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Lean Forward

July 5, 2011 by  

Lean Forward

To suggest President Barack Obama is thin-skinned is an understatement on a par with: “Michael Moore should cut back on the Ben and Jerry’s.” In fact, as our embattled President has watched events spiral well beyond his meager talents, he appears to be developing a mild case of paranoia — even lashing out at his friends.

Last week, MSNBC’s senior political analyst Mark Halperin made a rather unfortunate choice in describing the hostility the President directed toward the White House press corps in a now-infamous press conference, saying: “I thought he was kind of a dick yesterday.” Obama was so infuriated by Halperin’s description that he dispatched White House spokespuppet Jay Carney to step on Halperin’s neck. Carney called MSNBC, and less than four hours after Halperin made the remark, he was suspended.

Here’s the tricky part: I have no problem with MSNBC suspending Halperin, and not just because I remember Halperin from his days as ABC News’ political director — (in 2004, Halperin instructed his staffers at ABC to tilt their coverage to favor Senator John Kerry over President George W. Bush). It’s their network; if they want to run like dogs every time Obama rolls up a newspaper, they’re welcome to it. But when did MSNBC develop such a heavy hand with their “talent?”

Let’s be honest, kids. As much as we all agree with Halperin (and as much as we all might want to laugh at Obama for dropping the hammer on the guy), Halperin shouldn’t have said it, and MSNBC was right to sit him down. Not that the word he used isn’t a fair assessment of Obama; it is. But there are so many other words he could have substituted. His choice just seems lazy to me. Halperin would have been just as accurate describing Obama as an idiot, a buffoon, a moron, a clown, a jackass, self-important, smug, arrogant, rude, a jerk, a twerp, an Alinskyite loon or (my old man’s favorite) the south end of a northbound bear.

But MSNBC’s suspension of Halperin does provide us with one of those “teachable moments” of which Obama is so fond. The same network that was willing to send Halperin to the showers for insulting Obama dithered for two days before deciding its morbidly obese misogynist Ed Schultz needed a little time-out after he interrupted his usual hate-filled lunacy to call Laura Ingraham a “slut.”

Trying to determine whether to keep a bloviating moron like Schultz on the air would be a Sisyphean task on the best of days. I don’t envy MSNBC management’s struggles after his verbal assault on Ingraham. But it is worth noting that they took two days to discipline the big fella.

Schultz is hardly the lone talking hairdo on MSNBC who has stepped across the line. Keith Olbermann has finally been consigned to Al Gore’s television gulag. But the word from inside the organization was that Olbermann’s dismissal was related to his notoriously unpleasant general demeanor (ask the boys at ESPN, but make sure you’re wearing earplugs before you do), not because of his mendacious on-air shrieking. Left behind in the wake of Olbermann’s exile is his pathetic mini-me, Rachel Maddow, who once claimed Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Texas) knew about the Murrah Building bombing before it happened. Maddow, who ultimately blamed the gross defamation on “an editing error,” didn’t miss a day of work at MSNBC, despite having said a then-sitting member of Congress was essentially an accomplice of Tim McVeigh.

I don’t have the space to recount the myriad examples of MSNBC’s distinct port-side lean; and Mr. Livingston doesn’t have the bandwidth. As a true conservative, I fervently believe in MSNBC management’s right to employ whomever they wish and to discipline them as they see fit. But I can’t help but notice that the same liberals who spent the eight years of President George W. Bush’s Administration calling him everything from weak-minded to a war criminal have suddenly discovered dignified discourse.

My problem with the events surrounding Halperin’s visit to MSNBC’s time-out chair has nothing to do with the events themselves and everything to do with why they occurred. Someone at a redoubtably liberal outlet like MSNBC evidently can say almost anything he wants about conservatives, and the consequences — should there be any at all–– will be slow in coming and low in severity. But take a swipe at Obama, and all hell breaks loose. If I’m going to “lean forward,” it means only that I’ve lost the remote and I’m changing the channel.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Jayd

    How did we get so many prestitutes in the media?

  • skippy

    Good article Ben. Hey, Mark went pretty darn easy on the O man if you ask me!!!

