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Liberal Celebs Make Childish Campaign Videos

November 6, 2012 by  

Liberal Celebs Make Childish Campaign Videos

Many of you probably do not need a reason to not cast a vote for President Barack Obama in today’s election. But if you do, or know someone who does, the barrage of celebrity-filled campaign videos that hit the Internet in the days just before the election should be enough to turn off any potential Obama voters.

The President and his A-list friends, it seems, believe that the ordinary Obama voter is uninformed and wildly immature.

“This is Cher, bitches. Do what she says … and God bless America,” Kathy Griffin says in a new Web ad focused on women’s rights. So, if you don’t take political direction from washed-up pop singers and unfunny comediennes, Obama probably isn’t your man.

If you prefer a more racist campaign argument, Chris Rock over the weekend informed white Americans that they should vote Obama because he is essentially the “whitest” candidate.

Comedian and actor Will Ferrell says in a last-minute campaign video that he will “do anything” if you go to vote for Obama.

Of course, Ferrell is used to pushing products that nobody really likes.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • ladyceo

    If this were about women’s health, then I’d be getting my blood pressure meds for free! So, this BS about contraception is an insult to women everywhere. We are far more concerned about the unemployment rate, the economy and a multitude of other things that Obama has screwed up! R&R in 2012!

    • Mike11C

      You’re more concerned with other issues, the more important ones, because you were taught to “not let your heart rule your head”. This is the problem with the younger generation. They let their emotions be in charge rather than using logic and reasoning to make decisions.

      • Paul Wells

        Not to disagree too vociferously…that has probably been true of the younger set since the times of Adam and Eve. It just is. I don’t perceive it to be any worse now, than in the past.

    • Cliffystones

      Too bad birth control pills don’t lower blood pressure. Then if Obozo gets reelected I could get a sex-change operation for free and all of the free blood pressure meds I’ll need :).

  • JG

    The Chris Rock item isn’t a campaign video; it was a TV sketch which someone stuck up on YouTube.

    • Mikey

      This article forgot to include perhaps the best video of all, showing why we should vote for Obama: If we don’t, we are racists! Check out a fellow named “Bob”:

      Since I didn’t vote for Obama, I must be a racist………

  • pete

    Surely nobody with half a brain would really care what these kind of humans have to say!
    If it were not for plastic, they wouldn’t even exist!

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Do all left brain thinkers lack a sense of humor and an appreciation for well crafted and hard-hitting ads that tell the truth? Leaving the Will Ferrell ad aside because he is an “acquired taste”, the other two ads border on brilliant.

    The Chris Rock ad is probably the funniest and most clever one we have seen in this campaign. The ad with Cher and Kathy is just stunning in its impact and message. If there are any Emmy-like awards for political ads, these two are sure winners. When one contrasts them with the “drumbeat of lies and obfuscation” ads coming from the right, it is obvious which side is more childish and who panders to the uninformed.

    PS Thank you for posting the Cher and Kathy ad—I hadn’t seen it. I now hold both of them in much higher esteem than before.

    • millie

      To Right Brain Thinker,

      You are thinking with your left side of your brain, there is nothing smart or cool about these ads, these women hasbeen cher and that disgusting Kathy Griffin, these ladies are cheap in value and tacky. Chris Rock is not funny, he supports a man who is a muslim commie. These people are misguided and do not care if obama destroys our country with his bad policies and brings our fragile economy to a crash, and to leave our children and grandchildren to pay a debt that they did not incur, that is immoral. And these celebrities that supports this evil agenda do not care, they have all the money that they need, when the [expletive deleted] hits the fan, and we are no longer a free nation, and obama has transform this nation to another 3rd world country with communist running rampant, just watch these same celebrities get up and move to another country. Vote obama OUT!!! Before it is too late.

      • eddie47d

        I don’t approve of Kathy Griffin and her potty mouth but Millie your brain has also been sliced and diced in calling Obama a Muslim commie. A very weak talking point put out by your Republican handlers yet you keep repeating it. Isn’t politics great where the lies keep getting turned over and over until you have a complete meal to satisfy yourself.

    • jt

      I actually have (and use) both hemispheres of my brain. That’s why I’m a Libertarian, and also why I don’t support obama.

      Though, I can understand why someone limited to only a half of their brain would want to see obama given another four years “fundamentally transform” the greatest nation on Earth into something else.

      • JC

        I’m with you jt.

  • michael

    Cher and Kath Lee Griffin combined, have the I.Q. of a squirrel-Cher, you might remember is the genius who actually believed that Mount Rushmore is a natural rock formation. These are apparently the finest individuals the Democratic party can find to spread their B.S.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      You would have us believe that Akin and Mourdock are smarter and “fine individuals”? That they are somehow superior and deserve to be elected to the senate? Cher and friend are merely performers and probably did the piece for no pay, thereby saving the campaign a few bucks on hiring actors and giving a little “celebrity glitter” if that really matters to very many people (which I doubt). Can you not get beyond your prejudices and listen to the MESSAGE they conveyed? Powerful.

