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Lessons In Capitalism

January 19, 2012 by  

As Mitt Romney continues to take fire from fellow Republicans over his business background, Wayne Allyn Root defends the private sector, explains how capitalism works and defines what saving “real jobs” actually means.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • DaveH

    Mitt Romney is a good example of the difference it makes when somebody spends their own money as opposed to spending other peoples’ money.
    It’s so much easier to spend other peoples’ money.

    • Colleen

      Wrote about you on the other David post as well.
      Well said sir..well said!

    • Deerinwater

      Mitt is a text book example of what was unleashed on the American people back in 1982 by the “Gipper” and his policies. I really fail to see how Mitt will do well when pinned it in the corners. It will take great effort to slug his way out and dominate the middle ring where he can dance about.

      Mitt’s secret weapon is Newt himself and his lacking interest in exposing himself to potential double jeopardy, an invisible shield of profession courtesy, finding some pinning topics mutually damaging.

      My money says, Newt has done his homework and exploring how well prepared Mitt appears to be.

      Ron Paul is in a unique to take advantage of such things if he can stay in the race and shows a willingness to seize the moment with a hunters instincts.

      • DaveH

        As I’ve explained many times before, Deer, Reagan was a victim of a Big Government Loving Congress. He vetoed 78 spending bills; more than any President since Eisenhower. But unlike Obama, Reagan was Constitutional enough to not override Congress and do as he damn well pleased, so he couldn’t stop their wild Spending Spree. And about a year after he got in office, Reagan gave in to his own Big Government party members who kept whining to him that he needed to “Compromise”. Now where have I heard that word before? No, he didn’t need to Compromise, he needed to stick to his Principles and leave it to Congress to screw the American citizens (as usual).
        Here is Reagan’s Inaugural Address. If only he had stuck to his guns:

        • clarence swinney

          Reagan submitted 8 budgets that totaled over 7000B.
          1930-1980 we spent 6066B. Wow! More in 8 than in 50!

          Blame Congress? Ha!
          Congress returned his 8 budgets to him with fewer dollars than he had submitted.

          But Inflation? Ha!
          1945-1989 in 1988 dollars Reagan budgets totaled 2.4 dollars for each in other 32 years

          Reagan “cut” taxes 4 times but “increased” taxes 11 times
          His major income tax cut (750B) increased income revenue by 140B and his payroll tax increase got 201B increase in payroll tax revenues.

          Reagan—not Congress—increased the size of government by 80%
          Debt by 180%

          Jobs—cut Carter growth rate by 24%
          Initiated our involvement in 5 foreign conflicts
          Had 137 investigated for crimes
          Had more convicted than the “grand total” since 1900
          Book: Ronald Reagan: “There he goes again” lists over 300 misstatements by Ron.

          King Of Spend & Borrow Let Kids Pay Tomorrow

          Bush II tried to outdo him
          Increased Spending by 92% and Debt by 112%

          Since 1980, three so called conservative presidents initiated our involvement in 10 foreign conflicts while creating only 99,000 net new jobs per month over 20 years.
          Carter + Clinton got 222,000, or twice as many per month.
          Clarence achmed Swinney boom boom boom facts destroy

          • Sol of Texas

            Clarence –

            If you want to crap on Reagan, one source for you might be Haynes Johnson’s “Sleep Walking Through History”.

            Having reflected on Reagan as president, I believe he was the best since Eisenhower. I know my definition of what constitutes a good president and Johnson’s are very different. I suspect you are much more aligned with Johnson’s than mine.

            I wish Reagan had stuck by principle than compromise.

          • wes

            Why are people wasting time talking about Reagan? He drug this country back from a Carter induced recession that cost me a business, so to me Ronny was a savior. He had more class, integrity and intelligence than all of this current adminstration put together!
            Romny puzzles me a bit, Gingrich is too out there for my vote, and Paul is akin to Perow and not a viable candidate. I’d say Romney is the obvious choice with his business background, even though you liberal types continue to focus on a few failed companies that he and Bain were involved with, which is not relevant to anything. We absolutely have to dismiss this incompetent muslim lawyer in ‘our’ white house and elect a man with economic smarts. If we don’t we’ll be a third world nanny state in a few short years.

          • justoffal

            Dear foolish person. Do you have any idea what inflation is and when it really started to make a difference in the budget process? No? Ahhh now there is a surprise! This is similar elementally to the fictional claim by our current administration that inflation is not really a problem but then again they take care to exclude all of those things that are rising in price and so therefore we have the numbers that please them not the numbers that represent the truth. Want to do an accurate analysis? Use man hours instead of dollars. Man hours don’t inflate..dollars do.

          • simian pete

            Looks like Mr. Romney is going to be the Repubs candidate. I’ll probably vote for him unless Mr. Obama turns the economy around by the election.

            You got to remember President Obama inherited alot of President Bush’s problems….

          • sancheleezy

            A President does not increase spending as Congress is in charge of passing the bills (spending)as the Executive proposes the budgets. But when Congress either goes along as in Bush’s case or even much worse under the latest Barack Obama’s case (Democrat’s) we the American taxpaying public becomes overwhelmed. Basic political science, clarence swinney—keep the story straight. Reagan had his problems but he sure was correct when he stated that government is not the solution but is the problem. Congressman Dr. Ron Paul is right and looks even better with each primary debate.

          • Tom W.

            Sol of T, JFK was the last good president we had, and was murdered for being so!

          • Tom W.

            wes, I was working at the Ford Motor Co. in “81″. We got laid off because the new LTD was a big flop. The workers weren’t the problem, the corner cutting, greed driven, profit before quality management was!!! The Louisville Assembly Plant was one of the most quality driven plants in the country! I was on the inside and cars go out the door that should’ve never been allowed to! But anyway after getting laid off, I was getting ready to start school under the TRA bill when your beloved Ronnie slashed the program. It wasn’t his fault that our auto industry had become the laughing stock of the world, but neither was it mine!!! And all you waiters and waitresses out there who have to rely on the generousity of your customers to make sure you make a living wage, y’all made the standard minimum until Ronnie Ray-gun got elected! This is what happens when Hollywood has-beens become the Commander and Chief, us workin’folk are dirt under their feet!!!

          • Tom W.

            But has he made things ANY better simian?! I see the numbers on TV, but I don’t see any improvement in real life!!! I heard a friend of mine say she refused to but eggs at a certain store because the price was so rediculous. I told her she might as well go ahead and buy them, because I don’t think she’s going to find them any cheaper! And I fear that it’s only getting started! I see things getting a lot worse simian!!!

        • DaveH

          It’s quite a stretch of belief to think that Reagan willingly would encourage such irresponsible behavior while at the same time saying in the linked speech and others that Government was the Problem, Not the Solution. No doubt that Politicians lie, but to lie to such an extent as to change the mind of many formerly Brainwashed citizens encouraging them in the pursuit of Freedom? Only a very biased person would believe that he wasn’t genuine in his pursuit of LESS Government.

          • Mark in LA

            Well Dave it isn’t hard for me to reconcile the Reagan of the speeches and the Reagan of reality. The Reagan of speeches telling us about the importance of borders while looking the other way when meat packing companies sent busses to Mexico to get strike breakers and signing a fraud ridden amnesty that makes it virtually impossible to deport somebody who doesn’t want to.

            Maybe you forgot Reagan was basically a brain dead pitchman practiced in delivering the words somebody else ginned up – like his days at GE.

            The Reagan that talked about America so much but did so much to destroy the middle class and send their wealt to the upper classes via guest worker programs, free trade agreements and illegal immigration. The guy who push his failed tax policies onto the payroll tax so that he wouldn’t have to raise taxes on the wealthy but could make the wage earners pay for them.

          • BigBadJohn

            Don’t forget how Reagan was elected, by making deals with terrorists to supply them arms! Yes, there is no proof, but given the whole Iran-Contra thing….. if it walks like a duck looks like a duck, quacks like a duck it must be a — great GOP president – LOL.

          • Vigilant

            Seems both Mark and BBJ are in LA LA Land.

            BBJ says, incredibly, “Don’t forget how Reagan was elected, by making deals with terrorists to supply them arms!”

            You might begin explaining that nonsensical statement by telling us how deals with terrorists helped Reagan to get elected.

          • BigBadJohn

            “You might begin explaining that nonsensical statement by telling us how deals with terrorists helped Reagan to get elected.”

            Sorry I didn’t realize you were so young as to forget that the traitorous Reagan made a deal with the Iranians to supply them arms if they did not release the American Hostages – UNTIL HE WAS ELECTED!

            Like I said no proof but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

          • Vigilant

            So, I repeat, how did deals with terrorists help Reagan to get elected? You have not answered the question.

            Go back and re-read your own posting.

          • Old Henry

            Also DaveH, Reagan was vilified non-stop by the press during his term for draconian cuts to the budget. At the time I never understood that one as every year spending went up.

            However, in the 90s I became aware of the flim-flam base-line budgeting scam and then understood that Reagan was vilified for cutting the amount of INCREASE in the budgets. Washington-speak BS.

          • Old Henry


            He can’t answer the question as it is make believe. It seems to me that Reagan won 49 of the 57 states. Must have been a lot of terrorists out there.

        • http://WND Redfray

          What makes you think Romney want do the same thing as Reagan, give in to the republican party wants?

          • Old Henry


            There is no doubt about it.

            I have not heard Romney mention how many illegal Cabinet posts and government agencies he will eiliminate, shut down, close up, shutter.

            If Little Barry has not begun warring with Iran then Romnney will by the end of January 2013.

        • Old Henry


          I watched it again as I remember watching him give that speech. It sure gave us something to look forward to (I just cannot use the word hope any longer)

          I too, wish he had stuck to his guns and tossed Bobby Dole and his ilk out of the Oval Office when they came a whinin’.

        • Greatscott

          Reagan was a changed man after he was shot by Hinkley Jr. And coincidentally, that was about 1 year into office. What a surprise.

        • Steve

          Reagan was no conservative. Other than Ron Paul, the party hasn’t had one since Goldwater. Sure, Reagan at least used the veto (unlike the last republican disaster this country had to endure), but even using the veto he still managed to double the debt. So obviously he wasn’t nearly conservative enough. Instead of signing a bill that he endorsed, but the dems added something too it; he should have got on the tube every nite and told the American people, “look, I know I promised I would sign this bill if it reached my desk, but I couldn’t and heres why…”. But, to his credit he always asked for and never received the line item veto. But then again, the repubs don’t really want that anymore than the dems. Ron Paul 2101

      • granny mae

        Well granny has been doing her home work and now I will tell you my take on Ron Paul. He is feeding all of you what you want to hear. Talk about your life time career politician he certainly qualify’s for that. He has discovered how to keep you mushrooms growing on his side ! This man has been taking bills and filling them full of his own pork and knows when they will most likely pass or not and then when it comes time to vote for them he votes “NO” and when the bill passes he takes home the prize and all the while he can tell yu all that he voted against the bill ! He did and you are swallowing his fertelizer hook line and sinker. He is the master of the slight of hand. If you want to keep being fed that line of BS, then be my guest but not me. There is not a politician running out there that doesn’t have something to hide, so don’t try to make Ron Paul out to be such a saint. He isn’t and in my estimation he has made his career in politics of living off the tax payers long enough ! Time for him to retire !

        • DaveH

          You’re wrong, Granny. While Ron did indeed put his own pork in bills, why shouldn’t he? If somebody took your purse and passed out its contents to the crowd, wouldn’t you try to get some of it back?
          More on that:

          And Granny, name a politician who doesn’t do it?

        • George Grover


          So you know whom you are dealing with, I am and always have been A REGISTERED INDEPENDENT VOTER my entire life. That means I have stood on the side lines and watched for all of those Republican and Democratic caucuses, primaries, and so called debates over the years, while each CRIME FAMILY, I mean PARTY tried to impress on their backers the reasons why each candidate was best for the job. Not to mention what they have done to WE THE PEOPLE’S CONSTITUTION. Although I possess no diplomas or degrees I have studied two subjects like most people would study other subject matter such as Baseball stats. Those are Politics, and Finance. However weird a combination, it gives me insight pertaining to political individuals and current events that happen. This is why I know Ron Paul will do these five things if elected president. WE THE PEOPLE might have to ask for a couple of them , but at least our CONSTITUTION will be followed better than it has in the last at least 70 years.

          Ron Paul is known as A LIBERTARIAN CONSTRUCTIONIST. Simply put, he adheres to the Constitution as written. I say WE THE PEOPLE could use that to our advantage. There are a lot of things A SITTING PRESIDENT cannot accomplish, that people seem to think they can. But A SITTING PRESIDENT that thinks like Ron Paul can accomplish several things, and by doing such can and will RIGHT MANY WRONGS done by previous administrations, both Republican and Democratic alike.

          1)let us start by him giving back to the 50 Governors of each state the COMMAND of those NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS where it is supposed to be. That is why they are called THE NATIONAL GUARD.

          2)No SITTING PRESIDENT has the power to close a military base, which takes an act of CONGRESS A SITTING PRESIDENT as COMMANDER IN CHIEF can have any military prison closed on their signature. GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON should be closed.

          3)Kill The UNITARY EXECUTIVE DOCTRINE. I am not in favor of anyone, let alone a SITTING PRESIDENT believe that what ever he does, just because he is the SITTING PRESIDENT, even if he does something that is illegal, it is not illegal, because he is the president and PRESIDENTS DON’T DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. Presidents should have to follow our laws just like every other citizen.

          4)Although CONGRESS controls the purse strings, any SITTING PRESIDENT as COMMANDER IN CHIEF can order his Generals to GO ON HALF RATIONS, meaning start looking for cuts in military spending, like personnel, tools and materials, equipment, in a nut shell, everything is on the table except the base, as only CONGRESS can close a military base.

          5)Officially call an end to MILITARY OPPERATIONS IN AFGHANISTAN and instruct the Generals to implement a TACTICAL WITHDRAW from that theatre. Congress can still control the purse strings, however what kind of purse do they need for a war that isn’t.

          There are several reasons that people will use to not vote for Ron Paul, like that Ron Paul is against abortion and that is why they won’t vote for him. But of all of the reasons people say they won’t vote for Ron Paul, I say most if not all issues used in the negative so as to not allow the individual to vote for Ron Paul, these issues are secondary to WE THE PEOPLE taking back OUR CONSTITUTION, OUR WAY OF LIFE, OUR NATIONAL PRIDE, THE INTERNATIONAL RESPECT OF OTHER NATIONS, FOLLOWING THE NATIONAL RULE OF LAW, these are things that RON Paul can achieve as PRESIDENT if WE THE PEOPLE inform him of our intentions. He, like so many other politicians is not the perfect candidate, but look at what else is out there running for president. And while you are at it look who is sitting in the whitehouse. AMERICA cannot take much more of the pandering to the CORPORTOCRACY, by the BOUGHT and PAID FOR POLITICIANS in Washington D.C. and every state. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO REBUILD THIS GREAT NATION if we expect A COUNTRY OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE. Ron Paul might not be perfect but again I say he is the best chance for AMERICA at this time in history. Use HIM LIKE HE WILL USE US.



        • sancheleezy

          Dr. Ron Paul is the best candidate we have and if anyone who really wants to have full insight of just what we are up against please read, “JFK and The Unspeakable, Why He Died And Why It Matters”, by James W, Douglass. Only then will your eyes and mind be opened to President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address speech just prior to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s inauguration as our 35th President, when he told the American public to beware of the power of the military-industrial complex. JFK enraged the CIA and the Pentagon on numerous occasions beginning with Bay of Pigs, plus his negative response to their desire for preemptive nuclear strike in the Soviet Union and in Cuba. When he declared that we would not send troops into Vietnam that was the last straw and he was terminated.

      • Vigilant

        Bob Wire/Deerinheadlights:

        You say, “Mitt is a text book example of what was unleashed on the American people back in 1982 by the “Gipper” and his policies.”

        If that’s the case, and I don’t for a minute believe it, then Mitt’s the best thing since sliced bread. Mitt will never hold a candle to Reagan.

        In retrospect, even liberals are coming around to the greatness of Reagan. Reganomics ushered in the longest sustained period of business prosperity in American history, something for which Bill Clinton dishonestly took credit. Reagan ended the Cold War, something so vitally important but minimized or untalked of on the MSM (and on this site).

        Above all, Reagan brought back a spate of pride in America and what she stands for, something no president has been able to accomplish since, and something Obama is working just the opposite to quell.

        • Mark in LA

          Reagan ended the cold war? Reagan was gone before the USSR collapsed. What about all those guys who died in Vietnam and Korea? What about all the trillions spent on weapons in the 50s, 60s, and 70s? None of that matters to the Reagan myth believers. Everything bad that happened on his watch was always due to somebody else and anything that happened good 30 years after he left was due to Reagan – talk about a sickness the Reagan Derangement Syndrom.

          • Vigilant

            Mark in LA LA Land, your history book must have been written by a lunatic. Korea and Vietnam occurred long before Reagan, who was president from 1981-89.

            According to Wikipedia, “In November 1989, the Berlin Wall was torn down, the Cold War was officially declared over at a Malta Summit on December 3, 1989 and two years later, the Soviet Union collapsed.” So, Mark, who, in your mind, ended the Cold War?

