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Lessons From Boston

April 23, 2013 by  

Lessons From Boston
A SWAT team clears Bigelow Avenue during a massive manhunt for one of the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects on April 19, 2013.

If the definition of insanity is indeed repeatedly doing the same thing while constantly expecting different results, then the islamofascist bombing of the Boston Marathon and the aftermath thereof offers lessons aplenty on the cycle of insanity in which our Nation now finds itself. Some of those lessons are more obvious; like the clear and present danger which islamofascism represents to innocent people everywhere. Some are less so; like the clear and present danger which political correctness has allowed islamofascism to deliver to our own shores.

Our counterterrorism and immigration enforcement structure is a wreck.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlane Tsarnaev might as well have been on the front cover of “People of Interest Daily.” According to multiple reports, they both displayed serious symptoms of islamofascism. As if his publicly psychotic pronouncements weren’t noteworthy enough, the Russians actually flagged Tamerlane on our behalf back in 2011. Now, our relationship with Russia isn’t quite as rosy as it was back when Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin were doing vodka shots in plus-size strip clubs. And yet, the FSB, which doubtless still remembers the Beslan massacre ALSO perpetrated by Chechen islamofascists, thought Tamerlane was trouble enough to rate a phone call to the Justice Department. Evidently, the Russkies’ warnings were ignored; perhaps because Attorney General Eric Holder was busy “confronting” the Mexican narcoterrorist threat. In the wake of the Russian phone call revelation, Holder had no comment. I suppose that’s an improvement from the perjury he usually resorts to.

The Corporate media couldn’t successfully report a car theft in progress in their own parking decks.

At this point, these guys are almost as credible — not to mention relevant — as the “Soap Opera Digest.” CNN, Fox News, the Boston Globe and the Associated Press all committed major factual errors in the hours and days following the bombing. At one point, MSNBC’s Lester Holt, whose own network has abandoned news coverage altogether in favor of leftist partisan rancor (more on that in a moment), admitted: “I can tell you more about what we don’t know than what we know.” It was almost as if Dan Rather had secretly taken over the entire media establishment. I half expected them to report: “The suspect is an older, well-dressed white male with a mustache. He may be carrying a wrench or a pipe. We believe he answers to the name ‘Colonel Mustard.’”

President Barack Hussein Obama lives in a world vastly different from ours.

Following his Rose Garden tantrum on Thursday, Obama flew to Boston; presumably to offer comfort to the grieving citizens of the wounded city. Instead, he talked up his favorite topic: Barack Obama. By the end of the week, Barry urged us all to avoid rushing to judgment. Of course we should. We wouldn’t want a repeat of that unfortunate George Zimmerman lynch mob business.

Liberals Absolutely HATE the rest of us.

Chris Matthews on MSNBC got it all wrong: “Normally, domestic terrorists, people tend to be on the far right, well that’s not a good category…” The New York Times’ Nick Kristof tweeted this random criticism: “explosion is a reminder that ATF needs a director. Shame on Senate Republicans for blocking apptment.” And David Sirota of leftist blogsite took the blue ribbon with: “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.” So sorry to disappoint you, Dave. While the Democrats and their sock-puppets hoped the bombers were white Americans, I hoped they would be caught and punished; and that further attacks never happen.

Some liberals even managed to blame the 2nd amendment; as if their humiliating defeat in the Senate wasn’t enough. Sorry, kids. My AR-15 and the assorted standard-capacity magazines in my gun safe were nowhere near Boston last week. I would have noticed.

The smoke had yet to clear from Boylston Street, and the Democrats — ostensibly our American brothers and sisters — were desperately praying not for an end to terrorist attacks on our shores, not for swift justice for our attackers, not even for God’s gentle mercies for the victims and their families. Nope; their dearest wish was that YOU did it.

Now THAT is the definition of insanity.

–Ben Crystal


Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Brad in TX

    yep they are a hand ful that is for sure, we better wake up as a country before these two parties distroy trhis nation. We are Americans first you idiots!

    • KG

      Wait, you are from Texas. I thought all you guys wanted to secede from America? You should of said “Texas First, F@%K evryone else!”
      Am I Right?

      • Jeff

        That might be the Texas Democrats. To the Texas Repugs, it’s “Me First, F@%K evryone else!”

