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Large Solar Flares Among Threats To Power Grid

October 17, 2011 by  

Large Solar Flares Among Threats To Power Grid

Two major threats have the ability to partially or completely destroy the power grid: electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) and coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

You might remember Saddam Hussein threatening to use chemical weapons against both the United States and Israel during the first and second Gulf wars.

You might also remember that we responded to the threat by promising to “respond with overwhelming force and extract a very high price should he be foolish enough to use chemical weapons on United States forces.”

Many people thought that this meant dropping a nuke on Iraq. While that was definitely a possibility, it’s much more likely that our response would have been for us to use an EMP caused by detonating a nuclear bomb 100 miles to 300 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Buildings wouldn’t fall down, Geiger counters wouldn’t go off and people wouldn’t die of radiation poisoning, but the EMP would completely destroy the electrical grid and most unshielded electronic items in Iraq. In essence, a wave of energy would emanate out from the blast in the upper atmosphere and cause power-line transformers and integrated circuits in electronic devices to burn out, or “fry.” The damage would be permanent in some cases and temporary in others.

An EMP attack is subject of several fictional accounts: the book One Second After, the TV series “Jericho,” an episode of the TV series “24,” etc.

China and Russia have the ability to attack the United States with an EMP, as do North Korea, Iran and any terrorist organization with deep pockets.

In its simplest form, an EMP attack could be done by placing one of the many small nukes missing from the former Soviet Union on a SCUD rocket and launching it 12 miles off the East Coast from a container ship. There’s even a Russian arms dealer who sells missile silos that look, from the outside, just like a shipping container that can go on cargo ships, trains or semis.

It probably wouldn’t get up to the optimal altitude and wouldn’t knock out the entire country, but it wouldn’t need to. Our economy is so fragile right now that any hiccup, let alone a major attack, would most likely bring down the whole credit default swap scam, as well as be the final blow to many of our country’s insolvent banks.

How long would it take to recover? Well, it depends on how you define recovery. One of the casualties of an EMP attack would be the transformers that step up and step down voltage along power transmission lines. The power grid as we know it may never recover if several large transformers in the same region failed simultaneously. The transformers used in high-voltage transmission weigh from 100 tons up to 300 tons for one particular transformer manufactured by Siemens. They take a long time to manufacture, they’re expensive, there’s global demand, and they’re very difficult to transport.

It’s somewhat easy for some people to dismiss EMPs. On the one hand, there’s a tendency to discount threats that are so huge that you don’t have any control over them. On the other hand, many people simply don’t appreciate how much some people hate the United States, our freedoms, our wealth and our support of Israel. They don’t know us, but they want to kill us. They want us to live the same miserable lives that they live rather than to have individual liberty.

We’ve had several recent events that make the threat of EMPs very difficult to ignore.

You see, besides nuclear blasts, EMPs can be caused when solar flares happen on the sun that are big enough to cause CMEs. These are a big deal, which is why I reference solar flares and their potential to wreak havoc on our way of life every few weeks over at my blog at

Recently, we’ve had a series of harmless wake up calls reminding us that solar flares/CMEs do happen. The recent ones that hit the Earth were tiny; the biggest effects most people saw were an interruption of satellite TV and pretty Northern Lights.

If or when the sun has a large solar flare that causes a large CME to come our way, it could be like a series of hundreds of EMPs going off every few minutes for days at a time.

Has it happened? Yes. In 1859, we experienced a CME so strong that telegraph wires shorted out and fires started from coast to coast.

Whereas an EMP would damage only electronics over a region, a powerful CME would affect the entire planet.

Farfetched? Not really. Unlikely? Four hundred years of data say an increase in CMEs is very likely. Below is the chart of solar activity since 1610 from NASA. There’s a peak every 11 years or so. We were at the bottom of the current cycle in 2008 and are now on the upswing. The red arrow points to what some experts believe our next upswing will look like: fairly weak in comparison, but strong enough considering our dependence on electronics.