      • Paul Wells

        What, that the most important thing this election is women’s issues, rather than the economy, the debt, the unrest in the middle east? What planet are you from?

    • millie

      To Michael,
      Well said,

    • eddie47d

      I see ads where Romney is for birth control until he is against it and within the same day. He pleases everyone on everything but satisfies no one. Classic politician!

  • Ried

    “The President and his A-list friends, it seems, believe that the ordinary Obama voter is uninformed and wildly immature.”

    So tell us something new! I think most people knew this fact before.

  • http://Yahoo Raul

    Cher calls Ryan a vampire when she goes on the air looking like Morticia. And her little hand puppet to her left, well she looks like she just had the blood sucked out of her, maybe by a mortician. Go figure…

  • Steve E

    These actors play the role of an idiot very well. What talent!

    • Gary L

      Steve, that was no act. These people are real live idiots.

      • momo

        Gary L beat me to it. They are idiots, its not an act.

    • Steve E

      Gary and Momo, I believe you are right. It’s not really acting when you are playing a role of yourself.

  • DL Pop

    Well folks, it is no wonder the country is so screwed; you have a population of “mush brains” that cannot distinguish the difference between comedy and reality and believe the first to be the Holy Grail. You can thank your Commie Public Education system along with the Left Wing Commie Universities and Colleges.

    • eddie47d

      Few political ads are straight forward and honest by either party. The Republicans went overboard several years ago with those Willie Horton ads and set the stage for unspeakable meanness,lies,fear and even racism in those ads. You seeded that field now live with what was grown.

  • s c

    When it comes to politics and support (jockstrapping?), most celebs are retarded. At the top of the list, put Sean Penn and B S (Streisand). They prove that America’s gene pool is close to being tapped out.
    Penn is a ho hum actor, and B S should move to Israel and grow up.

  • mark

    How about a list of the childish right-wing campaign video? They are non-stop where I live and even worse than the liberal ones. As always this site only sees the lies and the hypocrisy of the left which certainly exists. But this site never calls out the lies and hypocrisy of the right which also abounds in the public forum.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Just got back from voting. 1-1/2 hour wait and it has been like that all day long. Biggest turnout anyone can remember here, and that’s probably good news for Obama in this swing state.

    Thank you Eddie and Mark for trying to elevate the level of discourse in my absence—considering what has been posted by Millie and friends, I hope you were facing downwind when you made the attempt. I’m going to move to some other threads and let this one slide—-life is too short.

  • Grammy

    Seriously, Cher thinks Ryan looks like Dracula…has she looked in her mirror lately? She’s straight from The Munsters!!!

  • s c

    Childish is a very polite way to describe those who want everything they can get – at OUR expense – and they’ll tell you that they “deserve” everything they can get. As for celebs who support typical utopian politicians, all they manage to prove is the fact that politics and entertainment don’t mix. Intelligence and stupidity don’t mix, either.
    Why the ____ would anyone listen to someone like Sean Penn? His grandfather was a raving utopian. Penn thinks he should be able to exact some revenge because of a perceived ‘wrong.’ Sean, bubby, if you’re not ‘too old,’ join the military.
    Hang around adults. Put away your childish things, and act like an adult American. You expect me to believe that theory and fact are the same. Duh. EIther go back to your home planet, or grow up. What do you want to be when/if you grow up, Penn?

  • D Armstrong (@darmyman)

    I’m a little dumber after hearing some of these ads. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with Chris Rock. Ferrell has both feet planted firmly in mid-air the vast majority of the time and is generally clueless. If you believe the “turn back time on women” crap, I have a bridge to sell you.

    • JimH

      Maybe turning back time, to a time when an unborn baby was safe from being killed by its own mother wouldn’t be a bad thing.
      Better for the baby anyhow.

      • Paul Wells

        I agree, but we gotta be “progressive” man…we gotta move “forward”. Forward right into hell. This country has gone to hell in a handbasket that we even have anyone listening to these hollywood stooges. Anyone who takes their voting advice from these morons ought to be banished to Outer Mongolia!

  • 45caliber

    What can you expect from Hollywood? All of these people live in imaginary worlds where everyone hangs on their word. Their total experience is make-believe. They simply have never grown up after they became four and discovered what make-believe was.

  • deepizzaguy

    The late Donna Summer said it best in her song “Fame The Game.” It can make you look like a fool.

  • JON

    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!
    OBAMA WON!!!!!!!

    • JimH

      Why do you HATE my country so much, you are happy about Americans losing in this election?
      You Hater.
      In this case it looks like the HATER believes he has won.(the loser)

  • nannygoat

    Hmmm…Obama all warm and fuzzy and “white” and hokey and harmless as “white” folks…but the inescapable fact is that EVERY SOCIALIST is dangerous, and Obama is dangerous BECAUSE he is a socialist. Period. Doesn’t matter at all if he is a likeable guy.


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