  • Vagabond

    Ben I dont have to change the channel. I quit watching msnbc when they fired Don Imus. he was the only reason I watched them at all,

    • EddieW

      I quit watching ALL alphabet media, when I discovered I can get the REAL news online!! and not the pap and entertainment, and heavily slanted news the networks give!
      Obozo, our Liar in chief has told the “media” that any negativity about him and they will be punished!! so they tell none of the many FELONIES he is commiting, nor the TREASON, Anyone else would be charged with, for giving money to a U.S.Listed Terrorist Organization…he gave 20.3 Million to Hamas…a US listed Terrorist org!!!

      • http://google gary gerke

        The only real source of news is the BBC they don’t lie about American politics or slant it right or left….I’m not English!!!!!

  • s c

    When you’re dealing with incompetents who manage to get elected, they tend to be extremely thin-skinned AND their first grade vocabulary skills become evident when they don’t know the difference between a normal wiener and a so-called dick.
    Isn’t it interesting how people can think so much of themselves that they have to act like thought police? So what did Obummer call Halperin? It’s a fair question.
    By the way, Mikey Moore is a certified dork. He doesn’t rise to the level of a real wiener or a dick. Besides, Ben and Jerry produce things of substance. Mikey just opens his big mouth and vents his flatulence in a way that’s easy for him (it’s so pc, too).

    • Patty

      Mickey Moore is too fat to find anything below his chin, much less, below the belt.

      • Carlucci

        LOL – !!!

      • KM

        what a great line. I was going to say the same thing only you did it in a more genteel way. so true!! Why doea Moore or other Hollywood types get any air time at all?
        Seems as if two plus years in office with the fawning media haven’t allowed Mr. O’s skin to toughen.

        • Dan az

          I think that it hit him a little to close to the belt and that he must not have been all black where it counts. :)

          • ron

            And your point Dan is what? Black, does not have feelings, black does not understand english, black should be used to being called any and everything negative, black and not truly equal to you?

          • Kate8

            ron – What the heck are you talking about?

            You make no sense.

          • ron

            What the heck was Dan az talking about. Not black in the right places? what the heck was that? Maybe you should ask Dan az Kate.

          • Christin

            Dan az,
            Too Funny!

            Sorry dude, but Dan’s comment went over your paniced (racist) head… actually Dan’s post was a compliment to the size black men’s privates, but not half black, half white O’s.

          • ron

            Christin, grow up. The black man penis joke went out with Jimmy the Greeks black man breeding joke remember? Do not try to twist this.

          • Dan az

            Sorry ron
            but I thought the smiley face at the end should of gave you a clue but even the smallest of detail’s seem to go over your head.Sort of like the smallness of O’s man hood?Good grief!

      • Palin12

        Michael Moore is so fat one time he tried the scale at the grocery store, and the ticket came out and said “One at a time, please”.

    • Freedom

      Good ole Michael “Manure Mouth” Moore, or is it less?

  • bsfurg

    when a person gets as mad as obmam did over the word dick it must have hit prerry close to home… tsk tsk obama that was a very mild word over all the other ones they called you…

    • Handyman

      I LIKE THE CHOICE OF ADJECTIVES IN THE ARTICLE. Halperin would have been just as accurate describing Obama as an idiot, a buffoon, a moron, a clown, a jackass, self-important, smug, arrogant, rude, a jerk, a twerp, an Alinskyite loon or (my old man’s favorite) the south end of a northbound bear.

      • Kate8

        I was thinking something more like south end of a northbound skunk. Everywhere he goes stinks long after he’s gone, and is really hard to clean up.

        Or how about porcupine. Once your hit, you’ve still got a lot of suffering ahead.

        Bears are much too dignified to be compared to O.

        • Bob from Calif.

          I think it is still an insult to the skunk when comparing it to Obama. Just like Al Gores Man-Bear-Pig, maybe Obama could be Man-Slug-Coli. I don’t think slugs or E-coli would be to offended. If you don’t know what Man-Bear-Pig is, it came from an episode of Southpark.

          • Kate8

            Bob from Ca – You may have a point.

            My yard is slug city. They slither around in the dark where you can’t see what they’re doing, and when daylight hits, all you see is devastation.