Chart: Sunspot NumberSo, while the worst-case scenario may not be likely, it is likely that we will experience several solar flares of varying sizes within the next five years.

The solar flares could simply cause pretty Northern Lights and bad shortwave propagation. They could cause regional blackouts like what happened in Canada in 1989. They could knock out satellites. Or a major CME like the 1859 CME could knock out electronics and our electrical grid.

Our infrastructure is much more interdependent and fragile than it was in 1859. Most of the world wasn’t affected by telegraph lines going down, but most of the world will be affected by air conditioning, cars, refrigeration, heating systems, communication and banking simultaneously going down.

How do you prepare for such a scenario? It depends on where you are in your process of preparedness. One of the simple things that you can do is to make sure that your house has at least one solid ground. In most areas, this means driving a 1/2″ copper stake 10 feet into the ground, but it could mean burying/driving copper as far as 40 feet into the ground, continually watering your ground rods or periodically adding minerals to the soil near your ground rod.

If you have a metal shed, you can ground it. If you have a metal safe, you can ground it. You can also create mini poor-man’s Faraday cages out of aluminum foil or Mylar®.

It’s very important to note that these improvised methods may or may not work. The strength of a pulse will depend on several factors concerning the blast, the construction of your house, how much dirt/concrete/metal the pulse has to go through to reach your items, whether they’re plugged in and the random nature of a large-scale event.

What I mean by “random nature of a large-scale event” is to think about the effects of a forest fire going through a developed area. It’s not uncommon to have three houses of identical construction in close proximity where two burn down to a pile of ash on the slab and the third one have no damage whatsoever. On April 27, a multiple-vortex tornado just missed the Personal Liberty office. In other words, you just can’t discount or account for random outcomes in large scale events.

On aluminum foil, most Faraday cages are made of copper, sometimes simply copper mesh. Aluminum has 60 percent of the conductivity of copper, so it’s still a very good conductor. The electrical engineers I’ve talked with about this have had two major reasons why they think that aluminum foil makes a good field expedient Faraday cage.

1. The amount of shielding needed for an EMP blast depends on the size of the EMP, the efficiency of the EMP (whether it was purpose built to be an EMP or a “normal” nuclear weapon detonated at high altitude), your distance from the EMP and atmospheric conditions. In other words, aluminum foil probably wouldn’t work if a purpose built EMP went off directly overhead, but it might work great if you were 1,000 miles away from it, if it wasn’t a purpose built EMP, or if it was a small blast.

2. It’s a guess as to whether aluminum foil will work as a Faraday cage in an EMP attack. We are fortunate in that we haven’t experienced enough EMPs to have a large enough dataset to make definitive statements on what will work and what won’t work in the real world. That being said, aluminum foil doesn’t cost much compared to full-on Faraday cages and still gives people a lot of potential bang for the buck. It’s a case where everyone can keep aluminum foil and wire on hand, but most people have more pressing things to spend money on than certified Faraday enclosures.

With an EMP, it’s unlikely that the general public will have any warning of an attack. We’re getting better and better at identifying CMEs. That means we’ll have between 17 hours’ (as in 1859) and three to four days’ (as in August 2010) warning to unplug, shield and possibly even bury sensitive equipment.

Hold On A Second!

Before you go off and spend a bunch of time and money preparing for one specific potential event, make sure you have all of your fundamentals in order. What I mean is that instead of preparing specifically for an EMP/CME, you’re much better off taking steps that will help you prepare for all causes of breakdowns in civil order.

I’m talking about having a store of food on hand and a way to supply yourself and your family with water, shelter, fire, security and medical skills.

With a well-thought-out preparedness plan, you can be ready for disasters ranging from unexpected short-term unemployment to short-term natural disasters to catastrophic events like a collapse of the dollar to EMPs and CMEs, so focus on the fundamentals and you’ll be ready for whatever disaster happens.

Stay Safe & God Bless!

