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Left Taunts, Harasses and Hurls Racial Insults at African American Man Attending TEA Party

April 25, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    Its wrong to attack someone for their beliefs. I disagree with the Tea Party on most issues. But I would not call a man a sellout or a token simply for believing in the Tea Party. Though I sympathise with the protesters in that I am a person on the left of the political spectrum I cannot agree with what they have done. Just know Mr. Livingston that these protesters do not represent the left.

    • Michael J.

      Jeremy Leochner said:
      “Its wrong to attack someone for their beliefs.”

      What if a person believes in genocide or pedophilia? I think your half baked, not well thought out statement will be tough for even a liberal like yourself to defend. Liberal “Perfect Worlders” are full of such nonsense, yet they want to lead out of experience based on fantasy.

      Thanks once again for painting such a vivid picture of the lefts inability to comprehend reality.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        You do have me there Mike. Though I will say in the case of pedophilia and genocide its one thing to think and another to do. Don’t get me wrong even thinking such things is deplorable but it is not the same as committing an action. Actions are evil, beliefs can be changed or modified but actions cannot be taken back. That is why I attack those who commit attacks on others based on their beliefs. If action is made that is a whole other story but even then simply saying or expressing your views whatever they may be is not the same as acting on them. And if all the man being attacked is saying and doing is expressing his political views so long as said views dont involve extremist attacks on others than there is no reason to attack him simply for having his views.

    • JeffH

      Jeremy, just what Tea Party issues do you disagree with? Are you even aware that these types racial biases and attacks have been a part of the liberal lefts makeup for decades?

      The Tea Party Movement is an all-inclusive American grassroots movement with the belief that everyone is created equal and deserves an equal opportunity to thrive in these United States where they may “pursue life, liberty and happiness” as stated in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

      The Tea Party Movement goals are as follows:
      1. Eliminate Excessive Taxes
      2. Eliminate the National Debt
      3. Eliminate Deficit Spending
      4. Protect Free Markets
      5. Abide by the Constitution of the United States
      6. Promote Civic Responsibility
      7. Reduce the Overall Size of Government
      8. Believe in the People
      9. Avoid the Pitfalls of Politics
      10. Maintain Local Independence

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I suppose I disagree with none save perhaps the reduction of government though to some extent I do agree. Perhaps I feel the means I support are different than the Tea Parties. And thats my point about the “liberal left”. I am on the liberal left and have never supported racial biases or attacks. I feel liberals and conservatives ultimatly want whats good for the country. They just disagree on means to do it. But that dosen’t make one sides ideas immoral or bad and the others moral and necessary. It simply means they disagree.

        • JeffH

          Jeremy Leochner, unfortunately you are correct, to the liberals, it is “The End justifies the Means” in the quest for their socialist utopia(Machiavelli, Alinsky, Marks) Liberals believe it is up to Big Government to be the “Nanny State”, a state of protectionism, economic interventionism, regulatory policies (of economic, social or other nature), and the perception that these policies are becoming institutionalized as common practice.(from Wikpedia) In other words, A state that forces others to pay for those that can’t or won’t take the responsibility to provide for themselves.

          Conservative and Libertarian groups support the free market and capitalism, and object to excessive state action to protect people from the consequences of their actions by restricting citizen options.

          A belief in morals infers a belief in right and wrong. Deciding whether something is right or wrong means that there must be some kind of moral standard and a corresponding judgment as to whether a particular behavior complies with that standard. If an act is consistent with that particular standard, it is moral behavior. If it deviates from that standard, it is immoral. For most Americans, the source of morality is easy to identify – it comes from religion.

          • Jeremy Leochner

            I can respect that view. I have never been one to say ends justify the means. The issue I have is I believe if competently lead, with public vigilance keeping an eye, government can be useful to create good ends. And that if compotently lead need not require or use unjust or immoral means to achieve them.

          • JeffH

            Jeremy says “The issue I have is I believe if competently lead, with public vigilance keeping an eye, government can be useful to create good ends.

            Therin lies the the major problem. Governemnt is, unfortunately, completely corrupt and incapable of making the decisions to lead any of us into the future. Why is America broke? Why are health care costs so high? Why are gasoline prices so high? Why are drug costs so high? Why is there so much cronyism in government?

            Without governments participation most of the questions I asked would be easier controlled through a healthy free market system. Government is totally wastefull and cannot monitor themselves, this is just a proven fact.

            Like DaveH says so often, “As government grows, corruption flows”.

          • Jeremy Leochner

            But Jeff. Our country is republic where the people have the power. May sound naieve but I believe if we can get a great number, at least a greater number of people than are currently voting, to get out and vote we can make the politicians the true representatives of the people. That might make them less likely to be tempted to corruption for fear of the people. The only thing I can say is I dont believe the system is a failure because people misuse it. If people misuse it lets try and use it for the better purpose of providing needed services to the people and helping provide for the general welfare in the process.

