its Idiot Olympics of stupidity, whos gonna win, well…we all know it will be a liberal.

    What part of infringe dont they understand? Its all going to go to the Supreme Court, and IMHO when it does 1 or 2 judges will have been replaced by Obummer the Supreme Leader of the Liberal/Progressive swine

    Can anyone say…”Complete takeover by fascist communists?”

    The only differance between a slave and his master, the slave owns no guns.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • eddie47d

      The gun in the picture probably wouldn’t be banned so that is disingenuous.The majority of handguns would not be affected. No need to place parenthesis around the term “loopholes” because they do exist and they get plenty of usage. Apparently the Los Gatos gun store owner was rather bold in placing his store in a neighborhood where he wasn’t welcomed. Death threats are wrong but its like any business that doesn’t fit into a community and folks have a right to petition them out. Same with liquor stores,marijuana outlets or houses of prostitution. Seems like he wants to infringe on the will of the people himself.

      • sheep dog on patrol

        You’re twisting things around again eddie, to fit your needs. These store owners have a right, Constitutionally, to earn a living no matter where they crank up their businesses. And, as a resident of Colorado, you should know that no one can open a liquor store without first getting a license and secondly, getting a petition of approval from the people who live in the surrounding area. As for the gun in the picture, I have a magazine for mine that can hold 22 rounds of ammunition. Does that mean that I am a bad person intent on harming someone? NO! It doesn’t. As for the worlds oldest profession, prostitution, I have not seen any store front in my city that advertises nor supplies that commodity. You will find it in states wshere it is legal, however. The same goes for illegal drug dealers. They don’t tend to open store fronts for their trade. They prefer to work the school grounds and influence the younger ones. Oh, and most of those dealers carry guns without a concealled carry prmit. Unlike me. As for the Los Gatos gun store owner, if you’ve ever been to Los Gatos, which I have, you’d know that this is a very nice suberb of San Francisco and is quite large. His death threats probably have come from uninformed, uneducated, stupid locals or from criminals who don’t want the citizens armed. That, you surely must know, wouild create an unhealthy work environment for those criminals.

      • JeffH

        eddie, will you ever quit with your stupidity. You don’t know squat about California, guns, gun loopholes or the rule of law. What you do know are the same commie talking points you learned and have been using for over 3 years now.

        Quit being stupid!

      • JeffH

        Here is my 2nd letter to Diane Feinstein…she never responded to the first one.

        I am re-sending my comments because you, Sen. Feinstein, have yet to respond to my original comments regarding your legislative attempts at gun grabbing.

        I am a gun owner and want to express my views about the proposed legislation attempting to make it harder for law abiding people to enjoy the sports of shooting and owning a firearm.

        I am a retired Transportation Manager and I am genuinely concerned that the government plans to eclipse my usage of sport shooting and the ability to defend myself, my family and my property.

        Gun ownership is one of the most ardent rights that I believe in. We need to enforce the laws we already have and get rid of the ones that are not enforceable.

        I realize as a legislator you have to show that you are receptive to our needs. I am not one that wants you to reinstall the ban on so-called assault weapons or regular capacity magazines.

        In almost every instance of mass killing, there were ample red flags and warning alarms that either were avoided or were not acted upon by mental health professionals, family members, friends and acquaintances. While I deeply respect an individual’s privacy and civil liberties, the American people need basic awareness of what indicators to look for regarding potentially violent, psychotic people. Our collective safety begins with being collectively vigilant.

        We need to promote gun safety through public education so that younger generations will grow up with a well-rounded understanding of firearm safety. You cannot legislate criminal conduct by legislating law abiding gun owners and law abiding citizens. In the hands of law abiding citizens and gun owners, guns are not inherently evil and guns do not kill. Criminals are evil and criminals do kill!

        In closing, I would like to emphasize that you work for me, not the other way around. I will not cower to you or anyones else’s gun grabbing mentality. I have an inalienable right to own the gun of my choice for any and all legal means up to and including my own personal defense of self , family and property from any criminal and from a tyranical state.

        I will defend that right through every legal means afforded me by law and by the Constitution and fight you, through those legal means, every step of the way.

        Please reconsider the harm you will cause to legal and legitimate law abiding citizens by your, and others, overzealous attempt to implement a gun ban of any kind. Your attempt to limit or ban guns and gun magazines in America will only empower the criminals that have no respect for the law.

        Stop lying Senator Feinstein and stop misrepresenting the statistics that prove you are lying and stop with your political doublespeak and openly admit that you believe no one but elitists like yourself should be allowed to own and protect themselves with a gun.

        I anxiously await your reply although I don’t expect to recieve one.

        Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

      • eddie47d

        Maybe Jeff H should stop lying about Feinstein in saying folks don’t have a right to protect themselves. Keep on spreading your lies and fears Jeff H because I can’t cure your stupid! or your dizzying array of name calling!

