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Lawsuit Alleges Maryland Not Doing Enough To Desegregate Schools

January 4, 2012 by  

Lawsuit Alleges Maryland Not Doing Enough To Desegregate Schools

More than 50 years after the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed segregation in public education, a court will decide if Maryland is providing enough support to the State’s historically black colleges and universities, The Wall Street Journal reported.

According to the newspaper, a lawsuit was brought against the State by a group largely made up of students and alumni from the schools and accuses Maryland of repeatedly failing to fulfill promises to help desegregate the institutions.

The Journal reported that the suit claims the State’s higher education commission devoted millions of dollars to “traditionally white institutions” and this alleged favorance has made it difficult for the black schools to recruit and retain the best students and faculty members.

“The state of Maryland has systematically failed to desegregate these four schools,” Jon Greenbaum, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, who are seeking in excess of $2 billion in funding for their schools, told the newspaper. “Elements that trace back to the 1930s and ’40s are still very a part of the state’s higher-education system.”

The Associated Press reported that opening statements begin on Tuesday in the bench trial that is expected to last six weeks.

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  • jenersea

    That is funny, I have never seen the mention of a United White College Fund or any other proposal for the use of just one race group to go to college except for the United Negro College Fund. So how are they not being helped and excluded?

    • 45caliber

      Berkley has a Black Student Center, an Oriental Student Center, and a Latino Student Center, as well as the normal Student Center. No one not of those races are allowed. They also have housed reserved for those races. Someone tried to build a White Student Center off campus and almost went to jail for it. That was racist!

    • http://google Leonard W. Giddens

      Not only that, people at these Universities has a tendency to not run it right and miss use funds and graduate students that should not have graduated high school. Maryland knows what it is doing. The White Colleges are open to all that qualify. Where is this segregation. Blacks segregate themselves with all this black this and a black that. Join the other people and you will see the difference. Why waste money on a group that want to be separate causing tax payer to have to foot an unnecessary bill? I am a man of color so don’t start this stupid racist crap.

    • MilitaryPatriot

      There not, just the usual race card tactics. The next thing will be all Muslims schools, no Christians (the evil infidels( allowed, Oh!, that’s right, it has already begun. Those Muslim cry babies already have their separate Muslim schools, sure, why not, feed the double standard bigotry green eyed monster in this country. Just find a screaming liberal judge, who hates this country and the Constitution and you have it made. Works for them. Anything to divide and concur this country. Hate mongers. Go home to a commie country and see how long they last with their cry baby wants and entitlements. Wah, Wah, Wah, all the way back to commie land.

  • tim

    I used my VA after enlisting for 3 years to go to college and worked a full time job.. Isn’t it time to start paying for college by working instead of getting money from the gov’t!!!! How many billions of dollars are owed to the gov’t for student loans. This doesn’t count all the grants and scholarships! As for the lawyers, well, we know that story!!

    • Joe H.

      Used three years of it myself, worked for the campus moving crew as well. got married my first year and my wife worked for the bookstore and a sandwich shop. We made out fine!! We are helping our daughter get her degree and she has been working as well! She will do just fine, as well!!! We need to instill a work ethic back into our youth like they had in our day. I remember a lot of college and highschool kids working in nurseries, orchards and even picking in the fields!! why the hell can’t they do that NOW???

    • 45caliber

      I also went into the service for the GI Benefits to go to college and worked as well. So did my wife.

      Most student loans now are to minority groups – who seldom repay them. Or they are to criminals in penitenturies so they can get out of work details.

    • independent thinker

      First let me say I am in no way saying you do not deserve the VA benefits that helped pay for your education. But, You are getting money from the government to go to school.

      • Joe H

        I have a screwed up back, diabetes, both determined to be caused by my service. I do not collect a thing on either. My back is costing me over 100.00 a month, and my diabetes meds, not counting appointments, costs me about another 250.00 a month averaged out over the year. I say I EARNED that money. BTW, I don’t collect disability from social security either as i believe there are others that need it more than me!! Be careful to know the person before you post.

  • Joe

    The very fact that they still have colleges that admit only blacks proves they haven’t done enough towards desegrgation. If they had, those all black schools would have been forced to admit other ethnicities a long time ago.

    • Joe H.

      the very fact that there are Black families FIGHTING against desegregation, their kids being bussed all over town tells me there might be too much being done in some cases!!

      • 45caliber

        Back in the ’60s, the schools at Russelville, AR, bussed their black students to a black school in another county – an hour’s extra drive morning and evening. None of the local parents – including the white ones – were in favor of that and approved a court ruling that this had to stop. The only problem was that the court then ruled that the school had to bus an equal number of white students to the black school to achieve racial balance there too – which simply meant the busing continued with different students.