            Besides, while skunks only come out at night, too, at least they’ll give you more of a chance to save yourself than O does.

  • peter

    It seems to me that Halperin and Ben know the potus very well and are both able to assess characters pretty well. Thanks Ben – I enjoyed the article greatly. Funny how some folks react when you tell the truth about them. The truth shall set you free.

  • commonsense

    it’s just the common case of lefty double standard hypocrisy… again.

  • Ellen

    Along with thin-skinned, Obama is vindictive. He constantly talks smack about anyone who stands in his way, yet he can’t handle the slightest criticism. He smiles and pretends to be a nice guy and many people fall for the act. When he doesn’t get his way, he pretends the issue is done while he schemes to find another way to accomplish it (ie: Cap & Trade). He gloats when he wins and he can’t stand losing.

    • home boy

      hey, give him a break. he’s the head boss man now.

      • http://naver sook young

        Sorry, but being the head of our country there can be no breaks. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

        • Kate8

          sook young – You make an excellent point.

          If you’re going to rise to a leadership position, you should have enough experience, maturity and wisdom to put your personal foibles aside. The Bible cautions against putting youth in such positions of power, as they do lack the wisdom that comes with age and seasoning.

          Obama is a pathological narcissist. He simply cannot remove himself from any equation and, as Ben stated, simply cannot stand criticism (which is something that comes with the territory in American politics).

          Well, the Left put a babe in office, and now we’re paying the price, which could well be our entire way of life.

          • http://naver sook young

            I agree with you Kate8. He really has no business being the president or in any leadership position. He just doesn’t have the credentials. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

      • LindaLu

        He was going to bring this Country together – reach across the lines. Yeah right. He’s put more distance between the parties than I can remember. Join him though, and you’re ok. CHoose to stand up to him and you’re toast!

      • home boy

        head boss man is a joke. that’s what the slaves called their master’s

      • Wild Bill

        Home boy
        The little O got all the break he deserves when Netanyahu,during their shared presser,merely called Obama naive,rather than calling him a clueless,narcissistic,arrogant little piece of self animated excrement,which he does so richly deserve.Even so,the look of angry denial on the little O’s face was priceless.Only had he broken out in tears at Netanyahu’s temerity in questioning his imagined,self deluded sense of superiority would it have been better.

        Wild Bill

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Ellen, that’s the reason I refer to Omaoba as Richard Cranium.

  • P B

    So, let me get this right, MSNBC suspends a man for making a truthful remark about someone whos is clearly a DICKHEAD, then MSNBC is just as stupid as the dickhead he talked about. Since when did the Government control the stupid media. I thought this was a country of freedom of speach. Isn’t that one of the things we were promised and we fought for, you people are no better than this MORON in Washington. Thank GOD we are going to get this idiot out of office next year, I mean you people do still believe in GOD don’t you, or are you like this idiotic jerk who only believes in his muslim and arab buddies. God where is Sarah Palin, we need her BAD!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kate8

      P B – If you read news outlets from around world, they look at us as we did Pravda in the Soviet Union. Our news is totally controlled. We don’t hear ANYTHING except what the elites want us to hear. We have, in fact, one of the LEAST FREE presses on Earth.

      It’s been that way for a long time now, but since we’re starting to figure that out, they’re clamping down even harder, and scrambling to control every side of every issue.

    • http://google gary gerke

      PLEASE!!!! you can’t be that nieve!!!! The main stream media is run by the liberal left progressives and thier billionaire backers!!!

  • Jason

    Look at all the crap they can say about Ron Paul with no consequences. Hypocrites! A little one sided are we?

    • eddie47d

      ….and what would that be? Folks here say Ron Paul doesn’t get near enough attention.

  • John

    Well I would say by Obama’s reaction and actions in the matter just confirms that Mark Halperin’s comment was on the mark.

    • Ret

      When I was a kid, someone wrote on the bathroom wall calling a (hated) teacher some mild ‘not nice’. I got called in and accused of the dastardly deed by a group of teachers. Told them, no, if I had written it, I would have written something a lot worse.
      Don’t call obamma ‘dick’
      he’s really and truly a prick.
      To all of us he’ll lie,
      and destroy the American Pie.
      guess I need to brush up on my poetry : (

      • JUKEBOX

        The Yiddish word is “SCHMUCK”, and that is an acceptable broadcast word.