          • JeffH

            Jeremy, this country is infected with socialism, communism and Marxism which ultimately feeds the liberalism. You may disagree but that’s certainly my view. Our economic and civil turmoil is not the result of happenstance nor is the worlds economic and civil unrest.
            Research the likes of George Soros, The House of Rothschilds, the 1913 meeting at Jekyl Island, the Central Banks, The Federal Reserve, UN, CFR, Illuminati, Bilderberg, EU, WMF and on & on. There is a tremendous amount of information available which ties into how the world is being manipulated by the richest, most powerful banking cabal…the Zionist House of Rothschilds over centuries, believed to have more money than all of the world’s countries combined and the influence to back it up.

            This may sound like some wild conspiracy theory by me but I and many, many others believe it is very real and not coincidental.

            This Infamous Quote from Mayer Amschel Rothschild sums it up best:
            “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

          • JeffH

            I would also suggest reading this: Obama’s revival of the Baruch Plan for Rothschild world domination through a private monopoly of nuclear weapons

          • JeffH
          • JeffH

            Who Rules Your Rulers? In the last century, members of the British Fabian Society dynastic banking families in the City of London financed the Communist takeover of Russia. Trotsky in his biography to some of the loans from these British financiers….

          • JeffH
          • Patty

            Jeremy L. – Please list me any gov’t. program that has been a success.
            The criteria would be that they came up with a plan, an end result and accomplished this plan on time and on budget. Any? From what I can see our gov’t. is a cancer on all free people: right, left, liberal, conservative. They are like a cancer on a healthy body. The more you feed it, the more it takes over the healthy body and slowly, painfully kills it off by attacking the major organs that sustain the body.

          • Richard Pawley

            It has been said that liberalism is more like a cult religion than a political philosophy. Unfortunately the horrendous spending of the 110th Congress (Democrat, 2006-2010) and now the 111th which is still for the most part controlled by the Democrats and progressive Republicans (?) have spent us to the tipping point. I do not believe that big inflation, at least a tripling of prices with the possible exception of houses, is avoidable. There is much evidence that there are those who want to crash the system, eliminate the constitution, are replace it with a NWO, controlled by a super-central bank of some sort. Those who spend all they have and all they can borrow fall right into their trap. As it is, the spending of all the money we can borrow (and now just print) is going to cause over 250% inflation. Chapter four of my book THE LAST DAYS OF THE LATE GREAT UNITED STATES and the Great Famine that Followed, is entitled “Gasoline or Milk, $10 a Gallon.” Now, one of the top private think tanks has released a report a year and a half after I said it and they are saying that gasoline could go to $11 a gallon, and milk to $10. The ideologues in Washington would love that because it would mean that few could drive and more freedom will be lost, and electric cars will be available for those rich enough to afford them. This is partly the reason why gold, silver, farmland, and even emergency food supplies are in high demand and short supply. Some of the rich and quite a few middle class (over 150,000 every year) have fled the country because they don’t trust the Democrats or the Republicans. At least the Tea Party has an awareness of personal responsibility and that you can’t keep robbing Peter to pay Paul, indefinitely, unless you just keep creating money out of thin air, and that is what we have begun doing as of last year. For more than a generation congress and the people have pushed the paying of the bill off until the future. While the future is arriving in this decade. Inflation seems the only way we can pay the bill. All the money of all those who earn over $37,000 a year would only be enough to run the country for one year, so you can’t tax the country into prosperity anymore than you can spend it into prosperity. When the American economy collapses, in two years or ten, it will take the whole world with it. Can this be avoided? It’s not impossible, but not unless Americans return to the God of their ancestors and the beliefs of those who founded this great nation. For decades now we have been infiltrated by those who believe in “no accountability” grab what you can while you can “the world owes me a living” the rich are the evil ones who keep the poor down, and blah, blah, blah. The truth is no one owes you anything.

            “As you sow, so shall you reap,” is a fundamental law of the universe. Do we have an obligation to help the downtrodden? Of course, but welfare and money for drugs and alcohol is not help. A job is help! When the crash eventually comes many of those under 35 today are going to have a hard time of it because they have been brain washed by the system. Some think that God is the State and the State is God. I actually heard a few years ago, someone say, “What do you need God for? You have the Democratic Party?” Many are unprepared physically or spiritually for the hard times that have just barely begun (there may be a reprieve, a sort of probation, if congress gets it right and stops the hemorrhaging of the debt) but hard times are still coming. The good news is that God is always there, He loves you and there is nothing you can do to make Him love you more than He already does, but you have to accept his help by asking for it. He can thwart the plans of the George Soros’s of the world, who believe that the USA stands in the place of their idea of how the world should be run. Soros isn’t the only one of course, and there are many more, like him, here and abroad, in government and the media. They are not more important because they have multi-billions. They simply have more responsibility and some of them are creating a hell of their own making, but that is true of many, not just the rich. We may not be in the last days of the ‘end times’ as outlined somewhat cryptically in the Bible, but we are certainly in the beginning of them, and the world of the 21st Century will be more changed than even President Obama can imagine or his czars and his congress can conceive. Some of it might even be good but God help us if we think we can do any more than the Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany, or Castro’s Cuba, if we think we can do it without asking for God’s help, and if we continue to think that we,ourselves, are gods.