–David Morris



Dr. David Eifrig Jr.

is the editor of two of Stansberry's best advisory services. One of his advisories, Retirement Millionaire, is a monthly letter showing readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less than you'd imagine possible. He travels around the U.S. looking for bargains, deals and great investment ideas. Already his average reader has saved $2,793 since 2008 (documented in each Retirement Millionaire issue). He also writes Retirement Trader, a bi-monthly advisory that explains simple techniques to make large, but very safe, gains in the stock and bond markets. This is a pure finance play and the reason Porter Stansberry loves having "Doc" on the team. Doc holds an MBA from Kellogg and has worked in arbitrage and trading groups with major Wall Street investment banks (Goldman Sachs). In 1995, he retired from the "Street," went to UNC-Chapel Hill for medical school and became an ophthalmologist. Now, in his latest "retirement," he joined Stansberry & Associates full-time to share with readers his experiences and ideas.

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  • red

    Remember that you are responsible for what you say. This gives mentally unstable people or enemies ideas.

    • Sam I am

      Your kidding right? You really think not talking about this stuff gives “evil genious terrorist masterminds” new ideas? If the person was dumb enough not to think of a method of making a terrorist attack, then chances are they would require a leader anyway…

  • Sam I am

    What I am curious to know is wouldn’t a solar flare only effect the part of the globe that happens to be facing the sun at the time? So the worst case scenario for a solar flare is that about half or so of the globe has every electronic fried but the fortunate half of the planet having night time would be spared? Or can the solar flare “bounce through the atmosphere” or go through the center of the Earth and effect the other side as well? I don’t buy the dommsday scenario where the entire globe goes dark all at once. Does any one know?

    • Aix Sponsa

      CME might be short bursts or continuous. When the radiation gets to earth it will continue to bombard the earth for the same length of time that the CME occurred. If that is more than 24 hrs, then the entire earth will be affected because the earth rotates.

      • Christin


        Good reply

    • Bruce

      You need to do a “LOT of Research on YOUR own” {prove to YOUR self} what the effects of an EMP blast sustained for months on end will be.

      Don’t take anyones word for it. You may wish to start with NASA, and what they have to say, is not plesant nor will this natural event be limited to any single nation.

      I wish you luck, if your smart you will be putting away a LOT of Food, Water, as well other items that will aid you when there is no store no cars to drive, do keep in mind EMP’s also will effect your car, figure out why that is,
      I am sure during your research that will become very clear.

    • Graystroke

      You are correct, earlier this year China was hit with a CME and lost a lot of its satellite and cell services. The the discharges and teh earth’s rotation and calculated arrival all play a part in calculating where, when and how bad it will impact a geographical area. The excessive current travels through the ground like the grounding system in your home. It is more effective in mountainous areas where the geological composition is heavy in lodestone and iron ore. The metal will make a great conductor. The excess current can and will be picked up by ground detection relays that will trip the circuit breakers. The CB reaction will depend on their trip set points in the switch yards, the power plant switchgear and one will eventually trip the turbine off-line thus taking the generator off line. Once the plant is stabilized engineers, operators and Craft alike will walk down the plant to assess plant damage. Once repairs are complete then they will restart the units and go on line. Power plants have a huge earth grounding system of their own and are able to withstand tremendous thunderstorms and lighting strikes. I’ve been in this business for over 27 years and our power plant is a pressurized water reactor. My back ground is in Electrical maintenance and was trained in the Army’s old Nuclear power plant program. I am not worried about any CME’s discharges. Now EMP’s are another topic of its own and I have not read (and am not aware of any reading material though I’m sure they exist, just have not made a point of researching it) much on EMPs nor of studies that have actual detonations studied. I will refrain from commentary on this particular topic. Hope this helps ally so concern about the total downfall of mankind due to a CME.

    • michael

      Solar flares wow what will they think of next…. They must think we all are so stupid to believe that….. We haven’t had a problem in 33 years of my life time and don’t think there will be a problem with Gods creation…..

  • Sam I am

    Well one bit of good news is that the big brother police state depedent on electronic surveilance goes bye bye.

