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Left Far Behind

June 5, 2012 by  

Left Far Behind
Last week former Alabama Democratic Congressman and Obama supporter Artur Davis announced his plan to become a Republican.

Former President Barack Obama pal and Alabama Congressman Artur Davis walked off the Democrats’ plantation last week; following Newark Mayor Cory Booker onto whatever list comes right before Obama’s personal kill list. If the polls are even marginally accurate, today’s Wisconsin Gubernatorial recall election—a concept the Democratic Party officially opposed in California in 2003—is set to be a political Waterloo for Obama and his accomplices.

The European economic picture wobbled like an old television with a broken vertical hold knob and the Continent’s leaders ignored the politically vestigial Obama while attempting to fix it; although that might have been in response to Obama’s confusion over which side constituted the good guys during World War II. And then, the week ended with news that Obama’s socialist tinkering has left the employment picture even uglier than previously thought.

Channeling his port-canted colleague Paul Krugman, New York Times pseudo-conservative David Brooks attempted to comfort Obama following his brutal week: “…you have to feel sorry for him. This is in large degree not his fault. Things are happening way beyond his control.”

I might be inclined to loan Obama a shoulder to cry on were it not for the fact that the dire circumstances in which he’s currently foundering are entirely his own creation. For further proof consider that Brooks–who is to true conservatives what a veggie burger is to the porterhouse at Smith & Wollensky’s™–is merely mouthing the same “don’t blame Obama” platitude the Democrats invented to explain away Obama’s unrivaled ineptitude.

A cursory examination of that liberal line reveals more than the left probably wishes the rest of us could glimpse. By suggesting that the economic, diplomatic and social plights which currently bedevil the Nation are somehow beyond the reach of Presidential influence, the Democrats and their enablers in the corporate media—nearly all of whom blamed President George W. Bush for everything including bad weather—are essentially acknowledging something about which we at Personal Liberty Digest™ have been warning you for quite some time: Obama is as far out of his depth as an MSNBC host on Jeopardy™.

What’s worse—for Obama, at least—the Democrats know it. While Obama skated around Wisconsin in an effort to avoid further damaging recall challenger Tom Barrett’s fading chances, former President Bill Clinton, the dough-faced lothario to whom current Secretary of State and former bitter Obama rival Hillary Clinton is “married,” kicked the President squarely in the shorts. During an interview, Clinton praised presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney for his business acumen and involvement with the unfairly demonized Bain Capital.

“…(Romney has) been governor and had a sterling business career (that) crosses the qualification threshold. I don’t think that we ought to get into the position where we say this is bad work. This is good work.”

Clinton did qualify his remarks; but the ship was out of the harbor. According to Clinton, Romney is no Blackbeard and Bain is no Queen Anne’s Revenge. Far be it for me to suggest that Clinton might think this November is a foregone conclusion; but the most popular Democrat in America just kicked out the peg leg on which the most important Democrat in America has been limping. If the king rat set foot on the plank; can the rest of the horde be far behind?

 -Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • factnotrhetoric

    Romney is the white Obama, both owned by the Bilderberg Group. Romney is the Bush Protege, or new puppet of the Bilderbergs.


    The stated goal of the Bilderberg Group is to overthrow the US Government and replace it with a Bilderberg New World Order Dictatorship and Bilderberg Currency.

    Obama and SoS Clinton met with the Bilderbergs in 2008. Clinton dropped out 2 weeks later and Obama became president in 2008 making Clinton Sec of State.
    George H.W. Bush attended in 1985. He became president in 1988.
    Bill Clinton attended in 1991. He became president a year later.
    Tony Blair attended in 1993. He became prime minister of England in 1997.
    Romano Prodi attended in 1999. Later that year he became president of the European Union Commission.
    In 2004, Sen. John Edwards spoke to the group. He was later anointed the Democratic vice presidential nominee by presidential candidate John Kerry.
    Other attendees are the Washington Post and the NY Times.
    Schmidt, Eric E. Executive Chairman, Google Inc
    Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times
    Wooldridge, Adrian D. Foreign Correspondent, The Economist

    A summary can be found at:

    The 2012 official list of attendees can be found at:

    • stopspending4

      The only way to definitely know if Romney will act like a conservative or a democrat is to elect him and then hold his feet to the fire. He needs strong conservatives behind him in congress and also in society. If people walk away from this election because neither Obama or Romney are their first choice in candidates, it is quit likely that we will have four more years of Obama. I do not think the country can return to it constitutional past if we continue with the Obama path.
      Romney may not be everyone’s first choice but he is the only alternative to four more years of failed policies and attempts to spread around the wealth.

