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LA Cop Punches Homeless Woman In The Face Then Threatens Iraq War Vet That Videoed Him

February 20, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    These events are very discriptive of your country being no better than other countries run by the local police junta. Its a serious matter which your local politicians must be agreeing with as they too are too afraid to deal with from the top. The bottom does what the top allows them to do…pretty simple…if you dont have any respect for the Human Rights of your own citizens , what gives you the right to go tell other countries & dictators, the Chinese, the Russians, the Muslims to do do what you only pay lip service too. Dr Ron Paul knows what I’m talking about.

    • FreedomFighter


      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Joe H

      Get off the soap box, dude!!! I’m sure you guys have good cops and bad cops in austrailia, as well!! It isn’t centered only in America!! I spent a week in Austrailia and saw a few things there I didn’t like either! you sir, are full of CRAP!!

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        Depends where you went Joe H, but if your feeling unsafe in your facist controlled country you might like move house, then I urge you to consider Australia and in particular Western Australia and Queensland which are the fastest growing states in Australia and I urge all law abiding and adventerous people to come make more inquiries and research into a possible re-settlement of your families. We speak a similar language to English but we dont want to become a Republic…we like our current system with the Queen of England as our figurehead of State. We dont want a dictatorship republican President.

        We also have lots of other opportunities in our other states too Victoria in our country town with vast farmlands and other business opportunities.

        Our country has control on guns however we are generally much safer from the type of crime you have in the USA. I can walk alone at night in many suburbs or country towns and not be assaulted or robbed, however if you are looking to walk near or hang around outside clubs and pub areas in city entertainment areas then there is a much higher risk and chance that trouble and danger will find you in the way of physical assaults rather than Bang Bang shootings. Shootings are usually between rival illegal business traders.

        So all in all we have a safe family friendly environment and we urge more people with Early english european ancestory to consider the move if they will let you.

      • APN

        I agree completely JoeH. Gilly from down under needs to stay down under in his socialist controlled mecca. Heck, he can’t even own a gun and brags about it? Dumb would be the understatement of the century!

      • http://naver samurai

        Right on Joe H. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriots! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        We not concerned you dont think Australia is worthy of your presence, but I’m sure millions of other Americans would be very much happier in Australia despite our imperfections.

        So I urge all you who dont live with your head in the sand with Joe H or those of his ilk to make some inquiries and research. We are looking for adventurous and honest working people who are not afraid to have a go and who dont depress easily at the first sign of a hurdle. We are getting a few more white South Africans visiting and buying into local businesses and other opportunities. And after all we have lots of American investors and corporations who have been in Australia for over 100 years, so we cant be all so bad after all…lol

    • jimmy the greek

      I would love to move to your country . however you folks screwed up in the late sixties when you ended when white only immigration policy then you really screwed up when you let the government take your pistols and automatic rifles . That is when you should have used the guns to get rid of your government and set a new one up that had nothing to do with the english .

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        Funny you should say that Jimmy the Greek, because there has been a big surge in interest from Greeks to want to come back to Australia since the countries economic colapse.

        But if you can drag your lazy lot to go to the USA instead…then you can have them. So many came to work in Australia so they could rip off the Workers Compansation scheme and the employers with false claims and then toddle back to greece to live the good life they thought…not too good when you got fires and riots every day and the tourists dont want to visit anymore eh?

        We looking for honest law abiding workers and business people.

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia did report the matter in a fair and even handed manner as indeed police do deal in many high stress situations every day and I certainly would not want the job for the money they get.

    Maybe they need a pay increase for their need to be dealing with these problems of people with Mental Health issues as often happens even in Australia. I do suggest they all have training in a mental health / physciatric medical training facility so they can better understand how to best deal with such cases.

  • s c

    Assuming that this is basically correct, then does anyone think the ‘cop’ in question should be treated more or less like David Sarti? Sarti was labeled an incompetent for expressing his opinion (right?). The ‘cop’ in question went far beyond expressing an opinion.
    Sarti doesn’t carry a badge or a gun, but the ‘cop’ does. Ergo, if Sarti AND the ‘cop’ are potentially dangerous, then it makes sense that the ‘cop’ should be treated the same way as Sarti. That is, the ‘cop’ should have to talk to an MD about his opinion and/or his behavior. Consistent standards make for a better and safer nation, folks. While we’re on the subject, shouldn’t we include Congress?

    • CJ

      With your sanctimonious and self-rightous attitude, I hope you are never in a potentially dangerous situation and have to make a sudden decision. Nobody knows how a situation will go and that is why they were given a choice to judge a situation. Sometimes there is NO good choice, only bad options where one must pick the least of them. And you sit in indignatious judgement, giving them a no-win situation. You are no better than those you ridicule.

