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Lawyer Alleges Racial Bias In Decision To Drop New Black Panther Case

July 13, 2010 by  

Lawyer alleges racial bias in decision to drop New Black Panther case A former Justice Department attorney made waves last week, accusing top officials of abandoning a voter intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party because they were hesitant to prosecute African American defendants in a civil rights trial.

J. Christian Adams, who resigned his post to protest the decision to drop the case, told members of the United States Commission on Civil Rights that an Obama appointee—Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli—overruled six attorneys who recommended that the department continue to pursue the case, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The investigation stemmed from an Election Day incident in Philadelphia where three members of the New Black Panther Party allegedly intimidated voters by wearing military-style garb and shouting racial slurs. One of the suspects was even caught on video menacingly pointing a baton at prospective voters.

Four months after filing a civil lawsuit against the men—and one month after the suspects failed to show up in court to face the accusations—the Justice Department dropped the charges against the party and the men not carrying the baton. The third man had the charges dismissed after agreeing not to carry a weapon near a polling facility until 2012.

"We abetted wrongdoing and abandoned law-abiding citizens," Adams said of the decision to drop the case that he helped build.

A Justice Department official later denied Adams’ accusations, stating that "the facts and the law did not support pursuing claims" against the three men.

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  • Claire

    Now why am I not surprised? I really didn’t think anything would happen anyway.

    • Dave

      Don’t forget that the Bush Administration was the the one who dropped the criminal charges and only left civil ones. This was also one man’s decision and not the presidents.

      • http://aol wiley

        Typical RACIST action from a total RACIST PRES.! This maxist has poved he’s a RACIST every since he was elected! He hates AMERICA! He’s turning this country into a 3rd world country!

      • Lee

        May I ask just what you are talking about?
        Nothing like this ever happened on the President Bush watch!
        Frankly, I think you’re making it up!

      • http://aol wayne a

        DAVE,read the facts,that wasn’t true!this didn’t even surface until 11 days before bush was leaving office so they chose to let obuma’s administration handle it!

  • s c

    The ’60s gave us a generation of people who demanded an end to all racial discrimination. Then, something funny happened along the way.
    A new definition was put into legal volumes and dictionaries. Affirmative action, which is a most blatant and peculiar form of racial profiling, was blessed and made holy by the Supreme Court and all 50 states (all 57 states, according to the prez).
    I prefer the old definition, which holds that whenever an ethic group/race is granted protected status and can thumb its nose at the Constitution, the polite term for that behavior is RACIAL DISCRIMINATION.
    Maybe too much education is not good, especially when educated adults can turn common sense on its head and do it in the name of leveling the playing field. Are reparations for ET next?
    I’d love to know how we got stuck with an AG who finds ways to bypass the Supreme Court and create new laws out of thin air. His stunts date back to Bubba Clinton’s administration, and he’s not above freeing convicted terrorists. Like Yogi says, ‘you can look it up.’

    • Claire

      s c –You mentioned something that astounds me. Every time a president leaves office, they “pardon” criminals. Why on earth is this part of the job of the presidency? I have never understood this. What on earth is the point?

      • s c

        Claire, in Bubba Clinton’s case, he was flexing his ‘muscles,’ 1) stumping for ethnic votes so a loser like Herr Obummer could benefit [the illegal alien issue wasn't important enough then for Kennedy, or Bubba would have been going through the motions of 'caring' about it] 2) it let Bubba’s adoring jock strap fans know that he was ‘down for the struggle’ and 3) Bubba set the stage for the time when a prez could dare to be beyond stupid, and have a monumental flunky like Holder as the country’s AG.
        So, Holder (Obummer’s gift to “law”) has perhaps half an ounce of credibility, as he helped Bubba (via an executive order) free convicted Puerto Rican terrorists.
        Now, we’re stuck with a prez who has no conscience, his masters are pulling his strings 24/7, and life has been rendered even more complex by a criminal administration that is doing as much damage to the US as fast as possible. That’s it, more or less.

        • Dave

          You’re calling Obama stupid? Really? Did Reagan do something about illegal immigration? Did Nixon do something? The president has the right to pardon anybody. They just do it at the end of their presidency to avoid any negative fallout.

          • kate8

            So, when is it time for someone to step up? Is is okay to just keep blaming your predecessor’s failures for your own inaction?

            You lefties ranted at Bush for eight years without taking a break. Now, with your own moron in office, you are…still ranting at Bush! Well, it ain’t Bush calling the shots anymore.

          • independant thinker

            ” Now, with your own moron in office, you are…still ranting at Bush! Well, it ain’t Bush calling the shots anymore.”

            Exactly Kate, exactly.



          • Dennis

            Yes hes really STUPID…………

          • http://?? Joe H.

            The FACT that Obummer has changed NOTHING Bush enacted makes your post sound like so much BS!!!! You and your hero have been blaming Bush for everything from the budget to your oral hemeroids yet you both must like everything Bush did as your hero has done nothing but EXPAND on his decisions!!!

          • SiliconDoc

            Eisenhower the REpublican did something about illegal immigration.
            Then you insane liberals decided whining forever was more important, along with lying every breath you take.

          • Lee

            Whee! I thought I would be the only one pointing out President Bush had done nothing along these lines!
            A lot of people think like I do!

          • http://aol wayne a

            DAVE,why did you leave clinton and bush off your list? could it be because clinton done nothing, but at least bush did a little? at least bush sent 5-6000 troops to help assist the border patrol and started building the fence that obuma stopped! thanks to obuma we now have more illegals than at any time in our history with the numbers increasing daily because of obumas desire to give them amnesty and citizenship!

    • Sutekh

      It’s no secret that with the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who said that in the future the color of a man’s skin would be no more important than the color of his eyes, the reverse racists have taken over all aspects of racial relations.

      One need look no farther than the Nation of Islam, with its rants about “Blue-eyed devils.”

      In the U.S., if you are white, Christian, conservative, and avoid promiscuity, you are to be treated like a Jew in Nazi Germany. Funny thing about this is, in Germany, the Jews were a minority. In the U.S. white Christian conservatives are a majority.

      If a white man is killed in an altercation with the police, that is considered an unfortunate result of his rebellious behavior. If a black man is killed in an altercation with police, we have black women on television screaming “My son was murdered, murdered, murdered, murdered, murdered!!!!” Can you imagine how ineffective an integrated police force would become if every time a black officer shot a white suspect that every white person in the country rioted?

      The majority of white Americans are descended from people who never owned slaves; however, they are being penalized because they are the same color as people who once held slaves. That is racism.

      Why the American people cannot see this and reject it, I do not know. That is a marvel that I doubt even the Devil understands, but he is more than willing to take advantage of it.


      • Dan Burke

        Actually, I think the devil understands it very much. It is one of his tools. He’s been fighting against God and our salvation longer than us mortals been walking the earth.