      • cawmun cents

        Killer Green……
        If someone does’nt want to go down with a sinking ship,will you tell them to stay on board?Will you force them to drown in whatever debacle is currently happening aboard ship?It does’nt take a rocket scientist to see how screwed up things are here in our once fine nation,and it should’nt take one to figure out what the conditions are that are causal.
        Yet no solutions are being offered and the condition is being ignored.
        How can you explain that away as just the fault of one politico or another?It has little to do with politics and every way to do with direction.
        If you are headed toward disaster,then wouldnt a sane person choose to redirect himself?Woudnt the same strategy apply to nations and countries?When you deliberately choose to do the wrong thing and claim its what is right,then when disaster strikes would you then turn to someone who was busy doing what was right and attempt to stop them?
        I am referrring to how our nation has turned its need for the providence of God into a sham of epic proportion and chooses to ignore the consequences or their actions and blaspheme his name.
        You are willing to go down that path,but please dont make those who would be less willing out to be insurrectionists.It os you and your kith and kind who are driving the Titannic into the iceberg,and there are those among us who do not wish to retain their tickets for that voyage.Dont disparage them……they may be the only ones left with any real courage.

        • Mike in MI

          KUDOS, CC.
          Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get off this ship. Maybe, they’ll ask us to bailout. For right now, all they want is for us sane, producers to do FOR THEM is bail.

  • Warrior

    A brand spanking new “immigration bill” will fix all this. Well how is that going to “fix” this situation? Glad you asked. It will be the “Comprehensive” kind. Instead of “green” cards, we’re going to pass out “red, white and blue” cards. Oh, and there will be more scholarships as well. And “illegals” will have to pay a “Tax”? No, this one we’re going to call a “fine”. And will the new “immigrant” be able to bring their whole family with them? But of course. These types of situation develop when “families” are seperated and the majority of “economists” agree. Will they increase our “carbon footprint”? Yes, but it’s an offset against lowering another countries “footprint” so “net/net” we’re all winners. Well, how is this going to be policed? Janet has “five years” to develop a “plan” based on “statistics”. What if she is gone before “five years” is up? The clock is reset, however, if she survives and the results are not positive then we will turn “control” over to the “border state” governors.
    Ya know, you’re asking too many questions and it’s beginning to get annoying. Get back in line and shut up. We know how many are already here, who they are, what they are doing and what their contributions are. Really? Yes, well, almost all of them!

  • KG

    What happened in Boston is absolutely the fault of the Republicans/TPers/ American Taliban. It started with Reagan’s Amnesty for illegal aliens. This was primarily to flood the market with cheap labor so as to dilute the power of Unions in America. Then, the right decided that manufacturing jobs were too “dirty” for Americans. And through tax breaks and greed, most of our manufacturing was moved overseas in search of the lowest wages. However, people still want to come to America. Why?

    Those kids were spending too much time with “uncle Vinnie”. Why? Cause all the “christian white kids” didn’t want to associate with a Foreniner.

    So there!

    • Peter

      KG, don’t forget the absolute insanity that is the corporate world moving so many jobs to China, yet still wanting Americans to buy their Chinese made products, even when they’ve been put out of work by these same corporations! Absolute lunacy! Then folks place themselves in increasing debt to be able to afford the products that fit the US lifestyle, so other corporations win from increased interest rate payments, even when the rates are low. So many people in debt, because so few have well-paying jobs anymore, because so many jobs have gone to China, and now look, China is rising and has so much economic power! China owns so much of US debt that it can dictate US policy! (Think that’s a lie? Think again buddy, they own your butt). All of this because US corporations were and are too freaking greedy. Greed is killing the US and the rest of the west.

    • Cole Johnson

      what another load of manure! get some help for that anger and hate you have taught yourself! really, get some help!

    • mikeman

      Aren’t you missing a “B” after “KG”? Just saying.

      • KG

        Aww! You guys! You would be lost without me!

        “…love is in the air…”

    • speedle24

      KG, why don’t you evacuate and create room for one of those people who want to come to America to be productive? Then everyone would be happy.

  • Peter

    Both the left and the right of politics are politically correct apologists for the truth. The truth is that all of i-slam is against the west. Even those who are moderate and peaceful won’t speak out against the extremists because the annihilation of the Jews and Christians is clearly written as ongoing commandments in the quran. Unlike the Old Testament or Torah, theirs is not a history lesson, tales of battles past. Theirs is an imperative for all muslems to kill all Jews and ‘people of the book’ aka Christians. Thereafter to kill all infidels who refuse to convert to i-slam. This is to be done until the end of all things, or ‘the last day’. Therefore to try and differentiate between moderate and peaceful muslems and extremists or radicals is an absolute lie, because they are all hell-bent on our destruction, whether personally or by the proxy of their extremist buddies. I find it ironic that muslems seek refuge in western countries supposedly for a better life, yet seek to make the west into the same feces-hole they came from. If you want a better life, it’s simple. Fit in.