        Government simply doesn’t make sence most of the time.

        • Kate8

          The whole idea of government mandating where people must live or attend school is an intrusion on liberty. ALL people should be free to live among whomever they choose, and most people are the most at home among those with whom they share the most in common. This is readily demonstrated across the board, and is entirely natural to all creatures.

          While no one should be forbidden from living where they choose, they should not be forced to live, work or go to school somewhere, either. Government needs to get off our backs and just let us live however and wherever we choose. We should be sick of government acting like a parent and treating us like children who don’t know how to make choices, especially when it never was about us, but about the goverment’s own agenda. All of the forced integration and gov. housing hasn’t reduced poverty and the number of ghettos, either, but has just created many new ones in places that once thrived.

          The only ones who are lambasted for wanting choices are whites. We have now entire communities and even cities which are composed entirely of a single ethnic group. There are places here in CA where you’d think you were in a foreign country, and where whites, especially Americans, are not safe to tread. Not only are they, by deliberate intent, segregated along ethnic lines, they are a whole different culture from that of America, often with their own separate laws, and you don’t hear any judges or politicians protesting.

          It’s high time that we, as Americans of all origins, stand up to this run-amok government. Their agenda never was to unite us, but to divide us by using PC to give some groups more rights than others, because it’s the old divide and conquer routine. Left to ourselves, we’d all be able to live by the same rules, and choose how and where while respecting that we all have differences.

          Government is never the answer; but is, rather, always the problem.

          • Vigilant

            Well said Kate!

    • James

      Joe, Why do you want them to do more? If they prefer to be with people of their own kind, what’s wrong with that? Don’t we have the right to associate with whomever we want?

      • Joe

        Because if they can force a formerly all white school to admit blacks then we should be able to force their all black schools to admit whites.

  • 45caliber

    This reminds me of a demonstration I heard about during the ’70s.

    The black students at a college (can’t remember which one) went on strike since they needed to be paid TWICE what the white students were getting. After all, they had a better lifestyle and needed to buy named products to support it while the whites didn’t. So they needed twice as much.

    • CJM

      A white student still has a great deal of difficulty in obtaining funds to attend school while the blacks don’t. Furthermore, when a white student is awarded funds, they either receive an extremely small stipend (usually around $300), but the majority receive LOANS as opposed to the grants that blacks receive. White students have to pay back what they received; blacks get the money and never have to repay. If you remember the blacks entering white churches a few years back, demanding “reparation” for their blackness, only a minute few capitualated and paid these robbers. These lawsuits we now see, as in the Maryland case, are simply another ploy to extract that demand for “reparation” payment just because they were born black. The judge should toss the suit as frivilous and be done with it. Unfortunately, we are also in the process of finding out just how cowardly some judges are—they refuse to support the US Constitution and they refuse to follow the law.

  • Ted Crawford

    “To tax a community for the advantage of a class is not protection, it’s plunder.” Benjamin Disraeli

  • s c

    Look at it this way, folks. America has had 50 years to ‘get it right.’ In that time, the economy has been gang-raped, we’ve elected at least two generations of career criminals and higher education is the same farce that it is at the high school and grade school levels.
    It makes NO sense to let herds of undeserving people go to college or a university when MOST of them will NEVER get close to a good job AFTER they get a degree [OR two OR three]. It’s akin to pouring sand down a rat hole.
    It’s the Law of Diminishing Returns on steroids, boys and girls. It’s a WASTE of time AND money. It’s like pissing up a tree that’s been elevated to an art form. Anybody who gets deep in debt to chase a job that probably WON”T exist when it’s time to try and get HIRED is by definition a SELF-MADE horse’s ass.
    The main benefactor of all that money is the SCHOOLS. Those schools are NOT TAXED. It is a FRICKING RACKET! Unless your chosen field can all but guarantee a job (physician, an MD who’s a specialist, computers or science], YOU’RE IN THE WRONG FIELD, young ones! You’ve been ‘HAD’ by your political “pals.”

    • James

      I agree, the vast majority of jobs do not require a college education.