      • ObieTex

        Or avoid it altogether

  • Raymond

    Barrack Obama, George Soros and others have
    engineered the situation we are currently in.

    We now live in a world where good is called evil
    and evil is called good.


      People need to start reading “REVELATIONS” to see where our world is in this point of time.

      • Raymond


      • Christin

        We are getting close, Jukebox.

        And you are right, Revelation in the Bible tells us what is to come and what signs to look for…

        Just need to await for the armies of our enemies to point their tanks at Israel and poof…

        Rapture for Believers and Left Behind for the Lost…

        and then the Anti-Christ is unveiled and the seven year Tribulation with 3 & 1/2 years of (fake, false) peace followed by 3 & 1/2 years of much world bloodshed…

        so much for the Progressive, Marxist, Communist, Fascist, Godless way of governing God’s People and Creation… it comes to ruins… many of you already know this way will fail.

        God is in control… He will Free us, but not in the way many of you may think.

    • Kate8

      Raymond – That does pretty much sum it up.

  • Charles

    Be they mean words, or words of honest grace, what is in the heart and what we have used in private and less public positions, will sooner or later come out.

  • Gayle

    Since we seem to be stuck with this imposter, it is going to make the debates interesting. If we are fortunate enough to have them. obama needs to grow some thick skin. How long will these kowtowing media liberals put up with the control and abuse they receive. He has been quoted as saying “I don’t like to be contradicted”. His rhetoric, to me, sounds like a second rate car salesman. Phony to boot. I am still amazed people fall for this non-speak, or filler.

    • eddie47d

      Gayle; Repetitive name callers have very thin skin and get irritated rather easily.This site is loaded with such unrepentant souls. Now if the shoe fits slide it on. They can’t dig up facts so they resort to the gutter where they belong.I’m not sure why the author would criticize Ed Schultz when he can be even more obnoxious. Is that the pot calling the kettle? Don’t you also think that the FOX network tilts their coverage to favor one candidate over another. How naive can you all be?

      • Gayle

        I agree with you. I have stopped watching fox also. In fact, this and other conservative web sites are where I catch up on news. I catch the local news and stop there.

        • AfricanQueen

          “How naive can you be???”
          If it were not for FOX for conservative TV news coverage, there would be no other side. I’m sorry but I’m not going to put them down. It’s funny how the liberals can start a fight, but then when you stand up to defend yourselves, they are quick to point out the very thing that they are doing to start it!!!

          • Jana

            Of course, to be honest Fox News found that they could make more money by appealing to the Conservatives.
            Fox News is NOT perfect but it is CERTAINLY better than the rest of the MSM.
            I don’t watch Fox for their balanced part when they HAVE to have liberals on to balance it. I can hear the liberals on any other station. To me this shows that the owners are liberals, and want to make sure their views are heard even on this station.
            Fox News is better than any other to at least hear partial truths.

          • Gayle

            Naive is not the term I would have used. Skeptical is more like it.


    I believe that “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE”.

  • Bill Scantlen

    Wrong choice of words.


  • Doc Sarvis

    Wake up please. Hirings and firings at networks, from MSNBC to Fox are based on the perceived draw of their main viewing audience.

    • Captain Mike

      Agreed, normally, but the point point of the articale is that this wasn’t done proactively – they did it at the behest of the “injured party”.

  • Alice

    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked…” Many think that God is not interested in politics and, mostly, I doubt he is. However, throughout history God has moved leaders and their flunkies to do the thing he wants. Now, a liberal who tried to frame the thoughts of the public with his left-leaning rhetoric has been bitten by the hand that fed him. America is the only country really free for religious worship. For over two-hundred years Americans have attended the churches they wanted without fear of the Government. Liberals have been working on taking that liberty as well as the liberty to work, earn wages and spend them as we please. Liberals want to spend them for us and with the aid of press puppets, they have gained much ground. I believe God. Almost every night I pray that the men and women in our government will show their true natures. It is working like a charm. I only hope that American voters are listening and watching. Even the pet snakes in the media cannot have a thought nor express and opinion contrary to libeals.