    • Jeff

      Do you really want to be held personally accountable for everything stated in the Bible? Do you really think all the billion Muslims on the planet are your enemy? You must lose a lot of sleep over that.

  • red neck

    Insanity….. The re-election of obama!

    • Jeff

      Or reading anything posted by a redneck!!!

      • red neck

        AHHHHH…. poor little thing did I hurt your feelings?
        If I did then that is fine I’m sure that you will get over it?

      • Cole Johnson

        [comment has been removed]

        • red neck

          Quiet the contrary…. I chose the name because I knew that people like you with very little imagination could not refuse to throw out derogatory comments.

    • speedle24

      You know red neck. You are absolutely right. It’s like the American electorate has turned into the Jim Jones congregation.

  • Motov

    What will it take for the idiots to realise islam is a friend of no one?

    • Doc Sarvis

      It is the radical elements of any faith that are a friend of no one. In fact it is those who highjack a faith for radical purposes that cause most of our problems.

      • vicki

        It is not the radical elements of any faith that are the problem. It is those of any level of faith that force their will upon another.

      • Karolyn


    • Jeff

      What does that mean? Do you feel you’re at war with the entire Muslim World? There used to be Irish terrorists. Remember them? Did you hate all Irishmen? How about the Mafia? They could terrorize, too. Maybe we should have kicked out all the Italians, or at least the Sicilians. What are you implying – that every Muslim student is plotting a terrorist attack? How about looking at the fact these two brothers were armed to the teeth with guns and ammunition, outgunning even the police? I suppose that doesn’t matter because if you’d been around, you’d have stopped them cold with your AR-15!

      • chocopot

        The entire Muslim world is at war with the rest of the world and has been for 1,400 years. Pick up a history book some time – it’s all in there.

      • Motov

        First of all, the only gun I own is a .68 “Spyder”. It is not lethal, but it will leave welts, and make you a tad colorful, (It is a paintball gun).

        Secondly, Islam is an occult that is not compatible with our Constitution. Women cannot become who they wish to be under Muslim Law, and are not recognized as persons, but more like property. They routinely kill non Muslim people simply because they do not share the same faith.

        They even kill each other (Shiites vs Sunnis) because one group follows the teachings of one man, and another group follows the teachings of another man.

        Granted Christians, and other religions are also guilty of the same crime, the difference is Jesus Christ desires others to follow Him out of free will, and that His followers would be examples of Christ by not resorting to violence to achieve that goal.

        Islam Is more like live as we say, or die!,…and kill all “infidels”.
        I’m personally tired of how the media caters to muslims but are very quick to condemn Christians and Jews.

        • vicki

          Motov writes:

          Granted Christians, and other religions are also guilty of the same crime,

          I do NOT agree that Christians and other religions are guilty of murdering non believers. People claiming to be Christian have used the power of government for centuries to force people to do their will or kill them. As you pointed out, that is not the way of followers of Christ. Our founders were keenly aware of this which is why they fought to be free of England and put in the first and second amendments.

          • Mike in MI

            Excellent, excellent comment, vicki. For centuries, in the Occident, the powers that tried to control EVERYTHING ecclesiastical were not even teaching people how to become a Christian, and for the most part, still don’t. They make the claim that their leaders had “the keys to the kingdom of heaven” transferred to the Apostle Peter.

            It’s a shame they don’t even have the most cursory knowledge of what Peter (and Luke in Acts 15) wrote and believed.
            In II Peter 3:15 – 16, Peter’s epistle says that if somebody wants to know about salvation, what Jesus accomplished and what Jesus Christ’s commissioning of and instruction to believers is all about READ PAUL’s LETTERS.

            Luke, in ACTS 15, relates the information about the first big doctrinal dispute among the leadership that could have split the church forever. They, Peter standing up among them, settled it by recounting some crucial information that proved what the facts and truths of the situation were. They ended up all moving ahead in unison – because they wanted the truth to prevail.

            Try doing that in Christianity today. Hump-ph! I sometimes wonder why God gave us His Word knowing beforehand egos, money and devils in high places would take over.

          • Motov

            Were native americans slaughtered by some other religion other than christian base? All it takes are few smooth talking people who say their words are true, and cannot be disputed, thus making those who oppose,… silent from speech contrary to their claims,…or else!

