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Lawmaker Wants Ban On Federally Funded Anti-Junk Food Campaigns

February 6, 2012 by  

Lawmaker Wants Ban On Federally Funded Anti-Junk Food Campaigns

The issue over whether the Federal government should fund ad campaigns against sodas and junk food has received criticism, as opponents of the practice have noted that taxpayers should not have to foot the bill.

According to Fox News, a bill was introduced to Congress by Representative Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) that would prohibit Federal money from going toward ad campaigns in opposition to junk food and in favor of “safe” foodstuffs and beverages.

“I don’t think it’s the Federal government’s (role) to try and regulate people’s habits on products that were deemed safe by the FDA,” DesJarlais told Fox News. “The government is reaching too far into our lives in trying to regulate personal habits.”

The news outlet reported that the he introduced the bill following a development in New York City regarding an anti-obesity subway poster. DesJarlais noted that $230 million in Federal stimulus money has gone toward this type of ad campaign.

Scripps Howard reported that other critics have noted that Federal stimulus money should be directed to creating jobs and not promoting certain lifestyles.

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  • cawmun cents

    “They(gubment)wont allow me to regulate what comes out of their body,why should I let them regulate what I put into mine?”-CC.

    • Jim Hatfield

      Exactly!!! Well stated Sir.

    • Bus

      they do regulate the type of container you can discharge your waste into.

  • Disgusted

    And how. Don’t spend my tax dollars trying to convince the overweight that they need to stay away from the foods they love. They are going to eat and eat and eat it anyway. The government needs to stop being everyones mommy/daddy and do their job! If the food is so bad for you then why does the FDA approve it? They need to start doing their jobs as well.

    • Ellen

      You hit the nail on the head. Why does the FDA allow things to be in our food that are bad for us? Why do they not require food labels to honestly state such things? It has already been published by Harvard that outlawing hydrogenated oil will decrease heart disease by 50%. Considering heart disease is our #1 killer and hydrogenated oil is man-made and unnecessary, it’s a no-brainer to simply outlaw the fat. The same holds true for high fructose corn syrup, another man-made food, that has no need to be in our food supply. These 2 products are cheap, so food manufacturers want to use them. Clearly, our government is not looking out for our best interest or health. Over 2/3 of US adults are over-weight. Do you think the time for our government to finally do their job has arrived? They always wait for a disaster, then claim to have to implement any solution due to the urgency. You know when the ‘poor’ are obese/fat that something is wrong. Being over-weight used to be a sign of ‘living well.’

      • JUKEBOX

        People need to read the book “EXCITOTOXINS” by Dr. Russell Blaylock to find out what “Poisons” are being allowed to be in our foods by the FDA under innocuous names.

      • Sally

        I have to comment on your remark that being obese means that the poor are eating well. When I don’t have enough money to buy healthy foods, I have to buy what I can afford. Noodles, pasta, cheap bread, saltines, Get the picture? Starches are cheap. Fresh fruit & veggies are expensive. Starches pile on the weight.

        Any questions?

        • Emoke

          What a lousy excuse for being fat. Granted if the government got out of subsidizing starchy foods they would be more expensive as well. What about growing some of your own food? Keeping a salad box does not take up that much room and can supplement your starchy diet. I believe one of the biggest problem with poor people who make excuses is that they are not only poor in money but very poor in knowledge and ambition. Years ago people would supplement their diets by gathering greens. Dandilion salad anyone? Acorn flour? There is still plenty of food all around us we have just become way to stupid to recognize it. To say nothing about too lazy to put in the bit of effort it takes to tend to it.

        • APN

          Sally, I find your response to be highly offensive and VERY nonfactual. I grew up poor and I can assure you that no member in our family was obese. We were to busy working our small garden, hunting small game and taking odd jobs or doing basically anything to make ends meet.

          The big difference with then and now, we didn’t have this enslaving Federal “Safety Net” to bail us out of our “poverty”. In fact, we didn’t even know we were poor as compared to others. Wasn’t even an issue or a thought that would have crossed our minds.

          We were a FAMILY, and together we were an Unstoppable FORCE that not only survived but improved our situation collectively. All family members ending up educated and successful with a COMPLETE understanding of how those achievements were met. Self-Reliance,self-determination, self-discipline and a desire to improve OUR lives, NOT YOURS! That is something YOU must do, we cannot do it for you!

          We did it without ANY DARN HELP from a bunch of empty progressive-socialists in WASHINGTON that do nothing but rape those who achieve and give to those who are too lazy to work! PATHETIC excuse for an American, if you could call them that!!

          How do you have the time to be on a political blog on the internet given your situation? Who paid for your computer?