      • Joe H

        The law says those cops can use ONLY the force needed to arrest the person. hey are just as guilty as she is if they go beyond the force needed to effect an arrest! I saw NOTHING on that film that necessitated the elbow to the face like that!

      • s c

        C, America is in deep stuff, and ‘some’ of us are so conditioned that it’s safer to ‘feel’ than think. Your attitude seems to lean toward utopianism. If you’re not sure what that means, maybe ‘praise the fuhrer, love the fuhrer, follow the fuhrer and worship the fuhrer’ might make more sense to people like you.
        You are very comfy with authority figures, comrade. If you see me as sanctimonious, it’s because you never learned the definition – comrade. Are your kids like YOU? Have you been supplied with uniforms yet?

      • s c

        I almost forgot, C. Did you not realize that depriving the vet of his phone amounts to theft? Are we supposed to think the old woman is a martial arts master and a potential terrorist?
        Can you wink at anything, as long as your indoctrination remains effective? Beyond that, comrade, your spelling sucks.

      • http://naver samurai

        Care to look in the mirror with those comments of yours? The personal attack. Classic liberal strategy. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • gary

    hitting the lady was one thing but more alarming is that the police took the vets phone that was recording this incident and one more comment my country at least tries to respect the rights of all people even though acts like this take place it does not reflect the norm and when exposed should be corrected unlike other countries where personel rights take a back seat.

  • eddie47d

    Always remember Rodney King and how the police tried to down play their actions even when it was shown to the whole world. The police in this new video seems to show the woman as the victim of the police and he should be charged with assault. Now we don’t know what the woman said to the other passengers to make them fear her. They must have had a reason for that 911 call yet the guy with the camera said she hadn’t done anything inappropriate. No matter what it didn’t look as if the cop had an immediate reason to hit her. If she was considered unstable then hitting her should have made her more volital not less.

  • Floorguy

    Freedom, is not free, remember that.

    The Police State is upon us and has been for years, if not decades.

    It is only going to get worse… Especially with the DOJ setting an example of how the Constitution doesn’t mean crap.

    Another reason we need Dr. Ron Paul.

    Give me Liberty, or give me Death!!!

  • Buck

    This man , in any reasonable mind , is nothing less than an American super hero . If we had more citizens like him we would not have to fear the new American gestapo that replaced the american policeman . They have gone from ” protect and serve ” to ” harass and intimidate ” and are graduating to ” search and destroy ” like they just did in Arizona .

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    APN must be a fool to think you can solve all problems with a gun as … “my pen plus computer” is my gun and I dont need a firearm in Australia because we did not import slaves to do your machinery work and who are now mainly your desparate poor trying to survive on nothing. They have no ancestory link to Africa and thus no strong family network in the USA.. We dont have a gun happy society in this Australia.. We still have crime for sure but our law enforcement authorities are pretty good at what they do without harrassing too many of the innocent like they do in your country.

    Yours and our problem is that at least 20% of our populations have some level of mental health issue and they can still use any knive in silence in Australia but in your USA the short tempered drug addict or the dellusional physco patient can still shoot anyone at will without any reason whatsoever…so you will continue to need guns I dont doubt, its too late to ban guns in the USA.

    I’m not concerned or ashamed of not owning or needing to use a gun even though in my banking days I did do target practice in the event we where ever held up we could use the gun in our money drawers. We also carried guns when transfering large amounts of cash to other banks, but sometime after I left the bank, they took away the guns and installed security glass screens and now we rarely if ever have any bank holdups…only fools would try. The smarter theives steal using computer programs without the use of guns.

    So for those of you who might like a more peaceful life Australia might be worth considering moving to.

    • Joe H

      no gilly you didn’t cause YOU were imported by the government to do the meanial untasteful tasks as the original settelers were prisoners, some just jerked off the streets under false charges to “man” the streets of austrailia. Women were sent to austrailia to be MADE to mate with the male convicts there as well!! come back and talk when your countries slate is completely clean, gilly!!!

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        Joe H, you need to do a little more history reading as my ancestors where free settlers not convicts as you imply. My ancestors travelled freely to your Californian gold fields from Europe and back again and many of my other ancestors freely travelled to the USA where they started families in New York during the late 1800′s but then again moved freely to Australia. Some freely stayed in Boston and their descendants are still there.

        The world was not made of convicts being sent to Australia as you allude to. Get those history books out and learn some more real history…i have a four volumn dated 1888 describing history for the first 100 years since 1788..Cassell’s Pictureque Australasia which is were maybe you got your first bit of information.?

        Stud farms are for cattle and sheep not people thankyou very much.