      • Dave

        Unfortunately, just asking someone nicely to please hire black people didn’t work. Affirmative Action had to be instituted because we couldn’t rely on people’s good nature. They say one bad apple can spoil the bunch and, unfortunately, a bunch of bad apples spoiled it for everyone. You’re not paying because you’re white you’re paying because a large number of white people could not accept hiring black people so somebody HAD to step in. It’s not reparations. No one is getting anything for free. It is unfortunate that there are some occasions where a more qualified White person could have gotten the job but that is the exception and is a side effect. It’s unfortunate that innocent civilians get killed during wars but sometimes there has to be acceptable collateral damage for progress when that progress if for the good of the nation. I’m not a racist but I know they’re out there and they’re always plotting how they can use current events to try to get sympathy and they’ve been all over this administration and they bend these facts to their own uses.

        • independant thinker

          Affirmative action has served whatever purpose it had and it is now time to repeal it.

      • slickporsche

        We never should have freed the slaves. They should have been returned to Africa. We then would have a much better America for sure, and no civil rights laws that have done nothing but burden this country to the point of breaking.

        • crystal

          If that’s the case, the Native Americans should have killed every white settler that came to the borders of America ON-SIGHT.

          • Lee

            But, the “Native American” ancestors slaughtered the READ Americans when they invaded the land! Therefore, your argument doesn’t hold water!

        • kate8

          slick, I believe the slaves were offered the option to return to Africa to form their own nation: Liberia. Many of them did go, many of them chose to remain.

          I don’t think Liberia fared so well. Might be interesting to see what has become of it.

          • independant thinker

            Don’t know how Liberia is doing now but if I remember correctly at one time it was one of the more successful nations in Africa.

          • crystal


            Liberia was under U.S. rule for a long time. I’m sorry I forgot the date it became independent from the U.S. It was set aside for freed slaves to move to after slavery was abolished. Unfortunately, that became a more defined example of racism within the race due to Marcus Garvey. I don’t know how he pulled it off, but he was able to put himself as leader over which Blacks should go to Liberia and which one’s could not. Any black person who was light-skinned was disallowed to move to Liberia. If you were dark-skinned you were welcome. Things like this create an even greater divide within the Black community.

            As for Liberia, there have been so many coups that until the past couple of years, it almost was totally ruined. It now has a Black woman who was voted in as ruler or Prime Minister. I haven’t really kept up since she was voted in office.

          • kate8

            crystal, Thanks for the info. Fascinating. I think I’ll see what else I can learn about it.

            God bless.

        • http://aol wayne a


      • kate8

        They have to take the white man down to succeed in the destruction of America.

        It was the white man who brought to the world the concept of liberty, and the willingness to lay down his life to insure in for his children and grandchildren, and anyone who would cherish it. Because life in bondage is no life at all.

        To destroy the spirit of liberty, they have to destroy the vessels which carry it.

        I would hope the idea would have caught on. We’ll see.

        • Kinetic1

          “It was the white man who brought to the world the concept of liberty, and the willingness to lay down his life to insure in for his children and grandchildren, and anyone who would cherish it.” It was also the white man who brought slaves to toil in the new America, and it was an escaped black slave who was the first to give his life in the Revolutionary war.

          Whites don’t have a monopoly on doing what is right. Maybe you have forgotten that Jesus and his deciples were not white, European men.

          • kate8

            Whites are not the only ones who have held slaves. So did the Chinese, the Muslim nations, Africans themselves. Why are other races not called to shame for their inhumanity?

            What about the barbarism of the Asian races? How about the way the middle east treats people? They still hold slaves today. What about how Africans have treated one another? Remember the likes of Idi Amin?

            Why must whites be singled out and blamed for all the ills of the world? Why does everyone else get a pass? Because we can’t expect better of them? Why not?

            Sure, there were whites who have done evil, just as there are good and bad in every race. It’s a human thing. But as a collective, it is whites who conceived of self-governance and fought to bring it into being. Yes, there were others who joined in, thank God. Even still today, where are those who carry the cry for liberty? Where?

            Where are the other races who call for us all to be equal? Looks to me like they pretty much all want control for themselves, to the detriment all others. Especially “crackers”.

          • kate8

            BTW, re: Jesus and his followers. They lived under extreme tyranny at that time, and most suffered death at the hands of oppressors. The only liberty they could imagine was freedom of spirit, and that is what Jesus taught.

            And where do you suppose the European peoples came from? The scattered Jewish tribes! And they varied in color. Quite right, no one race has a monopoly on goodness, and that is not what I said.

          • libertytrain

            And it was black men that sold the black people to the white and black people for slaves.

          • Kinetic1

            Why do you believe whites are being singled out? Most of the world stood with us in condemning the acts of the 9/11 terrorists. I am fully aware, as is most of the world that factions are always waring in the middle east. Many of the African nations are run by terrible people who bring great suffering to their people. There is plenty of blame to go around for the horrors in this world.

            My wife has spent years working for international non-profits. She has traveled the world helping to bring communications and knowledge to countries and peoples either too poor or too oppressed to be a part of the global conversation. The groups she has worked with have helped native peoples open television stations in the former soviet nations, only to see them shut down and the workers arrested for telling the truth. They brought satellite radios to the farthest reaches so that villages could learn about health and well being. Imagine a show like “this Old House” that teaches people how to repair bullet holes in your walls. Or radio soaps about women who stand up and refuse to allow their husbands to spread AIDs.

            This is what is going on out there, and much of the work is being done by good American people. But we are also the most powerful nation on Earth. We use more of the worlds resources per capita than any other nation. Most of us, even our poor live better than most of the world’s people. We have had the knowledge and the ability to do great good, but often we choose to do great damage to save a buck. Yes, we are expected to be better than many others, because we can be. We hold ourselves up as a beacon, so others expect us to lead by example. So when we turn our back on the poor and disenfranchised, when people like Rush announce to the world that we have earned the right to drive Humvees and burn all the fuel we can pay for because that’s the American way, we let ourselves down. I expect better of all people, no matter their color or race, and I expect no less of myself.

          • http://PersonalLibertyDigest l


          • Lee

            Oh, please! Not the “Jesus” crap!
            Why you “christians” bring that foolishnes to every conversation I don’t know, and it makes me want to throw up! You’re as bad as the muslims!
            Now, as for the “poor” blacks being brought to this country: First of all, it was other blacks who captured them, Arabs selling them to the British, who first brought them here. I do not condone such actions, but don’t lay the entire problem at the feet of the Americans! For everyone’s information, WHITES were the slaves of choice for centuries! Most were from the British Isles, and commanded very high prices through out the ancient world! There were also WHITE slaves in the U.S., one of my ancestors was one, but does anyone remember them? Very rarely! Also, how about the BLACK slave owners? Ever think of that? Cover the entire picture, not just little portions!

      • Kinetic1

        Are you really going to bring up the Grant murder in Oakland as an example of race related bias? This is not a case of a policeman shooting in self defense. The victim was being held down when he was shot! I live in the area, I’ve watched the video, Johannes Mehserle didn’t recoil in terror at the realization that he had killed a man. No one was seen running for help. Is it any wonder that this man’s mother was calling it murder?

