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Leaving Las Vegas

July 29, 2010 by  

Leaving Las Vegas

Put a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters and you’re probably won’t get Hamlet. Put a couple hundred wingnuts at a couple hundred laptops and you’re lucky if they don’t fling feces.

Last weekend those wingnuts invaded Sin City for Netroots Nation, a conference for wired liberals who secured permission to escape their parents’ basements for a couple of days. They gathered to do precisely what they do at home (albeit, without parental supervision): hate conservatives.

Netroots is the annual summit of what was the far-left fringe of the Democrat party and is now the captain of the Democrat ship. The roster of sponsors is a who’s who of party stalwarts (including):, whose founder Markos Moulitsas openly celebrated the murder and dismemberment of Americans by islamofacist terrorists, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which provides the muscle when Democrats want to get literally tough with taxpayers, and the National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT), which have done more to retard national intellectual growth than anyone.

If the sponsors list was a rogue’s gallery of liberal groups, the featured speakers were a veritable carnival side show. Among those stars was Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who fired off an entirely predictable litany of leftist talking points, all with the core lesson of: the GOP = evil.

Pelosi also kissed a little baby-lib booty, telling the kiddies how gratified she was to see the assemblage of youth in the audience. She neglected to mention the same demographic includes Paris Hilton, kids who wear trucker hats and people who think vampires are cool.

Pelosi’s rant also included some new whoppers to go along with the usual bravo sierra: “We now represent the middle class.” Um… Madam Speaker… you’re a San Francisco society matron/ political heiress whose net worth is just shy of $13 million. Remember when the Dems clamored about George H.W. Bush not knowing the price of a gallon of milk? Which one of Pelosi’s domestic servants keeps track of the soy latte budget?

Maybe Pelosi is too far removed from the middle class—and middle age—to connect with the kiddies on their level. What about erstwhile comedian-turned Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.)? Franken served as the Netroots keynote speaker. Along with some unfunny icebreakers I’m hoping he didn’t pay someone else to write, Franken scared the Birkenstocks off his audience: “Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is planning to double his staff…” Issa, the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, wasn’t there to point out—the majority party always gets double the staff at the Oversight Committee. Astoundingly, his speech made no mention of convicted felon voters.

Those two heroes of hypocrisy bookended the usual self-congratulatory blather. Netroots patrons managed to absolve Obama and the Democrats of every broken promise of the past 18 months. A video of Obama’s so-called accomplishments was presented by Keith Olbermann’s mini-me, Rachel Maddow. Among the unmentionables were double-digit unemployment, and the continuation of both of the wars Obama pledged to end.

One of the fundamental tenets of the left is that consensus based on anecdotal evidence is the equivalent of proof, e.g.: so-called anthropogenic global warming. The problem, on display at Netroots Nation this past weekend, is that a consensus of people who think the earth is flat… is a consensus of morons. A hotel filled with people who echo each other’s sentiments, from the silly: “Obama is a great President” to the demonstrably untrue: “all supporters of Arizona’s SB1070 are racist” isn’t likely to put together anything substantive—substance having skipped Vegas for Atlantic City.

Netroots is self-important liberals discussing their consensus that conservatives are stupid/ ignorant, without considering the possibility that they could be WRONG. Netroots is a tinfoil hat brigadier who thinks George W. Bush bombed the levees in the Lower 9th Ward, and then saying he got his proof from the guy in the matching straitjacket.

Left-wingnuts hate the Tea Party, immigration reform, talk radio and (of course) Sarah Palin. They needed to go to Vegas for that?

Leave Vegas to those of us who are going there to get tanked and spend our money before Obama pinches it and gives it to you. Vegas lost cool points when they made it “family friendly.” Remember when you thought it couldn’t get worse than being in the room next to Floyd and Janice from Wisconsin and their five screaming kids?

Imagine it now, only instead of Floyd and Janice, it’s Nancy and Dianne from California, and instead of five shrieking tykes, they brought 500 shrieking idiots.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • s c

    A thousand chimps pounding on a typewriter have more potential than ten million ‘Democrats’ (or whatever you want to call them). They are a special brand of feces-slinging retards unto themselves. They deserve each other. Unfortunately, our science isn’t advanced enough, or we could ship them off to another solar system. I’d gladly say good riddance, and flip a sincere ‘bird’ or toss a Brooklyn raspberry in their direction.
    It must have been quite a scene, watching America’s knuckle-draggers descending on Las Vegas. I’m so sorry I missed it, but then I wouldn’t have been welcome there. Anyone who knows the difference between feces and shinola would know enough to avoid the event. So will the documentary be in line for an Oscar?