          • skip

            All you have to do to see why junk food should be de-emphasized or limited is to take a trip to Wal-Mart – the web pages/YouTube videos of what is seen there are beyond belief. The obesity epidemic is a catastrophe waiting to happen, and is happening. If you make the argument that you can eat what you want regardless of the health effects, then those who do so should be 100% responsible for the health care effects/costs of that behavior. Unfortunately, they will not be able to pay for that health care, and therefore they, under the conservative agenda, will be left to die or to beg from their neighbors, churches, or social organizations for the money to try to save them from dialysis, knee and hip replacement, insulin, limb amputations, heart attacks, and strokes to name a few. There is no problem witnessing this epidemic – it is surrounding us. Now it is either due to citizens having absolutely no restraint on what they eat, or the providers of this junk food advertising and selling it. But let them go on with current practice, get morbidly obese, diabetic, have your heart attacks and kidney failure, chop off your feet and legs from diabetic gangrene, BUT DONOT ASK ME TO PAY A CENT FOR YOUR HEALTH CARE – you are on your own. Now you you could sue the junk food manufacturers that tempted you to buy this crap, but that is up to you and lawyers are not cheap but would love to relieve you of that extra weight in your billfold to get the process underway. Likewise if you smoke and get lung cancer or heart attacks. Likewise if you main yourself not wearing seatbelts when some yabbo drinking as many beers as he thinks is his constitutional right runs a red light and T-bones you . . . . .but then red lights and stop signs are a plot of the communists and Democrat and certainly ought to be outlawed – the sure as hell don’t have any of them in Afghanistan where they don’t have taxes, Medicare, state schools, or export controls

    • traderphil

      The FDA is “BOUGHT AND PAID FOR ” ! PERIOD!!! MONSANTO OWNS THE FDA!! Look who the “Govt” placed as head of the FD!!!! MONSANTO MANAGEMENT! GEE!! I wonder if they have an agenda! You bet they do!!! (The FDA does exactly as they are directed to) . MAN!!! What the heck is happening to the American Public???? Have you all lost your minds? Look what they have done to the food system? Irradiated vegetables, supplements and nutrients classified as TOXINS? BUT! Your “Gov’t” had even started an Outright war against small farmers!! They sure don’t want their citizens to be healthy, of that there is NO DOUBT!!!!! You CAN”T sue fast food companies EVEN IF YOU PROVE THEIR “FOOD” IS HARMING YOU!!! How CONVENIENT!!! What kind of IDIOTS do you folks have “running” your once great country!!!! WAKE UP FOOLS!!!!!

    • 45caliber

      The real problem is that these people who eat all this don’t want to admit that it is really their own problem. “They make me do it.” So the government is willing to step in and make sure the companies selling the food don’t make them … usually by making sure they can’t make the food. The people eating are the problem – not the food nor those who sell it. And if they are willing to do that to themselves, then it’s something they will have to live with.

      I’ll admit I like to eat and am overweight by about 75 lbs. But I also know that it is my own fault and I don’t try to blame it on others.

      • Joe H.


        • APN

          Exactly!!!! What I decide to eat, when where and how is none of the DAMN FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS business…period! Nor is it my neighbor’s responsibility for my bad eating habits or the negative consequences it may have on my health!

          …now, does anybody have any questions about WHY these Marxist thugs in Washington, who ignore our constitutional rights, crammed this unconstitutional healthcare law down our throats??

          Thanks MOMMIE! I’m just so glad you know what’s best for me!

          Polly want-a-cracker?

  • Sirian

    I agree with you but we sure as hell don’t need the FDA to further its intrusions. Through the FDA, as well as many other government departments, have been given more power to intrude via a very broad board of new regulations or otherwise. This is how Obummer and his czars have been side stepping the standard legislation process. It’s much more effective and so much easier to implement.

    • APN

      Correct, but the voice of the American people will be heard, loudly, and those unconstitutional regulations will be temporary.

  • TXMom

    Go spend an hour at my local grocery store’s checkout lines, and you’ll see who the biggest culprit is towards junk food problem. Makes me sick to see how many overweight adults, with overweight children, using their Lonestar Cards/Food stamps to buy the most unhealthy food. I have yet to see any of them look like they’ve ever missed a meal. Lord knows I’d be the first to help a family who really needed food. However, the majority are living high on the hog, on my tax dollars! While I’m spending hours to clip coupons, to afford my groceries.

    • Jim Hatfield

      I think you’ll find that those that need help are working Americans.

      • 45caliber


        So they are working Americans. It is still their responsibility to either eat right or to suffer the consequences. And as working Americans, they should have the insurance needed to take care of those consequences.

        • Ellen

          I have to disagree with your statement about insurance. We’re all in some sort of grouping for our insurance. I would prefer to be in with people who take care of themselves, not people who eat themselves into obesity and expect their health insurance to cover all associated costs. Talk to anyone who ate themselves into obesity and diabetes and they’ll pretend they are a victim of their genes.