      • boscout

        No thanks.

        Best wishes!

    • Alan

      What is their benefit when you say;

      ‘The stated goal of the Bilderberg Group is to overthrow the US Government and replace it with a Bilderberg New World Order Dictatorship and Bilderberg Currency.’

      Do you have any idea what they would do more than they are doing now? From what you say it sounds like they have a great influence now.

  • Warrior

    Well, ask yourself this. Am I a democrat first or an American? Appears some at least are coming to the “right” conclusion.

    • factnotrhetoric

      This is how RINO’s are created. (Republican in Name Only)

      • Becca

        Let’s see if they are actually going to become real Republicans (Conservative) or just “say” they are Republicans to con the Americans into more complacency and then they will vote for the LEFT. Ah HA !! Wake up call. I don’t trust any of them. They are a lying bunch of scum intent on destroying our Constitution and our Freedom !!

  • eddie47d

    Some of us recognize the accomplishments of the opposition and give credit where credit is due. We even say it out loud not like some of you who attack Obama and blame him for everything including the weather. Heck Romney isn’t a terrible guy but he is a consistent flip flopper and changes his mind depending which way the wind is blowing. That’s a lot of diaper changing! Clinton wasn’t a bad President but had the problem of keeping his zipper on speed dial. Corey Booker is being practical and rather smart by not taking sides on every issue. Americans want someone who sees the dangers presented by either side and will be their own man. Instead of strictly following the Democrat or Republican label. Now that is personal liberty!

    • David A Deal

      Well stated and Obama has been his own man and not always taken the advise of aides when he knew something was the right thing to do despite the risks. Obama has disappointed his base at times by reaching across the aisle but has gotten less give and take and more opposition from the other side than any President in history as the right win fundamentalists, bigots, Limbaugh and his ilk push Republicans further to the defiant right inflexibility.

    • momo

      “Obama is his own man.” Get off the dope David A. Deal, Obama and Romney are bought and paid for by Wall Street and big business.

      • David A Deal

        ve never done a single illegal drug in my life and only take a daily aspirin for my heart so let’s not slander people without proof. I do however have liberal views about weed and believe it needs to be decriminalized and accepted as a viable medicine. Our jails are bursting at the seams and draining us because of draconian drug laws made mush harsher over the last 25 years. We would be better off spending money on rehab than jails.

    • d.bin

      The only reason Obama doesn`t flip flop is because he is so arrogant, how can he flip flop he thinks he can make all the decisions himself, without even putting it before Congress. He is not a leader, nor a team player. He has no idea, and he is ruining this country. I would vote to put Jimmy back in office to get him out before he acomplishes his dispicable goals.

      • eddie47d

        With a do nothing Congress Obama has to take the bull by the horns.

  • Tom Cook

    obongo is a shoeshine boy organ grinder’s monkey bonobo affirmative action Kenyan communist mus loser with no slightest bit of native ability(pun intended)or intellect much above a common marmoset. With his mulatto paleness and redneck jug ears and less platyrhine nose than the average jet black savage Somalian he appeals to liberals who have provided him with a cover story where there is no real genuine background except banality and taught him to read a teleprompter so that he can speak almost as well as a Toucan I know. He is a true hero of the liberal gender.

  • BJ.Holmes

    We know little about Obummer’s heritage. But we can recognize that he is against America. What more do we need to know. He has gotten us into such a mess that only God can help us. We must pray and be obedient to be blessed.

    • factnotrhetoric

      I disagree that “only God can help us.”
      I believe God helps those that are willing to help themselves.