    • refuse2lose

      I would suggest that when science does become advanced enough,we put all Leftist wingnuts in a “green”spaceship and send them to URANUS.

    • Karolyn

      Don’t you realize how you hurt your credibility when you spout crap like that. You sound like a teenager in high school talking about the popular kids.

      • Karolyn

        Oops, I meant my reply for SC, but it fits you too.

      • nyloraK

        Don’t you realize you have NO credibility when you spout crap like that…prove he’s wrong…otherwise…zip it!

        • Karolyn

          First you PROVE he’s right! Now how on earth can you do that? It’s all subjective. Do you know what that means?

  • TIME


    Can’t you just see it all now when the pasty white Basement computer Kids get their draft notices all due to that special guy old Charlie Rangle and his great all new bill that all persons must serve in the Armed forces either oversea’s in the on going forever war of the moment, or here in the USA in the newly formed Barry Soetoro Home Guard special police units.

    It has that really cool ring of Hitler’s special body guards them super sweet fun loving guys in the SS. You all know the ones I speak of the fun loving party guys SS Camp Guards and Secret Police oh what fun it will be, badges and pins and black uniforms with red patchs and all that garb.

    Keep in mind, these special units will no longer be pledging to serve and protect the United States, no its now pledging to serve and protect Barry Soetoro thier new Demi God.

    Now thats a nice strong cup of Joe to go with them wild and crazy Neo Marxist slogans such as; “Workers of the World Unite,” along with the old standard; “Power to the People,”

    And that special new slogan; “Can ~ Can ~ Yes we Can ~ Can Change!”

    Don’t you just love “Useful Idiots?” :-)

    Hey all you useful idiots I am back, come out come out where ever you twisted little brain dead twits are. Red Rum.

    • Angel

      I read that bill. In fact, if it goes through….it won’t be pretty. I have heard some comments about it but I don’t want to repeat them…that will give a heads up to the progressives on what is to come.

      • TIME


        Your on target.

    • Karolyn

      Are there no “pasty white” conservative computer kids? More’s the pity. Why on earth would anybody put people down because they’re computer nerds and they aren’t like you? I just don’t get it. It doesn’t matter what goes on, as long as it’s non-conservatives doing it, it’s a joke, a lie, or some other terrible thing. All conservatives are good and all liberals are bad. That’s the message I’m hearing over and over. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS-HUMAN BEINGS!!! Helooo, anybody in there?

      • TIME

        Oh Karolyn,

        Where oh where did you drop in from?
        Hey heres a real ball buster for you; I am a “TRUE LIBERAL,” as well I am very consertive, WOW ~ now thats wierd hey.

        When you figure out what the words mean please feel free to post a responce I am looking forward to it. I am not you enemy unless your a marxist; then we are going to have some real issues.
        As you see I have no love loss for anyone who wants to control me or my life by twisted as well tainted political means.

        There are good and bad in everything, you just need to grasp whats black & white, the Ying & Yang, the Up and Down, the in and out.

        You have a great day now :-)

        • Karolyn

          Yeah, I get your meaning. But you know not everything’s black and white. That’s why in my later post I talk about the guy I heard on the radio. I could actually understand where he was coming from. When you get down to real conversation, then there’s something to talk about, possible common ground; but when you just come out blasting, name-calling, being downright mean, that is just plain teenage stuff and serves no purpose except for the name-caller to feel better about himself. I assume you are an adult?

          • TIME


            You think I am mean, I think your looking for the word “Caustic” I am not mean – I just call it as it is. A load of spoiled pantload brats who’s new I Pad while in their new $350.00 jeans complete with holes and the $250.00 sunglass’s, make the statment I am soooooo Coooool. That think that Barry Soetoro is GOD, I have no pitty for, I see them as the mindless empty butt head buffoons they are.

            I have been around the world and seen what its really like, as in for the most poor amoung us here in the USA, they are living like KINGS next to most places around the globe.
            Why do you think folks from Mexico are pooring over the bouders, due to Mexico being so Great?
            They have two class’s of folks there, the Haves less than .05% and the Have nots 99.05%.