    • Al Sieber

      I’ll second that!!

      • Dan az

        Hey Al
        If the non believers would watch this then they would see that we just missed a cme that was huge and we all got lucky on this one.

        • Bruce


          A few other sights

          Before its news is a great sight…

          • Dan az

            Thanks for the sites Bruce!

      • Average Joe Patriot

        I wouldn’t be so quick to rejoice. You know what also would be seriously impacted? The control systems for hundreds (over 700) of nuclear reactors around the world.

        Many thousands, perhaps millions of people are even now dying (most don’t know it, owing to lies and news blackouts) from the failure to shut down Fukashima. It takes two or three months to properly cool down a nuclear plant before taking it off line, and they didn’t have the time to do it. Milk on the Western seaboard of the US is now showing radioactive contamination from the far side of the Pacific. That’s from one failed power plant. What do you suppose would happen if a few dozen of the hundreds currently in operation failed when their emergency diesel backup generators ran out of fuel?

        What if a hundred of them failed?

        What if all of them failed?

        There would be no one left to rebuild. It wouldn’t matter if you hid in Carlsbad Caverns with several years worth of MREs and clean water and iodine tablets. When your food and water runs out, there will be no life topside.

        Radiation is extremely unforgiving to all life forms. The good news is that almost none of us will die of boredom for want of TV and the Internet, or people to chat with on their cellphones.

        Also, no more pesky visits from UFOs. They probably won’t be back here for a very, very long time.

        • Bruce


          The bottom line is your are 100% correct with your post to a point, BUT ~ the facts are that Nuclear is far cleaner than Atomic, thus within just a mear 3 years even if all 700 went up in smoke life would start all over again.

          But, as most of the nuclear plants, will be able to shut down as the grids will fail thus it would be a case of shutting down the output by way of automatic fail safe’s.
          Thus most of these units have fail safe’s built in, thus they will go into a quite mode, as in shut themselfs down.

          Please do keep in mind that movies are just that made to freak you out, in real life there are backup’s on top of back ups.

          But, as seen in Japan that was totaly out of control due in large part to the structural damage to the units thus exposing the cores and interfering with the proper fail safe shut downs.

          If there is no damage to the units these uints will shut down and go dormant on their own.

          But you all must keep in mind that there will be NO stores selling food, there will be NO gas stationss.

          So with no power to activate them we will be going back to the early 1800′s so if you have skills such as how to farm and grow food, how to butcher livestock, how to get clean water, how to get fules such as fire wood with out the aid of gas saws, you will be in good shape.

          It could take as long as 100 years to get things back up and running, during that time the old, the sick, and the worthless eaters will all die off.
          We can start again and I pray that this time we get it right, this is all just a normal cycle and has happened before.

      • Marty S.

        I would bet that big bro has back up systems in place for the back up systems and would be back on line before the event barely passes. That is all the more reason to prepare for the worst as big bro will be the only game in town after such a scenario. Wow, talk about total control.

    • Bobby

      Very good point! There is hope after all…

    • NoTyrannyUSA

      I agree also. Even in this article above the author referencees the usual psy op propaganda nonsense about terrorists hating us for “our freedoms”… sure they are just frothing at the mouth because we have freedom here- it has nothing to do with us murdering their people by the literal millions, invading sovereign countries and stealing all their resources (list goes on & on). Well, I for one cannot believe the depths of the public’s misguided naivete, and their unwillingness to accept reality. Ron Paul is so right! We would have none of these problems if we had a different presence & position in the world.

  • Steve

    You DO NOT need a nuclear weapon to produce an EMP capable of massive damage. The weapon and how it is made was on the front cover of Popular Mechanics a few years ago. The weapon was capable of taking out about half the US as I recall.

  • http://None John Hoyle

    If persons are concerned about EMP and solar flares they need to contact their U.S. Congress person and urge passage of H.R.668, The Shield Act which would protect the grid from both threats.
    Also they should look at: website for more information!! We have also been threatened with an EMP attack by North Korea and Iran.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Frightening indeed.