            Evil people often disguise themselves as something they are not and deceive many to do their dirty work.

            “True Christians” are the ones who stand up and say what is true despite the consequences, they face.

            As you said “People claiming to be Christian have used the power of government for centuries to force people to do their will or kill them.” Church officials have also used religion to do what they desire, even if it doesn’t agree To what “God” desires

          • vicki

            Motov writes

            Were native americans slaughtered by some other religion other than christian base?

            Since they were not slaughtered by religion your question has no meaning.

            All it takes are few smooth talking people who say their words are true, and cannot be disputed, thus making those who oppose,… silent from speech contrary to their claims,…or else! Evil people often disguise themselves as something they are not and deceive many to do their dirty work.

            Thus making my point. Well done.

            “True Christians” are the ones who stand up and say what is true despite the consequences, they face.


            As you said “People claiming to be Christian have used the power of government for centuries to force people to do their will or kill them.

            Church officials have also used religion to do what they desire, even if it doesn’t agree To what “God” desires

            Small but important difference. Persuasion (with trickery as is the nature of the father of lies) vs force.

          • Motov

            Churches have used force “in the name of God” in the past.

            Man can be easily manipulated by the father of lies,

            I believe God dislikes religions, because religions are a creation of man. I also believe God would rather have us seeking Him rather than seeking a religion. The point I’m trying to make is religions have politics, or better put a set of rules that differ from church to church. It is these rules that some think are absolute to the point of “We are right and everyone else is wrong” attitudes that bother me.

            And I’m also sure you are aware of the hypocrisy this also creates. I rather allow my walk do the talking, than talking a walk I’m not doing.

            Something our past and current POTUS has yet to do, walk the talk!

          • vicki

            Motov writes

            Churches have used force “in the name of God” in the past.

            There are many churches in this world. There is only one I currently know of that routinely uses force to keep it’s members inline. It is not any of the Christian churches (Yes there are more than one). Which churches were you thinking of?

            Man can be easily manipulated by the father of lies,

            Man, without a personal relationship with God, can be easily manipulated by the father of lies. That is why it is nice to have anchors in this world to help you resist the lies. Here is one I really like because it works for any belief including the belief of no belief (Athiesm)

            “First Principle. Your Creator gifted you with life and free will.

            How you use these 2 gifts and how you honor these gifts in others,is how you shall be judged.”

            I believe God dislikes religions, because religions are a creation of man. I also believe God would rather have us seeking Him rather than seeking a religion.

            Why would the Father dislike the good works of His creation? And of course God would rather have us seeking Him rather than seeking false idols. Not sure what you mean by “a religion” since, in this context (1b1), religion is the definition of seeking God.


            1a : the state of a religious (a nun in her 20th year of religion)
            b (1) : the service and worship of God or the supernatural (2) : commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance

            2: a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices

            3: archaic : scrupulous conformity : conscientiousness

            4: a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith

            The point I’m trying to make is religions have politics, or better put a set of rules that differ from church to
            church. It is these rules that some think are absolute to the point of “We are right and everyone else is wrong” attitudes that bother me.

            Of course they have politics. They are a collection of more than one people. And it is their God given and First Amendment PROTECTED RIGHT to have those attitudes. It is your 1st Amendment protected right to NOT associate with them. It is ALSO your protected right to be bothered by their attitude.

            Why you would want to offer them that kind of power over you I don’t understand.

            (Side note. It is not possible to make a law against how you feel. It would be impossible to enforce until technology reaches the stage of mind reading which may not be that far off so guard the 1st as jealously as you guard the 2nd.)

            And I’m also sure you are aware of the hypocrisy this also creates. I rather allow my walk do the talking, than talking a walk I’m not doing. Something our past and current POTUS has yet to do, walk the talk!

            Jesus DID warn us to look to the actions of a man and not just his words. (Matt 7:16) Here in this venue the best we can do for each other is be consistent in the values we present.

          • Motov

            Please don’t get me wrong, I support our Bill of Rights, If people wish to follow Satan that’s their business, if their belief tramples my rights, then it becomes my business.
            You are correct, we cannot legislate morality, but those pesky liberals sure try! (like attempting to change public displays, and common language of Christmas. Sorry, people! It’s a Christmas Tree,.. not a Holiday Bush type of thing)
            I don’t care for political correctness, but if people want to be PC that’s ok with me, just don’t cram that crap down my throat! Not many complain about Halloween Displays,…

            The Roman Catholic Church was on my mind when I wrote about “Christian religions” as it is known that “Popes” are considered “infallible” even though they have a rather questionable history.
            And no, I won’t pray to Mary, or any other “Saint” for that matter.
            If other people want to pray that way, that is their decision, and they have every right to do so.