            I am a very young 60 as in a large kid in an adult suit.

            I saw that you are back in school, if thats so – do yourself a BIG favor save your money.
            Rather than pay a bent teacher, go visit other countrys to see first hand how well we all have it here in the USA.
            It will educate you in ways that no teacher can ever come close to.

            Start in Africia, then go to South East Asia, then South America, then take a wild ride to Russia, and Estern Europe I can gurantee you it will change your life for ever.
            And by the way the education this will give you is “PRICELESS.”

  • chucky

    I’m sure the gay strippers and escorts made a nice windfall of cash last weekend. Along with the S/M providers. Wish the Las Vegas Vice would of set up a sting operation similar to ABSCAM they did in N.J. in the 80′s LOL

    • Karolyn

      And conservatives don’t go to Las Vegas, or cheat on their wives, or beat their kids and wives or, etc. etc. etc? What makes you such a paragon of virtue and judge of everybody else’s opinions and lives?

      • chucky

        I would of stated that statement if the Republicans were meeting there. You and the rest of the only “I pull a lever at the ballot box for Democrat or republican” because my union told me to, or I’ll have a tax advantage, or He is a leader(you will not get a leader voting Democrat or Republican in any office from federal all the way down to local government office, you get a follower) if this guy is in office I as a union member will prosper more by putting the stranglehold on a company or government for more money,more benefits, more pensions, instead of just taking an egg from the golden goose(economic times) you want to fry the goose in the frying pan and feast on him for today(companies and government at the state and federal level) and not care about tomorrow and the future, passing a sputterring torch to our children and grandchildren. And if the answer is no, (government union workers have got more raises and benefits than the private sector can only dreams of). Can you just take a no raise this time or pay a little bit for prescriptions and a doctor visit(most cases $5 more) you get protests and sign carrying union members in the streets. If you want real change, vote independant canidates in(we all need to vote that way for it to work. I know I am dreaming). I will put it in lay man’s terms with an example for you. In the 60′s there were 3 channels on your T.V. you watched and loved those 3 channels. Then in the 70′s you were up to 20 channels if you had cable and still 3 to 5 channels if you used the antenna. The big three channels still domanated until the early 90′s when there was an explosion of channels about 200-300 channels but most people still gave the big 3 (ABC,CBS,NBC) the lion share of the ratings up until about 2003. Other T.V. viewers started breaking that tradition of just mainly watching these three channels and ventured out to make other channels more popular. It is time to change the channel on the main 2 political Party channels that run our country. They are both corrupt,self serving. Will pit Americans against each other instead of trying to unite them, Will use the Illegals, race card or reverse race card to rally both sides, If we all send both parties a messege and vote for canidates from independent parties.wishful thinking too many are brainwashed. But you have to admit they could not do any worse than what is in office now.

  • chucky


  • refuse2lose

    Wow,now all the liberal loon biscuits can tell mom and dad that they got to hear some of the most mentally incompetent humans walking on the earth speak. How can anyone take these people serious? I have tried over and over again to think like a liberal….no absolute truth,relative morality,if it feels good do it,we are stupid and need government to change our diapers,America has been a very,very bad country and needs to be spanked….. I just can’t get my mind to wrap itself around these ideas.

    On a serious note,while it is ok to laugh about these people and their kooky logic,we really need to take them seriously. Our current administration is trying to destroy our country,and it is these people who will be standing behind him every step of the way. When they attack us,we need to attack right back, otherwise we will once again be left with a fascist style government hell bent on turning America into a 3rd world country.

  • Rick

    Just finished reading the Federalist papersthere to discuss those writings AFTE reading therm of Madison, Jay and Hamilton. Never would have done so without ther stimulus of having Oban=ma, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, etc. in office. The group in Las Vegas should have gone there to discuss the writings AFTER reading them. I am guessing trhat Obama has read them. If so, it’s clear he has no intention of maintaining the country on the premises of the writings or the Constitution.

  • Earl

    Geez…….Almost sounds like a star-trek convention!
    Geeks of the world unite!??

    Some people will actually believe them. Scary!

    • Bob from Socal

      Hey don’t put down the Trekkies like that. At least they know how to “Live long and prosper”

  • Marilyn

    Hmm, I wonder if they paid their hotel and food bills or did we tax payers foot the bill? Pelosi seems to think we tax payers should always pay for her “safety!”

