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Latest Government Report Reveals Troubling Unemployment Trends

May 6, 2011 by  

Latest government report reveals troubling unemployment trendsJob growth in the U.S. has sputtered in recent weeks, according to a new report from the United States Labor Department.

The agency revealed on May 5 that the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits has reached its highest level in eight months. Applications rose by approximately 43,000 to 474,000 in the week ended April 30, marking the third increase in a four-week span.

According to The Associated Press, a weekly average of about 375,000 applications is typically consistent with sustainable job growth. The latest figures were released a day before the Labor Department was slated to reveal April's unemployment numbers.

Some analysts have linked the steady increase in unemployment applicants to rising gas prices. They suggest that fuel prices have made employers more skeptical about adding new staff members.

Meanwhile, GOP Senators have unveiled a plan that aims to stimulate job growth. According to The Washington Post, five lawmakers introduced their ideas — which were packaged as the Senate Republican Jobs Plan — on May 4, which included a statutory spending limit for the government, a reduction in individual and corporate tax rates and a repeal of President Barack Obama's healthcare law.

"The red tape continues to hold American small businesses hostage," said Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), quoted by the media outlet.

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  • TIME

    No, say it ain’t so Joe.

    The media and the special class of MONKEY politicians have been telling everyone good times are at hand, so what could this mean?

    Could it really be that they were lying again to the American public to keep the MONKEYS TOOLS happy?

    Oh that just can’t be the case now can it be?
    Afterall where are all the jobs that were alledged to have been created, you know when the UE numbers dropped from the alledged 9.7% to 8.8%.
    Could it be that the lie just can’t hold water anylonger?
    Oh my is it possible that now with the MONKEYS in training getting out of school and that whole new batch of worthless eaters will be living at home jobless? But with HOPE, and all that CHANGE stuff.

    Oh it just must be that the MONKEY Trainers who run the show need a new event to get the MONKEY TOOLS back in line with the program?

    Oh what could they be up to?

    • Richard2687

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      Josef Goebbels – an apparent source of inspiration for the Obama regime

      • TIME


        Your on target, great post.

      • Makavelly

        Wow this so reminds me of Republicans droning on about Reagan and Trickle down theory. I’ts been 25 years and I’m still waiting… Amazing that people seem to the trickle down lie for fact. If we returned to how things were done when a REAL conservative – Pres Dwight D Eisenhower, was in office we would all be a lot better off!

  • K. D. M.

    I just heard the DJ on KIOA radio in DSM, IA say that 138,000 jobs were added last month. She said the job market was improving every day. She is very very full of B.S. I see on the News stories on how the economy is recoving and things are getting better then in their next breath they say how much the stocks dropped, numbers increase in unemployment or that a barrel of oil jumped in price. They are doing their best to confuse all of us so we don’t really know exactly what they are doing.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

    The American people just have to start facing the facts, that the Republicans voted in control of just the House, are not going to be able to institute the policies it will require to get the economy up and running again. Obama and the Democrats have damaged our economy so badly, that to correct it, they will have to reverse the policies put in place by Obama and those Democrats. To do this they will have to gain control of the Senate also, but the biggest requirement needed in order to reverse those mandated entitlement costs, that are dragging the economy down and keeping unemployment so high, is to get rid of Obama, and his continuous threats of vetoes of the reversals of his failed policies, needed to get the economy going again. Until this happens, gas costs will continue to rise till it meets Obama’s goal of equaling the costs of Europe, which has no domestic oil production of any consequence, food costs will rise so much that the elderly can’t afford to eat and buy the medicines needed to keep them alive, unemployment is continueing to rise, and if you used the method to calculate the true percentage of unemployment on the same basis they did during the Great Depression, you will find that we will pass the Great Depression unemployment numbers, hyper-inflation has already started and will get worse, and this years first quarterly government financial report on the economy has inadvertently shown us that we are now in the economic condition of Stagflation, which in the coming quarterly goverment financial reports, will only get worse too. Jimmy Carter’s double digit triple misery index is about to make its presents known in the coming year of 2012, at which time the index will prove of the misery being suffered by the American people, because of Obama’s and the Democrats’ failed policies, that are also bankrupting the country. Can this country really afford another four years of Obama and his insane spending binge, that is killing the private sector’s ability to do business, driving up costs and lowering actual profits because of high inflation?

    • Ellen

      Randy, You are right. We won’t be able to get out of this financial mess until we get Dems out of control of the Senate. I live in Virginia and when our previous governor, Tim Kaine, was leaving office, we had a $7 billion deficit that Gov. Kaine said could not be reduced without a tax increase. Gov. McDonnell came in and cut expenses and, without a tax increase, we have a budget surplus. Dems can’t seem to grasp the concept of spending cuts. They just want to keep taxing the rich. You can’t keep repeating the same old failed policies and expect to improve our economy.

  • Carol J

    And the unemployment statistics are a lie anyway. They count only the people on unemployment, and do no include those of us whose unemployment ran out years ago. I’ve spent 12 years applying for jobs I am physically able to do, and been told most of the time I’m overqualified—which is not true. There is no way to be overqualified for anything. You are either qualified or not.

    • Thamera

      Or who couldn’t get unemployment…

  • Centurion

    NPR has been broadcasting that the increase in first time unemployment is due to (get this) Spring Break! They say that school bus drivers, teachers and administrators, with nothing to do for a week, are responsible for the filings. Never mind that they are still employed. How frickin stupid do they really think we are?