        Yours is the kind of reaction that feeds accusations of bias against minorities. I could just have easily said that a black cop would have been fried had the victim been white, but that is useless speculation. There is no more proof of that then your claim that no one would have cared if the victim had been white.

        The rioting is wrong. The hatred shown by the Black Panthers is wrong. Reverse discrimination is wrong, but the facts show that the real discrimination continues to be towards blacks and other minorities. While you moan about how “white, Christian, conservative” people are “to be treated like a Jew in Nazi Germany” ( a gross, callous and unrealistic comparison, to say the least,) you ignore report after report that shows that Blacks face tougher prosecution then whites for the same crimes. You ignore the fact that crack cocaine, the type more likely to be used by minorities, faces tougher sentencing than powder cocaine. [Note, I consider the use and sale of both abhorrent.] White Christen Conservatives do not get pulled over for driving a Mercedes through a wealthy neighborhood, but Black people do, even if they are Christian and Conservative! Just the fact that they are Black makes them suspect.

        I’m not sure why the case against the Panthers was dropped by either justice department. They say that the evidence didn’t support prosecution. An ex official says it was race bias. He says it’s part of the Obama administrations policy not to prosecute ANY crimes by blacks. The Justice department points to the fact that the decision was made by career employees who had been with the department under both parties and were not influenced by the new administration. I don’t know because I’m not a part of the Justice department. What I do know is that the original complaint read that the New Black Panthers “made statements and posted notice that over 300 members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense would be deployed at polling locations during voting on November 4, 2008, throughout the United States.” The career attorneys recommended dismissing the case on the basis that there wasn’t enough evidence to support that claim. In fact not one other incident involving the Black Panthers was reported in the 2008 election. Also notable is that the NBPP “suspended” its Philadelphia political chapter over the incident, according to a letter sent to Rep. Lamar Smith by Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich.

        The Republican vice chairwoman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has called this investigation “very small potatoes” full of “overheated rhetoric filled with insinuations and unsubstantiated charges,” and said it has not “served the interests of the commission”. Fox missed that. She also said that DOJ has given a “plausible argument” for not pursuing additional charges in the case. Why was that ignored? Why do conservative talking heads keep pushing a story that is so racially charged when those in authority, even republican officials admit that it’s nothing. Maybe this is the real story about race bias.

        • http://aol wiley

          Yours is a typical Oakland resonce. all cops wrong, all black criminals good. This kid was typical “gangsta” wannabees. All he had to do was stop resisting, and do what he was told. Maybe the police need to be trained in EBONICS!
          Today, Oakland lost 80 police officers due to budget, so all you gangbangers can go wild!

          • Lee

            Sounds to me Oakland is going to be one of those towns needing a “town tamer.” With all those policemen gone, the community turning against law and order, the killing of the one man–who wasn’t exactly helping himself by resisting, all of this is going to result in total chaos, and stir in the illegals, I would say California has a problem! What do you think they will do about it, other than wring their hands and beg the federal government for help?

  • TIME

    This whole thing is absurd and clearly shows the agenda of these marxist thugs.

    • Dave

      If they were Marxist they wouldn’t be at polling places. This stuff happens with white polling places too where black voters are intimidated and or stopped for traffic violations or any number of tactics are used to keep black people from voting. These guys were part of a fringe element that has zero credibility and is not a threat to anyone. It’s all just being played up for all of you Obama hating lap dogs. Do you think Obama told these guys to do this? I bet you do. These were a couple of idiots being idiots. The Bush administration dropped criminal charges and no one said a word. Now it’s an Obama conspiracy against the white man. Give me a break. It’s annoying but it’s just annoying and not part of some world takeover plot. Get a grip.

      • slickporsche

        Have you been hired by the left wing liberals to act as an agitator?

        • TIME

          No Dave just has issues with being able to discern whats real and whats La La land.

          Its really not his fault, most folks live by the spun rhetoric from the daily bend & twist spin editions as sold by all the Propaganda channel’s such as – ABC CBS NBC MSN MSNBC, CNN, so the mindless remarks are made out of utter ignorance.

          As well the agressive stupdity factors also work into this equation of not being able to remove the smoke from the room by opening the door’s and windows to clear up the view.

          Thus many like Dave don’t read history nor understand the interplay of politic’s and history, or greed nor power plays. As a matter of fact anything valid, again we go back to the spoon fed Propaganda, its just easy for them that way and we don’t want anyone to blow out a brain cell thinking to hard.

          So Congress should make a law about that, called State run media, hey the nezis did it so why can’t Barry Soetoro do it too.

          You know as I think about it Nixon had Deep Throat.
          What will we have when the real Barry Soetoro story comes out? I am sure the press will have bold title for it perhaps called,
          “The Mega Deep Abyss of space.”

          • independent

            did you know that Obama had the Black Panther logo on his personal website until a little after this video came out.

            and also the tall black panther is a hired democratic poll watcher and still is. and i don’t know if this is true but i heard he was also working for the Obama campaign in 2008

          • Kinetic1

            Once again you accuse 90% of the media of distorting the facts, but you ignore the fact that Fox news, Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc. have either failed to research the story or are purposely offering only that information that directs the story their way. Did they note that the Bush administration was the first to down grade this case? NO! Did they mention that the authorities responsible for dropping the case were career members of the DOJ who had served under both parties? NO! Did they note that the accuser, J. Christian Adams had admitted that he does not have first-hand knowledge of the events, conversations, and decisions that he is citing to advance his accusations? NO! Did you know that Adams was hired to the Justice Department in 2005 by Bradley Schlozman, a man who the Department of Justice Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility found “to have improperly considered political affiliation when hiring career attorneys”? Probably not. How about the former head of the DOJ voting rights section reportedly saying that Adams was “exhibit A of the type of people hired by Schlozman”? You might have missed that on Fox.

            Enough of your “Left wing, Government controlled media” accusations. Those of us who pay attention to more that just one source know that you can’t depend on the conservative media (including this site) to give you the whole story any more than any one else. The continued attention being paid to this story proves that.

        • Cheryl

          He is probably a member of the Black Panthers.

        • Lee

          He sure sounds like it!
          No, I do think Obama’s “presidency” has created more and more distance between the races, and he doesn’t seem to care! And, after Michelle Obama’s “remarks” against the Tea Party, I have lost all respect for whatever ground she gained with me! She’s the “First Lady,” she shouldn’t be making hurtful, political remarks! She has shown her true self, and it ain’t pretty!
          The Black Panthers were breaking the law willingly, remember the “cop” who tore up signs at a Tea Party rally? When people protested this was America, he said, “Not any more!” Now, with people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rev. Wright, Ferrakan, and others who stir the race pot, there will be trouble—bad trouble—but all of us Americans, white, black, red, brown, purple or otherwise had best join: We are facing a terrible war, and it won’t be racial as much as it will be for survival, and it will be against invaders!