            I also believe God loves every “sinner”, he just doesn’t like their “sins”. But the definition of “sin” varies from person to person. So It doesn’t give me the right to step in to attempt to remove a speck in your eye when I have a telephone pole sticking out of my face. That’s God’s job!

            In short I agree what you say we have freedoms to be right, and or wrong,….. provided we do not stomp on other’s freedoms to do the same. I often find myself not possessing the vocabulary, and ability to express myself in the most accurate way. I also have a horrific time with typing, due to Parkinson’s Disease

          • vicki

            Understood. We are mostly in agreement anyway.

        • Karolyn

          “They, they, they…” “They” are not all the same, just as all Christians are not the same!

          • Motov

            Agreed, but it seems to me history is filled with people who use a slick tongue to corrupt the masses to do their evil

    • Karolyn

      Of course, the usual generalities. I was listening to David Rhode who just wrote “Beyond War: Reimagining American Influence In A New Middle East” . This is a man who spent years in the Middle east as a correspondent and was kidnapped by the Taliban and held for 7 months. He has much inside information on the extremists (he lived with one) and the moderate of Islam. The majority of the people just want what everybody else wants – peace and prosperity for them and their families. He feels that change will come, but it takes time, especially since so many Muslims have not had exposure to life outside their own country. Many believe that we are all corrupt millionaires. Change is coming because of the internet. They are not all extremists. They are people, just like we are, who have children they want to see grow up and prosperity.

      • nomad

        Exactly. The problem here is people only believe what the media has injected into their pea brains. Go travel people and experience other cultures before being so sure. You will see an amazing, friendly, hospitable world. Fanatical groups are hide in the saddows and a by far the minority. Enjoy life.

      • ld

        and that’s why they strap bombs on their kids. they want them to be happy with allah

        • Karolyn

          “They, they, they…”

  • Deerinwater

    I got a different spin out of it ~ “Our” ~ put in place federal security system failed us on this one occasion. ~ Who’s fault that is, is not clear as we hear conflicting reports. ~ Someone is stonewalling and attempting to cover up inside the FBI. . Russian intelligence had tipped us off to the “design” of this “actor” and his design years prior.

    We need to stay mindful ~ of all the many terrorist act that have been foiled and didn’t occur due largely impart to good police work and good intelligence of our policing community.

    Please understand ~ it’s not just the US but the whole free world is under attack by this radical Muslim scourge. Canada averted a terrorist attack only a few days ago. As I understand it, the plan was to blow up a train. The French are being attacked as well. Any nation of men and women that enjoys a high level of personal liberties and freedom is a potential target for these human Cockroaches.

    Muslim extremist have declared this war on the rest of the world , including their own for several reasons.

    1#. They see themselves pure in faith to Mohammad , and all others is to be converted or killed.~ There is no in-be-between position they are willing to accept while they will bide their time and look for opportunity of either.

    2# They see the modern man of the 21st century and the expansion of modernization into their regions of the world as a threat to their faith. They see this advance as an “attack”.

    3# They want everyone to be a human cockroach like themselves or die.

    In the end , it will be for the Muslim Community to clean up this mess of dangerous radical in their mist. ~ It’s a dangerous undertaking and only recently have I seen any efforts to attempt too. ~ They seem to be a cowardly bunch by nature, ~ will hide behind the skit tail of women,~ willing to kill children, ~ like a cat, ~ they sneak about and stalk and piss their contempt on the rest of the world.

    By advised ~ war has been declared on “you” and me, ~ Let’s conduct ourselves well and stay alert and mindful of their ways. ~ They are but roaches and use concealment and darkness to hide their activities.

  • Dave

    Ben is a riot lambastes Obama for telling people not to rush to judgement because he wanted to get facts… When his adminsitration did rush to put out a statement on Benghazi, we get conspiracy BS from the likes of Ben and the rest of the extremist right wing rabel… So once again, Obama can do nothing right because the right hates Obama more than they care about the country.

    Oh and the liberals “hate” the rest of us too is hilarious. Conservatives just have so much respect for liberals and moderates don’t they? Very comical indeed. I can make the case how conservatives hate America better than ben makes his against liberals.