            By the way, the use of “xxx Derangement syndrome” is generally applied to those who have unreasoning hatred of xxx, not the opposite as you imply.

          • Mark in LA

            Don’t you get it Vigilent? I was pointing out the double standard you Reagan worshippers apply to him. He was never responsible for any of the failings during his term. The deficts weren’t his fault, the amnesty wasn’t his fault, the failure to enforce immigrations laws weren’t his fault but him being there are the tail end of a 50 year cold war gives him ALL the credit of that 50 year period.

            You do realize he gave us the neocons don’t you? You do realize that the Russians almost launched a nuclear strike when they lost track of a scheduled launch of a Norwegian weather rocket in 1985 thanks to his constant belligerance don’t you? You do realize that ramping up the war on drugs and having the CIA help Contra drug dealers militarized the police and eroded our freedoms don’t you? You do realize that his approach to the financial markets allowed white collar criminal to run wild and gave us the S&L fiasco don’t you? You do realize that borrowing money the next guy has to pay back always makes your record look better than it really was, don’t you?

            Do you understand that the CIA knew the USSR was spent in the late 70′s for the same reason we are going bankrupt, their vassal states provided nothing in the way of tribute to the home country. The idea that some moron giving a speech at the Berlin Wall and wasting billions on failed weapons programs like the A-10 or Divad gun brought the whole USSR down is as stupid as it gets and only an American could believe it. When Gorbachev was asked about this nonsense by some American reporter he said “That’s not a serious question”.

            The USSR collapsed for a simple reason. Russia and all its vast wealth and resources WAS the USSR and it left. The Ukraine had always wanted out. Without Russia and the Ukraine the USSR was nothing so it might as well disintigrate. Lenin’s big mistake was to pretend each Soviet Republic was a separate state willingly part of something bigger rather than what it really was a vassal state under the Tsarist Russian Empire.

          • Vigilant

            A hint to Mark in LA LA Land: Howard Zinn and his ilk are not legitimate sources for history. Your “analysis” of the fall of the USSR is laughable.

          • libertytrain

            Vigilant, I don’t know how old Mark is or what they are teaching in school these days or while he was in school, but I sure as hell remember Lech Walesa and his gang got the ball rolling in Poland with a little help from Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and according to Mr. Walesa, most importantly the help of Pope John Paul II – (at least that is what I remember seeing and more importantly is what Mr. Walesa told me when I asked him about 10 years ago – of course, Mark probably knows something more than Mr. Walesa – :) though hearing it from Mr. Walesa himself will carry more weight with me)then fall of the Wall and that brought the rest of it (USSR) tumbling down.
            Mr. Walesa said his organization had meetings with Reagan, but and it was big but, it was when the Pope came to Poland and stirred them up – He laughed and said his group of 10 became ten thousand and it kept growing. From then nothing became unstoppable and it caught on and moved forward through Eastern Germany and beyond. Lech Walesa, a simple man proved men could move mountains, sometimes with a little help…

        • BigBadJohn

          Vigilant “In retrospect, even liberals are coming around to the greatness of Reagan. Reganomics ushered in the longest sustained period of business prosperity in American history, something for which Bill Clinton dishonestly took credit. Reagan ended the Cold War, something so vitally important but minimized or untalked of on the MSM (and on this site).”

          Basically with Reagan’s tax cuts for the rich and being forced to raise taxes because of the deficit he caused, he pushed the tax burden down to the middle class. And you think that is what spurred economy? So right now we should do what? Double the tax on all people who draw a paycheck and give further cuts to the ultra rich trust fund babies?

          • Vigilant

            ALL boats rose during that period of prosperity. Had Milton Friedman’s brand of economics been sustained, we would ALL be a lot better off today.

            Perhaps you don’t understand the dictionary definition of “prosperity.”

          • BigBadJohn

            “Perhaps you don’t understand the dictionary definition of “prosperity.”

            What I do understand is that the economy sucked from 1980 to 1992. Reagan held the record for double digit unemployment up until the banking crisis in 2008. If you are trying to argue that Reagan set the stage for Clinton’s prosperity you need to look at the GDP growth.
            It looks like there a slight increase due the amount of cash that he released into the economy (1984) and then a steady decline until Clinton took office.

            Real Growth of Gross Domestic Product2

            1973 5.2
            1974 -0.5
            1975 -1.3
            1976 4.9
            1977 4.7
            1978 5.3
            1979 2.5
            1980 -0.5
            1981 1.8
            1982 -2.2
            1983 3.9
            1984 6.2
            1985 3.2
            1986 2.9
            1987 3.1
            1988 3.9
            1989 2.5
            1990 1.2
            1991 -0.6
            1992 2.3
            1993 3.1
            1994 4.1

        • Mild Bill

          To Vigilant, I agree with you! Ronald Reagan may not have been alot of things, but he truely was a AMERICAN. Having the best interest of the USA in his heart acted as a roadmap. When you’re a politician you have to jump in the mud pit on ocaission and therefore are prone to collect some mud along the way. He is finally being recognized by even the liberals as a pretty damn good president. The liberals are finally seing that he took over a complete failure of a presidency in that of Jimmy Carter and started down the right road with much success. I do believe that Clinton rode the wave of good times created by Reagan and had it not been for Monica and NAFTA and several other escapades, he may have been considered a decent president by the conservatives too. The main ingredient for a good president is that they are AMERICAN through and through. Reagan was a good man who achieved greatness primarily due to the fact that he was AMERICAN through and through. Bill

          • Mark in LA

            NAFTA was a Reagan brain fart – he just couldn’t get the Mexicans to go along on his watch so it fell to Bush I who negotiated it under so-called fast-track. All Clinton did was get it ratified. Start with the source of all evil if you want to be taken seriously by people who actually paid attention.

          • Sophocles

            Mark in LA LA… I personally prospered more during Reagan’s Presidency than any time before or after! So you can babble till the cows come home, but I know prosperity when I live it (and especially looking back after living it! Jobs were plentiful, moderate but consistent raises, and comfortable enough to take an annual vacation. Can you match that now, Mark?

        • Deerinwater

          Vigilant says:
          January 19, 2012 at 11:38 am
          Bob Wire/Deerinheadlights:

          “You say, “Mitt is a text book example of what was unleashed on the American people back in 1982 by the “Gipper” and his policies.”

          If that’s the case, and I don’t for a minute believe it, then Mitt’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

          Greatly beloved sentiments a side, I as aware of this common warm and fuzzy “mindset” but it fails to reflect a true and accurate picture of the times but only in the cherry picked broadest sense.If you wish to be blind to certain things, there little I can do about it.

          Having no great interest or time to get “into” it, allow me to say, “let’s see how that works for you and Mitt”.

          But, ~ Lucy has got some splaining to do.

          • Vigilant

            I can certainly understand how you would have no interest in it, as you have failed to provide one detail so far. And your interest, as expected, would subside when pressed for a defense of your ridiculous assertions.

          • Deerinwater

            No, sir, I’m just not going to get into a dirty sock fight over something that you refuse to see.

            You’re infatuation with Ronnie is well understood and in such ways I find understandable and deserving.

            I was heeled up deep into the GOP and campaigned for Ronnie and the family was rewarded for our tireless,15 month long efforts with a Presidential appointment.

            So when I say to you sir, “I know how you feel”, I mean, I know how you feel, and there is no need to continue, you have nothing to prove to me and I mean no disrespect.

      • Norm

        Yes, the 80′s was horrible period in our country. However that is the best of America; anyone can say anything whether it is supported by facts or not, or whether it is what you want to hear. After Reagan’s economics program started to take effect, the economy grew and as tax cuts and reductions took effect, the treasury took ever more money in. This as democrats continued to spend. I particularly like it when democrat policies cause and exasperate conditions brought on by democrat polices, a Republican takes the white house and corrections are not immediate; so folks like you attribute a down turn to the Republican. As you will do in 2013, stay consistent though !

    • 2centsworth

      Mitt Romney = graft and corruption……….don’t be deceived by what you think…the truth is always the truth…read this and then see what you think…

      • moonbeam

        Mittball is also hiding money off shore in the Cayman Islands

        Show them thar tax returns Mittball, I dares ya!

        • granny mae

          So what if Mit has money off shore? Isn’t that what all these financial advisors on this web sight telling people to do with their money so they don’t loose it when TSHTF ? Why shouldn’t he do the same! I would hope he would be smart enough to do that especially if he were to get elected president. So he is smart enough to be able to make money, so why aren’t you? If you want to make money for yourself then you follow what the rich guys do and you do it too. Problem there being that most of you guys are to busy complaining about someone else to take note of your own finances and protect what you have erned. Now if that doesn’t apply to you and you have made the move to protect your finances then how can you complain about someone else doint the same ? I’m more concerned about the man in the WH destroying this country competely than I am about Mit Romney putting his money in an off shore bank to protect his money ! Good for him ! I haven’t made my choice yet but I certainly don’t condem him for that sort of thing. At least he has paid taxes where most of these creeps in Washington haven’t. That concerns me more than anything. How much money has Ron Paul got in off shore accounts? If he is a smart as some of you thik then he has his own off shore account, so get for real and make some kind of logical sense for once !

    • Joe Joe

      Yes, well said DaveH! Too bad you don’t have a clue. Spending his “own” money? Cute, but extremely naive. Please tell me you don’t have kids relying on you for wisdom or direction in life. Poor little naive fool without a clue! Ignorance is bliss, I guess. If people had the faintest clue as to how the world really works, and what’s being done to America (and by whom), they would slap themselves for being suckerbob’s for so long. Silly rabbit’s, your being tricked, by the government as well as by the whore media. My poor fellow American saps, will you never learn? WAKE UP!!!! I have a great idea, let’s keep smashing our skulls into the same block wall, and see if we can’t get some different results. Definition of insanity people. Everyone do your OWN homework. Then the case for Ron Paul as our next president will become crystal clear. I was once blissfully uninformed myself. I wasted 8+ years watching that dribble on Fox news. Man am I glad I woke up, or I would still be WASTING precious time on this establishment Republican outlet. I too would not listen to other points of view. That was, until reality set in. We are out of time, one more block wall run and we’re thru. If Romney gets the nomination, Obama will get 4 more years, because Ron Paul WILL run third party (Libertarian), and pull 25-30% of the vote, guaranteed. Check his record. What does the fact that he may have clipped his toe nails on a tuesday night (indicative of what the slop media puts out in their attempt to minimize and smear) have to do with anything? WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP…….Your kids would love to know they’ll have a shot at a future.

    • Tom W.

      Unbridled capitalism is as much a threat to our freedoms as entitlements are! Dosen’t anybody see that there is something fundamentally wrong and UN-AMERICAN about these fat-cats living large in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave by exploiting slave labor overseas?! Products made in these countries where workers aren’t paid a FAIR wage and are FORCED to work in DEHUMANIZING working conditions shouldn’t be allowed to be sold in this fair land of ours! As the Bible so eloquently says, “The LOVE of money is the root(Please pardon the pun!) of all evil.”
      I agree with Wayne about all the things he doesn’t like about Mitt. The man is 100% plastic and would promise anything he thought might garner him a vote! He’s turned flip-flopping into a pure art-form!!! Now let’s look at one of his huge successes as a venture capitalist. What he did with the office supply giant “Staples”, he did by replacing all of the products made in the USA and by her allies with cheaper made in China goods, allah Wal-Mart. Good job Mitt!!! As Sean Hannity would say, “You’re a great American!”
      Now as far as Mr. Root goes, as I have said before, would you buy a used car from this man?! I thought I recognized this dude, this is an email I recieved from a friend back in Aug. last year. Maybe it’s true, you be the judge. Here’s a college class-mate of our beloved POTUS!

      Obama, If he is re-elected in 2012, the US is finished. The following is in simple language that everyone can understand. Not the gibberish that our government keeps telling us!

      By Wayne Allyn Root , June 6th, 2010
      Barack Hussien Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent. To the contrary, he is brilliant. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos — thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within. Barack Hussien Obama was my college classmate. (Columbia University, class of “83″) He is a devout Muslim do not be fooled. Look at his Czars…anti-business..anti- American. As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one, Barack Hussien Obama is following the plan of Cloward & Piven, two professors at Columbia University .. They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands. Add up the clues below. Taken individually they’re alarming. Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that desperately needs government for survival … and can be counted on to always vote for bigger government. Why not? They have no responsibility to pay for it. Universal health care. The health care bill had very little to do with health care. It had everything to do with unionizing millions of hospital and health care workers, as well as adding 15,000 to 20,000 new IRS agents (who will join government employee unions). Obama doesn’t care that giving free health care to 30 million Americans will add trillions to the national debt. What he does care about is that it cements the dependence of those 30 million voters to Democrats and big government . Who but a socialist revolutionary would pass this reckless spending bill in the middle of a depression? Cap and trade. Like health care legislation having nothing to do with health care, cap and trade has nothing to do with global warming. It has everything to do with redistribution of income, government control of the economy and a criminal payoff to Obama’s biggest contributors. Those powerful and wealthy unions and contributors (like GE, which owns NBC, MSNBC and CNBC) can then be counted on to support everything Obama wants. They will kick-back hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions toObama and the Democratic Party to keep them in power. The bonus is that all the new taxes on Americans with bigger cars, bigger homes and businesses helps Obama “spread the wealth around.” Make Puerto Rico a state. Why? Who’s asking for a 51st state? Who’s asking for millions of new welfare recipients and government entitlement addicts in the middle of a depression? Certainly not American taxpayers. But this has been Barack Hussien Obama’s plan all along. His goal is to add two new Democrat senators, five Democrat congressman and a million loyal Democratic voters who are dependent on big government. 12 million illegal Mexican immigrants. Just giving these 12 million potential new citizens free health care alone could overwhelm the system and bankrupt America . But it adds 12 million reliable new Democrat voters who can be counted on to support big government. Add another few trillion dollars in welfare, aid to dependent children, food stamps, free medical, education, tax credits for the poor, and eventually Social Security. Stimulus and bailouts. Where did all that money go? It went to Democrat contributors, organizations (ACORN), and unions — including billions of dollars to save or create jobs of government employees across the country. It went to save GM and Chrysler so that their employees could keep paying union dues. It went to AIG so that Goldman Sachs could be bailed out (after giving Obama almost $1 million in contributions). A staggering $125 billion went to teachers (thereby protecting their union dues). All those public employees will vote loyally Democrat to protect their bloated salaries and pensions that are bankrupting America. The country goes broke, future generations face a bleak future, but Obama, the Democrat Party, government, and the unions grow more powerful. The ends justify the means. Raise taxes on small business owners, high-income earners, and job creators. Put the entire burden on only the top 20 percent of taxpayers, redistribute the income, punish success, and reward those who did nothing to deserve it (except vote for Obama). Reagan wanted to dramatically cut taxes in order to starve the government. Barack Obama wants to dramatically raise taxes to starve his political opposition. With the acts outlined above, Barack Hussien Obama and his regime have created a vast and rapidly expanding constituency of voters dependent on big government; a vast privileged class of public employees who work for big government; and a government dedicated to destroying capitalism and installing themselves as socialist rulers by overwhelming the system. Add it up and you’ve got the perfect Marxist scheme — all devised by my Columbia University college classmate Barack Hussien Obama using the Cloward and Piven Plan!

      “Correctly attributed” says snopes- except that Wayne Root never was (nor did he claim to be) a classmate of Obama, they just attended the same school at the same time!

      If true, I’m glad it’s out in the open. But if not, Then Bob needs to do a little better job vetting his contributors!

    • suerichar

      I just do not understand why anyone would vote for a man who whines, offers excuses, and blames his failure to stick to conservative principles on a Democrat majority like Romney does when the option is to vote for Newt Gingrich who lead a Democrat President, Democrat Speaker, Democrat Majority into helping him implement conservative principles. Romney’s leadership gave his state government healthcare and government paid abortions, and is the cornerstone for Obamacare. Speaker Gingrich’s leadership gave the country 11 million new jobs, a balanced budget for 4 years, lower taxes, 2% unemployment, the first welfare reform, and, in his spare time, a Republican Majority. Don’t drink the koolaid and don’t let the Stupid Voter Trance get you and don’t let the presidency be bought by Wall Street bailout banks 6 of whom are Romney’s top contributors and Goldman Sachs, his top contributor, manages some of his millions that is not in the Caymans or elsewhere. All facts – check it out – I did!

  • David

    Of course it is. One has a vested interest in his own money. Capitalism isn’t the enemy. Socialism is the enemy of a free society. Greed exists in both, and the government is the prime offender in both.

    • Colleen

      Well said David. You and David H seem to understand what the difference is between Capitalism and Socialism. Without Capitalism…YOU HAVE SOCIALISM.

      • Deerinwater

        It was to no good end Captain Ahab persuaded the great white whale. To what degree do we peruse these notions of absolutes and unwilling to accept homogenized blends of both, as we all agree, the very nature of man can not be taken out of the equation.

        Venture capitalism is an economic construct of thought and not a form of government.

        Socialism, is many things wide and broad, plenty of room for both good and evil.

        • DaveH

          What is Venture Capitalism, Deer?

