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LA Women Must Pay Taxes For Getting Shot Up By Cops

March 14, 2013 by  

LA Women Must Pay Taxes For Getting Shot Up By Cops
During the manhunt for Christopher Dorner, Los Angeles police officers shot two women in this Toyota Tacoma.

Recent headlines following up on some of the events tied to ex-Los Angeles cop Christopher Dorner’s revenge-murder rampage last month demonstrate the particularly disturbing willingness of the state to trample innocent citizens whenever it feels it is threatened.

While Los Angeles police officers were on their trigger-happy hunt for Dorner, it seems everyone in the City of Angels started looking a bit like a 6-foot, 270-pound black man.

The city became a particularly dangerous place for anyone unfortunate enough to own a pickup that looked anything like Dorner’s 2005 Nissan Titan. Two women delivering newspapers found that out the hard way when, early Feb. 7, LAPD officers riddled their blue Toyota Tacoma with bullets. The officers managed to shoot 71-year-old Emma Hernandez in the back and injure 47-year-old Margie Carranza with shrapnel and bits of flying glass.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck categorized the shooting as “a tragic misinterpretation” by officers working under “incredible tension” hours after Dorner allegedly shot police officers.

Of course, Carranza and Hernandez were not the only innocents attacked by LAPD officers during the manhunt. The same morning the women were shot, David Perdue, a white man, was on his way to go surfing in a pickup similar to the fugitive’s when a squad car slammed into his vehicle and an officer opened fire. Perdue was not hit.

LA blogger Davey D offered a good assessment of the situation:

TV news stations in LA are warning people not to drive pick up trucks in LA and to obey all traffic laws or rick being shot by police who are all stressed out and tense.. This is happening right now.. Its no exaggeration… I don’t care whats going on, we pay officers to be have professionally under the most stressful situations.. No excuse for this bullshyt

Beck promised the mother and daughter whom his officers shot up that their truck would be replaced regardless of whether they decide to sue the department. But it seems the state wasn’t finished trampling on Hernandez and Carranza after officers of the law recklessly pumped the women’s vehicle and bodies full of lead.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Glenn Jones, an attorney representing the women, says they are still without a vehicle.

“After they shot my clients… this broken promise of a truck donation and the nonsense that followed is a slap in the face,” he said.

According to the attorney, LAPD first attempted to give the women a used truck; when that was refused, they were offered a Ford lacking four-wheel drive to replace their four-wheel-drive Toyota.

The LAPD’s ill-attempted benevolence also comes with stipulations. The women were told they would have to agree not to sell the truck for a period of one year and that the new truck must be considered a gift for tax purposes. That means, not only were the women shot and had property destroyed by one agency doing the bidding of the State but that they also must pay a tax collector for the privilege of being abused.

But, come to think of it, that’s really what we are all forced to do, isn’t it? We pay taxes to cover the salaries of government officials, militarize police departments and provide all of the tools necessary for those in positions of authority to abuse their power.

Perhaps if the women are going to continue having to traverse the streets of LA alongside officers notorious for using excessive and unwarranted force with near impunity, they should request that LAPD upgrade the Tacoma to something with armor and bulletproof glass.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Buster the Anatolian

    These women and the gentleman ths LAPD shot at should file multimillion $ lawsuits against the LAPD, the officers involved and the city of Los Angeles. Upon reflection the full name of the town is quite apt. Publeo de Los Angeles, the city of lost angels, very fitting name don’t you think?

    • CJ

      A suite against the LAPD will only come out of the pockets of the citizens. Lotta good that would do the innocent people.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        better go to them than our tax money going to the facists.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        CJ they have allowed this to happen for so long they deserve to pay. If the people would “rise up” and throw the crooked adminstration out demanding a complete house cleaning in the p[olice dept then I would agree with you but until they grow the brass ones and do that they deserve to pay.

      • Butch

        Insurance pays for that, genius. What’s your solution? Do nothing and let the LAPD act like they don’t have to follow common sense laws and randomly shoot whoever???

    • Chester

      Buster, need to study up a bit on your Latin and the related Romance languages. “La Puebla de los Angeles” has no reference to “Lost Angels” but is literally “The City of the Angels.” Not knocking your idea, but at least get the translation right.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Not my translation Chester I read it somewhere. My knowledge of translating Spanish would not fill the teacup in a kids playset. Thanks for the correction.