          • Joe H.

            How do you explain the high occurance of diabetes in viet nam vets and underweight people??? type two diabetes, too!!!

          • s c

            Ellen, there’s no ‘reply’ under Joe H’s comment, so I’ll put this here.
            Joe H, start with a) Agent Orange in Vietnam vets and b) a contaminated food supply for the rest of America. It probably wouldn’t hurt to throw in MDs who gave up on reading and being accountable.

    • jeanelane

      Folks who are fat many times are that way because of WHAT they eat and not necessarily the amount. I know from personal experience that I can eat many things that do not satisfy my hunger. If I focused my eating on that stuff, I would be huge. But to repeat what others have said, it is not the fault of the government, or the FDA. It is the fault of everyone who wants quick and easy.

    • APN

      TxMom, Yep, that is how the system is designed from top to bottom. Bad behavior brings positive results, good behavior, well, you get punished for doing so.

      This Progressive crap has never worked in the history of mankind and never will, and if we don’t have a major change in our current mindset, this country will never survive it.

      The Lazy dependents now exceed the hard working self-reliant folks, and it has all been done intentionally by these left-wing Marxist thugs. This agenda could not be accomplished within the limiting powers given through our constitution, so, they just circumvent it with WH CZARS, etc all in the name of “Progress”.

      Well for all you progressive GOD hating American Hating thugs out there, stick your dope smoking unconstitutional euphoric mindset in you ear. I’ll be poor and FREE first and you can keep your “free” stuff.

  • traderphil

    Oh Yes!! Are you folks aware that JP MORGAN(the FED’s arm into the mkts) is making BILLIONS$$$$$ distributing cards for FOOD STAMPS!! THE MORE people that are on Food Stamps, THE MORE JP MORGAN MAKES!!! Off YOUR taxes folks!! They are , as always, STEALING FROM USA TAXPAYERS!!!!

  • Jim Hatfield

    The Federal Government should address the real causes of obesity in our Country. Through there immigration policies, or lack there of, they’ve so over populated,with strangers, areas that people are afraid to let there children go outside where those of my age spent their younger years growing up. If the foreign garbage with in the government wants to ban something, which is not their Constitutional right, they may want to look at the true cause of obesity amongst youth which would be electronic games and computers. Man I remember plowing through a dollars worth of ten cent hamburgers at Mc Donalds as a,185lb, high school football player.

    • jeanelane

      You are sooo wrong! The Federal Government should stick to what they are supposed to do, govern. Worrying about obesity or health or anything is not governing. If we are given the correct information, the ordinary person can do many things themselves. Sit on your butt and letting the government make your choices is one thing that has contributed to the obesity and other health issues. I do agree that electronic games, computers, TVs and other such things have contributed. But the biggest is the mind. Wanting others to do for you what you are too lazy to do for yourself.

      • Jim Hatfield

        Let me explain that as a highly intelligent American NO worthless piece of migrant garbage tells me what to do. I live my life according the the rules set forth in the Constitution by My Forefathers Constitutionally the clowns parading themselves around as a legitimate government have no right to interfere with my well being what so ever. However it seems the “Migrant Majority”,on the other hand, because of a lower level of intelligence I suppose and an inability to control themselves have over and over again asked those clowns in Washington to please regulate their worthless stinking lives. As one American I can’t fight that so I simply keep my guns clean and do what I feel is right for myself.

        • skip

          See what your guns will do for a good, solid case of leukemia, Jim. Give it a try, buddy. Just blast the holy bejeezes out of those white cells. I don’t think that technique has been tried, but you are just the guy to do it. I don’t know quite where you should aim, so try either an AK47 or a 12 gauge with birdshot.

  • duaner

    I just finished reading about the government’s two faced policy about foods and obesity. I may have missed the exact figures, but according to the study done, Dept. of Agriculture subsidizes big ag interest to the point of ludicrous. Apprx. $7.31 is used for twinkies wereas 11 cents is used for a quarter of an apple. And on the flip side of this the FDA is spending our money on anti-obesity campaigns. To reiterate what has been said above in the comments posted ” the government should but out of our lives and quit supporting big pharma and big agriculture.

    • Joe H.

      not for much longer, Twinkies is going out of business!!

      • cawmun cents

        They bail out banks,auto makers,and loan companies,to name a few,why cant they bail out Hostess?
        Those bastards!

  • 45caliber

    I must agree with DesJarlais. It is not the responsibility of any politician or any government entity to regulate what we can or cannot eat. It is the decision of the individual to eat what they wish. If someone cannot control their own eating, then they are the ones who must suffer for it. Not everyone else. And if they get ill, it is still their responsibility.