      • http://aol wayne a

        DAVE,read the damn facts! bush did not dismiss the charges! in fact the panther case didn’t even come to light in the media until 11 days before bush was to leave office.bush left the case up to the obuma administration which instructed them to drop the charges.

  • CJM

    I am sick and tired of hearing that certain people of color cannot be held responsible for their inflammatory racism–it is time the US Attorney clearly understands that racism comes from every group and that they ARE RESPONSIBLE. At this moment, we have the most irresponsible government in the history of the United States. It needs to stop now; impeach Obama and clean out the White House.

    • Sutekh

      Unfortunately, the attorney general is black.

      As Thurgood Marshall remarked when his appointment to the Supreme Court was approved by the Senate, “Now it’s our turn.”

      If the attorney general is unhappy that Tom Robinson was shot in the closing chapter of “To Kill A Mockingbird,” he will continue to ignore the activities and speech of those like Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and others on the principle, not of equality, but of “getting even is only fair.”

      Unfortunately, the people he is “getting even” with aren’t remotely related to the people who wronged him. They just happen to be the same color. That’s the definition of racism.


      • http://?? Joe H.

        your first sentence is unnecessary. It makes no difference that he is Black, it matters that he is a racist! there are some very good people in politics and politic opinion that just happen to be Black. people like Larry Elder, Thomas sowel, and Ken Blackwell. I find their opinions to be quite refreshing. If people will just open their eyes and minds and listen and read.

        • Al Sieber

          JoeH, thats going too far if Sutekh can’t even point out our attorney is black, it’s just politically lncorrect bull$hit.

          • kate8

            We can never fix this if we cannot begin to be honest about racial issues. Whites are the only ones who cannot speak out on the issue. Anyone else can hurl whatever nonsense they choose.

            We should all be held to the same standard here. Race is used as a weapon to beat down “whitey”. By the sound of what’s coming out of this WH, being white will soon be hazardous to your health.

            There have been many whites, as well as other ethnicities, who’ve fought for racial equality in America. But turning descrimination on whites is not solving the issue. How is this a step forward?

            It would seem to me that apologizing for being white, and having to express “sensitivity” to those who are not, is insulting and patronizing. I thought the idea was for all to be equal, not to beat down one and elevate another.

            What a man does not earn, he will not value. This is true across the board. Now we reap the results of years of entitlements.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Al Sieber,
            The people reading his post already KNOW he is Black. As I said before, people are already saying all conservatives are racists old whites and post that point out race only inflame that opine. there are people walking away from the conservative party because of just that accusation and as I said, We will need them in November and in 2012!!!! Or do you not care if the liberal party gets in again??? I most assuredly DO!!!!

      • Dave

        Thorgood Marshall’s remarks is cited way out of context. It Black people’s turn to part of the backbone of the country not to take over the country and penalize white people like you are implying here. Are you saying that since plenty of white people have helped out white people that they are all racists? If an Indian lawyer deicdes not to sue an Indian person is that a pattern of racism? So is that a racist act?

        • kate8

          Actually, Dave, it’s right out of their own mouths.

          “Some have to step down so others can have power”.

          “It’s our turn now, to rule over the white man”.

          “Kill all the crackers!”

          “We must kill the white man!”

          “It is the policy of this WH not to prosecute black on white crime.”

          I many not have the words exactly right to quote, but there you have it.

          • Fred

            Kate8 : You left out the Muslims who say convert or all will be killed. They don’t care what color you are since all are their enemy.Race will be a mute point as we allow Muslims to take this country apart from within beginning with their Mosque being built at ground zero with its fifteenth floor over looking where our buildings once stood holding thousands of their enemy.

          • kate8

            What I gave was but a minute sampling of all the hateful rhetoric going about toward whites.

            And we are not allowed to speak up for ourselves.

            Racism is racism, no matter how you stack it.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you forgot the most important one. “We’re gonna have to kill some cracker babies”!

        • Sutekh

          Dave asks

          If an Indian lawyer decides not to prosecute an Indian suspect, is that an act of racism?

          Dave, the black radicals who are now our leaders have already defined the situation for us.

          If an official who is white decides not to prosecute a white man for an offense against a nonwhite man, it is screamed out as racism, and the authorities cower in fear, and try to accommodate those doing the screaming. If that is so, then the reverse is true, also. If the minorities can’t live by the rules they demand, then maybe they shouldn’t demand them. Notice that there were race riots after the Rodney King trial, but none after the O.J. Simpson trial. Too bad. I realized the next day that I missed my opportunity to loot a big screen TV from the local applicance store in the name of “racial justice.”

          I stated that Holder is black because the blackness of his skin isn’t nearly as obvious as his racist acts in office. The race was stated because the racism was the given.


          • Lee

            I like your reasoning. I hadn’t thought of it that way, and it does give one food for thought!

  • Billy Carpenter

    Whatever happened to “All men are created equal”? Prejudice has far passed color and religion. And correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t morality included in the Declaration and Bill of Rights somewhere?

    • Fred

      Morality was a part of our constitution but it was deleted when they took God out of our Government. No God, no faith, no place or reason for morality. If you want morality we as Americans that support the Constitution need to make God our leader as our forefathers did and were successful at. Wonder why our government is failing ? Go figure.

    • http://aol wiley

      All men are created equal, after that, they start to separate their equality. Men choose their way in life. Some are successful, some choose ” the world owes me a living”.

  • Warren Latham

    Maybe the admistration was trying to save the tax-payers
    money by not trying he case.
    It may have been a difficult case to prosecute anyway.
    Those who are in charge decide.


    • james shelton

      Juat how would it be hard to prosecute?? For one their actions were caught on video and two they didn’t bother to show up in court whitch by the way is acording to LAW is an admission of guilt. All that was left to do was for a gov. attorney to show up in court and hear the judge declair them guilty and set the date for sentencing. Now how expensive is that?? The Panthers are nothing more than a Chicago street gang takeing orders from their former associate in the Wht.Hse.

    • Sutekh

      Uh, Warren, saving money is the last thing on the mind of this Administration.

    • http://aol wayne a

      WARREN,lol lol,seriously with all the record breaking spending the obuma administration has set and they worry about the cost of trying a

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    So…. if you are black, mexican, or muslim, you pretty much have a free pass. That incident at the polls could have turned very ugly, or should I say uglier. I would never let intimidation keep me from voting. I’m grateful to live in the midwest where farmers and common folk don’t have to deal with crap like this.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      You forgot one word….YET!!!

      • Lee

        You’re right! But with one difference in that neighborhood—some of those farm boys are rather rough, and the racist opposition might find themselves in the hog trough!
        Country boys will survive!

  • J.M.R.

    its wake up time if we don’t stop these [word removed] we are doomed. they’ve already proven they want the blacks to rule.its what they call pay back. the blacks can’t seem to tell the truth about slavery. since their own people way back sold them into slavery. but its still the whits fault.