      • Buster the Anatolian

        The problem is NOT guns it is whatever is wrong with the American and the worlds psyche that leads to actions such as this.

      • JeffH

        Hey dummy, you cannot point out one lie in my letter to Feinstein. On the other hand, your lies are pointed out to you on a daily basis.

        As for name calling, as usual you are a hypocrit. You can dish it out but you just can’t take it.

        POLLY WANT A CRACKER? baaarrraaaccckkkkk!

      • Benjamin Fox

        eddie teddy 47 ways to be a darn commie, the leader of the dumb pack of evil people who are here to back the nazi government they love and drink the cool-aid for, when the government has assualt weapons we should have them or they come in a dictate to us because we can’t fight back but, then you cowards love that kind of government, you love the free stuff on the nazi plantation, stealing from others to feel good about yourself you greedly little brown shirt from Denver. Gun control is hitting what you aim at and if you little nazi’s come for me, you’ll get a real lesson in gun control. Go pound dirt nazi.

      • wheels

        eddie47d if your belief is that once obama starts gun confiscation he will stop at some point and leave certain types in the hands of citizens, you are living in a liberal dream world.

      • eddie47d

        Wheels: Nothing is guaranteed in life and its hard to say what politicians will do. I don’t make those kinds of bets or support predictions without more proof. Taking sides on that is a fools errand. Now don’t go saying I said it won’t happen or its impossible.

      • Liquid

        Perfect gun control is a headshot every shot.

      • meteorlady

        Eddie – google Sen Ted Cruz and gun control questioning. Feinstein is so uninformed as to be stupid. I can do much much more damage with my 12 gage shotgun and an AR15. I can think of at least 15 hunting rifles that I can do more damage with. What a crock.

        Why not we have a conversation about psychotropic drugs. Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes, Columbine killer Eric Harris, and a host of other mass murdering young killers were on some type of psychotropic drugs when they committed their crimes.

        According to a study published in the journal PLoS One and based on the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System, the following mind-altering drugs are most frequently linked to violence:

        10. Desvenlafaxine (Pristiq) is an antidepressant associated with 7.9 times more violence than many other drugs.

        9. Venlafaxine (Effexor) is related to Pristiq and is an antidepressant also used in treating those with anxiety disorders. Effexor is 8.3 times more associated with violent behavior than other drugs.

        8. Fluvoxamine (Luvox) is an antidepressant that affects serotonin (SSRI), and is 8.4 times more likely to be linked to violence than other medications

        7. Triazolam (Halcion) can be addictive and is a benzodiazepine that supposedly treats insomnia. It’s 8.7 times more likely to be associated with violence than other medications.

        6. Atomoxetine (Strattera) is often prescribed to tread ADHD and is 9 times more likely to be associated with violence.

        5. Mefoquine (Lariam) treats malaria and sometimes products bizarre behavior, and is 9.5 times more likely to be linked to violence.

        4. Amphetamines come in many forms and are often used to treat ADHD (even to children not diagnosed with ADHD). They are 9.6 times more likely to be linked to violence.

        3. Paroxetine (Paxil) is an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant. Many users experience severe withdrawal symptoms and are more likely to produce children with birth defects as well as 10.3 times more likely to be linked to violence than other medications.

        2. Fluoxetine (Prozac) is a household name for a powerful SSRI antidepressant linked with 10.9 times more violence than other drugs.

        1. Varenicline (Chantix) is administered to smokers to supposedly help curb cigarette cravings, but it’s a whopping 18 times more likely to be linked to violent behavior than other drugs.

        Or we could talk about the 194,000 people that died last year as a result of medical malpractice. Maybe we should ban doctors. Or maybe the 12,000 or more people that died as as result of drunk drivers so we could ban cars.

        The truth is that since 1992 violent crime and murder is down 54%. This is from the FBI website. Our murder rate in this country is 4.7 per 100,000. Also from their website – most of these crimes take place in urban areas over 250,000 and in neighborhoods where most people collect entitlements, have no jobs and their schools suck. Why isn’t the government going into these neighborhoods and asking what’s up? Maybe because they CAUSED THE PROBLEM?

        Fact is if a nut case wants to kill people they will. Timothy McVey comes to mind and we still have not banned fertilizer or the other ingredients he made his bomb with.