      • Joe H

        for someone claiming to be born in Austrailia, you don’t know its history too well! 1766 the first colony in austrailia were banished prisoners from ENGLAND!!! YOU get out YOUR history books, dude!!

      • Vicki
        Now this site puts the original inhabitants at 70,000 years ago but recent history is fairly close with
        “Captain James Cook sailed the entire length of the eastern coast in 1770, stopping at Botany Bay on the way; soon after he claimed the continent for the British and named it New South Wales.”

        “In 1779, Joseph Banks (a naturalist on Cook’s voyage) suggested that Britain could solve overcrowding problems in its prisons by transporting convicts to New South Wales. In 1787, the First Fleet set sail for Botany Bay, comprising 11 ships and 750 male and female convicts. It arrived on 26 January 1788, but soon moved north to Sydney Cove, where there was better land and water.”

      • Libertytrain

        Joe – and people wonder why there are wars…… good grief.

      • Joe H

        I have not once said the US is any better than any other country. All I said to gilly was that I was tired of his stating only the virtues about Austrailia and none of the dark sides to them. Their treatment of the Aboriginy tribes at times has been reprehensable!! He has no room to judge this country what so ever! i will, however, say that I have been to 14 different countries, living for at least a year in some, and I will still come back to the USA where the government has not completely taken over YET!! At least here, the normal run of the mill citizen can still be trusted to own, carry and use a gun if they so see fit!! even accidental deaths from guns are down AGAIN this year!! all I’m trying to say is that perhaps he should take care of business in his own country untill he has EVERYTHING THERE under control! What he does in his country is no more our business than what we do here is HIS!!

      • Libertytrain

        I found the posts differently than apparently you did. No wonder there are so many stereotypes about us in other lands that seem to be true as I hear them and read them myself.

  • kkflash

    The faces are blurred in this video, I’m sure with the intention of protecting the identities of the participants, but am I the only one who thinks the victim looks like she has a beard.

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    Joe H, I’m aware of the previous history you refer to, but most settlers where free settlers which came in several waves after the initial convict prisoner settlements

    Many tens of thousands came when gold was discovered in Ballarat, Bendigo and St Arnaud in Victoria during mid 1800′s, then some moved on to other gold discoveries in Western Australia in fact all over Australia. Free travellers came from California, Texas, Arizona, Europe and even China to name just a few and as the surface gold was depleted some stayed on to dig shafts etc and some returned home to their families..The history is too vast to cover in my asnwer to your misconceptions.

    The very first settlers were not convicts 70,000 years ago one would imagine but who would really know.

    The Natives look mostly in appearance to Indians from India,and their near islands, some have a part Egyptian appearance probably due to visits by Egyptian vessels during earlier centuries but what their reason for being here is really open to speculation.

  • Trent Renner

    Sounds like CNN is playing to the side of the police….I do like how they stood up for the individual who videotaped the cop.

  • mikesvoice

    Instead of retraining this “officer” needs to be fired! Lets get real here!

    • Joe H

      I agree, 105%!!

  • KW Roller

    The commentary in this thread goes nowhere. Someone in Australia is playing the part of minister of tourism – they are under the crown so ‘minister’ covers whatever ‘secretary’ does in our government – and keeps inviting people to live in one of the last surviving British empirical holdings; a totally wimp socialist one at that.

    The cop should serve prison time as he abused his powers of his position and struck a defenseless civilian in the face with his forearm, basically the same as using a nightstick.

    If a civilian did the same to a cop what would happen??????

    • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

      KW Roller….Our system of government has served us well no matter that you dont agree with us having the the Queen of England as our head of State under our Constitutional Monarchy. I believe we have a near perfect system for our times, yet we still have politicians in Australia who want more power and will expend $millions so we can create one new job of President of a new Republic of Australia.

      Now why do you think they want to spend so much money on creating ONE ONLY new job and sack the Queen???? They never go to such extraordinary lengths for our other unemployed or to improve laws by removing red tape to create more business opportunities.. Yet we have a small following of Republicans who happen to be mainly keft wing socialists and communist greens…and very few if any capitalists.

      Because they WANT MORE POWER, thats why!!!! They want to give more power to the original natives and other lazy low lifes who never did any work in building this country up to our current high standard. They want to change the Constitution to suit themselves…WHY? So they can become another American type dictatorship.

      I live here and i dont live with my head in the sand….and i have done everything possible to stop us becoming a socialist republic as well as stand as a candidate and debate the issues when needed.We are winning so far…but we are not going to let the socialists get their way.

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    In Australia calling someone a socialist or communist can be a huge insult, however many socialists call themselves by other titles …The Greens Party is one and the current soon to be evicted Labor Party is the other. .