    • Sutekh

      Yes, indeed.

      Muslim black africans captured other africans and sold them into slavery to white Christians. One of the leaders interviewed at the time said that it was the whites’ fault, because “if there were no buyers, there would be no sellers.” Even then, blacks were blaming whites and exhonerating themselves. Look at Africa now. The slave trade is still brisk in Somalia, with the Muslim bandit gangs capturing Christians and selling the ones they don’t kill. But here in America, Black Muslims tell blacks that they must reject Christianity because it is the CHRISTIANS who are responsible for their ancestors having been slaves.

      Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned a nation of equality, not one of reverse racism.


      • libertytrain

        Excellent comment – reminds people of the truth instead of the fiction perpetrated by some historians. Also, couldn’t agree with you more about Martin Luther King. I’ve said this before as well and I’m pretty sure he’s “rolling over in his grave” at what his “friends” did to his fine message of hope.

      • Lee

        One aspect of the modern slave trade is that white, blond women have been kidnapped from trains, ships and other public transportation all over the world and sold into slavery in black nations. There was a huge outcry about it in the late 1970s to the early 1980s, but the UN didn’t want to be bothered about it. About the same time, a black American reporter was captured along with some Arab and European tourists in one of the Middle Eastern countries. His account of the situation was terrifying, and would make a fantastic movie! When he protested he was an American journalist, the captors told him that all they had to do was to cut out his tongue, take away his nice clothes, and he would be only another black slave! Through the efforts of a very brave Arabic woman, he was able to escape and come home! Enslavement of children, women and men is more rampant now than ever before; the UN is supposed to be looking into it, but most of their foreign representatives practice it, too, so the rest of the world—white, black, red, brown and yellow—have to take up the reins and pull the runaway in. This is something I would like to see the black American community look into, and do something about it.

  • J.M.R.


  • Sharon M Mancuso

    As long as theree are a-holes that thrive on this sort of bullcrap theree will be problems. Look beyond thee color of our skin & look into the heart of thee person.We all haave red blood so whats thhew problem?

    • slickporsche

      That is for sure, but why then is there so much difference between white and black. The difference is huge.

    • http://aol wayne a

      sharon,you know its a shame that by obama being the first elected black president he could have united this nation like it’s never been before.obama could have caused the word racism to be a word no longer used or even in the dictionary but instead he has divided this country like never before!he’s sit back race relations 25 yrs.

  • Nan

    I know one thing they want come south and get away with that. Law or no law.

  • Rod

    Never drop anything if the Black Panthers are involved. Especially a hammer. Since when did intimidation and color, determine prosecution. Maybe they are also afraid of the ACLU and Jesse Jackson too! File it and present the facts and evidence. If the case is compromised, so be it. Put the gangsters up front and personal!

  • Beartrap

    I would welcome the opportunity to have the so called black panthers stand in front of the place that I vote and try and intimidate me. I would show them a little Southern hospitality. This is my country that my ancestors fought and died for. If you are going to be a Patriot, then by God be a Patriot. We need to rally the God fearing men of this country and put a stop to this crap!

    • kate8

      The left is using minorities to incite racial wars.

      It appears to be working.

      • s c

        You’re right, Kate8. This is America’s turning point, and what happens next in the coming race relations experiment means success or failure for America. While it can’t be blamed strictly on the insane policies of the ‘left,’ using minorities to incite racial wars is THE chief reason why The Anointed One is in the White House. Pitting both ends against the middle is the name of the game.
        EVERYTHING that happens while he’s in the White House “belongs” to him. When he ‘wakes up,’ it will be interesting to see how he reacts to his ’15 minutes of shame.’

    • Roger Daniell

      This a reply Beartrap & Nan,

      I think we could give these boys a good ole SOUTHERN welcome. I’m with you Beartrap, let these SOB’s step in front of me at a polling place, I’ll be the last CRACKER they ever step in front of for sure and I’m not talking killing anyone here either even though I have a CCP, that would be to easy or good for them, but breaking a few knee caps would be fun. I and no one else will decide who rules me and I will defend that RIGHT to the death. I DO NOT and WILL NOT bend to any of this POLITICAL CORRECTNESS CRAP: definition of Political Correctness being; “It is a doctrine fostered by DELUSIONAL, ILLOGICAL, LIBERAL minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end”, which is the typical liberal mind set.

      • Lee

        As the song says, “Country boys will survive!”

  • http://charter howe

    There is lots more about this clear case of racism violations by the New Black Panthers, not to mention their very sick ideology that expouses killing whites and killing their babies which was taped and shown on the news. The President and the DOJ are racist of the worst kind, because they have put themselves above the law. As a nation we were making slow progress, but Obama has been so radically devisive he may have damaged the racial sensitivity progression. The following is another perspective on our problem. A former top official charges the Justice Department with practicing racial politics and selective prosecution in the Black Panther voter-intimidation case. Are we a “nation of cowards,” or is it just Holder’s DOJ?
    In February, on the occasion of Black History Month, Attorney General Eric Holder called the United States a “nation of cowards” regarding discussions of race even as his department was failing to prosecute one of the clearest cases of voter intimidation in American history because the defendants were black militants, members of the New Black Panther Party.
    Holder said that “we, average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about things racial.” Okay, let’s talk, starting with Tuesday’s testimony of J. Christian Adams, a former career DOJ attorney in the Voting Rights Section. Adams resigned over DOJ’s handling of the Black Panther case and DOJ’s refusal to honor Civil Rights Commission subpoenas, including ordering Adams not to comply.
    On Election Day 2008, New Black Panther party members King Samir Shabazz, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson engaged in activities that resulted in charges in a civil complaint of violating the Voting Rights Act through intimidation, threats and coercion, as they stood dressed in military garb outside a Philadelphia polling place.
    The video of the event, photos and witness testimony presented an open-and-shut case ripe for DOJ prosecution. The Justice Department under President George W. Bush filed criminal charges against the three men. Holder’s Justice Department would later drop the charges in a plea deal in which the baton-brandishing thugs promised not to do it again in Philadelphia until 2012. They walked, free to intimidate elsewhere.
    On Tuesday, Adams gave the testimony his bosses tried to block, telling the Civil Rights Commission how Holder’s department refused to prosecute what he has called “the clearest case of voter intimidation that I’ve seen since practicing law.”
    At an April 23 Commission hearing, witnesses testified to how the Black Panthers acted in concert, threatening black Republicans and whites who showed up. Two witnesses testified that they saw some would-be voters turn back and leave without voting after seeing the nightstick and being called “white devils.”
    Yet Thomas Perez, assistant attorney general for civil rights, testified before the commission in April that “the facts did not constitute a prosecutable violation of the federal criminal civil rights statutes.” Say what? I hope my fellow countrymen will vote against these radical democratic elites who are making a mockery of our Constitution.

  • Ricky Roo

    Here’s a question for all you:

    If the Governor of Arizona was a democrat and black would they be suing her?