    • sheep dog on patrol

      Isn’t it interesting that EVERY time we have a Democrap in office, we are burdened with more and more GUN CONTROL yet their efforts to, supposedly, make America and our children safer has done just the opposite? And, isn’t it interesting how their followers keep on believing that these Democrap leaders can actually do anything to make America and our children safer? When will they ever learn? It’s a simple equation…….armed citizen VS criminals = chance for survival……….. whereas, unarmed citizen VS criminals = chance to meet your creator. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in a situation where you are staring into the eyes of an intruder in your home, which would you rather have in your hand? A. a cell phone. B. a baseball bat. C. a kitchen knife D. a tennis shoe. E. the book you were reading before falling asleep. or F. a handgun with 15 rounds of .40 cal. jacketed hollow point ammunition. In countries like Great Britian and Australia and in Cities like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, the leaders want you to only have items A through E. I think most of us will agree that item “F” is most widly preferred and that we don’t intend to let them change that. Why can’t people simply understand that in EVERY country and in EVERY city where the gun grabbers have persisted with more gun control, those poor people have the highest crime rates in the entire world. When will simple everyday people finally understand that criminals are what they are because they TOTALLY disregard any kind of law whatsoever? They will never relinquish their tools of the trade. They WILL keep their guns and they WILL continue to use them to victimize us. WE must keep our guns as well. When these politicians seek to enact laws to ban certain guns and high capacity magazines……when we allow them to further infringe on our 2nd amendment rights, we are allowing them to make a criminal out of every honest, law abiding citizen who owns such firrearms and magazines. Can’t anyone understand that?

      • Chocopot

        Dear Sheep:

        As has been stated so many times already, the key word in the term “gun control” is not “gun,” it is “control.” And since the Democraps cannot control the criminals (and don’t care to), they are going to do their best to control you. Do your best not to let them – the results of that will not be pretty. Lock and load.

        Best wishes from a fellow patriot.

      • eddie47d

        Sheep dog and Chocopot always talk in terms of self defense even though their right to that self defense isn’t diminished. As per usual you are twisting things to suit your agenda and then blame it all on someone else. Instead of discussing the lack of control in our gun culture which in turn enables the criminal to far more easily obtain a weapon.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        “…even though their right to that self defense isn’t diminished. ”

        But the proposed bans so just that. The proposed laws seek to ban the very weapons that the government has called “personal defence weapons” as noted previously on this site as well as others.

      • eddie47d

        Yes but your version includes 30 round magazines or more so you are being facetious.

      • JeffH

        eddie, the DHS consider the “select fire” variant of the AR-15 a “suitable for personal defense weapons”. The term select-fire means the weapon can be both semi-automatic and automatic. Civilians are prohibited from obtaining these kinds of weapons.

        Additionally, the DHS is asking for 30 round magazines that “have a capacity to hold thirty (30) 5.56x45mm NATO rounds” for their “select fire variant” of the AR-15 “suitable for personal defense weapons”.

        Critics of such a ban on semi-automatic rifles with high capacity magazines are already arguing that the government is showing its hypocrisy by essentially saying they are good “personal defense” for them, but not for American citizens. When civilians own semi-automatic rifles, they somehow become “assault weapons.”

      • Buster the Anatolian

        So do the ones the government wants/has purchased as JeffH pointed out.

    • TheTruthHurts
    • mark

      No, there were other huge differences between a slave and his master besides gun ownership. Slaves could not vote, freely practice their religion, run for office, practice free speech, serve on juries, practice the right to assembly, own property, serve as witnesses to provide evidence in trials, serve in the military, prevent illegal search and seizure of their residences and property, slaves in fact has zero rights and were not even accorded personhood, they were simply another’s property, not human beings or U.S. citizens under the law of their day. Tens of millions of Americans who own zero guns possess and practice all of these rights.

      Gun ownership is not the sole litmus test of freedom. In fact, possessing lots of money and property gives one much more freedom in U.S. society than guns do. The wealthy can do most of what they want in America, go where they please, and purchase anything they fancy. Unarmed, rich people have much more freedom than armed poor and working-class people in our countr. Just ask the coal miners of West Virginia or the street gangs of Chicago. They’ve got lots of guns and little freedom, stuck in ghettos and dangerous jobs with little hope of future prosperity. But they’re armed to the teeth, so I guess that makes’em free! Free to live a hard life with little chance of escape.

      • TheTruthHurts

        Did I imply that gun ownership is the only thing needed for freedom? If so, I digress. You’re right, they were slaves for more than one reason; but that only seems to solidify the point that video was making…
        Law abiding citizens (as in Chicago, metro DC, etc…) are unable to defend themselves…. Only a law abiding citizen obeys laws, yes? A criminal, at both ends of the spectrum will violate natural & political law, usually regardless of the consequences. I certainly advocate education to reduce all violent crimes

        for free:
        by Lance Lochner, 2007

        Good place to start

  • Warrior

    It certainly does appear as though van jone’s “top down” strategy may be working on the “tops”. To get those “bottom up” participants involved though will take “union” assistance. Where’s trumpka these days?

  • Butch

    Death threats against a law abiding business owner???? So essentially its “Stop selling guns that can kill or I’LL kill you”? Liberal hypocrisy at its most glaring.