  • peter

    Lets get his straight. A serious sunflare would wipe out the grid entirely and not just on the bright side. It would envelop the entire atmosphere. Just imagine if we had no cell phones,tv, transport, computers,atm’s, street lights, electronic devices etc? It would be just like the good old days, would’nt it? We could start all over again and make another mess, just like that, because messing and crises is what we thrive on.

    • Aix Sponsa

      There will be riots and mass lootings, etc. that will propagate from the cities to the rural areas everywhere. With less than 3 weeks reserve food supply in the USA, and maybe no way to transport it, where do you think the urbanites and your unprepared neighbors are going to get their food? I bet that each of you do not have a reasonable plan, do you?

      • Bruce


        Good point, but please do keep in mind that not all of us are sleeping at the wheel. Many of us have known whats coming and have been getting ready for it for years.

    • Graystroke

      Not true so calm down with all the TEWOKI rhetoric already…read my post above. This nation had a CME power outage in New York. Here is a history and the results:

      The read I get here is that so many are giving off PANIC mode responses without ever looking back into history and seeing the results and the recovery. SO lighten up, do some research and make sense of it all with critical thinking, OK? Why is it that Christians and conservative are such an easy herd to work???

  • speedle

    Oh no. I can see it coming. Man made solar flairs. Al Gore is going to figure out how to blame this on the carbon emissions from the earth and make a few bucks on a solar flair reduction tax scheme. Maybe a new book “The Inconvenient Truth about the Sun” is in the offing. I can’t wait.

    • Aix Sponsa

      What if time proves he is correct?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Then why did HE buy a ocean front property??? Even Brainless Gore wouldn’t do that if he truely believed the oceans would RISE as much as he predicts!!!

  • jopa

    The Fox channel thought they had this one figured out.They went back in time and came up with Terra Nova.They want to change history and the occupant of the White House and the tax codes to benefit the rich some more.The only problem is they went back too far in time and now they are going to become extinct with the dinosaurs when they get hit in the back of the head with an asteroid.Back to the drawing board!!

    • michael archangel

      Ah… are you taking illegal drugs perchance. Your cognitive dissonance is astounding. Have you ever heard of a state of mind
      called reality ??

  • SSMcDonald

    POPULAR MECHANICS published the inner workings of an EMP device, September, 2001.

    • Steve

      Thanks for the date, my memory isn’t that good.

  • jerry

    The Govt. advises lining your baseball caps with aluminum foil.

    This was the result of their 200 Billion dollar study.

  • Aix Sponsa

    Make light of a situation if you must. All would be affected. We’d like to believe that the American society will unify for self preservation, but you are wrong. 80% will be for their own self preservation. Worst case scenerio: YOU die, either by starvation, sickness, or get murdered. Preparation prevails, luck is not a factor.

  • Jerry Webb

    The big brother masterminds have already accomplished what they want from you. They need you to fear,what you cant see, so they can protect you from it. Really though they are protecting you from,yourselves.
    The country has been striped of all trillions of dollars in resources. Wake the heck up!The word solar flare has done more damage to you then the actual solar flares you cant see ,but have been providing the planet with the energy it needs to sustain life.
    Everyone out there if I told you gold was going to go up to 5,000 dollar an ounce,but I sell it for 1,700.00 an ounce. Could I sell you some if you had the money,but then went a step further. I even let you buy it with little money down financed it for you, and let you hold the paper saying you owned gold at what ever the market rate was,but knowing the interest rate you paid only paid for the financing. So really you didn’t own anything ,you really owed more then you could possibly of been able to pay,thats If gold prices went down. DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR TO YOU IN ANY WAY?
    AMERICA WAKE UP!The last administration sold your country. The only reason you might need survival training,is because the new owners only paid for the Republicans,but they relies now that was a mistake,that they wont make again. I helped George do it by voting for him and his cronies. I look at the Christmas card and letter with a seal on it saying how proud I should be for being in the top 100 of California’s top contributors and its because of people like me that is going to make the difference.The only way I see you can stop the war going on here in our country would be to chose a side. I know what side I will be voting for this time around.
    “Wake the “F” up America” is a new website I will be opening next week. I wont be selling anything.GO TEAM GO!VOTE yes on AMERICA.