    • Jana

      WE need to pray also that the American Voters eyes will be opened to the Truth, and see the true natures of the ones that are elected.
      I do beleive God is even using Obama to wake us up.

      Since God allows free choice, and we the people voted in the primaries the two WORST candidates, and eventually the worst of the worst for Pres. then God has allowed us to wallow in the stench that has come from that awful decision. However, it has helped to awaken a lot of Christians from their stupor of “Oh it can’t happen here in the United States”.

      Yes, it can happen, it has happened. More people have their eyes opened now than ever, finally.

      I will say one more thing. Just because a person is not a Christian, and we have one on PLD that posts all the time, doesn’t mean that they aren’t good and decent people too. They are exercizing their God given rights to accept or reject God, but they are still honest, decent, hard working citizens and I respect their right to choose for themselves, because God does.

  • Raggs

    Speaking of Laura Ingraham you should check out her book.. The obama diaries…

  • Donald R. Megerle

    Peter: The truth WILL set you free…HOWEVER, when you hear it …IT SUCKS! Sorry POTUS….Halperin used only half a word…he left out the other half … ‘Head!’…Keep up the great work Ben!!!

  • CJM

    It’s a shame that obama is showing signs of dementia (oops–paranoia is the word in the article), but then he’s been doing that for quite a spell now. True, Halperin should have used another word (he should have checked the thesaurus before speaking). obama’s tactics in dealing with Halperin, unfortunately, only goes after those who have less than loving adoration spewed in his direction–it’s okay if the recipient of nasty expletives are directed at his opposers and spoken by the adoring maniacal obama followers. obama envisions himself as the Almighty God, the king of the US, the emperor of the West, el Heffe…and any other regal affinity that the US Constitution does NOT recognize. Dream on, obama, as my late mother stated: “He will be his own undoing.” Looks like her prediction is coming true.

  • http://1776 g.Bush

    fox cnn msmbc they are dis info chanles to herd the sheep in their direction. im sorry but we the people have been lied to for along time. the U N is in controll of the u s a believe it or not.get ready to loose our freedoms.

  • cae

    I quit watching MSNBC when I finally learned that they have no interest at all in telling the public the truth and only want to indoctrinate their viewers to follow their beliefs without prooving their beliefs. This awakening occured for my family when we moved from the East Coast to Az around the time 1070 was being passed. Maddow was having Pearce as her guest and it was billed as the man who wrote 1070. At that time the bill was vague as the papers here didn t give much info on what the allowed or didn t allow and we watched Madow hoping her discussion with Pearce would tell us what was in the bill so we could decide how we felt about it. Madow refused to discuss what was in the bill and spent the show attacking Pearce for a business connection he had with a woman who is an extremist many years ago. When Pearce told her he broke all contacts off with this person when he learned of her views years ago and that he thought he was to discuss 1070..she replied she didn t want to discuss that. So according to Madow and MSNBC the public should not learn what is in a bill, they should just do as they are told to do and oppose it. My family and I were so horrified and so offended by this that we have never and will never watch MSNBC again and since then have been happily watching Fox where we get the facts and both sides of issues so that we can make up our own minds!

  • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    More and more, Obama shows us his “inner Nixon” with his paranoia, prickliness and vendettas against “enemies” (remember Nixon’s “enemies list”?). A real leader with true self-confidence and confidence in his programs would have laughed this off a la Cyrano de Bergerac when the fellow tried to insult him by saying his nose was rather long, only to be rebuffed with the great “there are many things you might have said” speech. A real leader would himself have trotted out the Thesaurus and had fun with it. But Obama is incapable of that. His entire life and career have been one of special treatment; he has never had to face public criticism, never had to interact in defense of a record. Now he has to stand on his record, and it is at best a shaky platform on which to plant his feet. We do not have a leader in the WH but only a man who likes to play one on TV.

  • http://n/a Joseph

    A monkey can be taught to do things but the one sitting in the WH has nothing in between his ears but MUD.

    • Maryland FreeStater

      …and between his legs, just crap!