    • sheep dog on patrol

      Well said, Butch.

    • Steve E

      Their death threats to law abiding gun dealers is proof of what they really stand for. The wolf has been exposed in their sheep’s clothing.

      • ibcamn

        yep,and remember how the gov’t insurance company is getting into the game too!stopping insurance on vehicles use to transport weapons from and to the gun stores and suppliers!or bank of america won’t let you buy ammo or weapons on their card!all tyhings like this are progressive trates!!

    • mark

      In a free society, anyone can make a threat against just about anyone. Check out this website for instance and see all the threats and insults hurled at those people who posters disagree with. Death threats unfortunately signify little except for the complete breakdown of civility in our political discourse. And the growing and mistaken belief that anyone who disagrees with you is a traitor who deserves death. All these wildly exaggerated threats, conspiracies, paranoia, and fantasies all feed into this increasingly ugly debate that many here just can’t get enough of. The more hatred and bile they can spew the better and more important they feel. But always remember when all is said and done, it is really just a lot of internet chatter. The real makers and shakers don’t bothetr with these blogs, they make decisions, they make policy, they go to work and get things done. Hecklers from the peanut gallery have little effect on the course of their achievements.

      • http://aol CommonSense4America

        In other words, politicians don’t listen to their constituants. Just like Obama and Obamacare.

  • DavidL

    Putting a 55 mile an hour speed limit sign on a highway, or a 20 mile an hour limit around a school, does not mean the government is banning cars.

    • TheTruthHurts

      Brilliant! Too bad driving is a privilege, as a power of the state to license people to drive; whereas the people have an inalienable right to bear arms (preferably to protect against tyrannical anything; that’s the 2nd Amendment from the Bill of Rights)- given from the eternal legislator, creator & supreme being of the universe… (as per the Declaration of Independence)

    • ibcamn

      If you remember the 55 mph was put in place to save us from getting hurt(back in the day)cars are safer now and actually get great milage at about 70!!
      and yes slow down around a school is safer for kids,no problem,except police like to use it as a point of,SPEEDING,in a school zone!money maker!in small town USA the cops love these areas,you read it in the paper like a regular soap opera!but it is for the kids!
      and actually,the gov’t wants you to buy just new cars,they tried to ban motorcycles(check it out)but Harley Davidson hung on in the seventies and shoved the new law rite up the gov’ts a$$!and they tried to take away trhe collecter and antique cars,but that failed also!
      so in a scense,yes they tried to(a lot,often)take away our cars and bikes!to answer your question!

    • jopa

      DavidL;Very good post on the speed limit scenario.

  • J R

    Unfortunately Butch that is exactly how it has become and not just with people related to guns.Lawyers,media,military,LE,etc.,anyone who opposes Hitler Obama and Co. will pay the price.Whether that price is prison or death they don’t care.
    We’re all Americans that post on here and other blogs and are trying to preserve our rights,freedom and our lives.We’re fighting back against gun laws,economics,liberty and our self preservation.
    When you have a hole in your roof you don’t fix the spots were it leaks inside and hope that fixes the problem,you go on the roof and fix the source.So after that Wisconsin farm boy analogy my question is this:Why aren’t we doing everything we can to impeach Hitler Obama?He is the heart and soul of what is destroying us and trying to divide us.If you cut off a rattle snakes head it may still rattle for a minute but it will never be able to strike at you again.

    • sheep dog on patrol

      JR, Whereas I do appreciate your thoughts and comments, you must surely understand that gang membrs do not betray other gang members. If they do, they can be and most likely will be killed. Right now, we have the Chicago mob in office running this nation. They will not impeach one of their own. What has happened to Eric Holder since Operation Fast and Furious was disclosed? What has been done about all his lies and deceipt? Who has been held accountable for the deaths of the two border agents or the more than 500 Mexican nationals who have been killed as a result of that botched operation? Can you say “NO ONE!” Right now, these people in Washington are preparring for a war against you and me. They have underground bunkers, an unlimited food and water supply and lots of guns and ammunition. Plus, they have drones in the sky and FEMA camps all over this country…….and you talk about impeachment?

      • TheTruthHurts

        I don’t disagree with you’re inquiring into the lack of follow up on F&F… However, I have never quite understood the entire anti-FEMA thing… especially the whole ‘they’re buying coffins so they must want to kill us & bag us”… As far as I understand (please correct me if I’m off the mark), many people die during natural disasters, yes?

        When people die, their body decomposes, releasing deadly bacteria & diseases, not to mention being horribly smelly…

        So would you or would you not want these rotting, disease carrying corpses to be removed respectfully from a disaster site? Because I’m sure if the gov’t did not remove these corpses the same argument of ‘they’re trying to kill us all’ will be still ringing, yes?