          • Deerinwater

            Perhaps that’s a good place to start Davy, with ones own perception.

            But that I am left of you Dav in & of it’s self does not qualify me as a liberal but only in your eyes. For I’ve enjoyed close friends over the year that by your same standards and application would make you a liberal as well.

            Off the cuff, something I seem noted for, Venture capitalism is an economic construct of thought. How to create personal gains using investment and market forces, using whatever is available and at your disposal to secure and capture earning from investment. The “venture” is in that it is an adventure and the outcome not always certain and losses possible. These potential loses can be managed with many instruments and strategics, legally and maybe not, morally or maybe not.

            We can use existing market or create new markets to apply venture capitalism. You only need a demand and a supply.

            Old man Rockefeller, the founder of Standard Oil facing stiff completion decided one day to go into the barrel manufacturing business and cornered the barrel market. This allowed him serious “consideration” from his competitors, offer us a text book case of market forces and cause and effect.

            Any notion of social “morals” is not required in venture capitalism and truly optional. . While a win/win situation might work best in the long view, it is not required.

            You might wish to offer free a virus, creating a market and sell the cure. You might traffic in human suffering but supply and demand forces still apply.

            Okay, ~ I’ve offered my spin and I must go for now.

          • DaveH

            Notice how Deerinwater, like most Liberals, immediately goes for the personal attack of calling me “Davy” as if I am inferior to him.
            And anybody, Deer, Democrat or Republican, who advocates Big Government as the Solution IS a Liberal.
            Deer says “Venture capitalism is an economic construct of thought”.
            Oh, swoon, I’m so impressed by your phraseology, NOT.
            Venture Capitalists are simply those people who offer startup money to entrepreneurs who don’t have the capital necessary to launch their own businesses successfully. The Venture Capitalist usually takes some level of ownership in the new company, and will win if the new business succeeds, or lose if it doesn’t. So, of course, the Venture Capitalist must choose wisely which companies he (or they usually) invests in. Venture Capitalists are simply a subset of Capitalists.

            You have proven to me, Deer, and anybody else who knows anything about economics, that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Deerinwater

            Well, I am sorry that you took it that way David, it was not intended. But your biting responses is most typical of the huffing and puffing highly offend-able far right.

            I find your explanation rather weak David as you attempted to explain to all of us who venture capitalist are as appose to answering your own question, “what is venture capitalism?”

            And then too, are you suggest that they can not be the money man and the entrepreneurial agent. And what does it matter, “who”?

            Or maybe you should have worded you question better, while I knew I was walking into a trap to answer your question, I was hoping for a more enlightened response.

            Are we attempting to discuss Crime or Criminals? One being the “actor” while the other being a “behavior”

            For a guy that does not know anything about business or venture capitalism, I’ve fared rather well in spite of government, in spite of hard times, in spite of never kissing the ring and accept a sugar daddy and his bank roll for a very long time.

            I invest both time and money everyday and still have time and enjoy bantering with all of you.

            David, you can’t offend me. It’s for me to allow and quite simply put, I refuse. ☺ “Offence” is a personal choice that you “elect to make”. Maybe someday, I hope that you learn that one thing if nothing else.

            I owe much of my success to people like yourself that think that they know something and got in over their head and up to their hips in trouble.

          • suerichar

            If you really want to know how Bain works, the Boston Globe did a thorough expose on an office supply company named Ampad, a 1990′s Bain Capital investment the ended in bankruptcy. The story is repeated by Dana D. Kelley, in a commentary published in the Jan. 20, 2012, edition of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. It wasn’t a failure for Bain – they made $21-mil off a $5-mil investment. For Mitt and Bain it was a get-rich-quick fortune-making success. For the employees, communities, shareholders, banks, creditors, it was devastating.

            What Mitt and Bain do may be legal, but is it right? Yes, it is a FORM of capitalism, albeit, as far as I am concerned, a shameful form. He is the Richard Gere in Pretty Woman who reforms and wants to “build something that lasts” instead of destroy it for profit. Unfortunately, Mitt is still defending it because he got out with his millions and living high at the expense of thousands of people he put out of work using questionable practices.

            His brand of Capitalism is not the kind that made this country great. It is the kind that leaves chinks in the soul of our country and gives the Capitalism a bad name throughout the world.

            Lastly, great Americans such as our founders teach us to live by our head and be guided by our heart. What Mitt does requires a shutdown of the heart, and I’ll have to say that I would not want that kind of person making decisions about Social Security and Medicare which, incidentally, are not “entitlements” and should never be categorized with Medicaid – those have been bought and paid for out of our salaries, but, unfortunately, Washington spent the money and is trying to brainwash the rest of us by lumping them in with freebie government giveaways. Rick Perry was right when he called Bain “vulture capitalism.” Vote Newt Gingrich!!!

            (Incidentally, you might purchase the “Rediscovering God in America” DVD’s from the America Family Association and listen to Newt’s speech walking the pastors through the Washington monuments and showing how they point out the faith and Christian beliefs held by the person they are portraying, as well as Rev. Hagee’s who is trying to turn the pulpit back to teaching the Bible instead of giving in to political correctness, and who Newt follows. He and Celesta also published a book by the same name.) Newt’s suggestions on the DVD are profound and our country would do well if everyone could hear them.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Socialists do need earners to create the wealth (Capitalism), so they can take and redistribute.

        • Deerinwater

          You seem to suggest that subscribing to any degree of socialist prohibits one from being an “EARNER” .

          Could you elaborate how you came to such a conclusion? Clearly not everyone is an “earner” regardless of “label” or affiliation.

          Mitt Romney is an “earner” , he uses other people money to make him money. He uses other people’s position to craft them misfortune to become his “earning”. So is he too a true “earner” and entitle your respect and support?

          • DaveH

            Deer, you seriously need to read this book. Pick up a copy at your local library, or buy one:

            Be the first Liberal on your block to learn some reality, Deer.
            Why anybody (except the Leaders and their Cronies) would prefer the Force of Government (Socialism) over the voluntary trading in Free Markets is a mystery to me.

          • granny mae

            He is so set in his ways that it doesn’t matter what he reads he will never see the light !

          • DaveH

            Chances are Granny that he wouldn’t read it. Liberals are scared to death that they might have to face the fact that they’ve been spreading manure for years.
            Usually when I paste a link I am doing it for the other readers who aren’t so prideful and want to learn.

          • Vigilant

            Bob Wire/Deerinheadlights says, “Mitt Romney is an “earner” , he uses other people money to make him money. He uses other people’s position to craft them misfortune to become his “earning”. So is he too a true “earner” and entitle your respect and support?”

            Don’t like the use of other people’s money to obtain something of value, Bob? Better pay off all your credit cards, auto loan, mortgage, business loans, etc., because you are using someone else’s money. Oh yeah, pull your kids out of school, too, since it takes other people’s money to educate them.

            Capitalism is about using your own resources to achieve an end, and that’s always about taking someone else’s money. That someone else is ready and willing to give you the money to get what they want.

            Socialism is about the government stealing your money to give to someone else, and that someone else is ready and willing to take that money to get what they want.

          • Deerinwater

            “Don’t like the use of other people’s money to obtain something of value, Bob? Better pay off all your credit cards, auto loan, mortgage, business loans, etc., because you are using someone else’s money. Oh yeah, pull your kids out of school, too, since it takes other people’s money to educate them.”

            No Sir, I don’t like that, not for myself leastwise. Using common fund for a common good can been seen as necessary and acceptable, our government depends on it. What we have here is a creditably and confidence problem due to violations of the public trust.

            So we blame this failure of confidence on everyone that “offended” and do not agree with us , while blaming ourselves last and least. I have just described the “GOP” and 85% of GOP supporters and 50% of the rank and file DNC.

            and I have no credit cards, no bank notes, and pay taxes on what I own & earn. I have no debit, unless water and electric counts.

            and granny, I have no fear, of anything , fear is not a motivating force in my personal life. What I don’t know, what I do know, I fear neither and sorry that you might or feel that I should.

            Fear paralyses the brain and dulls all but two human senses , fight and flight. If you think that is wrong or inaccurate, please look it up.

        • Deerinwater

          “DaveH says:
          January 19, 2012 at 9:08 am
          Deer, you seriously need to read this book. Pick up a copy at your local library, or buy one:

          David , I read to page 50 and speed read some 40 more pages.

          I’m at a loss for words, and not sure what to say to you.

          It read like something that I might written myself, both in content and context on about a freshman level.

          I’ve always had the suspicion , that you see conflict where there is “none”. That pretty well convinced me that I’ve been correct about you.

          Needless to say, I’m sure I missed some of the finer nuances and detail with my speed but I found no conflict in what was presented and my understanding of capitalism and how it works and all of the many pitfalls.

          You must really think I’m dumb or you overvalue yourself.

          Let me say this, I know my limits and when to seek out the help I need. Okay?

          Do you?

      • Sol of Texas

        … and sadly, we HAVE an American form of SOCIALISM whose proponents want us to gravitate toward European socialism of 1920 – 1990. It fills me with fear because I don’t want to live like that.

        • granny mae

          Sol of Texas,
          I agree with you. Socialism was tried in this country by the Pilgrim fathers of Plymouth Colony. They established a sort of communist system. They all farmed together and what they grew they put in a common store house. There was a certain amount of food rationed out to each person regardless of his contribution to the work. Many Pilgrims complaine that they were too weak from hunger to do their share of the work. Even though they were deeply religious they took to stealing from one another. It became clear that if they didn’t change things , they would surely starve again the next year. So they after much debate , they set up a new system, by which every family was assigned a parcel of land, and whatever they produced belonged to that family. Now the people went willingly into the fields. The harvest was so bountiful that they were credited with establishing Thanksgiving. When you work for your own good you are willing to put more of yourself into what you do and you come away with more than you would if you just excepted what the government offered you plus you have a renewd self esteme to do more and become even wealthier than you ever were before. In a socialist society you don’t really bring others up to your level, you bring yourself down to the level of the poorest. Water seeks it’s own level !

    • TIME

      We don’t have a Government, but what we do have is a “CORPORATION” It was incorporated in 1871 as the ” UUITED STATES Inc..”
      We don’t have a President, we have a CEO.
      We don’t have a Congress we have a Board od Directors.
      Please read the 1871 District of Columbia Act and prove it to yourself.

      BTW – this US Inc. sub contract’s out ALL services that you think are “Government services,” BTW – that we all pay for by way of “Extortion” here are just a few of these – SS, DOE, DOJ, FBI, FED, BATF, CIA, FEMA, IRS, all US Armed services, and this list just keeps on going.

      So infact we have a “DEFACTO” Government at best, look that up in Blacks Law as to what that means.
      **Learn the true meaning of the words used and then all of you can really start to better understand whats broken, and how to fix it.

      BUT – If you all want to do the same old mindless dance around the campfire while eating BS Cookies then expect more of the same BS to keep unfolding, well that is until your sitting a a FEMA Camp.

      GOOGLE Bill Foust – start looking at his Youtube feeds, watch and learn, BUT you must empty your cup of what ever you have in it so you can learn.
      Everything you all think you know is based on a {100% Total LIE.}

      Want the real TRUTH, thus really wake the hell up?

      Or would playing this same stuipd mind game be more in favor for all of you?

      If you can handle the REAL TRUTH then get busy also Google the Season of TREASON, 1 & 2, watch Kurt’s presentation and learn something.

      If you have the Balls to really learn something then learn all about the SON/SUN/ Worship, for that your first step would be Google the CODE by Carl Munck.
      Watch the full lenght 1.5 hour long presentation.
      Then when your done with that ask me and I will give you more to learn all about what you think you know something about and yet are clueless. Again; do you all have the Balls to learn the TRUTH?

      We all have been used, so your choice wake the hell up and work on fixing the problems or stay sleeping and live the hell thats coming our way.

      By the way also look up what the “TRUE” meaning of what a Libertarian is. Even that is not what you all think it is.
      **Again learn the “TRUE ROOT” meaning of the words, its all a CODE larn the CODE and learn the TRUTH, its your call people.

      • DaveH
      • Vigilant

        “Please read the 1871 District of Columbia Act and prove it to yourself.”

        I’ve read it twice, and find ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to substantiate what you say. It was, plainly and simply, a municipal incorporation like thousands of US communities have done. The District of Columbia was incorporated, NOT the United States of America.

        You need to get away from the Team Law website and actually read the Act, which I tend to believe you haven’t. But in the remote chance that you have, kindly quote to me ANYTHING in the Act that backs you up. You won’t find it.

        • TIME

          Dude your not very bright are you?

          So let me make this very easy for you to grasp, Can you spell {GOOGLE.}
          Now use the word GOOGLE on your search bar, now thats up, now place the following in the search bar, are you with me still?
          Place in the box – Bill Foust, still with me?

          Now its your choice you can either take the TRUTH pill or just go back to sleep.

          NOW hit enter, when the little pictures come up so to the hard choice, you can play dumb if you so wish, or you can hit the YOUTUBE feed for Bill Foust.
          You want to start with his youtube feed;
          District of Columbia Act of 1871 Defacto part 1 – 3 now how easy is that?????????
          Oh he also shows all the Doucments that SUSTAIN everything I have said. Your choice again wake up or just stay sleeping.

          If you so wish to take the trip to TRUTH, good – but again first EMPTY your cup.

          Then all you have to do is sit back and let Bill who by the way was a Judge explain it to you in an easy to follow method.
          Its almost like sleep learning. Your choice, go back to sleep or wake the hell up.

          Oh and get yourself a Blacks law book if you so wish to wake up. Learn what the words really mean, then ask me questions.
          But until then I am not your MOMMIE I will not hold your hand.
          BTW – Niether will the FEMA MERKS when they come to take you to camp FEMA.

          • Vigilant

            As expected, you couldn’t quote ONE THING in the Act that backs you up.

            Would you like me to hold your hand while you READ the Act?

          • Vigilant

            To parody your quote, “your choice again read the Act or just stay sleeping.”

          • Vigilant

            Announcement of Foust’s murder prefaced by:

            The Republic for the united States of America
            From the Desk of the Chief Ambassador
            RuSA Verification #: RP208703120RuSA
            Monday, June 20, 2011
            Regarding: William Dale Foust
            To My Fellow Americans, etc., etc.

            Consider my part in this conversation closed. I do not spar with the mentally challnged.

          • Vigilant

            …make that “challenged.”

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Socialism also uses Capitalistic methods otherwise where would their money come from. Socialism eventually runs out of the money they take from earners’ pockets.

      • DaveH

        In Pure Socialism, the Government owns all the means of Production. But usually Socialism is perceived to be varying levels of Government involvement in the Economy.

      • clarence swinney

        How much is enough
        10% own 73% net wealth–80% own 15%
        10% own 83% financial wealth–80% own 7%
        50% get 90% indivdual income
        70,000,000, workers get 10%

        73/15 83/7 90/10 Mexico? Close. Open thine eyes.

        International studies reveal that Happiness in the people is in a direct proportion to Equality in distribution of wealth.

        Marchers? Unhappy that in oecd nations we rank
        4th on Inequality
        3rd on Least Taxed
        2nd on Least taxed corporations

        How much is enough?

        • Chris Schilke

          Clarence: I’m not sure but I believe that you are in favor of wealth redistribution? It doesn’t work as the average person has no idea of how to handle wealth. It doesn’t take long before ignorance and greed returns the redistributed wealth to just a few hands which is in essence wealth redistribution itself. .

        • DaveH

          The answer to how much is enough, Clarence, depends largely on whether they are Market Entrepreneurs who made their money satisfying customers, or whether they are Political Entrepreneurs who make their money by aiding their Crony Politicians’ re-elections who then in turn give them special protections from Marketplace competition, whether through subsidies, tariffs, quotas, or targeted regulations. In such cases the Crony Capitalists succeed at the expense of their competitors, their customers, and the taxpayers.
          That’s why we need to get Government out of our Marketplace, like our Freedom Loving Founders intended.

    • jimmy the greek

      capitalism and communism are two sides of the same coin ! the ones at the top get every thing and live well , the other 90% get crapped on .

      • DaveH

        That’s true for Socialism and Communism, Jimmy, but not true for Capitalism. Real Capitalism is simply rigidly enforced property rights, protection from Fraud and Force, and otherwise an absence of Government in the Marketplace. In other words Free Markets. With Free Markets, anybody with ambition and skill can succeed. With Free Markets there would be NO Crony Capitalism. The consumers would be King rather than a bunch of self-interested Politicians.
        For those who want to better understand:

        • John

          True capitalism is as much a fiction as true socialism or true communism.

          All of them fail because of one simple concept, human nature…. also called greed. As long as humans can not prevent greed, all of them in their pure form are prone to failure.

          I.M.H.O. what will survive and be the universal form of government in the future is a mix of capitalism and socialism. Unless someone will come up with a new “ism” that will work. But it will be neither pure capitalism nor pure socialism.

          • Sol of Texas

            Who actually expects utopia on earth? Only the ignorant or psychologically disturbed. However, if the Enlightenment taught us anything worth holding onto it would be that people must be free to make choices and live with the consequences, and for collective issues, persuasion must be employed. True capitalists embrace this belief. Totalitarians (crony-capitalists, socialists, communists, fascists, progressives, etc …) believe “experts” have the answers to life’s problems, all “smart experts” agree, and coercion is needed so that people behave in “their own and everyone’s best interest”.

