Let’s All Get Together Tonight And Jam Up The NSA!


There is much buzz about an Internet initiative encouraging as many Americans as possible to produce electronic communications using certain terrorist-sounding words and phrases in unison this evening. The goal is to create a blip on the National Security Agency’s radar in hopes of overwhelming the Federal government’s surveillance apparatus.

Creators of the website “Operation Troll The NSA” explain that the effort will involve Americans making calls or sending emails using a script chock-full of the kinds of terror-related words that the NSA supposedly screens communications for in order to “give our Nation’s impressive security apparatus the kind of test it deserves.”

The script, which participants are instructed to deliver via their chosen mode of electronic communication at 7 p.m. EST this evening, reads as follows:

Hey! How’s it going? I’m all right.

My job is so shitty I wish I could overthrow my boss. It’s like this oppressive regime where only true believers in his management techniques will stay around. I work marathon-length hours and he’s made all these changes that have made it the worst architecture firm to work at in Manhattan. Like he moved the office to the Financial District and fired my assistant. She was the only one who knew where the blueprints were! I need access to those blueprints to complete my job! F my life, right? And he keeps trying to start all these new initiatives to boost revenue, but seriously we just need to stick to what we do best. There’s only one true profit center. I seriously feel ready to go on strike at any second.

I just read this article about how these free radical particles can cause the downfall of good health and accelerate aging. These could actually cause death to millions of Americans. If these particles are flying around undetected everywhere, does that mean we’re all radicalized?

Have you seen the second season of Breaking Bad? I just finished it. I couldn’t believe that episode where they poison the guy with ricin! That was the bomb! I won’t say any more because I don’t want to reveal the earth-shattering events to come.

Oh! So I’ve been planning a big trip for the summer. I’m thinking of visiting all of the most famous suspension bridges in the United States. So probably like the Golden Gate Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge, and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. I’m gonna bring my younger brother and I know he’ll want to go to bars, so I’m thinking of getting him a fake drivers license, but I hope that doesn’t blow up in my face.

Okay, I gotta run! I’m late for flight school. I missed the last class where we learn how to land, so I really can’t miss another one. Talk to you later!

Buzzfeed employees Chris Baker and Mike Lacher, creative directors, are behind the stunt. They said in an interview this week that they hope millions of Americans take part in the act of civil disobedience, but that the effort is mainly focused on giving NSA officials pause to reflect on their policies.

“It would be amazing if we actually did screw with their systems a little bit,” said Baker.

“But the ultimate goal is that the site itself will get enough attention … that NSA becomes aware of it on some level and gives them a moment to reflect on their duties,” he told the Daily Beast.

The masterminds behind the project say that they don’t believe that the effort will have any measurable impact on the NSA’s data-collection efforts — and even if it did, there’s no chance that the NSA would let malfunctions become public knowledge.

Even without any promise of thwarting NSA spying, the plan has a growing number of supporters on social networking sites and forums all over the Internet, seemingly spanning generational and socio-political divides.

While it would probably be inadvisable to deliver any electronic communications that could be perceived as a real threat by anyone who happens to be listening, there have also been suggestions on forums and message boards that participants could come up with their own buzzword-filled scripts for the jamming effort.

Care to get an early start in the comment section below?

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Jill Parish

    Definitely a bad idea since the consequences could be really bad. Seriously consider the consequences before doing “stupid”. A much better idea is to contact your U.S. Senators and Reps in DC to end this intrusive snooping by our government. Phone calls, emails, faxes and letters work.

    • Warrior

      What does one do, when their “representative” doesn’t represent their views? This appears to be the case for most!

      • Elton Robb

        This is Taxation without Representation.

        • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

          you know what comes next

          • 57girl

            A Teaparty?

          • Seán Brown

            …and after that?

          • disqus_gVlX75B1nQ

            …@Sean Brown… what comes after that is The Second American Revolution…. We were trying to avoid actual war but the anti-constitutionalists are just too pencil-dicked too see that they’re wrong. God is on our side and I think it will be less than 10 yrs that it will be a full scale combat in the interior. Parts of the US southern border have been warzones for over 20 yrs now, due to the insipid “war on drugs.” What a waste!!! :-(

    • 57girl

      I contacted my Congressman and begged him not to vote ‘yeah’ on CISPA. He sent me a ‘letter’ back telling me how we needed surveillance to monitor terrorist activity. He voted ‘yeah’ on CISPA, like I knew he would. So, after the fact, I contacted my Congressman, and chewed him out for betraying the people. He sent me the SAME letter he’d sent me before, in reaction to my anger.

      I think the best thing we can do with the majority of our Congressmen and Senators is show them the door and start over. Ditto, for that illegal clown, destroying our National Sovereignty, masquerading as the POTUS.

      • Jill Parish

        That’s why we have elections. Unfortunately, people don’t seem to understand the importance of midterm elections and rarely go out to vote. The percentages are shameful.

        • 57girl

          Forgive me for being cynical, but our elections appear to be rigged, and the media is biased. I have lost faith in today’s Government. Their goal is for a North American Union … tell me, how is that goal in the interest of the the AMERICAN people?

          Our bought off ‘leaders’ are self-serving, and to hell with what the people want, or our Constitution.

      • me

        I know how that goes. When Bill Clinton was trying to push in his wonderful free trade i contacted our senator Bob Dole pleading for him not to vote for it. The big money yes man voted for it. Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot warned us about what free trade would do. They were right. you pleaded to him right along with bunches of others. Seems special interests come before the people. the only thing that we have left is the vote. me and others did not vote for the phoney Dole in “96” and he went into retirement after he lost. Pat Buchanan would have been the bette r candidate that year. Next time your congressman comes up for reelection vote against him. maybe there will be enough upset voters like you to get him out.

      • rick0857

        57girl; if you think that’s bad I recently wrote both my Senators about this Supreme Court Decision to allow cops to gather DNA upon arrest saying they needed to stop that with legislation. I got back a letter explaining her (Debbie Stabenow D MI) position on the upcoming Farm Bill. Carl Levin D MI never even bothered to answer.

        • aesthete

          Yea, those two are a pair, I wish they would just go away for all the damage that they do, and their letters are designed to kiss your butt while basically saying f the constitution.

    • maddie

      Ok, so the consequences could be bad. Does that mean they will come and haul you and yours to the re-education camps sooner rather than later? How about give you more time to pray? Or more time to hide your head in the sand and hope it all goes away?

    • Seán Brown

      Yeah, that works *facepalm

  • guest

    it sounds juvenile


    my mother-in-law and i used to exchange phone calls with deliberate buzzwords like pot and sell – ‘her phone’ even when brand new always sounded like someone was listening – directly not data mining and we thought it was fun but juvenile

  • Shorty Stuff

    What makes you think they are really looking for terrorists? Have they prevented a single terrorist attack? They are actually looking for law abiding patriotic (whoops, there’s a flagged word) citizens that they can target for removing their 2nd Amendment rights from (I’m sure that’s a flagged phrase also). I’ll probably go missing soon since I’m a Tea Party (more flags) supporter. Obama’s Gestapo is real (all these flags must be setting of alarms now!)

    • FreedomFighter

      I am Carlos Obama BinLaden, and am about to construct a toy bomb to blow up toytown on June 32, 2013.579999999, my pressure cookers are ready for cookin in the marathon of life. I will fly the friendly skys with my hidden explosive plastic brain toys to meet Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds it will be a great trip full of explosive colors and stuff.

      hmm some nice keywords in this one.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

      • xdrfox

        Everything has been about getting control of us, ..CIA made the boogy man (AL CIA) so they could take our freedoms and more !