      • ibcamn

        The worries you have are in the rehlm of possibilities,the gov’t does have what they call vaults,for coffins and they store them at these camps.but the gov’t calls the civilian detention camps!were whole families can live and work,such as disasters,problem is,they don’t use them after such disasters!they are detention camps(FEMA)and they are stock piling ammo by the billions of rounds!and if you look at any of the stock piles of vehicles they have,some are of mixed nations on our soil!most of the UN vehicles that have been stored for gov’t use,keep getting moved around!one minute a stockpile is at an abandond Air Force base then they get moved to a prison parking lot!so your fears are founded,but they will kill us only if we resist!if you are sheeple,your safe,they will put you in a camp with the ones they arrest(for nothing)the rest will be shot or taken out by drones that Obama has now said it’s okay to do!the southern border is wide open to let in Obama supporters to the US!there are many factors that go into what your concerned about!civil unrest is the thing they(progressives,liberals)fear most,so they are going after our weapons,our defense against tyranny!know your rights and do not surrender your guns!!even at those stupid gov’t buy back programs,those only disarm law abiding citizens!the local police are useless and are being brainwashed to think they are able to make laws that don’t exist to arrest you,(make it hard to own guns)cause problems(watch videos on how many times things are ok till the cops show up,or how a rutine stop goes wrong because the cop has a new taser he wants to try out,or he plainly disregaurds your rights to find a way to arrest you)so they can make their quotas,and make it look like they are doing there job,they are the jackboot thugs you need to watch out for!the gov’t is radicalizing them to fit their agenda and to carry out their orders,to disarm and arrest you!control you!
        So to answer your questions,yes those things are for us,you and me,US citizens!!

      • eddie47d

        Yes, The Truth Hurts; You got it right. The FEMA camps were originally built to contain rioters and then for natural disasters. Those “coffins” are exactly for what you said.

      • r.p.

        @TheTruthHurts&eddie47d: Referencing millions dead due to natural disasters as a reason for the need for millions of “coffin liners”(where are the coffins?) is absurd. (6 to8 bodies can fit into one coffin liner). How many millions died in Katrina, or Sandy? You seem to reference them in your argument. For that matter, how many died in the Japan earthquake/tsunami or the Indonesian tsunami? Even if you combine all of these events, you are going to come up dismally short of your “millions” needed to make your case. Of course there is one case where millions died, and you might want to reference that event to bolster your argument. It was called “The Holocaust” conducted by the National Socialist Party on behalf of a dude named Adolf Hitler. The National Socialist Party??? Here in the U.S. we call them democrats. On this site, they are called trolls. Enjoy your notoriety.

    • mark

      Obama has zero chance of being impeached and the same of being convicted. It takes 67 votes in the Senate to convict and they are lucky if they could get 4 – Rand Paul and a couple of other extremist right-wngers, Inhofe, etc. So the vote would be 96-4. It wouldn’t even make it out of committee to advance to a Senate-wide vote. President Obama has about a 52% approval rating right now. Presidents with a 52% approval rating don’t get impeached, they get reelected as Obama recently proved. Presidents with their approval ratings down in the 20s percentiles get impeached. Ain’t gonna happen here.

      You are best to start working for a strong Republican candidate for 2016. Someone who can appeal to moderates and rational voters, not like the clowns who all fought and wounded one another for the nomination last time, “the Crazy Party” as Bobby Jindal put it. They have to come up with someone reasonable and intelligent not a red meat hurler who will only appeal to the hard right that has no choice but to vote Republcan anyway. (Or they can vote Libertarian as some did and give Johnson a big 1% again). Someone who appeals to the middle and could even garner some Democratic votes. Good luck with that given the current state of the party driven by vicious haters like Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Jones, and Ingram. Americans won’t vote a hater into the Whitel House. They have shown their aversion to haters, over and over again.

  • Breeze

    I can’t wait to get out of Kalifornia. The state is lost, they can have it, and all the illegal aliens, jack-booted thugs, and corrupt, idiot politicians. Give the state to China.

    • eddie47d

      There’s a lot of jack-booted thugs and corrupt idiot politicians in Arizona too so maybe you should pack up and move to China first.

      • Opal the Gem

        Typical stoopid comment from eddie. Breeze said nothing about Arizona he just said he was getting out of Kalifornia.

      • eddie47d

        The last time I looked Opal Arizona is still one of our states. I’m just trying to steer this person away from Colorado. No matter it was still smarter than your comment. LOL!

      • Opal the Gem

        eddie says:
        “There’s a lot of jack-booted thugs and corrupt idiot politicians in Arizona too so maybe you should pack up and move to China first.”

        then eddie says:
        “The last time I looked Opal Arizona is still one of our states. I’m just trying to steer this person away from Colorado. No matter it was still smarter than your comment. LOL!”

        So, what does Arizona being one of our states have to do with anything since Breeze said nothing about it.