    • CJM

      In 1954 when segregation was ordered over-night, there were high school programs that were on a two-track system: (1) Vo-Tech and (2) College bound. Educators knew that not all folks would qualify for college/university, but all needed some sort of training that would prepare them for the real world. Vo-Tech taught tradesmen classes (carpentry, auto mechanics, pre-welding courses, etc) and the fellas were always proud of the work they did. Girls, for the most part, participated in home ec type of courses (a few guys signed up, but they wanted to be a chef–an honorable profession), but a few did go for the non-traditional courses like carpentry and auto mechanics. You tested for placement in these courses, you simply didn’t sign up–and you needed parental approval as well. Other students who qualified for the college bound program took special courses geared towards entering college (courses included a foreign language, hard sciences, mathematics, English/Literature, etc). After two years of the forced segregation, a majority of the black parents decided that this was unfair and challanged the schools…so the system was changed to a one-size fits all. Bottom line, nothing ever satisfies these folks, but it’s a sure thing that many of them do not like to progress beyond ignorance.

  • Bus

    Boo Hoo, Do the colleges have to go out into the streets and drag black people into their institutions? The fact is that the Black Culture in America has created an ethos that discourages advancement in “White Man” society. At some point the race needs to give up the resentment of past offenses and decide to play by the rules, or move to Liberia.

  • James

    The Brown v. Board of Education decision, which mandated desegregation actually fell out of federal court jurisdiction. Both parties in the case were from the same State. That category of cases was omitted from the types of cases federal courts may hear because the Founders didn’t want the feds messing with intrastate matters. Article III, Section 2 lists the types of cases federal courts may hear, and you will notice that cases where both parties are of the same State aren’t there. Even two of the types that are there were removed by the Eleventh Amendment. The fact that the 11th Amend. exists is proof that federal courts do not have constitutional authority to hear and rule on all cases. Stated otherwise, the Brown v. Board of Education decision was unconstitutional.

  • CJM

    If they want money to operate THEIR schools, then they should go to THEIR PEOPLE to get that money. These “historical black colleges and universities” are SUPPOSED to admit students from all walks of life, but the refuse to admit students they call “white.” Well, that is racism, therefore, they do not qualify for any tax monies, period. Then they claim their “historical black colleges and universities” are PRIVATE SCHOOLS–if that is the case, then they are ineligible for qualifying for tax monies to operate those schools. Frankly, I am tired of this crap—get over it…dark people were not the only ones who were enslaved; the difference is: we have adjusted and gone on to better things rather than stunting our lives with things we had not control over or can change.

  • J.M.R.

    here we go again those poor blacks let them get off their a&& and move ahead on their own energy if they have any.

  • http://n/a Old Corp.

    Should these predominantly Black schools prevail, evidence exists that they will still discriminate against white enrollment. In SC we have several Black institutions. Mismanagement of money by the Public ones is a major issue. All however wish to remain in essence Black schools. The private ones are adamant about it. We have had to have a white student sue South Carolina State University to get into programs and be allowed to graduate. We are still trying to get, along with the Federal government, an accounting of many millions of dollars allocated to a transportation study institute obtained by Rep. James Clyburn that has never scratched the soil for the 1st building.

  • Sharry

    First, I am White and after reading the comments, I must say that it is amazing that every comment here is negative and not based on facts at all. The White schools do not need to sue because they get their funding with no problem. Historically, black colleges and universities were created because of segregation and the systematic racism of this country against blacks and then other people of color. There is no need for a “United White College Fund” because if you look around; White people have always been the majority in colleges and universities—dating back hundreds of years. No one here is complaining about our mostly White colleges getting their share but only when the black skin color is brought into play. No one ever complains about our “sea of privilege” that we all live in everyday or complain about the current “white form” of affirmative action a.k.a Legacy Admissions. 90% of legacy admissions are from white families, whose children get in —not just because of grades but because of the connections they have—either they are from the right school district, the connection they have to the school or if “daddy donated money or brought a gym”! The cards for blacks have always been stacked against them even if they have great test scores and grades. Yes, Whites are in fact going to black colleges and universities—at a great discount because of desegregation and affirmative action. If it is not correct and factual to say that all White people are hateful racist and descendents of murders than it is also not correct to say that every black person in America is a criminal or on drugs. Iowa is 82% White and the state has some of the highest levels of crystal meth use in the country! There is such thing as systematic racism. Look at the comments alone from this article. We automatically think negative or the worst if a black person is involved and I am sick of it. The media only shows us the low class and criminal portion of black America. I lost thousands of dollars from a connection to that Bernie Madoff thing—and his White skin did not give a damn about mine! I am strong enough NOT to just “jump on the band wagon and follow the crowd”—and stand up of what is right. This is what keeps this wonderful nation of ours divided and full of hatred. If these schools should get the same as what the other schools got than let right be right.

    • Dot

      Well said Sharry and sooooo true.


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