    • ranger09

      Buster, Any lawsuit comes out of the pocket of the citizens, Taxpayers, The policemen PAY NOTHING, So the citizens get punished for the wrong doings of the policemen. Tha Public needs to stand up and have these policemen in court, And the result should be they have to pay and serve some time in jail, Plus Fired from their jobs. But in LA thats not going to happen.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Ranger see my reply to CJ.

  • Harold Olsen

    Another example of how trigger happy cops are these days. They seem to look for any reason to open fire on people. They don’t even give a damn if they have identified their target. Just shoot. It was an innocent person? Gee, that’s too bad.

    • ranger09

      Harold in LA they give Medals to Officers who shoot people. The biggest problem in police depts these days is there is Very few Good Cops, Why its the code, Good cops become Bad cops When they fail to report Bad cops. A very common Practice in all depts.So we have a problem, Its hard to be a good cop in a dept with so many bad ones, In most cases the good cop loses.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Joe Anthony

    The whole Chris Dorner case needs to be opened- why is there not an investigation on Chris’s weapons that he used California is not a NFA friendly state – where did the suppressors come from and whom was the CLEO that signed off on them. You can’t easily get a carry permit in California. I think this has not been looked into because Chris was a black, radical nut job. Also some of the articles about him were scrubbed and removed after being posted/published.

    • Chester

      Joe, suppressors are easy enough to come by from the black market, IF you want to pay the price. Same for about any other kind of thing you might want or need in the way of firearms or firearms equipment. And who better to know where to look for the black market sales than an ex cop? None of what he had required a signature from anyone other than him when he withdrew the CASH to pay for it.

  • John Machinski

    They do the same thing with exercising search warrents. Instead of knocking, they break down the door, shoot dogs and shoot anyone who rushes out of another room with a weapon. The fourth amendment means nothing to these thugs.

    • 45caliber


      I blame it on every police department, no matter how small, demanding to have a SWAT team. After all, the big boys do! Then they have to do something with those cops since they can’t afford to let them sit. So they have them serve search warrants in the middle of the night. They come in ready to shoot – and generally do. One local cop told me that we would be surprised to hear about the number of such incidents – per night! We only hear about it when they shoot the innocent. Someone here told me their son had been on a SWAT team and quit because of all the risks to both himself and innocent people.

      The Constitution says that they have to have a search warrant to search your house. It does NOT say that once they have one they can break in. Did you know that they are not liable for any damage when they break in – and neither is your insurance company? You have to pay for repairs. And they can basically destory anything in the house while searching if they wish. Who knows? That $500 figurine might have been made with something illegal inside it.

      • larry ryan

        The fourth ammendment no longer has any meaning. Refusal to allow a search of your car or home or business without a warrant IS probable cause for a warrant now.

  • John

    The LAPD killed a kid I watched grow up alongside my son. They shot him twice in the guts for being drunk in public. His name was Reggie Doucet. RIP Reggie.

    • 45caliber

      Guns are supposed to be the last defense of a cop. Tasers are supposed to be the second last defense.

      I think most cops across the country have reversed that. Now it seems that their first act is to shoot.

  • ibcamn

    Are you people starting to wake up?!

    god bless all who have lost a loved one to the corrupt…..

  • FreedomFighter

    Anyone with any brains or even a little brain should be moving out of KommiFornia, at this point you can get a job in Texas or run a business make half as much money and bring home a bigger paycheck — its not rocket science. Governmental socialist/communist/progressive stupidity of the leadership of KommiFornia has reached monumental proportions and you can vote with your feet.

    Do so.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • 45caliber


      PLEASE don’t recommend that they come to TX!!!

      I live here. The ones who went to AZ and CO are already trying to inact the same stupid laws there that they had in CA and we don’t need that cr@p here!!!

      • FreedomFighter

        My mistake 45, though I did think if they had half a brain they wouldnt repeat the mistake, insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result…makes them liberals insane by definition.

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

      • An Old Seabee

        Hah! They alreadt californicated Or, Wa, Id. with their high cost ideas. We’re caught in a cross-fire between DC and CA

  • 45caliber

    Unless I’m mistaken about the city, there was someone in LA who took a light tank and converted it to run with tires some years ago. The tank still had the cannon barrel although I think the weapon was damaged to prevent it from being fired. He ran it for awhile as a go-to-work vehicle but the Powers That Be ruled that it was too heavy for the streets – and that anyone who ran into it (or had it run into them) would come out the looser in damage – which wasn’t considered “fair”. That was probably about thirty years ago. Perhaps these women might like to change their Toyota to a tank. I would certainly think about it.