    • kate8

      They’d probably label her an Uncle Tom.

  • Momo

    So you expected a different outcome? If the skinheads pulled this crap the media would be raising holy hell and Obama and Holder would be pushing for prosecution. But would do you expect when Jessie Jackson can get on TV and refer to Dan Gilbert as a slave owner and Lebron James as a (multi-millionaire) slave?

    • crystal

      Do people still listen to Jesse Jackson? If so, why?

  • Billy

    I can’t believe an AMERICAN that was born in AMERICA is not standing up for AMERICA. Why dont you read the BIBLE and understand what it is trying to tell all AMERICANS. If you dont like AMERICA, please go to another country of your choice.

    • Lee

      Please don’t bring the “bible” into these conversations!
      It is only a poorly written history book, not a religious one!

      • http://aol wayne a

        LEE,you’re a good example about whats wrong with this country!try taking religion out of our gov. and our daily lives and you where we are, right now is a good example.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        you can believe that if you want but I bet if you do, I can write YOUR future if you do! Hope you like real hot climates!!!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          PS to Lee.
          Poorly written history book? Science was just able to prove something that I have known all my life from reading that book. which came first, the chicken or the egg? Through DNA and other testing, it was announced today that the hen came first. If you had read that “poorly written history book” from the creation of the earth, YOU would have known as well!!!

  • http://personallibertydigest working taxpayer

    The most deeply racist people I have ever met have been minorities. Most whites I know just want to get over all the b.s. but the minorities have made such a living out of being the victims that they don’t want to give it up! Jesse jackson is the biggest piece of (word removed) racist out there- WHY do we keep giving this A-hole a pulpit to preach from? Are the white liberals SO guilt-ridden that they insist on perpetuating his hateful speech and think that somehow, if they give him airtime, it will make the minorities think “Aww, whities not so bad, see? They let Jesse talk all he wants”??? If minorities really want to end racism, then shun radical hate-mongers like Jesse the same way that most whites shun the KKK and skin heads. And for Pete’s Sake, stop smashing windows and stealing TV’s and Tennis shoes every time something happens that you don’t like! Or, sometimes, even when something happens that you DO like! Duh….

    • crystal

      This is how a lot of people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan make their money. Without inventing racism in places where there isn’t any, they will go broke.

  • crystal

    I’m a Black woman and I think this is so ridiculous. I’m from the Southside of Chicago and very glad I moved away from this level of stupidity coming from the mindset of this type of so-called New Black Panther Party and others who do not wish or just don’t know how to better their lives.

    During the 60s, the Black Panther Party was created to police the police. During that time, a lot Black people WERE being harassed, arrested, and beaten by the police; and for very minor offenses if any.

    In this case, there was no threat at the polling place that would need new-Black Panther Party involvement. It was a polling place and carrying a baton and such is not only a form of harassment, but also disturbing the peace, anti-Right To Vote, and above all intent to assault. Ask yourself this question though, if there was a real threat why didn’t somebody call the police? I’ve been watching this case and nobody has said anything about calling the police!!!

    Black people only make up 13% of the U.S. population this includes our children who cannot vote. Approximately, 1/3 of Black men will never be able to vote due to some sort of felony. 24% of Black people are Conservatives and did not vote for Obama and never will. A certain percentage of Black people aren’t going to vote due to religious reasons, loss of faith in government, or not interested. If all the Black people in America had gone to the polls that day and voted for Obama, we still wouldn’t have the numbers to put him in office. There just aren’t enough of us.

    White people put Obama in office. With this came all the mess we are presently experiencing (i.e., Eric Holder, Safe School Czar, repealing DADT, ENDA, Hate Crimes Bill that rode on our Defense Budget in order to pass, loss of General Motors where now GM cars are being made in Mexico for $26.00 per day, government that uses the Constitution to wipe their butts with, Sotomayer, Eleana Kagan, and the list goes on and on and on).

    Obama in office is really a teaching moment!!! I hope we can clean this mess up. But let me add, it will take more than the November 2010 vote.

    This case should have never been dismissed.

    • Fred

      I am a white man that lived in Chicago from 1943 till 1999. I must say you do speak the truth. I know I was there. The reason the Black Panthers started was true the black people were treated harsher than white people by the Chicago police, but the problem with the Black Panthers is they like our elected politicians lost sight of their purpose for being there. The case against them was pushed aside because our lawmakers can’t find it in themselves to convict someone they symbolize. I enjoyed your statement.

    • Lee

      Honey, have you ever thought of running for office?
      You have such a marvelous command of the language, and your words are the words of wisdom!
      You would make a fine representative of the people!
      I hope your family appreciates you as you should be!

  • http://personallibertydigest working taxpayer

    Crystal- I agree completely! Whites put Obama in the white house, and lot of people I’ve asked have told me they voted for him because of his skin color. No other reason. Whites want to be seen as non-racist so badly that we’re willing to slit our own throats to prove it.

  • Steve Coy

    To Dave and Crystal, China is a perfect place for your dumb ass. When I was 47 I worked in Oakland CA as a meat cutter, up untill that time I never looked at a person’s color, just the way they treated me. Well now I know that they are the biggest Racists in America, I was threatened by the Blacks almost daily for 3 years, several times with death. I didn’t back down but they did, but it opened my eyes about how I now look at blacks. When a color or Race votes 95% for a man without any qualifications except anti American, anti White and runs with Communists and America haters its not hard to draw a line about everything he does and everything that happens during his Administration. Stupid id as stupid does, Obamanation is a MULLATO not Black nor White, but the poor blacks needed a tan man, weather qualified or not and he is the dumbest most pathetic Moron ever to grace the White House. The New Communist Party (former Democrat Party) is covering for a child (Obamanation) who was not born here and I hope when we take back the Congress in November we will Impeach this travesty and his lackey’s and throw them in Prison.

    • Da Norseman

      Well said, Steve, I could not have stated that any better.

    • crystal

      First and foremost Steve, learn to spell. Second, if you are going to insult someone, learn proper sentence structure. CHINA? You cannot define another individuals American experience as being “dumb assed.” Did you even comprehend my comment? If you read my comment correctly, you would see that I spoke of an attitude common in the Black community where I came from.

      When I was in the military this attitude was also rampant among military personnel. It was odd because many Black men brought this Black supremacy attitude and many White men brought a White supremacy attitude. It’s hard to work in the middle of all this strife, but I didn’t define all White men as being Klansmen or Nazis.

      As far as the 95% Black vote. Where did you get this lying number?

      • http://aol wayne a

        i too read several different articles that said 90% plus of the blacks that voted,voted for obama.true or not,that’s what it claimed.

      • http://PersonalLibertyAlerts Matt


        I found a New York Times exit poll that might interest you. It gave info based on race, age, and religion.