    • Bruce


      Your only off by 151 years, but overall your post is within reason.
      1860 is the date you need to better understand when the whole damm thing went haywire.
      Then 1868, 1871, 1930. Look into these dates and soon the light will go on.

  • Dennis G

    The 1859 incident is blown somewhat out of proportions. At that time the telegraph line was one wire while the return signal was the earth itself. We have little to compare these EMP events to except a rare few tests, US and Russian. We have learned to live with natures lightening bolts and these million dollar transformers are rarely zapped. Lightening arresters and Power Factor capacitors across these transformers help some. I believe some of the EMP threat is simply hype from those who have a private agenda.

    • Dan az

      It’s possible but if it did happen what would you say then.To be prepared for something that might happen or not is just good sense.But congress boohooed it and its not going to happen.We just missed one by luck that was caused by a comet slamming into the sun.If it had been in aline with us we wouldn’t be here making insane statements would we?Here is what happened,it was caught on camera.

      • bob wire

        That was neat! thanks Dan

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Dan az,
        AMAZING!! Great post! Thanks!!!

  • Gene

    the authors notion that “our most likely response” to an Iraq chemical attack would be an EMP blast is just plain idiotic…we would be essentially attacking the whole hemisphere as there is no way to target that EMP to just Iraq.

    • Christin

      That was what I was thinking, too, Gene.

  • Bimbam

    What this article is describing is the DAY OF TRIBULATION mentioned in the Bible.

    So yeah, it’s coming. So prepare, then pray or pay. Someone said 90% of Americans will starve.

    So, stock up on shovels.

    • Graystroke

      Tribulation??? RU kidding me don’t you people even know your basic scriptures w/o throwing them around like magic?? The world will continue to tumble in this Satanic Communistic world AND it is only the BIRTH Pangs no where near anything that resembles the Tribulation…goodness folks you all have worked yourselves up into a froth….! IF you don’t know what a birth pang is ask any woman that has given birth and ask them how long does it last…… a day is as a thousand years ….the who knows the length of the birth pangs???? not I for sure…… we think because of technology that we are at the cusp and we have no idea what is ahead. Do a search on Popular Mechanics for the issue that speaks of the Chicago fair at the turn of the century. They said that there was no need to go further because all that there is to invent is already right here!!! You scoff at that but think about it…they were so amazed at the advances made back then they could not even consider there is more to life…! So where does that put us???? I think it leaves us in a position to be not fearful but studious and humble and seeking the Lord’s wisdom because by reading history we have very little of it….

      • bob wire

        Yea, neat thoughts. Little question in my mind as we still rub sticks together and use combustion as effectively as never before.

        Someday we will part from combustion and head for the stars.

        Our humanities is lacking for now and we’ve not the focus to do such things.

      • Bimbam

        EMP device if it works will put us back to the Stone Age. We are so use to our modern inventions since, according to you, the Chicago Fair, that losing it will bring, in the words of the prophets, “alas a day none like it”, “a time of trouble never since the beginning of the world”, and again, “a time of distress unlike any other”.

        The shovel was not for horse manure, or bull sh-t my friend. They are meant for the 90% who did not cry out for the Lord. For those that went on their merry way and said, why trouble us, the world will go on as it did since the days of our fathers. Sounds a lot like you.

  • Buck

    It will be devastating if the stuff takes out out electrical system , but it could almost be welcome if it also rendered the government weak enough to get them off our backs , at least for a few dozen years .