            If that is not “the truth”, it is at least a fact!

          • DaveH

            Capitalism has never failed, John. It has only been perverted by evil people in high positions. When left alone by Government, except to protect people from Force or Fraud, Capitalism far exceeds the benefits of any other system.
            Don’t confuse Mercantilism with Capitalism, John. And while it is difficult indeed to keep Capitalism, due to the subversive nature of Leaders and their Crony Capitalists, and the Ignorance of the masses, we should never quit trying to keep it Pure.
            I will re-post this link for convenience:
            You should read it, John, with an open mind. I suspect that you harbor a lot of misconceptions. We all have been severely Propagandized by those who want to subjugate us.

          • Deerinwater

            “Capitalism has never failed, John. It has only been perverted by evil people in high positions.”

            So are you suggesting that you know a place where there is no “evil” people David?

            I believe that you could replace the word “capitalism” and insert any word of your choice and your statement would be accurate.

  • Bruce D.

    Mitt Romney is a very capable businessman who will make an excellent president.

    • Karolyn

      Choke! Gasp! Aaaaaaargh!

      • TIME


        • Brian

          ANOTHER DITTO!

          • granny mae

            I’m not so sure that is true ! Me thinks we need more than justt someone that is good with finances. Check out the world around us and see just what else a president needs at his disposal at this point in time. It is more than just a knowlege o finance ! That is one of the things he needs but not the only thing !

      • NC

        Karolyn, I just read that some Republicans have said Perry will drop out very soon. Another deal to defeat Romney! It appears that a candidate who can beat Romeny for the nomination will have to make so may deals with other candidates that if that person gets elected he will be the first President with 8 vice presidents.If the stakes weren’t so high that would be fun to watch!

        • granny mae

          Hey there are other desirable post to be offered you know. They will all be scrambling for something just as soon as the news media selects the guy to run. The news media is the reason why we end up every time voting for the lesser of two evils ! They will try to pick who they think will give Obama the chance to win. Don’t fall for it. You vote for who you know can defeat Obama. They all seeem to have basically the same qualifications so choose the guy who can take on the bad guy and win if you want to close the door on socialism. In the debates ask the hard questions and get them to commit on the record. Then hold their feet to the fire. You are not going to find anything new in this years bag of politicians so assest the real dangers and then choose the best fighter ! Don’t look for saints in politics, they don’t exist no matter what their name is and what they tell you. There ain’t no such animal !

    • s c

      bd, Mutt is a ‘capable’ businessman? How is it that HE’S responsible for giving Obummer THE model for a healthcare scam that will bankrupt America and make our country rocket even faster toward self-destruction?
      THAT’S a recommendation for letting someone slide into the White House? What you’re doing is nothing
      but a clear attempt to justify Americans having to choose between THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS.
      Thanks for NOTHING, comrade. Do you understand the difference between a problem and a solution?

      • eric siverson

        Romney Care or Obama care would have not been so bad if the healthcare and insurance cos had not lobbied so hard against medicare for evreyone . Already the goverenment pays over 50 percent of all healthcare costs . while the insurance co are robbing the other private health care consumers , with phoney bills and crazy over charges . The health care industry has a lucrative position and they want to keep raising prices . eventually they will take all the money .leaving nothing for the other costs of living . The government has given a lot of special little monopolies to several groupes ,they all have been raising their take faster than we can afford to pay them .

    • Deerinwater

      I thought that as well once but I have since learned more about the man and his history.

      He is but one of many enemies I could not fight as he lay cloaked and hidden from my view behind a curtain of corporate ambiguity with many titles, offices and positions.

      With the exception of love of family, I have little in common with Mitt Romney

    • DaveH

      If you want Government to keep on Growing, then Mitt’s your man.

    • Wendell

      Karolyn, Time and Brian are all choking on their own vile bile and can’t handle the truth that make sense. They would rather parrot the propaganda put out by their fellow liberals that search and understand why any of the republican candidates are 1000% better than Obama to run this country. As far as deerinwater is concerned, I think his brain is so fogged up from smoking wacky weed, he could never understand anything about anything.

      • smilee

        When they (GOP)were running they sure proved you wrong, we are paying dearly for that now

        • Deerinwater

          They kill the messenger here if they don’t like the message. Rather then debate the issues they resort to slander and name calling (ouch!). That really hurt!

    • suerichar

      Maybe if he had a heart – all he has is a manipulative brain. I think people in his business are borderline sociopaths, maybe even full blown. I couldn’t sleep at night using his business practices. He can play Twister with it all he wants, but the bottom line is all he is interested in is money for him and his investors with no concern for anybody else or anything else. That’s scary in a nation that takes care of each other.

  • David

    While there is a tad of truth in what Wayne says, much of what he spouts is self-serving nonsense. What he should say and doesn’t could fill a book.
    Every paycheck, whether bloated or not, puts real money into circulation, which means even the welfare scafflows help the economy move. Yes, investing companies do eventually create jobs, but more often at the cost of destroying a local economy and the lives of the workers. There goal is enormous profit at it doesn’t matter to them who takes the hit, as long as it isn’t them.
    Companies will not hire unless they have customers buying their goods and services. Right now, banks and business are sitting on trillions of dollars and they aren’t investing it in building business or hiring people, they’re investing it in financial vehicles that make money off money because of the destructively low capital gains tax rates. To stop this practice, capital gains must be raised such that it’s more profitable to invest in real infrastructure and people than making money off money. The first creates jobs, the second does not.
    The financial crisis this nation faces was caused by top end greed. Sadly, these big players make out like thieves destroying our economy and now they’re making tons of money cleaning up the mess they created. But they’re in no hurry as the enormous bank and wall street bonuses being paid out attest to.
    Obama and company bailed out the big three auto makers, which saved and created jobs. Obviously Wayne ignored that little fact, while also ignoring the enormous money poured into bailing out the big banks, which hasn’t created job one.
    It’s self serving ‘feed the rich’ capitalists like Wayne who continue to steer the sheeppeople into believing that transfering the wealth of our nation to the top is a good thing, while the facts clearly show otherwise.

    • larry reif

      David learned his math from Obama. Ford did not get bailed out. It was two, not three that got bailed out. Creditors got stiffed in favor of UAW.

      • smilee

        Creditors always get stiffed in bankruptcies that the nature of the game, it is no ones fault but the companies.

    • Barker

      David, I won’t argue about what “caused” the financial crisis, but Congress precipitated the crisis, tipping the first domino by having the government loan money to those who could not repay on terms which seduced the gullible. Government printing and spreading paper money is similar to the credit card holder with minimum wage income maxing out a fraudulently obtained $50,000 card. And the dominoes continue to fall as long as government policy is to spend, spend, spend, rather than show some common sense.

      • Brian

        Here, HEAR!

    • DaveH

      David says:
      “Every paycheck, whether bloated or not, puts real money into circulation, which means even the welfare scafflows help the economy move”.
      That is so untrue, David. If the presence of money were all it took to make an economy run, then there would be no poor countries, like Zimbabwe for instance. What makes an economy run is productivity. Anything that interferes with that (giving people the ability to live for free, for example) causes a weaker economy. So, the real question is “what makes people work harder?”. The answer to that has been proven by History — Free Markets, Sound Money, Strict Property Rights. When people can trade freely with their fellow human beings and be allowed to keep the fruits of their labor, they are inclined to be more productive than under any other kind of system. Capitalism floats all boats. The other systems (Communism, Socialism, Fascism, etc.) float only the boats of the Leaders and their Pals.

      • John

        Free unregulated markets will end up turning into monopolies. Monopolies breed more monopolies and thus your innovative entrepreneur has no way to make it anywhere. You can’t do anything, without raw materials that will be controlled by monopolies. A true free market will in the end result in the same problem we have right now, a few who got in on the monopolies at the start will control everything and the rest will be consumer slaves…that in theory have all venues open to them but in reality are screwed. Pure capitalism just as pure communism and socialism is bound to fail…because of a simple human trait….. its called greed. And so, societies who are capitalist will start….gasp… controlling the monopolies through government regulations…turning …gasp into crony capitalists and into socialists or even into fascists. Just look into our own history and you can see…its all there for the people with open minds to examine.

        • Jefferson Thomas

          How can you come to this conclusion since a true FREE enterprise capitalist system has never existed on this planet? Just as there has never been a civilization on this planet. Men (especially those in government organizations) would rather use force, coercion, and fraud to take what someone else has produced rather than produce something themselves of tradeable value in a FREE enterprise capitalist system.

        • steve in AZ

          Initial premise flawed. EPIC FAIL!!

          No monopoly can exist without the support and assistance of the state, based upon a basic capitalist maxim which has NEVER been proven
          wrong in any environment even approximating a free market,and CANNOT be proven wrong in any other, namely:

          “Excess profits breed ruinous competition.”

          Those of you spouting opinions regarding capitalism would do well to read and study Ayn Rand’s many books about the subject, as nobody ever did a better job of defining true capitalism and justifying it.

          Understanding that reading is unpopular today, as it requires a bit of effort to study and comprehend any subject, an alternative recommendation is to visit youtube and watch all of Milton Friedman’s videos you can find. It will be like diluted tea compared to Rand’s justifications, but you might at least learn to keep your mouths shut about a subject of which you know so little.

          • DaveH

            Better yet, study at

          • John

            Ayn Rand? She did not do very well with her ideas even capitalists thought where off the deep end. Ayn Rand was a disillusioned ex communist who went to the opposite extreme. And in the end, after she blew all the money from her book sales to the sheep and from her speaking assignments ….she drew all her convictions over board and went back to socialism again…. after she blew all her money she ended up living on……gasp….welfare for years til she died.
            Ayn Rand eh? you might as well quote the books of the brothers Grim.

          • John

            Moreover a few facts about your heroine:
            Rand called her philosophy “Objectivism”,not capitalism as many today call it, describing its essence as “the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.”[86] She considered Objectivism a systematic philosophy and laid out positions on metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy and esthetics.[87]
            In metaphysics, Rand supported philosophical realism and atheism, and opposed anything she regarded as mysticism or supernaturalism, including all forms of religion.[88]

    • clarence swinney

      Clinton to Bush to Obama
      Who Dug the Deep Hole? Who Fumbled the ball?
      Numbers rounded

      Clinton left Bush an 1800B Budget
      Bush Left Obama a 3500 Budget

      Clinton left Bush a 240B Surplus as far as the eye can see
      Bush left Obama a 1400B Deficit as far as the eye can see

      Clinton left Bush 5,700B of Debt
      Bush left Obama 11,800B of Debt

      Clinton left Bush a 237,000 net new jobs created per month
      Bush left Obama a 31,000 lowest number since Hoover.

      Clinton left Bush 17 Million Manufacturing Jobs
      Bush left Obama 11 Million Manufacturing Jobs

      Clinton left Bush a 10,800 Dow
      Bush left Obama an 8028 Dow

      Clinton left Bush Peace on Earth Good Will From Most Men
      Bush left Obama Hell on Earth Two disastrous wars. Enmity of 1500 Million Muslims

      Clinton left Bush a President most highly rated of any peacetime President in Asia, Africa, Europe.
      Bush left Obama the most hated President in history
      Bush left Obama an Housing Tsunami and Financial Volcano
      Bush left Obama, in 2008, an 8500B Bail out commitment Yes! 8500 not just 700
      Bush left Obama his Takeover of Fannie/Freddie, AIG, and first bailout of Chrysler
      Bush increased maximum loan by Fannie/Freddie from $300,000 to $729,000
      Bush increased FDIC maximum deposit coverage from $100,000 to $250,000
       clarence swinney–political historian–lifeaholics of america burlington nc
      author-Lifeaholic–Life story of Workaholic failure to Lifeaholic success
      Best seller list in haw river nc population 200 and growing

      • Sol of Texas

        Clarence –

        I don’t think a Bush vs Clinton argument (neo-cons vs. progressives) is going to buy much on a liberty oriented blog like this.

      • Norm

        And the democrat controlled congress from 2006 to Obama, a part of that congress when he did not vote “Not Present” was just an innocent bystander too. Way to go, Debbie S.

  • Colleen

    Being from New York (not city) so many here are behind Mitt.
    My hopes are that he will pull another Reagan and actually win in NY!
    If anyone can do it, he can.
    Behind you Mitt!

    • Brian

      Colleen – you are apparently pulling for the guy that is from your area…Mitt is a fraud! Ron Paul is the only true conservative in the nomination fight…I am sorry but you are wrong…

      • TIME


        A BIG – DITTO on your post!

        If Dr. Ron Paul fails to get in, we will be moving out of the US.

        • libertytrain

          And which country would you choose to go to? Just curious…which country would make a good choice…

          • DaveH

            I love Chile, Libertytrain. It’s got the geographic location of California (on opposite side of Equator), but it has Freer Markets than California. Chile, believe it or not, is now ranked ahead of the United States in Economic Freedom, and actually moving up the scale instead of down like the US is doing:
            Who would have ever thought that a South American country would become Freer than the US? Thanks a lot, Progressives.
            To see how any individual country got its ranking, just pick the country name.

          • TIME


            There are many differant areas we have on the list.
            Here is a really good question; Don’t we all find it very strange that people like the Clinton’s, Bush’s, Gore, even Barry and Soro’s, and oddly even the Rothschild’s have bought homes and land in Paraguay and Uruguray????????
            There is a good reason, they fear that they may fail with their NWO plan.

            But as far as nations that are much more “Free” than we are, here are a few in South America – by the way a few hundred Thousand will make for a long care free life with everything you could ever want, or need.
            *Chile, **Ecquador, *****Bolivia, *Preu, *Argentina.

            As well there are many Island’s in the South Pacific that are really NICE!
            One can live there for little money if you can live with a sandy beach that you can walk in your bare feet all the time, lots of sun shine, a few storms per year, lots of fresh fruits, fish and veggies.
            Many of these don’t have TV nor movies, and in some case’s roads, other than in the citys etc. but then again do we really need them to be happy?

          • libertytrain

            Dave, TIME – I’ve never been interested in South American countries. I suppose that is my loss. I think you may be onto something TIME with the Pacific Islands. I do like rural. I’m not big on Tropics, but I guess I’d make do… And, Tahiti has a romantic feel to it… i.e. Gauguin seemed to enjoy his time there, although his life in general seemed to have really kind of sucked. I guess I could make do anywhere. I like the adventure of change.

          • libertytrain

            Dave – I checked the list – of the top ten the first two are not of interest to me. However, Australia and particularly New Zealand would work for me.

          • TIME

            LT, & Dave

            Always check where ever you may look into to see if they are following UCC law.
            Keep in mind that UCC Law is what we do here in the US INC…
            Oh and UCC Law is another part of what got us into this whole mess in the first place.
            Thats why we follow Maritime Law. If you google – Bill Foust’s youtube feeds you will find a TON of INTEL on this topic, as well as everything else I keep posting on the Defacto US INC..

            Let me be blunt, I used to think I had a clue, only to find I had to empty my cup and start all over.
            BUT – I thank GOD I did I have learned so much in the last 8 months, my head is about to explode. And just for the record – the TRUTH is a very hard pill to swollow, but if you do, you will never see anything the same ever again.

            Its really all CODES by way of symbol’s and Iconography.
            Think Hitler and the Sun Wheel.
            Now really look at Barry’s 2008 posters what can you find straight off?

            What the real UNITED STATES Flag looks like shook me to the core.
            And yet 99.9999% of the population of America thinks its the old stars and stripes, not quite.

            Check out the flag of the CITY STATE, called the “DISTRICT of COLUMBIA.” Note three stars, for 3 CITY STATES, one the Money City State, London on top. Left lower DISTRICT of COLUMBIA the Military City State, the lower Right, is VATICAN CITY, the Land of SPRIT.
            The underside has two steel rails in Blood Red, the “ROYAL BLOOD LINES.”
            Now keep in mind that as I have said many times now, 43 of the 44 POTUS are BLOOD RELATED, and to whom are they related?

  • azwayne

    Must be Romney campaign staff commenting because nothing realistic, Karolyn is most accurate. Are you people propagandists,(liars)or truly that ignorant.??? His money, you know he hit investors, from everywhere but definitely high rolling wall street and foreign investeros alike. They bought companies at bankruptcy prices, flooded the books with government authorized pension and benefits then used bankruptcy technicality to screw creditors and mad the companies look paper profitable and resold. It happens daily, it’s really pretty sick and again tax payer stupidly pays for the play boys. Capitalism???? Accountant eyewash is all it really is. And is sure isn’t respectable.

  • Charles

    What I want to know is how Politician Mitt Romney is going to save businesses and increase employment, without using government funds. His past record speaks for itself, but as President, it won’t be HIS money, or the money of his private investors that he is spending.

  • Tony N

    What do you think about this Romney Bain Capital doing Business with Iran ??? page 11 In 2004, Bain Co multi-million dollar contract from National Iranian Oil Company

    • John

      If you believe they are the only US corporations doing business with Iran you are delusional. Corporations do NOT care about government bans and restrictions, they will find a way to make profit and if it means setting up new a corporation or two or ten to hide their tracks.