  • http://n/a Randy Johnson

    Halperin disappointed me only because he left out “WITH EARS” following his one word, extremely accurate description of the most pompous jerk I’ve ever seen. During the news conference/political attack speech, I used the same term in my analysis of what was said and how it was presented. I suppose, if the White House Attack Corps was aware, I would also be assailed, audited, detained as a terrorist, or some other Chicago-style tactic in an attempt to shut me up.

  • B

    A dick with ears? Interesting.

    B :D

  • Roger

    In reply to CAE
    When Rachael Maddow was interviewing Russell Pearce and refused to give Mr. Pearce a chance to talk about 1070 he should have told her that he was invited on the show to talk about 1070 and if she didn’t do that, get up and walk off stage. I can just see her mouth dropping to her knees.

  • MStoneManiac

    I guess Halperin referring to Obama as a “dick” was, in the words of Joe Biden, a “big fff-ing deal!”

  • i41

    Progressive liberal have always viewed them selves as doing good, the only problem is it is evil and everything that they view as evil is good. No matter if it raising taxes, putting everything under government control, removing the right of private land ownership, creating a business, down to what your government will allow you to eat. The last 2 1/2 years of the marxist/communist muslim and his lap bi-ches have shown what pukes they are.

  • melissab

    Let’s face it, they can dig down deep and dirty and dish it out… But when it comes to giving it right back, their ture hearts show by how they handle it.. None of us, or most of us, are judgeing Obama by the color of his skin.. We don’t like the way he thinks, what comes out of his mouth, or what he stands for… If we tell our truth, they fall apart and play the race card and go after FOX, Rush, etc… AGAIN,it’s his mind and his actions that show us who he really is, not his color.

    As for Michael, he’s so full of himself, that’s why he’s so fat!

  • Jay

    Thin-skinned, emotionally disturbed, and feeble minded. And that’s not even mentioning that he’s a socialist/marxist/leninist/communist/muslim. Oops, I guess I did mention it.

  • Ron

    So Obama went to MSNBC and told them to fire the guy give it a rest. Both Fox and MSNBC are mouth pieces for their respective political parties. What the heck would any president care about what some beat reporter says. Kudos to MSNBC for at least trying to give the impression that they are more nrws than opinion. When is the last time Fox attempted to correct one of their own. There is no difference between the two Networks. Ones is for liberals / socialist the other for Conservatives / Fascist.


    When your running a nickle short of a quarter every day and your teleprompter continually lies to you Mystery Man, you got real probs and it doesn’t look like their going away soon…maybe while your in jail you can work on the truth.

  • i41

    Ron, what are you, a lab rat the runs the maze, when ever one of Soros’ owned 30+ networks start spouting their lying bs, as all facts. The thin skinned niggarly marxist muslim in the WH is wat happens when too many breeds cross. We all know he is thin skinned, since he keeps the WH at 80 degrees and has always lived just to spouts s–t to make people think he is smart. Never even ran a lemonade stand, has multipule SS #s, a fraud from his farrowing date. World would be a better place if the organism had been knocked in the head and the milk feed to the hogs. Onumnuut is a rack of bones, with fold back teeth and pistol grip ears, a true San Fran sidewalk pounder.

    • ron

      i41 now that we have gotten past the name calling , what the heck is your point Mr. Wizzard.

      • bob wire

        I don’t know, ~ seems to me, “O’s been pretty “White” about all the personal attacks that has came from the far, far, far right Mr. Crystal, so far right they are just a hair left of Charles Manson it seems at times. ~ Frigging crazed inflammatory talk. You people are not smart enough to be embarrassed. I’m embarrassed for you, it’s seems that there is no low that you can’t aspire too.

        If it was me, I would not take such gaff and made it a point to met up at a place and time of my convenience with overwhelming odds and make some people a deal they couldn’t refuse. You know 43 & Chaney had their “enforcers” ~ or did you not know that? The GOP still uses them, they keep people in line and singing from the same sheet music. Even the Tea Party is attempting to act as an “enforcer” intimidating and twisting thumbs back. ~

        It’s my belief ~ “No Drama Bama” has actually invoked your disdain by refusing to react to the “FAR RIGHTS” foolish nonsense for the last two whole years.