        Telling Breeze how bad Arizona might be is a funny way to attempt to steer someone away from Colorado. That would make him MORE likely to consider Colorado.

        So I guess my comment is smarter than yours eddie.

  • ibcamn

    Fret not people,i just heard a great tidbit of news that has come down the grape vine!
    WE THE PEOPLE,indipendent thinkers have been feverishly going around the laws these douche bags have been “infringing”on us!it’s a shame i can’t download a picture to you!of course you all must know by now the downloadable weapon!that is a step in the right direction,and these new semi-auto weapons are zip loaded and top,non removable mags!!no assault type parts,hunter friendly!the AR-15 style weapon may be a thing of the past if these meat heads do get their way and stomp on our rights to protect our selves against the tyrannical gov’t and thieves and bandits and liberals,and such…so it’s kinda like thanks to the progressives,we may have these new guns in stores before long!
    We still have to be on the lookout for the bandit cops and rogue cops and cops on the take!things are getting worse for the cops stomping on our rights so still be cautuose at police stops and border patrol stops too!!know your rights!
    If every little town gets it liberal way,that is going to cause more caose than i think they are for seeing about!typical liberal right brain thinking!all wrong!if they get their way it’s just going to cause such a mess that many law abiding people will get arrested for following the law!Oh wait,they do already!by the cops that are their to protect them!and in states that are trying to put electric surveliance devices on your home(they have armed police escort)and try to come on your property illegally,ask them for a warrant!they have to have one,most times they just waltz onto your property and put this device on your house(trespass)and if you resist,they arrest you!WARRANT!!remember,you,as a citizen have the right to protect your property and in that you have the right to shoot trespassers!!let them know you know your rights,they are trying to take them away and hoping your too stupid to see that!.kinda like when the liberals(Obama)called use HOMERS!…were smarter than they think we are!!

  • maryp1217

    The safety of the majority or pacify the survivalists – not a difficult choice at all. How on earth have you gun-frenzied people been able to survive this long without owning a rocket-launcher? There are no viable reasons why you can’t agree to common sense regulations. Close the loopholes so every sale has a mandatory background check and the need to at least re-load after 10 shots. Why is this so difficult of a concept for you to grasp? Our laws should not be based on the minority of people living in a state of paranoia.

    • JimH

      maryp1217, You mention “common sense” regulations.
      Name one that is proposed that will work.
      Criminals and madmen don’t go through a background check.
      There are so many 30 round magazines out there now it wouldn’t matter. (closing the barn door after the horse got out.)
      You say our laws should not be based on the minority living in a state of paranoia.
      That is true. That minority of pro- gun control, paranoid people shouldn’t be able to take away law abiding peoples rights freedoms and liberty’s in a vain attempt to solve the problem.
      The 2nd amendment is the “common sense” regulation that works.

      • maryp1217

        Background checks for all sales is common sense. Criminals won’t go through them, but they won’t have the easy option of a private sale like they do now. That’s the whole point – stop making it easy for them. Closing the barn door after horses have gotten out is no reason not to close the door so more won’t get out. The vast majority want these checks and the majority want to ban “assault” weapons with high-capacity clips. The paranoid minority are those who live in fear of the government “coming to take away their guns.” If someone needs more than 10 rounds to hit their target, they need to find a new hobby or take some weapons training. Please don’t go into the rant about 5 intruders breaking into a home, either. That is just pure nonsense. Most NRA members even want common sense regulations. Unless you can’t pass a background check, there’s no reason to be against them.

      • JimH

        maryp, In Illinois the gun shows have a direct line to the Illinois State Police. There is no gun show loophole. Look at the crime rate in Chicago. The background checks JUST DON’T WORK.
        I own 30 round magazines. I have the right, freedom and liberty to do that.(for now)
        I’ve never committed a crime or have gone insane.
        Why should I be penalized for something someone else did?
        It’s not a matter of if I “need” one, It’s, should I have the freedom and right taken away from me, for an idea that JUST DOESN’T WORK.( matches come in packs of 20. If we make them packs of 4, will it stop arson?)
        I may not “need” a 30 round magazine right now, but my house isn’t on fire right now and I have a fire extinguisher. I’m not bleeding “right now”, but I have a first aid kit.
        I don’t have to justify having a 30 round magazine to anybody.(for now)
        Let me ask you this, is there a freedom or right that you enjoy right now, that if it were threatened,(because of the actions of someone else) would you be willing to fight to keep that freedom and right?
        If so what are you going to use to fight with, since you frittered away your 2nd Amendment rights?
        By the way 5 intruders broke into my friends house. He’s dead now. Maybe if he had a gun.
        I belong to the NRA, don’t try to tell me about wanting “common sense” regulations.
        I asked you to tell me one of the “common sense” regulations that would work. You didn’t.
        As soon as someone figures out a “common sense solution” that will not infringe on law abiding peoples rights and would really work, talk to me. Until then, keep looking.
        Some one being concerned about losing a Constitutional right and standing up for it doesn’t make them paranoid. People afraid of the 100 million+, lawful firearm owners in this country, are the paranoid ones.