      • DaveH

        Trade embargoes only hurt those who we should be helping — the common citizens. And they sure don’t endear the US to those people who are suffering. The best we could do is to butt out of other countries’ business and let them seek their own solutions. If they’re unhappy enough, they will rebel, as it should be. Hopefully, their rebellion leads to wise Government like we had for a short time in our history.
        For more:

  • Jenasus

    Romney is the same book as Obama with a different cover. Obama gets his policies from the Romney camp. In public they appear to be against each other but in private they are laughing at us.
    Vote for Romney or Obama if you want to be a slave in the New World Order.

    • DaveH

      I agree. We don’t have much time left (if any) to regain our Freedom. As brainwashed as we are, there are still a large portion of people who embrace the concept of Freedom even though most of them haven’t really experienced it. With that spark for Liberty still existent, we may be able to ignite the fire for people to relearn what Liberty truly is. This website is a good start.
      And this one also:

    • Sol of Texas

      Jenasus –

      Reminds me of the 2008 Obama-McCain episode of Southpark! :-)

      • OB1

        No kidding…..

  • Brenda Choate

    Most people do not know the difference between private equities and corporate raiders. Private equities need to be explained without the political overtures. A lot of people are aware of corporate raiders thanks to Hollywood. A corporate raider will buy a company for the sole pupose of stripping it of assests and moving on. Private equities buy companies, reorganizes from the top down and hopefully leaves the company in better shape. Simple explainations work best for those unaware of the structure.

    • DaveH

      Corporate Raiders simply are buying undervalued companies which are in that state due to inefficient or negligent Corporate Officers. The Raiders can make no money unless they make that company more valuable by splitting it up, improving its operations, or otherwise making it more valuable. That’s a good thing. It keeps people in jobs that might otherwise have disappeared with the poorly managed companies, and it makes them more productive which is good for the consumers.
      The “raiders” have been given a bad name for Political purposes by those Corporate bosses who succeed by Politics instead of Producing, by their Crony Politicians, and by the bought-and-paid-for Propagandists.
      Learn more:

  • Christopher Popham Smith

    Though I would never vote for Romney; in his defense, we must put
    this Bain Capital nonsense aside. Mr. Romney was afterall,
    a venture capitalist, not a vulture. Give it up my fellow Americans
    and focus on the failed ‘policies’ of the Obama administration.
    And the fact that Romney earned $375,000 in fees for speaking engagements pales next to Bill Clinton, who from 2000-06 earned more than $82 million (!) in speaking fees. How the MSM fails to
    tell us that. Yes, all former presidents earn money this way, but at an average of $180,000 per engagement, combined
    with fellatio in the Oval Office, utter disdain for the military and
    an innate arrogance PLUS multiple scandals (including Hillary) over the past 15 years….well, we can just do nothing but shake our
    heads at the absurdity of it all.

    • John

      Romney sold out cheap with his speaker fees… I read that Rush Limbaugh makes around 18 millions for his incoherent rants and right out lies, heck, even Palin made more then him per yer…Now, the question is, is it peanuts? Of course it is if the rest of your income is in the million dollar/year range, But for the people, who live at or below the national average of about 50K, it is not. The fact that he made all this money is not what upset them, it is the fact that he openly on TV for all to see acted like its peanuts….at a time where millions of people without jobs and just scrape by, at a time where most people are just a paycheck away from loosing their homes…. his behavior has shown to the masses that he has no connection and can not relate to the majority of the people. Do we really need a president that can’t even see the plight of the citizens in this country? Someone that feels he is above the rest?

      • Karolyn

        I saw him say tht on TV. Unbelievable that a candidate can be so dumb! He keeps sticking his foot in his mouth!

        • IDOSAYN

          fix the “Flawed Free Enterprise System “so that people with high level political contacts cannot “legally plunder” the free enterprise system. People who do not have connections with the government and banking systems do not have the same opportunities as Mitt Romney.

          Romney’s 25-year so called work record and his bank accounts inc luding so wealthy he send sfunds offshore and until recently those funds were “secret” so Romney will do nothing but continue to drive the United States off the cliff with his crony capitalism and love for transferring the money from the
          pockets of the hardworking people of this country and lining his coffers!’
          Message needs to be clearly and succinctly articulated to the people of this country that the “Free Enterprise System” is so “FLAWED” that People with connections from birth like Mitt Romney spend their entire lifetime using legal plunder to enrich themselves. See below for idea.
          “When Newt Gingrich told Romney if it had not been for the Federal Government’s (regulations or changes in law) he would far less wealthy, and Mitt commented “I certainly didn’t sit around and wait for the Federal Government to help me,” I wanted the” Federal Government” to get out of my way so I could create jobs. This was a “bold face” lie. Newt Gingrich told the truth. Mitt Romney has enriched himself financially with the “Flawed Free Enterprise System” that has been designed and re-designed to enrich the elite. Romney is the poor rich kid who praises his ability to “plunderer the financial system and he does it legally because the politicians have changed laws and regulations to help people just like Romney – not the working class!”

    • NC

      Chris, it’s the economy stupid and Clinton presided over a da**ed good one compared to that total wreck of the “tricle down cretin from Crawford”. Clinton was elected President not the Pope nor Bishop> If he was capable of steering the ship of state with one hand, which his record proves he was, I don’t really care what he was doing with his other hand. 22 million jobs! Real jobs.

      • http://google Marvin McCardle

        You are absolutely right. No matter what they say about Clinton, he knew how to get this country to work. Bush destroyed everything this country had going in just a few months. This is what tea partiers are about. You tea party people keep on supporting the greedy and see where it leads us.

      • clarence swinney

        GDP–rose from 6300 to 11,600
        NATIONAL INCOME-5,000 to 8,000 Billion–took 20 years to grow 2500B before Clinton
        JOBS CREATED–over 22 million–record by far—record 237,000 net new jobs per month. Bush followed with 31,000 lowest since Hoover.
        AVERAGE WEEKLY EARNINGS–$360 to $478
        AVERAGE WEEKLY HOURS WORKED–never hit 35.0–hit that  mark 4 times in 80′s
        UNEMPLOYMENT–from 7.2% down down down to 3.9%
        WELFARE TO WORK—11,533,710 on federal roll in 1996 and 3,880,321 in 2007.
        MINIMUM WAGE–$4.25 to $5.15
        MINORITIES–did exceedingly well-His increase in Earned Income Tx Credit lifted millions of low income adults and families out of poverty annually.
        Clinton philosophy“If you work hard, play by the rules, you ought to be able to live a decent life”.Thanks Jesus.
        HOME OWNERSHIP–hit all time high
        DEFICIT–290 Billion to whoopee a SURPLUS
        DEBT—-+30%—300% increase over prior 12 years
        FEDERAL SPENDING–+28%—80% under Reagan- who da true conservative?
        DOW JONES AVERAGE–3,500 to 11,800  all it’s history to get to 3500 and Clinton zooms it
        NASDAQ–700 to 5,000—all of it’s history to get to 700 and Clinton zooms it
        VALUES INDEXES– almost all bad went down–good went up in zoom zoom zoom
        FOREIGN AFFAIRS–Peace on Earth good will toward each other—Mark of a true Christian–what has Bush done to Peace on Earth?
        POPULARITY—highest poll ratings  in history during peacetime in  AFRICA, ASIA AND EUROPE even 98.5% in Moscow–left office with highest gallup rating since it was started in 1920′s.
        STAND UP FOR JUSTICE–evil conservatives spent $110,000,000 on hearings and investigations and caught— ONE— very evil man who took a few plane rides to events.
        BOW YOUR HEADS–Thank you God for sending us a man of Bill Clinton’s character, intelligence, knowledge of governance, ability to face up to crises without whimpering and a great leader of the world.

      • DaveH

        So many Propagandized People, so little time:

      • DaveH

        Clinton was just a much slyer version of Obama. He would have assumed dictatorship if he could have gotten away with it.
        One example of abuse under the Clinton regime:

      • Sol of Texas

        NC –

        I want to know what prescription medications you were taking in the 90′s ’cause I’m sure I’ll need some.

        How did Clinton create the jobs? The ship was running itself. Thankfully, not too much damage was done by Clinton because the executive and legislative branches were divided. It could have been much worse.

        I’ve had several opportunities to hear Clinton speak in person. I voted with my feet and walked away.

        I will never understand the Clinton allure. I don’t find him charming. I find him duplicitous. Like the late Paul Tsongas suggested … if you want to vote for Santa Claus, vote for a guy like Bill Clinton (implication — both are mythical, neither is a real person). I smoked marijuana but I never inhaled? What the hell does that even mean?

        • NC

          What you need Sol might not come in a medicine bottle but from lying on a couch dealing with your denial that there are millions of people smarter than you with different opinions! What “form” of government available to us under our Constitution has done a better job than Slick Willy did? We lost no wars, had no major terrorist attacks and average American was better off financially when he left. He beat bush I for the job in a fair election and then “smoked” bushI’s economic figures TWICE! If he inhaled then give me a toke! As the young folks say “that was some good s**t”!! See “Prosperity and the Presidents” at Forbes .com!!!

          • OB1

            He had a Republican congress.

  • Jay

    It is true that the American colonials have “free elections”, in which they have the absolute right to vote for one of two opposing candidates, both of whom have been handpicked and financed by the Rockefeller syndicate .

    This touching evidence of “democracy” serves to convince most Americana that we are indeed a free people . We even have a cracked Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to prove it . American youth have been free since 1900 to be marched off to die in Hegelian wars in which both combatants received their instructions from the World Order .

    We are free to invest in a stock market which the daily quantity, price and value of the monetary unit is manipulated and controlled by a Federal Reserve System which is answerable only to the Bank of England.

    It has maintained its vaunted “independence” from our government’s control, but this is the only independence it has ever had.

    The realization that we do indeed live under the dictate of the “;Rockefeller Syndicate” can well be the starting point of the long road back of a genuine struggle for American independence. In exposing “the Rockefellers” as agents of a foreign power, which is not merely a foreign power, but a genuine world government, we must realize that this is not merely a group dedicated to making money, but a group which is committed to maintaining the power of a colonial form of government over the American people.
    Thus the ancient calumny of John D. Rockefeller as a man obsessed by greed (a category in which he has plenty of company) obscures the act that from the day the Rothschilds began to finance his march towards a total oil monopoly in the United States from their coffers at the National City Bank of Cleveland, Rockefeller was never an independent power, nor does any department of the Rockefeller Syndicate operate as an independent power.

    We know that the Cosa Nostra, or Mafia, with which the Syndicate is closely allied has somewhat autonomous power in the regions which have been assigned to that particular “;family” by the national directors, but this always implies that that family remains under total control and answerable for everything which occurs in its territory .

    Similarly, the Rockefeller Syndicate operates under clearly defined spheres of influence. The “charitable” organizations, the business companies, and the policy groups always meld into a working operation, nor can any department of the Syndicate strike out on its own or formulate an independent policy, no matter what may be its justification.

    The Rockefeller Syndicate operates under the control of the world financial structure, which means that on any given day, all of its assets could be rendered close to worthless by adroit financial manipulation .&nubs; This is the final control, which insures that no one can quit the organization. Not only would he be stripped of all assets, but he would be under contract for immediate assassination. Our Department of Justice is well aware that the only “terrorists” operating in the United States are the agents of the World Order, but they prudently avoid any mention of this fact.

    The world financial structure, far from being an unknown or hidden organization, is actually well known and well defined. It consists of the major Swiss Banks ; the survivors of the old Venetian-Genoese banking axis ; the Big Five of the world grain trade ; the British combine, centered in the Bank of England and its chartered merchant banks, functioning trough the Rothschilds and the Oppenheimers and having absolute control over their Canadian colony through the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal, their Canadian lieutenants being the Bronfmans, Belzbergs, and other financial operators ; and the colonial banking structure in the United States, controlled by the Bank of England through the Federal Reserve System ; the Boston Brahmin families who made their fortunes in the opium trade, including the Delanos and others and the Rockefeller Syndicate, consisting of the Kissinger network headquartered in the Rockefeller Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, American Express, the present form of the old Rothschild representatives in the United States, which includes Kuhn, Loeb Company and Lehman Brothers.


  • http://charter howe

    Wayne certainly articulated what Capitolism is all about. I wish everyone could understand that in an iperfect world, Capitolism is a vehicle which drives the free market system and creates wealth, opportunity and exceptianilism. Capitolism is a bad system if people do not take advantage of the opportunities that are available, because many people in the inner cities expecting social justice, never get it. The Welfare state can only be carried by the working taxpayers for so long then the financial burden crumbles the system.

    • DaveH

      The only thing that makes Capitalism bad is the involvement of the Government.

      • John

        Real Capitalism is as utopian as communism and socialism are. People cry about capitalism and the “”free market”” and forget all about that capitalism just as communism and socialism only works in the absence of criminal greed. Greed is what has destroyed the feeble attempts of a capitalist society in the US and has brought us where we are.
        Greed just as sugar and salt is good in small quantities, too much will cause illness and death.
        Greed is needed as a motivator to succeed, but too much greed is where the destruction of a society comes from. A little greed is the main driver and motivator for capitalism, too much greed will turn it into crony capitalism and fascism / socialism or an unhealthy mix of……just like it happened in the US. Unfortunately, as much as we would love to, we can NOT control greed and thus capitalism and self regulated free markets are as utopian as communism and socialism.
        I predict the future will turn out to be a healthy mix of all of them.

        • DaveH

          Having a perfectly happy life is not achievable, John. Does that mean you won’t make an effort to achieve that?

        • DaveH

          Greed, John, is what makes people lust after the lawfully acquired money of others.

          • John

            And it is the same greed that makes people lust to enslave others… greed in small doses is healthy, unchecked greed is destructive.

          • libertytrain

            Yes, the left’s greed and envy does prefer to enslave others.

        • Smilee

          Very well put, thank you

          • Jay

            Really? How so? I suspect John may have revealed more about himself, than he may have wanted. He exhausts himself decrying the evil nature of man, not much else, i’m afraid! He advocates for the creation of a vacuum, removing all isms, but offers no suggestions for their replacement. Well stated? Grammatically perhaps.

      • John Lilleburns ghost

        Trouble is Dave that everybody wants speending for them not anyone else.
        Pure captailism is a global eneterprise it transends the nation state indeed makes it irrlevent. Although it is already happening, I suspect from your previous posts and most of your fellow right wingers on here dont want this.
        No farm subsidies, no artificial restrictions on employment and relocation, no government bail-outs, no chapter 11 bankruptcy, no infrastructure spending, no safety oversight etc., no subsidized social security and in the end no state military spending.
        I am a progressive, globalist I’m all for it but are you?

        • DaveH

          No Chapter 11 bankruptcy? Exactly how would you determine the distribution of failed companies’ assets to the claimants without such proceedings?
          Progressives can only succeed in an environment of Force, because people will not willingly put their life-choices in the hands of Self-Serving Leaders.

          • Mark in LA

            Dave just showing your ignorance again. I guess you can’t help it. Chapter 11 is about reorganizing the company. It gives the pricipals the chance to screw the creditors yet again. Chapter 7 is a total liquidation of the assets to the creditors without a bank coming in and giving debtor in posession financing and pushing the bond holders further back in the repayment queue.

  • Raymond

    What Romney lacks is charisma, and without the ability to unite people to him
    as someone who can truly represent the everyday working American, he will not
    have the support necessary to defeat Obama. I see only one individual in the
    running who appears to be consistent in what he says and what he has performed
    in personal actions through his career that is Ron Paul. What bewilders me is
    why the so called party of Constitutional adherence is not rallying behind Mr.
    Paul? Romney cannot defeat Obama and in my estimation the Republican party has
    lost touch with the true meaning of our Bill of Rights and those who have a
    desire to keep them intact and free of political circumvention.

    • TIME


      You hit the nail on the head, but it happened way back in 1871 that the Republicans went off the rails.

      Google; Bill Foust please watch all his youtube feeds and share them with as many folks as you can.

    • Shyguy2011

      Raymond – Ron Paul has made too many ‘crackpot’ comments and remarks to be considered electable by the voting public. The only really good ideas he has revolve around Honest Money and eliminating or restructuring the Federal Reserve, period.

      • TIME

        There is No such thing as a “FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,” thus you have exposed that you have no clue what your talking about.

        There is a group of “Sub Contractors” for the UNITED STATES INC.
        But they as well as the Corporation known as the UNITED STATES INC are not a Government by law they are a “Defacto” format.

    • DaveH

      Raymond says “What bewilders me is why the so called party of Constitutional adherence is not rallying behind Mr.
      Because they aren’t, Raymond. The Republican Party was born trampling on the Constitution. Read this book to find out more:—Americans/dp/0307382850/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326990332&sr=8-1

  • Rhondar

    Romney offshores his money to dodge taxes….nobody is talking about that. A guest on O’Reilly brought it up last night and he cut her off Romney is another John Kerry in my opinion – rich and corrupt.