    Has anyone suggested to the news commentators and those reporting by using the MSM, that they learn how to read those reports and comprehend the information before they do that knee jerk rosy glow talk?….Unemployment is now back up to 9% but in reality it is more like 22% and growing because the government will not get out of the way to let the private sector make a comeback.

  • http://com i41

    My daughter and son in law stopped by a Job Service to see if there were any farm equipment operators for a least 3 months. By word of mouth they got over 199 calls in 4 hours, just by putting up a smal card on the bulliten boeard. She asked what the uneployment number was, and was told the government bs number of 9%. But after talking to some of the callers, some were remembering rhe Carter years, all say if it was like the Carter years they would have some hope of improving economy. Real unemployment is more like over 25% since the shovel ready project was a shovel of bs and a lot of wasted taxpayers money. This niggardly crossbred isn’t going to expand domestic exploration because pipelines and refineries will not be built. The money the marxist muslim gave to Brazil, would build over 8 small refineries in serveral states with 20,000 barrel capacity a day, or at least 1.1 million gallons a day or more. Using 2008 daily usage records of 12 million gallons a day, we would be almost self sufficent. Something the beltway elcted bastards don’t like to know or talk about.When dumbocraps whine like a roped hog about conservatives not having any ldies to solve the problems, it is just those book train dumb bastard can not agree to do something simple. If aanyone write or talk to a elected idoit, tell them to cut the envior bs, and the easyist way to solve a pronlem is give it a KISS, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID~

  • s c

    WHAT? Insanity’s great gift to politics [Herr Obummer] still doesn’t understand that JOBS are IMPORTANT to the American economy? Does this not PROVE that he’s CLUELESS? His plastic personality has no place to hide in his ‘planned economy.’
    Where are those who voted for this pathetic excuse? Can they not see what he’s doing to America? Let those who have a brain (yet found a reason to vote for him) STAND UP and DEMAND that Herr Obummer get off his posterior and honor his oath of office! A cub scout can do what he’s done so far for the economy. Better yet, let him resign, and outsource himself to a country that will have him. BE GONE!

  • chuckb

    if you don’t think the economy is getting better then turn on abc news, direct from the white house, more new jobs created since 2006, at the same time un-employment has gone back up to 9%. goebbels would be proud of our news media and very envious.
    yesterday abc interviewed a lady attending the worship service at the 9/11 site, she remarked how wonderful barry is and what a great job he is doing, where do we get people like that?. maybe i’m wrong, however, we are becoming a nation of shrine worshippers, is this intentional? with all due respect of the people who lost their lives on 9/11, are they any better than our servicemen who have died on the field of battle, yet these liberals tread on their graves every chance they get.
    the politicians use these calamities for political purpose. crocodile tears. lets not forget the guys in uniform.

    • Thamera

      yep, it’s quite comical and they must really think we are stupid. I also love their choice of verbage, “there has been a slight tick upward in unemployment” hahahahaha. What utter garbage.

      And karolyn dear, not everyone can live in your little bubble world. Most of us have children that we have to provide for and worry about, unlike yourself who only has to worry about yourself. There is a huge difference but then, you wouldn’t know that.

      If you would like to sprinkle these boards with optimistic quotes by all means, go ahead. In the meantime, we will continue to do the “heavy lifting”, no thanks to you.

  • karolyn

    How about some goo news for a chang e!

  • Cawmun Cents

    The solution is simple folks,according to media sources.As the wise man once said,”yip-dip-dip-dip-dip-foomb-boom-boom-boom-boom,get a job”.

  • chuckb

    karolyn, take the oil away from no. dakota and tell me how well they are doing. the very thing your hero is doing his best to curtail.

    • karolyn

      Chuck – I have no “heroes.” I just prefer to accentuate the “good” over the “bad” in life. Rather than spend all of my time complaining, I count my blessings.

  • http://com i41

    karoolyn, we get goo news all the time, there is not a damned infra stucture job to be had, because ofthe goo thatt comes out of Washington. Second because of simple minded envior f–ks like Onumnutts, who will not let refineries be built or pipelines be constucted to put our crude on the open market. The same bastyard who said to day that we need to drill if it meets envior standrads, which was another bald face lie again, after the KeyStone pipeline has been stopped in Sept 2010 because the purple lipped monkey theorized there might be some b–l s–t imagined problem. Later his radical Billary another envior b–ch ishas put aother study in place with no end date or start date. This will make the 8 envior study done by the federal government as well a the ones done in all the states. Several bids that were place in the hoppers in states for hope ful projects were pulled due to high full prices, so when holes in roads appear and bridge decks collapse in need of new tucture supportsm. Be sure to hit a Serria Club, or any other simple minded bastards like sustainable energy and sustainable food production group idoits who push the global warming, Un mandates, and governemnt controlled crap that is ruining the USA. Most people that have had to work with these smucks think they should be biinied. Until this purple lip judge eared bastard accepts the fact government agency wonks regulations are killing our jobs creation and private businesses doing something. If government does any job creation is done there will be more non profit money wasting “businesses” thsat pay the head lizards with lots of vacations and big salaries. While the actual workers get minium wage unless some other bs government program can be tapped. Also the country will end up with more regressive depressive worthles government wonks getting paid for playing with themselves.

  • Raggs

    America jumped head first on the “spread the wealth band waggon”..
    All the more reason obama will go away soon.


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