    I think Paris Hilton and Pelosi might be related. :)

    • Angel

      But of course it was the taxpayers. That is their aim. Break us to the point that we have no choice but to get help from the government and then they rule. That is why they have been shipping jobs out of America. Americans have been losing more and more jobs and the job market has become so scarce. To keep it that way, they fight for Illegal immigration, higher taxes. To shut us up,they want to assassinate or put into a concentration camp, any dissident. All who do not agree will be considered non-conformist, home grown terrorists. They want out guns, so we can’t fight them. It is all little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You have to look to see where they fit into the big picture scheme of things.

  • http://none John Detwiler

    Obama is supposedly a Constitutional Lawyer. I would almost bet that if you were to ask him a question about it that he couldn’t answer you. The only thing he knows of the Constitution are the things that he disagrees with (Almost all of it) in fact as a self proclaimed Progressive he is of the opinion that the Constitutiion is a living document that requires change as the Nation grows. So far he has shown himself to be even worst than Carter as a President, and the thought that he still has more years on his term frightens me. We had better get those self serving Politians out of office and elect honest person in their place this fall.

    • s c

      John, what people call constitutional law is divided into two schools of thought. The first honors the Constituion, and tries to keep it intact (and enforced). The second group will talk about the Constitution, but when it comes to honoring it, they turn their backs on it and want us to believe that it needs to be a “living” document.
      Hillary and the prez belong to the latter group. Neither have much use for the Constitution. As a result, conservatives tend to have no use for Hillary or the prez or anyone who wants to pillage the Constitution and eventually destroy it.
      As the old saying goes, with “friends” like Hillary and the prez around, America needs no enemies.

    • Travis

      I wish the Constitution was a “living document” then it would get up with the conviction of the forfathers who wrote it & then proceeded to enter the Revolutionary War & kick some liberal ass for trying to destroy it.

  • Andrew Reilley

    Just awesome Ben. I know I am a bit off topic but this Arizona stuff yesterday put me in a real foul mood. This article not only gave me some great laughs I needed but some confidence too. When it looks like the world is going to the feces flingers it gives me hope to know we have you on our side. Keep up the AMAZING work.

    • TIME


      We are making them squrim like little piggies on the way to market!

      Keep pushing all the little pimples and they will pop.

      • Karolyn

        You people are so arrogant and so ignorant.

        • TIME


          Of whom are you speaking of? And what proof do you offer up to make your point valid?
          As I see it your post is well, lacking any value for the moment so perhaps you can qualify your post with a few details so we can better understand your point.

          Thanks for your responce :-)

          • JeffH

            TIME, well said with a little panache…

          • Karolyn

            Well, I’m speaking of the attitude that I see in the posts. “Squirming like little piggies.” C’mon. If you look at my other posts, I’m really just trying to get a handle on why people have so much animosity toward other Americans because they have different views. Human beings are being spoken of like they’re subhuman and defective. Honestly, I get emails from a friend of mine who is a conservative, and they’re disgusting. I get nothing like that from liberals. I just don’t understand.

          • TIME


            Perhaps my rather colorful post is a bit over the top, but and this is a big but. You see I grasp what the quasi or better stated fake liberals tend to post as being Liberal.

            As well I have lost family to Marxist radicals, so I see them as clearly as the sun light is during a bright day.
            I studied them in detail and just for the record when I was young and stupid I feel for that clap trap they were selling. As did countless others.
            Then when faced with the obvious nature of these over educated spolied brats that the WU amd SDS I then wanted nothing to do with them.

            They are nothing short of Marxist, I know I have read all their works as well what they hold out as their Bibles Mao’s book Marx, Alinski etc..
            Thus I can’t support not do I find Barry Soetoro and his merry band of thugs anything other than what they are Human waste material. If you find that offensive, I feel sorry for you, but do keep in mind I am black so its not a race thing, and I have far more money than Barry has too as I really worked and made money rather than sucking the American Tax payers blood like Barry Soetoro has done.

            Perhaps some day you too will see them in the true light of what they are.
            Perhaps the friends you speak of is not really quite what they claim they are.

            So best of luck with your learning curb. :-)

  • Dan-o

    At the last AFT convention 2010 held in L.A. deligates voted to spend $10,000 to research diversity of the AFT board. The speaker who propsosed it said to the audience she sees too many white people and she doesn’t like it.