        Your post comments and the many that follow are not the comments of informed, mature well adjusted people. ~ The GOP lost the last general election and you and your friends are in the process of loosing it again with such childish nonsense and unrealistic notions of how business should be conducted and how much power and control you actually have at your disposal.

        ~ Bullying and talking fowl does not create the effects you seek but just the opposite. I’d rather have a lying thief running the government then a crazed fool that doesn’t recognize their limitations and constantly showing NO RESPECT for opposing views or any opposition.

        Grow up! speak and conduct yourselves properly. The rest of America is not in your little choir.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        ron, Kenya say ” Richard Cranium” the Illegal Mullato?

        • ron

          WIA, grow up!!!!

    • ron

      i41 my initial thought was to leave the niggardly insult alone, but it got the best of me just as a racist statement should get the best of every real American no matter their politics, and no matter the ignorance of the animal spewing the intolerance. I can and will say you are not better than another idiot. I remember after Katrina when K. West on national television said Bush did not like black people because of his slow response to the emergency. Like there were only blacks affected by Katrina. I said it was a stupid and untrue statement, as did many others many of whom were black. Yet you come to this site and use a word meant to deride an entire race of people and you call me a lab rat? You use this word and not one other so-called Christian has the courage to call you out on it? Not one has the intestinal fortitude to say hey, I agree with your politics, but that word you used is both offensive and morally wrong. Everyone discusses his or her political discord and you go Bull Connor on us. So I guess I am also a commie, socialist, America hater because I do not agree with your word choice.

      • libertytrain

        First as Mr. Livingston pointed out the word he uses does not even come close to meaning anything in any way correctly that he uses it, he also suggested he stop using it since he is obviously using it to try and be “clever” – many have mentioned it, you just think you are the first. You are not. The rest of us just know he is looking extremely foolish in his attempt and discredits himself when he does that.

  • jopa

    Mr Chrystal got the story totally wrong again.Obama was reprimanding the Senate for being lax and not doing their job when Halperin made his comment.He wasn’t being negative towards the press corp at the time.

    • independant thinker

      The comment was not refering to the press conference it was made during it was refering to the previous press conference.

  • SittingMooseShaman

    …as long as this post-WW2 Eurasian/Nazi socialist(s) college/university professor-taught generation sit-in-office, legislative and within illegal, unconstitutional bureaucratic powers… OUR nation and Constitution DIES! I’m glad I am… I can no longer bear to see this nation fall- DELIBERATELY, to those whose ‘ideals’- held by the previous generation of Eurasian socialists who desired this nations’ ruin; Not by bombs- but by ‘books!’ NEVER accept a gift from someone who holds a grudge!!
    There comes a time when pointing mortar will no longer restore a wall.
    That wall MUST come down and be entirely replaced- with NEW mortar- while still using the ORIGINAL brick… Lest that wall and the WHOLE building FALL!
    This polit follows a FOREIGN DOCTRINE! It IS at DIRECT ENMITY WITH THE CONSTITUTION!! Only ENEMIES of a nation- ANY nation- behave in such manner: Such subversive activity is commonly referred to as, “treason.” Now, legally, “treason” needs another nation to be named as the traitors’ benefactor for it to ‘stick.’ Those ‘nations’ are gone. However, their Eurasian socialist politico remains…and their “grudge”(s)… WW2 was a beeyotch- then, when it ended- all these Eura.socialists were runnin’ around lookin’ for a place to be re-absorbed… and found a big sponge- in the USA(many were here already- having escaped Stalin and Hitlers’ megalomania)… In the Beat circles & entertainment/media, higher education arena and within a certain Democratic political party found they themselves a home…
    And, as they say, “The rest… Is ‘history!’”

    • Jay

      SMS, YOU GOT IT!!!

    • bob wire

      Hmm the boggie man ! Well ~ let’s just say that I see your similarity and connections. ~ If we were playing horse shoes or hand grenades I’m sure you would have scored a hit!

      All Quadrupeds are very similar as well. One head, four limbs, two eyes, one mouth, one anus, skin, bones, connective tissue and hair come in two models , male and female.

      • Jay

        Hmm, the idiot armchair quarter-back/physiologist, booby wire!

  • Jim

    Lean forward means “Bend Over” So the liberals can stick it up your waazoo


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