  • Philip

    Here is the bottom line question. What will the democrat slander machine have if Romney is the nominee? This nation has been successfully dumbed down over the last three generations to the point that many voters watch john stewart and bill maher for their basic news source. I am not necessarily anti-Romney, I am just trying to head it off at the pass before a majority of voters have been convinced that the Republican candidate is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I know that any Republican candidate will be ridiculed for anything they say and do, but they’ll have nearly a billion dollars to pollute the minds of intellectually lazy Americans along with the NEA, SEIU, nearly every union thug and most media outlets.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    We need to get the record straight here. When Mitt Romney was running Bain Capital, his company was responsible for laying off 3,000
    -5,000 workers. He cut wages for workers by 5% and benefits by 10%. In the meanwhile, he and his cronies made 30 million in profits or the
    equivalence of 3 million a piece. Next, when he was the governor of Mass.,this state was in the bottom five in job creation, had an inflation rate of 6% while the nation as a whole was at 3%. Then, Mitt
    , himself, was considered in the bottom three of govs. in the nation at this time. Finally, his healthcare plan is what Obama based his on.
    What will Mitt say? “He was brainwashed into passing it, the way his
    father said he was brain washed by the Vietnam war”!?! Finally, Mitt’s talking about invading Iran, returning troops to Iraq, plus staying in Afghanistan practically forever. Thus, this should show you his presidency would be a disaster if elected. However, Mitt Romney wont get elected. If/when he debates Obama, he’ll get slaughtered. I, personally, think it’s fixed for Obama to get re-elected as sad as it sounds. Thanks!!
    P.S. Something i forgot to mention. Even, that nerd Dukakis created three times more jobs in Mass. in his tenure than Mitt Romney did. A idea individuals need to ponder. Thanks again!!

    • clarence swinney

      35 year as exec in largest in its product line in america

      Equity firms have good intents.

      Build a struggling firm and sell it for profit

      We went from small firm to nations largest in it’s product line.

      We built. In hindsight we also destroyed. I would not do it again.
      We consolidated by building large operations and closing small ones.
      I still hurts that in small town in Miss. we closed a 500 people plant to move into local new 1200 people plant. The Miss. mgr came to work for me. His records showed we made a mistake. His 500 plant was much better than our huge one. Lower cost better quality and service.

      google: simmons mattress for worst example of takeover greed.

      I sat in Wall Street office and watched new President of large firm
      go down the organizational chart and
      mark off ones to be replaced. He had no knowledge as to their abilities or performances history. He busted the firm.
      It made me sick.

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Clarence Swinney:
        Excellent post!! Hey, i got a question. You mentioned that 500 workers were layed off in that Miss. town in order to open a larger plant. Were those 500 workers rehired to work in that new plant along with the manager? Just curious, thanks!!

  • moonbeam

    As I have predicted on here, as late as the last couple of days, Perry the Texas Cowboy is dropping out of the race. YEEEEEHAAAAAW I said he would be gone by spring. (pats self on back).

    He is throwing his horse behind Newt the grinch.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone again:
    Oh, one more thing, Mitt Romney stated ” let the auto industry collapse”. The auto industy this year is predicted to create 60,000
    jobs. Let alone 20,000 in the Detroit area and 10,000 precisely in the city of Detroit proper. So, if he had his way with the auto industry collapsing our econ. would of totally sunk. As a matter of fact, the unemployment rate in the state of Mich. is now down to 9.3%
    . Last year, it was as high as 12.1% double figures. You can thank this all because of the renaissance of the auto industry. Have a nice day everybody.

    • Sol of Texas

      Tony — This is a sincere question: What’s the source that generated this forecast?

      Do they breakdown by automaker? Do they include component suppliers, etc? Last I heard, Chevy spent a bundle but hadn’t sold many Volts.

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Sol of Texas:
        These predictions were made by business weekly along with the Wall street journal. Granted, both these sources have strong gov. biases but when coming to business growth quite accurate. Google them and you can see this prediction/report. Thanks!!

  • jopa

    Mitt Romneys Bain Capital was no different than the fraud with the mortgages of the banks.The only differance was he was dealing with companies and not mortgages.Very immoral practice in business but perfectly legal.The reason it was legal was the lobbying done over the years to write the rule book.The greatest thing that may come out of the Romney campaign may be the awareness of how bad it really is on Wall street and the citizens will get a better understanding of how the corporate welfare system really works and how much it costs the taxpayer.Romney said he will release this years tax return in March.I just hope he doesn’t juggle the numbers for this year to make himself look good.He wouldn’t do that would he??

  • Eric Bischoff

    Oil like it it or not is on it’s way out and not soon enough. Hopefully before we completely destroy our atmosphere which like it or not is critical to life on earth. So grasping for the last dirtiest of all tar sand oil is pretty stupid especially since it is a foreign resource that will be transported across America refined in America and then sold on the highest World market.

    Natural gas is the new environmental disaster just waiting to explode or shake rattle and roll. Fracking has already been proven to be linked to earthquakes and polluted water wells. Let then drink gas!.

    Nuclear is silently killing us and will continue for millenniums even if we stop using it completely today.

    There is no such thing as clean coal and there will never be.

    Water is either running out or too polluted and Billions don’t have access to clean water. The aquifers are being drained faster then they can be be replenished. Climate change like it or not is disrupting the snow melt that feeds some of the largest rivers that provide water to billions. we all know how that story ends. Soon water wars will replace oil wars.

    Then there is the small problem of the 7 Billion growing out of control population. We already can’t properly provide food, water , sanitation, healthcare or jobs to over half of them and all you people can think about is how to force people to bring more unwanted kids into this big mess and not teach family planning and contraception. Brilliant!

    The entire food system depends on oil for all facets of the production and distribution. It is not sustainable and our methods have made our soil and the food nutritionally deficient.

    I know just the word socialism makes some of you go stupid but like it or not Democratic Socialism just happens to be the current most successful model. Germany is living proof. They have a high paid, unionized, strong manufacturing industry, they provide universal healthcare and education and their infrastructure is not crumbling. Of course they can’t keep bailing everyone else out especially after taking on a large segment of eastern Europe by themselves. But their model works. Of course they don’t live beyond their means on credit like we do. Oh they jusy ahappen to be a driving force on Solar energy. Imagine that!

    Bottom line. Capitalism is not sustainable period. It is based on perpetual growth which is impossible. We will have to face that like peak oil sooner or later. Denial is not an intelligent or acceptable stance.

    You would think that since we pretend to be a Christian nation, we would at least practice Capitalism with a soul. But we can’t even do that. Making Capital and profits more important than the well being and happiness of people and communities is a recipe for disaster.

    Inequality and greed is exactly why we have Occupy movements and revolutions all over the world.

    Some answers already exists right under our very noses. Worker owned, cooperative corporations are doing quite well. They don’t repudiate capitalism, they actually practice some form of it as well. They are merely more evolved and enlightened. These people and companies are showing us the way forward.

    Yopu might want to read Dylan Ratigan’s new book Greedy Bastard$ – How We Can Stop Corporate Communists, Banksters, and Other Vampires from Sucking America Dry.

    • DaveH

      Oh yeah, The elitist Eric Bischoff sticks his nose in our tent once again to tell us what’s best for us, or else.
      He says oil is running out. So? If that’s true, Eric, you and your Liberal/Progressive cohorts could make a fortune by investing YOUR OWN money in the currently uneconomical Alternative Energies and make a fortune, right? Why are you trying to Force us to buy into your grand schemes? Is it Greed for other peoples’ money? Of course it is.
      He even bad-mouths Natural Gas which was the darling of the Greens a decade or so ago. Why is that? They raved about its cleanliness before, why have they changed their minds now? Surely not because of the Fracking Hoax:

      Let’s face it Folks. The Progressive Agenda isn’t about environmental cleanliness or renewable energy, its about CONTROL. They want to control every aspect of our lives, so they can, in their leadership positions, profit from the rest of our suffering. Talk about GREED!

      • Eric Bischoff

        It’s not your tent Dave and how am I forcing you to do anything?

        I can always count on you Dave to negate everything I put forth and name calling. You know nothing about me so please don’t claim to know who I am or what I have or currently advocate. Can you factually debunk anything I have put forth or will you just resort to unfounded accusations as you usually do?

        Are you that scared of alternative ideas Dave?

        I am sorry for the people who still don’t know that we are past peak oil or that we are running out of clean water or that rare metals’s are in short or that our top soil is gone. See the movie “Dirt”.

        And yes Dave I try to put my money where my mouth is. I put 71 solar panels on my house last year and I am now looking to install a solar evacuated hot water system that will provide hot water, baseboard heat, and heat my hot tub for my duplex house. The following year the technology will also allow use of that heat in the summer for Geothermal heat pump for my air conditioning. And I work from home for the last decade. Please share with me what you are doing to help.

        You can put forth all of the propaganda you want on Natural Gas. It is becoming a big problem. Just do your homework. And no I have never been a big fan of any carbon or nuclear energy.

        Fact is there are levels of pollution when you talsk about the carbon energy and coal is the worst and natural gas was the best until the greedy bastards and Haliburton decided, screw the environment, fracking would be a good way to make a ton of money. Have you seen the movies “Gasland” and “Split Estate”?

        I am for clean alternative renewables and we should have a Manhattan project to develop all of them now before it’s too late. We should lead!

        I realize many of you will need to be dragged away from the carbon tit kicking and screaming like the babies you are, but the costs of the destruction from carbon energy will dwarf the cost of switching to renewables.

        Don’t be a fool Dave the Progressive agenda is not about control it’s about suggesting solutions, modeling excellence, and doing the right thing. People and the environment first and profits will follow.

        What’s your model?

        • DaveH

          Eric says the Progressive Agenda is not about Control. Then why, Eric, do the Progressives always enlist the Force of Government to further their agendas? Do you really think intelligent people can buy into your equivocations?
          You need to go back to DailyKos or some other such site where Emotion substitutes for logic.

          • Thinking About

            You silly boy, accusing some one of trying to promote their own agenda, you need to realize you promote tour agenda all the time.

        • DaveH

          Eric says “I can always count on you Dave to negate everything I put forth and name calling”.
          Oh yeah, the big name-caller, Me.
          Here are some manipulative gems that came from two comments by Eric just today:
          “So grasping for the last dirtiest of all tar sand oil is pretty stupid”.
          “all you people can think about is how to force people to bring more unwanted kids into this big mess and not teach family planning and contraception. Brilliant!”.
          “I know just the word socialism makes some of you go stupid”.
          “Denial is not an intelligent or acceptable stance”.
          “Inequality and greed is exactly why we have Occupy movements and revolutions all over the world”.
          “They are merely more evolved and enlightened”.
          “I realize many of you will need to be dragged away from the carbon tit kicking and screaming like the babies you are”.
          “Don’t be a fool Dave”.

          This folks is what we can expect if we’re foolish enough to let the Progressives get any more power. They are pushy controlling people who think they know what’s best for us. They don’t.

          • JeffH

            Thanks Dave…and that is why he is affectionately called “Eric the Red”!

      • Sol of Texas

        DaveH –

        Agreed. Progressives (as all totalitarians do) need a crisis mentality to push the agenda du jour forward. I always love the vague references to “experts know” and “studies have proven”. :-)

        • Eric Bischoff

          Yes Sol it’s probably best to just solely rely on faith!

          • Sol of Texas

            Eric –

            My experience in some of these matters are first hand and not based on what someone (remotely?) reasoned and wrote. I put more “faith” in the study of ecology (science based) than environmentalism (which is a politically based “field of study”).

            Most people have not worked in the oil fields or studied oil recovery methods or their effects. I studied several recovery methods in graduate school including some tertiary methods like in-situ combustion. I have worked in oil fields and I can testify that honorable producers take the environmental aspects of their work very seriously, and act responsibly.

            Yours was a very broad-brush rant, and I have to state that I have found the progressive agenda to be very statist and totalitarian. It is ALL about how to control populist behavior and why such encroachment on personal liberty is justified. Th justification often cites experts who have researched remotely and never set foot in the field or have dubious methods. Peer review is often a guarantee of reliable results because the peer review process is often co-opted for political purpose.

            Such expert advice must be treated with reasonable skepticism.
            “Experts” are not Gods. They are often wrong presenting opinions as facts or proofs or “truths”.

            My professors who taught mathematical logic used to joke as to why Jesus could not answer Pilate’s question “what is truth”. It is because there is no answer. However, if Pilate had asked “what is truth ‘under interpretation’” Jesus could have provided a thorough description based on three mathematical axioms. :-)

            It is important for people to understand the concept of truth under interpretation. It is important because it applies not only to people embracing religious dogma, but also to those who treat science as religious dogma.

            I look forward to your thoughts.

          • Sol of Texas

            Oops. I mean to say: Peer review is NOT reliable because it is often co-opted for political purpose.

          • DaveH

            Have you noticed, Sol, the dearth of references in Eric’s comments?
            I find it almost laughable that the Liberals, who post on this board, expect us to just take their words as gospel (speaking of Religion).
            I am an honest man (not many Liberals can lay claim to that), and still I don’t expect people to just take my word for anything. If I take a stand on an issue, I can almost always back it up with references, and often do even when I haven’t been challenged.
            Take the word of a Liberal? Never.

          • DaveH

            Eric says “My professors who taught mathematical logic”.
            Apparently it didn’t sink in, because the bodies of Socialistic countries have littered history. Actual experience shows that Big Government DOESN’T work:

            Still the Progressives cling to their Hopeful agendas of Force.

    • DaveH

      Eric says “Fracking has already been proven to be linked to earthquakes and polluted water wells”.
      Proven? Maybe you could provide some references to that ‘Proof’, Eric.
      Eric says “Nuclear is silently killing us and will continue for millenniums even if we stop using it completely today”. Sure, Eric, whatever you say. I say that Progressives are a bigger threat to our longevity due to the established facts that Socialism impoverishes countries and poorer countries have lower life expectancy.
      Eric says “Then there is the small problem of the 7 Billion growing out of control population”. Ah, yes, Eric has revealed a snippet of his true intentions, population control. But then, is he suggesting that we get Government out of the welfare business so that people will be responsible for their own mistakes and not be able to pop off children at other peoples’ expense? I doubt it.
      Then Eric tells the Common Liberal Lie — “Bottom line. Capitalism is not sustainable period. It is based on perpetual growth which is impossible”. That is such BS. Capitalism is based on Strict Property Rights, Voluntary Trading, and NO Government favoritism. It is sustainable whether or not there is growth, because it simply is the only extant system that encourages people to be the most productive that they can be. Due to its Voluntary nature, only those who make no effort suffer. As it should be. All of the other systems involve some sort of slavery to an elite Leadership.

      • Eric Bischoff

        I realize it’s based on science but just because you are too lazy to do your own research does not mean it’s not happening. Just look it up.

        There is a pattern here. No come back on Nuclear being a problem so you turn back to name calling and fear mongering of things you know nothing about and are too scared to try and understand.

        Well Dave we have Capitalism and even the Chinese are practicing it. How is it working so far? How do you explain the acceleration of bubbles? How do you explain the massive inequality if it’s such a great system in it’s present form? How do you explain inflation, hyperinflation? Who are you going to blame for all of these things?

        Oh I know it’s not the systems that maybe are not optimal and failing us, it’s the Liberals and progressives fault! Or it’s the communists or the Democrats or Republicans.

        I am sorry but the systems are not good enough and we can do better. You can forever try to hold on to models that don’t work and are massively failing society but that only delays the inevitable. The only thing this model is good for right now is making a few in the status quo ruling class richer than ever at the expense of everyone else. And many of you want to hold on to these systems because like the dream of winning the lottery you don’t want to change it because you believe that you could the 1%.

        • DaveH

          Anybody, who reads your comments and reads mine, can clearly see who is using logic, and who is using manipulative tactics. You can fool yourself. You can maybe even fool some Liberals on this board. But you can’t fool the intelligent people here.

        • Jay

          Eric said: Well Dave we have Capitalism and even the Chinese are practicing it. How is it working so far? How do you explain the acceleration of bubbles? How do you explain the massive inequality if it’s such a great system in it’s present form? How do you explain inflation, hyperinflation? Who are you going to blame for all of these things?

          Unfortunately Eric, you are confusing capitalism with criminal behaviour. You ask for clarification concerning the above criminal enterprises, the short answer; extremely low morals, and a serious deficiency, or, the absence of sound character. Another words, its a character issue, not an issue related to capitalism. To suggest otherwise, is to conveniently circumvent, or deflect blame, where blame belongs; at the feet of the ones who engage in such nefarious behaviour, and not, at the feet of Capitalism!

  • Karolyn

    Hear about Romney’s Cayman accounts?

    • Karolyn

      Actually, this was reported on ABC World News last night. – The MSM everybody loves to hate is not totally branwashed. They wetn right to his post office box address.

  • GSXR750

    I am a special operations officer in the Military and have a masters degree in Strategy. After reading Romney’s white papers on the economy and foreign policy I will vote for him in a heartbeat. The current administration is selling us out to the Chinese thousands of jobs and millions of dollars at a time. China is the greatest threat this country has faced in a long time. They want to destroy our way of life. My family boycotts Chinese products. We have been Chinese free for 9 months now. Do something for your country, for the thousands of slave laborers, and for the people in bondage in China. Boycott them. As my wife reminds me every day, this is a war, and our dollars are weapons.