  • patriot1776

    The foundation of the left’s ideology is contradictions, half-truths, and feel-good emotional utopian dreaming. Reality is inconsequential to the leftist. He/She will ignore their own hipocracy in an effort to obtain and promote economic, political, and personal equality. Because they beleive this to actually be obtainable and moral. It is neither. Even their thoughts betray them sometimes with the truth. This too is ignored and skipped over as something that must be too hard for them to understand, or something that has an explanation unknown to them at the moment. Believing in two opposing viewpoints at once is common for the leftist. Such as, It is wrong to steal from others for my own personal gain, but it ts good to have the government steal from others for the same. Unfortunately left-thinking people don’t understand that while their intentions may be good, the end product of advancing their beliefs is ALWAYS equal misery under despotism. Not equal opportunity under liberty. I can say all this with confidence as I am a former believer in this ideology myself. Most of us grow out of this backwards thinking with age and experience. However some never do, and some take advantage of those who fall under its spell(politicians,left AND right).

  • sparrow47

    See this is the civility the democrats have, and if only the republicans had such civility we wouldnt have had the Tuscon massacre lol.

  • JeffH
    • Patty

      We need to bring our people home. The American population needs to start protesting against these “wars” like they did in the 60′s against vietnam. Let the middle east kill each other off. They have done it for centuries and they will continue to do it whether we are there or not. We need to get out.

  • JimH

    One of the lies libs want people to believe is that the Tea Party movement is “just a bunch of bigoted white guys”. It really irks them to the point of feeling betrayed if they see a minority joining and supporting the movment. If some of the people bothered to find out what the Tea Party movement was about, instead of believing the fallacies and inuendo’s there would be more supporters. The reason the Tea Party scare’s the living daylights out of the left isn’t because what the party stands for is wrong, it’s because it’s because they hit the nail square on the head. They can’t debate the issue’s square on, they have to make false accusations with nothing to back it up with.

    • Patty

      My neighbor ran for office this past Nov election. She lost pretty badly. She is (was?) a staunch democrat. When I talked to her after the election, her comment was that she was looking for a new party. I have tried to talk her into going to a tea party rally with me. She is still resisting. She could not believe what the democrats wanted her to back in order for them to help fund her campaign. She was very disappointed to say the least with the whole process.

  • Eddie47d

    Patty; You and others can lambast government and call them worthless because you see evil in everything. Governments are not out to make a profit (any country)so how in the world can they be expected to be on budget even most of the time. I don’t agree with any of the wars we are in yet I know they are expensive and there is no way to know how much they will cost. There goes the budget. Jobs sent overseas creates unemployment and creates numerous costs to businesses and government. There goes the budget. NASA sends up shuttles and some don’t make it. There goes the budget. Population grows and school districts can’t keep up with building new schools. There goes the budget. Oil companies have spills and the government has to spend extra millions to help clean up. There goes the budget. No one likes hurricanes and tornadoes but they happen and hear comes the government with unexpected costs(FEMA,Corp of Engineers,etc). There goes the budget.Private companies and homeowners can’t do it alone.The Post Office has a huge cost in gas and transportation and by law they can’t raise the cost of stamps to cover the yearly losses.There goes the budget.The Dept of Agriculture get hit every year by farmers who loose crops because of weather problem.There goes the budget.How does that wider safer bridge get built in your community? Lots of help from the government.There goes the budget. In mining communities the government(EPA) has to step in and clean up abandoned cesspools which have tainted local drinking water because of irresponsible mine owners. There goes the budget. Who has to fight forest fires that are unpredictable?There goes the budget. As populations grow so do the disasters and the demands on government.I’m leaving out dozens of government agencies and the rising cost of doing business with the American people. Can’t live with them and can’t live without them. Some try and compare with private business and they want government to run as smoothly as Arthur Anderson,Lehman Bros.,ENRON or GM. Well let’s hope not but they can’t be like Proctor and Gamble either, as an example. They know exactly how many boxes of soap they will sell every day and can predict their budget years in advance and how many employees to hire. When they sell more boxes of soap they make money and can hire more people. The government doesn’t have that predictable luxury unless they want to raise taxes. That’s like squeezing orange juice out of an apple.Americans crab about government but don’t want to pay for it. You also said that the government doesn’t do anything worthwhile for the good of the nation(success) but limited government might sound good but would anything get done. Should we have waited during WWII until the Germans landed in New Jersey? That war was a huge budget buster. The government also developed computers and the systems we eventually enjoy today. That spun off development for years and still does. Was that a waste of money? How about NASA and space satellites? Look at the technology and communications that came from that endeavor. The government didn’t make money but our nation prospered and millions of jobs were created. Then again that was when Republicans and Democrats at least attempted to work together.

    • Michael J.

      eddie47d said,
      “How about NASA and space satellites? Look at the technology and communications that came from that endeavor.”

      Absolutely, what would we have ever done without “Tang”? The Chinese space program also has Tang now, the only difference is that it’s the name of one of their astronauts.

    • Michael J.

      The government hires hordes of liberal bloggers and there goes the budget?

  • cowtrax

    eddie47d could you be a govmt employee/puppet?

    • Michael J.

      I believe the term you are searching for is “Useful Idiot”.


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