      Remember the modern parable of the minister trapped on a church roof in a rising flood. The water was rising, a rowboat came by and offered him a hand. He refused and told them “God will save me.”
      A speedboat came by and offered him a hand. He refused and told them “God will save me.”
      Finally a helicopter came by and offered to pick him up and he again refused and said, “God will save me.”
      He drowned. When he faced God he asked God, “Why didn’t you save me?” God answered “I did. I sent a rowboat, a speed boat and a helicopter!”

      • Steve E

        And God sent me to help vigorously fight for you freedom. But now one recognizes that yet either.

      • Damon1

        I would have to disagree that God helps those who helps themselves! If your are helpng yourself, you are tellng God “hey I got this” and God steps back and says ok go ahead I’ll just watch! It’s when you say “Jesus take the wheel I can’t handle this on my own” Then and ONLY then will God take over and handle the situation for you!!!!

        • David A Deal

          As an Atheist I find the whole arguement illogical except the concept about taking
          personal responsibility for our actions.

    • slapjack

      God helps those who help themselves!!!!!!!!

      • cawmun cents

        So if someone shoots your sexual organ off and helps himself to whatever belongs to you,you think “god” is helping them do this?
        That is some funny stuff.

    • Neil Swan

      obama is definately for America. It’s the tea party that’s against America. The religious right is also against Americas right to believe in any religioun.


      • d.bin

        You have no idea what you are talking about, Neil. so why don`t you give us all a break and go watch cartoons.

        • David A Deal

          Truer words have never been spoken than by NEIL SWAN! TeaBAGGERS and religious FUNDAMENTALISTS are the divisive and regressive problems in our present political climate.

      • nancy

        What are you talking about? The Tea Party’s entire mission is to restore the values this once great country was built on, which worked pretty darn well for over 200 years until we strayed from those values and principles. How is promoting the Constitution against America? Obama’s socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money. He appologizes for America and offers up our soverienty on a platter? Does the Tea Party do that? Stop being brainwashed and do some research,

        • David A Deal

          The Tea Party is just a group of disgruntled whiners. FDR was more of a socialist than Obama and he saved our country. The facts and the rhetoric about Obama don’t match because those in the extreme exaggerate or flat out lie about him. I was on Snopes or factcheck recently and researching an old email with obvious lies about Obama and they had to have an entire separate page for all the ficticious emails and such that had been circulated about him, all misleading if not completely false. The particular one I was researching had only one fact in it and that was the name on a man who worked at a place that existed but he denounced the statement about something attributed to him. The opposition to Obama is unprecedented and can be attributed mostly to racism and religious fundamentalist extremists and whacko conspiracy nutjobs.The brainwashing is on the extreme right with mindless dittoheads wanting to believe the nonsense. It’s like extreme fundamentalist religious people who deny science because it contradicts some of their absurd beliefs.

  • wandamurline

    Here is the most frightening thing that comes to my mind about the election in November and why Obama must be defeated. There are four Supreme Justices sitting on the bench and their ages range from 76 to 81… you want Obama putting four more activists, socialist, marxists communists on the bench…..America will be lost forever unless we have an all out revolution to remove the tyranical government which we now have. That is why this election must be won by the GOP. Most people have not considered that one.

    • Daveh234

      Seems that the activist judges have come from the GOP picks ,too.

    • factnotrhetoric

      This election must be won by Ron Paul, not Romney and the GOP. Your are right about a revolution. My hopes are still for a peaceful revolution.

      A “RON PAUL REVOLUTION” is a whole lot better than an armed revolution.

      Romney will continue the insanity of appointing socialist, marxists, and communists on the bench. Romney and Obama are both owned by the Bilderbergs.

      • speedle

        Good Lord man, wake up. Ron Paul is not going to be President – next year or ever. You might as well be promoting Teddy Roosevelt for the office. Get over it. If you want to do something positive help promote some of Paul’s ideas and get them made part of the GOP plank. It’s the only way we can win in the long haul. What are you trying to be, some kind of martyr? If so, no one cares

      • factnotrhetoric

        For those that realize the threat of Romney/Obama, Ron Paul is still in the race.