    • SMsgt Z(ret) Nam 68

      “I am a special operations officer in the Military and have a masters degree in Strategy”

      What is a degree in Strategy have to do with a Greedy Bast–d who is for only himself and his church ?

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    CAPITALISM is ONLY limited by the limitations we put in our own Thoughts, Abilities and Actions

    • Eric Bischoff

      Are you kidding me!
      I realize that many people reject physics, but Capitalism is based on perpetual growth which is a physical impossibility. It is therefore a ponzi scheme.

      • John

        Moreover, capitalism assumes all people are honest and not one has more greed / ambition then the other. A totally unrealistic concept.As history has shown, any attempt at real capitalism ends up with the emergence of a monopolist economy that without the chance of the individual to succeed and that leads to government regulations and crony capitalism and this leads to fascism or in the extreme the pendulum will swing to socialism / communism… All of them end with the top couple percent of people owning everything and the rest existing just to support them waiting throughout their whole life for trickle down riches..

        • Karolyn

          Yes, yes, yes!

        • Jay

          So what you are really saying John, unbeknownst to you, is that; “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people!” Capitalism, naturally, will be abused by some, but to suggest that capitalism is the root cause of greed and all degenerate behaviour, conveniently excuses the very ones who abuse it! So in order to prevent a few from abusing it, you therefore advocate for its replacement? Am i understanding you correctly? The notion, that because some will abuse freedom, therefore freedom must be controlled, is a notion i find most odious! The issue here is not the virtues, or the evils of capitalism, but rather, a question of individual character! Oh behave!

      • Sol of Texas

        That is not necessarily the case. Simply put, there are several models of the cosmos: Open, Flat, and Closed. In two of the three, infinite space-time change (expansion or contraction) may be possible. It is currently indeterminate which of the three (if any) is the best approximate model. Infinite growth may be achievable.

        By the way, where did you study physics? This is a sincere question, not intended as an ad hominem attack.

    • John

      Capitalism is an utopia just as communism and socialism is.

      • Jay

        If what you say is true, we should then pursue none of the above, and eliminate all. Yes? With what, i shudder, will you fill the vacuum? Pray-tell!

  • SMsgt Z(ret) Nam 68

    Mr Root
    Interesting take on Bain Capital;now could you explain to use idiots about the Cayman Island Accounts?
    Mr Romney should be poster child for tax reform. A good idea for a tax system you make a dollar your taxed on a dollar No matter how it’s made no if and’s about it
    The 99% are watching and we are not amused


  • Country First

    This election is a no brainer since all the candidates except one represents the people and not his own personal interests. He is the only candidate standing by his principles and not waivering no matter what the opposition throws his way. From the start I liked him during the debates but was uncertain about his foreign policy and finally realized it made sense. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote to save our nation. Any other candidate will continue in Obama’s footsteps. Wake up America it may very well be too late but with Ron Paul, there would be hope of possible containment and restoration.

    • smilee


      • Jay

        Perhaps, smilee. But why do you insist on pissing on the above poster’s parade?

  • FireMall

    I light of Glen Beck’s & obviously many other networks & their anchor’s adamant & Biased advice that “We ” their listeners, vote for Romney because of Beck’s & other’s opinions ,that Romney is the epitome of what a capitalistic America should be.
    How about Romney & or His supporters answer these few questions I have before I follow the Romney Pro-Capitolism Fad into the final American hell ???

    When might someone ask Beck, etc these questions about his Candidate Romney ?

    The questions I have been pondering about Romney’s so called Pro-Capitalism ideologies would be >

    To; — Mr. Romney & or Glenn Beck , Mitt’s # 1 PR man.
    When might someone ask Beck these questions about his Candidate Romney ?

    The questions I have been pondering about Romney’s so called Pro-Capitalism ideologies would be >

    To; — Mr. Romney & or Glenn Beck , Mitt’s # 1 PR man.

    Q #1 — Who were the investors in Romney’s equity firm ?
    I.E. Were Romney’s capitol investors actually Competitors of the Companies that Romney shut down ??
    Q # 2— How many of Romney’s investments were sold off , pieced out to the failing corp’s competitors / Romney investors after the defunct corp. was Forcibly acquired after a Hostile Takeover ?
    Q # 3— How many competing corporations of the now defunct Romney Capital Investment companies were also Investors in Romney’s Investment/ Equity Capitol corp.
    Q # 4 — How many of Romney’s Equity Corp investor’s privately owned corporations are now Monopolies in the production , services , etc, solely due to Romney’s investments being shut down , thus leaving Only Romney’s Investors with the only industries to provide the products / Services within what once consisted of a Multi Corp Competitive Industrial environment ??
    Q # 5 — How many of Romney’s so called Equity Investment corps were sold off to Chinese, Asian, Mid east investors ??
    Q # 6— If there were corps that Romney shut down which were sold to Foreign investors /corps , how many U.S. Jobs were eliminated due to Romney’s Investment corp’s Foreign sell outs.
    Q #7– How many of Romney’s investment companies were Taken over due to Insider Trading tips from a member & or Members of Congress with information that would allow an ailing corp to be taken advantage of in the stock market.?
    Also: How many in Congress & or Gov positions made windfall profits from Romney’s investments being sold short, thus creating an unmanageable Margin call for the publicly traded corps that Romney had taken over ?

    I suggest Beck, as well as All Romney supporters & Romney Only Networks step out of their Biased Romney boxes and do some investigating on Their choice for POTUS.
    Q #1 — Who were the investors in Romney’s equity firm ?
    I.E. Were Romney’s capitol investors actually Competitors of the Companies that Romney shut down ??
    Q # 2— How many of Romney’s investments were sold off , pieced out to the failing corp’s competitors / Romney investors after the defunct corp. was Forcibly acquired after a Hostile Takeover ?
    Q # 3— How many competing corporations of the now defunct Romney Capital Investment companies were also Investors in Romney’s Investment/ Equity Capitol corp.
    Q # 4 — How many of Romney’s Equity Corp investor’s privately owned corporations are now Monopolies in the production , services , etc, solely due to Romney’s investments being shut down , thus leaving Only Romney’s Investors with the only industries to provide the products / Services within what once consisted of a Multi Corp Competitive Industrial environment ??
    Q # 5 — How many of Romney’s so called Equity Investment corps were sold off to Chinese, Asian, Mid east investors ??
    Q # 6— If there were corps that Romney shut down which were sold to Foreign investors /corps , how many U.S. Jobs were eliminated due to Romney’s Investment corp’s Foreign sell outs.
    Q #7– How many of Romney’s investment companies were Taken over due to Insider Trading tips from a member & or Members of Congress with information that would allow an ailing corp to be taken advantage of in the stock market.?
    Also: How many in Congress & or Gov positions made windfall profits from Romney’s investments being sold short, thus creating an unmanageable Margin call for the publicly traded corps that Romney had taken over ?

    Lastly: I suggest Beck, as well as All Romney supporters & Romney Only Networks step out of their Biased Romney boxes and do some investigating on Their choice for POTUS.

    • TIME


      I used to think quite highly of Mr. Beck well thats all changed, We sent him a full pack of intel on the UNITED STATES INC with copys of all the Doucments with a TON of intel, as in so tight that a frogs ass would seem loose, yet not a single word out of old Mr. Beck about the fact that the American people have been lied to as well abused in every way possible from 1871 on to today.

      And yet not a single word out of Old Mr. Beck, who said the TRUTH will set you free.. How odd is that?

      • BrotherPatriot

        He’s just a Gatekeeper, TIME.

        But then…you probably have come to that conclusion on your own by now.

        God Bless ya, brother.

        • Deerinwater

          There wasn’t any money in it for him Time and the glory, hard dirt to dig in. GB enjoys the low hanging fruit and not big on climbing.

          • Jay

            Deerinwater, you crack me up. Always enjoy your posts. Cheers!

        • Jay

          BrotherPatriot, so good to see you posting again. Where have you been?

      • John

        One side effect the advent of the internet has is that loons found a place to meet with other loons and has shown just how many loons are out there. There are right wing loons, there are libertarian loons, there are left wing loons, there are conspiracy loons and there are loons believing in the occult and superstition. I have seen some of the so called evidence you talk about. One of the followers of the so called new republic send a whole package to my place of work asking us to create a report and televise it to the public. one thing I can tell you is, we all had a good time reading it…. it was cheap entertainment and far better then the local comedy club material.

        The saving grace for this country is that all the loons combined are a statistically inconsequential minority and that as a rule the majority of the people are sane….independent of their political believes.

        • TIME

          Really John,
          So let me ask you whats the true meaning of the word “Occult?”

          Do you also feel that The very words from Congress are faked to make a good laugh for people like you? Really is that what you think John?

          Then I guess your still laughing over the SOPA ACT, How about the NDAA ACT, The Patriot Act, are they really all that funny John?
          Or perhaps they really don’t mean whats printed within the text, is that the case John?
          Is it that any American can be taken away and never seen again for any reason, is that really not true John, as in is that not whats written John?

          Do you also think that you have a better form of INTEL, or is it that you think that whats Doucmented in a persons own words are some how faked for you to have fun with?
          Really John is that what you think?

          Wow, perhaps you should review your post again. I think its pertains to you.

          • John

            Time, want to know what I really think? I mean really? Here it goes, after reading your posts I firmly believe you have two choices in life. Either you get yourself a hat made from tin foil…remember aluminum foil does not work as well as original tin foil. Or you should consider seeking professional help.
            There you go my honest answer to you question. How you can consider the bunch of nuts on the new republic site as anything more then people that belong into a lunatic asylum is past my understanding. Its people like this that has the rest of the world laugh at the US. Its people like that that are the cause that countries like N-Korea, Russia, China or Iran think the US has lost it and its citizens are a bunch of loons. Those people do more damage to the credibility of this country then anyone else, real conservatives, republicans or liberal will ever be able to do. And they call them self real Americans and patriots…wow, just wow.

          • TIME

            Well John,
            Its sad you have such a closed mind, “oddly a mind is not unlike a PARACHUTE it has to be OPEN to work.”

            As you obviously have a very closed mind or at best filled with opinions that are as valid as last weeks passings. I will not waste any more TIME on you.

            Hey soon you can Enjoy your stay in a FEMA camp, but I am sure you also think they don’t exist too.
            And just how odd is it thats not unlike how the German people felt about the DEATH Camps. Well that was until they had to go in and clean up the tens of thousands of dead bodys from May – July of 1945.

            Good luck with your MEDIA job John, hey how about a shout out for the media, BTW the US Media has done far more damage than anything else thus far.
            Oddly its what I hear from people in other lands who find Americans so distasteful, its the media not the American people nor the expression of OPINIONS.
            And oddly not a lick of what you posted is ever spoken of.

            Dude enjoy what little TIME you have left under the illussion of freedom. Hey how strange that the US Media had nothing to say about the NDAA ACT. WOW – I guess thats by Design.
            But fear not I know what size Lindsy Lowhands b@@bs are, what great Media we have.

          • Jay

            John, taking into consideration your above two posts, my two questions to you would be; 1) What type of loon might you be? 2) Do you enjoy spending so much time in the “Asylum” with all the loons?

  • FireMall

    Sorry folks , No Edit choice here thus a double C&P from another blog.

  • Sol of Texas

    Folks … sorry but I keep getting distracted by a spelling or diction problem in this thread (sorry for being a nit picker, but spoken and written words matter) …

    Capital[3]: material wealth in the form of money or property.

    Capitol: (often lowercase) a building occupied by a national or state legislature.

    Whew … I feel better. :-)

  • Okie Ron

    I understand your fear and hatred of anything less than an absolute goose-step corporate dictatorship of America…but I don’t want to live under a new Confederate States of America, founded on ignorance and olde-timey nostalgia for bygone days while the world moves on past us and buries us economically because we’re committed to a slave state with a few wealthy fatcats and lots and lots of sharecroppers and slaves.

    Abe Lincoln was, after all, a “redistributor-in-chief” when he asked northern white men (and a lot of black men, eventually) to die for people who didn’t even have birth certificates. And he dragged southern America–kicking and screaming–into the 20th century and a level of prosperity they’d NEVER have known if they’d been waiting around with their caps in the hands begging for the house master to trickle-down a little bit of the good times their way.

    If you live in the rural south and are able to get on here and pray for the President’s death like most people do on here, I hate to say it, but you have to thank a liberal–Lyndon Johnson–and the Rural Electrification Act of 1937. Capitalism had already written you off as economically useless to them and it was ‘treasonous socialism’ to ask them to pay taxes to bring power to a bunch of dumb crackers living in the country.

    They called the right wing of the day to arms and predicted dire filthy evils that would come to America under the hands of the traitor FDR through Rural Electrification….and then cashed in like greedy swine selling you all the doodads that you wouldn’t have purchased if you’d lived in the primitive conditions they had hoped for you. Bitching with every breath, they made out like bandits.

    And if they plunge America into another wrap-your-hiney-in-the-flag-olde-timey-feel-good war(Repubs really have a high hard one for China/N.Korea/Iran, etc.) as a way of taking your mind off their looting under Cheney 2.0–whoever their corporate heads allow to be President–it will cost another $4 trillion (Ron Paul’s figures on Afghanistan and Iraq) that we don’t have. And we can just beat it out of poor people and the welfare queen freeloaders (unemployed and underemployed) former middle class, right?

    Because if you’re a hedge-fund manager or CEO, you’ll be fine…this is only coming outta the pockets of stupid people. You’ve got lots of lawyers and lobbyists to make sure of that. That’s why the Republican Supreme Court gave you “Citizens United”. (The name even makes me smirk a little: “citizens” united–”corporations are people, my friend…”)

    Now here’s a stock tip for RealAmerican SuperPatriot Job Creators: Razor-wire. Because as your looting is finishing up, America’s gonna be inhabited by lots of “dead-enders” (President Cheney’s term) who will ‘welcome you as liberators’ and as America looks more like a broken, bribery-infested oligarchy like Mexico, you’re going to need to imprison yourselves in your villas–because out here we’re armed to the teeth and we’re going to blame each other and kill each other right in front of your driveways to protect your way of life.

    But you still may need some razor wire to keep us out, because you may be having the time of your lives, but our poverty is still gonna harsh your buzz.

    Don’t kid yourself, no matter what Lord Limbaugh or Lady Ann bark at you; in 2012, you’re not deciding between RealAmerican SuperPatriotism and Obammanid CommuNaziHomoSocialism.

    You’re going to choose between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America, circa 1861.

    • Okie Ron

      Oh! And one thing ya gotta love about Mexico: NO BIG GOVERNMENT. It’s all just lovely chaos free from Big Government Interference as entrepreneurs and job creators (read: drug lords) create low-paying employment as “mules” and hired killers, gut the educational system for generations to come, cull the population of non-job creators–and make BILLIONS, baby!

    • Sol of Texas

      OkieRon –

      That was some rant. Lot’s of name calling and an unusual interpretation of history. I guess you’re saying big government is good and the idea of individual liberty is bad because of your historical interpretation?

      I am supposed to now realize Russian Communism was good for Russians and all “Soviet Personages”. Americans are well off because Lincoln redistributed wealth and dictated that the American south be dragged kicking and screaming into a Jim Crow (democratic party dominated) 20th century? That Lyndon Johnson and crew created a great society and won the wars on poverty and Vietnam? The government is supposed to be forgiven when they cover up crimes as long as they had good intentions? That the government should be forgiven for incompetence as long as they had good intentions? That we don’t have enough laws to govern ourselves, we need more? That we’re not taxed enough and its our patriotic duty to be taxed more?

      If so, then I guess big government is good, everything is wonderful, and I am foolish for wanting to have personal choice in matters of lifestyle such as what I eat, drink, smoke, read, listen to, watch, or enjoy in general because somebody else knows better than me what’s best for me?

      I guess you had me at “They called the right wing of the day to arms and predicted dire filthy evils that would come to America …”

      • Jay

        Ah, Sol of Texas, there you go again, using that pesky thing called, logic. To the poster above, and of similar ilk, a delicious dish to be avoided. Check please!

  • Mark in LA

    For all of you people spouting crap about “true capitalism” and “read this book” get it through you thick heads that economics is a pseudo-science. What “somebody wrote in a book” or “what some economics paper says” are not facts they are assertions. They are assertiona that can never be falsified. The idea that pure capitalism has never been tried is ridiculous. It was call the feudal age. That was pure capitalism. It can never work in the modern world because it eventually results in massive inequality and people eventually riot and replace the ruling class. Every time the cuffs are taken off capitalists they immediately start to use any advantage they have to deal immorally with the rest of society. They did it in the US in the 1800s and the did it in Russia in the 1990s.

    Stop believing in unicorns.

    • Deerinwater

      It is comical how they attempt to sale their Eluxor.

      Semore Butt of Chicago says;

      By using words like Capitalism and a Republic, I now get 40 miles per gallon and saved a bundle on my car insurance.

      Slappy White from Minnesota says;

      After I started using words like Republic and Capitalism my arthritis is now in remission and I’ve since taken the training wheels off of my walker! don’t cha know?