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    Joe H
    you say…Their treatment of the Aboriginy tribes at times has been reprehensable!!…maybe, but the English invaded the Australian continent just as the European Americans invaded North America continent and battled the Indian tribes…very similar situation

    The natives have never liked their invaders and the feeling is mutual to this day. Most natives or recent african imports dont work nor offered work at McDonalds because no one would go there? or maybe they would prefer to get welfare as no work required to get that as they have made themselves look like a disadvantaged group…and have the socialists keep looking after them with our taxes. . Most natives were introduced to alcoholism to help in their misery and have taken up the habit with gusto, but our other Liberal Govt previously tried to restrict the consumption of beer, wine and spirits to force the parents to send their children to school, but the socialist Labor Party did not like that idea and jeeps giving them more free money. They lives as nomads without money 224 years ago for 70,000 years without shools or sanitation and in squalor so I’m sure their standards of living are higer than they have ever been despite their constant whinging and starting their own nation they say..when they never had one before…all the English found were some rock paintings in some 40,000 year old caves…certainly no Inca Pyramids or any old stone townships or roman like ruins, NIL, ZILCH, NOTHING just trees, bush, and wildlife, no dams or cultivated fields, no development whatsoever…and now after all the work has been done they want compensation….. . Spare me your BS. Joe H.

    But having said that, why should i apologise because 224 years ago we invaded Australia and battled with the natives? Why should be pay them compensation or now pay out of our current earnings? Do you feel obligued to pay your Indian descendants or your Slaves decendants for your ancestors actions? I doubt it you sanc·ti·mo·ni·ous twit.

    • Joe H

      There have been some mistreatments of your aborigines in the more recent news as well, perhaps you should look them up, it would do you good.
      OH, and i’ll stop with my “BS” when you give up with YOURS!! The ball is now in your court, mate!!

      • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

        Describe the mistreatments you refer to please and yell me you will come and live amoungst them.

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    sorry for spelling errors

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    Joe H, which mis-treatments ? they are better funded than whites!!! and why are we responsible for their claims of mistreatment.

    A recent article of where an offender causes her own situation…

    A 20-year-old US woman who fell and hit her head after she was tasered by police remains unconscious in hospital five months after the incident.

    Danielle Maudsley was arrested and taken to a Florida Highway Patrol Station in September after suspected involvement in a hit-and-run accident.

    Trying to escape police, Maudsley, who was still handcuffed, ran out the front door of the station.

    In footage filmed on a police car dashboard camera, Trooper Daniel Cole is seen tasering her in the back in an attempt to stop her from crossing the road.

    Maudsley spun and fell backwards, hitting her head on the ground.

    She tried to get up but blacked out and has been unconscious ever since.

    Doctors doubt Maudsley, who had cocaine and ocycodone in her blood at the time, will ever wake.

    Trooper Cole was cleared of any wrongdoing this week — a decision that has infuriated Maudsley’s mother Cheryl, who claims she may sue the Florida Highway Patrol.

    “Tell me that’s not excessive force. I’m not saying she was an angel but she didn’t deserve that,” she told the Tampa Bay Times.

    “He couldn’t reach out and grab her? He was an arm’s length away. My daughter is dead because of this. She won’t come back.”

    Trooper Cole said he feared Maudsley may have been hit by a car and that tackling her may have injured both of them.

    He told a Department of Highway Safety report he would not have done anything differently.

    • s c

      G, from your many, many, MANY rants, I can see three views you try to present on this website. First, you knock America. Second, you try to act like you don’t knock America. Third, you sound like a utopian (greenie?).
      If you feel compelled to send in so much feedback, please try to limit your comments to specifics. We have all the utopians we need on this site – assuming that we need ANY.
      If you’re hard-pressed for n audience, PLEASE head for London, and take a soap box to rant away the day in Hyde Park on any Sunday. You’ll get an audience for a while. When you start spewing your mixed messages, you won’t have that audience for long, chum. Enjoy.

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    SC …. I’m afraid your a lost cause, you have had your head in the sand like so many of your citizens for so long and now you have partly woken up but not wide awake and are so defensive the moment anyone dares to put their opinion for debate you feel offended.

    I dont offend easily and i have a very open mind and i still enjoy debating on here with many of your other posters and i also enjoy chatting to normal people on Tractorbynet and I thank God for people like Bob Livingston who allow me to contribute to the wider debate of the very important issues which confront us all over the world and not just in the USA. When I am accused of interfering in your countrys affairs and to butt out…I can understand that you still think the earth is flat and your the only ones on this planet and how dare anyone pass judgement.

    I will continue to contribute comment as long as Bob Livingston permits it.


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