      • r.p.

        Well said JimH: Might I also add. The other “common sense” constitutional law is the “Dick Act”. The thousands of other gun control laws are either senseless or unconstitutional. They try to persuade everyone with the bogus claim that the majority of NRA members want common sense laws. Yes they do!!! But that doesn’t mean that they are willing to support draconian, nonsensical, unconstitutional infringements on the 2nd amendment. The national registry, the limit on mags, and the banning of “scary” weapons are just 3 such draconialn measures that are both idiotic and unconstitutional.

  • jopa

    JeffH;You challenged eddie to point out some lies in your letter to Feinstein.Number one is you don’t even own a gun that is part of the topic.You have been single all your life so you don’t have a family to protect, you went bankrupt and moved in with another man so you have no property to protect, now you claim to be a retired taxi cab driver when in the past you have claimed to be a coffee broker.Your credibility with us is just not there anymore my good man.Honesty has always been the best policy and you just don’t have that.Have a good one.

    • JeffH
      • JeffH

        dopa, here’s an FYI for you…I paid for and built that beautiful AR-15 by myself without any governmnet help.

      • jopa

        JefferyH;You are actually starting to sound a bit like Mutt Rumney in that your lies have been too many that you don’t really remember what you have said from day to day.You have put it down in black and white for all to see how phony you truly are and you can’t remember what story you have used last to portray yourself.I know your heroes are guys like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Pee Wee Herman but they are only actors and fictional roles they play are not the real deal.The link to the AR-15 portrayed a beautiful gun and I bet you wish you had one but we both know you don’t but that’s okay you can pretend.Just remember what I have said over and over that “you just can’t fix stupid’, however I know most of these memory losses on your part are due to sheer volume of misrepresentations.I sure do hope we can get some gun legislation passed just for the sake of the children even if it only saves one life.Well I guess that’s it for now and have a good one and always remember Honesty is the best Policy.

      • JeffH

        dopa, it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

        It’s easy to see just how severe your alzheimers has become…seek help and keep on your meds or you’ll eventually end up in a schitzo home where you belong.

    • Bill Henry

      YOU are talking about honesty??

      • JeffH

        Bill, just like eddie, dopa is clueless where honesty is concerned. dopa tends to get the bulk his/her info from the supermarket line rags like The Globe or The Enquirer or, like eddie, just makes it up…whatever works I guess.

    • r.p.

      Dear jopa: You don’t have to own a gun to support the 2nd amendment. Nor do you have to own a gun to be a member of the NRA, NAGR, GOA, JFPF, or the multitude of other gun owner organizations. And your right that these people are for sensible legislation. Legislation that protects all the rights enumerated in the articles of the Bill Of Rights. 1 through 10 entirely. The garbage being foisted on the American people by the GUN GRABBERS OF AMERICA does not fall into this category. The fact that you are all going after the so called “assault weapons”, shows that you clearly do not understand the reason for the 2nd amendment. As our first Constitutional President so CLEARLY and eloquently stated “All the terrible instruments of war that would be carried by the infantry of any force shall be entrusted into the hands of the people. That would be a good thing.” >>G.W.

      P.S. Even if I did own a gun, or many of them, it still wouldn’t make me a “gun enthusiast“. Just as owning a hammer doesn’t make me a hammer enthusiast.

      • jopa

        rp; I believe if prez gw had seen what type of weapons our men in uniform have at their disposal today he would have to make a few adjustments in that statement.Can you picture the average Joe on the street walking around with bazookas grenade launchers the ability to fire a nuke.That’s just crazy talk.

      • r.p.

        jopa: Now you are just being silly. Nukes???, give me a break!! And you presume to think for G.W. also do you? Keep in mind that the greatest improvements in weapons technology between 1100 and 1800 happened in Georges lifetime. I don’t claim to be thinking for George but I’m sure he was very aware of the evolution of implements of war. He was surely aware of “rifling, cannons, grenades and rockets” as he and his army used them extensively against an invader who also used them. They changed the face of WAR.

  • hitthedeck

    The liberal misplaced direction of thought.