      IP Freely of Gun Barrel Texas say;

      I was skeptical at first but inside of just a week of using words like Republic and Capitalism, my chickens started laying double yokes. It’s truly a miracle. I can’t over sale the power of these words.

      Buford Hogwallup of Ya-zoo Mississippi says;

      Merica’s ned’a wake up. My youn’ens were a do’en pour’ly in school until i was a watch’n this’ere wolf news channel an da told me about de Pie-wor in de’s he’r words. And so I’s a started a use’n em. I’ll swanny ,in no time atall Ruthy Jean could do her mark in da dark and ol blue came’a dragg’n in. I’s a sware ya shore.

      It is not pronouns that is killing us people, but what hides behind pronouns. They don’t sells scams until the label of “SCAMS”

  • Mark in LA

    Maybe we should not take the words of Wayne Allan Root too seriously as well. He is basically a serial huckster making money any way he can. Nothing wrong about that except before I take any advice from him, I would ask some of the people who listened to his sports book picks who were members of his “High Roller Club” back in the 90′s. He was losing so such money with his 50 dollar touts (when the rest of the touts were charging 20 bucks) that he was thrown off one of those weekly tout shows – Proline I believe it was and run by Jim Feist.

    • John

      careful what you are saying, never ever publish the true motives or the true intent and history of any of Bob Livingston’s writers, it will get your IP/ID banned from this blog, you will be blacklisted… you know, censored for telling the truth….so do yourself a favor and stick with the cliche of right vs. left, capitalism vs. socialism and other such actually unimportant themes ( you know nothing anyone writes here will ever cause anyone to remove their blinders and get a grasp on reality…but hey we all can pretend and have the enjoyment to agree to disagree…..but never ever reveal the past history or true motives behind the writers on this blog no mater who they are… unless you want to lose your “”privilege”” to join in the fun.

      • libertytrain

        goodness me, a little hateful there John. Get up on the wrong side of the tent this morning? Poor thing.

        • JeffH

          …just another case of “stupid”… :)

          • libertytrain

            need to give him the YouTube video about how you can’t fix that problem. :)

      • Jay

        John, losing an argument, or having someone disagree with you, should not be the cause to demonize this good site. It might suggest to some, that you doubt your convictions!

  • BrotherPatriot

    The conspiracy is so vast and reaches into so many organizations and has been going on for so long that it encompasses the children of the children of the original people who started it.

    The simple existance of the people who follow this Agenda defies logic & makes it hard to even believe that its all true. But, this does not change the fact that they actually exist and are indeed, pursuing a common Agenda.

    You see, what’s interesting about This conspiracy is that instead of having a goal attainable by the participants during their own life times…these people’s goal’s actually stretch deep into the future when it was initiated.

    The evidence of History that has been left to us can not be refuted.

    A conspiracy theory stops being a theory when the evidence of History gives us facts concerning it. It’s a fact that through it all…the Masonic Cult’s connections into all the various organizations is present.

    It’s time to start talking about that which is not talked about. Reveal the truth…it’s the only way we’ll ever fix what is wrong w/our society.


    True American’s ABHOR secrecy!

    Especially since in a society that is trying to be fair and equal as the Constitution would allow us American’s to be, we then find ourselves having a faction within that very society. That if your not a member of it, your personal success is affected when you interact with it’s members. In other words, your hindered.

    I find this deeply disturbing when this faction is international.

    It’s real members primary loyalty is to this organization that they all participate with, instead of the very society of their Host Country that they are interwoven into.

    They have sworn oaths upon pain of death to not reveal. I mean, seriously…this isn’t rocket science. They indeed are concealing something that if it were to be revealed, comman man would rise up and put down their insiduous work.

    I say all this because the worlds problems are connected at the ROOT level. If we get to the source & fix it there…many, MANY other problems will go away. We must stop treating symptoms and get to the source of the problem. I believe this source to be this simple fact: that there is a secret force working under the very currents of societies and they are an international force who owns virtually all the Banks of the world. This influence is then spread into all levels of the human experience.

    We either begin to vocalize this or we’ll be culled when they are ready to implement world wide control…and this could be very soon due to what we now see happening at an accelerated rate.

    God Bless.

  • Rich

    All of the candidates claim to have an idea of how to rescue the economy, jobs, etc.; the republicans further claim to espouse a lessened federal role in overall government. However Obama also made a lot of lofty promises, the vast majority of which he didn’t deliver on. The President’s role is to administer the government agencies, represent the US to foreign nations, and to lead the country in matters of policy. It is NOT to legislate. So my question is this: how do any of the candidates plan to implement what they advocate? Goals are fine but they need to have a practical plan of reaching them. Cut taxes? OK, but which taxes? What will replace such “lost” tax revenue? Decrease spending? Fine, but whose budget gets cut, and what are the consequences? New legislation (Social Security, Medicare, and so on) sounds good but what are the details, who wins, who loses? Reduced military? How will the country be prepared for future conflict, or even more importantly, APPEAR so to those who will challenge us? The appearance of weakness and/or unwillingness to fight has been the trigger of most of our wars, if not all. How do we avoid this in the future, with a reduced military and a position of lessened worldwide involvement? In short, I’d like to hear what each candidate plans to do if elected, and how, rather than his or her opinion of the OTHER candidates’ track record or capabilities.

    • Mark in LA

      You are wrong about the war part. Name one war that we were in that was started because we appeared weak or unwilling. The only time we were attacked was by Japan and we now know the Japanese were trying to get out of China but wanted some face saving gesture by our government. Roosevelt wanted none of it because he wanted a way into WWII by any means necessary and Hitler was too smart to give him one (until he declared war on us on behalf of Japan).

      All our wars have been wars of choice.

    • OB1

      Please google ronpaul2012 dot com. All your questions can be answered there.

    • OB1

      See if this lik helps answer some of your questions.

  • Karolyn

    Perry just dropped out and endorses Gingrich.

  • Geno

    In the last debate Romney proudly admitted he would have signed the NDAA if he were president. If you extrapolate from that you will find Romney is just like Obama. And if you look at Gingrich’s record you would see that he is not a true conservative. Moreover, he is as slick as a used car salesman.

    Now that Perry and Huntsman are out of the race we are left with Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Based on Santorum’s support for torture and war against Iran it would be reasonable to conclude that Santorum would be more of the same. And how is that working out for us?

    That leaves us with just one choice: Ron Paul. He is not as slick as Gingrich; he is not as cool as Romney; he does not have nice hair; he is old; he stumbles over his words; he is not the best debater…but here he is, the only man who can save America delivered to us as a humble servant. Every other candidate can easily be eliminated by looking at their records and listening to their words. And they have tried desperately to find fault with Dr. Paul. Is he a racist? ridiculous! Racism is the antithesis of libertarianism. The basis of his core beliefs revolve around the individual. Let each man or woman be judged on their own merits, not on the color of their skin or their race or origin or religion or sexual preferences or gender.

    Are his ideas too radical? Zero Income Taxes! Abolish the FED! A Strong Defense starts by bringing our troops home and closing bases abroad and opening more bases at home! It all sounds radical because we are so accustomed to the way it has been for the past hundred years the right ideas naturally seem foreign to us. The truth is strange in a world of lies.

    It really is time to think seriously about Ron Paul. The evidence is clearly pointing his way! He is the one!

    • http://none R Paul or status quo

      Geno, the truth is strange in a world of lies. The dumbing down of America the last 100 years or so indeed. Propaganda sadly seems to be an effective weapon. Ron Paul’s website is all people need to see. Yet it seems to be too much to handle. Ron Paul 2012

  • Smilee

    His “Dream come True” is what has destroyed our country over the last thirty years and his take is to preserve the status quo that makes the rich richer and creates more poor people. His goal is not to have shared power in the population but to have power over the majority though more poverty and making people more dependent on others or more on government. He seems to think that the only qualification for president to day is to have a businessman as president. What he does not tell you is that business today controls our government, never have we had so many lobbyists and had our business spend so much money on lobbing and elections as we have today. Government is not a business and business is not a government and each requires a totally different typee of management. Corporate takeover of government is the reality today, why do you suppose the OWS movement originated on wall street as more and more people are coming to believe this is the real seat of government and the government in DC is theirs to control for the benefit of the rich, you do not need riverside gamblers today, in fact the rich are not really gamblers anymore they found that they can manipulate our government and laws to their sole benefit and have no regard for the effect it has and is having on the the citizens of our country as a whole. They are so rich now they have no problem creating all this propaganda to get their way and the speech you just heard is just that. Corporations know despite the fact our SC has declared them as a person it did not give to them the right to vote, that is still the right of real human beings and if they come out in droves this fall Obama wins and that scares them so look for a lot of people this next year pitching the garbage we just heard. Business at one time in this country used make money the old fashioned way, they earned it, they did not get laws made to give them an advantage and the opportunity to make money, a lot of money, with out earning it. That is Romney’s background and many others including the speaker here. We don’t need that, lets hope we don;’t get it. Just think, the earned income credit, a wage subsidy was one of those things business lobbied for and got so they can now pay sub standard wages and keep what this saves them that is to their advantage. Wake up, the biggest welfare tab of our government is not money going to the poor in the form of welfare but money going to businesses and the rich in some form of welfare. Its legal theft pure and simple. You want smaller government eliminate all this corporate welfare and welfare for the rich. To Prevent that we are lambasted with the garbage we just heard here and will hear it over and over again until election day, they have to much money so they will not run out.

    • SMsgt Z(ret) Nam 68


  • Deerinwater

    Well THAT thread was certainly fun! We did a lot of dirty laundry.

    yepper, Richard Perry has left the building.

    I guess maybe, he didn’t Jesus up enough ~ ?

    Newt must really be excited this evening. Good! stay in there and spend more money. It’s looks like this is the only way we can get Republican to spread the wealth on purpose.

    We should do this more often, as it seem to really work!

  • Karolyn

    Heard it tonight how GM has paid back about half of the bailout money and is having a great comeback – making money and hiring more workers. Ford is raising employees’ salaries.

    • Will

      Karolyn, do you remember how much of a loan GM actually got to keep afloat? I think I remember something about 14 billion? I get fairly upset when I consider that people who consider themselves “real” Americans like I do, can only remember GM. Seems like a remember an insurance company (IGA maybe) that got a loan at the same time of about 118 billion. Now a manufacturer makes a product that the sum of the materials and labor costs are smaller than the finished product value. In simplest terms they create real wealth. Insurance companys however are parasitic by nature and never produce, only take from the total. Do you know why IGA got “saved” by congress with our credit? (It wasn’t really money, there isn’t any left in Washington) I’m actually convinced that taxpayers shouldered the speculative losses taken by an insurance company that benefits no-one but shareholders was because of what they insure. Congress’golden parachute retirement. It pains me to hear the simple run on about how terrible it was to blow 14 billion on a company that actually produces real wealth for the country,and employs over 100 thousand men at wages high enough to support thier families, while completely ignoring the featherbedding crony capitalist tax money dumped on a company whos bad trades started them headed for bankrupcy. This country is morally, intellectually, and spiritually bankrupt already.

  • John Lilleburns ghost

    Chaper 7 Dave, Chapter 11 allows an non-competetive advantage as you can continue trading without paying your debts. Also you seized on this but made no comments on the rest of my points.I assume is complicit consent?

  • GrayStroke

    If Mitt-ens is your gut then you may want to read this. HE is about to finish “transforming America”, and rob us blind!
    Local governments consolidating into one merged power hub
    by Walter Burien – CAFR1

    I noticed this first per Massachusetts. The State consolidated control and ownership of all counties in the state by merger of all counties into the State. This happened over a decade ago in Massachusetts.

    The ‘kicker” in addition to merger of the counties the “State” before this was done the “State” changed their government status from the “State” government of Massachusetts to the “Commonwealth” of Massachusetts. This transition was implemented by the “State” prior to 1995.

    The big point here is that: “Private Associations” were used over the last 75-years to transition local governments from what we use to know government as into “Corporate” for profit enterprises and did so by direct consult over the years.

    The structure of the “Commonwealth” of Massachusetts over the “State” government of Massachusetts, at the stroke of the pen overseen and checked off on by key player “Attorneys”, implemented the transition from a “government” entity into what could be more closely considered a “Private Association”.

    The implications here are grave specifically as would apply to the transfer and masking of public wealth. The People own government, they do not own private associations. The same would apply to wealth transferred from “State” holdings transitioned into the “Private Association” holdings of the “Commonwealth” of Massachusetts..

    Leave the liabilities under the “State” government shell and transfer the wealth holdings to and under the “Commonwealth” association.

    This was done right under the noses of the Massachusetts residents and done without a clue given that it was being done to the Peoples of Massachusetts. The same is covertly taking place in NJ, PA, CT, and many other states.

    The shell structure of government is being left in place as the wealth and stewardship responsibilities are transferred to the Private Association, or as in Massachusetts case when transitioned from the “State” government of Massachusetts into the “Commonwealth” of Massachusetts.

    When this transition took place about two decades ago, Massachusetts no longer produced a “State” government CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report). The CAFR was now produced under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The State Court System and Financial operations were also transitioned into and under the same “Commonwealth” structure.

    Mit Romney is the Presidential pick to be promoted by the syndicate being the prior governor of Massachusetts. He is versed on operating procedure to implement the same nationally. That will be his primary mission if elected President and thus the Syndicate is moving forward full steam utilizing all of their contacts and tactics to force Mitt Romney’s win as President.

    I note Barack Obama as an attorney and as current President is attempting to consolidate through restructuring federal government into the same transition.

    This communication needs to go viral in all circles. Let all comprehend what is taking place right in their face and under their noses.

    For government to be: “For the People by the People” this transition needs to be stopped cold in its tracks and reversed. It is well under way and if the roots of its structure hold it will no longer be: “For the People by the People” but For the Association by the Association” under the direction of the association’s minions of attorneys direction.

    As quoted from the front page of as the bottom line at the end of the page:
    “It appears that many attorneys have now taken over the House, Senate, and Governor’s office. The separation of powers doctrine mandates attorneys being officers of the court (Judicial branch) that they should not be able to run for public office (Executive / Administrative branch)

    Stop this now!

    The ROOT of the corruption / graft / destruction of our country is coming from this breeding grounds. Here is why you are being bled dry! The very corrupt from the judicial branch have slithered their way into elected and appointed positions within the executive / administrative areas of government.

    Again, it is the nature of this beast to bleed you dry, if they can that is..

    If you from this point forward VOTE for an attorney running for office, you are more than foolish, you aid in the assured degradation and plunder of your own country.

    Remove these attorneys from public office NOW! Mandate a ten year lapse from being an officer of the court BEFORE an attorney can run for public office and ten years after leaving office. This is a must to do NOW. It is NOT an option. Make this the LAW NOW in your City, County, and State. You now know why you are being bled dry. It is the NATURE of this beast.

  • wilford pierson

    Why is it that politicians only want to get in line to bring favorite
    programs to their states? RE-ELECTIONS of course. All the rest is BS
    to convince their people they are looking out for their best interests
    Cancel a welfare program that rewards uncontrolled baby producing?
    Oh No!Give them another $xxx per month. What ever happened to the idea to only have as many children as you can support? I’m afraid that the 2 party system has bred a GO ALONG with my program or face
    rejection from all my friends. I’m not the worlds smartest, but I know
    I can only spend so much before I go down the tubes trying to repay
    What I’ve charged to the future.. Enough! elect people who have a business back ground and can keep the Government going without Debt.

  • jetstream

    The author’s comments are well spoken and well taken. Romney is an excellent entrepreneur and is to be commended… nothing illegal, immoral, or distasteful about what he has accomplished. I take issue with the comments implying that all government employees are a wasteful strain on the budget. There are too many government employees who dedicate themselves to excellence in their professions: law enforcement (with the multi-facted agencies of forensics, investigation, patrolling, administration of vital programs such as 9-1-1, etc.), firefighters (including EMTs, rescue and dive squads), etc. and who all are called to sacrifice personal and family time to support public safety service. I know personally many work at $35,00/yr. jobs with 16 hour days and split days off, working on weekends and holidays. Their satisfation at helping the public is their greatest reward, and their pittance retirement with partially paid insurance benefits after 35 year careers are the least that they deserve. Yes, we have some government employees who aren’t the best (mostly the upper administrative types who feed on the lower ranks), but to attack ALL government employees is unwarranted and unfair.

  • Clark Jensen

    Thanks for defending the free market. I agree with you whole heartedly. I we lose freedom in the market, not other freedom is safe.

    I linked to this blog in my post. I like what you are doing here. If you are interested here is my link

  • sunshineIQ

    Compare Obama’s failed presidency to Carter. Then choose Romney hoping he’s our Reagan. We can expect interest rates to skyrocket. And prices to soar. The worst part of all this is that the PTB were very clever and again stole what little the poor had left. In fact they’re destroying the middle class. So when interest rates go up, the frugal poor won’t have any money left to save in a local bank to get interest. During Reagan’s time many poor people sacrificed to save money making small gains with high interest rates in their local banks. (Maybe the PTB never intend to allow the poor to make a little on their hard-earned savings.) Should I rejoice and say welcome to the plantation?


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