    The bottom line was this… We got attacked… We were attacked by a 26 year old and his brother that were born from radicalization and disenchantment with America. If we got this guy 6 months ago and held him indefinately after he had done nothing to warrant imprisonment, Ole Ben and his insane clown posse would be using him as a poster boy against Obama and the loss of liberty by big gov.

    But the attacked happened and through cooperation between local and fed agencies, these two were caught. The one brother will face justice and the other is pushing up daisies… It is the unfortunate side effect of a free society that people can come and go as they please… Its a whole lot better than the alternative.

    • Cole Johnson

      [comment has been removed]

      • Dave

        And your “expert” analysis is where?

    • speedle24

      Actually Dave you are very correct with most of your post, except of course the Benghazi thing. That was a case of Obama and his gang “withholding” information they already had in order to try to cover their asses. That is a far cry from avoiding “rushing to judgement”.

    • Mike in MI

      Actually, Dave, –
      With all those myriad Muslim Brotherhood types ruling in un-Washed, D.C. some of them had to be very well informed about Boston. Now, since the Obombster don’t like stuff going down without he knows it first (or helps plan it) I’ll bet you 100 to 1 ………well, you figure it out.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    The New World Order Socialists in Washington wouldn’t dare listen to the Russians. They need lots more bombings to further their cause – a total Police State. I have to admit that if I had lived in Boston, I would not have been the sheeple who obeyed orders. If I wanted to go somewhere, including to work, that is where I would have been.

    Did everyone notice the hundreds of police around the house where the terrorist was caught? I counted 29 police in front, in addition to firefighters. Tax payers are just paying for grandstanding. That job could have been done by 1 sharpshooter with 2 others for backup, but we paid hundreds of police to be on the scene. America is the “stupid” country. In many places the Police only investigate murders and assaults now. When that is the case, putting hundreds of police at the scene of a crime is a complete misappropriation of tax payer dollars.

  • jopa

    Within the last ten years I have seen over a million Muslims killed by the so-called American Christian war machine just trying to find one guy.I wonder if they think we are the terrorist when we go over there and bomb two countries for ten years willing to kill and cripple millions.I’m sure glad we had Obama at the helm this time around in that he caught two terrorists in less than a week very few casualties and also it was Obama that took out the guy Bush went after.America is so blessed today and thank you Mr. President for a job well done.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Well put.

    • speedle24

      Jopa, that is a load of crap. More succinctly it is an outright lie. First, there have not been anywhere near a million Muslims killed by Americans in the history of the world. Secondly, those that were killed were in response to aggression against an American ally or the U.S itself. I only wish that the U.S. had done something that would give you something to complain about (like taking over the oil fields for our own use as payment for getting Saddam off their backs).

      • Karolyn

        “those that were killed were in response to aggression against an American ally or the U.S itself” I think not. Think about it. Are wars are being fought to try to change other countries, not to defend anybody.

        • speedle24

          Okay, I thought about it. By “changing other countries” do you mean getting rid of a tyrant or an infestation of a cult that threatens us or an important ally? If so you are correct Karolyn. If you are suggesting the left wing mantra of motivation via “colonialism” then you are sniffing too much mind altering substance, and watching too much MSNBC.

          You see, there is such a thing as “prevention”. If someone moves in next door to you and starts to build a cannon aimed at your living room, do you wait for him to fire it?

    • Mike in MI

      Yeah, Thanks a load, president. Yer doin’ jus’ fine.
      It’s your show now. Your “rules of engagement” killing our troops in near record rates and you’re takin’ another vacation from campaigning, while telling everybody all about your favorite subject … YOU. You talked like you hated it when Chainy and Butch were running the police action (Why haven’t you made official and declared it a war yet? … except for a war on our ambassadors.). Well, you don’t seem too intent on doing anything about ending it either. What a pus-filled, used condom.

      But old Joppy here seems to think yer a genius. Hell, he’s so happy with Obomber I think he’s angling for a raise. Might as well do it. You’ve given everybody else most of what we here have earned.

      Joppy, send me your address here on PLD. I’ll send you a personal check. That way you get it straight and Obomber doesn’t have to take out his cut before you collect. Come on, now.

  • ridge runner

    A madrass educated marxist is not a postitive thing for the USA, as any pedophile worshipping pervert is on the world. Abram was a stupid Jew with no faith in God, and Sarah was an idoit also.

  • Karolyn

    Why are all liberals (and conservatives) judged by those with the biggest mouths? For every one of those, there are millions who are not like them.

  • Peter Barney

    President Barack Hussein Obama. Is a Marxist! What is the connection of the Boston Marathon bombing have to do with gun control? Nothing!


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