        He has not quit the race, as the Bilderbergers want you to believe with their news blackout.

        Ron Paul is doing his job and winning the majority of delegates in state after state.

        There will be Ron Paul Festival and Rally at the Republican National Convention.

      • speedle

        factnotrhetoric, you are in serious need of some kind of professional attention. Ron Paul is not gaining any electorial votes. It is over. Ron Paul is just trying to make an impact on the GOP agenda, which is fine. Get this ; Romney and Obama are not the same – not even close. If Ron Paul is a crocodile then Romney is an alligator while Obama is something out of a “Men In Black” movie. Come on man.

      • d.bin

        If you vote for ron paul you are throwing away your vote, he`s not even on the ballot. We have a choice of osamabama and Romney, and I will guarantee you ANYBODY is better than O.
        Go ahead , vote for Paul. Lets all write in our own choice, I like Reagan. Watch who gets in !

      • factnotrhetoric

        The Bilderbergs have planned war with Iran and Syria for 10 years. Romney/Obama both want war with Iran and Syria. Ron Paul wants to stop the endless wars.

        The Bilderbergs planned to bankrupt America by promising the Ignorant Masses free medical care, free welfare, free food stamps, free unlimited unemployment, free unlimited frivolous law suits, and free college. Bilderberg’s Romney authored Romneycare and Bilderberg’s Obama authored Obamacare using Romneycare as a blueprint. Ron Paul will end Obamacare.

        The Bildebergs planned to bankrupt America through borrowing. Obama is solely responsible for $6 Trillion of the $16 Trillion Dollar Deficit. Romney says he will basically ignore the deficit and it will take care of itself in 10 years, or two years after his 8 year term ends. Ron Paul will balance the budget at the end of one year.

        The Bildebergs promote both Romeny and Obama in their Bilderberg Newspapers and Bilderberg News Media. The Bildebergs have a news blackout on Ron Paul. Microsoft MSN, the Washington Post and Google were a few in attendance in VA this weekend.

      • speedle

        factnotrhetoric, get some help, please.

      • factnotrhetoric

        Speedle, you better collect your paychecks from the Bilderbergs early.

        They will cut your paychecks off as quickly as they destroyed, Greece, Venezuela, Spain, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, etc. etc, etc.

        There is no honor among thieves.

        You might start demanding your paychecks in cash. Oh I forgot, the Bilderberg/Obama/Romney plan is to cause hyperinflation by bankrupting the US, and destabilize the US Government. Your US Dollars won’t be worth much either when you get them. You might ask the Bilderbergs to pay you in Dinars or Drachmas instead. Although they ruined the Drachmas back with their illegal short selling back in 2010. NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES.

      • factnotrhetoric

        REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, STUPIDLY, ROMNEY WAS AT THE 2012 BILDERBERG MEETING IN CHANTILLY VA LAST WEEKEND. This is really stupid because the Bilderbergs came out of the closet this same weekend, exposing him as not being on the list of attendees. Journalist Charlie Skelton exposed Romney was at the meeting.

        You won’t read that in any of the Bilderberg News Agencies like MSN. Bill Gates attended Bilderberg in 2010. So MSN attended the last 3 years. Google attended the last 3 years. The Washington Post rarely missed a meeting, LA News group is always represented, etc, etc, etc,

        The constant agenda of the Bilderbergs is to overthrow the US Government through hyperinflation, riots and a Bilderberg Martial Law Dictatorship where the Bilderbergs own everything and the citizens are little more than serfs.

  • Jim K

    First, Smith & Wollensky’s on the Vegas Strip is one of my favorite restaurants. Second, what’s that saying, “you can fool some of the people…..” You get my drift all isn’t right with the USA. You can only pump out the verbage (as in garbage, not verbiage) for so long. Eventually it starts smelling like garbage. I don’t remember him ever owning up to a mistake without ultimately blaming others.

  • Kevin

    “Obama is as far out of his depth as an MSNBC host on Jeopardy™.”

    I can’t stop laughing at this one Ben, way too funny!