    The movement to ban guns and limit sales has been on the liberals menu for years but it only increases when a crime with guns has an impact that shocks the public. If you think about the perpetrators of these crimes you will find out that 99% were reported to be mentally ill and 99% commit suicide immediacy after their evil deed. On their action of committing suicide they immediately become martyrs for the gun grabbing liberals. One example is the gun free zone at Fort Hood when Major Nidal Malik Hasav gunned down and killed thirteen people and wounding twenty nine with handguns. The victims were all solders that are trusted to put their lives on the line on the battlefield but are not trusted by politicians who elected that they must be disarmed on their own military post. We didn’t hear a word from the anti gun nuts because the killer is alive waiting to receive his punishment. I can almost be sure that the gun grabbers would have been going after the gun stores and semi auto handguns if the Major had died after committing his crime. It is also ironic that the Major was a psychiatrist and his colleges knew that he was a paranoid schizoid but refused to report the Major because of the liberal disease of political correctness. The liberals will continue to fight windmills and will not recognize that mental illness is the main cause of all the senseless slayings. They must have a material object to attack because they do not have the common sense to see the obvious problem. If liberalism is so intense on a subject that is not the cause of a solution maybe there is a mental illness involved in the undertaking.

    • Andy

      Why not just ban evil and crazy? That would solve those problems and leave us with our guns. Course, D.C. would be a ghost town.

      • Timothy Porter

        I like that Andy, puts our problems into perspective. But you have to admit, we could do better with an empty DC !

    • Bill Henry

      I take it from your name that you may have been or are still a sailor, if so hello shipmate, if not hello fellow patriot. I have made the decision that I will stop trying to change a liberal attitude. It is a useless quest. You cannot change them with facts, because facts do not enter into their thinking. They are unassailable with facts which show their lack of education and stupidity. I served 20+ years defending the Constitution of these United States of America, and I have no intention of passively surrendering my rights, and if that makes me a criminal, then I will just have to be a criminal. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    • http://PersonalLiberty kajunhunter

      Excellent comment hitthedeck. There is not one Liberal not even eddie that care to guess how much money the gun grabbing senators, and congressmen, that support this gun grab, receive every year from the drug cartel. I am not talking about the Mexican drug cartel, I am talking about the Pharmaceutical industry in this country. Every nut job that pulls off these crimes or 99% can be traced to the meds pumped out by this legal drug cartel. We the people of this nation need to demand every single gun grabber, starting with Diane Feinstein, how many millions over the years they have all received, from the establishment. Stock options, gifts, money, trips, on and on. They will never turn the tables on the ones that need to be regulated, because their greed would cry out NO. Come on all you Potomac Politicians tell the american people how much money you folks have taken we want to know????????

  • Bill Henry

    @Mary1217: Your comments are specious. If it is known that the illegal sales are being made, then it must be known who is making the sales, therefor prosecuting the criminal perpetrating the act would be a logical answer. UH OH I committed a Romper Room no no, I forgot that liberals or progressives, whichever you choose to be called don’t use logic, they prey on the emotions of an ignorant and uneducated public.

  • Bill Henry


  • Ron

    No love for the fight in Maryland? Feb. 6th we had over 4000 people show up in Annapolis for a rally and over 2200 of us, possibly over 2500 as the tally is not yet complete, signed up to testify against bills that are every bit as as bad a New York’s. On their side they had a few hired witnesses and no more than 82 signed up to testify on their side including their paid witnesses. We have two more sessions to fight through March 1st and 5th. The look on Governor O’Malley’s face when he saw the crowd gathered against him was like a deer in the headlights. They are using every legislative trick they can get away with and lying to the media that the NRA and robocall produced that crowd but I can tell you for sure and certain there was no robocall and it was 100% grassroots.

  • Bill Henry

    I forgot to add: WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    • Bill Henry


  • Guy Waukcinebar

    Recent statistics indicate that only one in five bullets which police have shot in action hit their intended target. Meanwhile, New York apparently thinks we are better shots than the police since they have limited weapons to seven rounds. Now California wants to be more oppressive than New York. This from Sen. Feinstein, who once thought it was a good idea for HER to carry a concealed weapon! Have you tried to buy anything except a shotgun or a .22 in California recently? The stores are empty. I have been looking since the day after the election, November 7th.

  • JustAnotherJoe

    I had a good laugh reading about how Dianne Feinstein wants to ban guns, and be the most draconian gun-banned state in the Union. She does this, all-the-while keeping the borders wide open for illegals and drug cartels to waltz right on through. I do not know who is the bigger idiot, Feinstein and her ilk, or the the idiot voter who keeps re-electing freedom-hating politicians such as her.

  • Carol

    Guns don’t kill, people do, guns don’t shoot themselfs, people do. Have you ever seen a gun stand up to shoot you, without a figure of a person behind the trigger? When a person gets angry about something that when he grabs a gun, knife, or bat, or brick. If a person, is checked by a doctor, maybe 3 drs for a mental conditions they should not be able to get any of the above clubs. We all hurt when blood is spilled, our blood is red regardless of whom we might be. If we trutly loved each other, then there, no need to spill blood of anyone, regardless of where the person works or lives. We must learn to Love, not hate.

  • Wildman from Michigan

    Please wake up America before it’s too late !!


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