  • http://personallibertydigest working taxpayer

    Steve- You and Crystal are both right. As I stated before, minorities (especially blacks and hispanics) are the most hard-core, hateful racists I have ever met. Not ALL of them are like that, I’m just saying the biggest offenders in my opinion are blacks and hispanics. And my point is that whites DID put Obama in the white house. That fact can’t be disputed. Yes, a huge majority of blacks supported Obama, mostly for the wrong reasons. But so did a whole lot of whites. I’m from California, very near to the Bay Area, Oakland, San Jose, San Fransisco, etc. And I know what you’re talking about. There’s areas I simply refuse to go for fear of my well-being. I’m a blue-eyed blonde dude who works three jobs, 7-days a week to take care of his wife and two kids. I’m proud to never have received ANY state funds or hand-outs from the feds, and I’m FED UP with being penalized for being a hard worker! I’ve busted my ass just to be passed up for positions because I’m white. I applied to become a Sheriff in California, spent a year jumping through hoops and taking tests, to be #4 on a list of over 400 applicants to be hired. Then I was told, point blank, that a black female who wasn’t as qualified was going to be hired instead of me because of affirmative action… but if I re-apply and start all over again, they’d do their best to hire me next time. Yeh, kiss my ass. I had to drop out of college because there’s not much help for a poor white dude trying to get through college, working two jobs, sleeping in his car. If I was black or hispanic, though, they had all kinds of ways to help. Geez, why can’t we just treat each other equally? Why am I constantly punished for being a hard-working white?
    I didn’t vote for Obama, but I was secretly hoping that he would be an awesome president. I doubted it because of his associations with Ayres, Wright, etc… but I really hoped. But instead we have the biggest mess the world could’ve ever imagined, and racism has once again blossomed into the smelliest desert rose we’ve seen since the 60′s. This administration has put us backwards in the fight for equal rights by 50 years.

  • Patricia

    Nothing this administration does suprises me anymore. I find it interesting that Obama-bin-lying made a huge deal out of the Professor Gates and police department in Cambridge— racial allegations by the Clown Prince— but, NO comments about his beloved Black Panthers outside polling sites in Phila. When are others going to start realizing this group of progressive garbage will stop at NOTHING to achieve their goals and that will include murdering those who oppose them. Kill cracker babies???? How sick and depraved they have become. Or has this always been their agenda? No response from the media— must be on the payroll or receiving some form of payback. Disgusted with our Government and don’t know at this point if there is any hope for saving our beloved America.

  • Dan

    It’s time to arm yourself

  • Da Norseman

    Above all, all racial hate groups, regardless of what race they belong to, who resort to intimidation are a whole bunch of Nazis anyway. It would be great to round up all these Nazis and start a new TV reality show by shipping them all off to some remote location far far away and let them kill each other for the thrill of the viewer.

  • patrick

    First, very few people with family heritage from other countries, as in other than the USA, rarily call themselves Irish-American, or Norwegian-American, or German-America etc. We simply say we are an American. So why do most people with African heritage have to push on us that they are African-American? Are they not proud to be an American? I have another question, why is our poop brown in color? everything that goes in our bodies always comes out brown colored. So we call brown people Black’s, why? They really are about the same color as our poop is. Maybe we should start calling black people or colored people, poop people? Since black and white are not known as colors, they are shades. Therefore, I say we call colored people poop people which is the same color as our poop!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      I have to agree about the hyphened American labeling. I don’t like it either. However your comments about ‘poop’ were distasteful. There are many non whites who do not like what is happening in our country. To refer to any nationality as poop people is a low blow. I dislike seeing the Black Panthers divide our nation, or anyone who makes comments that separate us. I don’t like to lump everyone into racist groups. It will accomplish nothing.

      • http://?? Joe H.


    • http://PersonalLibertyAlerts Matt


      Distasteful is a kind way to describe your remarks.


  • patrick

    The best words I ever listened to from a brown person came from the singer James Brown. I heard his words while serving in the Army in Chicago, IL during the race riots when blacks were burning down all the cities across America in the mid 1960′s. Mayor Daily pronounced martial law to try and stop Black’s from burning down Chicago. It continued day after day. The City of Chicago started to run ad’s on TV featuring James Brown and in the ad Mr. Brown was talking to the black community and he said to them while pointing his finger to his head, he said, ” black power, use your head and be smart, stop throwing bricks and burning down our city”. Not much has changed as black’s continue to use intimidation and violence to try to influence society. Way to many are lazy slime waiting for their monthly checks and when things don’t go their way the first thing we hear are claims of racism. This does not get attention and it is not the way to change things. Wake up and use what brains you have!

    • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

      Patrict, now you should know why they are so hell bent on getting 12 to 18 million Mexicans to join them, they only differ in language, and color. Never mind the facts. The facts are it is the blacks that are going to suffer for lack of jobs, ( for those who want them)cuts in all entitlements, and anything else they have had so plentiful over the years. For this and many other reasons we are called stupid. It is sad that some people can not see that some of us are different and want the same for our families as all true Americans. We don’t set around waiting for some so called leader to tell us when to move. We know our history, but leave it at that. It is time to move on. Because of thier so called leaders and the guilt ridden Whites, these morons still live in the 1600s, just waiting for the opportunity to bring it up to justify, lowering the bar, changing laws, etc to suit those that they only want a hand out because they have been kelp down so long, what a sorry bunch of creeps.For an example of what it is I am talking about: a black group has decide, it is time to make pot legal, because blacks are the most arrested and prosecuted for pot. A bunch of ninnies if there ever was any.

      • crystal

        That’s funny Leonard, because down here in San Diego it’s whites who are the refer heads. Everytime you saw some idiot outside a store trying to get signatures for legalizing marijuana, it was a white person.

  • http://baileyboy Lenny

    I have read the responses to the black panthers charges being dropped by the DOJ. This is reverse discrimination clear and simply. The reason we have this man in office is due to our lack of interest and letting someone else worry about things, we now have the results of this passive thinking. The Liberal Dems blasted Bush, 24/7 when he was in office, and they wanted a change. Ob stated he would change things but didn’t say WHAT KIND OF CHANGE, SO NOW YOU HAVE IT. Everyone ignored the stories of his church, the 1960′s terrorists he was friends with and the other TRUTHS. I am a registered Dem(FOR OTHER REASONS)During the primaries I voted against Spector and was glad to see the turncoat defeated. Now in Nov. I will be voting Rep. the get rid of the Dem’s. We must get out and vote AGAINST THE INCUMBENTS, if we are to save this country. Ob is taking this country down to his level, SOCIALIST,and if we ignore what is happening we will be no better off than USSR. (yes it exists, only the names have changed to protect the innocent,ha,ha,ha.)Ob can be impeached if we win Congress.

  • http://personallibertydigest working taxpayer

    Ummm… Patrick, how old are you?

  • http://personallibertydigest working taxpayer

    Has anyone been watching the Sharon Angle/ Harry Reid fight? Reid is getting UGLY!!!

    • Earl

      Desperate people do desperate things! As an aside, that comment could be used to describe the actions of most of us when our economy and society collapse sometime in the future.