    • Bill

      This is to reply to Speedle not you Kevin. but speedle needs to understand that Rosevelt was seeking ways to dispense with the Constitution and his block was the Preamble that he said had to be out of the way so that hem, a progressive, could dispense with parts of the constitution that he did not want. That is progresse. i don’t think you would recognize a progressive one bit your eye ball. Getting rid of the constitution piece by piece is their objective for years and continues at a rapid rate today. Speedie, you do not understand what it is all about in my humble opinion. you can find help by reading the constitution and understanding human nature and the meaning of Liberty and Freedom. You might want to start with John Locks “Second Treaties of Government” just throwing out words without meaning is like a baby babbling.

    • David A Deal

      I would pit any MSNBC host against any Fox Faux News host., after all Jeopardy is a game of facts which conservatives get confused by.

      • Babs

        Well of course you would David because you are an idiot liberal who has bought into the socialist agenda of the left media. You have no clue except the propaganda spewed on your liberal news media. What a moron!

        • David A Deal

          equal rights for women as opposed to the misogynous beliefs of the bible which was created by MEN to control others. Palin, Bachmann and GW and their ilk would be my dream opponents Well this liberal idiot has won nearly $13 Million on facebook Jeopardy and you can’t do that by accident and I don’;t buy into anything. I just lgically analyze statistics and live by the American premise of true Freedom. “Do whatever you want so long as you do not infringe upon another’s rights”. When right wing fundamentalists try to legislate their morality upon others they take away our freedom of choice. My priorities are avoiding war and the expense and animosity it creates coupled with the loss of our citizen soldiers and a FAR greater number of innocent collateral damage civilians. I believe in gay marriage because it is equal rights and does not infringe upon others rights. I believe in should I ever make it onto Jeopardy myself because I’d be guarateed to win. And my 148IQ would belie your assessment of my idiocy!

      • David A Deal

        REPOST DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES THAT CAUSED PREVIOUS POST TO BE MESSED UP. Well this liberal idiot has won nearly $13 Million on facebook Jeopardy and you can’t do that by accident and I don’t buy into anything. I just logically analyze statistics and live by the American premise of true Freedom. “Do whatever you want so long as you do not infringe upon another’s rights”. When right wing fundamentalists try to legislate their morality upon others they take away our freedom of choice. My priorities are avoiding war and the expense and animosity it creates coupled with the loss of our citizen soldiers and a FAR greater number of innocent collateral damage civilians. I believe in gay marriage because it is equal rights and does not infringe upon others rights. I believe in
        equal rights for women as opposed to the misogynous beliefs of the bible which was created by MEN to control others. I believe in women’s rights to make decisions about their own bodies, I believe in assisted suicide when a person is suffering from terminal illness. I believe in the historically functional tax rates on the wealthy that worked in the Clinton era and prior to the VOODOO economic debt TRIPLING policies of Reagan. Palin, Bachmann ,GW and their ilk would be my dream opponents should I ever make it onto Jeopardy myself because I’d be guarateed to win. And my 148 IQ would belie your assessment of my idiocy!

      • John

        If you are so intelligent, then you must know that the liberal media lies to you and everyone else. An example is the Zimmerman incident. NBC has admitted to lying. Also, as far as taking away freedom of choice, Obama has been taking that and every other right with his Executive Orders! He signed over 900 since taking office! If Bush did HALF of the things that this president is doing, you liberals would be screaming to high heaven and bitching until he left office. And yet, you are silent now. Not a single peep from any of you! That is the definition of a hypocrite! Speaking of such, President Putin, who is no friend of this country, said that any Democrat who criticizes Bush for Iraq, EVEN when the Democrats in Congress voted for the war, is a hypocrite, because Clinton did the same in Yugoslavia! You don’t complain when Obummer takes our rights. He is taking yours too! And yet, you blame Republicans! LOL! And you call yourself intelligent? I am not convinced.