  • s c

    Assuming that our current W H ‘Savior’ cares, it might be interesting to get an idea of what has been done in the last 5-10 years (or longer) to try and compensate for EMPs and/or CMEs. I can’t help having the feeling that our current ‘Savior’ couldn’t care less about such things, as they probably don’t have any potential to expand the size of his master list of potential voters for the coming election.
    On one hand, if we can’t completely negate the effects of EMPs or CMEs, we could do something about them. Something is always better than nothing. And, since the idea of “JOBS” is supposedly IMPORTANT to the current ‘Savior,’ one might like to think that launching major FAST plans to put people to work doing what needs to be done might take precedence over throwing money that doesn’t exist at “friends” who are about as important/relevant as whale dung.
    It’s good to have priorities. So, has anyone tried to enlighten the current W H ‘Savior” concerning EMPs and CMEs, or do we get to slide down the toilet while he puts utopian schemes over and above matters that are more important than political theories? Whatcha think, America? Is it time to light a fire under Obummer?

  • bob wire

    I think we worry too much about things that rarely happen and when they do all your planning and scheming goes out the window, with some exceptions of course.

    But that said, a good grounding rod and lighting rods is old science and still as effective as it ever was.

    A buddy of mine got hit last summer. A little storm blew in while he was on his tractor. He had decided it was shut it wise to shut it down and head to the house so he killed the engine and set his plows. As soon as the plows hit the ground lighting struck his tractor and blew him off of it.

    He is thinking, setting the plows saved his life, ~ maybe it did or maybe it all most killed him.

    Lighting is hard to figure.

    Regarding terrorist, I think they’d be wise enough to stick with what they know works.

    Even the US would have problem with collateral damage attempting such a stunt. If we knocked out half of Turkey, they would be really upset with us and we would be wiping egg off of our face for years.

    Interesting brain teaser however.

  • hitthedeck

    I would say that the Obama administration is a bigger threat than an electrical blackout caused by a solar flair up or a nuclear attack. He has approved the closing of over one hundred coal burning electrical plants nationwide with the enforcement directed by the E.P.A. Obama is shutting down all conventional sources of energy for his green movement. Thousands of jobs will be lost in the process and as witnessed with the billions lost on Obama’s pet solar companies he passes it off as a trivial call of chance. He is gambling taxpayer’s money on his ideology and any opposition is passed over as political criticism. His foolish pursuit will continue until the lights go out.

  • Christin

    Copper ground rods 10 to 40 feet underground… near one’s house.

    Can someone explain this to me in simple terms… does this keep your house and all its circuits from frying in an event of a EMP or a CME?

    Can you save your other equipment or appliances… or are we just trying to keep our houses from burning up?

    Does the EMP goes through your house and out to the copper rod?

    Is there a better direction around the house, on the N,S,E, or W, in which to put the rod?

    Do you have to attach the copper rod to your house some how with a wire or something?

    Have any of you done this… yet?

    Any simple help would be appreciated.

  • Lance

    Non-computerized cars, those with point ignition will still be running as well as non-computerized diesel engines. That is, cars made before 1973 approximately, and large diesel trucks made before approximately 1991. Way too much dependence on electronics in vehicles, which is not only getting prohibitively expensive in the newer vehicles, but is not even all that cheap in cars 10 – 15 years old. The old point ignition which is cheap and easy to keep running will prevail. And the non-computerized diesels do not need any ignition at all to run – - just fuel and air.

    • 45caliber

      Keep in mind the tractors and lawn mowers as well.

  • 45caliber

    If it makes any of you doom-sayers happier, there have been solar flares that have passed the orbit of the Earth. I’m talking about flares of +10,000 C temperatures. So it is possible (although not likely) that our Earth could be burnt to a crisp one of these days. Enjoy!

  • coal miner

    … to protect power grid from solar flares … of such a large … was among a panel of experts featured in Electronic Armageddon, a program about the threat of solar flares …

  • alanjo55

    Actually, this type of thing is predicted to happen at a certain future time. Those of you who never read the Bible or think God doesn’t exist could likely experience this. People who are heaven bound through their relationship with Christ likely won’t experience this since they will no longer be on earth when it happens.


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