    • Dan-o

      I would love to see the media dig up the footage (which was professionally filmed) and respond.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    More of our tax dollars wasted! They are such hypocrites!

  • Jan France @ Fernley News

    I’m not impressed. The left is defining itself as being a mob of narcissistic whiners. Mainstream news is no better and has caved by defining their industry based on ratings and the almighty buck.

    Everyone needs to stay engaged and question everything. Take nothing for granted.

    I’ll continue to be on the outside looking in and tout to be indebted to no party. Being independent does have it’s perks.

  • Raggs

    crack smoking Van Jones at his best…. pathetic misfits….

  • Karolyn

    I listened to an NPR interview this morning with a very intelligent young conservative who just wrote a book called, I believe, “Handbook for the Young Conservative”. It was such a pleasure to hear from an intelligent conservative. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview; and while I might not agree with everything he said, he was not snide or rude or assinine. It actually gave me food for thought. Yes, I am a liberal, but I have always listened to both sides. I never hear a thing when they’re screaming at me or calling me names or putting me down. Whatever happened to civilized debate? It seems like the whole country has become a bunch of neanderthals beating each other over the heads with clubs to make each other hear us.

  • Pete from Australia

    I find the debates really interesting, very similar policies being followed here.
    I’m 65, worked since 14 years of age and paid taxes, can’t get a pension as my wife works still. Anyone who jumps in a leaky boat, often with anti-Australian values, gets a home, medical help, everything.
    I feel like a stranger in my own country. We are getting a carbon trading scheme of some description when Labor (like Democrats) will probably get elected.
    This is based on corrupt science, backed by the communistic, re-distributive oriented UN, supported by brain-dead idiots who naively believe they are “saving the planet”.
    We are bringing in a watered down version of the failed “cash for clunkers” program like you have. All it does is being forward demand.
    The Keynesian “stimulus” packages are a complete failure. All they do is bring forward demand, and then the market crashes, and leave your country and mine deeper in debt.
    The Left wing of politics claim intellectual superiority, but never have we been so intellectually bankrupt.
    We need a strong dose of fiscal austerity and strong border protection policies. I think the voters in both our polities have been subverted, bribed, and can no longer think rationally. Shades of “fall of the Roman empire”.
    God help America (and Australia).

  • Raggs

    Role-up another one jones……
    You need it more than I do! ( which I don’t )

    While you are getting stoned, keep one thing rolling in your tiny head.. ( don’t crowd the emptiness )… you are an enemy of this country.

  • http://gmail i41

    Karloyn, you sound and think just like a college degreed, overeducated eleitist, walking idoit. We know you think the muslim marxist is a wonder, his is a wonder, why doesn’t he wander back to his spear chucking pedophile worshipping kin. He hates the USA, whites, capitalism, self suffiency, less government intervention in everything. All Omoron and every marxist no minded democrats love dictatorship, food police, governemnt control over anything in citizens lives, total government employment, no indiviality with anything, and government raising our children from birth till someone decides when you should expire. As a nano minded socialist tell us what government programs that has ever worked or not went bust, and only makes things worse, not better! Don’t wait for your slobbering Onumutts media to have an answer, blaming Bush does not get off the runway, give us an honest answer, every one know truth isn’t in socialist brain waves.

    • Karolyn

      Hey, 141, thanks! No, I’m high school educated but back in school at 63. I am not an elitist, just a 2nd generation American of working class parents, born in the northeast. You said “every one know” – Who is everyone? Sounds to me like you are just saying what everybody else here is saying. And that’s all it is – People saying the same thing over and over. People who think they have the answers to everything. People who speak in absolutes about other people they know nothing about. My post was about an INTELLIGENT conservative who actually got me thinking. Most of what I read here are comments from people who just want to create more noise and anger and see their words in print. It just reminds me of the “guys” sitting in the bar with the answers to all the World’s problems. Hey, run for office, why don’t you if you have all the answers.

      • s c

        K, in answer to one of your questions, progressives don’t sling feces at other progressives because that would violate alinsky’s first protocol (sling feces at anyone who’s not a progressive).
        May you learn something in school this time. Read and absorb the Constitution before progressives turn it into toilet paper for progressive ‘elites’, tell your kids that oral sex is sex, and try not to faint if you dare to do at least ten minutes of research on Margaret Sanger and why Hitler adored and adopted her “progressive” ideas.