        • David A Deal

          FACTS- Obama 122, GW Bush 290, Clinton 363, Bush Sr 167, Reagan 376, Carter 319, Ford 168, Nixon 345, LBJ 323, Kennedy 213, DDE 481, HST 893, FDR 4466, Herbert Hoover 995 totals of EXECUTIVE ORDERS by each President. In FACT you have to go clear back to Chester B Arthur to find a President who actually issued fewer executive orders than Obama. So either you lied hoping to fool the fools who want to believe the propoganda or you were misinformed by some right wing source with an agenda and you failed to be responsible enough to look up the facts before spreading another right wing lie.

      • http://Facebook Michael Morris

        Babs really shows her intellect by calling you a liberal idiot David. When out of facts or misinformed, people like Babs can always rely on name calling. Maybe if Dick Chaney would run for president she (i’m guessing Babs is female) would be happy to have a president who had no other outside interest and put America and its citizens first, like he and president Bush did for 8 years.HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa Babs, pull your head out of your ass and blame the guilty party and people responsible for America’s down fall

        • David A Deal

          Thanks DUDE, nice to see some level headed people amongst the hordes of mindless , fact avoiding, dittoheads.

      • d.bin


        • David A Deal

          Liberals tend to both accept and embrace the facts and truth because it usually favors us.

  • thomas g kroger

    He’s gotten it right.

    This is NOT an “administration.” It is a REGIME.

  • libertarian

    Romney-Obama, or is it Obama-Romney, two sides to the same coin. That’s our problem we need to get real and change the system. But, oh yes this is a two party-really one party system and one big powerful government structure fed by the elites, the corporations, the wealty and the ever self centered politician who come to the trough to feed on the taxpayer and his helpless misfortune.

    • David A Deal

      The two are little alike. Obama says what he wants to do and that’s what bothers conservatives. Romney has said so many contradictory things and done them that this scares conservatives. Obama wants to rduce military spending and raise taxes back to where they should be on the wealthy, two things that Clinton did to stem the Reagan VOODOO economics and military buildup policies that led to a TRIPLING of the debt to $6 TRILLION as Clinton held it flat until leaving with a surplus until GW returned to those same FAILED Reagan insanities and the debt soared again as Obama has been forced to live with the BUSH wars though hew is weaning us from those costly debacles and the TEMPORARY Bush tax cuts that have lasted a decade and are estimated to bring in $5 Trillion more revenues over the next decade when they expire. Romney wants to increase military spending to enrich the military industrial complex and cut EXTREMELY low taxes on weakthy even more ( a sure tried and true recipe for more soaring debt). WTF is wrong with conservatives and their blindness to history and facts and numbers?

      • momo

        For a guy with a 148 IQ you sure are dumb. Obama and Romney are owned by Wall Street, where do you think they’re getting all their campaign monies from, middle class America? Each one of these clowns is going to have close to a billion dollars in their campaign war chests, you don’t think the donors of those monies want something in return? Quit watching Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews and read Machiavelli, that’s really how the world works.

        • David A Deal

          Rachel Maddow is my hero and besides her Maher, Colbert, and Stewart deliver more accurate news than FOX and do it in an entertaining fashion that makes it truly enjoyable to watch.

      • d.bin

        David you have no idea what you are talking about ! ALL of our presidents up to this administration , together for what, 200 years only ran the debt up to $6.1 trillion. This administration all by itself over 3.5 years has ran it up another $6.4 trillion. THATS A FACT, CHECK IT OUT !!!!!

        • David A Deal

          I know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. When Reagan entered office it was $2 trillion, His tax and military spending policies TRIPLED it to $6 by the time his VP Bush left office. Clinton stemmed the tide with reduced military spending and raised taxes on the wealthy from the reduced Reagan rate of 28% to 41% and he created a surplus by the time he left office. GW entered and insanely went back to the tax cuts for mostly the wealthy and HUGE military sepnding with 2 wars. The debt rose from $6 to about $10.5 Trillion, that’s $8.5 Trillion. Obama has had to live with 2 BUSH wars and the decade long TEMPORARY BUSH tax cuts which when they expire are estimated to bring in $5 Trillion more revenue over the next decde. The USA Today a few months ago had an article pointing out that the ONLY increase in the debt created by OBAMA was the less than $1 Trillion dollar stimulus bailout package which hadn’t all even been spent and much of the auto loans have been paid back. Obama has tried to get taxation restored to a workable level on the wealthy but the RETHUGLICANS stubbornly block him while it causes the debt they decry to soar. Obama is getting us out of those costly wars and that will be a huge relief to our bloated military spending. George Washington said, ” We must work to pay off or pay down debt in times of peace.” He knew that war would unavoidably raise the debt and the bigger message is we need to avoid the costliness of $ and lives because of war.