  • http://BenCrystal Gottaplenty

    Lets just pay a little more attention to MaMa obomma. she is trying to get a famous line in history books to be remembered by. Having her say in school lunch programs etc. Then look at the slob and try to look like that..Licking those food stamps is what I heard caused all that over weight at the check out counter. What does that gang know about anything that is good for anyone….

  • G.B.

    They can do their advertising all they want. If I want a hamburger,fries, and a coke I will get it. Thunder Thighs
    can stay out of my diet.

  • G.B.

    Another thought, if they would stop feeding the livestock steroids this would take care of the problem. When a chicken is ready to go to the plant in 35 days it is the steroids. No way to cook the steroids out.

    • Joe H.

      Steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics, all kinds of things in ALL meat producing animals!!

      • APN

        Absolutely Joe H. That is the primary reason that millions upon millions of Americans have cancer, etc.

        I find it interesting that our grandparents ate fried chicken, rice and gravy with a slab of fatback on the side, and ofcourse a couple of slices of cornbread with a buttload of real butter on it, but never seemed to have the health issues we see today. In fact, most of them lived very healthy lives and lived well beyond 70 years aged. Most lived into their late 80′s and 90′s. In fact, my grandfather smoked 2 1/2 packs of non-filtered cigs a day and lived to be 85! He ate fried foods every day of his entire life.

        Must have something to do with “working” on the farm and growing your own chemical free food.

        Go figure!

  • Sheldon

    I think more laws need to be passed to keep children from working. Work is such a dangerous place and if they learn to work then they learn a work ethic and they will learn to keep themselves busy and productive. Farm children used to be busy on the farm but with more laws they can sit around and play video games and eat. The way the obama care is the fatter the children are the sooner they will not be on any health care program. Smoking is not encouraged so some vice needs to be available for the adorable children.

    • Emoke

      You nailed it. Can’t let any little dears escape the big government dependency.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Good idea Congressman DesJartais!! It’s none of Michelle Obama’s, or government’s business how we feed ourselves or our kids. How many people die from fast foods?? I’m sure that Obamacare, if not repealed, will cause far more needless deaths because of death panels and health care rationing – even for those who never eat fast foods. And if these liberal do-gooders really care about kids, then why don’t they campaign against abortion instead?? As I often say, the abortion industry kills almost a million more kids each year than the fast food and tobacco industries combined. …. BTW, I’m not that crazy about fast food myself. I only eat it occasionally, and only if I have special (e.g. buy one , get one free) coupons.

  • Jim Hatfield

    The garbage referring to itself as Government has all ready began it propaganda campaign to control food. It’s already began doling out grants to schools that are willing to to come up with, for the money as always, the answers it’s looking for to convince those easily susceptible to brainwashing that its become necessary that the all knowing ignorance take control of what we’re allowed to eat. Those that fight wild fires inhale more carcinogens in a day then a cigarette smoker does in a year. Funny how those firefighters seem to be just fine. Yet the weakest among you believe that smoking, a 10,000 year old American tradition, is killing people. You actually believe with the majority of migrants who now control the vote being stupid enough to elect a man raised to be a communist to the Presidency are going the stop this run away train?

  • Donald

    We pay now or pay later! If the gov’t can educate some people how to eat better (not all will) that will reduce the amount we all have to pay later for medical treatments (for heart attacks, diabetes, etc.) and medical insurance

    • APN

      Why would the government be in the business of our healthcare to begin with? What constitutional powers have they been given to impose such regulations on a free peoples? If so, where does it end or why do we even have a constitution?

      • skip

        Absolutely APN – get your leukemia, go to the corner of 4th and Main with your tin cup and collect for the costs of the chemotherapy. Ask the local Elks club to organize the research to find the new medicines that might work in treating you. That is better than providing for health care through the evil auspices of communist/socialist/Democratic plots to ruin you/us. Save us from that, for goodness sake. You for sure would be much better on your own – spare me from paying a cent for any care for you.

  • Rick

    first of all, In 0th grade civics i was taught the government’s job wasn’t regulate my actions or behavior, but to regulate my interactions with my fellow citizens. Therefore the governement needs to stay out of peoples personal business and behavior. I can look at so many examples of this kind of government intrusion. Seat belts, and what I can do on the property I paid for and pay taxes on.

    • skip

      Well, in your school, Rick, it looks like they shorted you on spelling and grammar, or perhaps something happened to your thinker when you didn’t wear that communist plot of a seat belt. By the way, Nascar drivers should not wear them either – it is a lot more exciting to watch would happen to them when they crash if they were not surrounded by that protective gear – it would be a lot more like the fun in the arenas of the Roman Empire.


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