  • http://gmail i41

    Karyln, you and I are both high school grads, I tried college for a year after 3 years of being out and raising livestock, the biggest problems with college is, the dumb asses proffessors, who have just went from one school to college after college. Theories don’t work in the real world of life. People tyhat come from the northeast very seldom have a distain for government control over their lives, my parents, mother was a teacher and wouldn’t join the NEA, my dad was a tool and die maker for Douglas and Boeing, was not a union member, both saved their money and bought ranches. What was instilled in my teaching, was make your own calls and decisions, some will be good and some bad. But it was my choice, not some overpaid lazy union boss and his thugs. Your muslim marxist idiol has never done a damn thing in life, but stir up strife, as he still doing even as I write. I would guess by you 60′s hippy attitude of governemnt and marxism beleifs, that unions are needed and should be in all businesses. I hope you are using your own money to go to school, not on everyone else’s taxes. As for every one saying the same thing, liberal progressive marxist do have a learning problem, to get a fact across to all socialist democrats it must be repeated over and over, for at least 3 generation. No matter how many facts a socialist is given and how many countries and civilizations have failed with this type of blue prints. Progressives, democrats, marxists, communists, socialists just will not acknowledge their idiotic thinking is destroying the USA. Since you are so enamored with marxist veiws, you should get on down to the MSNBC, CNN, or any other marxist site. I try to add a comment on their marxist love in just to ruin their socialist buzz. Have a good Night!

    • Karolyn

      Actually, 141, I’m on a Pell Grant. Anything that can help me get a job I’m gonna take advantage of! I live in rural SC where unless you’re a man, there are NO JOBS!

      • s c

        K, do yourself a big favor, and don’t chase any degree unless you get into a field that nets you absolute job security. People who have access to Pell grants are obligated to do their best. Please stay out of the social sciences, art and every feel-good discipline.
        Your chief goal should be to get into a field where jobs still exist. Your hero, Herr Obummer, is doing his worst to see to it that every American becomes a government employee. I don’t know how you got a Pell grant. I suspect you have no idea how lucky you are.

  • http://www.lasvegashotels. Gryph

    It appears conservative hating liberals and liberal hating conservatives have one thing in common, they like to hate, discuss how much they hate and yet, both still do not get anything done.

    I believe party bashing is a poor excuse to not knowing how to solve our current issues. America is becoming a sinking ship, and hating the other party isn’t going to help shore things up.

    • Karolyn


  • s c

    Gryph and Karolyn, your finger-wagging did not go unnoticed. Did you really think you can play the finger-pointing game and get away with it? First, the idea that the relationship between conservatives and progressives is not properly described as ‘hateful.’ And, please don’t confuse a ‘Republican’ with a conservative.
    What you don’t understand is that conservatives don’t hate progressives. We take issue with their core beliefs. Conservatives have no use for those who tinker with the Constitution, and do it out of selfish motives.
    We have no use for hypocrites who claim to be conservatives but aren’t. We have no use for those who claim to be morally superior, and work their evil ways by being amoral and immoral at the same time. Conservatives have no use for anarchists who mask themselves as workers for “social justice.”
    Conservatives have no use for people who claim to worship hope, change and transparency, and couldn’t give a royal damn about hope, change OR transparency.
    We believe The Founding Fathers did an amazing job in giving us what had the potential to be the world’s best government. What we have now is a shadow of what could have been. We’re where we are because of indifference, a herd mentality, greed and philosophies that truly HATE freedom and what America once represented.
    If you want to talk about HATE, talk about those who despise freedom. You might fool yourselves into thinking that your moral relativism approach best describes the relationship between conservatives and progressives. Your answer is a quick fix. It’s a quick ‘solution.’ What it really is is an EXCUSE.

  • Boo Ewald Taylor

    What a scary gathering of scary people.

  • gary

    Hey karolyn you should really learn to spell your name correctly. Your a plant from the other side sent here to rile everybody. You cannot be a Christian and a baby killer [or PRO CHOICE] at the same time [unless you are a democrat then you can be all things at once]. Funny YOU should talk about noise and anger, your side invented it. Now that it is being used against you all you can do is cry about it. The shoe is almost on the other foot. If you have a problem talk to Nancy about it because we don’t care about your opinions. Oh and not all conservatives are Christians, but maybe you might to try it sometime.
    Oh and Gryph if you don’t know or haven’t guessed yet It’s Human Nature. Go ask your shrink.


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