  • nvrat

    It makes no difference, they will still be liberals even in the Republican Party. Only now they will be called RINO`s. More infiltration into the Republican Party.

    Long Live the TEA Party and may they triumph over Liberalism.

    • Steve E

      The Liberals, Progressives, and the RINOs hate the Tea Party because the Tea Party is on the right side and the others are on the wrong side. Evil always hates the Good that get in the way of their tyrannical ambitions.

      • Bill

        With you.

  • http://None Mike C

    The Artur Davis story is not being covered by Yahoo, MSNBC, or CNN.

    What should be reported is that he said this:

    “I have regularly criticized an agenda that would punish businesses and job creators with more taxes just as they are trying to thrive again.”

    If people study history they would know that Hoover despite being a Republican increased taxes of the wealthy, added tariffs, and increased corporate taxes following the stock market crash. Of course it is well known that it did not work.

    Liberals you are fleas that keep bleeding your host. Careful not to take too much blood, you’ll be stuck with a dead carcass then how will you pay off all that debt?

    • 45caliber

      They have no intention of paying of any debt! The idea is similar to the tactics used by the “owners” of indentured servants (and the pimps who enslave girls in the sex trade today). They make everyone slaves who have to “repay” the money spent to keep them – which is always higher than the amount any of the slaves can repay. Like the pimps, they pay out perhaps $10,000 a year to keep one of us but charge us $100,000 for the effort they put into it. And until we pay this off, we and our children and grandchildren must labor for them.

      And how much REAL debt is there when they print the money and then “borrow” it from themselves to spend? With us being the ones to repay that “loan”?

      • http://Facebook Michael Morris

        How was the debt going to be paid when Bush left office and there were still 2 wars going on and a huge surplus of $$$$$ pissed away to stimulate the economy at $250.00 a pop. WTF do you so called conservatives think should have been done to allow us to recover from the deficit left behind by 8 years of Bush? How can anyone get any thing done when you have a party (republican) who refuses to work with a president that the people put in office?

        • David A Deal

          GOOD JOB Morris, you hit the nail on the head!

  • MAP

    I can think of no more eloquent a speaker to refute the regime under which we live and the communist whine and pity post from Flashy yesterday than the realistic Walter Williams:

    We should be wary of doctrines that appeal only to our emotions.

    • Steve E

      Great article. We have become a country where evil is legal. Too bad that evil people can never grasp that.

      • 45caliber

        Most are like Saddam Husein. When he was on trial for murdering thousands of his own people, his argument was: “You can’t try me for that! It was legal because I made the laws and made it legal! I didn’t break any laws!”

    • 45caliber


      I agree. I’ve always liked Dr. Williams’ writing.

  • 45caliber

    There has been several important Democrats who are insisting they cannot and will not vote for Oblama come November. A few more can’t hurt. Who knows, perhaps some of the zombie Demo voters might actually have to stop and think about those leaving the sinking ship.

    • Bill

      yea, but we have to be aware that those who might be stating that they are leaving the ship are only doing it so that they will be a candidate for reelection as a Rino. We have to be skeptical of every thing any politician may do or say. Question absolutely everything. It is their words that they don’t say that should be examined. This can be done by doubting everything they do and say, then by doubting you will be lead to the truth. Overturn every word until you find the truth. .

      • d.bin

        HILLARY said a year ago that she wouldn`t be working with this administration if they were reelected. The Secretary of State quit over a year ago, and you zombies don`t even care ! I would be asking why she is quitting. Go play jeopardy or something !

  • craig wettstein

    Slick Willy could care less about Nov 2012…He’s setting the stage for Hillary in 2016!!!