    (What is really bad is that all those bullets the police fired to riddle that pickup basically missed the occupants. If it had been Dorner driving, those cops would have been in trouble.)

    • John Mitchell

      Gun control means being able to hit your target. Under stress this is harder to do. It’s why we need to train. It is also why we need high capacity magazines.

      On the lighter side:

      I don’t understand why these woman who were being shot didn’t stab the police officers with a ball point pen while they were changing magazines. Isn’t that what Biden and Salazar said we should do?

  • dan

    Reckless discharge of a weapon….grounds for a suit

  • http://yahoo Don

    kinda like the deer hunters shooting at anything that moves. iit mad laws where we wear orange.

    • ranger09

      Don, Only differance is these cops Know that they are shooting at real people.Ever wonder why there is 2 or more cops at every stop, Just more witnesses againest you.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. The public does not need cops like them. There was no excuse for their actions and was more dangerous than Dorner. I’m not so sure that he was dangerous. Charge the cops for their crimes and maybe they will ask before they shot.

  • Michael

    More examples of thugs in uniforms (cops) doing what they seem to do best – harassing innocent folks. LA cops must shoot like most cops I have seen on ranges – not worth a crap, so it is good they carry high capacity magazines.

  • Howard C

    Mr. Robert E. Johnson who do you think you are?? Terry Sternaman can say what ever she likes. Cops in this country are becoming TERRORISTS. They think that they are above the law and that they lord over the citizens. Well I gotta tell you that they don’t lord over me and when the SHTF watch out because I don’t care if you are a cop… if you aim a gun at me I’m aiming one back Marta Focker!!

  • Ibn-e-insha

    Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck categorized the shooting as “a tragic misinterpretation” by officers working under “incredible tension” hours after Dorner allegedly shot police officers. Can the Police Chief translate “a tragic misinterpretation”? His words make no sense. They mean gibberish. If trained police officers can act so indiscriminately under threat to life imagine what an ordinary citizen would do.

  • Matthew Groff

    When I heard wbout the shootings of these people on the both the local and national news, here where I live in Eastern PA, it was said that Christopher Dorner did those shootings of those people not the police officers! Goes to show how much the LAPD does to cover their Arses!! I remember a police press confrence stating that Dorner shot those people in those vehicles before fleeing to the woods! Now we know differently!!

    It seems that the Police departments, across the country, have been getting worse not better! Lately we have been hearing more about police officers being corrupt, driving drunk off duty, covering up crimes by other officers and superiors, and comiting all kiinds of crimes! Most times these officers are just given a slap on the wrist and told “You were bad, Now don’t do that again.” If you or I did those same crimes, we would spend years if not life behind bars!

    Most Cities and States when they are faced with corrupt police officers they tend to side with the police officers on most cases. Case in point; Where I live one police officer “murdered” another one while one after returning from training, and after cleaning their firearms and starting to walk out of a room they were in. They started to walk down some steps, the officer that did the shooting, claims he “Tripped”, lost hold of his firearm as it “slipped” from his hand, sending it up into the air. He then caught hold of it, and a few of rounds discharged striking and killing the other officer. Both officers were SWAT officers and I believe one or both were ex Military. The officer that did the shooting was found to be not liable and was not charged with any crime!! IThe shooting was ruled as an accident! Hardly anyone in the public or anyone that knew the officer that was “Murdered”, believed that the shooting was accidental!! The Police Department covered up a lot of the facts and white washed the investigation!! The City had a huge funeral and “celebration for the slain officer, but then wanted the widow to PAY for all of the Expenses!!!! WTF The city throughs a lavish party, celebration, etc.. for a slain officer and then expects the widow to pay for it!! She Sued the city and the officer that did the shooting and others in the police department. It lasted for a few years but never got to court!! The city even tried to sue the Widow!!

  • http://google john

    What gets me is the rush by some to insure that only police have effective weapons.It’s called a police state and our founders left us the second amendment to guard against a run away Government agency.Don’t cede your firepower to any Government,ever.


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