Lawmaker Wants Ban On Federally Funded Anti-Junk Food Campaigns


The issue over whether the Federal government should fund ad campaigns against sodas and junk food has received criticism, as opponents of the practice have noted that taxpayers should not have to foot the bill.

According to Fox News, a bill was introduced to Congress by Representative Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) that would prohibit Federal money from going toward ad campaigns in opposition to junk food and in favor of “safe” foodstuffs and beverages.

“I don’t think it’s the Federal government’s (role) to try and regulate people’s habits on products that were deemed safe by the FDA,” DesJarlais told Fox News. “The government is reaching too far into our lives in trying to regulate personal habits.”

The news outlet reported that the he introduced the bill following a development in New York City regarding an anti-obesity subway poster. DesJarlais noted that $230 million in Federal stimulus money has gone toward this type of ad campaign.

Scripps Howard reported that other critics have noted that Federal stimulus money should be directed to creating jobs and not promoting certain lifestyles.

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