  • jake

    not all democrats are totally stupid. some, like bill clinton and the alabama congressman that seconded nomination of obama in 08. now, we have a new rino. oh goody.

    • jopa

      Just like Ronald Reagan he went from Democrat to RINO and all of his policies back then would not make him even close to being a Conservative today.The Conservatives big hero (RR) was actually a Democrat .

  • gunner689AI

    Everything Willie does is for political reasons. My first impulse when I heard he said something good about Romney was that he was trying to covertly undermine the “Parties” confidence in BO’s electability and nominate him or his Frankenstein Bride as their candidate, She is just BO in a pants suit..

  • Silas Longshot

    Never trust a turncoat in any stripe, be it politician or soldier. There’s always too many opportunities for them to stab you in the back. Some, like McCain will preach how patriotic they are and then write up a little zinger like the ‘patriot act’.

    Click the name.

  • Bimbam

    With America and Americans out of the way one can do a lot of things to the world. All of it very bad! With America out of the way a darkness will descend on humanity.

    The Bible speaks of it, calling it a day where no man can buy or sell lest he has the mark of the beast!

  • Dens

    Congressman Davis realizes the former Democrat party is now the anti-American, Socialist/Communist side of the present so-called two party system. The Congressman wants to align himself with the vast majority of the citizens of his Country and their views which are decidedly anti-communist inspite of the government controlled “news” media’s best efforts and the present Communist administration’s clumsy attempts to subjugate the people.

    The Congressman knows what’s headed his way and he does not want to be ran over by it. He knows most Americans have had enough of the Communists/Progressives/Liberals and are no longer willing to stand aside and watch their Country be destroyed by these Marxist, Leninist dogs.

  • Ron b

    Well we now no…that during the last meeting at chantilly Virginia. At the biulderburg meeting, that we are considered to be nothing but cockroaches according to the globalist. So we should all understand that Obama or Romney is one in the same…merely puppets who read off of telepropters. The real movers and shakers are the globalist who want us all dead. So we as Americans have to wake up! To learn more tune into the Alex jones show. To really get the goods on these very sick individuals.

  • Mrs. Miriam Sarmiento

    Neil Swan, I feel sorry for someone that thinks like you and has no faith in God.My friend, Barack Hussein Obama is not the answer for U.S.A. Our country is in trouble.!

  • Damon1

    To all liberals; just some food for thought, 1st, if you think the rich should be taxed more, think about who pays your salery or wages, if you are working, are you working for a rich man or company or a poorman? Would you rather more money be taken from your boss so that it can go to the government and then dsitributed amungst the entitlement groups who think everyone owes them a living instead of working and earning what they get?
    Or does it make more sense to lower their taxes so they can possibly give you a raise and/or hire more people? Hmm?
    2nd, Ever wonder why companies move thier busnesses out of places like California or even the U.S. for that matter? High taxes maybe? If you could get something cheaper somewhere else woulldn’t go there? What if instead of raising taxes we lowered them so that more companies would come back to the U.S. and places like California, and if they did guess what, they would need “employees” Hmm, putting people back to work by lowering taxes what a noble idea! Oh and by the way, if you put more people back to work guess what “more revenue” Hmm!
    3rd And last but not least, the more entitlements there are, the more regulations there are, the more laws there are, and the more taxes there are, equals less freedom for us as U.S. citizens (thats you and me) rich or poor, republican, democrat, or independent, liberal or conservative. Which would you rather have more government controll or more freedom?
    The choice is yours my friend, you can have “big brother” telling you and your kids what they should and should not eat, or what kind of lightbulb you can buy, or what kind of car you should drive, or tell your kids that they “deserve their fair share” instead of working hard and appreciatng what they accomplish in life! We were once a great country and we can be again if “we the people” stand together and remind the government that they work for US (by the people for the people) not by the government for the government, GIVE US BACK OUR COUNTRY, STOP MAKING DECISIONS FOR US, GET OUT OF OUR LIVES SO THAT WE CAN PURSUE LIFE,LIBERTY AND HAPPINESS!

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  • terris

    Where did you get the uninormed idea that Dems all think, believe and act alike? If we did we wouldn’t be Dem’s.

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