      The charade in Washington will likely come to an end by the last quarter unless the fed keeps on printing paper money. if that happens we will have hyperinflation like Wiemar Germany had. Either way we lose. time for a wakeup!

      If you think you’ve seen class wars, wait til then……..It’ll be pretty ugly.

    • JC

      Reid is simply an ugly human being on every level.
      He and his crew are literally making things up about Angle and putting them on TV because they can afford to. It’s pretty sickening.

    • Patricia

      We can only hope that Obama-bin-lying continues his track record- so far everyone he has campaigned for has lost. Keep up the good work. Harry Reid is too old to remember how to put one foot in front of the other. He is ugly and has never deserved to serve in our house. Hope Ms. Angle puts him in his place, never to serve in public office again. Has anyone heard how his son’s political run is going? Interesting that the son did not use the Reid name when I saw him on TV. Too embarrassed????? November will be here soon. Vote out all these corrupt politicians and hold their feet to the fire. They will push every agenda they can and they will take pride in putting the clamps to all of us during these next few months.

  • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    I know I don’t have to say this, but had these been white panthers, they would be crucified just because they where in the vicinity.Just like Toyota, YOU ASK FOR IT, YOU GOT IT.Before you crank the race car, I am not White, just competent. Ever the guilt ridden whites, would have protested if white panthers would have not been prosecuted.
    What a bunch of human wasted. Boy that should make whites and nonwhites come together. Of course you know thier is never an intent to bring us all together. That is how they maintain control, but we are getting smarter by the hour,we want fall for that low life trash.

  • Charles

    Whenever someone defends the indefensible you can be assured they are ignorant, emotional, or propagandists. I suspect Dave’s job is the latter. There is racism inherent in everyone. But America has done a remarkable job of preventing discrimination to the point of establishing a genuine love for people different then ourselves. There is a problem with politicians who encourage division in order to perpetuate their power. They prey on the greed and ignorance of small groups of people to create civil unrest. I applaud every commenter who strives for fairness and detest the Daves of this world who know better but believe they have a right to destroy lives in order to achieve their goals.

  • mavis


  • http://personallibertydigest robert williams

    if the terrest panthers cant do the time then dont do the crime if this was a white man he wold be locked up for 5 to 10 years no question abought it Look at the White Cop in Oakland they dident wast any time Locking hih up had that been a white man the cop shot you wold had never heard a word abought it.

  • ABinGA

    In our local paper this past Sunday there were articles bashing Mel Gibson for his little episode but nothing about the panther crap. Then again our paper is just as bad as the main stream media even concerning local issues. There have been times when whites have been shot by police (for reason) and nothing said but there have been times when blacks have been shot by police (for reason) and all hell breaks loose. I am white and I was raised knowing to listen and do what a police officer tells you to do, not dis-obey his commands.

    • Sutekh

      To ABinGA

      In the 1800′s, some suspects were shot dead while fleeing apprehension. The judge at the inquest ruled the deaths “suicide.” When questioned, he said, “When a Texas Ranger tells you to stop, and you don’t, it’s suicide.”

      Apparently at some point, the rule was perverted to be “If you’re black, and a white Texas Ranger tells you to stop, and you don’t, it’s suicide.” That was wrong. Mel Gibson has just as much a right to be shot as “Darius Jaydon McCardle.”

      The Obama administration does not want to set this back to the original legal concept. It wants to change it to “If you’re white, and a black Texas Ranger tell you to stop, and you don’t, it’s suicide.” That is not righting a wrong, that is called racist vengeance. And white people voted for him so as not to appear racist. That’s a laugh. They voted for racism against themselves.


  • Peaches

    I predicted that our Country was not ready for a black President because I felt that his wife is a racist. We have come a long way and need to stand together. Italians (Sicily) was invaded by Africans and whites were abused and raped which resulted in Sicilians been dark skinned and other black features. We need to move forward in life and not backwards. It’s ignorance.

  • Lee

    Interesting commnets from some very interesting people. I have enjoyed it immensely!
    There was an incident in South Phoenix in 2000-2001 at a high school. The area was an upper-middleclass neighborhood with all shades of Americans represented, and the kids got along pretty well. Then, the illegals invaded, took over the neighborhood, took down Old Glory and ran up Mexico’s flag.
    Of course the students protested, but the illegals laughed at them. Finally, a group of black students got the white students to one side and told them this: “We are going to do something about this! But, all of you stay out of the way! WE can fight the Mexicans, you would only be in trouble! Let US do the fighting, because no one will question us! Just stay out of the way!”
    The white kids had to agree, although they wanted to pound some illegal heads, too, but the black kids had made their point. If the white kids fought, they would be racists, and they would pay dearly. But, with the blacks doing it, nothing would be said.
    The black students went out, took down the Mexican flag, tossed it into the garbage and ran Old Glory back up. Then all hell broke loose! From what the white kids said, it was a great fight, with the Americans gaining the upper ground! Of course, the cops had to come and ruin a perfectly good fight! Some of the police and Hispanic parents tried to say the white kids had put the blacks up to it, but the black kids stood their ground, and stated flatly they had told the whites to stay out of it, and that they would take care of it!
    The upshot of the situation was that a large number of illegals suddenly decided to move, the black kids were censured for fighting on school grounds, but the Hispanic kids were expelled for starting a race riot! The white kids were unhappy their black friends got into trouble, and went as a body to court for them.
    Last I heard, there were no illegals at South Mountain High!

  • mickey

    To Lee, yes, and whites did the same for blacks in the 60′s. the whites wouldn’t be arrested but the blacks would so many whites took the blame. Brought both sides together and we need it again. obama is fooling himself to think blacks are that stupid. Maybe in some sections that depend on the Jesse Jackson’s to tell them they are still “black” and can never have anything but more and more are seeing the actions of the WH as not good.

    By the way, in the 60′s both groups tried to keep their kids at peace because it wasn’t going to be good for any of them. People have to remember that separate neighborhoods didn’t mean different values. We had the same values. Most of us still have the same values.

    And I agree, without civil unrest Jesse Jackson et al can’t maintain their rich life style. Time has long passed for these old agitators. I guess it is up to us “we the people” to help each other.

  • allison

    Where is the ACLU ? Turn this around. Some white young men wear white sheets and stand around a voting area in a Black area. The ACLU would be on to this like fleas on a dog and they would keep it going till someone was convicted.Reportedly, the decision to drop the case was made by career Government employees so it is not a Democratic or Republican policy. Unfortunately it is a racial situation. Being not a big tall person I would feel very intimidated by having persons dressed in a military style waving a weapon around, regardless of what color or political persuasion they were. It would scare me away from voting.

  • allison

    The whole racial situation would end if no one talked about Racism for one generation. The more it is talked about the more people get inflamed.
    I have known persons of the other race and sex that I would have loved to spend time with and perhaps marry, They were great persons and soon I no longer noticed the difference in the shade of our skins.They were just people.


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